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Friday, October 12, 191?.
It was a naval battle, virtually a
naval campaign, that, in tho final an
alysis, secured to the Itrltwh South
African forcra the asivnlaiuy in
German Kast Africa.
Lake Tanganyika, one-of tho Afri
can Great takes, lies in a position
which offers the opportunity of flank
ing the German Kast African colonic.!.
Similarly, whili. tho Germans hold
! Poultry I
Rival Fabrics in Children's Dresses
1 d " -" "; f
-. villMULC
j Care Should Ba Taken That Thsy Bo
Kept Warm and Frea From Drafts.
I Hatching the chicks Is tho leust of
tho iMmltryman's worries. Far more
i Important than the liarr-hlnir In Hip
control of the water. ,hey would lie brooding, which offers all kind of op.
pnaoien to flank any advancing j portunities for loss If not handled
British Invaders.. properly, writes a correspondent of the
The situation on the lake was an- j arm and Fireside. Do be very care
alogom to that of the conquest of ul about drafts or sudden changes In
take Erlo bv the American Commo- tcmP-ture In the room where the
dare Terry, who. with a raw force of : b1roodera are kePt Tho cbkks.
,men. conjured from .the virgin for , cluf drJns the first few w'ks, are
PSts. a fWf an.) r.iiwinepnfl flr. -"- V "uw-ci-nuie iu irreguiari-
class cno"ray squadron.
The British invaders into th- Ger
ties of this kind. That does not meat
that there should not be plenty of fresh
air in the room, hut if if i tho iop hit
man colony determined to accomplish j (.0m phou,(j be I)Iaced by the
the conquest of Lake Tanganyika, windows so that the air does not strike
the chicks directly,
Tho brooders themselves should be
kept at nil times warm enough for the
There were no British boats afloat
on the water while .their enemy main
tained a small squadron of various
lake craft, all equipped with efficient
light guns.'
With nothing to work with and or
ders to "got" the lake for the crown,
Commander Geoffrey Sintson, the of
ficer to whom the project was In
trusted, had only his own resources
to depend on In tho dilemma. But
they pfyved ample, as will be seen.
Two motor launches were shipped
to him in sections. At tho lake shore
the launches were assembled and w
In the water. A smaller motorhoat
was found in a foray along tho shore.
It was rotted and water logged, but
was repaired after a fashion anil suc
cessfully launched. One small one
pounder was fixed In the bows of
each of tho boats. They were ready
to do battle.
Before dawn of a sluggish African
morning tho fleet set out, fighting
Swarjns of voracious mosquitoes aw
they glided over tho water In a lurch- J ,llicks t0 be thor0UKh, oomf()rt(ll)lo
ing. unbalanced fashion. fcvery few I wilhollt crowdln(f( whk.u ls of,n fatill
seconds one of the engines would j to them. Enough brooders should lie
wheezo and choke and come to a provided so that ench chick will bnve
dead stop. Volleys of curses and plenty of room without being forced
pouring of perspiration accompanied outside the brooder at night,
the laborious repairs. Then tho boat (, When the chicks first come out of the
would get fh motion again and chug Incubator they have In their bodies jm
its way against tho slapping, oil-like ' "hsorbed tho yolk of the egg, which
surface of the water for several miles, ! nourishes, them for at least thirty-six
only for the process to bo repaat.'d. hmir3 80 tllnt no foo1 ,s necessary at
The inen were In fine fettle, indeed. ! flrst; watcr nml fi"e Br,t are
to fight any enemy by the tlmo thry to start the digestive organs to
, . ,, , ,. i do their proper functions". Wefeddr ed
nearer the supposed loca on of hiM. . , .
T"n t" j breadcrumbs and finely chopped hard
enemy- iteet. ! boUc(l pgg ng a flrit fee(J fmli tllis
SeVftral hours of sailing up every j eTcry three hour8 for the flrst tl)rpe
cove nd creek entrance and exam- dayg.
inlng 'very indentation in the shore1. Then we gradually substituted rolled
at le)th brought them within sight ( oats ground in a meat grinder and mix
of a gjnall beach, brown and sandy, rd this nt first with breadcrumbs, as
and dacorstcd by a small white hut they had to be taught to relish this
about Ja furlong from the water's diet.
edge. 4 It soon became evident that ' Hy the end of the first week we had
the (fcrmans had a very efficient 1 1)pKl,n on ln grain food, which we
lookout, and that he had scurrl-nl , n'lx ourselves, but bought in the
into the hut and unburdened tho J .f """" hick w
,kl JJ ... . ., . ... ! fed this every three hours for the first
chblccf news-a British fleet, sailing ; weok am, n fQW
up tH lake. The man was trust-, at0 on.Ufllf nint ,nr hnil(1,(1
worthjf and the rum supply had been ; cb(.kSi whlch is whnt thpy cnn clwm
finished for a fornlght. And then, j up In about ten minutes. In between
the situation, if true, was not one ; times they had beforo them a hopper
conducive to levity. So. several ath-1 containing a mixture of one part of
letic young Germans scrambled out ; finely sifted lccf wraps, one part of
of tho shelter and promptly hurried I flno charcoal and two parts of finely
in again, verifying tho sentinel's 'In- j Rlrtyd brn. with the addition of one
formation - ' )ait of corunical m the second Meek,
Tho crew filed out and soon Kng- j nIsn1,'Ui"R ? 8'ft t"o Lran
,. . . , , , , , i, , I During tho first week we fed them
Ish binoculars wore Interestedly fl- j al80 beets or turn, fl Jn tJfe
lowing some ,two dozen Germans ment r, offering this about once
dashing down to the lake and piling 0l. twl,,0 tt (1ily nml Kraduallv giving it
into their "navy." Tho boats were ; to them oftener in the second week,
squatty white things and carried a ! We also had clabber before them when
very grim looking gun fore and aft. j we hnd It, and this they relished great
Soon tin two fleets were gingerly ad' ly. and, of course, wo kept charcoal
vancin'l toward each other and scan-: d grit before them constantly,
ning each other's armament. ' ,
ThoEnglish enter.d the bittlo
promising their motors in extra
drink of petrol, or whatever motors
like, if the contrary conglomeration
of springs, cylinders and wheezy
noises .would only stay In action long
enoughsfor the men to capture a good
motor from the enemy. The Germ-ins j Mr. Adolph Kittleson has been vis
wero evidently superior though tho Ring a week with relatives near Lee.
M - - - Jit-'" " i 1
,f J
Mighty Useful Feeding Device la Easy
to Put Together Floor Prevent i
Waste of Feed. j
This Is my wny of making n portable !
feid rack: The runners are 2 by 12;
sta.f 10 feet long, rounded nt each j
end, writes M. Wnlden of Missouri
in Missouri Valley Fn-ner. The rack I
! ls 12 feet wide aul three pieces of 2 !
by 0 stuff are nulled between the run-;
tiers to make a solid foundation. The I
i j II
pf if B
Portable Feed Rack.
uprights are 2 by 4"s and mny be at :
long ns desired. The rack bonrds ore 1
by 6-inch stuff and If the rack Is very
high should be brnced In the middle. '
Above the runners and on each end ls ;
a 1 by 12-Inch board, making the man
ger 2 feet from the ground. This with
the floor In the bottom keeps the stock '
from wasting the hay or straw.
White voile Is milking tin Important
place for Itself in .the wardrobe of
very little girls. It promises to rival
India linen and batiste, or to out-rivnl
them, ns uvnilnlile for the plainer thin
white dresses that are needinl In quan
tities by little misses especially in
summer time. Its durability is a strong
recommendation for it nud It Is nmde
up very simply in dresses that are ex
pected to see much service. It Is the
least expensive means at hand for
mothers who like best to see their lit
tle oues in white.
The dress of voile shown In the pic
ture is plain, with the skirt set on to
n straight yoke and finished th a
very wide hem. The hemmed edge of
the yoke extends over the skirt, like
B tuck and n row of brier stitching in
merceriiied crochet cotton defines the
top of the hem. Its lower edge ttud
the edges of the collar and cuffs are nil
finished with n very snnill crochet edge
of fine mercerized cotton thread, usu
ally lu o light pink or blue. A very
narrow hem Is basted In the material
and the edge crocheted through It.
Another little dress trimmed with
vnl Insertion and edging Is shown. It
Is & one-piece pattern with n very nnr
row round yoke in embroidered swiss
organdie. What distinguishes It ns
new Is the addition of pieces nt the
front that simulate n little jacket or
cape in the back extended into a
cape collar. The little yoke is finished
with vnl edging, drawn up with nar
row satin ribbon, tied in a bow at the
front. Two tiny silk roses are made
of narrow ribbon and posed on the
caisj at the front.
Transparent Brown Hats Are Chic.
Not withstanding her traditional nt
faehment for her brond-brlmmed black
picture hat, of mnline or silk velvet,
satin or velour, the frenchwoman of
11)17 has discovered that far more be
coming and n great deal more pictur
esque is the transparent brown hat,
trimmed with paradise, with ethereal
bows of tulle or silk illusion or bound
only with narrow brown velvet ribbon.
Golden brrfwu hats ure seen on the
very smartest womerrln Farts now. In
Kew York, too, they are beginning to
find favor, and It Is only remarkable
that no one has thought to exploit
them before."
Don't stay Gray! Here's ai
Old-time Recipe that Any
body can Apply,
The use of Page and fsulphur for re
storing faded, gray hair to its natural
color dates back to grandmother's time.
She used it t4eep her hair beautifully
dark, glossy and attractive. Whenever
hor hair took on that dull, faded, or
streaked appearance, this simple mixture
was applied with wonderful ctfect.
But brewing at home Is mussy au4
out-of-date. Nowadays, by asking at
any drug store for a' 50 cent, bottle of
"Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound,"
VOll U'ill rrnt. thift f.nnimia.nM nrinorafinn
mMwiru iiib Huuuion oi outer in
gradients, which can be depended upon to i
restore natural color and beauty to the I
hair. I
A well-known downtown druggist saya i
it darkens the hair go naturally and
evrnly 'that nobody can tell it has been j
applied. You simply dampen a sponge '
or Boft brush with it and draw this j
through your hair, taking one strand at ;
a time. By morning the gray hair dis- j
appears, and after another application or ''
-4 two, it become beautifully dark and j
giossy. I
tWycth's Sago and iulphur Compound1
is a delightful toilet requisite' for those!
who desire a more youthful appearance.
It is not intended for the cure, mitigation
or preventioa of disease.
We have purchased a truck and will
handle Trunks, Baggage and Parcels.
Day and Night Service.
Truck is operated in connection
with our Taxi Service.
'Phone 600
Condc's Taxi Service
208 W. Main St,
4 BAKER. (
British losses
German "ship of tho line"
vessels engaged were equal in num
ber, f '
As the fleets met an Indiscriminate
meiee ensued. Revolvers, Maxims,
one-pounders and rifles cracked,
roared and smashed. There was very
little Wood shod, for tho opposing
sides wore very much moro Interested
In sinkjng enemy craft. Therein lay
tho wholo distlny on the lake. After
several hpurs of mutual hammering,
both Rides withdrew exhausted. About
one-fourth of the Germans were
killed, wounded or drownod, and tho
somewhat less. One
lay a
sunken,!, wreck In shallow water.
There was no more fighting during
the daf, but during tho night tho
British succeeded in raising tho
wrecked enemy. For a week both
aides prepared for the decisive en
gagement. The erstwhile wrcek was
transformed Into a serviceable little
unit, f
' The iecohd meeting resulted In a
complete victory for the British.
The Remaining German boats were
destroyed by the English, who now
held thJ ascendancy. One of the sur
vivors jf the flrtt tells an Interest
ing story of a' chase around tho lake,
wltlcH culminate Id ft bitter llttlo j
battle, the result M which was that'
both enemy boata were captured by I
thd Entllsbj when on abeacb, and
plunged;into the Jungles rather than
be takqtt prisoners.
It was this conquest that secured
to the British, tie German East Afri
can coldny.. . tt ra probably one of
the most difficult tasks In the Afrlpan
fighting nnd the stakes wero well
worth it
Dr. M. 11. Sawyer and family, of Ot
tawa, spent Sunday with his parents
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Herman Pet
erson, Sept. L'S, a daughter.
Mrs. Chris. Benson entertained tho
Ladies' Aid society at her home on
Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry 'Sanderson
spent Sunday with Mr. und Mrs. Ole
Rev. and Mrs. Qually, of Elgin,
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
John Erlekson.
Quite a number of llttlo folks gath
ered nt tho homo of Master Harold
Hondley last Saturday afternoon to
help him celebrate his 7th birthday.
Rev. Mldtloin, of Stanley, Wis.,
will preach In the Luthoran church
hero next Sunday morning.
Miss Minnie Ingebrltsen from P, V.
L. college at Ottawa vlsltod over
Sunday with Miss Pearl Klrkhus.
Mr. and Mrs. Bcnnio Rasmuison, of
Milllngton and Mr. and Mrs. Silas
Johnson and son. Howard, spent
Sunday with Mr. and MrlC Burton
Mr. Iver Iverson left lastiMonday
for a visit, with relatives in Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. John Larson, of Free
dom, spont Sunday with Miss Valeria
Mr. and Mrs. Mervon Hathrono, of
Belvldere are visiting relatives here.
Mrs. Jacob Osmund will entertain
the Ladles Aid Society on Wednes
day afternoon, Oct. 17.
' '
Misses Emma Aretitwn and Mildred
Snyder wotc guests of ':. and Mrs.
Otto liedlick, of Ottawa, Sunday.
Several of the schools in this vi
cinity give Riley programs Friday j
Messrs. and .Mcsdanies Sheridan Sel
lers, Will Tucker, C. A. Leech, Wm.
Gregg, Justin Johnson, ('. (. Wiley, j
Frank Olnistead wore, Kockford
r.-i Ha: unlay. j
Rev. Harrisville, of Chic v.tio, preach-i
ed in the Freedom and linker church j
Sunday. i
Rev. nnd Mrs. Quallen, of Klein,1
were guests of Freedom friends Sun-'
day. !
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jameson spent j
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Wnt-i
ncm, of Ottawa.
The Freedom Lutheran Ladies' Ai
society will meet, with Mrs. Oliver
Tiifteo Friday, Oct. 12.
Leonard Larson has gone to Iowa
fur a visit with his brother Merlon.
Mis. C. ('. I.aury was a Spring Val
ley visitor Tuesday.
T'ie Lis will have a cooked food
sale in li. M. Wiley's store Saturday.
Oct. 2fith.
The following officer wero elected
at. the Ladies' Aid society for tho en
suing year: Mrs. ( lias. Wiley, presi
dent; Mrs. Henry Mosey, vice presi
dent; Mrs. Win. Gregg, secretary;
Mrs. ('has. Rattles, treasurer.
Don't, forget the first number of the
lecture course will bo given In the
Harding church Wednesday evening,
Oct. 17th. This entertainment' will be
given by tho Smith, Spring. Holmes
Company. The program will consist
of vocal solos, readings, planologues,
'nstrumental solos, duets and ensem
ble numbers. Fie sure and hear this
number of the course.
If Both Male and Ewe Are Weak In
Soma Points Weaknesses Are In
tensified In Lambs.
A mm is half the flock. A good
rain will impress his desirnble qual
ities on bis offspring. The ram must
be strong in (he points in which the
ewes are deficient. It Is a well-known
fact that like begets like, and If
both the ram nnd the ewe aro week
In the same points these weaknesses
will be Intensllled in the offspring. j
If the llock Is small, a rum lamb 1
will be nil right. If there nro more i
thun thirty ewes tho ram 'should bo j
two years old. The ram selected will 1
depend upon the type of ewes in the
flock. If the ewes are sninll nnd
light-boned, n heavyweight and
heavy-boned rum will be needed. A
nim with more refinement should bo
used If the ewes are coarse-boned
and rangy.
Between Operation and
Death. Cured by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
1leUklnn .
for men
Pes Moines, Iowa. "My husband
says 1 would have been in my crave to-
rrr-.- ... i J L. 1 !. , I.
oay naa it not oeen
for Lydia E. Pink
ham s Vegetable
Compound. I suf
fered from a serious
female trouble and
the doctors said I
could not 'live ono
year without an
operation. My hus
band objected to tho
operation and got
me to try Lydia E.
Pink ham a Vege
table Compound. I soon commenced to
:et better and am now well and able to
lo my own nousework. 1 can recom
mend Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound to any woman as a wonder
ful health restorer. "-Mrs. Blanche
Jefferson, 703 Lyon St, Des Moines.
This famous remedy, the medicinal
ingredients of which are derived from
highly prized roots and herbs, has for
forty years proved Its value in such
cases. Women everywhere bear wil
ling: testimony to the wonderful virtue
of Lydia E. 1'inkham'a Vegtable Compound
" One year after the telephone was In
vented the phonograph was produced;
in 1870 tho human voice was trans
mltted, and in 1S77 It was recorded
and reproduced.
The Whole Neighborhood Knows.
Mrs. Anna l'elssor, 2.")2fi Jefferson St.,
So. Omaha, Neb., writes: "I can rec
ommend Foley's Honey and Tar as a
sure cure for coughs and colds. If
cured my daughter of a bud cold. My
neighbor, Mrs. Benson, cured herself
and her whole family with Foley's
Honey and Tar, and everyone In our
neighborhood speaks highly of It."
This Tollable family remedy masters
croup. It clears the air passages and
eases the gasping, strangling fight
for breath. For salo by W. I). Duncan,
Window Glass
Why not replace that broken
We carry WINDOW GLASS In at
glass while the weather is
sizes. Come in and see us.
Fall Decorating
More people every year are doing their PAPER HANGING and
PAINTING In the fall.
You are in the house more In the Winter time and your roomi
should be made cneerful.
We are ihowllng a complete line of WALL PAPER at a moderate
We aro also sole agents for THE &HCRWIN WILLIAMS CO.
Paints; a special paint for every purpose. This is tho firm that makes
the FLAX SOAP you like so well. Their other products are just as
v. 8UCCE880R3 ) W. J. GRAHAM
H0NE 101.
United States of America
Second Liberty Loan
4 Per Cent Interest
Firmly convinced that the very existence of
our Government is dependent upon the co-operation
and support of its citizens and institu
tions in times of national emergency, the Na
tional City Bank of Ottawa, not only will
place a liberal subscription to the 'new Gov
ernment Loan for ibs own account, but de
sires to be of the utmost service to every oth
er intending subscriber. Subscribe now. Uncle
Sam needs your help. Bonds in denomina
tions of $50, $ 1 00, $500 and $ 1 ,000. Interest
at 4 per cent, payable semi-annually. Free
from all taxation, except Inheritance Tax,
Sur-Tax and Excess War Profit Tax. Don't
delay. Call at once and make your subscrip
tion. Subscriptions close October 26th.
Low Prices Must Include Right Quality
We guarantee both quality and price:
Cnn 1 Ir" r V. r-i 4ru r a i n
jvv sacKs rving vuanty riour, tv IDs. ror . IV.
If you have never used King Quality Flour, ask your neighbor abouL
she uses It.
m ios. Tine uranuiated Suaar for
With 3 lbs. C. & S. 35c Plantation Coffee for
Or with g pound of 60c Japan or English Breakfast Tea. .IT
Soap Manufacturers Predict Anoth- Medium Size Zinc Tubs
er 20 per cent, advance. Get 3 cans June Peas 111 Mil 31
wise. Wash Day Salo on Satur- 3 cans Solid Pumpki"' llUj
day and Monday: 3 cans Kidney Be
5 bars Swift's Pride Soap 25c 25c tins Asparagus fj 1
5 bars Swift's White Soap ,...25c 40c tins large RipeilP llflVVK
5 bars Crystal White Soap 25c 15c tins Cheese !!.
4 bars P. & G. German Mottled 29c 15c cans Chili jr' You enJoy
4 bars Kitchen Sapolio 29c No. 2'. PeacheRR0W'
4 bars Hand Sapolio 29c No. 21 tins Pe?
5 bars Armour's Tar Soap 25c 30c Clam Cho4e WS
5 10c assorted Tar Soap .' 25c 3 cans Gold th.
30c pkg. Borax Soap Powder, 15c Klppere1 naf"
labels damaged, each ...... 15c 30c Jap Cr,-
15c Mop Stick 10c 50c bottles "
35c Cotton Mops 19c 5 gallon ( tf
25c Cotton Clothes Lines 19c 3 gallon Made Her
500 cases Canned Goods, labels Open r
damaged: 'Phonin3 3oth"
S-f TPt ry of the universe.
m rnw '
Exclusive selling agency Chats & Sanborn

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