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A6t tlx
am ii
Territory It Showirn its Possibilities
as Land cf Agriculture.
In William H. Seward insisted
that the United States government
buy Alaska. The juice na:d was $,'.
200,000. frople scoffed and railed ami
Jerred at "Seward's I.'o ttu v "
.Last year the territory e..o.teU
her purchase j.iice in yold alone, six
times her nun-bceo price iu ronyer, 1
ttree times her purdu.se yric e in titii. '
Her total commerce for the i-m ay-;
yroarhed $I20,000,')iu.
.And still Alaska is a land of tiniiU. '
She has scarcely fctetytii actios th'
threshold cf the vast yro.-yerity il:jt.
Ill be beta. The half billion of del- i
lars she has given tit-a 1'nited states
daring the doge uf the L.-t ).!' tt n
ttiry will be doubled many tiun-s -.
tore the century is closed, j
; An inviucible frontier spirit fold-:
d the mighty Mississippi, ounatue'
obstructing mountain harrier. and
jenetrated 10 the broad I'adfic, Thr.t '
laviucible frontier spirit was the .syh--;
it of the pioneer Auieiican, and it is '
ith us still. The plains; of Kansas
and the- placers of California played !
tbelr part in the steady westward ;
tnarcb of American civilization. Then
came "the rush 10 the Klondike. That i
brought the first Kieat throng of!
Alaska , pioueers. Many uf tin m j
struck pay and returned to the states.
jSore of them have uruck something 1
better and richer than pay; they hne
itnkk" homes. The far famed lure of j
the north has rjuaht them, and they
So wish for no better. I
- Montana was a- famous mining
eetsntry and a great cattle region. So
wa Arizona. Now they are farming
. botli states with rich results. The rusu
to California in '49 was for gold. Since
then California has become one of the
great agricultural states of the I'nion.
And now thejr tell us that Ilia
farming area alone of Alaska is as
larpe as the combined total area of
Pennsylvnia, Maryland, Delaware,
New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachu
setts, Vermont and New Hampshire.
We are told that Matanuska potatoes
weigh a pound and a half, we ara
shown turnips and rutabagas that
weigh from twelve and fourteen '
por Is apiece. We are fed lettuce'
and strawberries that miuht have
been grown in Virginia. ' '
this "Seward's -Ice Box," "Sew
ard's Folly," "Seward's. Artie Polar '
Bear Reserve?", Alaska is no longer i
a, formidable wilderness. Thoughtful :
upon a rliart of tiie fnitW States
j howi."a .vit. ad lit territory extendlns
! from the Atlantic ocean at Charles
t.n to the Pari ftp at Los Angeles,
fi'i'tn Canada at Lake Supeijiur. to the
!-;ute i,f Sonoia. Her r.St!, fiih "square
milts lompri.-if a domain o'ne fifth as
l;ir:.'e as the I'liited States, and oui'u
us aried, both in elimate and i'l re
a HI M i s
Why, then did Alaska lie ,'o long
"itiilisiinereil?" Lack of contrite
know let!i:. and prejudice born of it
i.i'tar. . e liap retarded the 'itevelop-jni-tii
ot the ti'iri'oiy tip to a wry re
"Ht date. V .
iiivt-niment suiw-ys have ufyclosert
Va:-t fit t;es, the JOVenimi-Dlj irof,ii
i.i fast opening the i-ountij.Hfer coal
,b de-tared to equal (he world best,
l.er soil is fertile and her gHyle in
dustrious. .V
What better foundation .VJEyuIil
KiUiJidate tor statehood" havVvIn
line, fur future prosperity.
How to Use "Left Overs' snd Save j 1
Fui and lahAr t h- Convention That Formed Constitution
Same Time.
Numerons pal.italde combination
of two or mote food materials which
ran he prepared bv the liousewiie
with but little trouble in rh nui'e-,
will supply the major part of a well-
chosen meal. Such ecmhinaflons 1 whi.-ii
should be used very frequently to situ- 'miiit
of United States Assembled at
Philadelphia May 25.
Another Test of Deitfl,.
A tlis. uM iy uf trreju :itnt' IVir test
ing with i- rt:iihty whether it eri.ri
tleatl Las licet! made by i pmfrsMir tf '
ph 1iiii.l'.v ;:t fide:, ni university. As1
i!ei-i'ilii d in he "Lancet," It H toil'
lei III. ie; I t..r ihe In V lllii tl"s liUel'Stalld-
In.', but a doctor explains that the test
Is inaite by l i t; -liinvi a piece of intiscle
and i'i'iuarhi it with a ik-Ve" ut un-;
t Ill-lied inli-ee. If the I'tjufl Is llllve
the crushed piece pves off more cur-'
boiiic tu-id as than the ijuvrushed
piece, a a ivmiIi of tb' stimulation
produced by the injury. The proi'essoi ,
claim- that this test can be applied'
withiu a fe-.v minutes, or nt most with-'
In one or two hours of death. Thert !
ire. of course, other tests with whidr
every doctor Is quite satisfied, but this
will be extremely valuable, ns proving1
local death of the tissues after geueral ;
dentil has occurred. There Is life In
the tissues for some tltue after death,
plify and make more economical the
serving of a rational diet for the fam
ily, say specialists of the t". s. Iipp.ut
nient of Agriculture. I'otubinina left
overs into a palatable dish, for ex
ample, effects a considerable .saving in
material, in fuel, and in the labor of
preparing meals and of cleaning cook
ing utensils and dishes. Cood use
thus is made of food which mittbt
otherwise be wasted, when one dish
is prepared, cooked, and handled, in
stead of several.
Tho characier of any one of the
daily meals should be determined by
that of the other meals that are set ,
ed. A light breakfast and a light sup
per or luncheon, for instance, usually
makes desirable a heavier dinner, in
Some families the preference may bo
tor .. hearty breakfast and dinner a ! :
a very light supper, and .-o on through
4 Considerable rattle of individual
taste, if the im-al is to be a light !
one, the combination dish to;'e'h;r
with the bread and butter, which
usually accompany American meals,
may be all that Is wished. If the i
combina on dish forms th. central
part of a heartier meal, it isin ac- ;
cordniic with our usual food customs
to serve with it, in addition to bread i
and butter, such foods as garden vege
tables, fruits (fresh or cooked), and ;
simple desserts. Good planning neces-
' 1hn convention that formed the eon
j stilt: 'Ion of the Ciii'ed States not M
j Philadelphia on the J.'iih of .May. 17s"
I he unifies tit i ouleileratioii under
the revolutionary w.ir va--
Were Hot i;:li-!::etor. urn I it
was ;iropoMi to amend tbem. Jln-l
of the delegates to the convention
were so Instructed. .The states ol Vir
ginia. Peiilylxanlu Silfl New Jersey
appointed their delegates "fur the pur
pose i'!' revising the federal conMilll
lion"; North Ciiiolinii. .New Hamp
shire. 1 (flaw are nnd Georgia, "to de
cide 11(11.11 (Jin tlii.vt effect unl means to
leiintve the tlctcts of 'the t'edtial
rnioii"; New York, Mitsnt hu-t its
nlitl t 'oli!i e'ii ut. "I i r ihe Mile and ex
press impose of revising tlte n rt n I
Tird of Chopping With Dull Tools,
She Is Easily Satisfied, Despite
Nev;'y Acqui.ed Wealth.
On a clear coo! evening In the early
spring a man on a horse crossed the
ridge i.f a mountain, ntnl. seeing' a
cabin in the valley, tunic. 1 bis horse
in that direction. The eul.lu wn white.
wasTci! ami clean. I lie liloiiutallieer
red his family sat on the porch. Sev
i r .l tf-Iblreii played In the ynttT. The
'r: tvt r uirlvttl nt the ate nuil was
Ir.'.'tid in ti tut sat down on the porch
wi'a the family.
"Stranger," ttskeil the tnminfalneer.
":tre yoii Int. Tested In our oil up here?"
"Well, ihi." sr-bl t!ie stranger. "I
hacn't luil'h faith ttl till. I bear of
tli.se people who suddenly strike It
i-'cb. I.iit I never iind theto."
The tIil liiin chttcklett anil said: "I
am one. Yesterday I was poor: today
of coiuetlenulon ': South Carolina and ' nnl rl ' ""Sin? ratil-
lHfVl...,.,l n t. rtl.e I.. !. .:,! c.o- l!v- "w '"t We Ct.ltbl hftVH things
stitilttoil eiilifely an. Uat'
to the actual ",l!,f ,f"'-v w"ul'' rather have. Now,
sltlmtiotr." Hut "hen the convention
met ihScU'-sioii ., the situntioii bd Un
delegates tn ,1, i ci- upon training nil
entirely new t ..i.-utiitu.ti Instead of
patching up the old unifies ..t coo
federal ion.
The convention sut n. al ly four
months, and on u.e 17th of September,
17S7. llie completed toiisututl.in was
slguetl by tlte president of the conven
tion, tleorge Washington, and by all
(lie members except three. It pro
vided that "the ratifications of the
conventions of nine stat s shall be
sufficient for the establishment of this
constitution between the states so rati
f.vli. the same." The first state to
ratify it was 1 "claw are. on Ieccmhor
7, 17i7, uml the niiiih was New Hamp-
.Mm lore, be wants n horse, and Mol
ly want - a nnv dress, and Susie says
she'll take books. P.y the xva.v, wife,
xvbiit would ymi mther have'-'
The old lady never hesitated a min
ute. "Well." she said. 'Tin pretty tired
cutting' wood wi;h a tlull ax; I'll lutve
n new- ax."-Harpers Magazine.
Try ttVt Fr. e Trader .Journal Want-Aa
for results.
and proof of
tloubts at rest.
their deuth sets all
Always tn the Limelight.
The whole history of Klnmlcr.
til It passed bf marriage Into
possession of the dukes of Iiurgundy '
Is filled with stirring deeds ami rapid
growth. Through all the centuries
Flanders has kept Itself in the front
rank of attention by the great strug
gles that have swept buck Hint forth1
across Its territory. I
When the ruling count would find :
no adequate scope for Ids energies Iu
bis own country or If the spirit of ad
venture lay hard upon him he would j
go off on a crusade as did Count Kob-
crt II who wrought so valiantly'
In the first crusatle that he was given1
the proud title of The Sword of Chris- j
sitates in the principal meals of the 1 .shire, mi June :i, tTss. This made It ,
day sut h vaticty as has been .ug(iest- : the coiistluition of the states that had 1
ed, in order that all the varied nutri- rat I fieri it. they constltuiiiijf the union.
live substances which the body re- but New York did not ratify until July
quires may be supplied. : IM, 17SS, North Carol I on until Novem-
The following are some suggestions 1 ber, IT'.!, and PluMe Island until June,
for a few f the many nutriti s com- 17SK).
bination dishes which may be pre par-
pie. foodtuaterials and common "left
food materials and common "left
overt," and for other foods which can '
accompany them to make a well
rounded meal. L'very housekeeper, of
course, will have a special li't.ing for
certain dishes and combinations, t
No Relief Mr. Brown Fin
ally Cured by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Superstition About Salt.
It is a curious fact thut. from the
earliest times, many superstitions have
clung about th use of salt. There Is
much evidence In Holy Writ for cere
monial uses of if. The Mosaic law !
comrioiiwts ilo.r cvt.t-v ohluri,io i
iiren anrt women realize that though j (,rTered shall be seasoned with salt, a!
.v vvm ..1 -in..-,, it is wnim in comiminil ttutt Ik
Some Typical Combination Dishes
and Foods Serve- With Them to Mike
national Meals.
Spaghetti or macaroni or rice cook
ed A-ith tomato, onion, or green pep
per, and cheese, or cheese sa c, rv
etl with white, graham, or whole
wheat bread, and butter, anil stewed
or sliced fruit and iiple citokiep.
Ticiled rice bakid (scalloped), with i
minf ed 1 Aft over meat, chipped bepf or
fresh i . fanned fi.ih. rerved with beet,
Children's Resistance.
Children's recuperative powers, gen
erally speaking, are superior to those
of older people. Proper rest ntnl care
will often ward off serious illness, but
this requires tare and Insight on the
part of the parents, as the children
themselves lire led apt to t'llll atten
tion to their t ilitloii until they be
come serlou-dy III.
Cut This Out it Is Wc.-tH Money.
DON'T MISS THIS Cut out this
slip, enclose with "r and mail it to
Foley ft Co., "HV, Sheffield Ave., Chi
cago, Hi., writing your name and ad
dress clfarly. You will recHvo in re
turn u trial package containing Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound, for coughs,
Cleveland, Ohio. -"For year Prof
fered so so nut times it seemed as though
i could not ataml
tt any longer. It
was all in my lower
Organs. At times 1
could hardly walk,
for If I stepped on a
little Btone 1 would
almost faint. One
day I did faint and
my husband was
sent for and the doc
tor came. I was ta
ken to the hospital
and stayed four weeks but when I came
home I would faint just the came and
had the sana bains.
A friend who is a Burse askod me to
try Lydia E. Pinkham 's Vegetable Com
... : i 1. -it... i I'm IAU i II 111 MUM- tUK ti h. I It'll Ml- " -on - - -
miiii r nni iinivo r rti t fin jaoo nr - i
j.. i.itui, - v VI IWII""TU( Jl .
t'sm, back.iche, kidney and
summer. Reports of actual weather j
conditions show that it was milder at
toward, this winter than it was t
Wew York or at Boston. i,. ., (
t'We cannot speuk of Alaska as a !
whole any more than we can speak
bt the Pacific slope as a wholP. It!
la just as misleading to speak of
tbe Mantanuska valley ami faint Bar-'
row In the same breath as it is to
lhlVr that pomegranates will mature
l. Vancouver Just because that island
happens to be circled by the same
aa that laps (he beech of coronado.
A MP ..of .Alaska miner-imposed
given, with, varla-
Ho;is. in various books of the Bible, )
rtdi hs Leviticus 2:13 and.Eaeklrl j
MM. In the old days tilt was put
Into n child's mouth In baptism, ami'
In Mitue countries to this day the cus
tom is followed of .throwing a Jiliich of t
It Into holy wafer to ward off the evil j
spirit. '
Does Not Affect Charity. j
The desire of power In eices.scuuti.'tl j
the angtds to full ; the desire of knowl- ;
edge In excess caused man to fall ; but !
In charity there N no excess, neither
can angel or man come in danger by
It. ltacon. i
. i i. j . i .
bladder ,rtxuy oone me more gouu man me
nospuai. to anyone wno is snnenng;
a wholesome and thoroughly cleansing BS 1 wufi uv,eB l" "UP enras
i c-itharti. Tor rofist ipation. biliousness, ong-wtmi and get a bottle of Lydia E .
, , ... ... Pinkham's Vegetable Compound hfora
Boiled rice scrambled run eggs. ,' . f: "m,if" r,,r fcM. .n ru,rne.' M. w C. Kw ,
" " t'liiicaii. . . t.
vv. ig'n at, uieveiana, jnia i .
other table nil tvhh vinni!ir and
lemon juice enough to flavor the ' ail"?":,8: u"" '7 (''ha.-tb' Tablet
dressind, and wheat, corn, or rye
bir and honey.
a safe corrective now and then, for your
health's sake. Otherwise, poisonous was,te
materials may accumulate in the system and
cause you considerable illness. Better be
safe than sorry. To keep the bowels healthy,
the liver active and the stomach sweet,
there is nothing that is quite so good as
14 i pIL,Lj5
a good, old, time-tested remedy that you may
buy with confidence and use with benefit, in
keeping the system in good order. Composed
entirely of medicinal herbs, these family pills
act pleasantly on the bodily organs, without
causing any disagreeable effects. So gentle,
a child may take them, so effective they help
both men and women. They enjoy the
largest. sale of any remedy in the world
because they are so safe and so dependable.
If you have never tried Bcecham's Pills as a
tonic ai id corrective, buy a box and use them
served with a succulent vegetable!
such as stewed tomatoes, canned com,
green peas or beans and bread and
butter and nuts and raisins or other
dried fruits.
Green peas ami canned salmon
with white (I. c, thirkened milk)
sauce served with corn bread and
si: p.
Meat pie (meat from inexpensive
cuts) or fish pie with flour or potato!
crust, served with turnips, riots,!
onions, or parsnips, and Iliscuits and
butter, with jam or jellv or hot choco
late. Mashed potato w ith creamed cod-;
fish (i. e., cream ruure containing a
little salt codfish), served with lettuce1
with oil ami vinegar or lemon juice;
dressing, and crackers and t le ese or:
peanut butter sandwbhr . ;
Meat stew (Inexpensive cits or left
overs), with turnips or other vege
tables including left, ovcts, and with
rice In the stew or (lour or corn meal
dumplings; or fish chowder made
from fresh, canned, or dried fish,
crackers, skltu milk, and onion, serv
ed with bread and butter, and fresh
or stewed fruit.
Moiled dinner (corn beef or corned
mutton cooked with fresh vegetables,
as potatoes, turnips,' carrots, etc.),
served with bread and butter, ami
appl ... or other fruit and bread crumb,
Cow peas boiled with pork and com-1
binetl with boiled lice, nerved with a '
green vegetable or vegetable salad,;
and honey, brown sugar, maple sugar, I
or dale sandwiches. j
liean baked with pork or bacon
served with Iloston brown bread and
butter, and tart apple sauce and
Cookies. j
Bean and cheese roast (a mlx'dt e of ;
cooked beans and cheepe prepared !
rnd seasoned like a meat loal) "dth
tomato sauce or brown gravy, seivH
with sweet potatoes, and bread and
butler, and sliced orange and banana
or other fruit.
Dc Prepared for Emergencies
; Always keep a supply
of Duffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey in your medi
cine chest. You never
can tell what day or Lour
of the liht some mem
ber of your family may
be stricken with cramps,
chills, ii: digest ion or more
serious illness.
mm Kmcrjiencies
mergencies demand
quid: action, ami if you have Duffy's
Pure Malt Whiskey to administer yoa
can he sure of instant relief, because it i
made especially for medicinal use. It will
prove agreeable and bencGeLl to the most delicate stomach, i
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiofccy
i"? absolutely purs and dependable and its quality nerer varies.
It is used in many reputable hospitals and readily prc;crile4 by
unprejudiced physicians. Do jiot wait to have thrt matter
brought forcibly to your attention by tmpreparedness, et a bat
tle today and be assured of protection.
"Get Duffy's and Keep Well."
Sold tn SEALED BOTTLES ONLY. Beware of imitation!
.AT- M Buff;; from four Ideal drufflgt, graev or tittlar
l(U I Lm rr h eannot supply you, writa ua,
wa will ttll you whara to gat It. Msilioat botklet I rtt.
The Duffy Malt Whiskey Co.. Rochester, N. Y.
Needlework Notes
k lacing shuttle with n teachable
spool " t may be. filled on the sewing
machine or slipped on a pencil ami
in fid by hand in a few moment; ii
a boon to the lacemaker. It Is Incx
jiens .'e ami durable.
If before embroidering, crocheting
or tatting, you will shrink the coiiois
tha work will look much better Jm
melH' the bIN in wa HI Water II ii 1 1 1
fiatt'.ulcil, then suspend In a liee.y,
aunshitiy place to dry. You will Hud
as ;. result your Ibilshcd work will re
ma' iik smooth as when first done,
"Tfc Largast Sala of Any Medicine in tha World"
At All DrugakU, 10c, 25c.
DifCtioni f MfMciotvalut fa woman ara uii(A wary la
f if coined beet is to be served cold
allow it to cool In the liquor In whlcb
it was boiled.
Tim Markers Ir. Lisbon.
Correct time Is announced every
even hour In the port of LIkImhi by
mentis of two InnlertiN placed on Iron
columns inn feet high. The lanterns
encli have three faces measuring t).f
feet bf H feet.
High School Lyceum
Friday, i'ov. 16th, at 8:15
Sergeant Flahiff
Famous "Princess Pat" Regiment
will tell his personal story of the battles of
the Somme and Ypres.
Single Admission, 50c.
Lying Down to Smoke.
The I'atagnniims lie down while
niik!n?. swallowing nnd Muinimr
some of the suiok.'. v. Idle the l-NMums
mix Wood with Ihe t.il,;.-t-o ,i nilike It
ht longer. rea-ion for ihU Is that
they must depend llMUI wltiilecs fur
their supply of tolmec.1. In Al.vsxini.i
sititklug is consldere.1 n iei:-..ts crime,
enlniling crucial cii:i!f 1c.
! mars About Aft. t
j Pandora wits uu eitraordlnary cra
I "ire. Kvery young woman la. 8h
-iti ..mi i . -
nini, minever, a young woman
t!mt N to say, a mixture of tlmld(ty
nml boldness, of prudery am! shafne
: l.-ssne, f ,iivi,. uintlness and cold
cruelty of .vninhfulneK. and especially
.... .
i""'otiuti Knowletl-e
ami abysmal
Dickens' Library Lamp
is only one of the wonderful designs from the
famous galleries of Napoleon A. Cusson;the
Lamp has a solid Mahogany base containing
hand-colored English plaques of four of Dick
ens' noted characters.
All hand-decorated Lamps and Candle
sticks from these galleries are exclusive, un
usual as well as most artistic. ; We recom
mend your early selection.
Have your money ready; we do not credit anybody and make tftls
price. - :
FLOUR . ' ; '
49 pound Sack Golden Flour , ... $2.97
Every sack warranted. Call us up you get your money back In
full if Flour is not satisfactory. . "'friO
1 package, 15 pounds 45c. Ja bufel, 30 pounds. 35c
. - Per bushel, 60 pounds $1.60 ,(( (
. - CABBAGE SALE ,. Y Ji f .
Fancy Holland Cabbage, all day. per pound ... Wz
.':'' CANNED SALMON SALE 1 r . Sf j
1 pound . can .Salmon 18c or 2 cans 35c,
Small can 7c, 2 for...... 13c Large cans 14c, 2 for. .. ..'.7.27c."
Tomatoei or Peas 15c. cans or 2 cans..,.,. .,7,. 25c. ,
3 pound cana 40c Coffee. . 99c. Our regular package 30c Coffee
Saturday 26e.
A good Santos Coffee 22c. per pound or 3 pounds,.. 60e.
We think you all heard about our Tea per pound.., 39e.
Full Cream Cheese, Herkimer Co., and Bick Cheese pound. .. 34c
Fancy Sweet Cider, just tapped, per"gallon 45c.
We almost forgot to tell you about a cask of New Kraut, just
tapped, 10c. quart or 3 quarts 25c
Christmas CoMs
We have on display the largest assortment of Christmas Cards
and Folders ever displayed in Ottawa.
Why not select your Cards now, while our stock Is complete?
Ws also Invite the Business and Professional firms to Inspect
our line of cards. Nothing is more appropriate than a Christmas
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The Two Best 8elllng Books of the year.
PHONE 101.
rf.-it', ,

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