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125 Wet Main Street. iilUil IWiiSUilflL
. 4
V y ' - n yfj --p-i --urnr ir-iiiiiiiiiiinnaaniiwi mil in
Pull, on vear In aUvimo. fcy oar
Her '
Omly, it w-rk. bv curler 1
iilv. tmr ynr in ;elv:iac. by itcut . ? -Weekly,
otm year in leHaou'ii
i !i,7,
ft i
. irfJ .1
? 7
( a - i
. v w ii iiimhii"i -i ii r - i ii ir i iniipi ii i on ii warm niT-n mini. iThiinn
Entered as second class matter Xuv,
JO. 1916, at th? postotllce at Ottawa
111., under the Art of March 3, lO.
a VvYr
it if n mmmh mmw om u
The Free Traclc r-.iounial may do '
found at the news depots, of Wne. !e; ;
Malo. Knotissl Bros., ami M
itaffln'a Cigar Store.
D 1 Y Ofr DEPAF,Tl;RE.
W : ha,." :i. I . .Viuv U tSpe-
.,! i;a- ::..!! hdvh.y may be ,! ..
,.. ',: ii. H i a. a! army ill S-pt, mh. r
h. i lii" i-!i';.ii!-.:.rit' . T - ry unit
nap ! ! . t: i'd by .! demom-! r.i
,.M ,.; .!!!:,'; has b.-eti iV -ne
I at .t .
AllKii.-t II. 1S.'!.V- The lir.' I.-K'.'
(,i l-VU.nvs in ininni? n.-tu ' '
at Alton, with rhiirt-r'ni-iiilxT--.
August 12, ts4-.t- v.rv.ii.'.:it -"t.i-! ;
Ilinois. tltrt'O (v.lv.l t;i c of ' 1
liiivo in runt-1 in In1 ( iiiinty . I
:v i I '!i
:hli -I:iy. v. :i
-' i!i::u..ry
..: n:lv i
i'i ,.f th- i!r:ii
1 1
miih an-l Kh.-vv th.
v.hi ran on i'i'.tiili
th'' .:itrt""ti'ii tf a
A i -
ilt'V. M.,
.; . : . iv.'ii-' .
:. of Ka: I
.1' 1 1 .1 Ili
i : I ..
! a
':i 1
. t,
:: !:
I! t t
: i:
M a Great AbiiiiiaMce
at the 1 Store
et-tl i;h h
1 iw.
tilt- i'tnl'l
;' :!)' ituri-ry ,
mi chcti-." tlii-s Fa
tn thi t I'tiii'.T, r-Mrfs til-
.-tt.iy tunc I n rt-i'oivfil fmm juanr
:h,n i.f thf t i'U!i!ry i".ti.-;tUi tlu-.t
i " r ii a !i .- IiiM' rjii-''s--fil an iiitcu-
heir Mn.vs tn'.' part .
Comiiioiiting on tun plea mat o.-i j ,,,
many "must rotain her t'oloni.'s in x
Africa, ami some spnerc oi in much..
in Asia." ill order to provide n Hi : :
for her ovorllowins populatinn. the ,
New York Times gives some ii ! ,,f , ,,,(
...w) lit t tn.Viuiwti f:tcft
t'MHlB OIKI ill I ivmw - . fii(, (.jV
(iennany's African colonies, mm in j " Ar,ry Bcvc,nd Wilr strength,
the hand, of her enemies. ar.'i-ate r. (j p , ..
about l.iHMl.nu.i suuare mil-, aifl !... ,,. n,,,h fi , ::,; it .v,w
elude some of the best lands on th" : )!t ;nillulu.,,,j ;,v .,,. v.ar ,,-
continent. To what extent were they , . u. Sjiu.: A,n, 1M .
utilized, before the war. to dram olt : . i,.1 Nn,.(, .i;. ,.,.!..) i;! ,
the overdow of the (ierntaii Kmpire , w;.r,,'i ,,artine:!t tix.-. its !i ,i,t
and provide opportunity for ctitcrpris- j f . ,,, ;ini, ,.,,.,,,,,, ,...,.
inK Tmiloil pi.meers" Well, in !' ' , 'nij .' ', .,rmv , vv;.
live years l!Hi7-l!)ll inclusive, the to- j .,,,.,,,,,, , ,h f.,r aKl, .
tul emigration from (iennany to , . juentv-thive states tili-d ih.dr
I Siimmcr Knit. Under wear
jj For t!?2 vv;3:Ij family in ?ei?:.!rnte garments or
Union Si:i!-;. Oiu Up to yen is (to buy now,
1 while present prices reva?!) it wiil pay you
I J:o carry ih?m over until next fcason, if you
Tritiity -i rn'eian l.ml.t rr
lev. II. M. Tiionipson. ! a.
ilay setxol at : if.. 1 'i in- v
t !.. a. in ia Ner e. No
. ervice. i'rayer meet;:-
ov(-t:;iis at " "it laid;
on Thur.-i'.ay aitft" oil.
Kirs' luif. h. Key. (I.
( lies 4,;.-n. :i :!i r Sand i y -:.'',hI
A; i nr. ti
are supp-'TM now.
rluncrccj or ocd piece;; ?.ni short ends, in
I the Wcsa Goods Department marked at
1 prices to clo.;e q iiclrly.
A coi-.j'blc lino of Sv.mmr Sweaters for
iaiies &vd misses, in sHk and wool, prices
Miglit Gowns a!
59c, 75c, 98c, $1.25, $1.50
Combinations at
98c, $1.25, $1.50, $2.00
Moil's IwusMn Gowns at
7ac, $1.00, $1.25
Liennn-j 1 i ices m
$3,50. to $12.59
sf1 In a -! b j-k -1-9 9 r- IRs nn.orinr
Africa amounted to X -" people.
lotas, aliti sttnif of til" si at.- r
0',v nams
And now many Ceriniuis Have ov.-r-j o f t. ,yo)(I nulu!r ;ljtt..,l
nowca into ine iriuuii si'iinv " i ,.!U i)s j , tjnf
lliienee in Asia during tho.se Bvi '( lh'(' Sl)1'f hni st'.,tos
years: r.x;ietiy one.
In the same period more than
110,(111(1 Germans came to the Knit
i(l States.
Kirs- aU 'ho !nt K;d-;''' pal t hurch.
;V ('. A. l!i-.'s. 1 :;',:! lV.M.-hillN-(
1 v r t- : t : : a. ill. - ' ! A. E.
itlaa : s. i.i l "ia a-a.
The years before the war ln an.
there were altogether, in Germany
colonics throughout the world, only
24.IMMI whites, and they were nearly
all holdiers and olliee holders.
The German government may have
its own ideas uhout the tlesirainiuy
of colonial expansion, but the Ger
man nation has sedulously refrained
from expanding into the space provi I
ed for it. While the Kaiser and his
empire-builders were seeking their
much-advertised "place in the sun'' in
Africa and Asia ami the islands of
the sea, their people were finding it
in America.
The Germans have never been a
colonizing race. Given colonies, they
have refused to live in them and do
the rough pioneer work that is so
congenial to Englishmen and Ameri
cans. They ar pioneers in business,
but not in developing utural re
tumrces. Will it lie any different af
ter the. war?
In yesterday's report he army was
"t:C, short of war stn ngth. Yesterday's
recruititi.tr. reported today, obtained
1. 11? men, placing the army .".! out
'.be mark.
The marine corps today readied its
t'ltho! i?.od s'reiigih of I'.o.i and tin
ier ordei's of Gen. Harnett all recruit
u : was suspended for twelve days.
Wilson to Pick Officers.
K. :s.:n h f.mtii nW),
1 1 Ae? from 6 to 14 years, in gingham and
xi percale, at special prices., values thai can not
be mnrkeied at
59c, 75c, 9Sc, $1.25,1.50
Zieii Kvatiix.'tical t burc!:, Madison .
ami Sycismnre streets. i;iV. Ii. K.
Kbert, la-tor. l!"sidt-:!cet 2 Jeff-T-
roa street, Sundav si l.eol at ;;S.
A m.-e'ii.g at '-:t'.M. Lvt aait; m rvn-' r.t
in Kni'leb.
Tito Salvalion Artiiy. ?l! l.a Pall-
meetinp. YotK Ketip'e's !,t?ion at
.:H0 r m. Salvat.on meet it:?. S p. t:t. j
Week iiitxht Rtcelit.r.i. third week of j
ue(!av, S tt, m.. fah;Uion
l'resiil.-nt Wilson next week is ex- street, Ensign Annie it. Garvin and
P'-eled to semi to the senate for eon- Cat. G. Stitntm-rs, oaift is in citarKc.
irmation the names of more than H t i-uti-dny np'etit.ps: 1 h-.tirers
tfiit-oiM f the regular s.niiv and mil- mt;tuifc: - p. m , Juui.tr c nipasiy
Ida whom the war department
di-sii;tiaioii for brigadier and major
:elit I'tllsllillS.
When iimtir.'tieJ tltem. iil!ii'i-s will K,cge: TlK'-day, S p. Ill
he assigaetl immediately to command tinS; We-'ttwlay special nuotins
livisioiis and brigadi-s of the militia
Hid national army. K.b li of the 1 1 1 : r -!y
tun militia camps and national
inny cantonments will he command
il by a major general. Tim brigades
formed from the divisional organ!
.ntions will bi commatided by brigad-crs.
Wash Skirls
Choice of any Skirt in Track a', one-third off
the regular price.
Oar special lot at $1.25 each net price.
These are Skirls slightly soiled and are val
ues up to
32 .50 . (
Fancy Silks
So popular for fancy dress Skirts, just receiv
ed the new, nobby styles $1.50, $1.75 and
$2 per yard, 35 and 30 inches wide.
Muslin Underwear
Skirts at special prices
59c, 75c, 87c, 98c, $1.25
The materia! in these is worth rae-re than we
ask for the finished artkk-
hv x-otit1 n-tiii'i' Thert-tav eotfftsre
prayer meeting. Saturday, salvation
I'nion Mission cbt .in, Kottrth nvp
nun and Glover street. !!ev. Satrler.:,
i f Streator. actiuu- pastor. St rvires in
the morning at II '. Preaching serv
ice in evetting at S:f,0 c'rh'ek
Trinity 1'nited IvraiiF'lieal church,
corner of 1'lir.oh avetai.' and I.c'a'i i
V ......
, in- t "
I r
Books fo" the t!,n
yiiu ha v e ft ieml r
lim! you ma r--'-e: v.-
i I've bi'inry ? f iliis-Ja. front the tin
hIio ' l'.'lh-ri::e the Croat to the t!;ir
The retail pt i( e of coal dropped in
Jolii't ad couth per ton on all goods
yesterday. II should go down bo re,
but Ottawa dealers are not easily
Stampeded and they will cliarce the
top price as lour; as thi-y can do -o
with safety
Gov. l.i-'wtb'ii announced that coal
prices will come down and the mine
operators v. ho del'it d the r tale to
seize the mines are now confronted
with a federal law which provide-,
for tiie ft u i i hi t i 1 111 of coal prices and
seizure of mines it' ticce-.ary.
The high handed tatties iollowi-d
by coal pro dtl'-el's durim: Hie la-i two
years i , about at tin end. itohher
prices have developed sti-ji,,. ainotr.t
the employes ;md lias brought the
operators in direct conflict with state
aid nation
If the automobile owners of the
country v, i stop unitece -airy ami
traviigant pleasure ridini; durim; llic
periotl of the war, they v. ill savt
enou;;h gasoline to take care of all
( hir : i:
i, i pre
History of ''Stepmother." ft reef, lie v. I.'iac Divan, pastor. Sun- i i.tjr,.
"StepinoM a ;" is a woiil with a coin- day m-hoo! at f : i a, Iti. .1 W. CoMe, our
itieiil.c uiisu--,i " te'i bi-i-'ry. I'r haidy s'lperiiitemlent Prea- h-iit; nf 10:20 a, ai.s i
l';o'-t -e. .!! ii" taih-'l up' 11 to eplaia m. ! ery In a v wilcome, I.c-K'te t-
It v.ei'hl ...ay G'al it meant a . i..an vice at ll:.'lo p m. Prayer ami cke-as
"dm bad o y; i mi , too e oi ih" M-rvbM on Wednesday ev.-iiim; at
till" de, i ir, .1 !,;;"a. at any rate (,',.ill(:k. Visitors ttlways welcome.
le!i"Ved that ibis WHS the sll:' :.' : ' am j,-. . , ,., , .rM, . y
of the M.tl to ni"-t min-!-. ll-aUy ;; (.. il; , , ., ' "v.
"t o'p"' (s tiie Ait-.lt -ImX".'i "stt i.p, I It
ri. inal mean',:' . f w bi- h appt i(rs to
have been "orphaned." S! "p did-l. s'ep
1 alt II, s'"psou ami step dan:.; leer come
first, a ml then l-y ei-adim! t'ail'ii'; ..f
the el s taohe j -;tl tee:iaiti;r of "slep"
let ii'a 1 1 tor and -hot'iti"! her came Int"
i dim. 1 n b ' 1 1 nanieii.
o coarse "evi ra i
e li: rarav. The vovi-rtitm in
O':-0 'oi . i ll bt.'l, '.
Besirtoss Books.
-Mf of ' he a- eat v, ar."
New 2col-:s on Various Subjects,
On.iiii: ftepn. -eiuativ
t'oit.empr.rarv d.-eani id' ,
Wc csrry a complete lino of Tires and Accessories in addition
to cur Motor Car Salesroom.
United States Tires and Republic Tires in all sizes.
We employ only competent men in our repair Department.
: o! ami
no w to ma!-,
'-. o.a I ; I
t ott'ic'itlli
r. !:;;.'; i" ! ,e :. r.
tul ; rent Ion . a' !": i "
-.a mot,, - The ':i;- an-1
- of the lunch are
eca-hy a' eeeiti'an'on
i a hi . a :-.-', ' : ; : in-
MeFS-Fru!and Auto Co.
Phone 991-W Opposite Clifton Motel
Not Woman's Friend.
"Smdi'dit i . a : .i'":ll 1 hie: ."
"It', no t'ra-e' to o.iaan."
"Win uol ':"
"See ,'( i! (!. I" laT co'llj do'v i'Ul,
iiii.l, be -ldi -. t ! ; y i'i. say it ehemit III
ri,'ce il-aii!'";rate-; ihe .. hhnr of tnlr
r .r i in a eoiap - -a j : t el . ; hurt t line." -St,
Louis )',,.! !-e :;e h.
i r dal .
o an-o'-tr
I er:-onaii .
oh Pi a
'!' h. '.'
or o'h-
Whert She Was Knendod.
r.ai-yoar i,o. Lena had !.c n lakinu
t-c,j ath;e tre iimeiii, ami ia-r i'niie f
iieiiil, Mabel, v:,ct enrhet k, 1 u.,w
Among the on darn Kt-ypMau.-
enenilly nmrr;. hen 1 ivclvc or
I "I'll ear' ,.f j, , t I'ijiitc- l.
a re i e.;ti 1 1 h d "u , ;aa , , aa L-.tail
'!;! it. titfat-a 1 -! ."
1 i!
ei I ;.
mi! a'ii .' ,
it , at- ut i i. v.Ju.r -e
a' the pa-.. "ar,
of l 'a kratr. v'. i '.
ii' e Ontie)- ll) ;
iiciorr ii'. eiitio'M"!
'o hao.' of government.
, i lei'- !;a of social usage
: ta 111' -' :
he-'-e' i a
Seitvd'': ( 'i. t at eouutiiig and bur- J B
a-., in pli, ati.ifi, '
ihtrn-'it A :;.-'aif; Medial ion. in-. ititetsa3(i4M9a.iflMiMMaMiMtMeMMiMcaHNIM
voiigaiion and a mil rat bn In indu.i-; t
"i!''' '"' t ri: I di.;pii;.es. i -7-. ."" 3
(dapirtt:. : A i it iiinct ic for engineer;. y
Sic!!: Portage slump catalog. pvaz tms-mew-fssasumtsiirar' WKewfmme&siK?. nmmwKmmatii'm
i'eirv: Coiiitiiunity center aclivi-
: era- ta o
ear o1' ;: thiol'
iied to la r. Tl
Ion::, bi!' foil in
'ho o a rr,o I tciioir. ; h
a A'.-i. a until h'-r it
t, " r 1 1 am a tapi t r
a 'aat.:iit ,.. r aid. Tbts ; s
h --o !-. i .ui It !am:-es. . ,,,,. ;,a ms,
i-.-li'ieH" ''ds an.! (Cropoilfin: Memoirs of a revolu
: and dared to 'nay ! ise ; , :,,,,;..(
' i,:a! ii(,aan-e In- i ;:i, ,;;,,-(!: Kxporl auction.
' '"';; i: a 1:IU" !, jojios: :-',obb rin.;., brazing and weld
"I t.ot road 1 ail i t.,.
if biiipiMir i!K bpnngs Hotel
the war needs of the I'liit'-d Slates .. !,., I ht. t r -tt I i"ee I ;i.t l;! .
II the aiilonioliile , s ami deal- "i'.'ell I'll id! t o". Mabel," l.eaa staid
civ ill gasoline handle ihis mo,-! pt r
feet of all finds in a arctiil ami ecu
nomie in, inner, they can save enough
more 1,'asolim- lo perhaps tafe care
of Hie war needs of the allhv.
The alto; e statement.; were mad" bv
Vim, 11. Manning, director of the
iUll'eau of Mines, lieplll'metii of tlm
Interior alter a iliui'ougli in vi - a iga
lion of the pfi'soiil gasoline situa
tion. "A patriotic, thoughll'ul ami uii-e
fish response lo tJnm,. M , j t ,i :
f-aitl Mr. Maiinin;;, "M.iuld at em e
solve one of the porph xuk problems
now before the war making amhori
t -- 'a order that 'lie war may he
carried on suecessfiilly, the army
and tuny will have to have Immedi
ately on hand enough gasoline for the
aeroplanes, trucks, automobiles, true
tors, and oilier nun bines. There
-"rioa-ly ; "P'oy ju make bread of
you." luil'l'alo Neas.
P.unk-er Hill immmm tit is "JOl feet '
inches high, I'll feet sipmre ul the ba.
HU' I." feel I i'-.ehc.s s.',u'ire Where I
araliiiilal ape la-ulns. Kiu'ht Ii.--mil
w-vcii b.ind red Puis of grat,
used in lan'di'o: it.
bine daily can ask him ell' if pail
of his riding can not be ob ialetl
II" it is imeessary liie mnertiment
'.'dl commandeer gasoline and the
a ii cs to the public w ill jump to un-o-ard
oi prices.
Double Chin
If you liave a double i i in ami Hub
blue of the face, or if yoti ti if over
muat be no dlllv-dailyiug about this, it;l""' i;i oilier piirt;-i of the body, get
i small box of oil of koreiu nt the
It ii'tgists; follow directions ami rt-
mipply of gasoline ami there won't be,
It is estimated that the army ami
navy will need for th" year, ;i.",u mil . jeeive information about beaul ifyiiu:
lion gallons, and there are Wo whvh figure and Improving health, vivacity
of obtaining It, In the lirst place, the
Joy rider whose pleasure is obtained
by covering ninny miles nt hli'h speed
can voluntarily give thla up. the mini
who taken his family on Sunday for a
fifty mile ride or more can cut this In
half; every man who drives u urn-
etc., through n simple syslein for re
ducing weight, ten to sixty pounds.
K'ut nil yoti need, including swecis, if
desired, Oil of loireln Is ptetisnnt. lo
take, hrdpa the digestion iiml Is per
fet fly hnrmloKH, Look and feel
We have rlir.wonticued baktity
cur own goods for the present
ei nccO'.mt of the hpili pri-.rs.
but we will 3li i! t mi cur bne
of groceries ?nd we respectfully
E licit your pa I o n " ? ah.mj tloa,
liiv. One can always find fre,h
ct(js and butter pt tliis Rtore.
Wc also wish to inform the pub
lic thdt we will (I secritiniie ped
clliny our ryutcs. Vours for the
best in the grocery line.
Kelly's jflome
fir '
in .'ii'Wews
j 'I'Jiy. "-",' (id wards fretppyntly
: liii trronouiiead
! ", ib-y: Text bonk of senitary and
tstllhorl1 :
apolie i chemistry
Wiat De Mc'3in Miuht Have Cena. : 1 ' Hiarme m miow ti roui
if i , ... o ;i ;;,,,,,. ,( ,.,,,(,t ; the wot'ltl. A. better set Up, more lit. a
.! ,, ,,,!',, -t,t,-it,,l ii, ,,!,, (,e.,t-elle mill
i"a:i In ." ttae Hi j,.rw.'ri'l "i "' ' ' ' r' M
On the Starved Rock Trail. Modern, Fire
proof Hotel.
Auto parties will find this a refreshing stop-
our soldiers of the Sea. i I over, v special ainner is served irom uioi
I and 6 to 7 p. m.
Dancing every night, 8:30 to 1 1 :0U.
:;;..,.v' V;;;;;,;:, v:::;:::1;'r;; : wo-ur'uHnn:; II Garage in connection. Catering to local
i ;s f;)H i tdi:::i v.ittit t.sa.v: "ik-.k h" niv'? Ii"i,ws lluu' ,''1 ,',"'u ;,f t i functions and private parties a specialty. Such
v .;,', .. , f i:, ,f. e. t eohot,., for. Uttlll IIS V,e,l ,.1S ll.e nisi in, liooiet
laaeil Sif, tla'ge Is on- llllltg lol . NC .o ,4,. rUrrAo touoim o llarnnnn rAflQ
' first. 111. IllWIlVS U 0 UillllCli UUUlCO, UluaiLUIO. UHLUluue ivut,.
bti ave. ii'iivnys cheerful, always (lex- - ft 8 A 1., rarfo eortnen m th nffArnnnn and nttr
IMi,r, II i M I I'll ,itn ,,, , a f ,, t v. . t , , it.
i inl iu ihog,. bitter days per-
o Win u el'e one of the V'-l'V
. ... , . .. i,',,m,. ,,',. r,,' ni,,t.,i, i i,-n n
: mo d ih igdo nu oi our t o-, " " ' ; ' ;. , a tt 1,
on -.hler, Ueetier, cieiiuer, reauier si'l-,j j u U ). 111.
i .... i ii ri'i
!..., the last begiltl.oi of !!, for ""'' daretaiur omier u-i.i ua.. i oe
.. I,-,,, , ,, ,,. ,,, , , ,,.., .... f, ,,. j have g t to Ike u; to llio trndilionti of
l,t ,-rVi!Sf you cho' o only to civ,, ; more i!.-. a (et.tur.v, aml tbey nrvpr J SpCCt Oiir HCW improvements.
.gro unaiixetl Willi pa'.n. I'd! : ' ," ,5
Kindly honor us with your presence to in-
ii i ph a
W 1 1 V , V.
v. !,.; i wil Ii all ymir ci miiuiiid over
,, i,, ,.:!, ..'1 ,vlt , ,1 l vi.li- ' eilllliS'llsllC iioom lite nun l. ll- i"i,
ens.- New Voi U Sun.
Subscribe for Fn-eTraiter-Joiirtiiil.
but it isn't in" e.ss'uy to iinish. Then
- . , . , . ta .1... it ,.
,, , , , ... i,, ..,.1,. ,,,,1 ! IU IOC t.ioiiona leioiti oi iiu inn- on
I . II tci . 1 , no 1 1 f I'I l,o . ii' i ' i
- ,'n,- u-l,., .,- v,-.,.-,. Ih.. ,a,l,' ! oivaciailam
.', , ' ,',' ... ' ,, i,( . ,., nttv for (liMiia-i'oii il glows and bright ; I wmmmwrnt' ii V' wMig.iiiiiil'u,ipiiiwiiil ma
ba'.e ihea: a 1 t f sut'li tl labor of I ua
d.d j. ,i not Ihilsli vbat your great .
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