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Juliet, 111., June IS. Joliet prison i
hack on its sate and sane bask. The
operation method used by K. J. Mur
phy under his former rule have been
re-inaugurated with practically all
club features of recent regimes elim
inated. Yesterday Warden Murphy posted a
list of sixteen iul.s as his first step
In the restoration of discipline at the
state institution. These rules were
prominently displayed in prominent
places about the penitentiary and in
each fell. Disobedience to these of
rleial mandates will result in specific
punishment at t lie direction of the of
ficials and loss of good time
its upon which the shortening
cred -
under the law is based.
When the rules have been tlioroly
impressed upon all the inmates of t'le
institution, routine of the priuon will;
be resumed. The convicts were in ;
the cells today with the exception of
a small number of "trusties" who were
working about the yard. No announce
ment of when the men w ill be released
, for work has been made, but it is
believed it will be within a short
The list of rules as posted U as fol
lows :
To the Convict
I Your attention is directed to the fol
lowing rules for only by observing
and obeying them, can you make a
good record as a prisoner ami secure
that dlnuinition of your tentence
which the law allows:
Rule 1. The first duty is strut
pbedience to all rules and regulations
;and the orders of the officer under
whose charge you may be placed.
Rule 2. In the evening in your cell
you are permitted to converse in us
ual conversational tones with your
cellmatel, until the 9 o'clock bell r!nj?s,
but conversation with prisoners in ad
Joining cells is strictly forbidden.
Rule 3. You must not speak to any
"visitor, or give to, or receive from
-any visitor, anything, except by per
mission of the warden or deputy, f
;You must not naze at visitors or .
.ptrangerg passing thru the prison, but
at all times during working hours
Igive your undivided attention to your
work. You are expected to apply your-
self faithfully and diligently to what
ever labor you are assigned, and afier
tea.sonablfj teac-hing, to perform a rea
sonable amount of labor.
Rule !. At the ringing of the morn
ing bell, von must turn out, dress.
Unake up bed neatly, and be ready for j keep quiet. In chapel, silence must be
marching out. At the .signal you will observed. No reading will be allowed,
open the door, step out and close theuSttict attention must, be given to the
same -holding on until the bar is j service. Kxpeetorating on the floor,
'closed-ami stand erect until the or-shuffling of the feet or any iiniieces'
tler to march. I sar.v noise is strictlv fnrhiii'rbn
At every signal to "fall in"
for marching you must take your
; place in line promptly and march t wo
5 abreast.
v-'. Rule 0. On returning to cell-house
'Ott are to stand tit your cell with
your right hand on the door. At the
signal you are lo open the door, step
in, and close the same, without slam
.ing, keep it iirnily closed until the
r-econd signab is given and the bar
thrown anil remain standing, uiih the
right hand upon the door until the
.count is made. In case ol miscount,
you are to resume your position at I he
door until the count is i-unv, t.
Rule 7, Von must not. h ave i In- lini
r your place of employment without
jt permission. If sick or unable to work,
i .von are to make it. known to (he of
. Ill'O IK f.tl.ii-.., . .... I ..... . .. I... i-
t ..- . . ... ....(,. , iuim a. i. as lie jii(i, ui-
.' rect.
i Rule S. You must keep j.eir ell
and furniture in good order. No mark
ing, iM-rutehing the wails or expector
ating on the floor will be, ai'owed.
' You must not make any alterations in
'- your clothing or
'. your clothsm? ne
to reoon th" ft
ds r.
- k i ' "
Rule i. At ;;.t i.ri'.L?
i Rt 9 O'ClOCk j- U ; r:,
the liglit, i;!: ,.e-s r.
liaVe Ot-'H.'jf.tl - j,!
,. jou are to Bj-.e s.i
on the ceij d(i..r
Rule in. uiu't
knives, tools or ;Ty k:: -f
tet lal w halewr ti ,..in !;
i cell, without permi-iijon in
of the warden or deputy,
such things in wnr imim
be considered proof that, you
'obeyed the rule. Writing
e.-i, V. ,j
hiive 4iis
no' es to
ouier convicts, or curry itig notes from
J one convict to another is strictly Tor-
Rule 11. You nnml. appnmi'i an of
ticer in a respectful manner always
, touching your rap or forehead before
i speaking. Insolence or abusive Ian
, guago in any fottn, to an ollirer, foru-
man, or to another convict, will not be
Rule 12. In making an application
"for an audience with the warden you
"must briefly state to your keeper the
' nature of your business.
Rule 13. On entering the warden
house, or the office of the warden or
the deputy, you must remove your
cap, unless' your UutleH are such (hut.
you have special permission to re
main covered.
Rule 14. When the signal is given
Sunday morning to turn out foe chapel
service you will step out promptly If
you desire lo attend, if not you HrP
required to remain in your cells und
By International News Service. !
London, June 12. A tragic story of !
huw a fat tier found his son's grave on
the battlefield in Northern Fram e has J
just reached London. Lute in .March i
Captain KUred W'olferstan llowver !
Bower, of the Ilrttish Air Corps, went ;
tin to make a reconnaissance. Kye '
witnesses said he had down about .
five or six miles behind the Hidden i
ihurs line when he was attacked b ;
six German flyers. The Kntilishmau s
machine was seen to fall mid iioihini: !
mere was heard of him.
The British advance came weeks
later. In the vanguard was a de
tachment of Itoyal BiiKinuers. which
included the missing airman's lather.
i aptain i, liowyer-liower. 1 lie tattler
heard that not far away was a jw'ave
marked by u cross made f rom pieces '
of a wrecked aeroplane, w hich bore j
in pencil the words: "The unknown
captains of the FI.viiiK Corps."
Knowing that his son had been
breiiKht down close by. he deter
mined to inspect the j;rave. The t
number on the remains of the aero
plane convinced him that his son lay
buried there. And stuck on to the '
primitive cross with u piece of mud
was the fat? of a tunic bearing who had '
made his son's uniform.
Permission was obtained to exhume
the body, and the father found that
it was that of his sun. The bodies
! were removed to a cemetery a few :
j miles away, and while they were be-
i ini; placed
shelled am!
in coffins the Germans
sniped the men engaged :
in th
How the World li Fed.
A study of how the world is fed re
veal many Interesting facts. Austra
lia, the Btuallest continent, for In
stance, la the largest meat center of
them all. Asia, largest continent, on
the other band. Is the smallest meat
center among them. Africa and South
America lean toward vegetarianism,
while Europe and North America are
large consumers of mout undther an
imal products. Taking the world's sup
ply of cattle, Logs and sheep, writes
Harold J. Sbepstone lu the Millgate
Monthly, It appears that mankind at
large uses In the neighborhood of o,
Ow.oOO tons of met a year. This
would be an average of about thirty
nine pounds per capita throughout the
world. Ia butcher's meat we Lud the
Australian consumes 1M pounds, the
American 172 pounds, the Englishman
111) pounds, the Oernmu 113 pounds,
the Frenchman and Height n eighty
pounds, tho Russian lifty pounds.
Manchester Guardian..
Hie Ambition.
flladys .ml what is the
your ambition. Ib k ('after
survey of her) Well, dearie
height of
a careful
I should
say that it was about five feet three.
I'uck. j
j jjr
Home Discipline.
I'lntz Is she good to the chll
Mrs. Qniiiii Yerv. Slie lets
them do everything their father doesn't
want them to do!
Self lndulsrence deprive'! a man of
Iveiythlng that might n.-ake him great.
I Rule V,. You are required m bathe
twice a week unless excused by the
physician, watden or deputy.
Rule Hi. On entering, the pri.-on
you will receive three tickets, which
j will entitle you, so lorn; as you obey
j .strictly the foregoing rules, to the
j following privileges viz
I. One ration of tobacco eac't week.
j U. Permission to vvnie once a o-i k
I ;1- Permission to see U tend . ou e
: ill I wo wet !v s .
You are poimiitcd to receive sin i,
I papers as the warden may approve.
In case of special letters, written
: pei mission must be received I nun ihe
warden or deimly.
; All letters written or received must.
! lirst he examined al the olliee. under
: (he direction of the warden, belen-
i being .sen or doliveied.
: All of the above privileges depend
on your good behavior and y,,ii will
he deprived of one or all of them for
bad conduct. The use of libra! y
books depends li)ion the tare you talc
' of them scrupulously neal and dean.
if your conduct has been good dur
ing the eniiie term of your imprison-
: ' "i you have a rigid lo demand a
"r';ti.-a;e of good conduct on the day
(l Jour discharge. This rert ilical -.---'
-oinmends you to the governor tor
.-,r;i! ion to citi.'.enship.
Prison is Quiet.
K.Mythmg was quiet al Ibe prison
,-; '"iwy while ofliiials of I he insti
.1.', coin, lined their M-arch itn.i the
.,..!.t for rnive.s and other weapon!.
'1 !-.' ii.mate.- submitted lo ( ' i i r cell ;
!"-iiis .-i-ai-ched witboiil any rcsisi-
, As (he .search cciitmttod weap-
ms of every description wore found.
' Fvcrythmg frm ;, carlridge knife io
, iin Imitation steel revolver Wns
;amotiK the contraband cunlli-cateil.
No more dynamite was found, accord-
W. to Warden Murphy.
! A knife, almost a foot in letu.th
ncist.ors and razors were found A
liiuiility of files .,so laken from the
'ells ami hiding places in the vards,
A cartridge knife, which was made
from u large si. carlridge, was found
hiildmi In a be, j ne r t,,. ,.,.nf,.
Tliut, weeks and probably months
were consumer in tanking the wea(,
'" Is the belief of ollu-itils or Ihe
Altho the search conducted for the
liiKl three days has disclosed much
I'l'Kipheinaliu, unotlicr seiirch will be
made. t
Many of the convicts have been re
turned to work. When general 0ler
Ih again fully restored llml ,u in.
maieh piaeeii at work Ward
ion M nr-
nny declares the soldier
lieved from further duly,
will be re
French General an Expert Tacti
cian and Strategist.
' When War Started Ha Was Colonel.
Admitted Master of Offensive Hie
Motor Transport Catch Phrase, "They
Shall Not Pass," Became an Actual
ity at Verdun.
raids. The appoint merit of Oeneral
I'etain as chief of sr.-tfT of the ministry
of war recalls Petaiu's services during
the critical stages of the battle of Ver
dun in February urnl March, Uttd.
When .Toff re, after placing the French
armies in a Iiich state of organization.
was mad.. a marshal of France ami re :
tired trom field service it was be- .
lieved at lirst that IVtaLn, t!ie hero ef
Verdun, xvould succeed him in com-'
niaud of the armies in the Held. It is
tmderstiK.il that the otter was actually
made to him. However, bis demands
i V "X
for authority were so sweeping
the politicians immediately cooled to-
ward him, ami Niyclle was selected foe
.the post. Nivelle. was appointed us a
; proponent of the offensive in warfare.
Above all, I'etain is known us a light
er. He has the St. Cyr training and is
acknowledged an expert tactician and
1'etatti was born near Calais sixty
one years ago and by 1 m.h ) bud become
a captain in the elite Chasseurs a 1'icd.
When the war started he was a colo
nel. Almost instantly be was made n
general of brigade, and by Sept, M,
lill 1, he had become a general of di
vision. Seven months later ho was
commanding the Twenty-third army
corps and took part in the allied offen
sive in Artois. His work here was so
brilliant that he was placed tit the
head of the Second army, which be
led through the Champagne offensive
in October, lli!.". Ills famous "iron .
division" of coloied colonial troops,
whom be hud per-amaHy trained, large
ly contributed to that victory. I!v this
time i'etain w as admitted a maMcr of
the offensive. 1
It is reported that when the Cennun
storm broke over Yerduti the French
were ordered to evacuate the fort res;.
The rumor of this 11 routed a fury of
Indignation in France, Uv Ccm-ial ,,,
Ciisfelmni was rushed up from Paris
with orders that. Yenlim must be held
at all costs. Pctaiti was selected lo do
it. Fnder bis comma tid (icneral llerr
organized the now celebrated motor
transport system, and the catch phrase, ;
"They him 1 1 not puss," became an actu
Adamson Won't Permit Sale of Noine
Makers In New York,
New York. -This year's Fourth of
July i.-t to In; absolutely siioe and noise
less. Robert Adamson, (ire cmniiils
sioner, has decided against grim! lug
licenses for any kind of lire works.
He gives us his reasons - lirst, alien
enemies inigMit take advajitage of the
public. sab of fireworks to More explo.
sives; second, the powder that would
go into fireworks ought to be conserved
for war purposes.
4 $ 4 ij. ,Ji ,j, ,, ,j, ,, ,j, , ,, ,j, ,5, ,
Lnstport, Me.-Flve htitulred
Passaniiiquoddy Imllaiis, led by
Chief I'eler Nejiiime, niuivhed
six miles from their reservation
to this cily to escort 11 company
of Malm; Infantry to the railroad
station prior to it,( departure for
duty In another section of the
stale. All male members of the
tribe of military ugu offered to
enlist and then were accepted.
if ij ijt i it i i 131 i i ij t it, 4
Free Translation.
"Is this it free translation of IToiner
you have imide'"
"Guess It Is," gloomily responded tho
lUlhor I hereof. "1 can't seem to Hell
It lo anybody." - Louisville Courier-Journal.
tax Hi
macdoucal'alley WILL
By livternation.il
Xew York, June
a stable wit t,h.
fei tiat ionally famou
lev. haunt of sculpt,
iews Service.
: not w iihour
nit"ns of in
i :tt- lorsiral Al
- and painters.
h'ive up his name.
Certain overfinickv per-oiis
upper Fifth avenue iwho. Alley vet
erans say ought to have stayed ihetvi
are ui-inj? Hotticelli Court as a now
name for the lieb- blind street.
"M.ictioiii;al Alley is so v uiK.r." said
one of the.-e p;,rt Sen la r per-i tis to
day, "and so embarrassing an address
to Kive our friends "
This remark made nine-tenths of
the Alley boil with wrath and tem
perament. The innovators have even
taken steps to have the City Fathers
change the name, but -.itch a surge of
profst is arising that "M mloiiiral
Alley" it is quite certain to stay for
all lime
Mint occitrs only in
X and I.r.i.e xi, -IJ. .
:lievv x s II.
one of those
herbs the ilihe of who
scrupulously exact in ,
mint is common in styi
. e .li v s w ere
u . The bol'e
Not Identical.
"Tiniw is money." mmnked the pro
verbialist. "And ytt the m."n with tn.llions is
she one who seldoUi :;.s to have tiv0
minutes to S:a-e."-W:.!.ii1gt..ll Slsr.
Wa;ch For Your Chances.
"Fvery 0iU1g man ha-- b.iiucs coti.
ing bis way const.iiiily; it is not a
.jUestioii of having cli.ili es, but of tec
egiuzitiu ( ballet's wliii they come."
says President Itcdford f the Hiau;
aid Oil Company of Now Jersey "You
s- iiict i nie.s hear a fellow say, 'I bad a
dun;: e once, but didn't take it.' Never
mit.d the chance Jhat is past: watcb
out for the next one and ijiialtfy to be
abk- to soke it.
"Success that is worth while is, after
very largely a matter of plain,
everyday morality combined vvith tre
mendous industry and a deserved rep
utation for integrity and for fainies.j
toward the other fellow." B. C. Forbes
lu Leslie's.
1 van-Mnrm' m
for FrecTraUer-Jourtiul. CAMEO PIN. I . - ''''' 'V l. it is correc,. am" tf-ik.ncly artistic-lilies .if the I
I CAMEO RING. I I Va""y u!o"' '"' ''"-' - "-'. perhaps, or I
. I II sweet peas, presenting: the effect of a vlmwer of n.,u-.,ru I
rSsmTZH) A diamorld is always accept- 'Phone us today for comphte information regarding the furnish- f
f?T?tTr?Aivi LOHR BROS., Greenhouses I
Great Gum of Old.
We are aci u-tmiied to think of lai-.i
annon as a very rei-eiil inveiitlo.i
Yet as lona hk as V3 a certain K.il; '
ItoKe Of Itllekste'ld. ill Sle, i .1
lurvre suns, and a pupil of bis. Thorn..
Johnson, in 1 5! made fer the I '.. 1 1
Cumberhit.il "forty two cast pice, .
rent ordnance of iron." These Wei- ; o-
I ' l"""'s ''lr,'e tons -apie e a:,!
ue are tolil. siiovven very ni.e. '
workmanship. All the sliieUtl:- v..:
done with charcoal, of which it t
three tons to smelt each ton of ir.c
Also all the ore vv us carted from tN
mine on pack horse, which tool, a I --c
of about :!'' pounds each The im
mouse uuioiint of labor and e;tetis
may be imagined. - London Crapliic
l ife is a rid lie because if is a 'r.o
!i.e!)f. We tire only aide to read , n
v. Icnie of a story that extends to nan
volumes. In a word, we know in j ;n
,;.d prophesy in p::rt.
The Jeweler
814 La Salle Street.
; Wananty Deeds. i
Fa en ie i'uiosi io lfobeci a Pane. It.-- 9
I to !. li.ma. SL'.-'ico. I
Ida U. W. oiey to i-.li,..tin . h V. Lord I
It ii ! S:re:it..- 1 V M. TTV. R t i" ir -cr m w. I
1. -"f . mu s mmvum
o ai 1.1 .-1 n 1 xjr V.taljll V KJ aliiX aVll if V If 11 lj 1
, I". lin iimui. lis s ;i b i. ;( .old. ot I mmmm
taw;-. !. ' I SHEET METAL WORK I
! Atkinson Thew aad W;fe to I'tbd a '
i; I u.. . It i i, l'. Strc.i'or t- ...1 1 r-MMgfxMa. TiT--rf-STSiniimi mm mumm ji
add. First , .South S.i'eaior, ' !. : ' 1
j a iT-rtTrrn.-ne.ifal .t n I "WE'RE AS NEAR AS THE NEAREST TELEPHONE" i
J Schools Are I Tllp r i t ,1
I- b 1 a 'a:w,a ' 1 "
i nosing vIni
I You wnnt to remember the j j Apn V V.W.fe4
grnduates with some u.efu. gift, j I MMif
What could be more suitable Vi$V U
BROOCHES. ... ... . ,, , , , " I
M We will giai.lv Jn-.i you in ike a selection of Ihe most appropri- 1
LA VALLIERES. 1 a,, 'lowers to be used in your bridal bouquet, which will be made to I
B order at the most moderate prices possible. I
Purchase Peace on American
Terms Through the Liberty Loan
Amount $2,000,000,000 gold bonds dated June 15, 1917.
Security; The total credit ami faith of the Govern
merit and people of the United States of America.
Interest: ' V2 per cent, payable December 15 and June
Denomination: $50, $100, $500, $1,000.
Exemption: Free from all taxes except inheritance
Maturity: The bonds will mature on June 15, 1947.
'All subscriptions are purely voluntary.
We appeal to your patriotism.
Complete information may by had at any
o You Have
1 i
That name inrans it is a well made article.
7 he price is reasonable ... $4 50
CORD HOLDER FREE with' each' 'iron
Keeps the corcl up from the work.
Try a Free Trailer
People's Trust & Savings
Ottawa Banking Sc Trust
First National Bank.
National City Bank
;eetrie Iron?
Here is a
Good One
Called the
- Journal Want Ad

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