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12S Wctt Main Street
0llf. on yr In advanc. y car
tier Dully, per mrek, by carrier ........
Dllv, one year In adva:iee by mall .
Weekly. n year In advance ....
16 M
3 00
Kniered as second claf8 matter N'oT.
10. 1916, at toe postofflce at Ottawa,
III., under the Act of Marcb 3, 1879.
The Free Trader-Journal may be
found at the news depots of Wheeler
t Mala. KnetiHBl, Bros., and Me
Mffin'B Cigar Store.
Wa-hinston. Pt- P-The Sen
ate late yesterday utnunicously pass
ed the Chamberlain resolution to
draft alien residents into the army of
the fluted States.
The only voice raised in opposition
was that of Senator S'one. chairman
of the foretell relations committee.
He said it would conflict with trea-
Septemher 13, 1S-I9 The ship Rich- ties and announced he would vote
ard Cohden. Il.irre!1, recently ar- against it. He left the chamber, how
rived at New York from Liverpool, ever, before the vote was taken.
brought 262 pftssei'Kt'ts. lapt is-arieu Urged by Hearst Papers.
The measure was suggested by the
Hearst newspapers in the early stapes
New York. Sept. V, - Kejo.ts
bnniht here today of the inkitu; of
tie Atiamic ii.'iispon .iei .time-,
halia off the Irish coast last Fihhiy.
said that of Is I lit n'lii i r.- and im-ii
fifty Were lot-1 . Some vwre killed in
the engine room by the c., ln.-inti and
others drowned.
Anion:: tile victims were 1- ot!Yer
and enuio i rs, helieu-d u include
iit'-.t otlii er Pierce. p:trs-r X. A. Willi
and the hip's doi tot, Cap'a n Prank
( l.iret. was uvod-
News of the sinkiii!? of the Mimic-hah-i
wa broils.!.! here by stir Ivors
of t'le deslroied 1'IH -r Verdi.
The Miiinehahii. a twin screw ves
Md of :!.T- i toiuiate, left this port
ti -.-. weeks aito with a vast quantity
of munii iotis. Site delivered her car
So and was on the way back to Anier-,
ira with a small load of general ar
lio. steatnins; alous with five other
vessels under convoy, when a sub
marine suddenly appeared in the mid
die of the fleet. Three torpedoes
were tired, and it was reported that
two other vessels were sunk, ,.tltho
names were not t-iven. The submar
ine escaped.
I mows jMyg; n
and Dress
Capt. Barrell
writes us 'hat these passengers
mostly belong to the class of small
KiiKlish farmers, whose emplo mcnt
i a ttio nnpnintr
lias ueeu uuu.ru , . ,., , hv lh,u !...
Vnclish Ports to the breadstuRs at " "
Kope and other countries. Th,y PPe in editorial and news art teles
come with the desten of locating in pointing out the injustice la.d upon
Illinois and Wisconsin and are a very i American citizens by the exemption
desirable class of immigrants. f aliens, many of whom had com
here to escape military service aoroad.
was taken up by many
The city of Cleveland has adopted 1
an ordinance requiring that after Oct.
14 dealers may sell bread only in
standard loaves of 16 or 32 ounces. (
There is no attempt to regulate the
price. The city council took it for
granted that if the people knew pre-;
clsely how much bread they were j
getting in a loaf, they would do some
rather effective price-regulating them
selves. At present, consumers are
handicapped by not knowing what a
"loaf" is. The meaning of the term
varies with the baker and the dealer.
Establishing a definite, standard loaf
is the logical beginning of bread re- (
The demand
members of Congress.
The House will act on the measure
before the end of the week, accord
ing to Chairman Burnett of the immi
gration committee, who will call up
the measure at the earliest oppor
tunity. Germans For Nonwar Work.
The resolution carries two amend
ments which greatly strengthen it.
The first gives the President authori
ty to draft for noumilitary purposes
the subjects of all Germany's allies,
Austria, Turkey and Bulgaria. Sub
jects of China, Japan and other coun
tries protected by treaty are exempted.
Washington. I). C, Sept. 1.1 Tin ad
ministration trading with t! enemy
bill, which passed the house wi'hou'
a dissenting vote last July, was passed
by the senate yesterday with tn-uiy
amendments, including one givin;; the
president power to embargo impirts
and prohibiting publication of war
comment in the (Jerman language un
less accompanied in a parallel column
by a translation in Knglish.
Other Importa provisions interdict
commerce between American and
Hermans or the hitter's allies, give
l the president broad pvwers t. r.to,!
'ate operations of enemy insurant e
eii.-;i:;;iies in this country, and e.t :.!
espionage powers.
The import embargo amendmt M,
added today a .h. adieinisti iti ". s
reip'.evt would end present pruh ti
bial covers over export trade, o i.n-
lorls well.
The other amendment of Connect!-
Cleveland has merely dene what the j nit, provides in the fixing of future
Itself should have done;uratt quotas states ana conununities
shall he given credit for the number
of aliens drafted.
Senator Stone said.'
"If we agree to that, how can we
protest against any other nation
doing the same thing with our na
tionals? How, for instance, can we
keep the Carranza government from
before this, and what the government
must do anyhow sooner or later. The
bread problem is too big and complex
to be left to local authorities for sol
ution. There should be a national standard
of quality and quantity, as there Is
in England and France. And then
there should be a national, uniform
price. In no other way can the public
receive the benefit of wheat-price reg
ulation. In no other way can the tion protects every treaty right and
greedy minority of bakers and dealers will bring the question directly to
be controlled. And in no other way j the governments with whom this
can the honest, patriotic bakers and ; country is allied,
dealers follow their natural Inclina-!
oi onnanu 10 renve tne monotony ot
a routine day or to ease physical wear-
Springfield, 111.. Sept. 13 The de
partment of public welfare today an
nounced the appointment of Dr. Clara
Hayes, of the Peoria state hospital
medical staff to be superintendent of
the St,te Training School for Girls
a' Oeneva. to succeed Mrs. Carrie S.
putting an American citizen into the (I Connor, resigned. j
Mexican army?" ', The department also announced the ;
Senator Lodge replied the resolu-; appointment of Dr. Hiram J. Smith,!
assistant superintendent of the Anna
state hospital,- to be superintendent i
Never have we displayed more complete
selections of New Silks and Dress Goods,
and never have prices been more consistent
with quality the prevailing influences.
Nobby plaid silks, 36 inch widths, extra
heavy weight, good quality, at $2.25 and
$2 per yard.
Beautiful plaid effects, 27 inch widths, all
new patterns, at $1.50 and $1.39.
New Georgette crepes in plain rich shades
and a most extensive color range.
Dress fabrics of wool. The assortments
are extensive. We include plain colors and
plaids which are quite popular for fall.
Special mention. Mannish broadcloth suit
ings, 54 inch widths, splendid qualities and in
the new fall shades at $3 per yard.
Wool fabrics in imported plaids and checks
from 48 to 54 inch widths, from $1 to $2:75
per yard.
New Fall Suits
The suits are more beautiful than ever and
you are ihdeed fortunate if in need of a suit
this fall. New models are arriving daily and
; we advise an early selection as you can wear
,that new fall suit right now.
New Coats
The new features of the New Coats are Mil
itary effects, plaits, yokes, belts, patch pock
ets, convertible collars, collars of fur and
cloth. ;
The dresses are the most
seen this year. Simple, youthful styles
the season's most wanted shades.
charming we have
You will be pleased with our showing of
new fall skirts, whether you want a fancy
plaid or plain material. We specialize in ex
tra large skirts for stout women.
Remember to look at Lucey's waists before
you buy. Authentic styles in workmanship
and materials that cannot be matched in qual-ity.
and give the public a square
Scltuate, Mass., recently witnessed
an Interesting centenary. It was the
one hundredth anniversary of "The
Old Oaken Bucket." Not of the ven
erable bucket itself that fell to
pieces long agobut of, the writing of
the words by Samuel Woodworth at
his home in New York.
According to the story, the poem
was written at the iclose of a hot day
after the author, who was then work
ing on a newspaper in New York;
had come home hot and tired. His
wifo drew a pitcher of cool water
from the pump in the yard that was
in the New York of a hundred years
ago and placed it on the table near
It good. But not so good as the water
ho had been wont to drink from the
"old oaken bucket" at his boyhood
home In Scltuate.
Lydia Woodworth, the wife, had
had a hot day, too. She found the
thought of the old well'and the brim
ming bucket very pleasant refresh
ment for the imagination. "Wouldn't
that make a pretty subject for a poem,
Samuel?" It would. Samuel wrote
the poem. America has been singing
the words ever since. There have
been parodies on it and jokes about
it. Rut the fact remains that (he ap
peal is there and that the song has
been and is sung and loved by mil
lions of Americans.
The traveler who would drink at
that ancient well today must drink
from a new bucket standing beside a
"restored" well curb. And there is
but one tree left of the old apple orch
ard near by. But the song Is still
iness. It is likely that the hoys would
ting under any circumstances. ' With
this special preparation for group sing
ing under trained leaders, music
fhould become a prominent and sat
isfying feature of the soldiers' and
sailors' training.
of the Illinois Charitable Kye and
War Intirmary at Chicago, to succeed
,lr. J. L. O'Connor, resigned.
Miss Kate Adams was an appli
cant for the stiperintendency of the
s'jr.e school if fieneva.
Pearls having tin average total value
of ij!'J,(HM),0Oii are exported annually
from I.n Pnz. n seaport in the gulf oi
California, near Hie southern end of
Lower Cnlifcriiia.-L'xelinuire.
Canada, too, has excellent crops. Hsr
wheat will amount to 23oWC,lOi bush-;
els. Since she needs only 45,m n.OOO ,
forherself .that leaves 190;t: 00 ,000 for
export far more than our own sur
plus. Oats, barley and rye promise
reroij yields.
Canada and the Culled Slates are
virtually one economic unit. Com- j
bined with our own crop forecast ,
this makes our food situation still bet-
; Says Cream Applied Jn Nostrils t
Opens Air Passages liight L'p. !
Instant relief no waiting. Your !
G T"
ive it in 1 ime
Every mother knows that coughs and
colds, neglected, muy lead to the most
dread diseases. Croup, bronchitis, pneu
txonia and consumption often have (heir
beginning in a slight cold.
The wise mother gives
Foley's Honey and Tar
at the fi rst signs of a cough or cold. She
know it stops coughs quickly, puts n
soothing, healing coating on an inflamed
und tickling throat, and gives a feeling
ol warmth and comfort to the sufferer.
Mrt. M. E. Sdilarb, Ashland, Penn., writo;
"Foley's Money and Tar is the best cough and
cold remedy I have ever tried. When my little
Jirl nets a cold on her client, I Jive her a lew
jj.c, awl it relieves ht,v c:f! uy,"
For sale by W. D. Duncan.
it H
UM Will
We Wil Mw
flopped nootriU open Tight up; the air
tassil!7!'8 of vour head clear and mil ran
Woodworth drank it and found u'r than our own favorable reports in- breathe freely. No more hawking, snnf-
dieated 1 "'"g- "'"""'g, iiwim-iie, tirvnesH. po
struggling tor breath at night; your
cold or catarrh disappears.
(let a smalt nottlo or Fits Cream
Balm from your druggist now. Apply
a little of this fragrant, antiseptic,
healing cream in your nostrils. It pen
etrate through every air passage of the
head, guoth3 the inflamed or swollen
mucous membrane and relief comes in
stantly. It's just fine, Don't stay stuffed-up
with a cold or pasty catarrh.
With a song leader at every train
ing camp and standardized song books
neatly hound In olive drab linen in '
every khaki pocket, there is no reason
why Uncle Sam's lighting men should ,
not excel the armies of thf world In'
musical ability as well as In their,
other well known attributes.
The standardized song book to bo'
used In all branches of the service has j
been authorized by the Executive Com
mittee for the Supervision of Music'
In the Army and Navy. It will contain
patriotic and popular songs ,many of
the old faovrltes and some of th new
ones. Original songs will he encour
aged, too. The hook makes' room
among Its pageR for the addition of
newly produced songs and airs. Army
and navy bands are to have standard
ized music as well as the boys who do
the singing.
Oroup singing, even when very am
ateurish and nut rained, Is about as
much fun as anything one can think
There is going to be enough food for ;
everybody in America the coining y.nir
And if we only handle our crops in
telligently and avoid needless waste,
there will he enough lor our Kuropean
Secretary McAdoo of the treas
ury, has issued a statement that the
campaign to sell the second issue of
Liberty Loan Honds will close on
the tlrst of November, 1HI7, and the
active campaign will begin not later
than a month before that date.
The secretary explains Hint details
of the second loan cannot be given 1
out until linal action has been taken
by Congress upon the war bond hill
now pending hut announces that as
soon as a new law has been passed
the delails will he given out.
The secretary expresses a hope that
all existing Liberty Loan committees
will perfect their organizations anil
new organizations be effected in rend
ineM for ihe next campaign.
As in the flist campaign, the cam
paign in each federal reserve district
will he under the supervision of flit'
federal reserve bank, which will cat
as the fiscal agent of the government.1
Introduction Needed.
I Por n long time Clawson hns been
! thirsting to tell Hlobklus that he and
lleorge Washington had nothing in
I common, but had never found an op-,
j porliuilty. One day, however, they '
i niel at the nendeiny and stood together i
' gazing ut n lovely little statue. Claw-
i son tinned o bis catalogue.
I "Ah." he said "this Is 'Truth!' "
Waving a hand toward the statue, he
i s.ild: "Truth, allow imp lo present my
! friend Mr. lthdiklns. 1 feel mire yon
I two have never met before." London
Nothing Wrong.
"!)o yon see those two men studying
a ( hart'.""
eu to know 4 1 is f they
i crooked pir e of work."
' V'cs. 'i'hev are t wo oiig'noers
j arc niappiio; out a sccp.lt railway. "
i liirniitighnin Ago-IIeraid.
"I i-nr
phi iiiiim
We carry a complete line of Tires and Accessories In addition
to our Motor Car Salesroom.
United States Tires and Republic Tires in all sizes.
We employ only competent men in our repair Department.
M ers-Fruland Auto Co.
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Children Cry
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Kniuiill imtwtni, pi.rninn.nl llni.li. tuaranttfnl a, hi (or durilulitr and ft anlmi. Yon
will tall DSrSSSD UP til Hit tliiiiof Jim oi'ti lliti i.li. Fur I,, It-adlut rtkilru.
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At the La Salle County Fair in Ottawa next week.
A Straw SpFeaieir
It will spread straw 1 2 to 20 feet wide.
Use one and then you can raise winter wheat.
A Two-Row Motor Corn Cultivator
With the regular attachments you can plant from two to four rows
of corn with any Corn Planter you are using now.
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A Tower Corrugated Land Roller
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exhausted. Buy early.
10-20 Mogul Tracftor
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to. W
tai l C ,
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