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"You're a dead man," said the driver
"What hall I do T" besceched John.
who thought himself a gone sucker.
"Down with & pint of lamp oil or you
are a dead man in three minutes," answen!
the wicked driver. And down went the
lamp oil up came the brandy and opium,
together with John' breakfast. The joke
was told and he has nevsr drank other
people's liquor since.
wasMBBiaiii 1 1 i iiwiOTw rrjaue
WestTrr A: Iliae, KAUon.
Ottawa, 111., Friday, April 2!, 1241.
M Nation mourns its Chief 7".
Death of President Harrison.
Citt oi Wjsiusotos-, April 4, 181'.
,An all-wise Providence having suddenly rc-
moved from this life, WILLIAM JIE.NRYH
HARRISON, late President of the United St ilea, B
we have thought hour duty, in the recess of Con-Rthc
gross, and in the absence of the Vice President
from the seat of Government, to make this affile
ting bereavement known to tho country by thii
declaration, under our hands,
lie died at the President's House, in this city
this fourth day of April, Anno Domini, 18 U, ui
thirty minutes before one o'clock, in the morning.
Tha pooplo of tho United States, overwhelmed,
like ourselves, by an event so unexpected and s
melancholy, will derive consolation from knowing
' that hi death was calm and resigned, as his lib
has been patriotic, useful and distinguished, am
that tho last utternnee of his lips expressed a fer
Teni 3eire for the perpetuity of the Constitution,
nd the preservation of its true piinc'iples. Invcro the memory of our dep arted Chief MaU-
dcath, as in life, the happiness of his country wasirate.
uppermost in his thoughts.
DANIEL VEU.STER,S(Tr(riyr!,,S71ie.
THO.?. EWIXG, Sxretary nfthe Treaum.
JOHN BELL, Secretary of War.
J. J. CRITTENDEN, Attorney Centra!.
tXj"Uy tho above uimounccmeiit it will bo seen
that President Habuisjx is no more! The fourth
day of last March placed him in the Presidential
Chair, the highest station within the gift of man,
nd placed at his command the greatest power
recognised by this Republic the fourth of April
dawned upon his cold and lifeless clay, and num
bered him with tho immortal dead! Entitled a:
ho was to our respect, from the high office lie
held, notwithstanding we opposed his elevation
and his principles, we deplore, in common with
every American citizen, this unlooked-for visitation
of Providence, Surrounded by ardent and devo-
tod friends, by whoso exertions ho was trium
phantly carried through tho most animated politi
cal contest that this country 'ever witnessed, he
hid but commenced his official services, when
stern Death, at one blow, blasted tho expectations
to which this result had given rise, and the object
on which thev wero centred has been summoned
to the land of spirits ! "Jlriuieseul in puce."
Gen. Harrison was born on tho 0th of February,
1773, and had consequently passed the sixty
eighth year of his age.
To Correspondent.
1X3 We liavo received a well written coinmu
nication signed " II." but cannot insert it until
we know tho author. All communications in re
lation to public measures or political controversies
must bo accompanied with tho author's name, if J
their publicity is desired. We cannot deport
from this rule. Frequent impositions from those
who care hut little for the character of the press,
rcrrutrf this course to be pursued by every editor
fff"X. O." shall have place in our next.
The I.nle President.
The Chief Magistrate of this Nation having
departed this life, and being now numbered with
the illustrious dead, it well becomes the people
over whom he was chosen to preside, that they
should suitably manifest sense of the loss sus
tained. On Sunday, the 4th inst., the capitot at Wash
ington was thronged with visitors. Thousands
visited the executive mansion in the afternoon,
to take their last farewell of the mortal remains of
the late president. The body was plored in the
centre of the hall, in a rich coffin, covered with
black velvet, and bound with silver lace. The
features wore viewed through gloss let into the
ooflin. The hall was appropriately festooned with
rrape, I he public oinces remained closed until
after the following Thursday. All public works
were suspended for the same period.
The remains were conveyed to the Congres-J
sional Cemctry, at Washington, on Wednesday
the 7th inst. where they are to remain a short
time, They are to be removed lo the ancient
family residonce in Virginia, That State will
then hold the aUet of five of our Presidents.
The I"uernl Oremoalra.
The Globs says, that the funeral ceremonies of
President Harrison was conducted with great pre
priety with pomp and solemnity. A vast mulii
lude attended. Uniform companies fiom the
lilies of Baltimore and Philadelphia united wit!
those of the District, and these, added to several
bodies of United States troops drawn in from
neighboring posts, made a very imposing display
Severe! bands of l?ne music led different sections.
iif the military array, and, with melancholy strains
blended the sympathies of the people, The whole
procession, tncludiuja Urge concourse of citiieus
from the neighboring stales, filled the IViiiikj Iva
nia avenue to a very great extent. The houses
immediately on tlie Avenue were for the most
part' hung with black drapery, and the win
dow were crowdtd with fair faces. ,. The day was
soft an1 h'-sullful, enabling tho Immense throng
(a great nnriy'of whom were on foot) to attend.
t ha' Wtoains they honored to the place of sepulturelken as Vice President, yet, fas doubts mayffliantl mail from India, late Intelligence from China
somo two or three mile from the President's
don. There, the last rites WinT paid, and thclsubscrihcd the foregoing oath before me.
liotly deposited in the tmb, the scenr was clus:
!y the fi.ing of cannon and "jiieys f r"'l rrj I
Throughout the day Douutc guns were fire J, ami!
during (ho j,2Cvsion tlie bell of the city tolled.
I'aniilr ofllie laic IVeridrul.
Tho Philadelphia Times says ; " A letter froinlfuvorable
Washington states that the late President's wifi
i at the North Bend. Tho Mow will he sever.
to her; Iter attachment to him being intense, an!j
her health very feeble, lie leave one son ancle
three daughters. The ladies of tlie household!
now aro Mr. I'avlor, of a., Mrs. Harrison-9
(daughter-in-law,) and Mrs. Findlry."
Public iflrcllug Ormh flhc lrrsidriil.
At a meeting of the citizen of Ottaw a, held nt
the court house on the 19th of April, 1811,1.,. Le
land, Esq., announced the death of WILLIAM
HENRY HAKRISSONV late President of the
United States, as the occasion of their am!.Iing.2,lie N01'"' MrcsscJ the meeting in a very appro-
ind, on his motion, the meeting was organized by
gcalling Mr. D win Sixriiii to the chair, and aj-
pninting Messrs. M. If. Swift and Jo:i II
O.i motion of M. E. Ilollister, a committee of.
live were appointed to prepare resolutions suited
to the occasion. Messrs, John-V. A Hoes, T, L.
Dickey, M. E. Ilollister, John C. Champlin, and
v illiam Haskell were selected as tlie committee
The committee retired a few minutes, and durin
interval some appropriate remarks were made
!y Messrs. Lcland ami Link.
T. L. Hiekcy, on behalf of the committee, re
ported the following preamblo and resolutions, U
which were adopted ;
Wurca', we have learned with unfeigned rc
r. t from ollieiul miiioui, cement, that WILLIAM
HENRY HARRISON, late President of the!
United States, departed this life on the 4 ill of
April, inst.; Therefore, j
ll'iMilml, That, overwhelmed by a bereavement
so awful und impressive, we can only bow with.
leep sorrow and profound reverence to that
Power who reigns over all, while, at tlie name
Biimo, we lament the los f, honor the niimn, and rc-
It:viLal, That, a.) a token of our respect ami
veneration for his character and virtues, wc re-3
'omnieiid to all our citiens to wear cmpc on the
jleft arm for thirty days.
7;Wi:i, That a committee of threo be appoint
ed to make tho necessary arrangements und pro-
u rc n suitablo oration to bo deliveied in thi pl,iee
on thn second Monday of May next, upon the lif
It ml character of our late distinguished President.
The Chuir then appointed Messrs. John V. A
Hoes, L, V. Link, and T. L. Dickey nj the com
After a few remarks by Messrs. J. C. Champ-
jlin and 1'. L. Dickey tho meeting adjourned, ili
jrectiug tho proceedings t) be published in tho ()t-
lawo Krco Trader.
M. II. Swift,
Jun.i 1 1 1 K k ,
I'roiilent Tyler,
By the following nrticlo from the National lu-
tulligencor, it will bu scon that the Vice President
!mi taken tho nuth of office, and that ho is now
Chief Magistrate for tho balance of the lute l'resi-
leiil's term.
Singular as it may appear, we learn that this
is the third time that Mr. Tyler has tt 'pped into
t place of high public trust by tho death of tho iu
.'umbeut. Ho was made Governor of Virginia by
the death of tho Governor, he being vice he wa-
mado a Senator by the death of one before his
timo expired and now ho becomes President bv
the death of tho only man under whom he could
over have been elected a Vice President.
From tho National Intelligencer of the 7th,
The Ncvr KVrnldcul.
IJy tho extraordinary despatch used in
sending tho . official intelligence to the
Vice 1'resident, at Williamsburg, and
similar despatch by him in repairing to
the seat of (lovernmctit, John Tyler, now
President of the United States, arrived in
this city yesterday morning, nt 5 o'clock,
and took lodgings at lirowii s Hotel.
At twelve o clock, nil the heads of De
partments, except the Secretary of the
Navy, (who h.-.a not yet returned to the
city from his visit to his family,) waited
upon hun, to pay him their official and
personal respects. They were received
with nil the politeness nnd kindness which
characterize the new President, lie sig
nified his deep feeling of the public cal
amity sustained by the death of President
Harrison, jv expressed his profound
scnsihiliiv to the heavy responsibilities so
suuueiny ucvoivcu upon nimscii. iii'Sv
ispoke of the present state of thinus w itliBir
great concent and seriousness, and inndei,riiumcj after their departure
Known nts wisues mat mo several ncatisB
ri,tnn.ln(milu tit. ml, I iiiiiiI ! nun .i llw.l
1,1 u jiui tiui;i!ia irisuiii luuuiiuii llf nil iiil
places which they now respectively oc
cupy, and hist confidence that they would
aUord ail the aid in their power to enable
him to can v on the administration of the
Government successfully.
i'hc Piesident then took and subscribed
the following oath of office :
I do solemnly swear that I will faith
fully execute the office of President of the
United States, and will, to the best of mylland. And tho nows from Egypt is doubly so.
ibilitv. Preserve, protect and defend the!
Constitution of the United Stated.
April 0, 1811. JOHN TYLICU,
District ok Coi.vmuia,
Ciljf ami county of Washington.
I, William Crnncli, Chief Judgo of the
Circuit Court of tho District of Columbia,
certify that the above named John Tyler
personally appeared before me this tiny,
and, although he deems himself qualified
to perform the duties und exercise the
powers and office of President on the
death of William Henry Harrison, late
President of the United States,1 without
any other oath than that which lis bus la
' ... .. .. i . .
man-larise, and for ereater caution, IOOK and
April 0, 1811.
W. CltAiN'CII.'
i Tlie C'nnnl. f'
An account of th Contractors' Meeting at
bock tort on the l'.th will lc found in tho letter
which we give below. The result, though not so!
we could wish, is all thai under pre-
tent circumstances could bo expected. It wil!
diow to the world that be what obstacles in the
.way there may, the canal at least can go on. .
LocuruuT, Ms., April 15, 1811.
Messrs. Wkaveit & Hut
The meeting at this place to-day resulted In a
pretty general determination on tlie part of the
Contractors engaged upon the heavy work above
Loekport, to continue the present suspension of
their work: and an ex prcsi.-n equally uiianimousfcing that the interests of the British ut Chusan
on the part of those engng'-d on the sixty niilcslLhould be attended to during the negociations.
j In-low this place to continue. The President of
priate manner, nnd expressed for himself and hiii
associates such a determination on their part, to
aid those who were determined to proceed with
heir work as far as the means in their possession
would allow, that many men not cng igcd at this
i i no upon the lower portion of tho line, have ex.
pressed a strong dtsire to become so employed
it the Engineer's estimate for tho work not vet l
The friends of the Canal may now safely rely
upon the completion of the line from Peru to
Loekport at an early day, os the nature of the
work upon the Summit Division is such, and the
determination of the Contractors upon that por-
tien of the work so fixed, that the greater part ol
the unexpended appropriation of 1,700,000 may
ie devoted exclusively to that very devirable ob
ject. cry truly yours, v.
I Ulief I,:vv.
The Chicago Tiihuno says, ''Wo are g!al to
learn that the Canal Commissioners hixe uiiiini-
nously agreed upon a construction of the 'Canal
Purchasers' Relief Act, which embraces within
ho Provisions of that law, all loU in this city and
ui Ottawa, sold by the Canal Commissioners i;i
I8il(i. On the remaining Mueslio:, of transfer and
iiisolid.ition, we believe llieComiuisiio.iers have
not, as yet, committed thcniHcIvesto any opinion ;
ut upon that, the phraseology c f the Act admits
of infinitely less doubt, in favor of u liberal con-
tructi ui, than on the other iiuestioii.
I'orcign Xews.
Arrival or Hie ltt ltisli Queen.
The steam ship British Queen arrived at New
g York on tho 4th inst. after a most tempestuous
passage of 21 days. Tho storm that struck her
lasted 10 consecutive days.
The news she luings is of a highly important
character. 1'here is a terrible commotion in Emr
laud, occasioned jointly by the failure of the Chi-
ucso expedition und tho Mcl.eod affair. Th
H packet ship Westchester arrived out on tho 8ihljournals :" Wo have this day learnt thut our go-
with Mr. 1'ickens' Report from the committee on
foreign relations, and this occasioned a greater ex
'ilement than the now of tho failure of tho U.S.
Tho "London Times" printed the v. hole of the
report, with most abusive comments. The news
had an important vllcd on stocks of all kind.
Wc give below some of tho comments of the
press on Mr. Pickens' Report :
Tho Globo says "The painful effect whichghary to send ten sail of the line to the same tpuiir-
this intemperate 'party document' must oUierwiscgter. Of courso a fleet of steamers will form apait
produce on tho strongly cherished hopes of the I of such an expedition."
people of this country, of un amicable adjustments I'u ixcr.. The Trench papers are principally
of the dispute, will bo much relieved by the toiieBjoceupiud with articles upon tho renewed diflicult
of tho principal speakors in the debato which en-Ries growing out of tho Eastern Question, and the
itied on tho question of printing tho report." Hprobuhility of a war between England and Amo
Tho Times says ''Wc shall not quote fromlricu. These troubles produced the greatest ex
this offensive nnd unjust tirade, hut we enrncstly -itoment in Turis.
Invoke our readers to study it in exlemo for them-H Humors had gained strength that a protocol had
selves, and then judge what chance exists of fnirSlieeii signed in Loudon, which was originally said
r just treatment for Gieat llritnin from those au-ftto
thorities with which such a catalogue of insults
could hnve originated."
"War with America," says tho Atlas, "must
and will as surely follow upon the murder of
Mcl.eod, as tho light of morning follows tha dark
ness of night 5 but then this war will bo a war
without any definite object, except revenge for ail
injury which cannot be atoned."
Immitrivr !TBLiiatcit! A 8uadron or
dered to Ameriea .' -The Times and other papers
tote as a positive fact that some of the squadron,
believed to consist of ten sail of the line, which
had been engaged on tho coast of Syria, had been
-luddcnly orderod off to tho coust of America, to
support tho remonstrance of tho Urilish Minister,
Mr. Fox, against tho "judicial murder of Mc
l.eod." IsMXTnt ron HiMVAX ! The Times also
states, that "three battalions had been put sudden-'
under orders for Halifax," and adds, "God
knows how the homo service of tho realm can be
It is stated that Lord Pulmerstnn has sent out
orders to tho Ambassador at Washington to de
mand tho immediate release of Mcl.eod.
Tho Despatch says, "the stoppage of the U.S.
Dank will cans a great deal of misery hero as
well as in. America. Shares which brought two
years ago X" 1, are now anxiously sold at XUJ,
There is a rumor that Lord Palmcrsion is to lie
called to the House of Lords.
The,uiwJ from China is of ilia most gloomy
harnt'tcr posjible, and very perplexing to Kng-
Tho Lastein Question has been opened in a now
lorm. Admiral Elliott has left China for Eng
land, in consequence of a palpitation of tho head.
The Austrian Observer of the S8th ult. states
tha1. the intelligence from Constantinople of the
10th Feb. informs us that tho Sultan's firman
granting to Mehemct Ali und his family tho Pa
halik of Egypt hereditarily, has just been pre
pared. ,
The Ottoman Porto lias addressed a circular to
the ambassadors, announcing to them that the
Egyptian affair being concluded, tho blockade o!
tho coast of Egypt was raised, and tho liberty ol
commerce re-eslablishcd, : '' ' ' 1 "'' ' ' i
Ciiixa Ahn lViit n.Dy an extraordinary ex.
press from Marseilles, In anticipation of the over-
ana muia wasreceirea in i.onuonon ine mornnigti'"
of the' 10th." k- lin
. . .1 .
The great object of interest in the intelligent
received by this ex press, is the aute of the BriubThe. Governor s : conversion after Gen.
relations with die Chinese Government. Thenc-llIarrisoj S election was placed beyond
-aviations up to the 18th of December, which hdjcontroversv, and hisf refusing to vote at
the latent date of the news from Macoa, appear tlthe president ml election for cither of the
invc produced nothing, for the Chinese seem de
'irius of shuffling and delay. '
On the Cth of November, Admiral Klliott ii-
ued a notice at Chusan, to the British there.
statins that a trtire had been concluded with
the Chinese, binding them within certain limit
the British boundaries bcin' Chusan and the
small islands adjacent. This notice was ac
companied with a recommendation to e ndeavot
to conciliate the Chinese. The other Plenipo
tentiary, Captain Elliott, issued a circular declar-
lu the meantime, a dreadful mortality diminished
the troops there. ,
Tranquility prevailed in India, and tho intelli
gence by the express brought nothing of import.
ince from any of the presidencies.
Nine Djij l.nlcr Highly Important !
The steamship Acadia sailed from Liverpool
on the 19th tilt., and arrived in Boston Harbor on
the morning of the 7th inst., making her passage
in 18 days. Shu Lad a very rough lime; and
the length of her pa-tsajc has been owing muitilv
to bad weather.
The foreign news received by the Acadia is of
very deep interest and importance. Tho latest
English papers are chiefly occupied with the
American news taken out by the Columbia, which
tcamer arrived at Liverpool on the ICth ult. The
.iio.t intense anxiety wan manifested in every
uarter, to learn how iillairs stood in this country
when the Columbia left Boston j nnJ after the
news was published it appears not to have given
very general satisfaction.
The boy Jones mule another entrance into
Duckinghain Palace. It is said ho will now be
-cut to the country.
Several paper contradict the announcement
respecting the "situation'' of the tueen.
Several Chartist meetings have been held in
various towns, but they wore thinly attended. A
;r ind convention of Chartists was to be held in
London on tho I"th inst. Their object is to dc
viss plans for the restoration of Frost, Williams,
and Jones, for the release of all Chartist prisoners,
and for making tho charter the law of the land.'
The convention was to sit for two weeks, ami
each delegate to bo paid 3 per week ; the ex
penses to be defrayed by a weekly subscription of
mo halfpenny from each Chartist.
Letters from Rome stutc that an attempt on the
life of the Queen Dowager of Spain was made b
i Carlist refugee, who attempted to stranglo her.
The Queen was not hurt, and as the man had no
weapon, he is presumed to be a lunatic.
WAI1MK.E I'll KI'.UIAT ions is E.llLAXn. Wc
find the following statements in all tho London
vcrnnient, in order to prepare for any emergency
that may spring out of the case of McLcod, (ami
Bif tho Republic uxecuto him we do not think liter
is a i.iiin in this United Kingdom but will demand
f justice,) havedirected six regiments to hold them
elves in readiness to embark for North America
It is also stated in private letter from Paris, tha:GstCi,,ner (i,,cen Victoria also took fire but wa;
Lord Granville ollieially announced to M. GuizolSJV,-'l, 1 li0 1 alr,oU are ut work
Filial tho English Government would find it ncces-
have had for its intention the termination of
the ivihtion of France, but it is now announced
in the Paris journals that Prance has refused her
dgnaturc, on account of the hard conditions re
cently imposed upon iWcucmct Alt. iMecocialions
are, however, still going on.
Tvuket aii Eovpt. News from Alexan
dria to 24th Teb., and Malta to 1st March has been
received. Alexandria is again the scene of trou
blesomc negociations. Three firmans arrivedfron
the Sultan on the 20th Feb., conveying the Pa-
hnlic of Egypt to Mehemct Ali, with succession
to his descendants on certain conditions. These
onditions were both numerous and stringent, and
in case of the non-performance of any of them, the
inheritance would bo revoked. It is said Mehe
mct Ali absolutely rejected two of them, declaring
it the same time that he looked to England, on
whoso good faith he always relied, to save him
from tho danger and disgrace involved in thorn
.Com. Napier remained in Alexandria, in hopes
assisting to bring the new dispute to an amicable
re In ltufTnlo llnrbor. .
Tho Buffalo Commercial, of the 1st inst. says:
The ice in the harbor began io move out early'
this morning, and but for a small patch near the
light house, would havo been by this time tumbling
over tho cataract. As this spot continued firm.
notwithstanding the great pressure against it, the
whole mass of flouting ice remains stationary, . A
iriof period will see it timing toward.1 thcNiagara.
At Erie, 00 miles above us, the lake is entirely
iiVeo from obstruction.
CJovmior ('nary.
Tho following leiuarks fiom tho Alton Tele
graph, a whig paper, and comments upon it, by
the Chicago Democrat, in relation to the treache
rous courso of Governor CisKT, who was taken
up out of tho mire, as it were, by tho democratic
party, and made what littlo ho now is, and who, in
return for what ho had received, assumed, in
tho houi of need, a neutral position, and finally .1
tier the result of tho late presidential election wu.-1
known, went over entirely to tho cnemyshowlof Orange county, to widow Eliza Gray, of Green
admirably the light in which both p-artiei arc tli-Il"0,llll7 daughter of Honry Bvwn, of Bluehitl,
posctl to view (ins political Judas. . Let traitors
warned by tho exuinplo 1 ,
13 Wo" see it announced in the Si.
Louis Era, that Gov. Casey is a candidate
c . .. i T: I
...nlAnl I . n In I nmrriS 111 Itici I Jlhiril'L
iv-m.niwn i. nS. -
this State. Do not the Whigs intend
Bio run a good and true man against him ?
candidates, in November last, satisfy u
he is unfit to represent a Whig District
Vn want linn, consistent, nnd
ins friend?, to represent us in times like! IIerm.itag h 'xt day. We cannot
these, or an honorable opponent is pre-Pcrccive t,iat te mental faculties of this
ferable. Won Telegraph. jvcnerable inr.! are impaired in the slight-
The foregoing are very just remarks ;cst. degree. With all the questions of
and vearegla(toseeatnanofMr.Davis'ln.atln:l, policy, both foreign and domes
prominence in the whig party adopting he preserves that thorough knowledge
ihem. Thev show'a high order of politi- or l,,ch ,,e was distinguished in active
cal independence, and we have nhesita- j1,rc' and ;recly discusses them with his
tion in saying that wc would support a i'';1' f",lkncss aiItl clearness. His gone
real old federalist of the Webster school "1 health seems to be as good as it has
before we would anv one of that mass of feen for several, )'ears. nd the npnntry
political trimmers who infest this Stale, lhavo rcaf" V H" ' ill yet be
sucking the blood of both nartie.ThevPrrscrve" 10 11 'or.a isiucraDie Piod,
play a game of "one pluck two." They
don't exactly approve of the democrats'
course and yet they are not whigs. 1 hi
s. I t .
is their story. Anu, wncmer tlie one
party or the other is in the ascendency,
it is all the same to them. Thev want,
office and will have it, if meanness, criiyf
ing and falsehood will secure it.
There is a gang of these political lizard.'
about tStrinr(ield, who change their coat,
:i dozen times a year, according as the
prospects of this patty or that party pre
dominate. At the commencement of the
last session of our legislature, they veiegiad been marked for sacrifice. Others
stout hearted democrats and, before itsfgvvere removed to whom he had riven as-
lose, having got no office, they retiredsur;mecs they should be spared, and who
to their f.Micc position, and are now cry-Were afterwards informed by him that ho
ing out for an honest parly in oiicsJdid not know they were dismissed. And
that is, one that will give them office! Vcan any hold him responsible for the long
Wc are grateful to see that the whigs areSlist of worthy men and excellent officers
beginning to appreciate such craven
tl turpitude ami to set all men UownSweek in which he himself lay upon tho
against them who stood not vp for them
in the hour of danger. Chicago Dem.
Mirriagt 1'tcf. Tho Philadelphia Times says :
'Tho price paid in Iowa for tying the knot ''which
binds two willing hearts," is two 'coon shins, or
lour bushels of sweet patatoes.
How i-t dm, Mr. Bloomington Herald ! Ilowtj
many pounds of Illinois cat fsli wil! it require to
buy a Bloomington lassie Wc want to know !
T,eimni 2We.. Tho
frcasury notes outstanding on tha 1st instant
was 50,3)1,321 07.
Tezus. The National debt of Texas, t otitis-
ting of bonds, treasury notes, and debts of various
descriptions, amounts to seven million dollars
Flic amount of ono year's taxes is estimated atr
one million dollars, and the expenses of tho go
vernmcnt, for tho same, period, at five hundred
thousand dollars, par money.
Siettm R al D.trnt. A report was received nt
Buffalo a few days since, that the steam boatUur
tlinglon was set
sot on fire and burned to the water's)y i;s Excellency, President Lamr.r, in
y ing at the wharf at Toronto. Thet,e eNC)t of their ffl'et:tinr a nerocialioii
ilge whilo ly
I7ce President. The Hon. Samuel L. South-S
ird, of New Jersey, who was elected Prcsidcn
pro. tern, of the Senate just before tho adjourn-g)
inent. is now ice rresiuent or tac Lintea ctuies.M.
? ...t .. i e,. .
Vmwrinz. The Loekport Courier of the 2thhsh,)mi1 :lmvc "'1" it lias gone to press, m
ult. states, that orders have been received at
p(Fort Niagara to commence repairs upon that fort
ress and to put it Into a conditiou of defence.
llirnutn Li li y, Esq., tho lathcr-in-law f
the Hon. Daniel Webiter, died at New York onfl
tho 31st ultimo. .
En eland M.iil.s. Tho Postmaster General of
England has recently issued an ordor, requiring
tho mail to be conveyed between London mid
Liverpool at the rate of thirty miles an hour, in-
eluding stoppages.
D.athofMr. Ciu'ly. This distinguished law!
Jwri,cr JU,J 17lhof February last, in South
ainpton street, Fitzroy square, London, in the GQthldiplomalic art. Gen. Hamilton has prov-
year of his oge. ,
.Opening nf the N. Y. Canal. Tho Buffalo! ' , ,,, , V
. cx o.. . . land address he procured the recognition
Commercial of the 3d inst. says: ' We learn that
Superintendent Baker has been notified by Com
e.iisstoner Broughton, that the canal will be opened
lor navigation oh tho loth inst
Philadelphia Post' OJix. Tho Philadelphia
I'imes savs : " Fourteen clerks are to be dischur-
of?t.j ffom our post oilicc, and wo understand then-
are seventeen hundred applications for situations.
Mr. Montgomery has been several times mobbed
in tho streets by these beggars. Woare told that
one day ho was compelled to solicit tho company
I of a strong police force, to keepotl'tho affectionate
embraces of his new friends."
Connecticut lilcct'nn. Ellsworth is elected Go
vernor over Nicholl. Ellsworth has received
13,519, and Nicholl 10,5 12 tho majority for the
former, so far, 3,023. So far as heard from, Brock-
iway is cloctcu to Congress by 7 JO, iloardman by
B'JOO, and Trumbull by 13,000 majority.
Tribute of Respect. The public authorities
i.r - .-,
H Washington, have resolved to wear crape for sixty
days, in token of respect for tho lato President.
Tho mail car, oii tho Baltimore Kailroad, left this
city yesterday for Washington, shrouded in crape.
The horses which drew it to Gray's ferry, were
,il?o dressed in the same solemn emblems. Phila.l
$j.oflhe Timet,
Matrimonial.'--Married in the city of New
''V, by the Kev. Mr. While, Honry Muck, Esq
brlMauw. -,. t . ,
Canada. The elections have resulted, so fur.
in the choice of 36 Tnionists and 19 Antl-UiiionJ
attrneral Aadrrw JacltMn.
This great ond good man was 74 years old on
the 15th of March last, having been born on the
15th day of March, 17G7, It fTortl, u, e.t
pleasure to learn that the old hero' health is as
good ut present as it has been for several years.
The Nashville (Tennessee) Union, of the 4th
ultimo, says:
Cicn. Jackson visited his frieuds in
unwavcr-lINa8"v,e 011 Monday, returninjr to the
las a guide and a living light to the path
of young republicans who arc determined
through life to "be just and fear not."
tu. Ilnri-iaoil.
The Globe, of tho 5th inst., has the following
article in relation to the recent proscription at the
(city of Washington :
It is just to Gen. Harrison to say,
that, notwithstanding the press upon him
iby men who claimed to have given him
power, he resisted the ruthless proscrip
tion which lias been carried on in his
name. 5cvural we know lie saved who
hcart-Bwho were struck from the roll during the
bed of death ? During thut week many
'clerks were dismissed from the Denin-t-
?. l i.. . .i i .i ... :. - ....
nit ins, i-.ursMy iohi nun it w as ex-
I 1 1 1 u I I-.! W tf I i .i 1 irfMioutu
From the N. V. Herald of March G.
Einnorluiit !Vcv Cor Tcini-.'I hr I. mm n,n.
K tinted in aui i by tiivu. lluuiiStou.
H vv l. ...... ..,...:. .t : i t
iv c ii.ii u itLt'iHu nil i oi w.iib iiiiu iiu i iic ru
tin intelligence of the negeciatbn of a loan
for Texas in Paris, in the month of Feb
ruary last. It will bo seen that from the
aggregate amount ofijannexeu letter it comes lo us Irom oen.
James Hamilton the Minister of Texas in
E'lu rope, and lias been sent for publication
to , ns the readiest means of giving
wide-spread publicity to the fact. It
reached this city by the recent fourth of
March Koval steamer at Uoston, and was
Klianded to us yesterday bv the Texian
iCousul lor New York :
Paius, Feb. 14, 1811.
To the E-lihr tf Cm X.w York Jlo-uU.
Sin: As the Commissioners of Loans
!jnf the republic of Texas were instructed
,'fil fbr lnntl iVii ill'., ...r..iM! f,-. an.it.n ..
ft"" .v 1"! Uiiib 1 1 It II1.11VU (I
announcement ol the L-.ct, that
jjinoritorious holders of the securities of
the Government may not be the victims of
the speculation f those acting under
k:,i,it inl,,i-m,,lin,i I . 1 .1.....!.. . ... ......n
Kin inn i;ii;i r, or u uus CUllllUUUIcailOll
Him . .
i slip to bu immediately issued from your
office, that 1 1 have this day concluded in
this city a contract with the Hank of
Messrs. J. Lafiiitc & Co1, for the Tcxiau
I forward a duplicate of tliis letter per
the Havre packet of the IGth February,
and shall enclose this to the Texian Con
sul ut New .York, per the American Min
ister's letter bag from London.
1 remain, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
We congratulate tin; lepublic. of Texas
Jon her triumphs, both ill the military and
Bed himself to be one of the ablest Ameri
can diplomatists of the age. . By his talents
of 1 exas as an independent nation, by the
most powerful empire in Europe, and he
has. now established her credit and finan
ces on the high and firm basis of a loan
in Paris. We trust that the government
at home will be careful to preserve that
credit in their finances, as carefully as
they would their honor as a young, great
and gallant people. Let them avoid tho
errors which the Government of the Uni
ted Stales have run intoand Texas will
be one of the greatest and happiest repub
lics on the earth. ,
Mormon City of Huutm. ' '
As this city is, in some respects, a cu
riosity wc have watched its proceedings
with interest. From the 'Tnnes and
(Seasons" we learn the following facts in
regard lo it : ' ; ; ''
The city council have prohibited any
ofipersoti from selling whiskey in a less
bm . - .
Hquantlly than one galloit and any Other
liquor in less than a quart, unless on the
prescription of a physician.; " !)
'The University of Nut.voo' has been
duly organized by the election' of a chan
cellor and trustees. James Kelly, A. M.
an Alumnus of Trinity College,' Dublin,
lias been elected President of the Uni
versity. ; " '"' ' " ' ' :- '':,:
The Nauvoo Legion has been also or
ganized, and officers have been selected.
Tho council have passed a vote of thanks
to Ihc Stale government, for the favors' it
has conferred,'-' and 'to the citizens "' of
Qnincylfor the protection received, when
fdriven from Missouri. St. Louis Gaz.
!J-.. !'i t .'.! ;..t .-r.-ivj.

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