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TheChrist mas Bird
RlVSTI'.'D tmim wh IheChrislnut
piece tie resistance in Chaucer's
flay, but till ilill Klle place lu
:1m peacock, iinil the-peucock in i t r
iurn was cotntueivd ly the turkey,
fthen I'apt. Juliu Smith, iiv.-li from
lis VlrglulHii war, cume home to lell
:ho unitized English folk of the bird
list ho puw parading tin- new wurM
onstn, "exactly llk' ii proud Turk
ibowlng nff before his harem."
Whvii Ihc peacock whs in its glory
it Chrlstiimstltli! It diimugc was gen
roily restored to the. rousted bird mid
ts lienk gilded. Sometimes (he whole,
tlrd was covered with gold leaf mnl si
vtiip of col ton. saturated with spirit.
ct alight In lis beak a relic possibly,
.villi tin' Kugllsh snapdragon ami
glazing pudding, of the tire worship of
?agnn day?. A lady nf noble birth nn I
;reut hciitity wns nlways chosen lo
iienr the bird lulu the banquet In-.; hull.
In 1 lit days of tournaments it was
uvcr the peacock that the UnlghK with
uplifted pw'oiils, swore their oaths uf
that are New, Practical
and Useful and not
Handkerchiefs and Fancy Christmas Boxes
Swiis pure linen and silk, 25c, 35c. 50c and up.
Hand Bags
Of Silk Velvet bead trimmed, also all beaded bags at $3.95, $5,
J6M and Up. "
Work Baskets
Of perfumed wood, silk and crcton lined, at 59c, 75c and 05c.
Mesh Bags
Of American silver, new style tops, with chains, $1, $1.50, $1.95
and up. , ,
Bath Robes
For women, of Eiderdown and beacon blanket at $2.95, $3.95,
$5. 6.60.
Corduroy Robes -
For house wear in Rose. Dlur, Hcd. Pink, Tan, in the new cord
ed empire style at $5,00.
f3ilk Petticoats
Fancy, plnln and changeable, at J1.95, $2.95, $195 and up.
Ribbon Novelties
Such au Embroidery Sets. Guest O.igi, Safely Pm Holders, Dress
Hangers. Sachet Bags, Pin Cushions. Dresser Ornaments. A splen
did variety of dainty qifts at 2 f.c, 35c, 50c, 75c. $1.00 and $1,50.
.Leather Bags-
Special values in genuine Pin Seal Leather U,iy: neatly lined,
bags have reinforced frame with patent safety clasp, fitted with coin
purse and mirror, special values at $1,00 and $1,15.
Boudour Caps -
Of silk crepe do chine, net lace and Geortjette prettily trimmed
with fine vnl lace and ribbons, one in a box. at 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00.
Rose Beads, Sterling Silver Handkerchiefs
Holders, Lavelliers, Brooches, Waist
Sets, Etc. at 50c, 75c and $1.00
Georgette Waists
I A wonderful showing of georgette waists, all put up in holly
boxes, at $1.95, $2.95, $3.95, $5.00, $5.95 and up.
For men or women ht $1.50, $1.95, $2.95, up to $0.50,
Furs for Christmas Gilts
Winter Coats tor Christmas
Serge or Silk Dresses lor
Come to Stanton's for Gills tor
the Womenfolks
idihnlry and uior. The lust rccorM of
such fiiro seiius to huve been not upon
u Christinas, but at itio Lumiuct givtiVi
by the iluke of Citintiilu to the diiUc
,f rlaifiiee, iil'urwaril William IV r
It must 'be admitted that golden pen
neks tiutl hoar' heads have mo al
luring sounds to one with a Judrtl ap
petite, and Hie Knglfind of old. wlUi
its roistering irol ringers, seem u
most attractive land to have lived In.
I'.ut the Englishman of today is more
limn veil content tit have his cnroU
ung by u little cockney lad. U laugh
nt the pantomimes In bis inngiiillecnt
iy comfortable tlienters and to feast et
homo on turkey, wince pic ami the
blazing pudding.
Ridicule and Rumor.
The chief (11 nVrciico lielween rblinjl
and genuine humor N that ridicule It
cruel nud humor Is kind. Ridicule
phows lack of understanding and con
sequent lack of tolerance. Humor, by
means of understanding, becomes tol
erant. The really great huroorlfts are
great humanitarians. Excbonjfe.
Ireland in Columbus Dispatch.
mm board
IttlMii-d with work in fcettluj; tlu-ir
iii.ntioiiiuilies iiiallid lu draft elii-
blcM, the local exemption board la
keeping up willi (lie (roieriiuieiit'.s
pluim fur lnailiiif; live per cent of the.
tot jt J from il,i to day, iiulil all Hie
null registered on June 5 have re
ceiMMl tlii.s very Important document.
This prirtieo will coutiniie titit.il
January :!, no Ihal every man who is
nut now In the servico uf his country
will hac rccc.eu mie ol the oll'n inl
lislM of iiue.l Imis. The task of mail
lug bewail Saturday and will be kepi
up tttilil all the rci.istrantH luvc been
On tli'j llrt
I pae of the MUeJioii.A
ed tlie winning: 1 ou,
nufre is print
arc required l law Id return I his; lorjnoilimg CISe would SatlSly.
qtR-Htionn.-iire Ii out in iieeordaiu x '
will. Instruction, contained therein j jt mattered not the toD.Onrf
within aeven days from date h tlua ,. , , . .
notice. Failure lo do so is n mi,ii,! hc purchase had bwn made,
lucanor punii.habie by lino .r impris-i It was smuggled home and hidden
onniutt for one 5ea, and may result ! flnj ohpr trcasureS laid,
in the os;i of valuable rif.hta and in,. . . ,,
'iniiiediaic indn. tioti into military ' And wo placed our prcicnt proudly
S(lvi" " j in her lap on Christmas da),
Five Classification Made J And we smothered her with kisses
Five riaa.'iiiicaiions ate provided. and wclaughcdhcrtearsaway.
for in tlie qucHlioti!!:'.,re and that, in'
wh'eli a ii't-li-tninl will be planed will
rest with the 'manner in which lie
uiakea reply lo tlie ariou.s quetitioiisi
asked. Alt li, each registrant will
luatk tlio class under which he be
lieves himself to be, the selection
board of his district has the priW-'
It K; of placing liim in another should I
his replies indicate that he should j
be, so placed. j
The vurlous divisions of class onei
are given as follows:
ASiualo men without, dependent
relatives. I
II -Married men, with r without
children, or father of modioiiefK chil
dren, who bus habitually failed lo
nttpi'ort hi; family.
I' - Married men dependent on wife
for supprl.
I-Married man, with or without,
children, or father of tiiol herless chil
dren; iiinu not. usefully engaged, fam
ily supported by income independent
of his labor.
K I'liakilled farm laborer.
F - I nskilled liiilustrhil laborer.
(i Iteglstraut by or in respect lo
whom no deferred clussillcatloii in
claimed or made,
H- IteijLdraiil who falls to submit
questionnaire and in respect of whom
no deferred classillcailon Is claimed
up made,
1 All rt'sistnntH not Included lu
any other til vision of thin schedule.
Class Two.
In class two arc placed (lie follow
ing: A Married men with children or
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(Third Section.)
The Mother's
Christmas Gift
It never comes to Christmas but I
think about the times
We used to save our pennies and
our nickels and our dimes,
And we bunched them all together,
even little baby brother
Putinsomethingforthc present that
we always gave to mother.
We began to talk about it very early
in December,
Twas a very serious matter to us
children, I remember,
And we used to whisper nightly our
suggestions to each other,
For by nothing cheap and tawdry
could We Show our love for I
Hers must be a gift of beauty, fit to
symbolize her ways;
It must represent the sweetness and
the love that marked her days.
It must be the best our money, all
combined, had power to buy.
Jb lh; sfh t
, . , , .. "
It never comes to Christmas hut I
think about the times
We used to save our pennies ami
our nickels and our r''mc,
And the only folks I envy arc the
sisters and the brothers
Who still have the precious privilege
of buying for their mothers.
i4mfri'cdn Boy,
Here's a Merry
Christmas Game
Mb old I.uglhd) gnnio of tin rrw
quires the use nf enough assorlofl
thrlsimas candles, nuts, rnlslns
and other ilulntics to make a small pllw
tiMin h table, also a pair of mignr tongs.
hie of the party Is chosen, who fount
i cure io anotner room, wniie tlie re ;
malulng pluycry fleclde upon otic of tho j
tiiilntlt's In the pile to be kuon nS j
"lip. The chosen person is then re
called Mnd with Ibe longs removes
pieces from tlie pile, trying to avoid
the piece mimed Tip, of which, bowev
I er, lie dors not know the location. Ail
j pieces removed belong tj hh.i unless hu
moves "Hp," w hen iilltniiid.be returned
lo lh" pile and i ho turn pnscs to the
next player, who retires lo the other
room while tnioilier "lip'' la named. A
player may pu,s his turn when, after
drawing several pieces, he wants to
avoid the possibility of losing them
through druwing "tip." The game con
tinues uulll the pita disappears.
Christmas services in tlio Oil wu
churches this year will be vory im
pressive. The majority or tho houses
of worship lu the' city will hold pro
grams Christmas morning, but many
will bold their special services oTi
Sun.Juy before Christmas day.
v auirs uavo men training lor
weeks for this special occasion and
the selections have been ehoSCU With
a great deal of consideration and
thought on (lie part of the leaders, or
the chairmen of the specl.il : en Ice
committees. .,
I'.elow are the urograms fur the
special services in the Ottawa
j churches:
Christ Episcopal Clturth.
Celebration of the Holy CoiiuiHjiiioti
j ( hrlMiuas iiioruliig at x o'clock.
1 .Morning praer and celebrHt.lun of
j Holy ( I'liniiiiiiliiii at lu:;!'i. The fob
, lowing program of luii.m: will be sum?
! at (lie sen ice at lu:;:t):
I Processional Iniiiu.
V nit. .
Tc 1'elllll I Illicit I.
Introit - i'lain mud,,
Aniheiii, "The Lord Is My Htreiii'Hi"
Tl'ls Agiou.
Siirsum Corda.
(iloiia in I'Aevlui...
.Nunc Demitles.
Recessional hymn.
.Strangers are cordially invited to
these, services.
First Methodist Church.
Christina., services at the l'ir.,t
Methodist church will he held Hunday
evening at Tlio program for
the special service follows:
Opening voluntary.
Song. "America"-CougregrMiou.
Hotii:, ''While Shepherda Watch
Their i'loeKs"--Sehool.
1'rajcr- tycv. Hrlm',s.
(living of gifts for orphaiiagi',
.Song - Msty lleen Kile.
Aiitiicin- Choir.
Ili'iidim: Mrs, Ifatlicway,
Selo- Miss Vera Hum.
Song- I'rlniiiry cla is.
Solo Mr. Ileeiji.
Heading'--Miss LilHnu I'iko.
Solo Mi-'s lllnehniigh.
Song I'riiuury class.
Solo-ltev. Hrlggs.
"Slur Spangled Ustiner" Cuticre
gut leu.
First Congregational Church.
Sunday morning the choir of the
( oiigrcgiilhiiial church will give Ihu
Christinas cantat'i. "Hetbleheiii," by
l'aul llliss, Miss Oladvs Mlliolt will
assist, r'ollowing Is the program:
Organ prelude. j
Invocnlion and l.urd's I'raycr. '
Clioni". I l:irk ' the film Hound." i
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(Third Scctlou.)
How the Mistletoe
Came to Mean
Kissing .
We decorate our homes with spruy.-i
of mimleto at Christmas time, but
few of ua know the history of it n.s n
Tuletlde symbol. Pretty girls arc
kissed under It aud a great deal of fuu
aud nonsense, are carried on apropos of
It, but no one stops to think of how
undent o decoration It is or how sacred
it was once thought to be. The ancient
Celts ia their Druidical religion hud
two great festivals, one in June and
'llZ " "!! to!
equivalent to our Chrtotmas,
of these great festivals the Catherine
of th mistletoe tvos a sacred rltp.
The Druids believed that a potion
prepared from mistletoe would In
crease their flocks nml that tlie plant
was a remedy 8galnst nil poison. It
was believed to be a curative for tunny
Ills, aud tills belief Is still to be found
In many remote places In Europe. In
Lacauue, FraDce, for example, It If
always administered by the, tjnrtv
dwellers as an antidote for polsou.
In the northeast of Scotland peopb
U"ed to cut withes of mistletoe lit Hi
March full moon; these they bpnt ii
circles and kept for a year to cur
hectic fevers nml other troubles. Ii
Sweden on midsummer eve mlstleto'
Is diligently sought nfter, the peopk
believing It to be possessed of ninny
rojstic qualities, and thut If a Kprij?
of It Is attached to the ceiling of the
dwelling house, the horse's stall or th
cow's crib, the trnls will then be pow
erless to injure either mnn or beast.
Many GermnD peasants also consider
the mistletoe a powerful charm again?!
evil spirits. A similar belief seems to
have lingered among the Romans.
When Aeneas descended Into Hades
he gathered, to protect himself from
tbe Infernal powera. a brunch nf tuin
tletoe, which Vergil caNs the golden
The custom of kissing under the tui
tletoe goes (rack to the days when
Thor and Odin and all Wie otuer god
of the Northland walked end talked
with men. Baldur, the sob of OUlu
and Frigga, the Apollo of Scapdimi
vian mythology, the flaxen kulred god,
of sunshine und Ua attendant bless
ings, was loved by all eurlhly and1
heavenly bolugs save one txkt. tbo
god of earthly fire and Its attendant
How of all the things animate ond
inanimate in the world, except tlio
sarly mistletoe, swore never to hnrm
the sun god end kow Lokl slew HuHur
wJtklLltfflacJJLPf "t hn? been lyJd with.
Wishing our many
S Mtrrv Chrixtmax and
Hire One of Our Taxis I
To Do Your Christmas Shopping II
New Year
'Phone 600
Conde's Taxi Service
Tires and Accessories
Radiator Cover
( Freezeproof for your Radiator
Flash Light
Conde's Tire Shop
'Phone 600 208 Main St.
! Cook in Ohio Regiment Find Way t
Softeo Heart of Alabama
Montgomery. Ala. Robert Fisher
of Company C of Llmo, Second Ohio
infantry, knows the way to a woman'
heart. He met Miss Lillie Belle Sweatt
of t.reenvllle and woo ber band upon
provlns to her that he was tbe best
"oiip-maker In the Ohio guard- H
proved his vroi th os a cltlien by bav
ing the mayor cf Lima and the cbief
of pollee of that elty. as well, wire t
the young lady that he was a regular
fellow, and held down the position of
Uiil'iinrl nAiiL at ttiM tf nnknl4H
I !! t Pnt cook of
; IV,nni,nr f un,l K.. n,am! kta
bride to uve for her each day a por
tion of the soup made fer the Lima sol
diers at the camp.
Weddfd to Trooper of Rainbow OlvU
ion at Mineola, N. Y., Before V
800 Sotdleri. -
Mineola. N Y. A real wartime wed
ding was solemnlzed 'at the camp of
the rainbow division when Sergt. W'aU
ter Valentine of the 166th Infantry,
formerly the Fourth Ohio, was mar
rlod to Miss Mary Winter of Delaware,
Ohio, nl nn outdoor altar by Choplala
Puffy of the 185th Infantry. Sergeant
Valentine and Miss Winter marched
across fhe field, escorted by 800 aol
diers of the Ohio regiment. The troops
also escorted them to their automobile
when they left tamp on on 13 hour
wedding trip. ;
beautiful poetic power by Matthew
In couci'.latiou, hoping to soothe the
passionate sorrow of the mother, Frig-'
ga, they dedicated the mistletoe to her.
And now siu and sorrow had hallowed
It; for henceforth It was to grow, dot
as u symbol of bitterness end hatred,'
but as a slgu of tenderness and lore,"
But the gods decreed that it was to
stand for these things only so long
It touched not I.oUi's kingdom, the soli;
aud for this reason it is never seem
growing on the ground find we our
selves always hnnx H high on the rftfts
eru ni' c1iiimli.ltiYi.ci KnA tint,. I
woi the plant of love, the custom arosij,
for cneiuten to becodie friends under
Vbe mistletoe: for lovers to pledgo
their truth benefit Ii it; oud for tho9
vrho met there to k!s as n ajgn of af
4AA..n..t.. I. II 1-1..
in i iuuuiv 1 UW snip. - .
Try Hie i Toe Trador Journal Want-AUl
for results.
friends and patrons a
Hannv and Pronfrnu

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