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Proicssional Cards
I I Trtf
1 BiA'"Jfc 1 KAL'I t-Uutl
Mi 1
I fcf MjgftA 1
ran o
-Auilior of vliispenig omiltv.
Tirct Elood at Catabasas.
Nothing mow than Do Spain's an
nouncement that he would sustain his
stage-guards was necessary to arouse
a violent resentment ut Culubusas and
among the Morgan following. The
grtevnece agaiust Elpaso was made n
general one along the line. Ills stage
was singled out and ridden nt times
both by Sandusky nnd Logan the
really dangerous men of the Spanish
sinks nnd by dale Morgan and Sas
soon to stir ur; trouble.
All Cnlabtisas knew that Elpaso, If
he had to, would fight, and that the ec
centric guard was not actually to he
cornered with Impunity. Even Logan,
who, like Sandusky, was known to he
without fear and without mercy, felt
at leant a respect for Elpaso's short
ened shotgun, nnd stopped this side
actual hostilities with him. Sassoon,
however, nourished a particular griev
ance agnlnst the meditative guard, nnl
his was one not tempered either by
prudence or calculation. His chance
came one night when Elpaso had un
wisely allowed himself to be drawn
bito a card game nt Cnlabasas inn. El
ttntffl tmf hfrtorlously a stickler for a
' iquare deal nt curds. A dispute found
him without u friend in the room. Saa- i
soon reached for him with a krdfe. j
McAlpln was the fir.st to get the
dews at the tarn, lie gave first aid to ;
the helph'M guard, mid, without dream- j
ing he could he got to a surgeon alive,
rushed him in n light wn;,'on to the j
hospital nt Plcejiy Cat, where it wns ;
said that lie must h:;v: more lives than '
wildcat. Sas- noii. not caring to brave ;
Oe Spain's aner In town, went tem- j
pororlly Into hiding. Elpaso. In the
end. .Justllled his old reputation by !
making n recovery huUlnglj, it Is
true, and with perilous Intervals of :
jinking! but a recovery. j
It was while he still lay In the hos- ;
pltal and hope was very low that IV i
Spain and Lefever rode, one hot niorn- ;
Ing, Into Calabnsas nnd were told by
McAlpln that Sassoon had been seen
within five minutes at the Inn. To Le- I
fever the news was like a bubbling
iprtng to a thirsty man. His face i
beamed, he tightened his belt, shook
mit his gun, nnl looked with ber,eo- i
lent Interest on De Spnin, who stowd :
pondering. "If you will stay right here,
Henry," he averrnc convincingly, 'I :
will go over r.nd get Sassoon."
The cliief stage-guard, Bob Scott, !
the Indian, wns In the barn. lie smiled
at Lcfever's enthusiasm. "Sassoon,"
nald he, "Is slippery."
'TOtt'd better let us go along nnd
gee you do It," suggested De Spain,
who with the business In hand grew
"Gentlemen, I thank you," protested
Lefever, raising one hand in depreca
tion, the other resting lightly on his
holster. "We still have some little
reputation to maintain along the sinks.
l Don't let us make It a posse for Sas
soon." No one opposed him further,
and he rode away alone.
"It won't be any trouble for John;
to bring Sassoon in," murmured Scott, j
who spoke with n smile nnd In the lo.v
tone and deliberate manner of the In-;
dian. "If he can find him." ;
Lefever rode down to the Inn with-;
out seeing n living thing anywhere
about it. When he dismounted In
front he thought he heard sounds with
in the barroom, but, pushing open the
door and looking circumspectly into
the room before entering, he was sur
prised to find It emply. He noticed,
however, that the sash of (he low win
dow on his left, which looked Into the
patio, was open, and two heel marks In
the-hard day suggested that a man
might have Jumped through. Running
out of the front door, he sprang Into
Ills saddle and rode to where he could
felgnnl De Spain and Scott to come up.
He told his story ns they Joined
him, and the three returned to the Inn.
A better tracker than either of his
comptinlons, Scott after n minute con
firmed their belief that Sassoon must
(have escaped by the window. Ho then
took the two men out to where some
one, within a few minutes, had mount
ed a horse and galloped off.
; "But' where has he gone?" demanded
LefeveV," pointing with . his hand.
iHe. we fi.(.h
IfcfWlNG fc. (I
Nil vih.'l ,
A LotLl
st&ieo en
"foe FARM
CCOO ov.0 0o
I . I
& too
I I Wil
4, J3
ccvw:!" - crf'-rt Sfso'l ten
"There is the find both ways for
j three miles." Scott nodded toward
1 the snow-capped peak of Music inoun
i tain. "Over to Morgan's, most likely.
1 He knows no one would follow him
! into the gap."
! "After him !" cried Lefever hotly. De
Spain looked Inquiringly at the guard.
Scott shook his head. "That would Im
nil rlht, but there's two other Cala
bnsas men In'the gap this afiernoon it
i wouldn't be nice to n.lx withDeaf
j Sandusky and Harvey Logan."
"We won't mix with them," suggest-
' ed I'e Spain.
j "If we tackle Sassoon. they'll mix
with us," eyplained Scott. He reflect-
' ed a moment. "They always stay at
dale Morgan's or Duke's. We might
, sneak Sassoon out without their get
ting on. Sassoon knows be Is safe in
I I ill' g.i.i; out lieu uiur fi ni diii-i iiu
! gi ts there. I ve got the Thief Itivcr
' ntn this afternoon "
j "Don't take your run this afternoon,"
directed Do Spain. "Telephone Sleepy
Cat for a substitute. Suppose wo go
i back, get something to eat, nnd you j
j two rtde. singly over toward the gan j
' this afternoon; He outside tinder cover j
i to see whether Sassoon or h!- friends j
; leave before night there's only one j
1 way out of the '-place, thr y tell me. j
: Then I will J ihs yott. nnd we'll ride in ;
; before daylight, nnd perhaps catch him
! while everybody is asleep." j
! "If you do," predicted Scott, in his j
deliberate way of expressing a conclu-1
I slon. "I think you'll get him." j
i It was so arranged. j
i De Spain joined his associates at i
; dark outside the gap. Neither Sassoon ,
' nor his friends had been seen. The !
'. night was still, the sky cloudless, and j
i ns the three men with a led horse roth
Scott Vati the First to Reach the Treee.
at midnight into the mountains, the
great red heart of the Scorpion slmnel
afire In the southern sky. Spreading
nut when they rode between the nioiin-j
tain walls, they made their way with-1
out interruption silently toward their;
rcndcjwins, nn t;i:pen prove near which !
L'urgatoire creek makes Us way out or,
the &np.
Scott was the first to reach the trees.!
The little grove spreads across a slope
half n mile wide between the base of
one towering cll'.T, still bearing Its
Spanish name, El Capilan, and the
gorge of the Purgatoire. To the east
of this point the trulls to Cnlahasiis
and to Sleepy Cut divide, and here
Scott and Lefever received De Spain,
who hail ridden slowly and followed
Scott'J Injunctions to keep (he red
star to the right of El Capitan all the
way ticrovs the sinks.
Securing their horses, the three
stretched out on (he open ground (o
Wait for dnyii'int. IV Sniiln medi
tated fir.st on how he should capture
Sassoon nt daybreak nnd then en Nani
Morgan and her mountain home into
which he was about to brerk to drag
out a criminal. Sassoon and his malice
soon jKriftod out of bis initio, but Nan
rcmijncl. Her form outlined In the
mists that ro", from the hidden creek
seemed to hover somewhere near un-
H trsa 1 1 "T I V Tea cm h. Me I rtLL, The. AfhV 1 I Uort AjojT) I vmep 15 tui Te '-n
shoulder drove It suddenly away. Day
was ut hand. j
n'. ,rr,f nn nni! shiuik nff the
chilliness and drowsiness of the night.
i V....1 luxm fiffrofl that lulnir less
known In the gap than either of hisisuinst his throat. A knee, like nn j
companions, could best nttempt the dif-, anvil, pushed inexorr.My into ins stom
flcult capture. Bob Scott, who knew, nch and heart and lungs. Another lay
it,., meess well, reoeated his explicit across his right arm, and his strug-
directlons as to how De Spain was to
reach Sussoou's shack. He repeated
his description of Its interior, told hiiu
where the bed stood, and even where i
Sassoon ordinarily kept his knife audi
his revolver. j
De Spain gave his horse his head
It was still too dark to distinguish the j
path and advanced at a snail's puce
until he passed the base of El Capitan,
w hen of a sudden, us he rode out from
among high projecting rocks full into(
the opening, faint rays of light from j
tlie eastern dawn revealed the narrow, j
strangely Inclosed and perfectly hid-;
den valley before him. j
De Spain caught his breath. No de-
scriptlou he had ever heard of the;
nook that screened the Morgans from ;
the outsido world had prepared him;
for what he saw. From side to side 1
between the frowning cli.Ts which rose.1
at points, half a mile into the sky, Itj
was several miles, and the gup was!
more than as much in depth, us it ran!
back to a mere w.etlge between un-
named Superstition peaks.,
Every moment that he pushed ahead
warned him that daylight would come,
suddenly nnd his tiiao to act would be '
short. The trail he followed broad-;
cued into a road, nnd a turn brought
him up startled and almost face to .
face with a long, rambling ranch
house. The gable end of the two-story
portion of the building was so close
to him that he instantly reined up to,
seek hiding from its tipper nnd lower
From Scott's accurate description he,
knew the place. This was Duke Mor-1
gan's ranch-house, set as n fortress al-i
most at the mouth of the gap. To pass
it unobserved was to compass the most I
ticklish part of his mission, and with-!
out changing hi slow pace he rode on. !
No bullet challenged him and no sound ,
;me from the silent house. He can
tered uway from the peril, thinking
with a kind of awe of Nan, asleep, soj
close, under that roof confident, too, j
he had not been seenthough, in mut-1
ter of fact, lie had been.
Other cabins back toward the north;
wall could be seen dimly to his right, !
but oil were well removed from his;
way. In due time, ns Seott had ad-'
vised, he saw confronting him, not far1
ahead, a small, ruinous-look!:;;: ".thin
shack. Dismounting before this, he
threw hU lines, shook himself a little,
and walked up to the cabin door. It
wus open.
De Spain called gruffly to (he cabin i
inmate. There was no answer, lie
hitched his trouser baud near to (he ;
butt of his revolver with bis right j
hand, and laid his left on i!u jamb of i
the doer, liN eyes mean! into boring the s
darkness to the left, where Saloon's ;
bed should be. The ulim.st scrutiny ;
1 failed to disclose any sign of It or any :
; sound of iirtat'.iit'.g from that corner. !
j He took a few yteps toward where lh ;
man tdiotihl be asleep, and perceived j
i beyond a doubt that there was no bed j
in the cf.rner at ail. He turned toward
j the other corner, his hand covering
i the bint of his gun. "Hello, Shike!"
ho called out iu a slightly strained tone
of camaraderie, addressing Sassoon by
ft common nickname. Then he lis
tened. A trumpeting snore answered.
No sound was ever sweeter to De
Spain's car. The rude noise cleared
the air and steadied the iutruder as If
Music mountain itself had been lifted
otf ills m.m.s. I
trl()(j g.,jn; "Where- are you, I
fike?" he growled. "What's this stuff j
on lh,'; amVf j10 continued, shuffling !
1;is w.(y ostentatiously to the other
R,(,0 pf ,jK, room n0 felt his way to- I
w jnn ,r (loori Ti,S W(iS vi1(.ro ;
he expected to find it, nnd it was ;
closed. lie laid a hand gingerly on the j
latch. "Where nre you, Shlke?" he I
demanded again, this time with nn Im
patient expletive summoned for the !
omislon. A second fearful snore nn- !
swered him. De Spain, relieved, ai-!
most laughed as he pushed the door
open, though not sure whether n curse
or a shot would greet him. He got
neither. And a welcome surprise In
the dim light came through n stuffy
pane of glass nt one end of the room.
It revealed at the other cud a man
stretched asleep on n wall bunk a
man that would, In all likelihood, have
heard (he stealthlest sound bad any ef
fort been made to conceal II, but to
whose ears the rough voices of
mountain cabin are mere sleeping po
tions. The sleeper woke to feel n hand I,1
lightly on his shoulder. The Instinct
of self-preservation acted like n (lash.
Ills eyes opened ttnd his hands struck
out like cut's paws to the right and
A nurse
the:-.i. Instead, m tne semtuarsness a ,
strange faoe In nt over him. His fists j
ili.,t .mt foretber. ordv to 1)0 CUUgllt
u a vise that broke Ids arma In two nt j
i!ip i'l!in.vs. find fOi'WU tlMMll bat'
left aria he could not, though his
eyes burst with the strain from tneir,,.
socliets, release from whew, eaglelikej
claws gripped at nis tnroat anu b.uu
off his breath. He lay still,
"Are you nwake, iihlkc?" Saloon
fcrnrd from th? gloom nbove him. Cut
he could not place the voiee. "You
sei t.i to move around a good dc.l in
your sleep. If you're awake, keep still.
I've come from Sleepy Cut to get you.
Don't mind looking for your gua and;
knife. Two men nrt with me. Von1
can have your choii. We've got ai
horse for you. You can ride away from :
us here inside the gap, and take what
Mt you in the hack, or you can go to
Sleepy Cat wiih us and stand your
trial. I'll road your warrant when the !
sun gets a little higher. Get up and
choose quick." j
Sassoon could hot see who had sub- j
dued him, nor did he take long to do-j
cide what to do. ATitli less trouble!
than he expected, the captor got his;
ruin sullenly on horseback, and gave;
him severely plain directions, as to
what to do. Sassoon, neither bound
nor gagged, was tola lo rule nis norse
down the gap closely ahead of De
Spain and neither to speak nor turn
his head no matter what happened
right or left,
In the growing light the two men j
trotted smartly a mile down the trail
without encountering a sign of life. ; TO:! TU: NT-Modern eight room
When they approached the Morgan' dwelling at HIS Illinois avenue,
ranch-house De Spain rode close to Fu.rj.ce, bath, flno district, on car
his prisoner, told him what would line. Nice corner. Immediate posses
happen if ho made a noi.u and even s'on. Key at E. V. Yockcy's, first door
held him back in his pace its they! east. T. P. Fa-roll, Tel. filS-W. Col
trotted together past the gap strong-; lege Bldg., 100 Madison St.
hold. When they left the house behind
and tile turn In. the road put them out 1
of rang;; of its windows, he closed up i
the disifiiico between himself and Sas-;
soon, ridin;; close in to his side, and ;
looked back for a fraction of a second.
When he 1 oi;i d ahead again he saw ,
corfront'np Mm, not n hundred yards I
away, a motionless horseman.
no hi: continued.)
Eight of Chicago's Dieting Doson Cain
In Woigl-.i. i
The dieting dozen tf c:il,':i":o's h:iKl:
bor.iil cL:;ie;y! cs who a,e attempting ;
tj tlemi list :;;.; that it person ear Kv. '.
heulilifnily tm.l well on 'invents a day
are grow ing fat. Afler 'he firs t day o:' .
tin h" two weeks' test Hone complained
that the d'nner va.s not enough, bat
Jack Spina never left the platter j
cleaner li.au n'iy one of these.
John Dill Robertson, health coina:!.;- ,
sioiier of (.'hlea'to, laid criticised sua
because they did ;; t frit all the break
fast provMc.1, but (here was i:o need of
criticism, frir each of the dieters ate bis -nlimtetl
The daily weights taken during (Iu ;
forenoon showed that ci.,:ht of the ;
dozen had gained In woL'.ht en the ;
ceiett.lfic fare. Dr. O. ,1. Stokes, the;
heavyweight of the experimenters, had
adtled three and one-quarter pounds to
the 2L ho weighed. Vwo showed u
slight loss, and two held their weight
A sample menu follows:
Roiled ontB.
Biscuit and butter.
Puree of lima beans.
Salisbury I'Uwk.
Chocolate M tnein.oeie.
IlicaJ nail butter.
New Fr.'?laiiil bel'ml dinner,
ilultlri loaf ciilte.
Evory Nickel Hslpod.
Three yen is ago N. M. Carlson of
Minneapolis, Minn., started saving P.uf
falo nickels. -A few days ago he bought
a Htnull motorcar with the he bad
Winter Brings Colds to Children.
A child rarely- goej through the!
whole winter without a cold, nnd eery
moihfr should have, a reliable remedy;
handy. Fever, t;oro throat, tight, chest j
and croupy coughs arc sure symptoms. ;
A dose of i.'r. Bell's Pine Tar Honey,
will loosen the phlegm, rcllovc the con-1
gested lungs and f lop the cough. Its
antiapetle pine balsams hoal the. j
soothe For croup, whooping rough
and chronic bronchial troubles try Br.
Bell's Pino T,ir Honey. At all
it. Rials, 25c.
is lor nursing and a
Classified Advertising j
A.lv.rtitii'inciits will le InsiTteil in
culiimii nut txeitilini; live lines, one
time. 1.". cvhIr; three times. It lesits; uiie
v.t'ei;, i"i cents. Kneh line over live, l)
JLXTZ, column must
Vlla in u.ivutice.
For Rent
FOH KENT House and barn at
V.a Snneiior street. Inquire of
Win. Buckley, telephone, county j
9U9C-4. tf-!
FOlt KENT Six room cottsgo o.i La
Salle street. Toilet, soft and city
water, electric lights, nquirc of HeliT
rlch'3 barber shop, 1113 La Salic St.
FOR RENT Single office room, $0.00
per month. Desk room $3.1)0 per
month. College Bldg. Thoroly mod
ern steam. W. C. Yittum. tf
FOR RK'NT Eight room cottage,
1210 V. Jefferson street. $1 per
month. A fine place. Tel. tiliv W.
T. B. Fanel!, College Illdg., V 0 V.
Madisi; street.
FOR KF.NT Six room house, 1032
Sycamore St., corner Fourth. One
block west Peitler's. ?1 1 per month
and weil worth it. Tel. CIS-W. T. B.
tarrc-u, i-ouese ma;., iw ;uuism.
I 071 RFXT -Six room house, 1027 Sy
camore St., one block from Shah
bona Park. ?!' per month. A snap.
KetVrerce icnuired. T. B. Farrell,
College Illdg., !'.) Madison S,. Tel.
Terre Haute Citizens Can Pur
chase Supply ?.t $2.75 a Ton.
Dealers Are Asking $5.
Deliveries of coal from the mine re-:
cently lea ed by (he city authorities of
Tcrre Haute, ImL, were commenced
the o'.Vr day at a price of 75 a
a.:.il:i:-:. the ?" a ton demnnde.I !.y local
dealer.-;. The experiment; so far gives
every indication of provlncr a success.
For d'l.vs the city comptroller's oilice
was ic'sloged with persons desiring to
buy ( oak
Mayer James Cosom has made a
contract with Thomas Gregory for the
entire output of the lalt.'Fs small mine,
located about thre.' miles from t lie lly
limits. The mine is not on u railroad.
Thirty wagons have been hire ! to draw
the coal to the city and deliver It for
75 cents a ton.
The amount sold to a single customer
has bivii liii.ilcd to two ami a hall'
tons. Most of the orders to date have
been for one or two tons. The mayor
rays he will c:;te:sd (he c It.'. 's business
If necessary to buy from operators who
are not tl.-llvering their usual supply
because play cannot get cars, lie plain
to haul it to the vity in wagons.
Despite (he increased cost of wagon
hauling over railroad freight. Mayor
Gossoiu Is selling coal la Terre Hunt--?
tit only '27 cents advance over what
wus paid last whiter.
S?fety First. j
"Vuv-rilt 1 Dal Mist all Swiuiiell urn j
de ci'onl.eilcst while man In dis whole;
town I" said Brother Bogus. "Ife slarl.s
out 0:1 'lection iiiawnin' wid his pants j
full c' r.ilver dollars and his coat swa ;- (
lW v.id whisky bottles, and he deM
aacli'ly buys de culliid voters wid bofe !
ha m's. A nigger hain't sen 'rely 'scape !
bit crooked whit" man, if ho tries. But 1
for fear he niou 'ht cverlool: me in de j
sbulile, I's gwiri" to meet hliu 'arly and j
often, and say, 'Ilowdy, Mlstah Swln-'
u-'ll 1' t'h-yav. ! hrnv haw !" Kansa-i
i 1: v f.'ar.
Found a Sure Thing
Wixon, Fartnerrt Mills,
. v.,
his u
Chamberlain's Tablets Tor
din .filers of the i.tomat h
and 'Hs, "Cbamliei Iain's
I lie bust I h.uc e , er used."
1 years
..., liver
,'i'abli t.s 1
cook is for cooking
For Sale
FOR SALE One safe, best make.
Cheap if taken at once. tf
FOR SALE Slut I'tin;
desks, show ca.ic,
this uflice.
, pulites, tables,
etc. .Inquire at
WAN T E U Nursing. V.
ill go by day
or jiquire at
week. Call
Clinton St.
WANTET A clean cat man or wo
man for soliciting. Liberal commis
sion. Reliable Electric Shop, 18 W.
Main St.
AGENTS WANTED Highest cash
paid weekly, part expenses; free out
lit; experience unnecessary. The
Hawk:; Nur-ey Co., Wauvvatosa, AYi:?.
WANTED Old f;d;e teeth. Don't
matter if broken. I pay $i to per
set. Mail to L. Mazer, 2OH07 S. Fifth
St., Philadelphia, Pa. Will sond cash
by return mail.
WANTED By capable young man,
! clerical inside work, or will accept
lor:iliii'i an rl'.e ntTeer. ,1iti'rs. "C"
Vrw Tra(ler.jounral
Prepare for lighter work
mora jobs. Few weeks'
better nav.
Day or evening. Nearly three years
saved. "See how. Catalogue mailed
B'S S. Fifth Ave., Chicago.
cast -Red scarf on Congrei
t-i 1 1 r, Aforday evening,
telephone 370,
Cold Sctilsd
In His Back
ToJf;y Kidney pith n!wey jirs nr. 3
proirrt roiii I'd When, Itoi,'vs, tiahi:
ivI VcUmj. of l".gerr!. Neb., tvrltf"::
iiave c.'seU J'oe-y K'dacy rills fer
I i: ekacix, tt.o rcsuit of catching co! I
, liich si tiled in lr.y bitck. Folc-iJ
KiOi.ev iiils silways i?iv. ma premt t
i-iif f ' and I tan chvurrally rcrom
1.'.' pel tie, :n."
'. lie r..ar.rn Fe'e; Kidney ril'.i c-t
ro RaUslacfevil y r, because tlioy net
tta'iats .in. I di.-inulvo tin- pnir.nneus
"nst-i niattrr t!.;.t r'rrnlnj in tho
liloail lii'causn tha kidai y.) iIt not
Co their work proper! in fllt-3rtn
fed casMns; out freir; u;c ByEtm uria
.:;! nni 01 her pot?ou.
llel.el U.UKllly l'e'lo-,T. In P. f5W
nys sirrl i.-li symct'Tas os rala in
tee f.uu or, biicU, f,titl joints, soro
taiii'clci. il.euuia t ih;i to,, Irenuent
t:-ti"ti ir tin: blail.ier a! n'frht. an 'I
(ll:ir ').,:nfi;! Mel iieieiving nl'mcnta
Oi.ei ijn-i, ,-. i-'oiev1 K.'.iiu v I 'ilia enn
tain in li.T'iii'-'l -oIhtii;;. They
arc Bttig ,1.: ,v'A i.uic!; aettnjt.
Spring Roos'.or3, without feed, lb. 16c
Rooste.-s, stagsy
Hens, old nnd younij feed, lb 14c
Old Roosters, feed, lb 8c
Turkeys, yourg 2C(
Turkeys, old 1
Ducks 14v
Gcer.c, per lb 10c
Rabbits, each 1c
Cutter, lb 32c
Ecg-j. t0z 40c
Crcapi, butter fat, per lb 33c
i2c lb. extra for poultry delivered.
Phone 1065
ii'Mi For ine Tvtal-
j will Drug U bins
iT Sirirr3.'ui fm j-suH ia c'iuculi cofl of
I . . ClLiiI'i l:n:irovca.( at Lci-inJ
iiiu.it Jiitc'y r.o infui.r.itriti n-n urc of
aaut .illi;g ff JuV"1' cln-j, 1 t?aur.-n:
t.in.i iu:cr'i
eiiriar.f. i'!c
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. 1.1 it,:, imv.r t;.-.-
wt farrw:;:f':r,". 1 .vsr.5
atwren 5 tlrg tm 1 nc:vow:
tW.!. t i-l in (Im .wlm. V.'iile ir'l r.
7 0-l'J,vl,S.t .;.'! 7'. .ufwnt
nir. k-.'iixy i'imtj-jv:: - iwvjti, vi
Attorney at law, 210-211 Moloney
RUg., Ottawa, Illinois. Telephones:
Ullire. 375-W. Itesidence, 312-Y.
Attorney ;tnJ coun.-,olior at law ami
i .-olicitor in chancery. Will practice
! law iii the several courts and In
J the federal courts. Special atten
tion given to all real estate canes
of I -a Salle and adjoining counties,
! including drainage o,ue.-tien..
Attorney at law, ollice, La Salle St.,
we: t of court house.
D R. tW. S. BLUE,
Specialist eye, car, nose and throat
Third floor Central Life Building.
Phones: Oillce 1019-W. Rc3., Main 842.
Attorneys at law, National Bank Bldg,
Ottawa, 111.
W. H. JAMIESON, S. B., M. D.,
, Physician and Surgeon: 'phone office,
j S22-W., residence, Main 643. Of-
ficc in Armory block. Professional
calls in city or country will receive
faithful attention. Ottawa, 111.
Attorney and counselor at law, office,
rooms 408 and 407 Molono , Bldg.,
Ottawa, Illinois.
! Attorney at law, office west of court
! house. 'Phone, Main 161.
Magnetic Healer treatments given by
one of your own sex for those tired
out nerves. Headache, Rheumatism
and all nervous troubles!! Prices
reasonable. ELLA WESTCOTT, 825
La Salle street, after 3 o'clock
'phone, 55C K,, Ottawa, Illinois.
Physician and Surgeon, office, at resi
dence, 810 Columbus street. Office
hours, 1 to 3 p. m.
Osteopathic physician, 402 3-1 Molon
cy Bldg., Ottawa, 111. 'Phone
fice, 385-R.; residence, 367-K.
! no i i
1 Osteopathic Physician.
Hours: 9 to
12 a. m.; 2 to a p. m.; 7 to s p. m.
'Phones, office, Main 215-R.; resi
dence, 8S2-X. Moloney Bldg., Otta
wa, Blinds.
t Effective Oct. 1, 1916.)
Esstbound cars leave Ottawa sta-
! tion fcr Marseilles, Seneca, Morris,
I Minooka, Rockdale am Joliet.
I In a. m. 5:30, 6:..p 7:50, 9:50,
! 11:50.
; In p. m. 1:50, '2:50, 3:50, 1:50,
I 5:5ii, ti:50, 9:00, 11:00.
I Curs arrive from the west at 8:45
in. 111., 7:45 p. m., 0:45 p. m., 11:33
p. 111., 1:00 a. m.
i WE3T30UND.
! Westbound cars leave Ottawa sta
; lion for Chautamiua Park, Starved
; Roi-k, l.'tiea, La Salic, Peru, Spring
! Valley, Ladd, DcPue, Bureau and
' Princeton.
I In a. m., x5:10, o3:50, xG:30, o8:3f,
m)I):50, oil: 50.
! In p. m.ol:50, x2;30, o3:50, xl:50,
1 o3:.'iU, o":.0, 9:30, 11:33.
Cars arrive from the east at iu:o0
a. in., U;50 p. m., 12:42 a. in.
Southbound cars leave Ottawa sta
tion for McKinley Park, Grand Ridge
! and Streator.
In a. m. 5:50, dG:50, 7:50, 9:50,
! 11:50.
i In p. m. 1:50, 3:50, 5:50, 8:00.
i dbaily except Sunday.
Marseilles, Senoc.i, Morris and In
termediate points only.
xl.add and Intermediate points only.
oPrinceton and intermediate points
i only.
j (ij La Salle and intermediate points
1 only.
Ladies CanWear Shoes
One sue smaller after using Allen's
f'oot-rlasc, a powder to bo shaken into
the shoes. It makes tight or new
shoes feel easy; gives InJtant rellel
to corns and bunions. It's the great
est comfort discovery of the aga.
Allen's Foot Ense Is a certain cure for
tired, sweating, hot, aching feet. At
nil druggists and shoo stores, 2&c.
Don't . ccept any substitute. For
FREE trial package, also Free Sampl
of the FOOT-EASE Sanitary CORN-
I PAD, a new Invention, address Allet
1 S. Oinvitoat Lo Roy. N. Y.

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