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Free trader-journal. (Ottawa, Ill.) 1916-1920, December 19, 1917, Christmas Number, THIRD SECTION, Image 20

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JbM0Ufoi!m4iii J What Muill I jiiw to my Lchwciy
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A lilt!.1 faith timlNproveil.
That w,is wl.ni hf t.i lur. .mtv
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-., nwi 111 .iii;iu iiii-asun-, in iuil ru n limns
9 "". " his li.T.rt's f.tiih ami l.v. uh-
I"!-' IfT t. h.li.-ve in hh,i ami he
s tioht f"f his M.'ivs. .lii she ..ml !
c li.il li ll him Hint she tU '.-.i't jrlvc :i ,:;.
3 f"" 111-- Mice's-: ,;it .sh, fafh.V
0 :i lmni!r.. times over have Iiecn mar
.'rt r,' 'l l" ivi'!i i!' she hail Imp! .t!
, with her m ii wi ll:. mikI limy h.el he.-n
niiminu mates i.,-, ilmr. S.i Lcfwc.t,
M them was t(i,. Tirnmise ,if m.-irri. ... i.-i.t
v,S,'irn In lilt' liuar.lo." h.,ni.. .( 1 . i... ..
e ryh.,rrH;;!l:,r. !t?.' (Christmas ifliintimt ' Christmas reunions
n's li. i ton -trot.;; ::l taat. I ve " ' x
. TT
1 tv..;;
llo'l't I't
my heart's im ton -trom: ::i taat. I
talUiit this nut v. i Alan in-fore ymi
cmue at all. au' lit-'-s Iwxi'iiii' t, to ;...
lirhr a'r.-auy. I've . a hum
"f Vol! t ill -i liitl' while, uil i !'i i m, t ,,
i hi' l.-'iHtrairuinjr s.ti-! w..'t'i,.'. V..: ..,
, iju'i tl.v .... r ili- river t. .1 -i -.- i;-.
in' ttiarrii'.l rk-ht av. ay. nt.t ''Ii j.ay l!
hi!!. Gel rt'.'nly. l-i-is."
vlan'-j .- in'.... hff t ( i,-i
in. Ii-.it it wu tin' t-i-1 . la.-.- i.n.u
hai'U tin Hie -HI. iw ti.ai n;.i,.i ;. i s.,
at-l as be wi-h.-,l, al.4 she .:,., ..-ii i;r
in !ht i.ui r...nii utli.,ut a w.n.i (. .!.
Wlifii lln'V cati'f ha. !; il was tin- (liu-nt-r
limit-, wn oYI.i-k t.ii l:i!..I:ist 1
i I ."-a-iV ''JiTfl -.....i. .ii i. um
fTh- ' "9ffM "a..y .-t!1t....f -..t,..i.i..i.slu. mi.l
iSi"- : f Mfrx 'f&M will !.i,-h is a M,!1:-,-,. of
TO&jf ?f j'jfjr V-pJ t'li'- ami iiua!i....,l iMila am
ijr V S fe' s" '"'""'I'a'il'lf with i!u i-.n-.'sami
A'JT J f f'lfa s-'ri-ttWH .if iin- -...rl.l that tu.. r.'lis.'i.tu'
if ' SV'.yjl ,'-''i,'f "' 'h' in"; i-iviiiz.'ii u.'ui.ms
-2mi&' KflO "t tin- r.tiisli-
W t ! 'Vf'? .... I:; ......
nw M- . ...
Mr' J ..1 f 1 iii.ui.i laniui.'s u a.ts,. nii'in-
-r fi Cst I I li.Ti !... I...... .1; i .... i
"w.P.-.iX - utti'i-,'.! far ami vi.l.' in Hi..
J&-ArP'wt?Cf r,-t sn,'".i,'v .,f m.. , m,l
' vTr f,-mVS.Vt ..........i .1,1.1 i.i.i'i i u . aaain in
f &AL.?.9$ ,,,:'t 'atty .t:it. .if -.i!i.illi,i,i(,s,i,
III V-lll'l.'
V i . I .
I i .'-.I
j' T
tlll'f.' silll'i'l'l' r ' - S J 11 ! .
11 VIA' 111.' littli- nlil liasi'iti.-m ilin- ,,, ;,iaii ,
Int.' nu.lil hail lillt ll HUSH' a CaiTl.. hrUI h- ., wl,.. .-,.-. i
J. i'''--'lv.' Mjiiwiirnti.-.' Cliri.-lm.'is ir,tm ,,h.,.. ..,. .l!n-( ,.,;., !H "'"' :"-, !l
luoriilnj;. It .was rath.-r i-.ilil. .I.nvn. r.au!nij f.-urful." " ''"',h 'iif! u :;. in t. ,!:,.,- ,.,.-:.
and the furua- was in lis usual Man' ' ' " '''"""'hi.!.'. h'-ari. s.r.Mit . v.
uf CUV ri'si'i'v.'. imt l-arh-v ha.I Mm-!; :"'" ,:,-t'1 l'"-sI'"' I'.T li.'ii.-hl, vn iuu. '
holly ami ..mt-.vh ar.tuu.l th- .,:! ,;,'"r; '';'! ' !" '- .1 1 i:"l f ii- .;i.:.t. r:':.,.. v.i' !?,.,. "
littllltlftKS ..f Kai'lilslM'tl lish silt.l "Hih- 1'","::;- "' "i- ..l-l If was sa.-.K.j;. -n, ,...(.... , .!,
lam fattlf." mkI cai'li tali!., lia-l a ":'!'; . U" :" M'H."l.-.'.l ;... I.nr s., I, ,., l u. u,:,ir. ,
hravt" shii' of iiii-(!.".iii. tifil with criri- "!" , . 'la-al ..ft' - . :iti. -....i..! I.;, l,,.
son itml r...'ii rililt.m laM l.i-si.!.. ."..s,",1'-v,!'i' ;,:i!'"'; :" ;i!t' iu'H'-- ".' !':;. 1 "'l1
piatH. Thai was l:,'ili's sji.-.-ial .iflVi- ." ''-"" ' ' n all r.-;::t. ih.-'u i.,i,ii
f.. I "i a a.i.. ' i..-i..r." H.t si- H...I .!..., .-i
As oa-h tn.-ml.H' of tl... h.iUM-h..!.! '! !:'',-'':'l,v " I!" l!'l'"! -h...-t. !t.:h ..-m.- f,r
.-Uliif in III.' iv.-hi, won- 1,,,,,-lv it.,-1 '" Mashii. an-i wiil.'.v,,!. v..;!, ;! .j .
iuit.-KiKi-a,-, ,.v,,, , i:,,h; m. )ut.y':'A'-r,;y r--. -r i,-,-!..-,-. ..,,,.
kl.lnot Ihoudu tl... .'MM-i-im.-.,; u.mil ''' '"A a. ."flM s.i . r in h.-i- C:;.,- i:;ir. A, ,1 M r i-
hrim; mn ..M'U tht h f-Hiiuvi,;,, M'.''- ' ' !.".'' T ' !,,w :U'"1 !"'' :l" '' iv
amiH I v,!ll from viii-m. si'll'rii- , '"V' '"''" '' 'J"'. I'.. ..In,, ,,r r. I,, -, ,i I,
or!..,l . rovvii ai .Mrs. , s'. !;.'.'; '";t "'". ''..I ai.-r. .. I,--.- . iu-.-k.
s,, ir. iti.st ,.,.,' ;,, ,;;:,;;:,h "i;' r:. 7. : J:-:1 ,tz;:? hl" y-u
anil a i-aiM of ri.i-iMmas rh.-i-r I..-X.II. ,... , -, ., , . , 1
"'" ..u.hy 1:r-;:i,,;,::,,;:;;.(r;;,:';;::;: ir'
... .. ''" "!'-. o.' I,;.- (i.iv. i! !.,!. .v. ; "Net Our Business."
pooil wiHil tor ti t III. In all tin- months p.. ... ... ,.r f. . , , . v .... , ,,,, ,. . , .
, i- '-1 i , Mil I hi"! i' w a- A stolj In Ii-!i ill a lill'f tirl v. 1: .
; " -i , ,,.. i ,, ,.lii:i,,. ,u , y.'. A! . i. i;.i-i-,! hi'i: in h-r .'V.-nin- -nv.-r. toM
that anyone ha. I fv.-r rivfii him .-M-n i,,,,,'.' ,,(,' fj.' s, '' "' "J "''''' UK' Cocci grsciou! Loon what
a i.lfiisiint Kiv-iin.-. II- .-a.,... .!... ..N.,v. ,... :. .. ,. ,, . , ;,. , ... ". fcanU brought!
stairs to Invakfast laic ami aas i,, ' ' ' ' ' ,, ,' . 1 ., ' '
nm,I.Iitlsr.Krumh.::la. I.W f...l. which "--,-!,. ,, 1 ,-,-,, ,m f. ,., rCi 'is lC 't-'in of 'v
lam., thf clotvil ma.,1. sli.i ,,. ,.,,..,.;,. , llU , , ,V!-.., r. ., ' ... . .
the talilc at h!m. c.-mnM,,! ai llic f.,r- . ,,,, ,.,v ,,, ,,..., I.,,,,.,,,,,.;.,. ..... ., . , . . AU for & rlsi !it! hnv
i i:kXs.',"i itlit. ntsiul.fr ii iitinmu the
ts" jfi -'",s "' 11 '"iii!iilon ..f ex-
yi i'-'t'-f inoi,c.I f,,r n. ,, .. ,mi
J !m'K : Mn. lo.uiv ..!,! rec.illiTtl.iin
M ami l.'.w n,aii.i ilurmant sV inpalhics
'...' Iir.-ti'ias Cm,, aual.cn: t'harlfs
I'a !.. i.s.
v in!
r r -s-w.
Daiiy Thought.'
!-';l'a fiinll.fi ! kaf will
.;l: ;;..v. a.--A t liim s,. hlrii-
Send Your Solder Boy Candy
There is no gift you can send him that will bring him more genuine
Christmas cheer than a great big choice box of candy. After all he's
only a boy, you know, and there never was a boy who didn't tike
candy. No matter what else you send him you should include some
good home made candies from The Colonial.
We Invite You lo Try Our Luncheons
We are serving delicious and substantial lunches to a great many
people. Give us .1 trial when you are shopping, you will become a
regular patron.
Delicious Hot Drinks
Ice Cream Sodas and Sundaes
Colonial Chocolate Shop
til i c2w5l& I
A stocKins' full ot joy.
And a Teddy Bear that could
n't G'et in.
iiai-f ami lwainor alio tilt- mailhian. ;1,:!C , ,,f .;.-, v r, .;.
at the hoaiMcrs ami .Mrs. I'm-lio aid "V.iti'ii he V - ,r- ','',
nu' ln s.-r-i v..,, i,. ' ';,;! ,
lhil ISftli lil.t-il hi in he. i of all. That i.t my s;.rrnu-. Al.ui. SI,.-
ituirnln jt he ha'! f.niu.1 .iu -i.- h, r for i..... ami 1 f..,.i, v ..i-..,,,) ,1v ii,
(loot- a hoi; of Iii'nIi violcis ami a Imol. oiif fr hci, -.. u si,. ,.,;.n.j,,, .,!.,.,-
she lunl hccn u i-liiii- r,,r in, i ::-( h-U'.-, ....n in :, , , ,.. f'M V, !!
Troiii her simvr,. I'n.-u.l. Alan l ai h-y. iny ; ,.n m,... u,.-y w,,i tm v. .... ,..';.
It was ihc hod, m.,.-e i In n ih.. in-.-ip (. s,--. is ,-!,.-,'.. M't'mJ
ti.m that h..w..! the th..i-lu .if n. h. an ..a seeing v.,u manic! l..-rre l
t'lver. for it was namcl "Tin- Wcl! i',,- --i ..milia r laro h.r il. ,.,-vi"
iovcii. as i.etn iriaii.i'il thi-,..-i jf
she 1i:hI sinllcd. rci.iciiii.criiiK
that Alan llkcil to reieat Ir
i, r Heir !
nit for ; ,y i,.;', ,'-' ,i , ,,;
" he aa 'ih!e f!r. ..) , ,;,.
I a h.'.s 'he ih y i!. ' . -li-fT.- l'i.il..-i
I.. -t l.f
Not Especially for Fat'.ir.
"t't.r, if, -s was ; Tea!,'.) er I j j I -ill-'-a."
.!, i i ; a , i.-i'.-ih;. .-;.! v. !i x
q.U'.e !': '.a that it v.:.s a , airan'eil
fiflu-K- for ll.c I -1 iii lii .i? fa her.
we v i.i'i.l i-ii-ii.v hi.!:- hi, mil- I im.
"hi" ui. M ! '..:.. :i: ;,. Ii',,;
it hul'i:!-: lull nf u ; in 'he .liiti Haiti
'hfKn i: - !:i..!"i:i;. ;h: p. lo have a ear
hi:n! coiae ,l.:!y t ,., ,,M
ami ih-Hverei! hy i'-, i j,
..uiihi'l .' Th, iv js a .H e in (he lays
tel-y of Santa t'U-.n that has emloaivo
-5 hi.u lo reiy .-hihli'h h.-art. ami so .j,
II have
'"u'!l 11 " - il. yiv. lieiu-hley. - o'l'i-;' all riaht." fM"s!" Vf'-'&'irfjt4i hi.u to ce.y i: i I ! 1 - fi h.-art. an
vi'M- .an r.eil'. hiiMily. b.f he put his ' ;:x Y'-jJjlLSLJ ""I ''''" him nwny until yo
mi Mrs. w(!iii!!i!.'!, .M-iiu'ihlkj; l.fttt-r to (1?;er.
" i L t 1 I - 1.1 - I .
we jDirin gr unnst
9 Timosv Qui
Hesirience Phone. 4:i5-Y
M tl:i ;v :-(. in I he sanw Cl-.l U;uier Give: Ri:;r.mc,-dJ.tion.
wtiiiirv s;i.nlurii. abitin." i;,hr. Wattjel'ii, romm.-n.t.-r f v..
me tast week before Christmas brings yau face to fee with a
decision. "What to give?" is a ques.ion wC c.-.n U: you solvr. Oar
stock of
n i ! .it-!. I , l.ifi.iiitr Vuti k
ivcr I heir l! . m -! : !,y mj.ht. "'
Aii'l lo. lo a';nl of the '
:; ii I iictii, si nil ilm i- r1.' i.f
t ,
ui: sii-.itui'i .-.una tin-in
el e
Is extensive and prices suit every poclss.hork--c; -al
dominant fe;iture. Here you will find
'v,':.ys the
J IfiC l.'H-.l
elel t)-,i- Ve!
Ami "tlm. .
fil-V,;r n-.u f
Q !-0-.ll li'llli::
Leather Goods
Dcr.k Ornaments
Safety Razors
Toilet Aids
Military Hair Brushes Ivory Toilet Articles
Vr.riuus Soldier's Kits, F?eady For M.-.,!iny.
101 Other Articles of Rcnl Utility
! Lutz's Rcxall Phannacv
Z TUC riOIIs fiTnnr . . "
- onuu oiunt UK IMt CUKNER
Z Ottawa, IllinoK WVWSWStWFtfFW"
Mlie,i;eyii;e hi., wrile,-:
illy ''- fi.in:. ' i i-'oley K iilm-v
hi. !i I pn :'ef lo all o! So i s I
i 1 'i ami i oiim,:. r the,,. -.Inimny
- -' " l-'o!' Ki.lncv I i I ts
' iv ti'iit k r. ;!: from h. a I. a. lie. i heil
v' V' " '-1 "" i.-ih' eiiin.-- s fir. .-wi,;i; n joims. la:i
.'' ,- sii.l wl lh-f.1, ,tl ;- j,.,,,- h, --:.' n ami m:;s, lmi,
, I'l-'fil'!, 1 hnii y-.tl ti! i-hier i:,iHi.is .,; Kiilr.tv trmtiile
ni. ;.'! j,.y, !;ii.'l v 1. .--;i (',:.-1 l, i i i hknl.'.i-r a'.lnu nts.
i ,,:,; . T:- as. i-. ' isjiiir- in rcsim iim
hi an. I v i ali'y for sale 1 y V.
el'.l Ik.' to all I" ,,
2 '"I'or iniio vi.ii i-i l,,,n-, this ,T.jv
i;i the r-itv of lhi!. the Savior, '' 1
6 Vi hu h is Chr.'.-i, ihe J.u!,.
t if'is shiiH ! a s-ifrit tuilo
- y..u ; v.- iu4 I In- ha1,.' wr;i; jiml
5 in a!iilin;' cloUioy, lyitt,!, in a
J Ami smli'.i-iily there wns with the
I''-l ! limhliiaie ,,! Ihc III ;l',, lily-
h" I prut.- i::;' t.'ml a.-ei ;-iivi'i'r,
S "lilnry I,, (;! i,, the !;i'e-hc-;. ami
Oil ft: lill N.-lee. mini! V. .il hnvani
For Christmas Cigars
WE HAVE THEM AT 65c, $1.00,
$1.25 AND $2.00 IN CHRISTMAS
-St- i- -li. r- '"-.;i -
"Tis" "Slorlts" and "Smokers'
A ni-'ii." -Si. l.uke '.' :-s-l .
Christmas Money Go Farther
This year more than ever each one of us
should practice economy. To be suve Xmas
must not be slighted, so make your presents
practical. By our wonderful credit plan you
can make useful gifts and stili never miss the
money. .
Buy Useful Gifts Pay Next Year
Women's Coats
Wide nanus of Prices
$15.00 to tSS.OO
Clever Street and
Parly Dresses
Serge. Tnffaty and Velvet
$10.00 to $2l.00
".-A8 J)J
0". Jfi '
jrfl.lS1' " V V 'f"l !
ft it y ; l . ,
t I V. f i
lii il
Petticoats. Shirtwaists, Etc.
For Women ,mtl Children
Wonderful Xmnt Presents
Men's Overcoats
Fine Value;:
$16.50 to $20.00
$15.00 Up
' lioine i!e Mfcni aei l!::h i-iii,
ol a hcailaciie alter a New Veal' ei lo-lil'.-uioll."
"It isn't Ihe hci'lacae they arc I' 1 1 1 1 1 1
ol'. hill Ihe lae thai ey had enolli'h
K money lo acquire one."
Sweaters, Maekimiws, Etc.
Boys' Suits
575 Up
Blankets, Silverware, Linens, Bed Spreads and Many Other f
Necessities of the Home That Make Practical Xmas Gifts.
Ask About Our Generous Payment Plan
" ii 1 iTrii'um it
Tnl;e Kris Krinrjlr? Away From Chil
dren and You Hol Christmas of
Half It3 Joys.
Some very ) t .lit s j , 1 1 mv sqeh
sticliler.s for ti'iiih that I hey in n-
eerm-il aholll mil' linn heliel In Salllll
I'llMts. Well, il is a 'oo,l IhlllU' to
slnrnl up 1'of Iruili, if we roily know
the irui ti. I'm! we hiiow that a jrreat
immy -ei, leai'Mdl i.eoile hnve I n
I'iuiu'IIhu ahoii! what trmli Is fir sev
eral thoiisiiml years, ami ) (hies
liolseeni lo he ilellllitely si'llle.l. Mill
for the mosl o!' us iniih Is ,!mf v e
I'll ly lielit e, I' is the I'allh thai is In
ih, ami S.'inia ( hms is n faiiii, if tint
n fuel, ami -n wo My inralii that we do
t'i'lli'vc In Simla Chins, sny.' an ex
ehimtre. 'I'lil..' Siinln flutiM nwny from ihe
cliihlreii ami ymi inli 'lirisi mas of half
IH J"tvi 'p'-'JWi l.!1?!11.1! il.1' Hi'iv he. I
Eighteen and one-half millions of business in force with
assets in excess of $2,000,000 is the record of this Company during
ten years of progressive effort. It has extended its field of opeiations
to include Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota and Minnesota, and
has made the greatest record of increase in its history, during J 9 17.
Let a Central Life man tell you about its unequalled policies.
H. W. Johnson, President
VV. F. Weese, V. P. and Agency Director Chas. Nadler, V. P.
S. B. Bradford, Sec'y-Treas. T. W. Burrows, Medical Director
W. H. Hinebaugh, General Counsel
i .

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