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THioraiu't i. DitKir. Luutm ituxu
Dickey & LclamI,
Attorneys eounxUuit at tuv, Otlutua, UL.
One of the firm will always bo present ul the
different courts in Judge Ford's circuit.
Ottawa, May 23, 1810. I tf.
Ceo. II. JVorris,
Attorney mid Counttll-ir at Live, Mu,hr in
Chanceru and Noturu l'ull'c.
Ottawa, Illinois.
1 If.
May 23, 1840.
J. J. Holt,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law und S,.l,cit in
Oflka opposite the Mansion lluuso, Ottawa,
La Salle county, Illinois.
May 23d, 1810.
i tr.
S. Jl. Farewell,
Attorney and Counsellor ut I. nr.
Oftc over the new store of Cushma.i A Thomp
son, Ottawa, Illinois.
May 23J, 1810. ltf.
Milton II. Swiff,
Attorney and Cjumtllur tit Law.
QH'ic on La Salle Street, a few doors North of
the Market, Ottawa, Illinois.
May 23.1, 184D. l-tf.
' Toll ii V. A. Sloes,
Attorney and Conmr'l at L'iw utd i-.di' ilor in
Cham cry.
Office nvt door north of the l'oat Oii'u-e, Otia
ki, La t-'ullc county, Illinois.
May 23d, 1S40. . 1-lf.
John ('. f'liaiiipliu,
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Having associated himself" ith Messrs. SPRlNlt
net GOODRICH, of Chicago, will intend t.i all
practices of their profession in the county of L:i
. f tille.
- ' Ottawa; June IS
1 tf.
Win. tL'Inimascso,
Attorney and Counsellor at Line, on I
Solicitor in Chunre.rij,
July 10, 1810.
n it".
J. O. GLOVER.. 1. e. COOK.
Calover A ('oo!i,
Attornic'3 and ('oim.uellors at Itw.
OfTice over Cunhinan A' Thomprtons Slot.,
tttawa, lllino'iH.
Augn.it 8, mo. I i tf.
Kr.O. 71. Clark,
lMiysiciati and Snroon,
OPTKIWhia derviern to the eiiiznm of Ot
tawa unci mirrouiidin counlrv. Ilf cmi he
found Hi tho Munnim Jlnif, whom he wil he hap
py to attend to any piofc.wimil Imsinc-ii that may
ha confided to hix care.
Olttiwa, AtiRUHt 11, 1S40. l a C.n.
ii. Is. '(Thompson,
F.n.H aide of this l'uhlie Sipiare, Ottawa. II!..
Dealcr.t in Druga, Modieincs, Dye-Stnll's,
I'ainls, Oils, Varnish, te. Alc.
July 3. 18 10. 7 tf.
r(JJ?xj)- A- O. Trosiar,
i'JL"tt ForiCiirdin( ami Commit
sion Merchant, Utica, La Salle county,
May 23d, 1810. 1 tf.
xNi:V DI1UG stoki:.
ii. I.. Thompson,
AT thfl old liiancl formerly occupied hy 1). N.
T.itar.fN, on the otMt hide of th l'uhlie
Squire, keep rouxtniitly on hand a larc an
guneral hm-ioi tincnl of
Drugs, Mctlicinen, Die. Stuffs, Paints,
Oii, Varniah, Patent Afcdkinc, it.
and all other articles which are (ctu raly kept in
a Dru: stori.
Ottawa, Juno f. 1840. 3 tf.
Daff of I.lVllIU'OOI, SALT,
on hand and for sale by
Ottawa, Oct. 3, 1840. tf.
tests Tea. assorted. Hist received
aitii io( t,y
Aug. 21. J. Y. SANKKlt CO.
Pink Kxpeetorant Sjrnp.
'I 'lIK ' riidca of t'onsuinption nro so tmincroiiH
in all the northern latitudcH, Unit iioine reme
dy aa a preventive ahouhl he kept hy every family
couatantly on hand, to administer on the lii il
appeurance of ao direful a diea. Thin .Vyirc-
torant Syrup will in every cane prevent the com
plaint. It Uquito iinpossihhi for any person ever
to havo coiiHUinption wlio will ue thin reiueoy on
tho first approach of couth and pain in the side,
and in many inntoncea it nan cured when pnyM
ciana had given up the canes aa incurable.
Hold wholesale, and tetail hy Coiustock V Co.
wholcHulo tlriitfixtH. 2 Fletcher Hired, N. V., and
at the drill? atoro of I.. V. $c W.A. Sanger fi Co.
Ottawa, October 10, 1810. ti'i tf.
(jy "V llarrels of Cinnrinali rectified
JXJ If hixkcy, on excellent article,
just received on consignment and for salu
low for cash by J. HOFFMAN.
Peru, October 15, 1810.
22 tf.
Tor Sale or ICetit.
A FARM, recently occupied hy Jew A. Clark,
J mtnatcdm tho county of La Salle, one mile
south of Ottawa. Said Farm contains ICO
acres of choice land, one half of which i now un
der (food fences and in the lint atato of cultiva
tion. Conveniently situated upon the premises
is a commodious dwelling House and Darn, with
Shed, fitahle, anil (Sranary, all in pood condition.
Two excellent Well of water, a small Apple
and Peach Orchard. At.. A'e.
The uhove described Farm with thee and nil
other appurtenances thereto lieloncin is offered
for sale, rent, or louse, on the most reasonable con
ditions. Also, A 110 UNR ANT) LOT, with a small
horse stable, In South Ottawa, vcrv conveniently
arranged for the accotiimodalion of a family. The
Lot is of aufliciont size to aTord a good yard and
garden. '
Alto fur Sale, AN ISLAND, in th IllinoiH
River, a fevr rods Mow Ottawa, cnntiiininrr 510
Acres of Rood land, upon imvdof which there is a
heavy (jrowth of excellent Umltrr.
Any or all of tho nhove desc.rilH'd property may
now lie obtained on . very low ami reasontdde
trtnS ror further tnfonniition, proposal, arc
nfuire of the subxrril er. M. CLAKK.
, Ottawa, Dec. i, 1840. ,. 29 .Iiii
Kfinfl &IO"T8, 8 by 10 WINDOW
JliUM CAHJf just received" on consign
nt, nd for sale low by , J, HOFFMAN,
fwu, Oetober l, 1M0. "' ' ' 22-rf.
Ottawa t'hair JlanuTuctoi')'.
... J
jiooiii: i w limit;,
OL'I.L) respci tl'uilx inform the inhabitants
of this ici I nt v . tli.tt thev still continue to
manufacture. CHAIR-' .'ii l.ti falle Street, a few
(loon North of the Market House, where tliey
continuity keep on hand
of every description, vu: llindnor, (Ire
ciun and Flag Scats of all kinds ; Ai.so,
Poe.ini-Ciairn, Cradlea and Setter.
The subscriber.! l',;cl extremely grateful for the
lilieial patronage with w hieli the community has
favored thrtit during the past year, ulid they re
spectfully solicit a continuance of the same.
w. mooue.
Ottawa, July Ul, 1810. 10 tf.
On Front kt., -next door to the Exchange
f'hailcs I'ikIciIii
j ESPKC'I I"l I.LV informs the citizens ol
1 Ottawa that he li t opened a Mat M irlilt
at the above mentioned place,
where Ik- will keep constantly ' J
e,.i Unci tho Lest quality of J
pi: ri'iis, Mrsux &r. et-tr&i:
By strict attention to business lie hopes
to .secure a liberal share of public pat
Ottawa. October S3, HI0. 23---lf.
Livery Stable.
ril.eri would respect-
fl. luilv iuforii til
iiti.e lis of Dl-K'Pift
lawaand t'le puhlie I'.etierallv, that
lln v arc; prepared with, and will
furni-!i to tlcoe v.ho inav desire (jr v t
them. ' V---?-
ri I in i b
liorsfs itttd i. amnirrs, Meiotis, iw,, am
lir:Ht rale Saddlt; Horses.
,1 .
I o'lons ir.iM'lin;: mnv relv on a Hiieedv am
c unveiiii lit coiivcvaiwi! to iilmost Bay plac
t'iroli:;h the cotiulry.
N. 'J, All person hiring Ilon.es, (.'.iriiar
''., arc rciiiircd to return them in as ;ood am
iiitiit conditio!! tin": were in vwn tliey ca'in
into their tHe.
J t:i. l.-tf 1'. II. it J. II. SMITH.
Hoots A Shoes.
XAV, KVihn riher would respn-;
tuliv inlorm the citiens
Ottawa and its icinity that he ha-i
coiiuiieiieeil the Iiiisiiiimh of
in this place, one door north of the
i . I'ct Ojli'-e, where he hoIiciI
Mliare ol pitnnc patronaL'e ami assures mo laitu
nn 1 t;eiitleiiieu that they can have
Kvrry vaiicty of line I'timps, Moots it
Slioes, made lo sttit their fancy as tvfl
as their feet. A. A. HSlIKIt.
Ottawa, Novrmhcr 0, 1810. ta tf.
Di ttos, .lletlieiues, dc,
I'. A W. A. SA.NtiKK A Co. would re
Hpeclfully inlbrm the public that they have
f eoniiec tecl uilli tlieir Jlry Oooih
r lorr mr t trnnl street.- in htuwa
A i it ir f ; m r k i;.
and coietautly kec) on hand a
lare and w II selected supply ol
l)nrt;.s, Mkdicinks, Faints-,
Oils, Dye Stull's, itc., itc.
Hmbracin ulmost every artielo in that line
which they will sell at rea sonable prices.
Jan. 1,18! t. 33 tf.
IJoet. V. A. Sanger
I'Fl'.liS his professional services to the citi
zcih in (iitawa ami vicmiiv. Dtlne in
L. 1'. it W. A.Samihi it (o's. More, mi the
South side of tho l'uhlie Scpiare, lliiek Iluild
in?. lln chvillin i.4 in the Vcllow t'olta'je,
("anal stied, near the Feeder.
Ottawa, Dee. I I, iMi). 30 tf.
i:. S. TBI M'V, Tailor,
moriiis his customers and the (eiillemen of Ot
tawa ami vicinity Jjelicrally, that he has retlirn-
c I to ihit place, where he will he found on La
Salle street, a few roils north of the court house
ready lo iitlencl lo all orders in his line of business
r. .1. . o , . i . . . ,
n coau ne uis inieei 10 please pis cimlo is,
which, by experience and promptness in busim
he feels eoniideiit be will be iible to do.
(.uttim; iilwiiys thine at call, ami all armeuta
xvarrauted to lit, if correctly made up.
Journeymen xvhn are efficient workmen will
eiiriiura'4i d by the highest prices.
Mtawa, Jan. 1.
33 tf
nl'flll Ol.F.N res.fctliiliy iufortua the inba
hilants of Ottaw a und aiijuiniiii; towns, that
Im Juis couimciiecd Ucaviinr, near the town of
Ottawa, a little west of the side cut, where he will
work almost any kind of cloth that will be want
ed, such as
Carpets, I5cd'Oovers,l)iaper,Tablt' Cloths,
Jeans, Blankets, and Flannels.
Work will be done ns quick as possible, and al
most any kind or produce received for pav.
Jan. 1. ' 33-tf
Hlri,lKe'si tialni of Coliiiuliia.
f 1111 IS urtichi was fust introduced into the New
fl. Vork market uhiiut '0 years since, and fiom
its superior virtues in re-producing lum when it
had fallen out, keeping the head lice fiom tiaiul
run, va inosi loauisomo nrucie. on a (tcutlemau
enat collar,) and t;niii) a softncasi and beautiful
lustre unknown before to the hair, bus induced
some persons to get up and advertise many othei
arlicliM for the name purpose, none of which ntuud
the test of trial, pied cHsiur, us moKt of them (h, to
be Oils of various kinds, all of which are positive,
ly injurious lo the human hair. Let notiu be de
ceived, no other urliclii will make the. hair crow
rapidly and of a good quality ; btit the Dalm ol
Columbia, end no article purportine lo he the
Dalm of Columbia is genuine without the iir.me
omsloeli iV t o. on the oulsido wrapper. Home
have been deceived and obtained A counterfeit ar
ticle for the true and genuine Halm of Columbia,
hcmertiber to look for tlie name of Comstock A
Co., on the wrapper, before you purchase, and pet
none hut the nenuine. Don't ho deceived w ith
the assurance that any without the name of Com
Mock A Co., is made in the same way and is just
ns kouu, an aucii pretensions ncejuhe and niiinvn
in ne sony tue etmntrrji ilrrit.
Sold wholesale and retail, only at No. 2, Fletch
er street, N. Y. by COMSTOOK ,V CO., and hy
nearly every storekeeper throughout Americ a.
For sale nt the store of I.. I', & W. A. Kak.ikh
ft Co., Ottawa, III.
, Ottawa, Oct. 23. 23 tf.
A largo lot of (Saddi.kh, HntDiEn, Mar-
tinoai.ks and Collars just received
and for sale by tho subscribers.
Ottawa, Sept. 4, 18t0. 10--tf.
rlHK suliscfilicrs. in connection with their
X .l A FK I'.'l', intend hereafter to manufacture
and keep on hand a suply of
Soap and Caudles,
which they will sell to Merchants and
(Jroeers, and others, who may wish to
tniicha.se by the quantity, at the St. Louis
All orders from the m ihhorinir towns or
country will he thankfully received and promptly
jttencii d to.
,. H. Ca.h will he paid (or grease: and ashes.
Ir usiies m; will nnc i- cents per bushel.
II. it w.
Otui.va. cptnl!er -5, IhlO. 1'J tf.
eelehr:stel Chemical
()I Hhi uint'timi. Ftreriures, 'iilt:icttluiir
I I it',i:iiiiiiiiti(iii in the em:. Jl trn.i, Sn-illt d
'I'hruut in .V (. Ft to; liiit.-t, r.
to thi: I'lTiuc.
Tnwlnun it may cim--e.ni. This may certify,
that L KiiAsres mix, the proprietor ol i.
Dean's Chemical Flatter, have for more than two
vcuM been in a delicate ilato of health, so that I
have been unable to prepare and circulate said
planter to that extent which the interest .f the
sutl'crciiir community demands; und fecliuj that
so valuable an article ou ,'lit to be made known to
the alilicted, 1 have miidc arrangement with 11.
Harris ic Co.. of Ashtabula, Ohio, to manufacture
and vend it in my name v my sole successors.
This, therefore, may be relied on a.) the genuine
artic le heretofore prepared bv me. As witness
my bind. KUASI l DEAN.
"We.dliclcl, Ch.iutui'jucco., N. V., Jan. 1, 1 s:JL
The: (.'heinical 1'la-ter is toi importiut reined;
t' all those v. ho arc! utiiiclcd ita ii'llaniinal. u
eouiplaints by icicaaicr pair,, coiintcrai-tin, in
llamation, and giving speedy relief, by its active,
strcii''heiiin'.r and nidorilic properties. Aa cl
fectiial rctai clv for inflammatory rlieurnatism, a;:c
in tlie hre.i t, cramp, burns, biuiscs. scrofula, old
sores, ulcer of a!iao-t every description, milieu d
and swi lled throat arising from .sea: let f vcr. 1,1
ons. xxliile swidlimfs, chilhlaius, S;c. Persons
sull'ering from liver eonipl iiiits, pulmonary diseas
es, inllammation of the li;i,;; w ith pains in the
yi!f and brea -t, pain and wcaltncM in the back,
will find relief, la all cases it may bo u.,ed with
. The I'l a.-ier is now put uj in boxes at ol)
cents and I dollar each.
Made and sold, wholesale and retail, by N.
1 1 1 ti ais cV Co.. Ashtabula, Ohio, koo propi ie
I rs. None genuine unless signed by II. Harris
nn tlie wrapper.
I'kvv Link, l'a., April 7.
Messw. 11. i vr is & Co. Nirs: Since I w as nt
your store in July last, I tune used K. Deati'.
Chruiical Plaster, which I have received from
you at different times, mid fed iny.-eif in duty
hound to you as proprietors, und to the public
generally, to recommend the fame us a Mile and
oibcacious remedy for those complaints for which
it is recommended. 1 have used it in several eases
of inflamed eyes, in some of w hich its elfeels as a
curative have been decided, and in no case has it
failed of giving relief where it has been applied
accorc'iilT to directions, and all who have used it
are pe rfectly satisfied with it so far as I know.
I have also applied it in some ceve-.c cases ofague
in the breast with the lmppie.it clfc-ls.
I would iil .o relate the ca..c of Mr. Thomas
Logan, who has been a'l'ictcd with the rheuma
tism in one hip for thirteen years, so that he had
been compelled to abandon labor, in a crc.it mea
sure. 1 let 1 1 1 1 ii liave a iiox ol the 1 taster, he
ipplied it. and for three days found, as In; sup
posed, no benefit, but after that he perceived that
the pain was not so severe, and in less than two
weeks he could labor hard all day and rel free
from pain at night, lie sass he would not t art
with the box he has for three hundred dollars,
providing he could net obtain another. lie also
says to me, keep it on hand and recommend it
wherever you go.
I have u icd the Plaster in cases of pains in the
side. back, shoulders, A'C. with like (food effect.
Yours, Ac. I) A.N I HI. KNE ISLAND, M.I).
M iMin:;, Juno 18, livi',1,
Messrs. Harris cV Co. Sirs: I have used H.
Dean's Chemical Plaste r lor four years pa-t and
do cliecrlully recommend it to n ivsicians and the
ublie generally as an invaluable remedy in chron
ic met acute rheumatism, sprains of the wri-t.
iinl.le, shoulder, Ac In felons, whitlow and
scrofulous swellings of nil descriptions, it i i een-
erallv nn elVectual remedy. In short, wliereevcr
there? is pain, it is almost sun; to give relie f in a
few hours. I have used it in a great number of
rheumatic- ntli etions. One of mv patients a 'eel
10, full habit, hail it rheumatic: swe lling on one
g. He
bad been unable to get out of the house
months ; his leg was swelled to an enor
for three
mous si.e, twice its usual bigness; every thing
hail hee'ii clone without success, until we com
menced using Dean's Chemical Plaster. We
enveloped the knee and a portion of the limb in
the Plaster, and in thre e days theswclliiifrrniirel-
disappeared. nnd ill ten days he went about his
ordinary business. Such has been our success
with the article, and wo now willingly recom
mend it to the public for a trial.
ours, iVc. J. II. REYNOLDS, M. D.
iXjFor sale by L. V. A, W.A. SANtiKK
eV CO., Ottawa. Illinois. Also, at the principal
Druggists at Chicago nnd Juliet; J. II. Elmore,
Peru, and James Darley, Hennipcn, III. AH or
ders sent to II. Harris oc Co., Ashtabula. Ohio.
for the above medicine, will be promptly attended
lo. lie particular to enquire for Dean's Chemi
cal Plaster.
Ottawa, August II, 1 S 40. 13 ly.
Hay's Liniment.
IIE only true and irmuine receipt, and so de.
ired lev the oath of Mr. Solomon Hays, has
never becif made know n to any person or persons
except to Messrs, Com :tc)ck i'c Co., and they only
iiive the right lo prcpaie the sanl genuine Lini.
merit, which has established a reputation for dice,
tually curing the Piluin everyone, and in nil thc
various stages of the complaint ; ab o, Ivhumutisin,
Soar Throat, Spraais, Uruisci, fours and I leers
of loip; Ktandiiig. All w ho have ever used it are
uglily pleased with Its brneticial elleets, and
ill who are in need of cures for any of the
complaints mentione d, arc respectfully requested
to ask any one xx ho ever used it. And wo refer
with confidence to all who know of the article
and especially to Matthew J. Myers, Enp, Athens,
.. 1 ., and lien. Dull lireen, late ot astiingiou
Citv, all of xvhom speak in the htrongest terms
and with the fullest confidence front personal op
plication and knowledge of its positive and never-
1111113 cures.
.Some swindlers h.xxc counterfeited this article.
nnd put it up with various devices. Do not be
imposed upon. Ono thing only will protect you
it is the mime of t.oinstoek 5c Co., that name
must always lie on tho wrapper, or vou ore chea
ted. Do not forget it. Take this direction with
you, and test by thut, or never buy; for it is im
possible for any other to lo tine or genuine.
Sold wholesale by Comstoek .V Co. N. 2
Fletcher street, N. V., and by nearly every stoor-
keeper in America.
For sal at the stores of I.. P. & W.A. Sasokh
& Co., Ottawa, III.
Ottawa.' Oct. tit. M f.
C PITTING oMtxI, limping, Cuugh, and ul
PulmiHian 1) ieast, curej by J.VVNE'S KX
I'KCTOUANT, and Summtr Cumjilaititu, Chol
era Mklnt, D arrhi.tti,-lyinti y, and all the
various affections of the ,S uuituh und ltuiviL t
.;.( l y bis CALWilNA' IVE UALS.VM.
1'lcd.sc re ad the I'oltaning Liter J.
Dm Lngtu.t, Heaver Countv, Pa. ,
Fe bruary, lsJ'J. 5
I) cr S'r I fe, 1 it duo to you as tho inventor
of tin? medicine und to the public, r.ho may be
gre-ally biiieiitted by it, lo btatc a cure that was
pcii'oriued in my family, by the use of your 'Car
minative Ijalsam.
.Mv little son, when about two mouths old, was
seized with a bmitl ci.hi Lint, causid, as I blip
pose, bv a change ol diet. It continued tor two
weeks without liiii'i misMon, and notwithstanding
the remedies prescribed by a respectable physician,
w'i gave up the child a victim, as we supposed, to
a fatal disease, but I providentially beard of
'Jn lie's Carminative," as an clfectual cure for
bowed complaint, and immediate ly despatched a
messenger to a low 11 seventeen miles oil' for a bot
tle. Uy the use of this medicine, in less than
thirty six hours the disease was checked; and by
its continued use for a fexv days the child wns
restored to perfect health. Shortly after this,
there'' occurred a similar case in one of the fami
lies of my congregation; I prescribed ''Jay lie's
Carminative,'' and the result was a spceily cute.
From a know ledge of the rfiiency of ) our medi
cine in bowel complaint.-, n disease to which
ehilih-en are constantly liable, I have obtained nnd
keep constantly 111 the hou.se, a quiejitity of the
The same child, owiag t,i exposure, when rec
ently coming up the Ohio, was attacked by the
horrible malady. (.'KOI. P. We landed in the
lei jlit nt licavcr Point, and when our fears were
alarmed le.it the bourse sepulchral couh was the
fore runner of death, xve nave him a tca-pooa lull
of tlie "Lrj rrtirt.nt," (a bottle ef x hieh oil pre
srnted rae w ith when in Philadelphia) and applied
sonic line ament lo the thival and breast, and be-pi.-e
many mimitcs t'le hoars'. i, ess was gone, the
child breathed frcily a:id slept sweetly. Owing
lo these circumstances it e.mnr.t be wondered at
whv I have t-o huh no opinion of Dr. Jay lie's
I'.ee'icine, and why I advise every family to keep
it 011 h.uiii reae.y lor any eme tgeney.
Respectfully yours,
Alini'l R 1L UixADFOKD,
Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Darling
ton. Pa.
Dr. D. J irxr.
lmhvtsville, N. J., April SVtii, 1839.
1 'r. .lit'-:. Lhtir Sir. ISy the blessing of Cod
your l.NLIIA.N r.A J IA: 1 li.. i lias rltccteii
u cure in me of a most distressing complaint. In
December last, I was si i.cd with great severity
by a Paroxysm of Asthma; a disease with which
I had been iilllieti'd for many years past. It was
attended with a hoarsene ss and sore ties of the
lungs ami throat, together with a laborious cough,
a, id complete prostration of strength, and when
almost worn out with sulVoiation, a bottle of your
E x eeloratil was scat to my house. At first I
thought it was nothing hut quackery, but seeing
it so highly recommended by Dr. Coing, with
whom I was w ell acquainted, 1 was induced to try
it, and in n few days it completely cured me, nor
have I ever had any return of tlie disease since.
I have now formed so high an opinion of x our
medicine, that if I had but a few bottles of it, and
could obtain no more, I would not part with them
fr 01 di ILun fixh.
Your3, most respectfully,
Pastor of the Baptist Church at Lambertsville.
Pir.LADi.i.i'iiii, June 9th, 1 S3S.
V'i ;.-.; ermiuil friend. . I would say, that I
uui well iifejuaintcd with David Jayne, M. D.,
ami knee.v him lo be a respectable Physician and
Druggi ,t of this city a gentleman in whom en
lbe confidence may be placed. I have tested in
my own case the beneficial cllc cts of his CAR
M'lX.VnVi: BALSAM, and have greater confi
dence in it than all the ntlu r medicines of the kind.
His EXPECTORANT is equally celebrated nnd
Agent of the Bnpti,t General Tract Society.
The above valuable medicines nre prepared only
by Dr. D. Jimie, No. iO. South Third street.
Philadelphia, where all oroera xvill be promptly
attended to.
For sale by appointment by
I.. P. .V W. A. SANGER it CO.
Ottawa, May '3, IS 10. l.tf.
( Prepared crprtrt ly fir the lt and Smth.)
raiill'MS pills nre ofl'ered to the public as a pre-
0 ventative. ami remedy for the Fevers of these
countries, l.'y the proper use of these pills,
Fl'.VEH iV AfiCE,
With ull its varieties, of Chill Fever, Dumb Ague,
Ac. together with Periodical Khumni'm Pains, Pe
riodical Headaches, Night-Sxvcats and all those
harassing symptoms of debility nil of which have
their origin in the same cause., may be either pre
vented or removed.
TENT FEVER, (which are the most prevalent
in the latter part of minimcr and fall,) TYPHI'S
FEVISK, (which generally commences as a re
mittent, but soon assumes a typhus character,)
and YELLOW FEVER (that scourge of the
South) xvill in those pill, find a most formidable
Each Dox is accompanied with full directions
for use.
For sale nt the Dniff Store of G. L. Thompson
iV Co. Ottawa. Ills.
Aug;. 28, 1840. 1 o ly.
Western Anti-Etilious Pills.
rilllESE Pills are offered to thc public as a
1 CATHARTIC, adapted more particulaily to
Ui lions Countricn, and intended to supply the
place of Calomel which is to extensively and inju
riously used; especially when administered bv
unskilful bunds, ns it too frequently is, in new
and thinly settled countries.
As this physic is quite as efficient in throwing
oil' u bilious attack, being nt the same time per
fectly safe, nnd altogether more proper, as a pre
paratory medicine, in the treatment of 131 L.
all tho variety of interinittents, incident to a bil
ious or ague country, it will certainly be found
preferable to all mercurial preparations; at the
same time their operation is so mild that they
may bo used with perfect safety and greut advan
tage, as a FAMILY rilYMC.
Tlirv xvill ills 1 be found useful in all UILIOL'S
COMPLAINTS, Jaundice, I.htr Compluint,
S.ck-llauttichr, Ague Vuke, Vul.'e, Cottirciies?,
Lik-s if appetite, and in all ciscs of Torpor of the
Full directions accompany each Box. Trice
20 cents. Prepared bv
."DR. 110 A RDM AN.
White Pigeon, Mich.
N. B. These Fills are entirely vegetable.
For salo at the Druej Store, of 6. L. Thompson
A Co,, Ottawa, Illinois,
Au.?. 28, 1840. 13 ly.
BLANK SUfiP(i:X.1S, kopi con-
tantlv on hand nnd for nle at this
fciek Headache Iteinwlj
XTiSVER fails to give relief in 15 or 20 minutes
after taking tlie first dose, and perseverance
according to the directions soon rllectuully re
moves all pain from the head and sickness from
the stomnehe, and the person feels perfectly
cured. When the first symptoms of an attack of
sick headache are felt, the rcme-dy should bo re
sorted to immediately and one or two doses is
then sufficient lo remove even- vestige of the
complaint. It'givcs universal satisfaction to all
who try it; Sick and Nervous Headaches nre
onlv complications of the same ditcusc, and both
are'e tl'ectuallv cured by this article without change
of diet or occupation.
Sold wholesale and retail by Comstoek et Co.,
Wholesale Druggists, '1 Fletcher street, N. Y.,
and by the principal Druggists in thc l.'nion.
Judge Pniirrsuu.
Read thc following from Judge Patterson, for
thirty years the lust Judge ol tlie County in
which lie lives.
MtniJLirow.v, N. J., March 12, IS 10.
Messrs. Comstoek it Co.
Gentlemen You arc at liberty to make such
use of the following certificate as you deem will
best subserve the purposes for which it is intended :
(Certificate of Judge Patterson.)
I iiLKKni ( krtikt, that my daughter has been
nfllictcd with the sick headache for the space of
about 20 years the attacks occurring once in
about two weeks, frequently lasting 21 hours,
during which time the ptuoxysma have been so
s;verc, as appare nlly soon to deprive her of life.
And after liming tried almost all other remedies
in vain, I have been induc ed ns a last resort to
try Spuhn's Headache Remedy, as sold by you;
and to the great disappointment and joy of her
self and all her frauds, found very material relief
from the first dose of the medicine. She has fol
lowed up the directions with the article, nnd in
every case when an attack was threatened, has
fouiiel immediate react, until she is near perma
nently cured. 'Flic attacks are now very seldom,
and disappear almost immediately after taking
the quantity directed. A hope that others may
be benefitted by the use of this truly invaluable
medicine, has induced mc to send x ou thc above,
and remain your obedient servant,
Judge of thc Court of C. P.
For sain nt the drug store of the subscriber in
Ottawa, Illinois. L. P. A W. A.Sveu:a A Co.
Ottawa. October 10. 1840. 2J tf.
Howe's Nei've A lioue LiiiiiHent,
fltllls article is ollired to the public as a nevcr-
i tailing cute lor the Rheumatism, and it has
tor a number of years sustained its reputation,
and accomplished cures which had defied the
powci'ol every other uitiele. In acute and recent
cases, the relief is invariable, after one or two
applications of the Liniment, and in Chronic
Rheumatism, the cases of cure are numerous.
It is truly a remedy that reaches the ni.hvk und
no r. with the niiit.t happy effect.
Sold wholesale and retail by Comstoek & Co.,
wholesale druggists, 2 Fletcher street, N. Y., and
by the principal druggists in the Union, ns also
in Ottawa, by L. '. it H'. A. Sji.gir A Co.
Ottawa, October Hi, IS 10. " 2': tf.
Dr. point's Health ISliir.
fOT one case of Fever in a thousand exists.
which may not be rlTcrtually broken ur and
removed by the use of this Elixir. Jl removes
all acidity indigestion, billious matter and consti
pation from the stomach and bowels. It operates
gently and effectually on thc bowels, and power
fully 011 the kidneys and the skin. It removes all
unpleasant feelings after a hearty meal, nnd pro
motes n good appetite. It needs only n dial to
give perfect satisfaction. It has become a general
practice with many to use this article in all cases
of colds, pains in the bone , or heavy disagreeable
feelings, tendering to headache or chilliness. For
hoarseness, if taken through the day. it completely
restores the voice without producing sickness.
Whooping cough, and nil coughs of children nre
cured by it. The stomach is kept in perfect order
by it, and it is quite impossible that any disease
should commence while a person is using this
Syrup. jrjj'If taken daily it produces a ruddy,
healthy, and young appearance, by driving oll'all
tho hutarvs of the system.
1 : o i.' 1 . 1 . . 1
. -e.eo i;e ouilie Ul - 1 leiclllT Street, OIIC llOOr llC-
low Pearl street, X. Y., bv Comstoek A Co.. and
in Ottawa by L. P, A IV. A. Suiter A Co.
Ottawa, Oct. Hi. IS Q. 22--tf
r. Ja lie's B'aniily ?Ielicicte,
'I'hcse medicines are recommended and ex
tensively used by the most intelligent persons in
the United States, by numerous Professors nnd
Presidents of Colleges, Physicians of the Army
and Navy, ar.d of Hospitals and Almshouses, ami
by more than three hundred Clergymen of various
They arc expressly prepared for family use, and
have acquired an unprecedented popularity
throughout the United States: and as they are
so admirably calculated to preserve HEALTH
and euro DISEASE, no family should ever be
without them. The proprietor of these valuable
preparations received his education at one of the
best Medical Colleges in the United States, nnd
has had fifteen years experience in n extensive
and diversified practiee by which he has lind am
ple opportunities of acquiring a practical knowl
edge of diseases, nnd of tho remedies best calcu
lated to remove them.
These preparations consist of
J A YN' IS's EX PECTORANT, a valuable remedy
for Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Asthma, Spil
ling ot Ulood, I, roup, hooping Cough, Bron
chitis, Pleurisy, and Inflammation of tho Lungs or
Throat, Difficulty of Breathing, and all Diseases
of tho Pulmonary Organs. Price $1.
Also, JAYNE 'S HAIR TONIC, for the proscr
vation. growth, and beauty of tho hair, and which
will positively bring new ilairon BALD II EADS
and prevent its fillm-joll' or turning grey. Price
ant, sale, and certain preparation for the removal
of Worms, Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach, Fever and
Ague, Want of Appetite, and all diseases of de
bility, especially uf tho Stomach and Bowels, and
Organs of Digestion. Price AO cents.
certain cure for Bowel and Summer Complaint,
Diarrhirn, Dysentery, Chotic. Cramps, Sick
headache, Sour Stomach. Chalet a Morbus, nnd
all I derangements of the STOMACH and BOW
ELS, Nervous All'eelions, Ac. Price 60 cents.
Diseases, Liver Complaints, Costivcness, Fevers,
Inflammations, Obstructions, Diseases of the Skin,
Ac, and in all casci where an appointed Alterna
tive or Purgativo Medicino is required. Price
00 cents.
These medicines may be hud of Jane and Pan
coast, St. Louis, general agents for the Mississip
pi Valley, mid of it. L. Thompson, agent for
f received, and for sale bv
June 12. 4 tf.
iC & MBIJS. of Smith' Cincinnati
ceived and for salo by
Sept. 18, 1840. 18 tf.
JUDGMENT BONDS, just printed
nnd for sale at the office of the
Merchant' Improved compound
fluid extract of
'?"' A. '?V,A i'A-T-
l or removing diseases arising from air
abuse of Mercury, chronic and consti
tutional diseases, such as scrofula or
kings evil, secondary syphilis, ulcera
tions and corrosions of the throat, nose,
cheeks, lips, ears and other parts of
the body, eruptions of the skin, rheu
matic affections, white swellings, pains
in the bones and joints, fever sores
obstinate old sores, scald head, salt
rheum, ringworm and other diseases
arising from an impure state of the
blood. Also, habitual costiveness,
piles, chronic affections of the liver,
lungs and chest, pains in the stomach
and sides, night sweats, etc. It is also
much recommended as a cleansing
Spring medicine.
rg'IIS compound fluid extract is Alterative,
I)";r'''e' .J''l,l""fic, Laxative,- Aromatic,
!ig-i!l:'initiMt( and may be most succcsi-
lu.lv used in scrofulous mid syphiloid diseases,
and that shattered state of tho constitution which.
so often fedlows the imprudeet use of Mereurv
exostoses or nwbid enlargement of the bones
sui-pigmous pustules or rnigworins; ulcerations
gi.iierally caries of the bones, lartilcgcs of the
nose, mouth, etc, etc., with the oilier disease
iiboxe mentioned, und all discasis uiising from a
morbid state of the blood.
'J he re is hardly a physician w ho has not had
occasion to olmeive with nain. hn tih,n....l.r,;
variety of herpes; and in spite of all the n medics
he could bring Hgainst this cruel disease, wss
compelled to in k now ledge their ini flicacv, mat
nlloxv the monster to corrode and destroy the nose,
rheiks, lips, eyelids, ears and temples parts for
which this rnalady generally a fleets a preference.
But in this extract will be found a perfect remedy
in nil such cases, and where the disease has not
prodii' cd a very great derangement of structure,
it will even yield to thi i remedy in a vciy short
C. Y. Merchant taking advantage of them
facts, has adopted an improved process for extrac
ting the medical virtues from the actual ingredi
ents of this compound fluid extract, which ai
nine in number, without heal ; that is to say,
neither decoction, infusion or maceration are niacin
use of; nor is the temperature of the menstrum
used, allowed to exceed b'O (leg. Full, until every
particle of active principle is extracted, leaving a
tasteless inert mass behind ; the rcby ntlaining the
xx hole of the soluble active principle in a highly
concentrated state, leaving out the ferula, woody
fibre, etc., xvhieh cucumbers the extract obtain d
by decoction. ......
The proprietor, therefore, hns not only thc rat
infliction of assuring the medical faculty and the
public, that this remedy is prepared according to
strict chemical end pharmaceutical rules, but that
he has also 'united some of the rfliciuulc valua
ble and active xegtables, nil ef the choicest selec
tion, xvhieh materially enhance its value in tho
treatment of the diseases nhove mentioned. He
is then fore imbued to efl'er this fluid extract to
physicians nnd others under the fullest assurance
of its superiority oxer thut in common use.
Physicians xvill find great advantage in the m
of this extract, nnd u great relief from the per
plexilies attendant upon the treatment of thosa
obstinate cases which bid defiance to every rem
edy their confidence prompts them to prescribe ;
more especially as having the patient under their
immediate care, they will prescribe such a diet
and regimen us in their judgment thc case would
seem to indicate thereby giving the extract its
full influence.
Prepared at the Chemical Laboratory of G. W.
Merchant, Chemist. Lock port, N. Y.
N. B. A liberal discount made to Dealers and
(I j' l' or Ra'e b.v t. p. A xv. x. sANc.r.n A ( A
Ottawa. Illinois. Also, at the f tores of the principal
Druggists at Chicago nnd Juliet ; J. II. Elmore.
Peru, ami James Darby, Ilcntiipcn, III. All
orders sent to II. Harris A Co., Ashtabula, Ohio,
for the above medicine, will be promptly ntt.'ndrd
Ottawa. August 14, 1810. 13 ly.
Ottawa Kaucry.
fjlHI subscriber xvoield respectfully inform the
Ja. citizens of Ottawa and vicinity, that he still
carries on tho above business in Columbus street,
opposite the Waggon makers Shop, when h
always keeps on hand a good supply of
Fresh Bread, Crakrrs, takes, Pics, ir.
He would likewise inform the public that he has
A CJroccry
Connected with the above establishment, and
constantly keeps on hand a good supply of
Liquors, Teas, Coffee, Sugar, &c., &c.
lie respectfully solicits a continuance of that
pntronage w ith which thc public has heretofore
favored him. JAMES ARMOUR.
Ottawa, August 14, 1840. 13 tf.
stnntly on hand and far sale at this
A Lot of painted wooden ware, such
JL Vas Fails, Tubs,, etc. received andfor
sale by J. Y. SANGER & CO. '
Aug. 21.
just received and warranted, and foF
sale for cash or country produce, on rea
sonable terms, by
Aug. 28. .. K. JlXOJIt cy CO.
rcceiving and for salo low by the
subscribers. J. Y. SANGER & CO.
September 18, 1810. . 1 8 tf.
-B q MUDS.-OF SUGAR, a prime ar
J.O tide, just received and for sale,
by J. Y. SANGER, & CO.
September 18, 1840. 18-tf.'
JtJ COFFER on hand and for
sale by J. Y. SANGER & CO.
September 18, 1810. 18 (f. .

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