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" DOINGS OF THE VAN LOONS .-mc-w - - Father's troubles are only beginning
pltt five.
Professional fg
' ' ' M. N. ARMSTRONG , ;
Attorney at law, 210-2U ..Moludlf
Bldg.. Ottawa, Illinois. Tlepao&li
Office. 375-W. Residency U-Y.
Attorney and counsellor at. U sb4
solicitor la chancery. Will piiltlci
law in tbe several courts and it)
thu federal courts. Special attajfi
Hon si ten to all real asUUa catfti
of La Salle and adjoinini countiet,
Including drainage iuestloni.
Attorney at law, office, La Sail St.,
west of court bouse.
DR. W. 8. BLUE, '
Specialist eye, ear, nose and throat
Third floor Central Life Building.
Phones: Office 1019-W. Res.. Mala Ml.
j ' 3 ' 1 s j I
Authorvf "The Spoilers? "Tlielron Trail,"
, VThe Silver Horde,"- Etc.
) Chapter I Set afoot and alone by
. ;nn accident In the desert near the Rio
.Crande Mrs. Alaire Austin, mistress
' of Las Palmas and La Ferla ranches,
) .meets Dave Law, Texas ranger, at a
' ; water liolo and is compelled to spend '
th,nlnlit t'icre with him, as he is In
. canibush, for a murderer and cannot
Jeaye hi? post
Chapter II Next day at evening
I the murderer appears with a compan
ion. ., ;J,
Chapter III Law captures the mur
. ,;dorer hut is compelled to kill his com
'l ;i)anlon, Paniilo Sanchez, who happens
p.o be a cousin of Mrs. Austin's horse-
breaker, Jose Sanches.
5 Chapter IV At Las Palmas Alaire
tells her husband, Ed, that his carous
, Al:aiMi inebriety must stop. Her cat
h at La Feria, the Mexican ranch, are
- confiscated by Longorlo, Mexican fed
eral general, and she finds that it is
because Ed has been helping the rebel
Junta. j
Chapter IT On hr way to La Feria I
in Mexico Alaire meets Longorlo, who !
fails in love with her and agrees to
settle for the confiscated stock.
; Chapter VI Entertained at their
home by niaze Jones and his daugli
ier.vPalorr.a, Dave hears something
about the Tad Lewis outfit which Is
suspected of cattle stealing. With
jiicurtlo (iuzman and his boys Dave
an4'dl'u)s go on a scout after cattle
(JHAi'TEU VII Law catiAes two of
the Lu wis outfit branding a stolen calf
aiid.ln a fight kills one and has his
hofae shot under him. He trails the
othor. thief to Las Palmas, where he
Is, Insulted by Ed Austin, whom he
knows to bo very friendly with the
. Chapter VlIIJLaw follows up the
trail of tJrbina, the escaped thief, to
no purpose except to confirm Austin's
connection with the Lewis outfit.
Chapter IX On her homeward jour
ney Alaire again meets Longorlo, who
openly makes love to her) She ob
tains the release of Juan Garcia from
Chapter X Jose Sanchez swears to
find out the truth about the slaying of
PanfiUo, . Dave gets further Informa
tion about tho Lewl3 outfit Ricardn
(Juzman goes to Mexico to sell horses
to the 'federals. '' :'
Chapter XI Dave and Alaire attend
the i-aB Palmas rodeo. She presents
Dave with a horse to replace the un a
. killed by , the cattle thieves. They dis
cuss he killing of Panfllo.'
Chapter XII Guzman does , not re
tuVn from ',; Mexico and his reported
killing arouses Americans: Dave and
Illaze arrange to go to Romero across
tbft'rivef and recovef the body. Jose
, that.,. Dave, killed ' Panfllo and
goes to Jota Longorlo. Paloma and
Alaire arrange f l?o to the river to
await the return oY'ftiaze and Dave.
njitJlo appears at Lac Palmas with
air c0rt .and ovorhears Ed telephon
lhg'e.ws bf the trip after Ouman to
chapter XIII Longorlo compels Ed
t6 gtf to the river with him. The girls
follow and hide In the pumiihouae.
ThW i Lewis outfit appears. ; When
Blaze and pave cross the river a gen
eral mix-up is prevented by Captain
'Evans and his rangers who appear on
the scene and support Pave. Dave
arrestsUrblna. , ... '
. Chapter XTV Blaze dodgos dress
triaMrs and fortune tellers. r
Chapter XV Strange, a fortune tell-
er, warns Dnve that Jose Is cooking
1 ud trouble for him and Alaire. , Dv
goes to see her and in a moment of
emotional stress they confes the'r
16tV. v 1
Chanter XVI Ed, who had disap-
$ peared after the Guzman Incident,
' comes back and Alaire decides to di
i1 voJEJt. klm. , She writes to her lawyrt-
and to Dave. Jose carries Dave's let
? tei jJongorlo, who orders him to kill
V - finlpter XVII Alaire moves to df
4 W(?rEd. ar with Mexico Reems
Imminent. Dave comes to tho Jones
h, sick : Slrange warM', him that
Alaire is gone to La Ferla and ia in
great .danger.
Chapter XVIII Dave goes to Las
Palmas and arrives Just after the mur
der of Ed Austin.
Chapter XIX He rounds up Jost,
gives him the water cure and gets
from him confession that he killed Ed,
then starts for La Feria to protect
Alaire, whom he knows Longorlo will
capture. He instructs Blaze to give
tho whole mater the widest publicity
and to send Ellsworth to Washington
to sing battle hymns.
Chapter XX At La Ferla Alaire
finds that she is Longorlo's prisoner.
Chapter XXI Longorlo woos Alaire
and brings a priest to marry them
that bight.
Chapter XXII Dave wins through
to La Feria and the priest marries
Alaire to htm during Longorio'u ab
sence. CHAPTER XXIII The priest plays
l on Longorlo's Inordinate vanity until
, consents to send Alaire and Dave
away jo the border.
- . .
Te?4iri' iiie ('y'!' oT liio "(Tur wnnili'i'
Iiir wuHicn Fntiior O'.Mulley nmiTicd
them. It si'cinul to Alaire Hint w
would never reach the end. nltlioiiirh. In
fact, lie Rlimililed through the cere
hiony swiftly. Alaire elipi)el Ills lust
wortls short by orylns!
Twll these people so that the.v'H un
derstand wlint It hit uiuaiiK. Tell tliein
to reiiieniber they have seen n niftr
Haue by the eliuirli."
The jiriest did as he wns direeled,
und his niidieiiee signified their uuilei'
stiiiidiiif!;. Tlu ii Dolores kd Hrmu out.
The Wan of Destny.
"Now, then. 'I'll espliilii." said Alaire,
furnliitf to the iileu. "Lonorio deelares
he won't have me e:;ei pt hs his wife,
and I lliln!; he means it. ITe Is i.muZ
lli''.v epitlsliefil. Hi- lias tremendous
ambitions. He think this war is his
great opportunity. r;ul he means to be
president no s sure or iv. lie loves
me, but lie loves himself better, I'm
sure. Xov, don't you wc?" He'll have,,
to choose one or the other."
Father O'Malley did not appear to
nppreelnte the full foi'ee of this Vea
roiiIii;;. "My dear," he said, gravoly,
"he etui uimI.o yon ti wiifow Again. In
sticli times as those men are siivagos."
"Oli, but that's not nil." Alaire
turned to her newly imule hiixlmnd.
'They let you In, nnd they'll let yon
out ngr.fn Jf you go (iniekly, before
it's known what we've done." ,f
Dave Ktared at li'.-r In bev.ltderiuent.
"I? 1 go, nnd leave you?" He wi-nied
doubtful of her sanity.
"Yes." When he; laughed shortly.
lalre cried : ,,"lave, you must ! itoii't
you see what I in driving at? If . lie
can't marry nuf.Jf -he ilnds you're gone
unit lie can't hi.v htindx ihi you, wlint
euu he do but let me go? Dave denr,
for my sake, for the snke of ns both "
i "You're excited," he told her, nhd ,
irew her' to liiinself gently. " ' . !,
. "Please ! Please !" she Implored.
"You don't know that vfflitn," sold
Father O'Malley. with eonvlrtion.
lint Alaire Insisted, half hysterically
now: "I do; that's Just it, I do know
him. H Is planning the greutest thing
for himself, his hi'iid ts in the clouds,
and hy daiij't do the things lie used
lo do. That's why I called In those
winftMi,iW wllnesses. He can't tint
tlieiu'r'tt of tho way. With Dave got?
fit 'jp sure; He can't Ignore our maf
rimf. Hut otherwise There's no
WlUisivluit he may do. Why, lie'lt kill'
5'ou. Drive, ns lie kilted' Ed." She up
turned n face eloquent with pleading.
"Won't you do this for me?"
, "Not" Luw decltired, firmly. "You
wouldn't usk It if you were In your
senses. Get me n Run nnd I'll shoot
my way out. We'll c until they stop
us. But don't nsk me to leave you." '
Bho searched his face eagerly, ptte-
ounly, then with n quivering sigh re-i
luxed her tension. "Then we've only
nmde 4untters worwC You'vp spoiled
our only chnnce."
Father O'Mnlley. who had been lost
In thought, spoke up agnln : "Perhaps
you will let me try my wits. But first,
do I understand that It was he who ef
fected the death of Mr., Austin?"
Dave recounted as coherently ns he
could the circumstances of Ed's death,
und told how he had lenrWd, through
Jose, of Longorlo's Intentions. As the
priest listened a sjKit of color grew in
his cheeks, his eyes glow ed with indig
nation. He was about to make known
what was in his nihul when Alaire
raised her hand utid in a strained
Whisper exclaimed:
" 'Sh-h I Listen !"
The heavy door of the hacienda
creaked, a quick tread sounded on the
tiles, the door to the living room was
fluiiS'onun. and LoiiKorio entered. He
was hot and dusty from his ride, but
with n lover's impetuosity lie had made
straight for this lighted rNm.
For the briefest Instant he balanced
himself Just Inside the portal, and the
smile reiiialiHxl fixed r.imn his lips.
Then his eyes became ringed with
white and lie made u swift, catlike
movement of retreat. Plainly this was
the supremest surprise of his lifetime,
and he seemed to doubt his senses. But
he recovered quickly. Thrusting his
head forward, lie demanded:
"What is this? You and you?" He
stared from Dave to the priest, then
back again.
.They all spoke at once, lint he heard
only Alalre's words: ;
"He came to find me."
Pancho appeared In the doorway be
hind Longorio, saying, "I heard you
ride up, sir, so I ran to tell you about
this fellow."
But the general cut him short. "Call
your men, otilck," lie cried in a voice
that sent tho soldier leaping back inti
the night.
Alaire was clinging to Dave, merely
clutching him the tighter when he tried
to unclasp her bold. Her movement
Into the shelter of his rival's arms in
furiated Longorlo, who uttered an ex
clamation and fumbled uncertainly
with Ills holster. But his lingers were
clumsy. He could not take his eyes
from the pair, and he seemed upon the
point of riishlng forward to tear them
"Don't touch her! Don't" lie be
gan, cursing in a high-pitched voice.
"lod! What a reckoning!" Then he
stamped Ids feet, he wrung his hands,
he called shrilly at tho top of bis voice:
"Lieutenant! Ho, Panclio! You fel
lows! Quickly!" Under the stress or
his excitement the feminine side of his
character betrayed Itself.
Alnlre felt her newly made husband
gather himself for n spring; lie was
muttering to her to release him; he
was trying to push her aside, but she
held fast with the strength of despera
tion. "You can't harm us," she declared,
flinging her words deliautly at the
Mexican. "You dare not. You are too
late. Father O'Malley lias just mar
ried us."
Longorlo uttered a peculiar, wordless
cry of dismay; his' mouth felt open;
his firms 'dropped;' lie went limp all
"This Is the Man J Love tho Only
. a . Man."- :
over, .jiarniyKt'd nmiiirulniliy by . sur
prise and horror; his eyes troubled; he
swayed as If his sight had blurred.
1 "1 'wild. I'd never5' marry "you," she
rushed mi, vlbraudy. "Tills i the mail
I lovi-lho only'iiiiiti. ' Ye, utid I've
learned tho irulli iilKUit you. I know
Who killed Mr. Austin." . , ; f '
; Lonum'hi did 'n terj hnexiweted
thliiji Ihcltl sloVt. Uheonsriiliwly, as If
ttie movement were tho rosult of n half
forgotten training., ho tro'ssell litmself.
; lint now from 'tho hir ttt his bad:
calm the potlndlnff of Uiot-lieels, and u
lialf-do.eti iumtlUK troopers luniMed
tltrouiiti the d(ior. lie waved theiii Imek
and out Into the hall n'alrt.
father O'Malley ;lio had bln try-
, t-, - (I ' h . .;. ; ..
Ing to make tdmsVU' hi cnf. steppi d In
front of the nenoral and wM, solemn
ly : . "Take rare what you do. Longorlo.
I have luarilcd tliese ji;op!e, and you
enn't Undo wimf I l.nvc done. We are
American clt!::ehs. The laws of chill
ration protect ns."
The Mtxicnn fought for his voice
then stammered: - "You are my priest,
I brought you here. I offered to murry
her. "iw vou frrce me to rtar.'.n my
mmV', Turi;!n: ids eyes wildly upon
Alnlre, he shi.uted: "Too late, eh?
You say 1 am "too lute! It MH'ins that I
am barely In time."
Dave added his words to the others:
"You are ten to one. but you can't have
her," he cried, defiantly, "Jose San
chez confessed to' the murder of Mr.
Austin, and told how you had got Mrs.
Austin to come here. The whole thing
is known In Washington nnd Mexico
City by tlds time. The newspapers
have It; everybody knows you are
keeping her us your prisoner, and that
I have come for her. If t-lio Is harmed,
all Mexico, nil the world, will know
that you are Worse than n murderer."
Lougorio reached behind his back
and slammed the door In the faces of
his listening men.
What Is this? What did Jose
fess?" he inquired, sharply.
"He swenrs you hired him,"
' "Ikihl Tho word of a jiolndor.'
Not an Easy Task.
"I understand Dubson Is at last try
ing to make a man of himself."
"He has my sympathy."
"Why, you ought to congratulate
!:.in." v ,
"Perhaps so. , I was just thinking
l ow hard it is to create anything worth
while when there is a shortage of ma
terial.' Birmingham Age-Herald.
To pass a law in Wisconsin compelling
evary man to aubmit to an
"Damaged Goods"
t " 1 1 T'i
- --
"Special Assessment' Notice."
Notice is hereby given to all per
sons interested, that tho Council of
the City of Ottaw a, Illinois, having or
dered that improvement of certain
part of Cornell street in the south
part of the City at Ottawa, by grading,
draining, curbing and paving the
same, by an ordinance passed by said
Council on the 31st day of January,
1917, an dapproved by the mayor of
said City of Ottawa, on said 31st day
of January, 1917, the ordinance for
the same being on file in the oillce of
the City Clerk' of said City, having
applied to the Cauhty Court of La
Salle county, , Illinois, for an assess
ment of the cost of said Improvement,
according to benefits, said assessment
being .payable in ten (10) install
ments, each bearing Interest at the
rate nf flvn npr crmr. nr nnhiim.' nn l
nfi 'Sjpt)iont thKWfnr h:Alntr liAnn j
ra'aiJe and returned to Said Court, the
final hearln thereon Will he had on
the 25th day of April, 1917, at the
hour of 10 o'clock a. m., or as soon
thereafter a3 the business of the Court
will permit.
All persons desiring, may file oh
Actions in said Court, before said day
and may appear on tho hearing und
make their defense.
Dated, Ottawa, Illinois, April 9,
Appointed to Make Sakl Assessment.
"Special Assessment Notice."
Notice is hereby elven to all persons
Interested, that the "Council. , of the
City of Ottawa, Illinois, having order
ed the Improvement of certain parts
of Van Buren street and other utrects,,
avenue and alloy intersections In ttte
south part of tho city of Ottawa, by
graJing, draining, vuruing ffrid piv
ing the same, by an ordinance passed
by said Council on the 31st day of
January, 1017, and approved by the
mayor of said city of Ottawa, on mid
31st day of January, 1917, the ordl-
telHcd Mverffising j
Advertisement will be Inserted In this
column not exceeding llv lines, one
tlma, IS Wmttr three tun. B cents; one
week, W cents. Each line-over live. 10
ct-nts per week additional.
Alt advertisements In this column must
te raid In advance.
For Rent
FOR RENT Service work and collect
ing evidence call phone 38D-L. or ad
dress bos 79, Ottawa, 111.
WANTED. TO RENT A five room
cottage with modern conveniences,
In North Ottawa or Center Ottawa, at
once. Tel. 428-X.
For Sale
FOR SALE Pure Vhite Wyandottes,
bred for eggs. Also Oolden Cam
nines eggs 11.03 for setting of 15.
con-1;us Fischer, 643 E. MalnSt. ' Tele
phone 101C-R.
FOR SALE1 1915 Maxwell car in first
class condition, with $100 worth of
extras, electric lights and starter, two
extra tires. Price 1350 for quick sale.
Car at Velie salesroom and service
station, 523 Clinton St. (south) Sta
tion. Charles E. Moore, Phone 501-R.
FOR SALE Two corner lots at $135
each, also five Inside lots at $125
each, all within the paving district.
Mtes Gertrudo Harris.
FOR SALE The Harrison Kouse on
Main street. : Saloon and rooming
house, Inquire at the Harrison house
or 'phone 384 R.
FOR SALE John Kearney house at
1225 West Madison street, 5 rooma
and bath, stove heat. Rent $16 per
month. I'rico $2300, subject to unpaid
paving. Substantial dwelling call on
T. D. FarrelT.. . College Bldg. 'Phone
FOR SALE Two second-hand type
writers In good condition. Inquire
at this office.
FOR SALE Red River Early Ohio
reed potatoes. Steer & Olson, 803
Clinton St. Phone 10C5.
MR SALE One' safe, heat make.
Cheap If taken at once. tf
FOR SALE Roll top desk. Apply at
this office.
FOR SALE Automatic card presa,
good as new. Apply at this office.
FOR SALE "Dayton" Scale as good
as new. Sold reasonable if taken at
once. Inquire at 719 Washington St.
f-r call G69-Y.
FOR SALE 80 acres good farm, In
Jefferson Co., 111., about 2-3 bottom
land, balance upland. Good, roomy
buildings In good repair. A fine dairy
farm, 3! miles from Mt. Vernon, 111.,
county seat of Jefferson Co., nnd hav
ing 12,000 inhabitants. Cash $80 per
acre or would take a small farm of
about 20 or 25 acres In trade cr as
part payment. " Address Wm. Brandos,
Mt.' Vernon, 111., R. No. 7, owner.
LOST A white French poodle, an
swering to the namo. of "Rags."
Finder please telephone 216-Y,, or re
turn to Mra. Robert Carr, 1C22 Chap
el street.
nance for the same beln-J on Tie in
the office of the City Clerk ti siid
City, having applied to the Cou:i y
Court of La Sallo County, Illinois, for
itn assessment of the cost of said Im
provement according to benefits, said
assessment being payable in ten (10)
Installments, each bearing tnferest'at
tho rate of five per cent, per' annum,
and an assessment therefor having
been made And returned to said Court,
the final hearing thereon will he had
on the 25th day of April, 1917,' at the
hour of 1,0 o'clock a. m.; or as s6on
thprenfter a stho business of the Court
will permit. ,
All persons desiring, may file ob
jection:! in said Court, before said day
and may appear on the hearing and
mnko their defense.
Dated, Ottawa, Illinois, April 0, 1917.
Appointed tp Mako Said Assessment.
WANTED An elevator boy in the
Moloney Building. Apply at office
of the building. '
WANTED Girl for general house
work. No washing or ironing. Good
wages. Phone 796. Mrs. H. H. Ice
land. WANTED Girl for gtneral house
work. Good wages. No washing.
Mrs. D. A. Cook, 602 Chapel street,
East Ottawa. Telephone 248-K. .
WANTED Men of merit to write au
tc mobile insurance. Broad policy,
liberal commission. For particulars
write Indiana Mutual, LaPorte, IndP
AGENTS WANTED Highest cash
paid weekly with part expenses.
Home territory. Free outfit. Easy out
door' work. Address Hawks Nursery
Co., Wauwatora, Wis.
WANTED Machine IianCs, moro belt
sanders, stalners and filters, varn
ishes, coarse rubbers, flowers, fly-finishers,
and polishers. Good wages,
WANTED Boy, sixteen years old
Apply at this office.
WANTED At once, girl for general
. house work In family of two. Miit
be experienced. Telephone 970-R,
Prepare for lighter work, better pay,
more Jobs. Few weeks' completes.
Day or evening. Nearly three years
saved. See how. Catalogue mailed
ins 3 Fifth Ave., Chicago.
sued covering mercantile stocks,
moneys and papers contained In
safes. Also on household goods and
property in residences. Frank B. Gra
ham, agent U. S. Fidelity and Guaran
ty Co., 402 Moloney Bldg. 'Phone
SEND YOUR lace, scrim and muslin
curtains to be laundered early.
Washed by hand, dried in the open
air. All goods handled carefully.
Laco curtains, full length and width
aO cents per pair; narrow and short,
40 cents per pair. Muslin and scrim
curtain, 35 cents per pair. Fancy
and handwork, a specialty. Work
guaranteed. Call 938-Y. for particul
ars. , I
collecting cvldonce, call phone 38D-L
or address Box 79, Ottawa, 111.
the time to look at your porches and
get them repaired. Prices reasonable.
Inquire Sam Duvalt 'phono 56G-L.
and repairing. All work guaranteed.
August Jehly, GOl Norris street.
Phone 804-if. , , j
1125 Columbus St. Phone 225-Y.
Silver fills 75c to $k Porcl. crowns,
$5 Gold crowns $5 to $8. Plates $5 to
$10. All work guaranteed first class.
Office hours 8 a. m. to 7:30 p. tn,
"Special Assessment Notics."
Notice Is hereby given to all per
rons Interested, that the Council of
the City of Ottawa, Illinois, having or
deiol .ho improvement of certain
parts of Adams street and other
streets and street Intersections appur
tenant thereto in the Bouthwest part
of the City of Ottawa, by grading,
draining, curbing and paving; the same,
by an ordinance passed by said Coun
cil on the 1st da yof February, 1917,
and approved by the Mayor of said
City of Ottawa, on said 1st day of Feb
ruary, 1917, the ordinance for the same
being on file in the office of the City
Clerk of Bald City, having applied to
the County Court of La Salle County,
Illinois, for an assessment of the cost
of Bald Improvement according to
benefits, said assessment being pay
able in ten (10) installments, each
Attorneys at law, National Bank Bldg,
Ottawa, 111.- ' , '
W. H. JAMIE80NS. M. 0
Physician and Surgeon: 'phone oOcf,
322 W., residence, Mala MS. Of.
fice In Armory block. Professional
calls in city or country" will rscflll
faithful attention. Ottawa, 111.,. -
Attorney and counselor at law. Offle
rooms tus anu tui Moione Wag.,
Ottawa, Illinois. , v . .
Attorney at law, ofllca west of oottlt
bouse. 'Phone, Main 1J. " '. ":
Magnetic Healer treatments glvsn bf
one of your own sex for tbois tlrsf
out nerves. Headache, Rheumatis
and all nervous trouble.' Ptfctl
reasonable. ELLA WE8TCOTT, l;
U Salle street, after . ' Olttf
phone. CGC-K., Ottawa, Illinois. c
Physician and Surgeon, office, a! rttt
dence, 810 Columbus street. Opes
hours, 1 to 3 p. m. , , '
Osteopathic physician, 401-S-4 Molot
ey Bldg., Ottawa, 111. 1 'Phone: 0!.
fice, 385-R.; residence, 307-K. -
Osteopathic Physician. Hour: I to
12 a. in.; 2 to fi p. m.t 7 to p. m
'Phones, office, Main 115-R. Wt
denes, 882-X. Moloney Bldg., Otts-
wa, Illinois;:!"'-. r r . ,l?(r.
CHICA60, 0TTA17A & PEClii
' (Effective Oct. i, mi.) ,',
EA8T2IO.UND. ."''' i
Eastbound cars leavo Ottawa stt
tiou for Marseilles, Senses, Morris,
Minooka, Rockdale am Jollet.
In a. m.-5:50, 6:t 7:50,
In p. m. 1:50, 2:50,
5:50, 6:50, 9:00, 11:00.
2:60, f:Sb,
Cars arrive from the west at 8:46
a. m., 7:45 p. m., 9:45 hi., ll;tl
p. m., 1:00 a. m. , , ' :
Westbound cars leave Ottawa Sta
tion for Chautauqua Park, Starvsd
Rock, Utica, La Salle, Peru, Spring
Valley, Ladd, DePue, Bureau and
Princeton. . ..
In a. m., x5:10, o5:50, iC:50, oi.ii,
o9:50, oll:50. , '. , , .
In p. m.ol:50, x2:50, o3:50, i4:80,
o5:50, o7:50, 9:50, U:JB. '. .'
Cars arrive from the east St 10! M
a. m.. 3:50 p. m.. 12:42 s. m. -
Southbound cars leave OUawi StsV
tion for McKinley Parky Qrttfld RidlS
and Streator . t .
In. a. tn.-8:50, d:50, j:M,
11:50, .
In p. m.-l:50, 8:50, 1:66,
11:00. ; :'. . ;
dDaily eicept Sunday. ' v... '
Marseilles, Seneca, Mortis aid !'
teracdiate points only. '',
. XLadd and intermediate points only.
oPrlnceton and intermediate poifcts
only,, .. ; .." . . , , ; ,.;'
La Salle and Intermediate poltti
only. ; '.''. "
SAVE MONEY. , ' ,,'.
AT LOW RATE8. : ! i"
bearing Interest at the rate oi five per
cent, per annum and an ssfteisntefet
therefor having been made arid retlrtt'
ed to said Court, the final bearing
thereon will be had on lhe;ilth Clf
of April, 1917, at the hotar of IS t't
clock a. m or as soon thereaftsf ss
the busines sof the Cohrtwlll permit
All persons desiring, may file objec
tions in said Court, before saM Isf
and may appear on the helflnf nnd
1 make their defense.
Dated, Ottawa, Illinois, April B, HIT.
Appointed to Make Said Assessment.
I "

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