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Wednesday, November :s, uij.
Ottawa rnirn mATiEn-JoimxAi:;
Professional Cards
DO YOU KKOW WHY You Should fever Try to fool Wey lite Yoj re Sure She ta You?
Residence, Corner State and Van
Buren Streets
Phone, 231-Y
Drawn (or tills m By Frank Leet
Pianist and Teacher.
Studio 123 Colwell Apartments, opp
-site Washington paik. Phone 8S4-L.
Attorney at law, 210-211 Molonej
Bldg., Ottawa, Illinois. Telephones:
Cffico. 375-W. Residence. 212-Y.
SHAVE OFF (3v $NE WT ko f 0 "ElK HoW DAREl k I ' JoiM )
M ULcS.Go. V (me, eve THUJAS J A AStkvncc 'Vby ENTER THIS flJCN-T) -''TJ
" j c J '
A T) -vvi AA nCt A
-r T TTT 7T "I
MVLnLU. IM lid
r,T lAvr Xtt tvttv' Ll'
Chapter 1 At the beginning of the
world war Capt. Athelstan King of
the British Indian army and of its
secret service, is ordered to Delhi to
meet Yasmini, a dancer, and go with
her to Khinjan to quiet the outlaws
there who are said, by spies to be pre
paring for a jihand or holy war.
CHAPTER II On his way to Delhi
King quietly foils a plan to assassinate
him and gets evidence that Yaslmini
Is after him.
Chapter III. In Delhi he la met by
Hewa Gunga, Yasmini' man, who
tells him that she has already gone
North and that he, the Hangar, has
been left to escore King.
Chapter IV. In Yasmini's house
the Hangar attempts to outwit King
hut fails, ... Ismail, an Afridi belonging
to Yasmini, Is given to King for a ser
vant. f,
Chapter V. King rescues some of
Yasmini's men and takes them North
with'"hlm, tricking the Hangar into
folnr ahead of him.
rk'.,,t. vi nt i .i r, ' HhI has faitpd. 1s It written in t ie Kala
chapter v I. Rejoined by the Han-!,,,,,, , . . ., . , ,
. ,,,, ., i , ,. ,.: . ; mullah saying we shon d protein here
gar at tho mouth of the Khyber pass,!
I, , , , . I
or Kh n'an :
Chapter VII. The Hangar derc:..
King and Ismail, with fan c others, n
the pass.
Chapter VIII King sends to Ins
brother at All Masjid foit. meets him
alone in ihe pass, and with his i.ld
transforms himself Into a linilvo ha
klm, or man of medicine.
Chapter IX. Calling Ismail and the
men back he at first puzzles and then
rstonishes and delights them by h."
transformation. Ismail grows friend
'y and seems appalled at the thought
that Yasmini may love King.
Chapter X.-In Khinjan King is
taken into the mosque and ! inall and
another fal.-oly witnessing for him
that ho has slain an Englishman, lie
Is admitted thru the mosque wall into
the celebrated caves.
Chapter XI He holds a clinic for
tho cave's Inhabitants, and hears of a
lashkaV by Hull-Witr a-Ileard's men.
Chapter XII-Next night Ismali
takeg hir.i to a vast cave through
which an underground river, pours
"Earth's Drink" and finds gathered
there thousands of men, among whom
he has pointed out to his the mullah
Muhammad Anim, or IUillll-a-l
Muhammad Anim, or IHill-Witha
WANTED Two boys to set pins at
Ottawa Poat club bowling alleys.
Must be sixteen years of age or older.
Apply at clubhouse Fri.'.ay evening
at 7 o'clock.
P.ut King was staring very hard in
deed at something else mentally
cursing the plain glass, spectacles lie
Wore, that hud begun to film over and
dim his vision. There were two brace
lets on her arm. both barbaric things
of solid gold. The smaller of the two
was on her wrist and the larger on her
Upper arm, but they wore so alike, ex
cept' for size, and so exactly like the
one Rewa Gtinga had given him in her
Bame and that had been stolen from
him In the night, that he ran the risk
of removing the glasses a moment to
stare with unimpeded eyes. Even then
the distance was too great. He could
tot quite see.
Hut her eyes begwi to search the
crowd In his direction, and then he
Jcnew two things absolutely. He was
sitting where she had ordered Ismail
to phice him ; for she picked him out
almost Instantly, and laughed as lf
somebody had struck a silver hell. And
one of those bracelets was the one thut
he had worn ;. for she Haunted It at
him, moving her arm so that the light
should make the gold glitter,
l Then, perhaps because the crowd
had begutt to wlilsper, and she wanted
nil attention, she raised both urm to
toss bncrtlie j olden "hair that entne
rx rs4J-t Ar
cop-ct ar
mt ttnmm
cascading nearly to her knees. And as
if tho crowd knew that symptom well.
It drew Its breath in sharply and grew
very still.
"Muhammad Anim!" she said, and
she might have been wooing , him.
"That was a devil's trick !"
It was rather an astounding state
ment, coming from lovely lips In such
a Betting. It was rather suggestive of
a arivers wnipiusn. tucked through the
uir ior a oeginning. .viuuammaii Anim
continued glaring and did not answer
her. so in her own good time, when she
had tossed Iter golden hair back once
or twice again, she dcvelnped her
"We who are free of Khinjan cares
do not Head men out to bring recruits.
We know better than to bid our men
tell lies for others at the gate. Nor,
BeMng pn-nf for our new recruit, di
W6 send men to hunt a head for him
not even those of us who have n lash
kar that wo. call our own., mullah Mn
Immunol Anim! Kach of us earns his
own way in !" - j
The mulltth Muhammad Anim began
to stroke his beard, but lie made no fin'
swer. t
"And mullah Muhammad Anim,
thou wandering man of God when
that lashkar has foolishly been sent
was a head, and that the bead Has
"H' a u in
stoIe,1? A 18 n .Hulmn..f.naTtllg back at l.lni from te roof over-
......... .'..I'M. .1-1 111! 13 fi.M"l, II
In search of the way. Is If good to
tose the way, and to lie, thou true fob j
lower of the Prophet?"
She smiled, tossing her hair back, j
Her eyes challenged, her Hps mocked i
him arid her chin scorned. The crowd i
breathed hard and watched. The mul-1
lah muttered something In h'Jt beard, I
and sat down, and the crowd began to;
ronr applause at her. But she checked
It with a regal gesture, and a glance i
of contempt at the mullah that was!
alone worth a journey across the
"Hills" to see. ;
"Guards!" she said quietly. And'
the crowd's sigh then was like the night
wind In a forest. !
"Away with those three of Muhani- j
mad Anlm's men!"
Twelve of the arena guards threw'
down their shields with a sudden clat-!
ter and seized, the prisoners, four to
each. The crowd shivered with do-
Melons anticipation. The doomed men:
neither struggled nor cried, for fatal-!
Ir:n Is an anodyne as well as an explo-i
ive. iMiig set. ins teern. i asnuni, with. il,l"s. " imim. uiuong io nicr wic
both hands behind her head, continued: crowd, rose on tiptoe nud filled his
to smile down on them all as sweetly! ,mrs fnr t,lp (,frrt of lls U fe
ns the star shine on n battlefield, j "Tnp h,,,,, f Cappltln Attleystan
She nodded once; and then all was King Infidel kaffir British nrrfi
over In a minute. With a ringing "Ho !" , cer '" llP howled,
and a run, the guards lifted their vie-; "Good!" the crowd bellowed. "Good!
11ms shoulder high and bore them for-; Throw It!"
ward. At the river bank they paused j 'J'1' crowd's roar and the roof's
for a second to swing them. Then, with t echoes combined In pandemonium,
another "Ho!" they threw them like! "Throw It to ilietn, Kurram Khan!"
dead rubbish into the swift black wa-j Yasm'nl purred from the bridge end.
ter. I speaking as softly and ns sweetly as
There was only one wild scream that! lf 8ne coaxed it child. "It Is the cus
went echoing and re-echoing to the t'om!"
roof. There was scarcely a splash,! "Throw it! Throw it!" 11m crowd
and no extra rirmle at nil. i luuniai
came up again to gasp. No fingers1
clutched at the surface. The fearful
speed of the river suckeil hni.i im,i.,P
to grind and churn and pound them
through long caverns underground and
hurl them nt last over the great cata-
ract toward the middle of the world, i
"Ah-h-h-h-h !" sighed the crowd
ecstasy. t
"Is there no other stranger?" asked'
Yasmini, searching for King ngnln with,
her amazing eyes. The skin all down
his back turned there and then Intq
gooseflesh. And as her eyes tnet bis
she laughed like a bell nt him. She
knew! She knew who he was, how he
had entered, and how he felt. Not a
doubt of It !
" !
"iMirrnni Khan!" the lashless mullah
howled, like n lone wotf In the moon-
light, und King stood up. In thnt urlm
minute he managed to seem about ns
mucn nt ease us n native luiklin ought
to feel at such an initiation.
"Conie forward!" the mullah howled,
and he obeyed, trending flngerly be-
tween men who were nt no pains to let
him hy, and silently blessing them, be-j
cnuse he was not really lu auy hurry,
nt nil. lasnilnl looked lovely from a I
distance, and life was weet.
"Who are his witnesses?" .
"I !" shouted Ismail, Jumping up. j
"I!" tracked the roof. "I! I So!
that for a second King almost believed!
! he had a crowd of men to swear for!
him and did not hear Darya Khan at j than they ought to bo. and chin n shade
all. who rose from a plure not very far too high, for there never was n man
behind where he had sat. who could act quite perfectly.
Ismail followed him In a hurry, like ' "Thou fooil" Yasmini whispered
a man wading a river with loose ! through lips that did riot move. She
clothes gathered In one arm and the! betrayed a flash of temper like a
other arm ready In case of falling-. ! trapped she-tiger's, but followed it in
Darya Khan did not go so fast. As he stantly w ith her loveliest smile,
forced his way forward a man passed- "Slay him!" yelled n lone voice, that
him up the wooden box that King had; was greeted by an approving murmur,
used to stand on; he seized it in both! "This is a darhar:" Ynsmlnl un
hands with a grin and a jest and went nounced In a rising, ringing voice. "My
to stand behind King and Ismail, In durbar, for I summoned It! Did I
line with the lashless mullah, facing Invite any man to speak?"
Yasmini, Yasmini smiled at them all 1 There was silence, as a whipped an
as If they were actors In her comedy, I willing pack is silent,
and she well pleased with them. j "Speak, thou Kurrntn Khan! Tell
"Look ye!" howled the mullah. ; ,n('"' w,lv ! " s'"' Si,1(1- mRihg. No man
"Look ye and look well, for this Is to ,'mi,(' "i,vo gu'scd by the tone of her
be one of us !"
King felt ten thousand eves burn
j holes in his bnck. but the one pair of
eyes that mocked him from the bridge1
was more disconcerting.
j "Turn. Kurram Khan! Turn that
all may see!"
Feeling like a man on a spit, he re -
volverl slowly. Hy the time he hed
turned once completely around he had
decided that Yasmini meant he should
be frightened, but not much hurt just
yet. go he ceased altogether to feel
frightened and took care to look more
scared than ever.
"Speak. Kurram Khan!" Ynsmlnl
purred, smiling her loveliest. "Tell
them whom yon slew."
King turned and faced the crowd,
'raising himself on the balls of his feer
to'shout. like a man facing thousands
of, troops on parade. He nearlv cave
hlnwelf away, for habit had him i,n.
awares. A native hakim, civen thn
stoutest lungs in all India wmibi nn
. 1 . "."yiw uut
have shouted in that way.
;'('('appitln Attleystan King!" he
nwred. And be nearly jumped out of
his skin when his own voice came rat
limit. t
Yasmini chuckled iw n little rill will
sometimes chuckle among ferns. It was
devilish. It seemed to say there were
trajis not far ahead.
""luri vina In. ultiln'i" .. i
he slain?" asked the
"Ill the Khyber pass
said Kinj.
"Now glv.j preofl" said Hp mullah.!
"Words at the gate proof in the cav
ern! Without good proof, there is,
only one way out of here!" !
"Proof!" the crowd thundered.1
"Proof!" the roof echoed.
There was no need for Darya Khan'
t" whisper. King's hands were behind
him, nud he had seen what he had seen:
al"1 guessed what he had guessed while
he was turning to let the crowd look
"t him. Ills fingers closed on human
"Nay. It is short!" hissed Darya
Khan. "Take the two ears, or bol l It
? Jawbone! Hold It high in both
n",,s!" !
K'nt obeyed, without looking at tho ,
,Ie r"'d the ghastly thing until It
face-iipwnrd In bis hands, and. so
at last he saw It. He caught his breath.
nnil "n.v lioni-rlmmed spectacles,
"IHt ,1P 1,1,(1 cursed twice that night,
fi,1V(,(1 111111 fmn wlf-beln.,val. The
cavern seemed to sway as he looked
Into the dead face of his brother
- harles.
,f Vl,smlnl l'ccted his nervousness
Bhe Buve no "lRn'
"Throw It ! Throw it ! Throw It!"
covd was growing Impiitlenf.
M,,ny ,mn w,,'p '""'Unst. waving thi'lr
nns to (,,'nw "tlentlon to themselves,
Catching Yasmini's eyes, he knew It
1 not entered her head that he might
He looked past her toward the river.
There were no guards near enough to
prevent whnt he Intended; but be had
to bear In mind that the guards had
rifles, mid If he acted too suddenly one
of them mt.-ht t ,,f t,ii ...ii.M,!.,,,
Holding the bend before him with both
hands, he began to walk toward the
river, edging nil the while a little t-
wnrd the crowd as If meaning to get
nenrer before he threw. He reached the
river and stood there,
His next move made everv savage
who watched htm gasp because of Its
very tinexpeciediiess, lie held the
head in Ix.th lunula, threw it far out
nto the river nml stood to witch Ir
sink. Then, without visible emotion of
nuy kind, he walked bud; stolidly to
face Yasmini tit the bridge end. with
shoulders a little more stubborn now
voice whether she was for him or!
I against him. and the crowd, beginning j
,ltt!lin fn whisper, watched to see which
ni( cnr w"i J'""P
He bowed low to her three times
very low Indeed and very slowly, for he
had to think. Then he turned his back
! nnJ rplu'llU"' 'he obeisance to the
j crmV(l-
I "My ,,rn,l"rs." he said, and his voice
' (,('"" that of a man whose advice
m,s ,K''n ,lslit('- m,i who J-'lv(,Si flw" I
! "Yl s"w nlK,,t ,ln"' 1)110 ,mm T
,,n,or,(l ll,,r '"' strength of an oath
i nn,l " promise. All he lacked was
' 1r""f- A,1(1 1 l'Poof' Ye saw! How
easy would it not have been, had I
thrown that head to you. for n traitor
to catch It and hide it In his clothes,
and make away with it! He could
n!,V(! uso'1 11 to mlmit to ,m'sp cnvps
vnv v('n "n l-m-'Hshman. my hrotu
m! lf tm,t har happened, ye wouW
mivo Allied me !"
Yfismlnl mnf'ed. Taking Its cue from
1 The Crowd Wan (Irnwlnn Imnifl.nt
I "Throw It I Thrnui ll !
hntt 1,t . 1 ,..
..... ' uu. i. iimimui v,-ce,.v B-,
win, our rauier recognition ot the lia
klni's adroitness. The gaum was not
won; there lacked a touch to tip the
scales in his favor, and Yasmini sup
plied It with ready genius.
"The hakim speaks the truth!" she
King turned iibont InslnntU- in tnnn
her. but he salnatned so low that she!1'011
1,1 M"r "im s,','ll "ls expression Had
Rnp tried. j
"Ir wlsl1 lf. 1 wlM "nler Mm
t"w,, 't Earth's Drink after those I
other three" !
Muhammad Anim rose, stroking his No,1,'(! is ll0ITb' iv('n ,0 l"'1'
beard and rocking where he stood. I :!ons '"'crested in said estate, that
"It Is tin. law!" he i-rmi ! the undersigned, executor of the last
I King shuddered. ' ;
"It Is the law," Yasmini answered in!
ill voice that rung with pride und In-!
solcnce. "that none Intemiot mi. u-i.it,.!
I speak! I'or such 111-niannered ones ! County Court House, in Ottawa, in
1 Earth's Drink hungers! Will you test faid County, on Monday the loth day
i my authority, Muhnmmud Anim? Think : of December, A. D. 1917. for the pur
iye! If that head bad only fallen into pose of leuderlng an account of his
, Muhammad Anlm's lap, the mullah ' proceedings in th" administration of
might have smuggled In another man said estate for the Dual settlement,
vv"l'lt!" ! when and where any and all personi
A roar ol" laughter greeted that , interested may appear and show
thrust. Many men who had not Iniighcd ; ( au, e, if any there lie, why such ne
at the mullah's first discomfiture ! count should not be approved by the
Joined in now. Muhammad Anim sat I Court.
and fidgeted, meeting nobody's eye ainl i Dated at Ottawa this 3 1st day of
answering nothing.- j October. 1917. ' E. J. KELLY,
(TO UK contintkd.) 1 Attest: Kxecuto'.
; KDW. G. ZILM. Clerk of rrobr.te
r.; ", '- . : t I Court, La Salle County, Illinois,
Test of a Good Husband.
Our position Is simply this: That no
timn Is a good husband who doesn't
notice when he pomes home that the
sitting-room curtains have been moved
to the dlning-rnom,Dallas News.
: rr 'J,J
Classified Advertising
Advertisements will be inserted in
this column not exceeding live lines,
three times, 25c; one week 5uc. Kach
line over five, 10c per week addition
al. All advertisements in this col
umn must be :aid in advance.. No
advertisement will be inserted in this
column for less than 25c.
FOR HUNT Modern furnished room
close to town. Phone r5f-X, 829
Canal street.
FOR RENT Property at No. 121 E.
Jefferson street; bath, but no furn
ace. Enquire of Elmer E. Roberts,
Phone 1)13 W and 4.r)2-I-.
FOR RENT Five room cottage, mod
ern conveniences, 1218 Post street.
Henry Kuhn. Apply between Nov 2"
and 29. , if t
FOR SALE A young horse, driver
or for delivery wagon; nbo light
delivery wnpen. Pho:.e 9."-V,
FOR SALE Fine tiungalow, eight
rooms and bath, rebuilt three years
ago, front porch 22x8, rear porch 9x9,
collar under all. hot. air furnace, three
rooms in cellar, cellar floor and walls
cemented, floor drains, electric lights,
gas for cooking, barn, cement walks
! insidi'. hardwood floors, real fireplace.
! John S. Stephen place, w'4 lots 1 and
2, Day's add., opposite town hall, lot
72xl2u. It' you want n. house, that is
j want one, come In quick. It is not
I my business if Mr. Stevens wants to
I sacrifice his pi
ten find a sn;i
sacrifice his property. You won't of-
ip like this. T. II. Far
bldg., phone tits-W.
FOR SALE We have several lots for
sale that will aycrago about one i "
acre of land; can be had now for j SHOE SHOP New stock men's, woni
$i;0.o!. Easv payments; would be! ,n' and children's shoes, rubbers
especially desirable for poultry or mar-1
ket garden. Tel. 9,'7-W.
J. O. Harris & Son.
129 W. Main St.
There Is more Catarrh in this sec
tion of the country than all other dis
eases put together, and for years it
was supposed to be incurable. Doc
tors prescribed local remedies, and
; by constantly failing to cure with lo
! 'a! treatment, pronounced it, incur-
i able, t atarrh is h local disease,
j greatly Influenced by constitutional:
' r'f .nftil wini !iti,l 1 hfiritfiiv., rmntiti'U con.
stituiionul tresi.meut. Hall's Catarrh
manufactured by F. J.
j Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is a con-1
stiiutlonal remedy, is taken internally !
anJ iu,,H hni ,1k, ,00( om lU, .Mucous!
Surfaces of Hie System. One. Hundred
Dollars reward Is offered for any case j
that Hall's Catarrh Medicine fails to I
cure. Scad for circular. aad tcsti-
Sold by Druggists, 7.c.
Hall's "iimily Pills for conslipa- i
r.Ktate 01 JOHN LiM Il, deceased.
will and testament of said John i settlement, when and where any and
kviich. deceased, will appi.: - before!"" I,('rs(,"s interote.l may appear and
the Probate Court of the cor. i'y 0f ! cause, it any there- be, why such
La Salle and rtate of Illinois, at i!i 1 ni'cuunt should not be approved by tho
Not the 3est Way.
On" way to be up with the lurk Is
to keep the lark up all night. Boston
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work; small family. Mrs. Sidney
Stiefel, ,".ii.J K. Main St.. phone 89i'-K.
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livery. Call in person, do not tel
ephone. Geiger's grocery.
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of all kinds; quick sales, small profits.
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$lu. All work guaranteed first class.
Oce hours i a. m. to 7-30 p. ui. '
FOl'ND-Two black rosary beads.;
Owner may have samo by calling at ,
tills office and paying for this ad.
. . .
Estate of
j deceased. '
j Notice is hereby given to all per-j
'sons intrested In said Estate .that, the;
undersigned, Administrator ot the Ks-
tute of said Albert ine Michele, deceas
ed, will appear beforo thn Probate
Court of the County of La Salle and
State of Illinois ,at the County Court
House, in Ottawa, in said County, on
the 14th day of Pecemher, A. I). 1917,
for the purpose of rendering an ac
count of his proceedings in the admin
istration of said Estate for the final
; '. nted at Ottawa, this 21st day
November, 1917.
Attest . Administrator.
Edward JCIlm, Clerk Probate Court
of La Salle County, Illinois.
Preserving Flowers.
A met hod of prexervlm the until
p,'il colors of Ibcvers eoiisNts In dust
111.; .ii.Mcylie neld on fie plants as they
lie In the press and removing It with
a brush when the Mowers are quite
dry. Red colors In particular lire well
preserved by this agent. Another meth
od of applying the sur.ie prescrvnlhn
Is to use a solution (if mn. jmct (,f
salicylic in fourteen of alcohol by
melius of blottliijj-pupor or retton-
j, wool soaked In It mid placed above ir.ul
I I. clow Ihe il.iwers, Powdered Intrude
neld yields nearly us good results.
Attorney and counsellor at law and
solicitor in chancery. Will practice
law in tho several courts and Id
the federal courts. Special atten
tion given to all real estate case
of La Salle and adjoining counties,
including drainage questions.
Attorney at law, office. La Salle St
west of court bouse.
DR. W. 8. BLUE,
Specialist- eye, ear, uosu nud throat
Third floor Central Life Building.
Phones: Office 1019-W. Res., Mala ?42.
Attorneys at law. National Bank Bldg.
Ottawa, 111.
W. H. JAMIESON, 8. B., M. D
Physician and Surgeon: 'phone office,
322-W., residence. Main 64. Ot
flee in Armory block. Professional
calls in city or country will receive
faithful attention. Ottawa, 111.
Attorney and counselor at la, office,
rooms 408 and 4u7 Molone rid.
Ottawa, Illinois.
Attorney at law, office west of conn
house. 'Phone, Main 161.
Magnetic Healer treatments given by
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out nerves. Headache, Rheumatism
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T. W. BL'flROWS, M.
Physician and Surgeon, office, at resi
dence, 810 Columbus street Office
. hours, 1 to 3 p. m.
Osteopathic physician, 402 8-4 Molon
ey Bldg., Ottawa, III. 'Phone: Of
fice. 385-R.; residence, 367-K. ,
Osteopathic Physician. Hours: 9 to
12 a. m.; 2 to 5 p. ru.; 7 to 8 p. m
'Phones, office, Main 215-R.; resi
dence, 882-X. Moloney Bldg., Otta
wa, Illinois.
(Effective Sept. 9, 1U17.)
EaFtbound cars leave Ottawa sta-
! tion for Marseilles, Seneca, Morris,
! Minooka, Rockdale and Joliet, 111. in
A. M. ,:(.", fiMiia, 7:f0, 9;.r;0, 11:50.
IP. M.-l::,o, 3:50, 4:5b, 5:50, 9:00,
' 11:00.
Cars arrive from the west at 1:00
m 8:1." a. m., 12:50 p. m., C:50 p.
I in., 11:35 p. m.
: j Westbound.
Westbound cars leave Ottawa sta
j tion for Chautauqua Park, Starved
I Rock, I'tica, La Salle, Peru, Spring
1 Valley, Ladd, De Pue, Bureau, Prince
' ton, In
A. M. 5:10d. 5:50c, 8:50d, 8:30c,
9:50c, 10:5ud. 11:50c.
p. M. 1 :,".0e. 3:50c. 4:50(1. 5:50c.
i :.nic, :;ne, ii:uur.
Cars arrive from cast at 6:50g p
m., 12:42 a. in.
Southbound cars leave Ottawa sta
tion for McKInley Park, Grand Ridge
and S'.reutor. in
A. M.-5:50, 6:f.hh. 7:50, 9:50, 11! 50.
P. M. 1:50. 3:..0, 5:50, 9:00. 11:35.
a Marseilles and intermediate points.
b Marseilles. Morris, Seneca and in
termediate points.
c. Princeton and Intermediate points
d l.ndd and intermediate points.
e Princeton LadJ and Intermediate
f La Salle and Intermediate points,
g Sundays and holidays only,
h Daily except Sunday.
Fares to Chicago, 111., Jollt, I-!.,
and Chicago & Joliet Electric Rail
Every Saturday und Sunday and
also on National Holidays.
round trip. Tickets limited
until Monday, 12:C0 noon,
following date of bale for return trip.
$l.rf round trip, $1.00 one way. Re-
l turn trip limited to ton days.
Phoiir; rgt hts tor full liifoi malloa

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