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125 West Main Street
Only, one year Jn advance, by car-
rier Jj O
Dally, per week. by carrier 10
fallv. one year in adva.iee. by mull . 3 W
Weekly. on year In advance 100
Entered as second class matter No.
JO, 1916, at the postofnee at Ottawa,
til., under the Act of March 3, 1S79.
The Free Trader-Journal may be
found at the news depots of Wheeler
Malo, Kneussl Bros., and Me
taffln's Cigar Store.
Everybody works in West Virginia.
Or everybody will, when the new com
pulsory labor law goes into effect. A
Btatute recently enacted by the leg
islature requires every male citizen
from 16 to 60 to engage in some Fort
of labor for 36 hours a week as long
as the war lasts. There are no ex
ceptions among the able-bodied. The
rich must toil as well as the poor.
Coupon-clipping is not regarded as a
"In no case." Kays the law, "shall
the possession by the accused of
money, property or income sufficient
to support himself and those legally
dependent on him be a defense to any
prosecution under this act."
And the penalty? The "able
bodied male idler, loafer or loiterer,"
as the law designates the work-slack
er8, will be liable to pay a tine of f UK.
and do his bit at road-mending In
striped uniform.
Tramps and retired millionaires un
der 60 will therefore steer clear of
West Virginia from now on. But
they will have no assurance of im
munity elsewhere, for this wartime
strenuoslty virus is spreading. Loaf
lng, whether in rags or a Palm Beach
suit, Is no longer fashionable or tol
erable. If there is a community in
the country that has not settled down
to a deep conviction that the war is a
big national job demanding every
man's best effort, that community has
not been heard from.
We're getting back to first princi
plesto the good old pioneer rule of
Captain John Smith, that "he that will
not work shall not eat." And it's a
' wholesome tendency which, let us
hope, will not be immediately dissi
pated by the return of peace.
BUY $100,000
Springfield. 111., June ". One luuv
drcd thousand dollar' worth of liber
ty loan bonds will be pan ha ed by the
Illinois branch of the limed Mine
Workers of Amerha. It was an
nmi'-ed today. This is twice tin
amount whiih the international or
ganization proposes to buy.
Final plans for the purchase of the
Liberty bonds were made at the
special meeting of the executive
board. Frank Farrington, president
of the organization said, other patrio
tic measures were discussed.
"We wnat to show the nation," Far
rlngton said "that the Illinois organi
zation is patriotic. Wo can afford to
do it even better that, the Internation
al body. We are more than a million
dollars richer, and why shouldn't we?
The country needB everybody's sup
port. The United Mine Workers of
Illinois is behind the President to a
All minors enlisting in the military
branches of the government service
will be exempt from payment of dues
and will hold (lie same privileges as
before enlistment, according to a de
cision by the International executive
board in session in Indianapolis re
cently, and given out today.
"We recommend," the decision
reads, "to all local unions that mem
bers of the United Mine Workers who
engage in military service be exon
erated from the payment of all dues
and assessments levied by the Inter
nationa: organization or its subordin
ate branches for the time they are en
listed, in tlieir country's cause. Also
that during this period they are en
titled to enjoy all rights and privi
leges of the members of the United
Mine Workers of America in good
standing with all branches of the organisation."
Trader Will Tak Almo.t Anything In
Lieu of It
Cottonwood Falls, Kan. Hubert
Yomiggrcen. a merchant in the little
town of Tburumu, h trading point In
the southeastern part of this county,
twenty miles from the nearest rutlroml
point, has a habit of recalling pioneer
If money Is not forthcoming for
merchandise secured at the store
YuUDggreen Is rot backward in ac
cepting substitutes. Oyote scalps,
gopher scalps, crow eges and crow
heads are his favorites. A coyote's
scalp Is uceepted as 51, a gopher at
cents and crow bends a cent apiece.
The cunty bounty on these pelts
and the long distance from the county
seat explain the unusual "money" ac
cepted. When Youngirreeii has u good
supply on hand he malls or brings them
to the office of the county clerk nnd Is
paid the legal bounty, the same value ns
lie has already paid out to his friends.
Patriotio Youth Placed Small Cotton
I Pad Under Each Heel.
I Albany, N. Y. Trying to boost his
! five feet three inches up to the stand
! ard required for military service, Wll
j lis Hnrtman, a patriotic youth from
(Jlenwood, near here, tried a form of
! elevation that almost pot by the Unlt
! ed States marine corps recruiting ofti
I cers here.
! Willis went through without a flaw
I until be stripped to be examined for
1 sears, when the doctor discovered sev-
eral layers of adhesive plaster nnd a
small cotton pad under each heel that
I gave a "French heel effect" to the
would be warrior. When It was re
moved he lacked one Inch of meeting
the required height.
I "I don't vvaut to be a slacker," sf 1
I tried my best to enlist," said llartiuna
i w hen he was rejected. "The scheme
' would be all right, too," lie added, "if
; I could only make it stick."
Adventiats Declare Religion Bart Them
From Battlea,
Washington. Seventh Day Adven
tists have notified the war department
that their religion will not allow them
to participate In the war between the
United States nnd flermany.
The declaration adopted by the ex-
I ecutlve committee of the North Ameri
can division conference sets forth that,
although believing In the principles
upon which this government is founded
and acknowledging that It should re
ceive the support of Its citizens, the
Adventlsts are "compelled to decline
all participation In nets of war and
bloodshed as being Inconsistent with
the duties enjoined upon us by our Di
vine Master toward our enemies nnd
; toward all mankind."
pamawMewaaaatnMWOT(l'a"uw"n'' tmm iwuu u ,wii.jui tmtmn 1 i r- rr m ri ii i h i umviauwan"
TrT""mf"M'""MM" W'jgT'Tg'iC.-.- Tiwr-irrTrifwtiMataaaattaaamVv"1 ZZZZZZZZZZ
IS TOWS 23 . . . ajjjJ) faM 1!mP&; STORE
We have on Display lor Your Considera
tion Thousands of Pieces o!
In all the various colorings and at all prices.
Hundreds of pieces oi line Ginghams.
Hundreds of pieces of standard Percales.
A big assortment of 1 able Linens, Towels, etc.
An enormous stock of Dress Silks.
Special values in Wool Dress Goods.
RUGS in an endless array from the small mat size up to the extra large
room size, shown in Wiltons, Body Brussels, Tapestry, Axminster and
Get our prices on Muslins, Sheetings and Donuv.tics. You will find wc
save you money on every purchase.
I he biggest slock of I losiery lor men, women a'id children shown in this
A complete assortment of Knit Underwear in separate garments and
union suits, all at last season 'a prices.
A complete line of kid and fabric gloves in all sW.vs and colors.
Five distinct lines of corsets to select from, priced from 59c to $5 per
Our prices on China, Dinnrrware and Glassware shown in the Big
Daylight Basement are below the manufacturer's prices of today.
lhe biggest stock of ready-to-wear garments shown in this vicinity in
suits, coats, dresses, skirts and summer wash dresses in a great variety.
We arc closing out many lines of coats at reduced prices.
Wc offer you a flat reduction of 33 1-3 percent, from any tailor made
suit in stock. Wc want you lo feel at home In the Big Store,
A good place to meet your friends.
The success of the. Liberty Loan
'will be primarily due to the newspa
pers of the United States, which have
given millions of dollars' worth of
space and effort to popularizing and
selling the bonda. All this publicity
has cost the newspapers money, just
as surely as it costs a farmer money
to give away his crops, or coBts a
painter money lo do a Joh of painting
for nothing.
The papers have done It voluntarily
and gladly, as a patriotic duty. They
have expected no return of any sort
except the reward that a newspaper
man prizes most highly the con
sciousness of 'having performed a pub
lic service. There has been no
"string" to the Liberty Loan public
ity, any more t'lan there has to the
ready, zealous, iwn-partisnn support
given by the American press as a
whole to all the important war meas
ures undertaken by the government.
At the same time, the newspapers
naturally feel somewhat aggrieved
that the government, igncrlng these
services along with the basic condi
tions of the newspaper business,
should Insist on raising secnnd-claKs
Gave Husband and Sons and
While They Were Away Dili
gently Cultivated Plantation.
postal laie;-, to a height that will :;er
loudly Injure every important news
paper in the country and will drive
larse numhern out. of business. It lie
tokens a stnte ol mind at Washing
ton which not, only fails to appreciate
services rendered, but fails to real
ize the Inevitable consequences of
Buch postal discrimination.
The American press, needless to
say, will not lie animated by a spirit
of reveille even if It is driven to thej
edge of ruin by such an unjust and
untimely tax on its resources. Hut j
If the press Is eripplicd by this or any
.other form of discriminatory legisla-!
lion, n win no longer he ah!" to per
form such effective service, at a lime
when the public services tluii news
papers can render are particularly
i needed.
Charleston, 8. 0. During the first
days of that most lamentable conflict i
that tve now know as the civil war a j
little woman In this state nave her j
husband and their four grown sons to j
Unlit for the cause that to her seemed j
Just. Fhe was not belligerent; she was j
brave. A few years Inter a neighbor
brought her word that all but the
youngest boy had been killed, says
Hapsburg Llehe of the Vigilantes.
"You shouldn't have sent them all,"
said this neighbor. "You should have
kept two of those boys at home."
"If I had a dozen to send I would
have sent them," the little woman re
plied very readily, very calmly. "And
1 know that my men went down In
their boots, doing distinguished service.
You see, I know my men."
At the end of the war the youngest
boy returned. He was a captain, and
not n captain merely by courtesy. Ah
he rode) through the obi plantation he
saw to bis intense surprise that It was
in n fair state of cultivation and Hint
foodstuffs bad taken the place of cot
ton. Ho had expected to llnd those
broad acres llllcd with weeds and bri
ars. As soon as he had proudly greet
ed his mother and been In turn proudly
greeted by her, he spoke of this.
"That was my part," she told him.
"Yon couldn't fight without hnvlng
something to eat, could you?"
It was then that, he noted the marks
of toll on her hands, and he knew that
Hie faithful obi negroes had not done
all the hard work, lie brought his heels
together In the military fashion and
lifted bis band to the rim of his hut.
"Mother," he said, not very steadily,
"I salute you, the greatest soldier of
us all !"
Soldier Said Goodby, but She, In Fight
ing Garb, Followed,
IMttft burgh. Disguised as n soldier In
the hope of being near her sweetheart,
Marlon Nestor, eighteen, of YS'oodlawn,
rode? on the Eighteenth regiment troop
train 130 miles before she was discov
ered. Weeping, she was placed aboard
a train for home.
Lieutenant Ottman W. Freeborn of
Company K, his suspicions excited by
the appearance of one soldier, took off
the mispect's hat. Long brown hair fell
about the shoulders and face of a pretty
but, frightened girl.
Miss Nestor said that when Stewart
Wnlthour, nineteen, of Woodlawn, was
called with his regiment, she wanted to
go too, but he bade hr goodby and left.
Sh decided to follow.
Riley Made Sure Men He Recommend
ed Were Fighters.
Chicago.-- Tom It Hoy of West Fif
teenth street was told at the recruiting
station that he was too old to tight, al
though he begged for nn opportunity to
"I guess I'm too old to fluid," he snld,
as he twisted bis gnarled and bony
bands, "but maybe I can send ye some
likely lads. Whin they monies in, cap.
and tell ye thor're fr'ni Tom Riley, take
me wor-rd they'll be nil rlirht."
That was one day recently. Sine
then more than Iwentyflve hnskips
have come In, saying they were "re
cruited" by Tom it Hoy. Barring black
eyes and bruised faces, they wee Ideal
recruits nnd were gladly accepted.
Old Tom himself appeared ngaln nt
the station and wns informed that nil
of his recruits bad been accepted.
Learn to Think on Your Feet.
it does not nmlter whether one
want' to be n eih!ie speaker or not, a
per. -on should lone Mich complete 'OI.
tnd of himself, should be so self re
liatil and sell poi.-vd, that he can get
up la an;- audlcm-p, im i ; ; In.w
liii'L'e or I'M inH.-iMe, and ('' press bin
thotiuhls eli erly and distinctly. : In nil
ngoi orator;.- lies been regarded us the
highest expression of human achieve
melt. Y-i;m; people, no mutter wli.it
they fi 1 1 , ; i 1 to be, whet'.Hr bbl'd'MIIlilh
T fanner, i.ifivhaiit or ph.s'.o'ian.
should male it n study. Notions e!--e
will e.,11 o"t v. hid is iti n iomi moiv
fpuickl.v ;;itd f.iorc effectively than the
constant e'T ri to do !;: , be. t m ;
iii'.' b".'o:v an atinience. Wh :i i.
dcrl'ilcci to thi:,';: on isie's t
speak et nii".fii::t s: -!y I cce
lillhH" the ! ' si d l:ie : K' l '
witPv itMii P:
f4il I ABC
It's just the same story; as "mighty o.iks from crmill acorns
grow," so will dimes grow into dollars, but you must SAVE.
Thousands of romfortibie nomes today wore started when their
owners began to save fheir riitr:cs. A savingo account leads to
happiness ;md we will show you bow to ttart one.
Here's the Surest and Safest way to help you 3AVC A DIME A
-I '
c il.
': About. 1,000 of the country's lead
' Ing business men are now In Wash
''liiRlon for an Indefinite period,
v In former days that announcement
would have been received by lhe pub-j since he was thirty years old.
He Carries Message to Schools of Sis
ter Republic.
Albany, N. Y'. The regents of the
university of the stafp, with the ap
proval of Governor Whitman, author
ized, the commissioner of education,
John H. Flnley, to make a brief visit
to Franco for the purpose of seeing the
schools and observing what they arc
doing for the nation in war time.
The Fnlverslty of France was organ
ized on much the same lines as the
fnlverslty of the Stafp of New York
Dr. Flnley Is permitted by President
Wilson to carry his greetings to the
schoolteachers and school children of
France and Is the bearer of many oth
er messages to those who are doing
(heir brave part back of the line.
Shave Renew His Youth,
Uridgevlile, Del. Shaved for the
first llnie In fifty years, luinlel F.
Imllg, who lives outside of lillduevllle,
Is expecting to become a regular vil
lage "eutup." Long Is nhout eighty
years old nnd has not been shaved
" lie with bonui misgivings. It, would
; have meant, to most citizens, that
th':.v had gone there to promote their
own particular bur.iiicss Inieresta
2 that, they were, lobbyists. But thai
, sort of thing has almost disappeared.
These thousand keen business brains
are uot seeking any Hellish advantage
for themselves or their stockholder:;.
All are giving their time and ability
. voluntarily and without compensation
to help put the country in economic
readiness for eflieient war-making.
Among these men are the active
heads of several great railroad sys
, tenis, and many hankers whose names
are household words. Kvery branch
., of big business is represented. Kv
n ery man Is n expert devoting IiIb best
y. effort to tho particular public need
which he can best serve.
"'r There has never been anything like
' this before iu the history of our coun-
lias never visited a large oily, never
saw n circuit, never wns on a railroad
train and never went to a moving pic
ture show, lie expect to go b a
"movie" and plans to visit I'hlhuK-l
phlu on the next excursion,
try. There was no such cooperation
in the American llcvohitinn or the
Civil wars. And certainly there was
nothing approaching it in tK. last
peaceful decades, Huslness and gov
ernment, have themselves been al
war for many years, to their own mu
tual disadvantage and loss.
Tho new cooperation Is a fact of
happy omen. Surely business and
goveinnienl -which means business
men and olllco-holders will under
stand each otner better hereafter, and
get ulong belter. Co-operation need
not end with tho emergency that pro
duced It.
Appeal Made to Stop Practice, Which
Imperils Army Aircraft,
Omaha, Neb. An appeal to farmers
and others throughout this territory to
refrain from shooting nt balloons was
Issued by Captain H. J. H. Mi Klgln of
tho balloon corps nt Fort Omaha, who
announced that such acts subject the
perpetrators to severe penalties.
Many balloons are being sent up from
Fort Omaha every day for the purpose
of training air service recruits. Cap
tain Mctflgln said shooting at these
Im Moons seemed to have become popular.
Seea His First Show,
niufftnn, fnd.- J, W. Wetrlck came
to this country from Germany thirty
five years ago, settling at Vera Crux, n
village east of here. In nil of this time
he never left his homo (own until re
cently, when, aecoinpiwiled by a ibiugb.
(er, he visited relatives nt Woleott,
Ind. On his way home he slopped nt
Fort Wayne and witnessed n show, the
first of his life, He said be enjoyed
his first title on nu lnterurbnn car and
tho "sIkIUs" on the short Journey.
Air Part of the Earth,
"A balloon is sent up at New York
city on an absolutely calm day, remains
in tho air for one hour, drifting in the
moderate currents of the upper air, and
descends a few miles from the place
from which it was sent up. How is it
that the place of descent is not some
spot adjacent to Chicago If the tlcory
of the earth's revolution is correct?"
This problem was propounded in a
letter to the Scientific American and
received this Interesting answer:
The simple answer to your Inquiry
is that the air Is part of the earth and
rotates with It Just as the water docs.
If It did not there would be a tre
mendous wind from the east of nearly
1,000 miles au hour nt. the equator and
about WiO miles in our latitude. This
Is apparent if you recall the wind
which Is fplt when going swiftly
through still nir on a car. The nir is
held upon the earth by gravity and con
ftitutes a part of tho revolving globe
In a very mil sense.
Inactive Kidneys
Cause Disease
"Why, oh, why," remarked tlm ob
server of events and things, "will a
woman smile with delight when sh
sees a hnt In b milliner's window and
frown when she sees tho eamo hat on
her neighbor's headl"
Thoir Upper and Lower World.
Shamanism Is a name npplled to the
religion of certain peoples among Finns,
Hungarians, Turks. Mongolians nnd
'funguses, but chiefly those of north
western Asia. ;.t i i'osn.t Shamanism
is best represented by the prnctlcei
of the Tungnses. According to them,
(here are three spiritual renlms -beavenly,
enrlhly and subterranean.
TIia earthly realm Is on the surface of
tho earth; the olher two consist ol
stories above and below the earth's
surface, The good spirits live above
or on the earth; the rvll below It. The
upperworld of light. Is composed of
seventeen such stories, or heavens; the
lower world of darkness, of seven (or
nine) hells. Above live the greatest
lords, khans, gods, good spirits and
blessed ghosts; below, devils, demons,
koholds, goblins, gnomes, swniiiualdeiis
and IhedHnined.-IMillHdelplila Press.
"I shall not Soon foriret tho benefits 1 derived
from the use of Folcr Kidncj Pill."-AI. A.
Godfrey, Forest Grorc, Oregon.
Too much work and too liillo work
peem to have iihont tho came cf'fet I.
on persons past middle age. 1 'roper
action of tho ki'lneya Is le ccssnry t'
pood health. They act aa a filter
nnd remove from tho Mood poisonous
waste matter which if P'-rtnltlct tr
remain in tho tiyattm leads to many
Many nervous, tired, run-down men
nnd women suffer from pains In tint
back and aides, dizzy spells, bladd- r
weakness, eoro muscles and stilt
Joints anil fall to realize tbnt rheaim.
tisin, diabetes. or even liright'agdiu
easo may result.
If you bavo cause to believe that
year kidneys ere weak, disordered or
inactive you should at t immediately.
Foley Kidney Pills have, been used
by yon UK, middle need and old wit It
complete tiatlafactlon. Thuy act nulck
ly and sum )v and lmv Klvrti rclitiC
la cases ol tun yeatu' standing.
For salo by W. J). Imuran.
OJME f(y
I way
Our small pocket dime banks are now being distributed Call and
get one.
Children Cry
Tills Is Gelger's
inow To Cct Kelicf When Head'!
anu iosc arc muucu up. i
Watch II for Bargains
Kindnen to Animate.
Hon't bo discouraged heeuuso JTVI nee j
so many unkind things being done, says j
Our Itunili Animals. Just keep on be- j
lug aetlvfly kind to ntnmls yourself j
and the number who follow your cx
amide will continually fcruvr.
' Count fiflyl Your eoM In hend'or
catarrh disappears. Your elnpged tios
trils will open, the air passages of your
head will elear nnd ynti can hreatlm
freely No morn snullling, hawking,
mucous discharge, dryness or headache;!
no struggling for breath at night.
CVt a small bnttlo of Fly's Cream
Tlalm from your druggist nnd apply a
little of this fragrant antiseptic cream
in your nostrils.' It penetrates through
every air passago.tif the head, soothing
land liuuliug tho swollen or inttamcd
mucous membrnne, giving ymt instant
relief. Head colds mud catarrh yield
like maffie. Don't 'stay Btuilcdup and
tnicraMc. , Solkf i.isture.X'
CSias. fid jerJhe Grocer
Our Telephone Ca.ll Is Double Ten

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