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Professional Csrds
i-,if -r.s
PR0F.l6sEPH A.' ftEAFt66k,!
Pianist and Teacher." n
Siuclio, 123 ColweU Aoattmont,,opp
sue v, a summon pat k. rnone bsvu
Attorney Ht law, .10-21) ; Molose)
Bldg., Ottawa. IlllnoU. Tclephootli
Cffice, 275-W. Reatdeoc. JU Y. .
Attorney and counsellor at la aM
Well, Father has to satlsly his appetite somehow
r. i 1 I i I ' itv 1 i
! I r MW7 l-u-K n " 7m nv nu.. kuNlh I vvuAT CM BAklu is " -v I uiCKlNti' THE') tlr
I - I uO h(5tAWU vmR U . ... ,-t.l I ' Uc w..T'-m w...,i 1 MU(JLAU Ji . I
Ivavk "st -ciar , m.mkp tkiK Mfcnwi' sil .v. i BEEN v r 7Ti I ' i
solicitor Id chancer. Will practice
law In tbe several courts' aid It
the federal conns. Special atUO
tion given to all real asute caiel
of La Salle and adjolalng coootlaa,
Including drainage questions. '.
Attorney at law, office. La 8alU Bt,
west of court bouae.
J , -1 " " " ' ' ' ' . I
1m i ii ,ir t j i m nnwiiii - .
' Copyriflhtby er
t.aL A MuMlA Cl).
lyriflht by leV
. i 1
..A scientific expedition off the Afri-
can coaKt rescues n human derelict, i
Alexis Paulvitth. He brings tihroud
an ape, intelligent niuf friendly, mid
reaches London.
.Jack, son of Lord Creystoke, the
original Tarzan, has Inherited a love
of wild Ufa and steals from home to
see the ape, now a drawing card In u
music hall. The ape makes friends
with him. .
The ape refuses to leave Jack de
poslte hla trainer. Tarzen appears
li nd la joyfully recognized by the upe,
lor Tarzan had been king of his tribe.
Tarzan agrees to biiy Akut, the fipe,
and Bend him back to Africa. Jack
,resoJyes to. go along.
' Jack learns the ape language. Paul-
vitch, hating the father, tries to kill;
Jack, but is killed by Akut. Jack and
Akut escape to Africa and enter the
! Jungle.
i' .
"i MalUhn' oii'j'.ler.-.w.. tv ' Swi 'o
renegrades and iraui-rs. uy x.J.ily. l, r
mercenary reasons, to et i js.-e: rlon
of a lltllo irl, .Ueriem, held by an
Aiau Burin, jui iv iT-uinn j,iiih iim
from Akut. ,
Jack comes across the Swede's saf
ari, but Is repulsed. Disheartened, lie
takes all the more to jungle lire. Kroni
a tree he spies Merleni.
The sheik beats Merleni. Jack res
cues her and takes her to the jnnfrlo.
'Attacked by Kovudoo, a black chief,
Jack is wounded, and Merletn j turn j
Iioni uiin.
The Swedes buy Menem from Kov
udoo.'' In a row over her. .Malbihn
kills Jenssen. A man Known i.s
Bwana rescue;; Merieni.
Bwana takes Meriem home to his
wife who adopts her. Jack, with b-;
boons, storms Kovudoo' village. Not
finding Meriem lie believes she has
been killed. .
'' The lion. I'.aynns visits P.wana and
I falls In love with Merieni. Disguised
! and under the name of Hanson, Mai-!-'.)ihn
irlves at liwana's plantation,
; Baynes persuades Meriem, who be
lieves Korak dead, lo .prepare to elope
with him. Bwanrt, learning this, sends
Baynes away.
Korak from h tree oversees a secrel
' meeting between llayno.q and Meriem.
...lanson, prtendlrtg lllat he will take
Mcrlcm to Itaynes, takes her to his
own camp. She recopnlxcs Melhihn
and escapes.
, Huynes tracks Malbilm and boll)
flre and woudn each other. Meriem
'is captured by the sheik and his
. ,
Korak on an elephant comes to the
"rescue and also Uayncs. Helped by
Korak. Haynes and Meriem escape.
Korak, bound to a stake, is rescued
by the elephant.
Just tiien the fellow chanced to
glance downward. Beueath him,
tredged among the branches of a tree,
lay a canoe.
The negro grasped Paynes' arm ami
pointed toward his lliul. The Hon,
Morlsoii could sciirce repress a shoul
f exultation. Quickly tbe two slid
down tbe drooping brunches into the
boat. The black seized llie paddle, and
Baynes shoved them out from beneath
the Iree. A second later the ennoe shot
out upon the bosom of the river and
headed toward Hie opposite shore and
the camp of the Swede.
Baynes sipiattcd tu the bow, struln
lug Ills eyes after the men pulling the
other en noes usm the bank across
from him. He saw Malbihn step from
bow of the foremost of the little
1. 1 Me tntthlMM4aiHi and ffiiucr
buck across the river. He could see
bis Mutt of .surprise us his eyes fell
upon the pursttiiii! cuuoe noil culled the
utleiiUon of Ills followers to II.
, Now the canoe (wns within easy
spciiklny distance of the shore.
'.'What do you wsiit'f" yelled Mal
bilm. raising bis weapon llireateniiiyly.
"You. Iiiiiik .von !" shouted llayues,
wblppin out hi revolver ami tiring al
most simultaneously with the Swede,
As tbe two reports rang out Malbihn
dropped his ritle, clutched frantically
ai bis breast, siiiirgered. fell, first to
Ills kucc iiml then lunged upon bis
face. Haynes stiffened. His bend Hew
buck spasmodically. For nn Instant
be stood thus and then crumpled very
1,'euti.v into the bottom f .the bout. ,
, Da.Mics lunied .weakly, in the dlrec
llnti of the sbore, to see Mnlbibn drawn
up upon hi- elbows, leveling his rifle
at him. The Englishman slid to the
bottom of the canoe as n bullet whlz
Zi il above biiu. Malbihn, sore bit. took
lunger in aiming, nor was bis slni as
sure as folinerly.'
Wjth difiii-ulty Haynes turned him
self over on bis stomach and, grasping
his revolver In bis right, band, drew
himself up until be could look over
the edge of the cauoe.
Mulhlliii saw him Instantly and tired,
but itaynes did not flinch or 'hick.
With painstaking care he aimed at tht
.target upon the shore, away from
which he now was drifting with the
current. ili linger closed Upon the
trigger. There was a flash, a report,
ami M.tlblhti's giant frame 'Jerked to
the Impact of another bullet.
JBut he was not yet dead. Again he
Malbihn Dropped His Rifle and Clutch
ed Frantically at His Breast
aimed and fired, the bullet splintering
the gunwale of the .canoe close by
Baylies' face. Haynes fired again as
his canoe drifted further downstream,
and Malbihn answered from the shore,
where he lay In a pool of his uwu
And thus, doggedly, the two wounded
men continued to carry on their weird
duel until the winding African river
had carried the lion. Morlsoii Baynes
out of sight around a wooded point.
Meriem hint traversed' half the
length of the village street when a
ncore of white-robed negroes and half
castes leaped out upon her from the
dark Interiors of the surrounding huts.
She tried to flee, but heavy hands
seized her, and when she turned til last
to plead willi tlicm her eyes fell upon
the face of n tail, grim old man glaring
down upon her from the folds of his
At sight of lit in she staggered hack
In shocked and terrified surprise. It
whs the sheik '.
The sheik and his parly had been
iiiiii'i'lihig southward along I lie river
when one of them, dropping out of
line to fetch water, hail seen Meriem
making for the village. The fellow had
culled the sheik's uttentlou to the
strange sight u while woman alone In
ffntrttl .AfrlctiiiiHi the old Ainbjuid
hidden Ids liieli Til ihe ileVei led village J
tw capture her.
, And when at last the woman had
walked inio the trap be had set for
her and be hud recognized h-r as the
same little girl be had brutalized and
maltreated years before his grailnfa
tlou had leeii huge.., Now lie lost no
time ill, establishing' the old 'relation
of father and 'daughter that had ex
isted between ihcm in the past.
A two days' uiHrcti brought them at
last to the familiar scenes of her
childhood, and the first face upon
which she set her eyes as she Vat
driven ihrougii the gates into the
sllong stockade wiis that of Die tooth
less, hideous Mabuiiu. her one time
nurse. Il was as though all the years
that had intervened were bill it dream.
Had' it not been for her clothing and
the fact thai she imd grown in stature
die might well have believed It so,
For a time the inhabitant of the
sheik's village who bud nut been upon
the march, n tih him amused them
selves b.v liifpceiiug liie strangely clad
while girl whom some of ihcm had
known a a little child.
Among Hie Aruhs who had come in
her absence was a tall young fellow
of tweniy, a handsome, sinister, look
ing youth, who Mti red at her in open
atliidralioii until the sheik ciime ami
ordered, him away, and Atidul Knmak
went, HeoWling.
At iHst, their, curiosity satisfied, Me
riem was left alone. As of old, she
w as penult ted Ihe freedom of the vil
lage, for the stockade was high find
strong and the only gutes were well
guarded by dor and night... But, as of
old, she cared not for the companion
tdilp of the cruel Arabs and the de
graded blacks who foruied theofiyw
lug Vf the sheik, and so, as had been
her want in the tad days of her child
hood, she slunk down to an uufreiiueut
ed corner of ttie lnclositre where slit
bad often played at housekeeping with
her beloved ileekn.
Merieni pressed her hand above hei
heart anil stilled a sigh, and us she db)
-so she felt the hard mil lines of tin
photograph she had hidden I here a
sin- .slunk from Malbllm's tent. Now
she drew II forth ami commenced tt
re-examine It more carefully limn slit
had had time to do before.
As she sat gazing at the picture sh
suddenly became aware Hist she was
not alone; that some one was standlm
close behind her, some one who hail!
approached her noiselessly, (iuiltilj
she thrust Ihe picture buck inlo hei
waist. A hand fell Upon her shoulder
She was sure that it was the sheik
and she awaited in dumb terror tin
blow that she knew would Immediate
ly follow.
No Plow came, and she looked up
ward over her shoulder--Into the eye
of Abdul Kainak, the young Arab.
"I saw." he said, "the picture that
you have Just hidden. Il Is you when
you were a child, a very young child
May I see II again?"
Merieni drew away from him.
"I will give It back," be said. "I
have heard of you, and I know that
you have no love for the sheik, your
father. Neither have I. I xwill not
betray you. Let me see the picture."
She drew tie- photograph from Its
hiding place and handed 11 lo him.,
He turned the picture over, and as
his eyes fell upon the old newspaper
cutting they vent wide, lie could
read French wllh difficulty, it Is true,
but he could read It. He had been to
Purls. He had spent six months there
on exhibition wiih a troop of his des
ert fellows.
.Slowly, laboriously, he rend the yel
lowed cutting'. liN eyes were no long
er wide. Instead, they narrowed to
two sills of cunning. When he had
done lie looked at the girl. i
"You have read ihl';" he asked.
"1 have not hud the opporl unity,"
silt' replied.
A wonderful Idea hail sprung to Ab
dul Kamak's mind. It was au Idea
I hat might he furthered if the girl
were kept In ignorance of the contents
of that newspaper cutting. It would
certainly be doomed should she learn
Its contents. '
"Meriem," he whispered, "never un
til today have my eyes beheld you.
yet lit once they, (old my heart that It
must ever be your servant . Y'oti do
not know me, nut I ask Unit you (rust
me. I can help you. You bate the
sheik. So do I. Let me take you
away from him. t'ome with me and
we will go hack to the great desert
where my lather Is a sheik mightier
than i; yours. Will you comei" :
Meriem sat In silence. She hated tu
wound the only one who had offered
her protection and friendship, but she
did not waul Ahiiul Kamak's lovu. De
reived by her silence, the uuiU seized
her and strained her. to him. hut Mer
iem struggled to free herself.
"I do not love you!" she cried. "Oh,
please do not make me hale you! You
are the only one who lias shown klm
J"y,D,'.!.'.i'"j l"ul J vant to like
yon, hut 1 niiuiot love you!"
Abdul Kamuk drew himself to hla
full lt.lt.hi.
"You will learn to love me," he said,
"for 1 shall lake you, w hether you will
or mi. You hate the sheik, ami so you
will not tell him. fin if you do I will
till him of tbe picture. I hale the
nheik, ami "
"You hate ihe sheik?" came a grim
voice from behind them.
Both i urned to see the sheik himself
standing a few paces from them. Ale
dill still held Ihe picture in his hand.
Now lie thrust il within his burnoose.
"Yes," he buid, "I hale the slielk."
And as he spoke lie sprang toward the
older man. felled him witli a blow and
dashed on across Ihe village lo the
line where his horse was picketed, sad
dled and ready, for Abdul Kamak had
been about lo ride forth hi hum when
he hud seen the stranger girl alone by
the bushes.
, Leaping into the smldle, Abdul Kn
mak dashed for I he village gates. The
sheik, momentarily stunned by the
blow that had felled him, now stag- j
gered to his feet, shouting lustily to
his followers to stop tbe escaping
A dozen blacks leaped forward to in
tercept the horseman, only lo be rid
den down or brushed aside by the mux
ale of Abdul Kamak's long musket,
which he lashed from side to side about
him as he spurred on toward the gate.
But here he must surely be inter
cepted,. Alreudy the two blacks sta
tioned there were pushing the unwieldy
portalS 'lo. I'p flew the barrel f
the fugiilve's weapon. With reins fly
ing loose and his horse at a mad gal
lop, the son of the desert tired otic',
and one keeper of liie gate dropped In
his tracks. An lnstiini. later the other
had been ridden down.
With a wild whoop of exultation,
twirling Ids musket high above his
head and turning iu his saddle to laugh
hack Into the faces of his pursuers,
Abdul Kamak dashed out of the vil
lage of the shell; and was swallowed
up by the jungle.
A Strange Meeting.
Sometimes lolling upon Tumor's
back, sometimes roauiin;: the Jungle in
solitude, Korak made his way slowly
toward the west and south. He made
but a few miles a day, for he bad a
whole lifetime before lilm and no place
in particular to go. Possibly' he would
have moved nmre rapidly but for the
thought which continually haunted him
that each mile be traveled carried him
farther and further away from Mer
iem -no longer bis Meriem, as of yore,
it Is true, but still as dear
to him as
Thus he came upon the trail of the
sheik's band as it traveled down river j
from the point where the shell; liadj
captured Merieni to Its ow n stockaded ,
village. Suddenly he came to the campj
of the renegade Swede Malbihn. w hose j
black attciidauts lied In terror at sight j
of Taiiior and Korak
Malbihn lay in a hammock benea'Ji
a canop before Ids lent. His wounds
were painful, and he had lost much
blood. He was very weak. He looked
Up iu surprise :is he heard the scream:'
of Ids men and saw tlieju running to
ward the gate. I
Anil then from around the corner ol
his tent loomed a huge bulk, and Tim
lin', the great tusker, towered above!
Ii I in.
Malblbn's boy, feeling neither nfl'oc
(Ion nor loyally lor his 'master, broke
and ran al Hie tii-t glimpse of the
beast, and '. Malbilm was left alone and
helpless. The elephant stopped u
couple of paces from the wounded
man's bammoek. Mulbihu cowered,
moaning. He was tun weak to escape.
He could only lie there with staring
eyes, gazing In horror Into the blood
rimmed, angi'.v little orbs fixed upon
It 1 1 1 1. and await bis death.
Then, to his .astonishment, a main
slid to the groiriiil from the elephant's
hack. Alumni at once Mallillm recog
nized the strange figure us that of the
crentiirijwho consorted with apes and
baboons the white warrior of the Jun
gle. Malbihn cowered still low'er.
it was from Malhlhu's dying lips
that Korak learned of the Swede's en
counter wllli Haynes and how Meriem
was again In Ihe camp of the sheik.
Korak lost no time In seeking her.
When speed was required Korak de
pended upon ito other muscles than his
own, mid so It was that Ihe' moment
Tauter had lauded him safely upon
the same side of Ihe river as lay ihe
village of the shell; the upe luaii de
serted his bulky comrade ami took to
the trees In a rapid race toward the
south ami Ihe spot w here I lie Swede
laid told liiiu Meriem might be.
It was dark when he came to the
pi'UMule, strengthened coushtertibly
since the jltiy flttil be bnff i;s. inii
Merletn froin her pitiful fife witliin its
cruel contltiK ' No loiijrer.ijld tlnj'glant
tree spread ,'.lts brunches aliyvtt the
woodep runtiinrt,;'lSttt ordluttfuBil
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Advertisements will be inserted ini
this column not exceeding five lines,
three times, 2."c; one week 50c. Kach
line over live, 10c per week addition
al. All advertisements in this col
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advertisement will be inserted in this
column for less than 25c.
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All special assessment paid in full.
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. . - -
IllmiH defenses were waivefisiusidered
ohMll(.t.s bv Korak.
j.IM,s,.,; (it rope at his waist. In
toss,., t((, h(,s(. uv).r ,, f ,. Mllll.,,.
elied posts that composed the palisade,
A moment later his eyes were above
the level of the obstacles, taking Iu all
within their range beyond. There was
no one iu sight close by, and Korak
drew himself to the top ami dropped
lightly to the ground within the in
closiire. Then he commenced his stealthy
search of the village. First toward the
Arab tents he made his way, snlllling
liml listening. fb passed behind tlicm.
searching for some sign of Meriem.
Not even the wild Arab curs heard bis
jmssage, so silently be went a shadow
passing through shallow s.
Naked hut lor Ids leopard skin and
his lulu cloth. Korak the Killer slunk
Into the shadows at the back of the
tent, where his I, ecu scent told him
Merieni was, ills sharp knife slit a
six foot opening lu the tent wall, and
Korak. tall and mighty.' sprang
through upon the astonished visions of
the Inmates.
Meriem saw and recognized hint the
Instant that he entered the apartment.
Her heart leaped in pride and Joy at
the sight of the noble lljjure .r width
it hud hungered so limn.
"Korak !" she cried. ..
ito ni;: 'ONTiN,ft,:i).(
I tors prescribed local remedies, and
Training Sea-Lions. j ly constantly tailing to cure with lo-
The nature of the sea-lion is peculiar. , 1 ",' i''" pronounced It Incur
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every sluge of n lesson. The trainer I g"!at!y 'Influenced by eouslltulioiiiil
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of oilier w lio gel too much of the lime-1 stitultonal . treatment. Hall's Catarrh
light; quarrels mining a troupe fte
qucgtly follow. If a sea-lion Is not In
ids proper position, the act will not
work. But most Important of nil, It In
necessary to keep repeating u trick
until a sou dog performs it readily.
How long this sometimes takes only
the young men who do this work can
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Estate of MARY II ANNAN, deceased.
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tate of Mary llannan, late of Ihe
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notified to attend and present the
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Dated this IKth day of October, A.
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one, of your own eet tot thoM tUrtd
out nerves. Headache, Rbeutnatyam
and all nervous troubles. PrleM
reasonable. ELLA WESTCOTT, IU
La Salle street, after I o'eloel
'phono, 55C K., Ottawa, IUifidhV
t. w. burrows; M.py.,.-;
Physician and Surgeon, ofllce, at real
dence, 810 Columbus street. Oflce
hours, 1 to 3 p. n.
Osteopathic physician, 402-3-4, Molot
ey Bldg., Ottawa, III. 'Phone: Of
fke, 385-11.; residence, 367-K. - '
Osteopathic Physician. Hours: I to
12 a. m.;- 2 to 5 p. m,; 7 to I p. H.
Phones, office, Main 115-ft.J mt
dence. 8S2-X. Moloney Bldg., Otta
wa, Illinois.,
(Effective Sept, 9. 1!)17.)
Eastbonnd cars leave Ottawa sta
tion for Marseilles, Seneca, Morris,
Minooka, Rockdale and Jollet, 111. ID
A. M.-.V45, C:10a, 7:50, !):50, 11:50.
P. M. 1:50, 3:50, 4:50b, 5:50, 9:00,
Cars arrive from the west at 1:00
a. m., 8:45 a. in., 12:50 p. m., fi:80 b.
i in., 11:25 p. in. . . ,;. .
Westbound cars leave Ottawa sta
tion for Chautauqua Park, Starved
Rock, t'tiea, La Salle, Peru, Spring
Valley, Ladd, De Pue, Bureau, Prince
ton, in .
A. M.-5:10u, 5:50c, 6:S0d, 8:30c,
9: r.;)r, 10:50(1, 11:50c.
P. M. :,"0c, 3:50c, 4:50d, 5:50c.
7:50c, fl:50c, ll:00f.
Cars arrive from east at C:50g p.
in., 12:42 a. in.
Southbound cars leave Ottawa sta
tion for McKinley Park, Grand Rldge
and Streator, in
A. M.5:r,i), 0:501), 7:50, 9:5(1, 11:50.
P. M. 1:50, 3:50, 5:50, 9:00, 11:35.
a Marseilles and Intermediate points!
b Marseilles, Morris, Seneca and In
termediate points.
e Princeton and Intermediate point!.
d Ladd and intermediate points. '
e Princeton Ladd and Intermediate
f l.a Suite and intermediate points,
g Sundays and holidays only,
h Daily except Sunday.
Fares to Chicago, III., " l Jollet, LI.,
and Chicago & Jollet Electric Rail
Every Saturday and Suuday and
also on National Holidays,
round trip. Tickets limited
until Monday, 12:00 noon,
tailoring date of sale for 'retain trip.
$1 J rourd trip, f l.oo one way. R
t turn (rip limited lo ten days.
1'lionn ogtbis tar full Informal lo

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