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STATE'S RIGHT Tfeamaim iMil
A ruling that Is far reaching In its
bearing on the Vsipiatting" of munici
palities on the property .of tho Illinois
und Michigan canal has been handed
down by Attorney General Drundugo.
The ruling also affects tin rights of
any Individuals who may have pre
unpted property of the canal, even
though that property never has been i
ued for canal purposes. The attor -
ney general's opinion authorizes the
department of public works to tu:.e
possession of and protect Ihe section
of the Illinois and Michigan (anal
which was abandoned when the Hug
cut was constructed. He adds that
the polite poser should be invoked
to prevent the city of Chicago using
this section as a dump, and also to
Btop encroachments by property
owners whose holdings adjourn thei
canal laud.
The opinion wus given in response
to a request from Director of Public
Works i'uterbuugh, as to the legal
status of the llo-foot strip of canal
rlrJit-of way. Property owners with
holdings along the strip have con
tended Hint, following abandonment
of Its use the property reverted to
tliein. The city has claimed the right for Houston, Tex., for a visit with
to fill the canal on the ground that thej her son, (llenn Weese, who is stutlon
unusued depression constituted aied at Camp Logan,
nuisance. j Mrs. Win. Gagel will leave this ev-
State Holds Title. enlng for Chicago for a short visit
. . , , ....
hi iii3 opinion 10 juuge i.csiie w
Puterbaugh, director of the depart
ment of public works and buildings,!
the attorney general holds: : j
"The state holds the title in fee to
the bed of the entire canal, including
the feeder and apurtenances in sec
tion 3d of township 30, in range 13,
east of the third principal meridian.
-The title of the state Is subject to, Tho committees who began their
no conditions, except those which may RCtive work , s()lldtillg lunus for
be expressed in or implied from thclthe y M (. A wtM.e more thaM pleas.
federal arts of 1827 and 1833. d t th )f he ,p of
No one. except the Cited States (hlr cmmunlty. It Is particularly
may r ami a forfeiture based upon an , , u, tho offil,m am ,0
alleged breach of those conditions. L,.a ,m,k of the movem,nt to Unow
There has been no n Imndonment tw fwj , ,uu tom.
In the legal meaning o that term, of., ,Q lho thjU e 0
any portion o the canal, by the slate; I ia to want t0 t;olrilmte their
and even it there were such an aban-' . . ,,,,,, ... , ,.
uoiiiiii-iu ji nuiuil it
not operate, in it
fcclf, to dlveii t!.e state of its title.
"Wlhlle we think that there has
been no breach by the state of the
condition!) of Ihe federal clntit nml
that the slate is now the absolute! 1he ar,'Kate 11 ' fonflilenty expect
owner of the bed of U.e canal in view M that more ,Q,n ,,air r ,nB "Uota
of the diversity of opinion as to the f'"' (),tuwu w111 have been subscrib
scope and effect of those conditions', 1
It Is desirable either that the state's) T,H' nmiit tees are expected to
absolute title be confirmed bv an act j close ,h,'ir work lmil("'raw "'e''1. 1,111
of congress, or that In a suit between I lf ,ll,'re ar' "' wll for S0I1U' rt"a
Ihe Pnlted States and the state, thejso11 lull('(1 ,0 v,ul 111 ,h''r ntribu
rights of each under those condition:. 1 tkm "r ,lav,! "(,t ,)W11 aiu'l 011 l'
be definitely adjudicated. j ""' of ,he -niinitneH. If they are
I rent to Dr. A. J. Huberts by Monday
Cannot Fill Up Canal. j lli(,lt ,i,ey wni Kiv,,n
"In view of the federal act of I.W
t lie state may not fill up the bed of
the canal., without the authorization
of the federal government ; nor may
Ihe state, without the sanction of the
federal government, permit anyone to
fill up the bed of the canal. There Is
no statute, which is now in force, or
which has ever been in force, giving
authority to any officer or agency of
the stale, or to any municipality, to
till or authorize the filling or obstruct
Ing of the canal, except the limited
authority granted to the sanitary dis
trict alone in the act of 190.
"It Is the duty of the olllcers of the
state, charged with the control und
protection of the canal, to assert the
' state's ownership and possession of
the canal, and to take steps to stoj)
encroachments upon the b,ed of the
' canal, in the same manner und by tlm
same means' as the other propery of
the state is protected. If, ul'ter notice,
there are those who persist in unlaw
ful acts with reference to the canal,
the officers of the state are Justified,
and It Is their duty, to resort to what
ever coercive measures are nesessary.
In view of the large number of those
engaged in filling up and obstructing
th canal, and the apparent difficulty
In fixing the ultimate responsibility
for their acts, the efficacy of suits for
Injunction Is doubtful and the most
eifeetlve means will probably be the
ordinary police measures. Involving
the prosecution of offenders, and the
employment of Ihe requisite force, as
the occasion tnuy require, for the pro
tection of the canal."
Don't Forget.
The Undine Hose Company's dance at
Armory C Thanksgiving eve.
M, Morris.
Fashionable dressmaking. Satisfac
tion guaranteed, Prices reasonable
Am now located at SOI La Salle St.,
above Keeler & Kroehnka's Jowelery
store 'phone 402 K.
Whitmort Funeral Tomorrow.
The funeral Rorvlces for A, H.
Whit more will be held at the resl
J'dence, .26 Cuthrle street, tomorrow
Afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. Ci A.
! Brigga. Jr., will conduct the services.
lKJWnJ UU J!, Ottawa avenue
csoietery, - " ' ,; f-
(War bunting, of Karlville, was an
Ottawa business visitor today.
Mis. John Flynn left this afternoon
I Ht !t n. in for Houston Texas, to visit
her son, who is a member of Co. I'.
Mrs. A. K. Herzog It'ft this morning
for a short visit with Chicago friends
V. A. Cebulski went to Chicago this
morning on a business trip.
Misses Ann Keehier and Knthertne
"'l'"'""? 're La Salle visitors yes
Thomas Nl,ian, of Chicago, is visit
'" wltn friends in tliis city.
Vincent White, of Marseilles, was
! an Ottawa visitor last cvenlu!,.
(!. II. Wheeler, of Chicago, inspec
tor for the Woohvorth stores, is in
this city on a several days business
Attorney Kobeit Larkin. of Strea
tor, was un Ottawa business visitor
Miss .Amelia Irion, of this city, is
visiting friends in Streator this week.
Will Harding is home from Camp
Dodge, to spend his furlough In this
city. Ho will return to camp Monday.
Jerry O'Connor is here from Camp
Dodge to spend a short furlough.
Sergt. Roy Waters, who Is stationed
at C amp Kunston, Kans., is spending
a furlought in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 1). Clime and son
Robert motored yesterday from their
home at Nevada, Iowa, to Ottawa to
visit Mrs. Clime's inothei, Mrs. W. II
Dane, who at the present time is ut
the home of Attorney Frank F. Fol
lett. The trip of about 3uo miles was
made in about 12 hours. They found
the roads fairly good for this time of
the year, but report that the corn en
route appears to be of poor quality.
After renin ining here a few days Mr.
and Mrs. Clime will return to their
hi me. '
Mrs. W. F. Weese left this morning
with friends there.
Dr. Charles J. O'llen has retuniel
home after a business trip to Chi
cago. Y. M. C. A. CAMPAIGN
i C. A. organization.
Some very substantial amounts
were contributed today as well as
numberless small amounts so that in
for their subscriptions.
We Have Replenished
our stock with new Coats this week,
tome in und see them.
Whlte-Breasted Nuthatch.
The familiar winter bird, the white
ireasted nuthatch, is the champion
"steeplejack" of the world, says tin
exchange. It can travel headforemost
down any tree trunk In the forest and
can perform other dizzy gymnastic
feats with astounding ease. The nut
hatch makes nothing of thrillers.
The winter hawks occasionally try
to cntch asleep this weasel of a bird.
The nuthatch, however, can scuttle
iround a tree trunk, thrice outpacing
:he squirrel ut the same trick. Tho
jlrd braves the bitter cold, and If It
mew how It, probably would hearten
is in the winter days with something
nore cheerful than "Qtinnk, (jiiuuk."
:t does not know how, however, and
to we must take It for Its beauty and
ts society and let the rest go.
The High Cost of Living Solved.
Come to the Produce Exchange and
see what wo have to offer. W1 can
sae you money and give you quality.
Produce Exchange Is at :tu.i W. M.iln
Chicago market report furnished ts
the Eroe Trader Journal by . W. I
Ktayre, member Chicago Hoard ot
Trade, Moloney Building. Phone 104L
Correspondent Lamson Droi. tt Co,
Corn Open. High. Low. Close.
Dec 1.1!) 1 .22 i.i l.l!) 1.20V4
May .... 1.144 1.1 1.H Ll"'1
.Jan l.Hi M7V4 t.ltiU M'H
, . 4 fifiVj, (14 V4 113
, ciVj r.3 4 Vj tir.
Don't Forget.
The Undine Hour; Company's dame nt
Armory C Thanksgiving eve.
Tomorrow Weil Give
twenty-five per cent off r,n all our
Suits and ten per cent off on our
iSociety Notes j
The street car conductors of the
city lines will give a dancing party
next Tuesday evening, November 20.
at Willis' Dancing Academy. Or
chestra music will be furnished fir
dancing from 9 until midnight.
About fifty couples attended the
dancing party given for Ihe benefit
of Army Y. M. C. A., by the mem
bers of Humboldt Masonic Lodge, at
the Masonic Temple last night. The
party was a very enjoyable affair in ;
every way. Ilentrieh's orchestua fur-'
nlshed music for the dancing from
3:S until midnight. '
4 '
The Westminster (lulld of the First j
Presbyterian church will be enter-
tnined Monday evening at the home of j
Mrs. Kleiy K, Tucker. 740 State street j
... tl. .... .-. . i i a.. iri.,.
hii un iiiionuai im.nuie puny, i lie .
evenini? will be spent in working on
artieleK for the December bazaar.
MisB Mary Dinneen entertained with
a four course dinner la.st evening at
the Clifton hotel. In honor of her sis
ter. Helen, who celebrated her twen- j
tleth birthday yesterday. Covers i
were wiii .or nine guesis. i ne tauie; tawa. 0m, f.!ty with a population cf ; tlot alwnvs have an old dog, nnd then
was beautifully decorated with patrl-j :o.()no registered l.uu women In one the trainer must plav the dog himself
otic colors und American flags werelta). nd tt,e ru;inlnp. Everyone
given as favors. A birthday fake stories are still being circulated, j has his own whistles or words of eom
containing twenty candles was one: wjthollt pj,,.,. fonndation or logic, to1 mand. nnd u dog soon catches on. Es
of the attractive features of the din- thw l fft,rt that if WOIIlPn rfigislPr th,.y change,
her. Miss Dinneen received many will ,.H r()nir.,.i(.d bv the toveriiment t
beautiful girts. Those present were ,() r,,Hp(1I1(, t0 ervli-f. and go to Kur
Misses Fdith Dwyer, Mary Mulhol-!,,.,
It.iwl I.Mith FUevnv U..K. 1 li..n.ii,i ,,.,.1.
Mini, Juitat k.r rt j 1 t n 11 II 1 '1(1 IH UJ1,1f-mjQ I
Mary Dineen and Messrs. Peter Hoyle, j "xh(!(ie 8torU8 ar,. aU absolutely i
wuhit hiuvian, William Mniiioiiand
and James Morgan.
The Modem Literature Club will
meet Monday evening at the home of'
Cnv , Vim hinVmi
TIMie IliiUev w ill rend
in. fca r ' i ,1 ,
e woi ks of Pierre I.ote.
Miss Louise
Bti'eet. Miss
a paper on the works of Pierre I.ote
Tho .lust l-s club met last night at
the home of Miss Rose Allen, on West
Main street. Klfteen girls were pres
ent at this meeting. The evening was
spent with music, games and danc
ing. Light refreshments were serves
by the hostess. The next meeting of
the dub will be held on Thursday,
November 22nd at the home of Miss
Kstelht Warren, 011 Superior street.
A recipe shower was given last
evening by .Mrs. Eniil Johnson, for
Miss Louise Kopp, the event taking
place at the Johnson residence on
East Superior street. About twenty
five friends of the bride-to-be were in
attendance and spent a most delight
ful evening. Ketreshments were
seneu during the count? ot the en
teitainment. The home was decor
ated ' with candy hearts arrows' nnd
The philanthropic department of
the Ottawa Woman's Club will hold
an open meeting in ,ne pansn nousej,,,,,,, - 0viek tonieht and all dav to
Tuesday, November 20. at 2::'.0 p. m. 1 Illcl low fr()m ,, in th;, lll0I.ninK m
This will be a thimble party and each! u uj 11is1t.
lady is requested to bring two new! The, registratv. for tomorrow will be
garments for women and children. Mr. j,;,;,,,;-. ninten.' officer of 'the day.'i
Die reports or tne delegates to me
state federation meeting held this
week in Chicago, will be given by
Mrs. J. J. Hoinung and Mrs. Frank
Slewdei. Miss Kalherine Lincoln
will play several violin. solos. A good J
time Is promised to all those attend .
f !
111 f A . .. I 1 .. - - I.. t I .-. ,1 ;
Ail women 01 me cny ure nivoeuan nssnrtment or about SOU Die
to attend the woman's prayer meeting: in w0(), iJk Bat,.pn ai)(J V(1,vot
mmorrow anernoon, irom .:. io;.itIV,, .,,) ,.milns W(,ai.
111 l"p room 01 tne
Congiegational church. These prayef
meetings are held by lhe women from:
nil churches in the city and the chief
object of them is to pray for the!
country and the soldiers. Mrs. M. .1.
HencHe will be the leader.
The following Ottawa people were
among those sending Chlrstmas boxes
through the Chicago Tribune to the
American soldiers In France. The
. . ri
local chapter or tne ueu 1 ross pur-
chased 100 of the Christmas packets.
These packets were purchased by the
Tribune at the wholesale price of
$2.00 each, and will be sent direct
ly from Chicago to France:
Mr. L.' E. Porter, Mrs. L. E. Porter,
Mr. W. F. Jacobs, Mrs. W. F. Jacobs,
Mr. 0. W. Yentzer, Mrs. G. W. Yentz-
er, Miss Margaret Yentzer, Miss Re
becca Yentzer, Miss Mamie Yentzer,
Mrs. P. A. Sherwood, Mi.-s. 11. F. Lin
coln, Miss Katherlne Lincoln, Mrs.
Chas. S. Reed, Mrs. W. II. Oilman,
Mrs. G. W .Farrar, Mrs. C. P. Taylor,
Mrs. J. H, Hoxie, Mrs. C. M. Irion,
Mrs. G. F. lilssell, Sidney Weis, Mrs.
S. 13. Parr Jr., Mrs. J. Edgecomb,
Mrs. Hlgby, Mrs. W. D. Fullerton,
Airs. L. A. Strawn, Mrs. E. S. Lcland,
Mrs. S. Lelund, Mrs. Nevoy Strawn,
Mr. C. C. (iiiggs, Mrs. C, C, Griggs,
V. J. Duncan, E. C. Swift.
The Sandwich Man,
The mime "snmlwich innn," ns tip
idled to the men who parade the
streets between two boards, 011 which
are advertisements, was first given to
them by Dickens. Although It would
appear that the custom originated In
the nineteenth century, the profession
was without a iiniue until Dickens
conceived the humorous title, which he
first employed In his "Sketches by
We Will Show Tomorrow
great values In Children's Coats.
Dres.tes, Sweaters, Hats and lloiinets.
Don't Forget.
The Undine Hose Conipuny'i dame at
Armory C Thanksgiving eve.
n mm
Registration was hi avier yesterday,
n- W4);,l 8iw,nK ,.an,8 ,,ril,KinK lhe
. . . , . . , r...
""mber up to 1,12.1. This after-
"on t,ll! registration showed greater
intet est and tomorrow, the lust day
for the Ottawa women to demonstrate
t, , patriotlsm by this w,.vl(V is e)(
..,., . . M,,BKt ,.... m ,i1H;
entire registration period.
Ottawa will, however, fall far below
the 3,tiuu mark which should be the
minimum figure for this city. There
is still one chance left for the woniei.
to brina; the total of their number of
ptttrjollc wo,en up to a par with
otU .itl.8 o( ,, same Bize of ()t-
. fal3( and Hre on,y Kt:i 1 tod with a view
of stopp,I1K registration. It is not at
'all unlikely th esefal.-e reports are
j lllllvillK ,. nai.t , 1H ,iBht res-
lsU,ltlon of tht, W0IIlcn h(;l,,, ,t is
l,B,ruUwn f tnt' W""';" " ,s
; a'"10st " unbelievable fact that
i tl!"''en' men. and women of u f ree
, ,.. .. l....... . 1.1 1.. .1 t ,..
l nited States should be duped t" i
stories of this kind. If thev could!
,Je tra(.etl to tl, beginning they would
be traced in all probability to Cer
man agents.
There is not, nor will there at any
time be, women compelled to accept making a European fame with the pen
any position signed up lor on her til as a sutirist of society. He sudden-
registration card. If at the time . thcily startled the world with "Trilby.":
position is offered her she does not i
wish to accept it. No woman will be!
forced to leave this city, or any city,!
against her wishes to accept a posi- j
thin iniany other place.
Manv . women are not re.Bis'terine
because they cannot accept a paid po
sition. It Is just ur important for the
government to have a record of these
women, and to know what they are
willing to do for their country, even
j if b ()n, ()ne )l(ur cf ,
ing or
knitting a week, as for them have
a record of the women that are finan
cially able to give- all their services
free, lor patriotic or charitable
causes, or of the women who will
give all their time for paid positions.
The headquarters will be kept open
1 Mr8i i,:,war( m,.(v,i lis:, ,,.,,,.. ,
baugh, Mrs. Elizabeth Kincheloe, Mrs.
Harry Mitchell, Mrs. .1. S. Edgcomb.
Mrs. K. Z.j Mercer, Miss Aciih Davis,
Mrs. I'rcd Keeler. Mrs. C. II. KIiil'-
m.tn Mls j M Megaiin, Mrs Al.
We are Showing
l'p-to dale
HtyU.8t reasonably pi iced.
The Produce Exchange
j . U;i West Main stieit. Great bargains
j 'n poiatoe. pears, apples, turnips,
-ciililuige. Ciune iiiiil see what we have
I to ol'le..
1 1 WANTED Work by competent lady
) 1 1 -i 1 .1 Jin 1,. . . P I- : t 1 .. .
"i cnuuicn niternoiuii
und tvenin.vB.
r call 02:i L.
Address loll line St.,
WANTED Man with hnr and wag-1
on to deliver ut the Produce Ex-'
hunge. :;u.-, West. Main si reel. " I
50 lbs. Western Queen Flour $2.93
I pk. Potatoes, 15 lbs 38c
2 packages Savoy Raisins . . . 25c
I gal. Pure Cider Vinegar 18c
1 gal Pure White Vinegar 16c
6 bars Hammer Soap 25c
Package Yeast Foam 4c
Pork Loins 23c
Boil Beef 12ic to 15c
I. J. Schmitt's
.1 H '
Puppiei Soon Learn If They Are Placed
With Ewes and the Lambs 1 J
Taken Away. I
Tt Is easy enough to train shepherd
dogs If they are taken as pup-jj
pies. When the sheep are lambing. I
i take a lamb nway from lis mother J
nml put the puppies on the ewe. Keep
' the ewe tied tip for u few d:i.vs nml I 9
i see that the little puppies nurse her;
j then It will not be long until she will I 9
I think ns much of the pups us she does' J
of her liiml).
A soon ns the pups lire old enough1 f
to follow the sheep let them go with J
the hunch nnd they will soon be titk-1 J
ing cure of the sheep. The dogswill j
soon learn to take them out of the:?
sheds in tin morning ami bring them j Z
back at night. And if u strange dogj 1
or wolf comes nround. one dog will
stny and fight while another will start ' 5
tht Klien fur borne To liitniilnf time i
they keep the sheep close around the j
ranch or cunip. und seem to take on !
a degree of Intelligence that Is mar- j
velous. They can soon he tnnght the
master's calls or signals nnd will obey 1
promptly. It Is essential that they j
shall be fed by some sort of system,
nnd It is well to have them understand
that this Is their reward. If one has j
a good working dug. It Is surprising
how readily a young nnimul will learn j
from the old one. But the ninsters do ;
Several of the Most Noted Novelists
Deserted the Brush for Lit- i
erary Work.
Several nrtlsts of note have been
known to desert the brush for the pen,
nnd when they have died they have
I nn.l when they have died
in-!uft th(1,r nm;k behln(, th
prnry ol)S(,rvps ftn oh
: . '
them as lit-.
pxehiirigp. Wil-
liam dp Morgan did this. He wrote
h.. i,,i,.r,,ef Eui ,,t ni-iu tiii.i.-.
i ens and Thnckerav ''ceased firing" nl-
j though he wns an old man when he
, took to the pen. OorgeSdu Maurier
! was an nrtlst who turned nuthor after
nnd set two continents comparing feet,
With him novel-writing seemed his true
forte, but he hud started too late, lie
only enjoyed his new fame a few years.
Even Thackeray tried nrt before he
' f""11 'lls tri1 vocation, and he Illus
trated several or bis own nooK.x even
then. A very piquant story tells of
Thackeray cnlllng on Charles Dickens,
to see if he could get the commission
to lllustrnte one of his earlier novels.
He hud not written '"Vanity Fair"
A very distinguished artist-author
was Dante Onbriel Uossettl, who was
Bupreme In both arts.
Rubbing It In,
An organist in n Welsh cathedral re
cently scored over the dean and chap
ter. The authorities had attempted to
displace hltu, but he .obtained nn In--:
Junction restraining them. On Ihe fid- I
lowing day the unrepentant organist !
greeted the entrance of the bishop ami
clergy wiih the well-known tune,
"Fixed in His Everlasting Seat."
Can Check Hunger.
According to 1111 Italian physician,
the channel from the nimitli to the
stomach Is the sent of the senses of
hunger and thirst, which he claims to
have suppressed by cocaine' Injections.
Try tins Free Trader Journal Want Ads
for results.
Double Trouble
We Pay the War Tax
Douglas Fairbanks
ADMISSION 5c and 15c
The Clothier and Hone Furnisher
t,'v, ,
This is a
All new up to date Goods No damaged
Stock No left overs, but a real bpdande
Sale of our new winter stock. Don't be de
ceived by the claims of others, but look for
the name, "EMPORIUM" before you enter.
That is where you'll get the wonderful
Bargains everybody has been talking about.
We'll be prepared with extra salespeople to
morrow, as we could not begin to wait on all
our customers.
Below we mention only a few of the
Great Bargains.
All this Season's Latest Models Coats, In. good, heavy
wool materials, to be worn high around the neck, belt- , , ,
' ' ' ed, and a good wide sweep, U is a. $17 value, .will be , . , ,
on salt ''' tf g 7 Cf '
":!:" ; f(, $9.75
Up-to-date Coats, with a guaranteed lining to the waist,
trimmed with plmth on large collar and plush but
tons. Looks as good as the Tiest ones. It Is a $20 -
value. Will be sold at a re- - .Al C A ,
markable low price P1m(UU ,.
fH," rine Seal Plush Coat, lined all throughout with a guar- ,
atltPed lining, made up with a wide belt. Bis .
' Sweep Would be cheap at $38, Ann Att " ""
will kp at pnrO
' suits ' v
Up to date Suits, in all woo), serge; silk lined, con
vertible collar, $20 value. Will be AlO
siid for plOy f O
Latest Style Suits, In all-wool poplin, gaberdine, plush
trimmed, helled effects; regular $110 rfk 4 Q 7 C
. value f.ir $10)0
French Serne and Wool and Silk Poplin Dresses, in
burgundy, navy und all the latest colors. Cleverly em
. , hroldered in neat dslgns, conservative fj
patterns. Wurth up to $25. Sue price X Ot O :
One Lot of Serge, Silk and Poplin Dresses, in green,
burgundy, brown, blue and fust colors. rt g V
In this sale PO)U V
Children's Dresses
. Children's Dresses, sizes 2 14, long sleeves, washable ging-..
ham, specially CO
' priced at ., t)C
Big Lot Extra Special good washable dark ginghams, j
long sleeves, sizes fi l l, worth up $ 1 OO
to $2.51), at $ 1 dV
.. . Children's Wool Serge Dress, in all colors and sizes, well
tailored, worth up to $5. made ill Cj O Q Q
latest fashion at $lt0
The Most Wonderful Values in Silk Skirts, stripes, black,
blue, green, all striking colors, in the latest models,
pockets trimmed und belt An AQ
elTecis at only P70
' j Big Lot of Ladies' Up-to-date Skirts, In all wool serge,
worth $ti, go at this great tf0 AO
sale for tPO0
' ' - One Lot of Woolen Up-to-date Skirts, In blue and black,
$.' value during An AQ
this sale Pm0
: $3 and $4.50 Walking Skirts, In serge, basket weaves and
11 ' ' Bedford cords, one beautiful selection for this great
sale unit values that sold us high as $11.50. Choose
'.I,., from black and colors during this A 4 fQ
.i... great ten day salo, Lust year's models jp X iO
Small Aprons OZ
:r: 29 c
,;,.,., Large Aprons, ft
r 69 c
the; emporium
Opposite Gaycly Theatre
820-822 La Salle Street,
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