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W. L. Pet.
Boat CluD ....10 1 .909
Odd Fellows ...7 4 .60
Federal Plate ..7 5 .593
K. of C 7 5 .593
Masons 7 5 .593
Elks 3 a .273
Moose 4 8 .333
Maccabees 1 10 .Tj1
Results of Last Night's Games.
Masons 3, Federal Plate 2.
K. of C. 5, Moose 3.
In spite oT the frigid weather a fair
sized crowd witnessed two of the
grandest pitchers' battles staged in
the league in sonic time. It was a
youth against veteran when the Fed
eral Plate-Mason game started ano
this time ths veteran won out. The
Masons succeeded in nosing ahead by
a 3 to 2 score and downing the West
Ottawa glassmakcrs of any pennai t
hope they held in mind. In the sec
ond encounter Dan Riordan looked the
better in his argument with Bert Vioh
mann, who did the twirling for the
Moose. The K. of C.'s won by a score
of 5 to 3.
First Game.
In tho first encounter no scores
were hung up during the first stanza.
With two gone Heiberg poked a dou
ble Into the bleachers and remained
on second while Vallat whiffed.
Schumacher poked out a double at the
Mason turn in hitting and remained
on second while three stickers whiffed.
In the second Lark was given life
at first by McRvoy's error on Led
rieh's peg. He went to second while
Carrier was cutting the wind and a
passed ball left him at third. Lark
ucored on Kelly's out at first.
With two down In the fourth Mc
Evoy drove out a pretty triple, llraln
ard's doublo allowed him to score with
the first tally.
In the fifth the Masons scored
when Eichelberger singled and went
second on a passed bull and scored
,;:Kte9arker for the Mason
The winning ... seventh.
Ic tribe was put over in tire
McEvoy was given a ticket-to
base. Irion singled and the next two
wcrfi easy outs and the runs were neij
on first and second. Eichelberger
pushed out a double, sending McKtvoy
homo and leaving Irion on third.
With two on Randall failed to hit in
the pinch.
Second Game.
With big Dan Rlorda.i working in
championship style the Moose gang
found it a hard way to get around the
paths. Vlehmann twirled a nice gaine,
but when hit tho blows went lor extra
bases. Six of the eight drives made
by tho K. of (J.'s were for extra bases, j
Ou the other hand the Awatto Lodge
were easy sailing fur Uior:lan, who.
held his opposents to two hits u.itu j
the final trame. Altho the score was !
close, it lacked the usual fighting
spirit that has characterized both j
nines in previous games. j
,, The K. of (J.s went Into easy sailing i
by piling up four runs in the first, j
three frames. From then on they eon-;
tented themselves by keeping the j
Moofiedom from crossing the pan. i
1 iiv ouo iut uvei onu lun 01
Beeond without the aid of a hit, they j
scored one in the sixth on Jule Val- j
lat's triple and another in the seventh '
on two singles, Both teams gave their
pitchers excellent support. By virtue;
of their winning last evening the K. j
of C.s have practically cinched a place!
In the first division of the league race, j
The following are the scores for both I
fames: j
First Game.
AB. R. H, PO. A. E.
Schumacher, 2b 3 0 2 1 a'
Ledrich, rs 3 11 1: 1 2 0 .
McEvoy, lb 2 2 1 ii 0 2
Irlcn, 3b 3 0 l 0 I 0
Bralnurd, If 3 0 1 0 0 1
8. i'logg, p. 3 0 0 1 1 "
fciehelberger, rf 3 i 2 u if l
Randall, - 3 n v 0 3 0
Lcipold, e 2 0 on i 11
, Totals .....
Federal Plate.
Halllgati, 3b.
Meagher, is . . .
Hctbcrg, p
Vallat, 2b
Lark, lb
Carrier, If
Felly, c
Spencer, rf
Vinyacho, rs
A3. R. H.
A, E.
0 11
, .3
Totals . i 25 i 3 IS 0
By Innings: 1 2 3-1 5 0 7
Federal Plate 0 1 : DiMi 1-2
Masons 0 0 1 1 1 -3
Summary: Two base hits Schu
macher, Eichelberger, Heiberg, llnl.l
gan. Stolen bageii Lark, Kelly.
Struck out by Heltierg 13, by Clegg
10. Base 011 halls off Heiberg 1, off
Clegs L Three base lilt .McEvoy.
ragged balls -d.elpold 2, Time of
fame 1 ; 10, I'mplres -ijmiiui and Jae
gvr. :t. '
4 ;
Economic Preparations.
(!a the Event of War With Germany
If the invasion cf ths Teuts should
come vte had better start new and
preprre for war. First cf nil there's
I goin' to be a shortage of food. We
recommend the tavin'of the crackers
off the whip cause in the civil war '
j they enly gave the soldiers one crack
er a meal. All schooners, big and .
mall should be seized immediately,
licenses need not be revoked. Every
body should be made to plant gardens
next spring, in order that they'll be :
large number lookin' for fiats. First i
of all we ought to plow up th city
parks and start raising potatoes be-
fore the prises raisd higher. Hus
bands with military training should
stay out latr nights so they'll will be
fit for the hardships during war time.
The government should immediately
seize all the limburger cheese and gar
lic in the country and hold it in store
for poison gases. Of course, if they
really got in here we could fool 'em
a little. We might ask them to wait
until Dr. Schroeder bought a drink
and they'd die of thirst, or we could
lock them up in a room with Ed Vad
nok and let 'em bite their lips off, or
let them talk to Toby Doolan
awhile and laugh themselves
Those Walks.
The other evening we called the at
tention to the supervisors of streeti
regardin' that huge snow drift at the
north approach to the Illinois rive;
bridge. With yestrday's snow stow
the pile is still higher and its goin' tr
be a mighty hard task for South Ot
tawa rcsidnts to get by there. For
the love of Mike, dean these walk'
off or else give us some shovels and
we'll clean 'cr.i our3elf.
On account of the strenuous social
calendar many of the Badgers wert
unable to attend the Moose dance last
evenin." .The Badgers are gettin' al
groomed up for the big masqucra6
next Monday night and ya'll have tc
watch their speed then.
SeccnJ Game.
AB. R,
K. cf C.
t'.oyle, ;fh ....
Sinon, Sb
F. Sprague, c,
Riordan, p. . .
Harrett, rf. . .
Joe Kelly, ib.
Dwyer, Jf.
DoiijUui.Jw'', . . .
Feel' eity, Is
2 I
1 2
1 li
1 1
. . . ti w
3 1
iiiu, rs . .
Totals 2S 5 S 21 K
AB, R. H. PO.
Vallat, uh 3
W. Sprague, 11 1)
Hemmerle, rs 3
Farrell, 2h 3
L. Luffy, If 3
Jobst, Is 2
J. Kelly, c.
Krantz, lb
Totals 2U
1 21
Ily innings: 1 2 3 4 7, U
K. of C 112 0 10
.Vooiie 11 1 (1 ( 0 1
Summary Two hum Hit:-.-Hoy le,
Joe Kelly 2, 1 i.iugherl y, Slnon. F.
Sprague. Three base hit -J. Val'.at,
Struck out - by Viehman 10. by Rior
dan S. Wild pitches--Viehuiau 1.
I'li-sed hulls-S)rugue 2. Sacrifice
hits Jobst. Time of game 1:11. em
pires Lunn a ad Jaeger.
John P. Lux, sporting editor of the
Joliet Herald-News, is high in his
praise of the benefit boxing exhibi
tion staged here Tuesday evening.
Discussing the show he says:
"Boxing got a big boost in Illinois
Tuesday night by the exhlbltlcn ytard ' "ml wrestlers are stinking In their san-1
for the benefit of Company C, the na-'dals. ;
tional guard company stationed at the. Minor leagues went into a bout j
down-stale city. The affair was a; against the national baseball eommis. j
clean-cut, well-staged show and all the
objectionable feuluies of boxitin wire
among the missing,
1. A hall filled ivllh smoke and
reeking with the odor of liipuir. j
2. An nudienco of crook::, dr:'nk-:
an! a and ''linrdboiled I () :," I
3. I'ntfanily ;;alni'c, '
Sure, there l ave hen boxm1; lit.uts ,
'n mil h a : num. But now we're :
'alking aluet the ICo afiair al Ot-;
tiwa the oilier evenin'; which looked!
innre li'u a "pink lea" than 11 so-'
(.r.lle'l "I riit-il" tm'ng match .
Th-re were nearly 2,ofin persons in I
tiin huild'ing. Mo:l of them were
prominent eiilens, men of wealth and;
t'eputation. There was no smokiim,
no cursing mid the audience was as
quiet tis nn audience In any theater in
the land. II demonstrated that box-1
( lag bouts cii.n be staged under ravor-
jnlfle conditions with objectionable'
elements eliminated.
And then the haulers. The two
Flynns, "Red" Cole, "Red" Dolan,'
j Nebergnll nnd Ryan scientific box-;
er:i who put 1111 an exhibition of the1
; manly art which satisfied every man'
In the theater. They boxed on the
square, trickery, low blows nnd other,
"dodger." of the ring belnj; amoti'r:
the missing. The men can come back
lo Otawa -tiny time nnd box before
! another crowded house,
1 1
Luther College succeeded in down--in?;
Coach Whitney's live in a listless
basketball game yi.-iterday afternoon
at the high school "gm. ' The final'
score was IS to It:, giving the colte- '
gt.ins the game by a margin of two
points. big O.iear Osmundson wts
.i.vay of form, whkh meant that the
Jttuwa team was nut working. Whit
ney's lads showed poor accuracy at
u.'.i-ket shooting, ami were very weak !
on parsing. The College hunch showed
their best form on passing and got
over the smalt playing area in nice
Omiiig the first hah of the game the ,
I high school lads were forced to shoot '
i for the basket at the east end of the
; "gym," which is fastened to the brick ;
; ' all. Once they missed at shooting.
! t! e ball was declared "out," thus giv
i ir.g the College bunch a great num-
h. r of ehancea at passing. The Co!
! leRO lads, however, were at the same
; disadvantage in the second half and
! conse-ipicntly did not score as many
i p-ints.
Pierson, right guard for Luther Col
li ge, played a nice game. He tossed
in a total of six points and prevented
m eii
for his maa from scoring a point,
to ,!'th teams possess plenty of tight
j ami went into the game with a deter
:ornation to win. Ottawa lacked the
I necessary speed to have auv (jam
On the tip off at center Mature i i-
variably brat Mat lies on the jump,
I thus throwing a slug into whatever
learn work the high school lads might
attempt. The first half of the battle
ended with Luther College leading by
a score of 11 to X.
Dining the last !-alf of the game the
(Vllogians made seven points while
Whitney's Tigers made eight. The
f blowing .s the line-up:
Luther College 18
C Ft. Pf. Tf.
Vtdcmui. 1? 0 ' l 3
'elra. If 1 0 if V
Thoiven, rf 1 0 ;j
Mathre, c 2 t n
Munson, lg 0 n 0
Person ...; n 2
Ottawa 16
WoodwarJ, U .
Kruland, rf . . .
Mat lies, c . . . ,
Osmund;;on, lg
. I
l.angnn, rg . . .
Hitter, rg
ChnrJes Dooin, who warmed t lit i
heneli for the Olants part of last sea
son, reached the semifinals In the con
test for coach of the Harvard baseball
tenni, but was beaten In tho finals.
Clark Griffith would trade Walter
Johnson for the Cleveland club's fran
chise. Griffith knows who is the meal '
- ; ticket on the Washington club.
U; Bill Cat-rlgim ninv have seen the'
i handwriting on the wall. lie has v
5 j fused ngahi to manage a team that Is '
;j i largely composed of veterans who will
shod drop out of the pennant class.
Jim Thorpe Is to return to the
(Hants. The Indian makes n trip from
the minors to the (Hauls and return
every season.
Charles Weeghman Is willing to e
pend J.W.iHMl to make his Cubs pen-:
mint winners. Judging from last j
year's team, WeeKliman needs tin?
Rockefeller foundation back of It.
Johnny Kvers' ambition Is to attain
the longest period of service of any;
hull player. Johnny cannot keep In ;
the game lung enough to achieve much !
of anything, except as an umpire1
Tin1 amateur problem has spread ;
I'r an golf Into tennis, rowing, athletics, j
hoi key and billiards, nnd now boxers1
sioti. It lusted only one round, and the;
minors didn't even get n draw. j
The Chieavro Cubs will be the first:
team to start spring training. They;
will lead In something anyway. j
txpocts Husky Youngster to Deliver
Wallops Like Daker, :
Connie Mack is banking on a husky :
youngster by the name of Thrasher to :
come thrnt!'..'!i with some wallops next
sutmtior which will make the wins at
Shi I ie I'liil.. Philadelphia, recall the;
days of frank Baker nnd his big stick. ;
I'neiileittil'.ly .Mack U of the belief
that In Thrasher, Mclnuls. Bodle, Witt,
Strunk ni:d Sehair,' lie will limp six
players in his lineup able to make con
sldorubb trouble for the opposing
pitchers. ;
Former Pugilist Now Minister,
Kid Wedge, formerly ft lightweight,
has reformed and Is now the "th'htlngj
parson of northern Wisconsin." He
teaches n Sunday school class boxing,
besides the good things In the Bible.
Ho him inked tin state for-a club 1U
reuse to conduct the niiuily ni t.
1 --
There Is only onp way tn get alone
with Home people, nml that. Is their
wn.--Philadelphia Uecord.
New Yolk, Feb. '. Al McCoy hasn't
the most enviable reputation in the
world as a fighter. His prowes3 in
the ring isn't dazzling enough to hurt
anyone's eyivight. Hut Al has cut
quite a figure in the financial ring.
In fact, he is somewhat of a bear
when it comes to enticing the elusive
coin of the realm into the McCoy eof
f 1 rs.
1'ricr to the arrival of 1 es
.iy 111
.mcnca 4ici oy woum h:u-
uiit liiitiscii iu accept ai , ,
II. upward for a l "5'thins 1U
battle. He would h 'Iionsln1.
with reckless aU,' 've-grasped offers
was asked to' Aliul"n' But when ho
iMvii, me(,t karcy he hacked
ji. ui. u. 1 a. He demanded i 1 1,1 00 for
his end and he held out until he got it.
Grant Hugh Brown, the promoter,
fir-t olfcred McCoy J3,iK.) for the
j match. That was a big sum of money
for McCoy.- Browne thought that-Ms
1 original offer w-as quite liberal. So
did the fistic public.
But Al up and hollered "Quit ycr
kiddin.' Wadda ya think I am?"
Ani Pop Rudolph which is the real
family name echoed the words of hii.
illustrious son. He vowed that his
boy should not soil his mittens on
Parey for one red sou less than $10,
00''. When it. conies to persistency
the McCoys, or Rudolphs, are .3W hit
VTi. We've simply got to hand them
credit, but the fact remains that ! arcy
and his manager, Tim OSullivan,
were instrumental in helping McCoy
get what he demanded.
Darcy figured that McCoy, being
the American champion, was the logi
cal man for him to meet, in his hrst
bout here, lie thought so for two rea
sons. In the t: r t place, Parcy was told
that McCoy would be soft picking for
him. In the second place, Lea felt
that if he could knock off the chain-plorif-hip
ho would have a strong claim
to the worlds title and would pave
his way to wealth In a jiffy.
It made no difference to the Aus
tralian how the public might Iook on
such a match. And, for that matter,
the light fans will fall, Just because
they want, to see Darcy. McCoy, eo to
speak, is merely filling in.
There was much wrangling and fig
uring before Darcy and McCoy were
finally matched. Tim O'Sulllva.i, who
Is managing Darcy, was so eag-T to
get McCoy's name to a contract that
he offered $2,,"i,0 out of Darcy's end if
Browne would ante UP ft 1'ke amount
to raise the original $.1,000 to McCoy s
figure of $1 c.o 0. Still Browne refu.sed
and O'Sullivan was on the verge of
making up the amount himself when
Browne finally capitulated.
Perhaps Darcy is correct, in His be
lief that ho will eventually get more
prrrtlgo out of meeting McCoy firs',
but. unless l:e shows McCoy up In the'r
ten-round bout on March 3 lie will not
be considered a $3'V!0'! attraction i.y
other promoters.
Tha L'arcy can defeat McCoy lst
reasonably certain. But whether or I
not he can tin it. decisively In ten1
rounds Is the question. The iwenty
round mute I s Party's dlntance,
he tuny find it. a bit difficult to
wanned up to his real speed In
The fistic public: will watch the out.
come with a great amount of Interest,
not because McCoy will be Darcy's I
o'-pouent, but because the public!
wants to see for Itself just, how good I
thi widely heralded Australian 13 w ith
Ms maulers.
We will pay fie per pound for clean,
cot ion rags at this c-111 Co,
According to the tentative .plans of
the luajcr league chilis, 1:1010 than 70
per cent of the teams will return to
Li.-1 .war's camps for the spine- tiain
iiU preliminary to the l!tt pennant
races, i'.ut one club in the American
league will work out the muscle kiuks
011 a new field. The National league
teams show a more restless spirit,,
three or the eight clubs Having stated
that their players will prepare for the
diamond battles under different sur
roundings next .March.
The Chicago Nationals will train at
Pisiiiieiia, Cal., this spring in place oT
Tampa. Fin.; Pittsburgh lias 'ihiiuijif
to shift from Hot Spiit'V
lumbus ia.. wl.ge . .u" , ox.
reeled LMles,J,;(vtima fo,.
Hot"1'1 l " ViK'!l1" l'-v Pittsburgh at
"r" Springs. In the American league
cinrk Crillith will take the Washing
ten team to Augusta, tin., instead of
returning to Charlottesville. Vn., where
the Nationals have trained for several
seasons. All the other junior league
clubs will jiir.rney to their old camps.
The full list of the National and
American league training quarters for
the coming spring are ns follows:
Oiiraco Piisadena, Cal.
New York Martin, Tex.
, Pittsburgh Columbus. Ga.
Cincinnati Shrcveport. I.a.
Philadelphia .r...St. -Petersburg. FU.
Brooklyn Hot Springs, Ark.
St. Louts Han Antonio, Tex.
i Borton Miami, Fla.
: Camp.
. Washington .Augusta, Ga.
Boston Hot Springs, Ark.
Chicago .Mineral Spring:!, Tex.
Now Vorli Macon, Ga.
St. Louis Palestine, Tex.
Detroit Woxahnehic, Tex.
Philadelphia Jacksonville, Fla.
1 Cleveland New Orleans, La.
H0PPE CLEANS UP $76,000.
Billiard King Amasses Fortuna Under
Robert Benjamin.
As the world's champion balk line
player further than that, the greatest
the world lias ever seen Willie Hoppe
hud but fair success tin:mchilly for sev
eral years. He became so perfect In
his Held that be was without competi
tion, and his rivals refused to pest tins
forfeit to try for the title, so for
months the sport Held had a champion
who was not an attract Ion.
Then along came Koiiet't P.arnard
lieiijamln, entitled "Prounder ami
Manager." Benjamin attached his Ideas
toHoppe, and between them they have
cleaned up approximately $7d.(nw.
This can be accounted for ns follows:
lloppe mid Melbourne Inniau tour of
Canada and United State from Octo
ber. 1014, to February. 1015, 11.(IW:
lloppe and Vamada tour of United
States and Honolulu from October,
101.-. to April. 101i. $00,001); present
tour to date, x.(mhi: Hoppo and George
Ihiller Sul ton championship match.
Saoou; total. $7(5.0ti;).
The fastest of the English whippets
can tear along over the ground at sev-1
enteen yurds a second,
r swimmer and star,
5, op William fos '
Llp.bgli. 1,1 A valuable witch stol
en trot. 1 llemy Haiimll. of this city
h is been rev ived through the smil
; iu? face of a baby pasted in the case.
I The watch came, b.n k through itv
I mail. Kmiosci in the p u kage vs.u
!a note informing Harbol.l that, -l
am sending it back because of the
baby " The watch wa.t stolen shortly
before Christmas while lP;rbotd was
; shopping.
1 - o -
(Juincy Ciuincy people ;u.- w niler
ili1; what their own pet little ris.l
"The .Soiners," a super.tnnu.aed but
still sei worthy craft, ct uhl do in c i;e
of .1 war. The boat originally be
longed to Germany. It v.a ; pircim
e! before the Spani.h -Amci-lejii war
anl during that conflict acted a.; a
scout. H later was turtle over to
the Quim-y divisitn of the naval re
; serve for practise work. Many (f.iincy
! naval militiamen say it could be used
as a dispatch boat or seo:;rn;; craft,
- A baby's "Da Da" settled
the sentence for William It liiaon
when he was arraigned In police court
! here 0:1 complaint of tits wife who said
: he threatened her. The f.ther r.-.n
to the baby and the mother couldn't
i hoU out against the sight and ashed
'that the charge be withdrawn. They
were reconcile ! in the courtr iom.
0 --
Peoria A border maiden met I.y
her husbani while He win with the
Illinois troops in Texas is I'e-poti.iible
for the wrecking of her Home, accord
in,,' to a divorce petition bled by Mrs.
.Myrtle C. P.iekes against her husband.
William K. Backes. When she notic
ed a sudden lack of interest in corres
pondence by her husband she went
to the border
other woman
she says. She met the
there, she alleges.
Champaign "Do not let anyone do
f;-r you what you can do for yourself'.'
Bennin as much as possible in the
open air." These are the two rules
for a long life which wvre followed by
Mrs. Winnie Henderson, colored who
died here at the age of 110 years. She
had forgotten the date she was born
before her death, but recoiled her
age from the war of 1M2, when she
remembered she was about twelve
years old.
OllhlOn SHOWMEN 0!)
Will Endeavor to Check Unjust
Attacks on Their Business.
Sunday Sends Message.
New York. In these days of uplift
movements the statement of the newly
organized Association of th" Outdoor
Showmen of the World that its chief
purisiso in life Is to uplift and purify
the outdoor show business Has attract
ed attention. The association Is a
unlipie aggregation of outdoor show
interests, embracing every variety of
outdoor amusement enterprises, from
the big exposition and circus to the
fair, carnival nnd concession men, nnd
its officers are carrying on a wide cam
paign to secure membership In all
pints of the world.
One of the outdoor showmen's an
iiounceiueiits, made nt the orsaek'ntion
meeting and bumiuet fit the Hotel As
tor. was that of President Frank P.
Spot I man. who in explaining; the scope
of the organization said that Hilly Sun
day had been invited to become n mem
ber and to attend the banquet, s it
w.'H recognized that "lie is the greatest
showman of us all." Hilly Sunday in
acknowledging: the letter of Introduc
tion said In characteristic fashion.
"You fellows could go some for God If
you would."
"We have more practical objects, of
course, than tho ethical uplift of the
outdoor show business," said President
SpeMrnui. "We propose to exert our
I:itlt:euce to make certain Hint we get
11 s p;ii!e deal in the ici'ioiis state leg
Islat'.tres. Wo will have legal repre
sentative in every c'ty, and we will
correct other abuses Unit we believe
exist. We will endeavor to check un
just ntt:i"!:s made 011 the outdoor show
business u:id to secure fair and eiiulta
!:!' treatmcs.t. We believe tho public
will !: with us In this campaign."
Ccar Bgd Skin From w
.. .
j t,"nl,ly' nnuU' complexions are duo
! " Impurities In the blood. Clear up
h kin b takillS Dr- KinK' Ncw
j Llfo Pilla- Thpir miM laxative quali-
' ties remove tho poisons from the ays-
! tern and brighten the eye. A full,
I free, non-griping bowel movement In
j tho niorninf? is the reward cf a doso
of Dr. King's New Life Pills tho night
1 ueforo. At your Druggist, 25c. 1
" " v. p. , ,h.ulm,i, .in ...i - vy vwjW'"Ji'yi t P
' v a 1 l!
j I
, , j s fit 4 J ( W yfK ' 1
... . . mm2 Mn
FRIDAY, rC3"UARY 9, 1917
LOB till Eli
t Special t 01 respond-, tit.!
Marseilles, oh. :.- At the annual
ni'M ting of the commissioners of K in
land towmhip the matter of improving
the lower or (anal road, between Mar
fc:lles and Ottawa, was taken up tor
consideration. The proposed improve
ment Has the support 01 business 111-u-re.c,
in both Marseilles and Ottawa,
in addition U the fanners along the
1 Jiite who have long been cut off from
suitable trattie by reason of their loc.i
tton between the canal and river.
The commissioners decided that as
soon as the weather conditions are fa
vorable the work of improving the
roid will ;.e started. It Is now the in
tention to straighten out the lines of
the load and drain it where necessary,
so that it can be properly graded anu
widened I efore being surfaced.
Py private donations trom fanners.
automobUhts and others who use this
highway for commercial purposes, it
is expected to secure enough money
t. pay the freight on crushed rock
firm Joliet, the rock being donated by
the state. This rock can he hauled
ever the interurhan, which parallels
the road, and dumped wherever want
ed. li. W. Hess, one cf the head me.i or
the McKln'ey Syndicate, was In Mar
reiles and stated that he would not
only dor.ato toward the improvement
i'roiii lis p-.ivaH- purse, but that he
would fee that any ouantitv of cin-
they are desired, will be fur-
11!: bed from the hydro-electric plant's
auiiiary steam power house.
It Is the purpose to so Improve U1I3
highway that the heavy traffic will be
diverted over it, conseipiently making
it possible to keep the upper or bluff
read i:i much better con-ill ion all the
time wi:h much less expense.
I y u' ;ug the lower road for com
mercial purpo.-es the distance between
Marseilles and Ottawa will not only no
Fhortened. but much danger to traffic:
by r. a 1.1; of the hills will be elimin
ated. 1
i" proposed improvement recently
ived the sanction of tl-.n M-irr.niiiru
u'n (iu'i.
Pelt Ligo 90; New Like 21
Many persons complain about feel
ing old before they should. Like a
.veak link in u chain, a weak organ
er.l'ei hh s the whole body. Overwork
fd, weak or disordered kidneys lower
vitality. A. W. Morgan, Angola. La.,
rites: "I suffered with pains in the
back, i am Pi years old, but I felt
like a man of !M1 yea's old. Since I
(oak Foley's Kidney Pills I feel like I
did when I was L'l." Pi Site nnd $l,Qi)
3i?-e.:. W. D. Duncan, Druggist.
Polish women are renowned for tho
beauty of their hands. They phre
gracefulness of the bauds above nil
other charm.
Drown,? & Wiley, Compt't Sols.
-jo. in the Circuit Court to March
Term, A. D. 1017.
Lawrence W. Ashcraft vs. Sophio
Ashciatt.-- in Chancery. Divorce.
Gen. No. 2 1 , . 8 ! .
' Affidavit of .'.en rcidence ot Sophie
Ashcraft, the above delendant, having
been liled in the Clerk's oilice of the
Circuit Court of suid County, notice
is therefore hereby given to the said
non-resident defendant that the com
plainant filed his bill of complaint in
said Court, in Die Chancery side ther .i
01', on thi Oth day of February. 1H17,
and that thereupon a Summons issuuf
out of said- Court, wherein said suit is
now pending, returnable on the sec
end Monday in the month of March,
next, as is by law required. Now, un
less you, the said non-resident defend
ant ahocv named, Sophie Ashcratt,
rhall personally be and appear before
raid Circuit Court, 0.1 the first day of
the next term thereof to bo holden at
Ottawa, in ana for the said County on
thj second Monday in March next,
and plead, answer or demur to sain
complainant's bill ot complaint, tha
same and the matters nnd things
therein charged and stated w ill be tak
en as confessed and a decree entered
asainst you according to the prayer of
!---aid bill.
Ottawa, Iliinoi3, February 9, lfll".

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