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j The Wrong Diagnose,
j When cup John u'Shen up pen red In a
i police court to answer t the charge of
being drunk and assaulting the police
an otrier declared that the man bad
' been (iU:ui.stcd from the uruiy with
Iirii milny.
i -No." O'Shea iTctostcil; "it wasn't
. ttiat in Mii that 1 vui ..iiifcria from.
t It was vaiicosio veins." VuutU'a Com
It is often necessary to suffer in the cause of all
( That boy
"TOO cooo
Professional Cards
l tr Mcwev fow y.cwM ,1 v S ll 0lV cOme'hY M VIOLIN , ,.
L - Ik. I . 1 I , " W ' v--v I C7.L uMB.. I II f "V II'' I f I .- - , --vi .. . -
o " L
AT TrtP. HO Wii;
CR ,
Here we have the tale of i
young woman who Is thrust by
her nedy and lazy family Into
a world of human vultures to
win a fortune with her personal
Charms. But she surprises them M
alt with her fine traits of char
acter. Her struggles and con
stant danger are frightening,
but she brings help and happi
ness to men and women who
need it much. This Is a ctory
with strong pulse.
! CHAPTKIt 1-reter Knight, defeated
for political off! In his town, decides to
venture New York in onl'T that the fam
ily fortunes might heneiit by the expected
riss of his charming UauKhter, Lorelei.
CHAPTEK II-A well-known critic in
terview Lorelei Knlglit, now Btaije beau
ty with KerBtnan'B Kevue, for a special
article. Her coln-huntlug mother outlines
Lorelei's ambitions, but SluKson, the press
agent, later adds his information.
CHAPTER HI-Lorelel attends Million
aire Hammon's gorgeous entertainment
She meets Alerkle, a wealthy dyspeptic,
Mio sems fond of S'-andal. j
CHAPTER IV-Hob Wharton breaks in-'
to the ball tn a novel way una wins ai
thousand dollars from IiIh father. Merkle '
asks Lorelei to be. his detective in an af- I
fair wliich he fears. The intoxicated Hob
Wharton Insults Lorelei and then Jumps
in the fountain. " j
CHAPTER V-JIm Knight's doings ills-
gust Lorelei and aroiiBe her suspicion. I
tier drtsslnx room partner looms as a
central figure in the blackmail scheme
against Itammon. Mrs. Croft, the dresser,
tells what she heard.
CHAPTER Vl-Lnrelel meets Merkle to
warn him of the proposed trap for Ham
rnon. They go for a long auto rido in
the night.
CHAPTF.R VH-The auto is wrecked;
Merkle and Lorelei are forced to walk to
the Chateau. Arriving, they meet Jim
Knight and suspicious companions who
leave suddf nly. Mammon appears from
within and tells of being tricked in com
puny with Lilas I.ynn. ,
CHAPTER VIIT-Lorelel goes shopping
,and meets Mile. Uemorest, notorious dan
cer, who takes her home to tea. Lorelei
learns that the daneer is not what is said
of her.
CHAPTER TX T.lias Lynn confesses to
Lorelei her Intentions as to I (amnion.
Jim Knight nnd.his mother prepare to
force nioncv from Merkle, using; Lorelei's
ride with him as a weapon.
CHAPTER X-Iim takes Lord"! to sup
per to avoid I'loh Wharton, who, however,
unexpe-'tcdlv appears at their table. Ho
pours out his apologies to Lorelei ami tells
tier that her brother arranged ti e meet
ing for money. Lorelei saves the drunken
Wharton from Jim and his gang.
relel ol
is too erainl for me," I.e..
otTer your own price for Ger
tie's flat It you like it. They're crazy
for tenants. It's cheaper than ho
If you want to save money."
Lorelei was surprised to find
friend's quarters not only richly
li,,i -
but '
lavishly furnished. The decorations
were harmonious and- bespoke a reck
less disregard of cost. 'A Huffy Jap
anese spaniel with protruding eyes and
distorted visage capered deliriously at
its mistress' feet.
But the objects that intrigue,! the
vinltr most strongly were several
paintings. They were of n kind she
had seldom seen, and lu the afternoon
light one stood out with particularly
startling" effect. It was a dusky WimT
scape; there was a stream, a meadow
edge, trees just growing black- against
n dying sunset, a herd of cattle com
ing out of the west. Before this pic
ture Lorelei paused, staring with wide
eyes of wonder.
Lllas flung her hut carelessly Into a
.1. ,,. ii. f ... .. fl, , irt ..
cmnr, lit n cigarette iroui a iiuany
humidor, then turned with the spaniel
In her arms and, beholding her guest
with rapt, upturned face, remarked,
with n laugh;
"Looks like the real thing, doesn't it?"
"OhIt's wonderful so (dean and
cool nnd quiet! I've seen cattle In Vale
thnt looked just like those, when I
went barefoot In the grass."
"Some Purohinnn painted It Ms
mime's on the corner. He's dead now,
I believe. It used to hang in some
museum I forget where, I like pic
tures of women best, hilt" She
shrugged and left the sentence unfin
ished. "There's a dandy In my bed
room, nlthongh It didn't cost half nil
much as that barnyard thing. The
frame's a foot wide nnd covered with
solid gold."
"I had no Idea you lived like this."
Lorelei peered through n pair of
French doors and into n perfectly ap
pointed Jlhrnry, with n masjdye muling
v mill!
any table, deep loiiiiii: chair, a writ
ing desk, and a doine-crovvned read
ing in nip.
"My study," I.ilas laughed, shortly.
"That's where 1 Improve my mind
not. The books fire deadly. Now come:
I f itchy Koo must have dinner ready.
His name isn't HUchy Koo. hut it
sounds like It, and he's 'the cutest
little thing; got the cutest little
swing.'" She moved down the ha!!,
humming the chorus of the senseless
popular song from -which Hhe had
Everywhere was the same evidence
of good taste in decoration and luxury
of equipment, hut a suspicion had en
tered Lorelei's mind, and she avoided
comment, llilciiy Koo was cook, but
ler and house-boy, and In view of Miss:
Lynn's disorderly habits it was evi-l
dent that lie had all he could do to
keep the place presentable.. His mis-1
tress ate without appetite and in a J
hypercritical mood that took no ae-j
count of the wasteful attempts to i
plaso her. Quite regardless of the pa- i
tient little Jap, she found fault with j
him savagely, bo that Lorelei wasj
often painfully embarrassed. j
"So you like my home, do you':" she
queried, 'lifter it tihie.
"I've never seen one so beautiful."
I.iias nodded. "Ilitchy sleeps out,
and that leaves mo the whole place.
Jarvls fiur'shed it, even to the books,
an 1 I'm studying to be a lady." Again
sin- hmj:!)c(! mockingly. "I make a
Kn!T at refiling, hut so long as 1 talk
about Napoleon he never thinks to
i,r.estion ;:u. I know that French gink
baok ward."
"1 wish 1 hail a hobby something to
Interest me. something to live for,"
said Lorelei, lamely.
"Yes. It .dyes yon something to
think nbor.t when you're alone. It
hi dps yen Listand things." For the
tb'st time Lila.s showed a trace of feel
ing in I'.er voice; sdio dropped her chin
into her pnhu and, leaning upon the
table, stand as if at a vision. Her
dark eyes were somber, her brows
lowercl ami drawn together.
'r!:o ; iipslii'd Informality of the meal,
the constant faultfinding of the host
ess, made it something of a trial, Lore
lei was not Mirrv when it was over
mid Lilas took her to link at the va
cant Mat.
MKs Moore's apartment offered n
wide contrast to the one they had just
tiiitiod, being very smail and very
modestly furnished; but it: was on the
jseoomi tloor, convenient to both eleva
! tor and stulrwny, It boasted a piano,
nnd the superintendent allowed his
prospective tenant to name her own
!, terms. She descended with relief, feel
; ing that she had made not a bad bar
' gain.
She stated, as she sank Into Lllas'
i big library chair, "1 feel quite Inde
pendent at last. The rent is ridicu
lous, and I can do my own cooking."
"Don't make a fool of yourself. You
1 can do as well as I've done. You have
the looks."
"Hut I'm not engaged to a multimil
lionaire." "It seems queer, when I think of it,"
I.iias mused, ".larvls is one of the
richest men In New York, and he made
his money out of the steel business
the business into which I was bora.
TIavo you ever been through a mill',"
"It's wonderful, terrible. I can smell
the hot slag, the scorching cinders, the
smoke, to this day. Some nights I
wake up screaming, It's so vivid. I
see the glare ot the furnaces, the belch
ing Haines, the showers of sparks from
the converters, the streams of white
hot metal, and they seem to pour over
me. I have the same dream nlwnys;
I've had It ever since the night after
my father was killed."
"You told mo be was killed In a steel
"Yes, before my eyes. I saw It."
LtbiB Bhtiddered. "I was n little girl
na, but I've never forgotten, We
were poor, dreadfully poor, like nil the
Jews )h, yes; didn't you kuovv I'm
a Jew?"
"Then 'Lllas Lynn'?"
"Stage naine. it's really Lllj' I.e
vlnskl. We were l'ollsh. 1 was
dragged tip, along wllh the other work
men's children, In the soot mid grime
of tlnj IVimsvlviuihi mills. "Hell must
'liio.-te aiiiU-lt couldn't be
Lorelei had ni'Vt-r heard her room
unite speak with sui'li feeling nor In
sin-h :l strain. Hut I. this seemed quite
uuoou.'eiotis of her little liiirst of elo
"I Wss an Imaginative Kid," She Con
tinued. her knees: her eyes were brilliant in
the gathering dusk. Her memories
steined to affect her with a kind of
horror, yet to hold her fascinated and
to demand expression.
"1 was an imaginative kid, ' she
continued. "It's a trait of our people,
like well, like their distrust of au
thority and their fear of law. Father
worked in the Bessemer plant, like any
huiikie, and tTie women used to bring
the men's lunches to them. Mother
wasn't strong, ami that duty fell to me.
"It was one of the biggest mills In
IVmisylvania, nnd its tonnage was
always heavy because the superin
tendent was a slave driver. He was
one of those men who are born without
j n soul or feelings, and he bad no ln-
i terest in anything except rails and
I "One day I took my stand just out-
j side the Ilesscmer plant. It was a big
I shell of steid girders and corrngaled
Iron, and the sub' where we were was
i open. Father saw me ami waved his
hand he always waved at me then
I saw the superintendent coming
through a big, square-faced man
whom everybody feared. Vlier"ver
lie went the bunkies (lanced; ho could
put life into a dead man's limbs, that,
man. It was because of their great
fear of him nnd his furious urging that
something happened."
Lllas had begun her recital slowly,
without apparent object, but once into!
it she seemed unable to stop; and now. j
although her words came haltingly, It
was plain that she had worked herself j
into a sort of hysteria in which she j
gave little heed to her hearer. It was1
characteristic of her that she could
so excite herself by the power of vis-!
uall.ation as to be completely trans-!
ported. I
"Something went wrong overhead;,
nnyhow, the converter dumped too ;
soon, Men were working directly tin-1
dernenth, father among the rest. I
saw him go down under a stream of
liquid steel" !
Lorelei's horrified exclamation went
unnoticed; Lilas' voice was shrill. j
"Yes. He was blotted out. right he
fore my eyes. In an Instant. In the
time it takes to snnp your finger, he
nnd the others were gone, changed j
into smoke, Into ahsoluti
nothingness, j
There was no insurance, and unjmdy ;
took the blame, Another Jew family,1
it few more widowed and fatherless
foreigners, among that army, meant
nothing. I've never forgotten that day,
nor the figure of that shouting, swonr
lng man who came through the Bos-;
semer mill crying for more speed,
more speed, more speed. j
'It fuppose I was too little to make
nny foolish vows of vengeance, for 1 1
was only it ragged mite of a child
nniong a horde of slaves, but when I '
grew older I often dreamed of having!
thnt man In my power, and making
him suffer. Who wouldwho could j
have imagined that I'd ever be living
on money wrung from the labor of men I
likp my father, and be in a position to'
meet that man on an equal footing? I
never did not in my wildest moments',
nnd yet here I am and the tiny of
reckoning gets closer all tho time."
Hhe ended wlthnn nbrupfiipss thnt
if like
Mie u.ts sealed, io-Miiug for- I
ward now with launls locked Ictween
' - r 1 I
" " ' jfc ,y y?''' V
MM V i -sox w;i
-r irA aj-.rr-ti'.pnss-f
evid'i nceil fier agitation. Rising, she
jerked a beaded chain that depended
i from the center lamp, and the room
j was flooded with mellow light; then !
) she drew out the table drawer at her 1
guest's elbow, ami with -diking li m is ;
selected a small box trom the confu-
slon within. Londei recoiled at the
sight of a revolver bidden among the
"Goodness! I hope it isn't loaded,"
the latter exclaimed. "Your story gives
me the creeps and ttiat thing seems
to lit In."
"It'i loaded, all ri-ht. I keep It for
protection. I
you all this,"
don't know why X told
she half apologized to
Lorcit I. "It has
upset me, as it ul-
ways does."
"How did you ever
,row up ami
educate yourself?"
"1 hardly knows I liUed out when I
began t) get something to eat, and I
developed a good figure. Finally I got
to be a model. I was quick to learn,
and when rich dames came in I
watched them. I became good-looking.
i too, althoiich not so pretty as 1 am
now, for 1 couldn't put the time or
money on It. Then 1 (ame to New
York. The. rest isn't a pretty story."
Miss Lynn made this declaration
calmly as she busied herself wbh the
glass her servant had fetched. She
dissolved a portion of the powder she
had taken-from the box in the spoon,
then carefully transferred tiie liquid
Into the cap of a pe.arl-and gold foun
tain pen. Inserting 1 he open end' of
the receptacle into first one, then the
other nostril, she inhaled the con
tents. "What are you doing?" asked Lore
lei curiously.
"Something to quiet my nerves. T
wonder wbv I told you all this?" She
eyed her
nest speculatively, then
Well, since we're to be
ghhors, we must be friends, and
iyV. no harm dune. Now that .Tar
nnd I are engaged, lie's awfully
particular about the company I keep,
but he likes you. How different they
act when they're in earnest! He even
wants me to quit work now, but I
like the excitement it's better than
waiting." Sim glanced at her wrist
watch and drew herself together. "Our
time is up, dear; we must get back
to the show-shop."
I Tho Gauuherie of Solcbera.
j Soldiers when marching ut lilg'.it
I through open country Invariably ;.:t. 'i
Into toward tin? left, not to t'i ri;. 1.1.
This is flu; experience cf an oid :?ol
i iller. who thinks the teiidc:i.-y i; due
to two cause.: First as the rill-' D
; utrrlod in tic right hand it iialurall;,
follows that, the weapon nnn must !a
kept free, ;.nd In case of pressure.
; when hi clos" formation, the In-Fiic
' five rule is to cut tip the left elbow
nip! say,
(.ml. tiie sold
oli to the lei t. Ke.
always tdi ps oil" with
hi;-i left l'o t. nnd, although it may
I.;:rd to prove, (here Is rdways a si
ilevial'n ii to the left, even whei
di, i
battalion is
vvurd a tixt
of .supi ll't,-
l larckkig in da;. dig
d point or any other
I, ..id !i Chronicle.
Her fier-ommendaliori.
A woman prominent: as a
worker was in l.h,' city to en
new girl the tiler day. She
an employment agency which
visiu tl
a tq:e l.iltv i i liiiti!!i:: p!a : i-
r coiin-
try houaeni.'ihls and was tnt!h
with one frtmi the country.
"Why did you leave yetir last plat
asked the woman.
"I didn't have no last place," an
swored the girl, "lit cause 1 nin't hud
no last pi; t c to leave, ni'.d I'm still
working at ii. la lug for m. s.df ili.if
I've been workit,::. nnd Fin sure fni n
good servant, and 1 can recommend
myseif to you, ma'am."- Exchange.
"It's easy to find out what time it
Is," said n married man. "If the ball
clock suys
clock says o
clock says l
i;lo, and un
10, and the drawing room
."(), and tiie dining room
;().", and my watch sa;
wife's little dinky wat' li
says (1, lt,'n (! o'c
k in our huiiso."-
Dad Gets Back.
"So you are going to marry u chorus
girl, hey?"
"Now, don't, kick up n fuss, dad. Two
nnn live us cheaply ns one."
"I'll give you a chance to prove flint.
Not fl cent Increase of allowance do
you get." Louisville Courier Journal.
rersovrrnnco Is more prevailing
than violence, mid ninny things which
en ii not be overcome when they are to-
Eetjier yl
little by
yield themselves up when taken
I it Hit.
To know how lo wait l the great
ocret of Hiieecss, Do Maiidro.
Classified Adverfising
Aiiyen wniems wiu oe niw-ru'ii 01 0111
ciduiim not exeeeding live lines, one
tinie. I.' rt'iils; three limes, ." ceiils: one
week. '.'I eetils. Kach line over live, 10
cents per week additional.
All advertisements in this clumn must
be paid in advance.
For Rent
KOIv UIIXT Two nice rooms furnish
ed for light house keeping. Gas to
cook with. Inquire at this ohice.
FOIt RHXT Fight room flat, nil mod
ern conveniences. Inquire Dr. Bur
rows I Foil HKN'T A six room house. Mod
em conveniences, 'I'lione al .n. Arm
strong, Molorcy Bid;.
For Sale
11 Alii GOODS FOil SALK - Mr.;. Mar
tin, of Flgin, will he at 114 Jefferson
street, aft moons of thia week, or
phone 21I'.-L
FOil SA LP. -Owner offers two nood
improved farms (dose to good mar
koto, black soil; will send pictures of
building.: on request. Frank Keilly, i
New Hampton, Iowa,
FOH SALK A bargain eight room
cottage witli improvements; 2 large
lots. I'ricA ?2,b00 If sold at once.
Inquire Die Douglaa street, or phono
j 398-X. .
modern eight-room houso on Illinois
avenue. Also three furnished rooms,
well located. For further particulars
call on or address Wm. Jamison, 720
La Salle street, Ottawa, 111.
ulHce work,
writing. XYZ,
for bookkoi ping and
Apply in vvn hand
care Froo Tri'iier-
WANTED - 2 or Z furnished rooms for
light house keeping by June first.
Address II. M. this ollke.
Ut Co.
Men for general
(Icpartmenls. ,1.
fai t
Prepare for lighter work, belter pay,
more jobs. Few weeks' completes.
Day or evening, Nearly three years
saved. See how. Catalogue, mailed
1(15 8- Fifth Ave., Chicago.
WANTED-Highest prices paid for
old feather beds and castoff cloth
ing. Address II. Kaplan, Ottawa, ill.
Worrying Hopplr.css.
The bishop of Maiiclie: er, speaking
at a meeting at Church House. West
minster, said the secret of happiness
was to Im vp it sufficient multitude of
The msjui who had only one worry,
n blind that would not bp pulled up
straight by the servant or a coal s ut
ile the bottom of which was iiiways
coming out. found his way to f':e
lunatic as;,
no time f t
cm. use he
other urn!
round like
li.i.i, but the ma;i who had
dwell up-ill his worries I e-I'.-.l
to (:o from one to an
back again and round and
ii squirrel In a cage could
be a
period ly happy man. London
Saobab Trees,
I I ret! il'iinl; '
iisoiiin li;-.it.,;.s.
, a h'i'ivo o. A
The lb!',
thai or A
baobali I:
trunks n. "i
Mild to )( I
.died the 1
' The .
(ban thlri.v j
t i'pc lie'. a ; '
The trie Is i
In the ex '
,"e si mci imes more
din meter and . the
m :-.!xly feet high.
fed in
more tit
strictly I ropical, but. grows
tremo south of Florida.
"The convict who wn.t eii:.;ineeriii;:
ail est iq e lor tils companions Was
really pel ( ; .dug a public service,"
"How 'hi ytai make that out';"
"Wasn't lc trying to bring about n
I'ne (i'-'liv cry of the males'.''' laltliiiore
A i in. i i' a 1 1 .
A Sort Job
--1 have at
First 1 1 ob,
ist Ihous.ht of
n Job I think I
Hobo Snd tthal
Lineman in a wi
pnny. New York
would like. Second
is it? IT rsl Hobo -ad
rs telegraph coin-Times,
WANTK!) -Two waitresses at once.
Apply at the College Inn.
MAX u'ANTKD- To take care of gas
oline engine; ;,iuc,le man preferred.
.V:.i:.tss W. ii, cue of thh; othee.
WAN TKI Stenographer desires ex
tra work i hone X..VW or rail ut
2b) Moloney liuilding.
WAXTI'.'D - A compeleM girl for gen
oral houaework ; no washing. Mrs,
A. .1. O'tleuor, 4315 ( ongrcss street.
WANTK!) TO lil'Y- For a client, a
farm of 2U'J to Hid acres; must be
either 7 or S miles north of Ottawa,
with first quality of soil and good im
provements. Address J. O. Harris &
Son, phone lh"7-W.
WAN'TKD--Laborers, li'Je
tho Ilerrick Clay Mfg.
per hour, by
MKX WANTKI) - For both inside and
outwide work. Steady work and
good pay. Apply in person at the
Chicago iietort and Fire Brick Co..
Don't matter if broken. 1 pay one
:o ten dollars per set. Send by part-el
post and receive check by return mail.
L. Mazer, HOo? S. 5th St., I'hiladelphia,
SEND YOUR luce, scrim and muslin
curtains to be laundered early.
Washed by hand, dried in tho open
air. All goo;la handled carefully.
Lace ctirlains, full length and width
a') cents per pair; narrow and short,
to cents per pair. Muslin and scrim
curtain.!, 35 cents per pair, Fancy
and han-lworif, a Fpecialty. Woik
guaranteed. Call ICIS-Y. for particul
a rs.
collecting evidence, call phone 3S9-L
or address Hox 73. Ottawa, 111.
and repairing. All work guaranteed.
August Jehly, CO 1 Norria street.
Phone SO-i-V.
1125 Columbus St. Phone 225-Y.
Silver fills 75c to $1. Pond, frowns,
$5 Gobi crowns $5 to $S. Plates 15 to
$10. All work guaranteed first class.
Ofliee hours S a. m. to 7:30 p. m. j
Tornado Insurance.
The destruction of so many homes I
r.l Mattoon and Charleston and oiliirj
cities in Illinois, should be a warning j
as to what, might happen here. To!
protect yourself aa.ninst linanelal Iom, ;
why not secure a Tornado Policy?:
U.IHMI insurance for three year:: erf i
your residence will cost you but ?l.''G.'
or Ko for live years. Call 170, War-!
nor ic Hesa Agency. i
Walrus of Alsskd.
The Alaska walrus aie enormous.
The iiverage one is as big as an ox,
and it often weighs inure than-a Ion.
A walrus was recently killed by some
whalers near Point Harrow, whose
bend weighed eighty pounds, and skin,
including flippers, .500 pounds. That
animal bud a girth of fourteen feet,
and its weight was over !(,(( K pounds.
The skin was from half an Inch tc
three inches In thickness, and the blub
ber weighed !"W pounds.
Air In tho Lungs.
In one minute, in n state of rest, the
nvernge man takes Into Ids lungs about
RS cubic Inches of air. in walking
he needs !l7.tl cubic Inches; in climb
ing, 1 10.11 cubit: inches; in riding at a
trot, "01," cubic Inches, and in longdis
tance running, hl7.7 cubic Inches.
"Illutlly certainly speeded sumo In
hi; new automobile before the cops got
him. The machine attracted lots of
"Yes, I noticed a great many persons
were struck by It."--Baltimore Ameri
can. Almost Unforgivabla.
"I nskod Arthur how old he thought
I was. and be guessed rigid the very
first time."
"Have you made up yet?" London
St my Stories.
Reduced to Nothing.
Boy-Whiit id "slag." papa? Dad
Tiie residuum of n mail's Iron will aft
er going through the inutrliuonhil fur
iiutfc!Towu Tonics.
Attorney at lax, 210211 Moloney
nidg., Ottawa. Illinois. Telephones:
Otlke, S75-W. Hesiilence, 3I2-Y.
Attorney and counsellor at law and
solicitor in chancery. Will prattle
law in the several courts and in
the federal courts. Special atten
tion given to ull real estate easel
of La Salle and adjoining counting,
including drainage questions.
Attorney at lav, ofilce. La Salle' SL.
west of court bouse.
Specialist eye, car, nose and throat.
Third Koor Central Life Building.
'Phones: Offlco lulS-W. lies., Main H2.
Attorneys at law, National Uank Uldg,
Ottawa, 111.
W. H. JAMIESON, S. B., M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon: 'phone office,
222 W., residence, Main C43. Or
tice in Armory block. Professional
calls in city or country will receivt
faithful retention. Ottawa, 111.
Attorney and counselor at law, office,
rooms 40S and 407 Molono Bldg
Ottawa, Illinois.
Attorney at law, office west of court
house. 'Phone, Main 161.
Magnetic Healer treatments given by
one of your own sex for those tired
out nerves. Headache, Rheumatism
ami all nervous troubles. Prices
reasonable. ELLA WESTCOTT. 828
La Salle street, after 3 o'clock
'phone, CC6-K., Ottawa, Illinois.
Physician and Surgeon, ofilce, at resi
dence, 810 Columbus street. Office
hours, 1 to 3 p. m.
Osteopathic physician, 402 3-4 Molon
ey LTdg., Ottawa, III. 'Phone: Of
fice, HSn-R.; residence, 367-K. .
Osteopathic Physician. Hours: 9 to
12 a. m.; 2 to 5 p. m.; 7 to 8 p. m.
'Phones, office, Main 215-R.; resi
dence, 8S2-X. Moloney Uldg., Otta
wa, Illinois,
(Effective M
Easthonnd cars for Marseilles, Sen
eca, Morris, Minooka, Rockdale, Ju
liet, 111., leave Ottawa station in
A. M. -5:15, :.-,, 7:50, 8:50, 9:50,
'1(1:511, 11:5').
P. M. 12:50, 1:50, 2:D0, 3:50, 4:50,
6:05, fi:50, 7:5a, 9:50, all: 00.
Sundays and holidays only,
a Mom's.
West bound cars for Starved Rock,
I'tica, La Salle, Peru, Spring Valley,
Ladd, Del'ue, Bureau and Princeton
leave Ottawa station in
A. M. 1,5:20. c5:50, b6:50, c8:05,
bS:5o, cl'J;, 50, cl0::!5,
P. M.--dl2:05, el2:50, ill:5(), b2:50,
c:!:5t), 1)4:5(1, ('5:51), bC:S0, c7:50,
bS:5o, dj : ri(. f 1 1 : 00.
b Ladd and intermediate points.
c Princeton and intermediate
d Prim cton Ladd and Intermediate
e De Pue, Liuhl and intermediate
f La Salle and intermediate points.
Southbound cars for McKinley
Park, Grand Ridge and Streator, 111.,
leave Ottawa si ut ion in
A M. 5:5(1, fi;,'iil, S:50, 10:50.
P. M. 12:5!', l;5o, 2:50, "3:50, 4:50,
5:50, (1:50, 7:50, 8:50, 9:50, 11:33.
Sunday and holidays only.
Always buy tickets ami save money.
$1.50 Week-End Excursions
every Saturday and Sunday, also on
Decoration Day, Fourth of July'aud
Labor Day $1 .50.
Every Day Fares.
Round Trip $1.75. One Way-$1.00.
Round trip ticket:-, limited to ten
days via Jollet, lib, Chicago & Jollet
Electric. Ry.
Low Rates.

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