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Professional Cards
Af,!ny at lav.-, 2HJ-2I1 Alolriiey
151.1k-. Ottawa. Illinois. Telephones:
U'Miv, 2;.VV IltfiariHe. 312 Y.
Well, let's try this one
i ft of ir
fcke! Amr I ( "DINNER ! sakss
tacftREADjV 1 ALWE, M.1N! IWr
11 in i, I Tw- AC I A
NNttU., Jove i A rA9S
l..'.T WUlT InpW WANTED!
I Dour
Co? CF TEA.'
Dcau.1 IT
stick Hcuft-
I'LL Tai Tf'EK
ooT for. a ee
ft he ".
OlO O0 tlfr M5 UV30MCS
me office -a,- "Tute ,
fss TCsi cmT EfTreft.
nn T pDi ' r
I . . 1 1
Br.. t:-e T1 ) I
r.sw .e " r 1 a cook sw
1 1 'm lib
J Locate
1 1
NAN of
. CHAt'-TtFi II.
Dc Spain Ch.i .jcs His Mind.
Bofor" De s':,aiu had walked far h
heard niti f roi 1 the open-air dancing
puvliion in Grciit street. Stirred by an
Idle curiosity, turned the cornel
"v '
and stopped . watch
the crowded
couples whirling up and down the
raised platform under paper lanterns
,nnd red streamers to the music of an
automatic piano. He took his place in
a fringe of onlookers that filled the
sldewulk. But Ic was thinking as ho
stood, not t f the boisterous dancing ot
the clumsy dancers, but of the broken
lever and the tiefeat at the fairgrounds.
It still rankled in his mind. While he
Stood thinking the music ceased.
A man, who appeared to be In au
thority, walked to the center of the
dancing-floor, made an announcement
that De Spain failed to catch, and
looked toward u young couple stand
ing in nn attitude of waiting at the
head of the hail.
All eyes being turned their way, De
Spain's attention as well was drawn
toward them. The man was powerful
In stature, and rather too heavy, but
straight as an Indian. His small, red
dish face was tunned by the sun and
wind, nnd from the handsome hat down
to the sinull, high-heeled and "spurred
boots, he wore the distinctive cowboy
rig of the mountain:;. De Spain
seemed to recall that this particular
fellow had crowed the loudest when
he himself forfeited the shooting-match
earlier in tli1 day. I
But De Spain, unaniiable ns he now
was, looked with unconcealed interest
nt the 1.1 1 ' t'ancimr partner. She. j
nn wh l.iov. !v (I bv the mountain sun 1
and a'r a s'lghr, erect girl, nor head
well set. and e delicate waistline above
a ieltcd, brown skirt, which just:
reached the tops of her small. l:lgh I
tan riding boots "She wore n soft,
T, , i'.; i.t ir,
rreilCII-KIU.V ...... ' .'
noticeably pretty, wain
b-red about the
platform, reflectini? In their unrest the
dissatisfied expression of her face. A
talkative woman standing Just in front
of De Spain, told a companion that the
man was Gale Morgan, a nephew of
Satterlee, laziest of the Morgans. De
Spain nt once recognized in the danc
ing partner the little Music Mountain
girl who had been his undoing at the
The energetic piano thumped the
strains of a two-step. Gale Morgan
extended his arm toward Nan; she
looked very slight at Ids side. Then,
' She, Too, Was Browned by the Moun
I tain Sun and Air.
responding with a 'sort of fiery 1m
. patience to her partner's guiding, she
' caught the rapid step of the music,
and together the two swept down the
floor. The spectators soon showed
their admiration of the dancing with
unrestrained, handclapplng, and fol
lowed with approving outcries. Every
wnylng step, every agile turn proved
bow sure Nan wu,i of herself, and how
1 perfectly her body unswered to every
' exaction of the quick movement of the
1 c
(luiirt1. Onle Tu'iipiii k ciiicil the lucr
... I
est jitti'iulaiit for his imrtnor. who, with
quidci iiwl iuls's, ."itvc htu'self ui more
tind nior to f'e ilvily call of the
, . , . ... . v., i I
,. !.. -ll. llm !,if..ii.
" .' '"'" V 1
lion oi mi1 iuumc or lnnii hit ueai-
ness to him, caught his breath. IHs
eyes riveted themselves on her flushed
face as aim passed oblivious of his
presence :'nd he recalled how iu the
morning she had handled her rllle in
the same, quick, sure way. De Spain
could nut dance ut ail; but no one
could succcs.-riiiiy accuse him of not
knowing how to handle any sort of a
gun. It w:is only now he forgave her,
unasked, tint hutjiiiiuthm she had put
on him. He felt an impulse to go up
to her now that she had stopped
dancing and congratulate her honest
ly, Instead of boorishly as he had done
at the match.
But while !) thought of this the two
di.iicers disappeared, and a new and ,
rougher party crowded out on the floor.
"Now, Isn't th.it a pretty bunch!"
exclaimed the talkative woman again.
"Thai's the Odabiisus gang. Look ut
Snndusky, that big fellow, with the
crooked jaw. And Harvey Logan, with
his black hair plastered over his eyes.
Why. for ( lie drink those two fellows
would turn loos" on this crowd find kill
half a dozen. And there's two of Imkc
Morgan's cowboys with them, booking
old Hull l'age, and that squint-eyed Sas
sooii lie's worse than the others, that
fellow a line bunch to allow In this
It had become second nature to De .
Spain to note even insignilicaut de- .
Pi '"' insigiiiiicuui ur
t,llls '.'"" niing men. ami ne loot, un ;
n' 111 i;,lJ remarked how very low ;
'f"" vllvvM K'm in fr,mt of llis
!!' Sun,I,us!"'H, h('lsU;r wai I
hl'"'1, f!U'lh(r ljll('k on tlu! pille' j
Logan wore a tan shirt and khaki. San-
,,.., I . ,l,l l ,, ,,MI"!
"u-- y""'1- ,
sun t, witn a red tie, una wore a sonea,
figured waistcoat fastened at the hot-
torn by a cut-glass button.
The Sleepy Cat gossip commented on ;
how much money these men had been
spending all day. She wondered aloud,
reckless apparently of consequences,
who had been robbed, lately, to pro
vide It. Her companion scolded her
for stirring up talk thut might make
trouble; averred she didn't believe
half the stories she heard ; asserted
that these men lived quietly at Cala
busns, minding their own affairs. "And
they're kind to poor folks, too." ."Sure"
fit,.., .1, ni llin iihilitvntD rm "u-lth nthpi
4, I ! lllll'- U lliv i'.".ll.u.v -r.., ...... v.. a...
1 people's money."
De Spain, discontented, turning
again Into Main street, continued on to
j the Thief River stage barn. After look
ing the horses over and inspecting the
wagons with a new but inrld curiosity,
awakened by Jeffries' proposal, De
Spain walked back toward the station, j
1 ...... .... i
He hud virtually decided not to tnne!'" '" c-i" "
the job. Medicine Bend was his home.
He knew every man, woman nnd child
In the town. Before the tragic death
of Ids father, his mother had lived
there, ar.d De Spain had grown up In
the town and cone to school there. He
whs a railroad mini, anvway a modest
trainmaster-and not eager for stage-
lino lmuiageiiicnt.
As he raised Grant street ngntn he
encountered a party on horseback
heading for the river bridge,
uf Uio men were tiding abreast and a
!ltrl. ahead. Of these, the middle
horseman was a spare man of frankly
disreputable air. llis face was drawn
up Into u one-sided smile. Salt Mor
gan's smile was habitual and lessened
bis stern aspect. At bis right rode his
cousin, Duke Morgan, older, shorter
nnd stouter. His square, heavy-Jawed,
smooth-shaven face was lighted by
hard, keen eyes, and lln'shed by an un
compromising tjiln. Duke was the real
head of the elan, of which there were
numerous bruiu hi s in the Superstition
iiioiintalns, nil looking with friendli
ness or enmity to the Morgans of Mor
gan's gup.
Tho yollow-hulred nun riding on the
left, with u red face and red-lidded,
squinting eyes, showed none of the
blood of his companions. But -Duvld
inissoon, the Calabasas gambler, quon
dam cowboy, and chronic brawler,
stood In some way close to the differ-
ill 'MorKaiis, uml whs r-ut'l toliave ;
I got fach of thi'in, at (llflVri-nt tiuios, '
out of more than one troulilesoiue af
fair, vilhtT by shi'cr force of linns, or
through his resourceful cunning.
These men were followed hy a younK- ;
cr man rld'ng with a very young worn-'
nn. le Si.vn knew none of the front- j
rank men, hut he knew well Nun Mor- i
i gun unit her dancing partner, dale's ;
jfaco lighted us he set eyes on Ie Spain,
, and he spoke quickly to Nun : "There's i
1 your hundtioiue Mi dictne Bend gun- J
I Nan, glancing toward Ie Spain, i
1 seemed uware that he heard. Slw
j looked uwny. le Spain tightened up j
with U rage. The blood rushed to Ills ;
luce, the sarcafin struck in. If the i
birthmark could have deepened with i
Uhe Instunt of the co'.d Inspection of Btituie to be held February 21-23, in
, the girl's pretty eyes, dale, calling ; Th t,roMni for the eather-
ahead to the others, invited tlieir ut
tenlion to the man on the street cor-
ner. De Spain only stood still, re-
turning tlieir Inspection us insolently j
us silence could. Kadi face was faith- i
fully photographed and filed In his j
memorv, and his steady gaze followed
them until they rode down the hill and :
clattered Jauntily out on the swaying
suspension bridge that still crosses the
Bat river at Grant street, and con
nects the whole south country the
Spanish sinks, the Thief Blver gold
fields, the saw-toothed Superstition
range, Morgan's gap, and Music moun
tain with Sleepy 'at and the railroad.
Do Spain, walking down Grunt ;
street, watched the party disappear
among the hills across tho river. The
encounter had stirred him. lie already '
hated the Morgans, at least all except
he blue-eyed girl, and she, it was not ;
difficult to divine from iier er.pnisslon, !
was, i;t least, disdainful tf her moru- j
lug rival. , !
Benching the station platform while j
still busy with his thoughts, De Spain j
encountered Jeffries and Lefever. j
"Jell'rlen, I'll take that Thkf River ,
stage Job," announced De Spain bluntly. ;
"What's the reason that fellow ;
changed his mind?" demanded Jeffries.
when Lefever Joined him later in his!
ollice. '
"Don't ask me," frowned Lefever
perplexed. "Don't ask me. Henry Is
odd in some ways. You cun't tell
whnt,g p)ng on ',n.1(le tmil fl.0W.H
hoa(, b knK nt the outside of It."
, , , I.w.tiinir
Jprr,.los grunt,d coldly at this bit of
wMmu .T!I t(.n y,)U wlttt t s.10Ui(i
think If I had to think: Henry de
Spain has never found out rightly who
was responsible for the death of his
,.,,.,. ,,,, ..,..., (i it. KolI,
' " . . ' . .. ' :
(j,,,,, ; ulwl lmg Ki!:e oL tnese same
aw- m lived nn the I'.nce river above
j,js father's ranch."
(T() ,,,; coXT.'NrKn.)
Clever Footwork. j
The harp roloist was in the middle
of a brilliant solo, a prstcral which
called for some very clever work with
the pedals used to secure hroniatic '
charges in the scnleii. This manipula
tion of tile pedals, as usual, attracted
the attention of many in the audience,
old and young.
Suddenly n youngster became so
much interested In the changing of the
pedals that he burst out: "Look, look,
Cud! She's shifted geara twice already
r.nd now she's on the high." Pitts
burgh Chronicle Telegraph.
Effect of Rats as Food.
The Lahore (India) Tribune quotes a
l'"! man's explanation of the use of
frtln frxf.i' ri vnriL'oa act fnllnwa
What a carrot is to a horse's coat
a rat Is to the human hair. Neither
fact can be explained, but every horse- j
man knows that a regimen of carrots
will make a stud smooth and lus
trous us velvet, and the Chinese, cs-
1 1"1"1"' l"L' u.m-u, nuow Ul.u iaio
j used ns food stop the falling out of
nKir nnJ nllllte ,lie ,wcl! st;f1, Bllly
nnd beautiful. I have seen it tried
j -""ny times."
n . ....... i, ....... .i., . .
Self Preeervation.
Old Roxleigh Marry my daughter?
Why, you are supported by your fa
ther. Suitor Yes, Kir, but the guvnor
Is tired of supporting me, so he says,
and I thought I'd get Into another
family. Boston Transcript
Bad Habits.
Those who breakfast at eiRht o'
clock or later, lunch at twelve r.nd
have dinner nt six are almost certain
to bo troubled with indigestion. They
i , , ... . . , . . 1,
uo not unow time ior one meai to u.-j
gent, beforo taking another. Not less
than five hours should elapse between
meals, If you are troubled with Indi
ces! ion cot red your habits and tako
Chamberlain's Tablets, and you may
reasonably hope for a quick recovery.
These tablets strengthen tho stomach
and enable it. to perform its functions
naturally. Obtainable everywhere.
Mi CE sm
Preparations are being made in
Streator for the entertainment of 1
tncusands of visitors who will he in
that city for the Illinois Farmers' Ic-
-nn i.mi.uineiu Vnctnrhl V Till
shows an array cf exceptionally tine
talent selected from all portions of
the country.
Oovernor Luwden has signified his
willingness to he present at one of
the cessions, providing business at tho
Ktnte ranitol is not too pressing and i
nrevents his making the visit The
Illinois University exhibit at the Pan
ama Exposition will be one of the
l'eat!irc3 on display. This exhibit wai
shown at the livestock show and
caused intense interest am 0113 the
Iiecause of Stroator's etitertairins
the state farmers the La Salle" County
Institute will be abandoned. The pro
gram follows:
Wsdncsday, February 21,
Morning Ctosion.
Response, George F. Tullock, Rock-
f!"d. Jib
Address, "Soil Fertility," Dr. Cyril
a. I let kins. 1'rbana, 111. 1
Address, "Some E.pcriment3 In In !
proving Worn Soils," Prof. Geo. Rob-:
,,rt, Lexington, Ky. 1
Afternoon Session.
Addreris, "City Milk and the" Public
Health," Pro:. II. A.' Harding, Ur'aani,
ArldrcSo. "Tho Dairv Cow and Hr
Place- rn the Farm," Prof. A. J. Grov-
. AlUtnonn Wis
, , t.
Evening Session.
Address of President, Geo. F. Tul
lock, Itockford, 111.
AdJrcss of H. S. Pres. Mrs. J. C.
He-sler. r?catur, 111.
Address, Mrs. Christine Frederick,
Green Lawn, L. I.
Thursday, February
Morning Session.
Address, "Cro; Production,'
F. 1. i
Mar.n, Giltnan, 111.
Address, "Corn," Walter H. Howe, j
.kftitur, 111.
Address, "Wheat," Ralph Allen, Do-1
lava:., 111.
Address, "Parley," Hon. A. N. Ah !
belt, Aiorrlson, III. i
Add.-ess, "Oats," F. H. Demaree, j
Morris, 111.
Afternoon Session.
Address, "Better Live Clock," W.
W. Wright, Toulon, 111.
Address, "Some Avoidable Wa iter,
in Animal Production," Prof. 1!. E.
Catmichael, Wooster, Ohio. '
Discussion. I
Evening Cession.
Address, "Community Building," W.
W. Dlehl, Napervllle, ill.
Friday, February 23.
Morning Session.
Address, (Railroads) Good Roads,
S. E. Bradt, DoKalb, III.
Address, "Manufacturer und Farm
er Relations," Chas. Branlingham,
Rockford, 111.
Address, "Hanker-Farmer Relations"
Hon. John M. Crebs. Carml, 111.
Afternoon Session.
Address, "Tho Usefulness of Pens
In Horticulture and the Value of
Honey in the Diet," C. P. Padant.
Hamilton, 111.
Discussion, "Hoes," W. G. Lawrence,
Fulton, III. '
Poultry, Lecture and Dentonstra-
Classified AdverHsing
Advi-rtiscnu'Mts will !)' Insi-rtfil in this
CDlimm nut txewilniB ttve lints, (tuv
t!tn. U, i(,iits; three times. LCi cents; (iiie i
wee;;, Hi cents. Kacli line over live, Pi -cents
per week mlii i t i ma I.
Al! mlvi rtiseinents in this column must :
l.e .ail in iiilvuiice.
For Rent
yon juiNT- House and Darn at W7
Ea.t Superior street. Inquire of
Wm. Buckley, telephone, county
ao'Jij-4. tf.
FOlt KENT Six room cottage on La
sjuitii vtiwt Toilet, soft and city
water, electric lights, nquire of HeliT- j
rich's barber shop, 1113 La Salle bt
FOB RENT Single office room, $0.00
per month. Desk room $3.u0 per
month. College llldg. Thoroly mod
ern steam. W. C. Vittum.
make i
For Sale
FOR SALE One safe, best
Cheap If taken at once.
l'OR SALE 1-C ft Mission Wall To
bacco case, 1 National cash register,
inquire 73 Sycamore St. 1-6-8-9
j FOR SALE Shafting, pullies, tables,
desks, show ease, etc. .Inquire at
this oibce. tf.
Prof. J. P. Gilbert, Ca:'hondale, '
Wednesday, Feburray 21,
Morning session 9 o'clock. Mrs.
J. V. Hessler, president.
Address of Welcome.
Secretary's Report.
Addre-s, "Home Nursing, or Care of
the Sick in the Home," Mrs. J. V
'The Community Nurse,"
Miss Harriet Fullmer.
AJdrcsn, Personal Hygiene, "How
to Keep Well," Miss Fannie Flrook. .
Afternoon Scssicn, 1:30 O'clock.
Address, "The Choosing of Textiles"
(wits tests.)
Address, "Home Sewing" (demon
rtration of use and alteration of pat
terns.) Jcirt Evening G;ssicn at 7:30.
T'-ti. Geo. P. Tullock, presiding.
President's Address.
Add; ess, "Housekeeping," Mrs.
Christine Frederick.
Thursday, February 22.
Moinlng session at 9 o'clock.
Mrs. J. C. Bessie", pics.iding.
In vocal Ion.
, , ,, i,, i r- I-..
Address. Household and Fami.y
Accounts" (30 minutes).
"The Why of the Cost of Food."
abor ari'i Transpcrtatkn
Why Pi ices Slide Up and Dow;;.
3. Rela'ive Cost of Home and Fac
tory Products.
4. Method.; of Selling; Some Tricks
of Trade (Weights and Measure.;)
Mrs. C'hrislin! Frederick.
Afternocn Session, 1:3C O'clock .
Address, Government rpcakor.
Address, "Playtime, in the Rural
Address, ''Community Music.''
LusiiKs-.s liu eting.
Joint Evening Session, 7:30 O'clock.
Community Music.
Address, Community Welfare,
Address, Community Building, Rev.;
W. W, Dlehl.
Friday, February 23.
Morning session at f) o'clock.
.Mrs. J. C. Hessler, presiding.
Symposium, "Tho Farm Woman In
PillSllH 88."
1. "liaising Poultry for Pioflt."
2. "I lrylng for Dollars," Mrs. R. W.
it "The Gob! .In Putter."
4. "Gardening As a Woman's Job."
5. "Money From Honey."
' WAXTKI; Middle aged woman to
I keep lio'.ise for one man. C-S!l
' WAN'TED A room with pinno, one
! (!i;y a week. Address H. care of O!
itawa Kr o Trader-Journal. l-S-9-10.
WANTEL A situation as delivery
man or other outside work. Ad
dress X, care this office.
Prepare tor lighter work, better pay, j
moro jobs. Few weeks' completes.
ll.-iv fit rvc!ini Wftrle llirea vejirft
saved. See how. Catalogue mailed I
' !.I.EU "A"" COLLEGE.
1 or, S. Fifth Ave., Chicago.
WILL PAY 5 for a pair of genuine ;
old-fashioned patent skates iu good
eomiitio.1. oixe 1". Phone 44 5 It.
AGENTS - Sell Koal-Vim! Reduces
coal bills one-third; stdd c.t r.ior.ey-
back guarantee; 1 0- to 155 per cent
l,r(,!'t for you; send 2T cents for full
Fied package. Particulars free.
Agents' Supply House, 2(3 Holiday
P.hlg., Indianapolis, Ind.
PERSON who took purse from Cre-e
cent theater Saturday night Is i
known. If returned to this office be-1
loro Tuesday nicht, 110 questions will j
be asked; otherwise action will be j
taken. j
Afternoon Cession, 1:30 O'clock.
Addresi, "Tho IMreet Exchange of
A'idress, "Soiling by Parrel Post."
AJdrcs.i, "Making a Home."
I Mt manes light or ner shoes feel easy,
; Constipation Makes You Dull. j g,VIJ8 instant relief to corns and bun
! That drnrgy, listless, oiipressed feel-! ions, its the greatest comfort dlt
i' ing generally results from constipa-! coirery of the age. Cures swollen feet,
I Hon.' The intestine are closed and j Mttrs. callous and Sore spot. It la
I the 1.1n.l 1,er.n,n, m,Uo, ,1 Relieve : a '' cu-e iOt ach-
. this condition at once with Ur. King's
New Life Pills;
this, gentle, non - grip -
ing laxative is quickly effective. A !
tio.se at bedtime will make you feeli
bri;-liti d in the morning. Get a bottle !
today at your Druggist, "sc. C '
.Subscribe for FreeTrader-.Ionrnal.
Says we will both look and feel
clean, sweet and fresh
and avoid llincss.
Sanitary scieuco has of late made
I rapid strides wlih results that are of
untold blessing to humanity. Tho lat-
1 est application of its untiring research
in the recommendation thut it is as
! ,ii,nLuL'i,rir Irt olfiiml t r Infnvnnl nnnttn.
,1.,-VnncnT w ..v. iiivv.i.... .iii...w
1 1on of tho draina(;e 8ystem of the hu-
man body as it is to the drains of tho
Those of U3 who ar accustomed to
feel dull and heavy when wo arise,
splitting headache, stuffy from 6Cold,
foul tongue, nasty breath, acid stom
ach, can, Instead, feel as fresh as a
daisy by opening the sluices of tho sys
tem each morning and flushing out tho
whole of tho Internal poisonous stag
nant matter.
Everyone, whether tilling, sick or
well, should, each morning before
' breakfast, drink n glass of real hot
water with a teaspoonfnl of limestone
i phosphate in It to wasli from the stom
ach, liver nnd bowels tho previous
day's Indtgcstlblo wasto, sour bilo and
, poisonous toxins; feus cleansing,
sweetening and purifying the entire
! alimentary canal before putting moro
food into the stomach. Tho nctkm of
! hot water nnd limestone phoRphato on
, mi empty htomach Is wonderfully in-
i vlgorating. It cleans out all the sour
fermentations, gases, waste and acidity
and gives ono a splendid appetite for
breakfast. Whllo you are enjoying
your breakfast the phosphatod hot
water 13 quietly extracting a largo vol
ume of water from the blood and get
ting ready for a thorough flushing of
all the Insldo organs.
Tho millions of people who are both
ered with constipation, bilious spoils,
stomach trouble, rheumatic sHffness;
others v.ho have sallow skins, blood
disorders and sickly complexions aro j
urged to get a quarter pound of .lime
stone phosphate from the drug storo.
This will rost very little, but Is suffl- '
dent to make imyoiia a pronounced I
crank on tho eubjuct of iuteruul sau
l. v. srev;er,
Atturmy and e:jU!i.:eUor at law and
rolii iior in chanei'ry. Will practice
la la tho several courts and in
the federipd courts. Special atten
tion Ki vcmi to all real estate cases
of I .a Salic i.tid adjuiniti!; rountles,
including drainage niesticns.
Attorney at law, olllce, La Salle St.,
we. t of c.iurt house.
: Specialist eye, car, nose and throat.
Third lloor Central Life Building,
j 'I hones: Ollke lulO VV. Re3., Main 842.
Attorneys at law, National Uank Bldg,
Ottawa, Hi.
V. H. JAMIESCN, S. B., M. D.,
; Physician and Surgeon: 'phone offle,
I :!22-V., residence. Main 643. Of-
flee in Armory block. Professional
calls in city or country will receive
faithful attention. Ottawa, 111.
Attorney and counselor at law, office,
rooms 4US and 407 Molone nidg.,
Ottawa, Illinois.
Attorney at law, ofllce west of court
house. 'Phone, Main 101.
Ma"'netic Heult'r treatment8 givert
one of your own sex for those tired
out nerves. Headache, Rheumatism
and all nervous troubles!! Price
reasonable. ELLA WESTCOTT, 825
La Salle street, after 11 o'clock
'phone, iijG-K., Ottawa, Illinois.
Physician and Surgeon, office, al resi
dence, 810 Columbus street. Office
hours, 1 to 3 p. m.
Osteopathic physician, 402-3-4 Molon
ey Bldg., Ottawa, 111. 'Phone: Of
fice, ::85-H.; residence, 3C7-K.
Osteopathic Physician. Hours: 9 to
12 a. m.; 2 to T p. m ; 7 to 8 p. ni.
'Phones, office, Main 215-H.; ' resl
dence, 8S2-X. Moloney Bldg., Otta
wa, Illinois.
In a Pinch, use ALLEN'S Foot-Ease
Ludleu tau wear shoes one slit
smaller 1 er using Aden's Foot-Ease,
rg feet. At ull druggists and uhot
rfrnreu iTtf Don't necent finv uohull.
, f . For FREE trial DackacS. alao
yreB Sample of the FOOT-EASE Sanb
tary CORN-PAD, a new Invention, ad
ipes Al'en S. Olmsted. Lft Rrv, N.
(Effective Oct. 1. 131C.)
Eastbound cars leave Ottawa sta
tion for Marseilles, Seneca, Morris,
Minooka, Rockdale am' Jollet.
hi a. in. : 5t, (!:'.., 7;G0, 9:&0,
In p. in 1: HO, 2:.'0, 3:50, M:G0,
.-. ::.0, C:50, 9:00, 11:00.
Curs airive from the west at 8:45
a. in., 7:43 p. m., 9:45 p. m., 11:33
p. m., 1:00 a. m.
Westbound cars leave Ottawa sta
1 tion for Chautauqua Park, Starved
' Rock, I'tica, La Salle, Peru, Spring
Valley, Ladd, DePuo, Bureau aud
; Princeton.
In a. in., x3:10, 0.1:50, xC:50, o8:3C,
1 o9:3(l, oil:. 10.
In p. m. 01:50, x2:30, o3;50, x4:50,
j o.1:50, o7:50, 9:, 10, 11:33.
; Cars arrive from the east at 10:60
a. m., 3:50 p. m., 12:42 a. m.
I Southbound cars leave Ottawa sta
tion for McKinley Park, Grand Rldte
and Streator.
; in a. m.-6:50, dG:50,
i 11:30.
In p. m 1:50, 3:50,
7:50, 9:50,
5i50, 8.00,
! dUally except Sunday.
Marseille.s, Seneca, Morris and In
i termedlate points only,
j xLudd and Intermediate points only,
j ol'rincetou und intermediate points
i La Salle and Intermediate points
i only.

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