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and Old Loves
t When I think on the Impny tl.ivs
I Itinnl Willi you. my llllie tWne,
Now what liimU lu-twrin ua l".',
How iin I but be eerie?
AS ,v tilt-title draws nour, it ninn's
initnl Is vt-ry iit to ri'vett to
luipjiy Christina tiim-s that
buy Rum hrfore. Thi'rt Is
must nlWiiyn.u woman roimrrtetl with
a ninti's nappy tlntt's uiul ilt;is:uit day
In'ittns. Tht man who It-ft the farm
to make Ms fortune in tin' great city
anil who has ln-rnnu rich, a bachelor
bnitriliiiK at a fashionable hotel or chili,
4'uu ustially recall notue panictilaily
linpfty Christinas in the loin; nn a
ClrlKtnias 4llnner in the old l:oiiu
takltiK his first sweetheart Christinas
vt to a hall In tin town hall ; the de
llpht of taklns her home u mile
throiiijli snovy jlrifts yn ii winter nilit.
lie bad written tr tirr a IVw times afi-
4T leavillK honie, then the excitement
of city life had crowded her out of his
memory uiul .his life. As Christmas
draws liijrh 'uVain, thoughts cany him
lmck to the til rl ho loved whin lime
whs youiiK with lii in. On the Impulse
of the moment he dashes off a leitcr
to her. He does not know whclhei
she will receive it. She may lie mar
rind or idle may have moved away.
The old folks at home had been care
ful never to mention her even in an
swer to his Inquiries.
How slranjre it is that the same
tnouum can nil two uinvrei.t minds at
the same time. The girl of lout; no,
Mtlll slncie, knowiiiK lie has not wed.
picks tip courage to send a Christinas
card to the hoy grown old now who
took her to her first hall on Christina
eve. TIip letter and card cross ; h
other lis each flies to its goal. The
bachelor finds It in his Christinas mail.
The lonely woman stamlin by a win
dow" In a far-nfT farmhouse has a Ut
ter handed to her by a nei-lihofiii;.:
farmer who kindly fetched it to h-r
from the post oflice Christinas tnofi
injf. ;' Simultaneously there is a warm
glow la two hearts widely severed.
And yet there tire people who won
der that there are romances which tire
rpvlyed ut ynlefide when men and
women, no longer young slh for low
and home cheer, If they sit alone and
lonely, listening to the chimes of the
Christmas bells.
Christmas day Is the time to light
1ht puercd Are upon the altar of old
hopes and loves and make the longing
and dreams realities. Sending a little
Christmas card with a well-chosen
kindly verse Is sure to find an echo in
a lonely man's heart at this time of
all others. One should not check tli
kindly, resolve to send one. It can do
no harm and it may bring much happi
ness, To whom are you going to send
your "Merry ChrlsttmoC card In this
yeatf. of our Lord 101"? Perhaps I'll
find one in my stocking. I'll hang li
tip and see. take this occasion to
Kend each and ev(ry one of my readers
n Merry Christmas, together with the
wlslj that the coming year may be the
most successful one of their lives.
i Vi : t
I The Gift Divine i
tf ' !
At this fair n.rlstmuMiJe,
Whelk jey bells ring lint
Tue ri.uk uf plenty unit rlne In
The nlKli of peace tluouKhuUt
This noml, rful land of ouis
The while to toss the
ltl Mother Kartli Is ilrenrhn) with blood
.tnl hale arul rarnue reiK" suprtnie;
While pnrkliiiKH wall for milk
Aral rhllih-en fnlnt fur lack of food;
While strung men fall 1'rsiile the way
! And homelpsis women km el In prayer
1 ili nut sk for gifts
Of franklin ease and myrrh,
Of kd'iI. of Opliir or of either Ind.
Of Jewels rare or priceless merchandise,
i Of marble halls or vnsi estates. j
y.nr e'en the costly huinuKO of mankind;
, ltut this- ,
n. '
; Thin I may Rive each day fall meed
; t'nto the willintt mlml nnd heart,
'of light ef Truth and warmth of Love,
: Of muti'hh'ss nhill In cnnifurt's urt
That liiHtth' all timirfmniliiK touch
W hleh heals the leper's spots
And turns to naught the wounds and
sea i's j
Peep scared upon the heart of man j
on life's preat battlefield:'
That I may bind earth's brnken hearts, ,
I.i'llrii? up the drnnnlnn heads
' of ilie oppressed and burdened ones, i
i Th:;t I nuiv plant within youni? hearts
A deeper longing for the KlRht
i Of mi r y fur the hapless weak
! And those who suffer dally throes
of luaip r. pain, disease, neglect;
That I may Know forcetfulness
For dally plights and wronKs;
That I may hourly grow
! In love of liberty, of friend and foe.
j And all the world
! May pmw In love a fruitful love
j For nil th? beauty find true
' In nature, art. the heavenly realm
I And fur the noble deeds of nil mankind;
That I m:"- fill the widening hours of
i With mum Re, rhcerfulness. nnd hope;
That T may help tnv fellow man
rviirM the dawn beyond the nleht.
The penile enlet beyond tV.e storm,
Thcue are ihe Rifts I crave
, Above tlie H'.ml wflvld's treasure trove
if fraud end Kilt
; Who Rive his better R!f the whole year
thromrli ,
dives life's own priceless gift to all the
world and yoo the Rift divine.
ChlrnRn Kvenlnif I'ost.
It's Christmas
Time Again
There's a fire in. the grate and a
light in the hall,
For it's Christmas time again,
And the slcighbells ring and the
children call, ,
For it's Christmas time again.
It's time for a Christian land to raise
Her loudest pacan3 of love and
For the Holy Babe of the Bethlehem
For it's Christmas time again.
There's a wreath cf green at the
For it's Christmas time again,
And the church bells echo the glad
refrain, i
For it's Christmas tima again.
Oh, it's time to turn with the golden
To the friend we doubted and
scorned awhile,
To rid our hearts of their greed and
For it's Christmas time again.
Latia Mit&ell in
Lad'ct' Home Journal.
! !ii;:;'erc!:'i,"iri:";;i::!:;!:,i;:;i"it:";;i! i'rii'H!!"i:!,i:i:"i!i::'!!i"i!i;i',!i:;i;,i;i
S tide
'cy the deepest happi-
ttcss of this Christmas'
le come to each and
every reader, and may it last
all through the coming year.
- - i .. n
Ii;,..ii.tilUiS; Jiti:iJili-si'it"..-.j.riiM.ii.-iil:iii!iH.Mi.-;.is.iMfrtit::i.i. i!iij".-l1iiiiriitntii.i
Homo Celebrations.
"I believe in Christmas Day home
celebrations: their friendliness, their
i mystery, their joyous excitement; nnd i
' in the feeling of security and peace !
j a child has in the midst of them,!
i writes a well-known-authority. And!
1 I believe that the memory of child has I
I of them fifty years later should still be I
strong ami sweet."
AMKIUOAXi? f;n hack to the "grind"
en the day after Christinas, smok
in;,' the cigars that I he wife chose
because of the "ptetly hands," but
the Ktilisliiuaii observes boxinir day
that day. The name would' lead one
to suppose Manet hi nx in the nature of
tl tlstic encounter, but the supposition
is wide of the mark. , Tin ''hoxlns"
means simply boxes the neat little
jmeli.'iRos pi'csenlocl to the housemaid,
the cook, the postiunti, the policeman,
the railway conductor, the dustman.
The boxes site now neneriilly quitu
round, about the size of a fifty Cent
piece in the grout number of cases,
and are as much silver as the govern
ment thinks best to put into a two
shilling piece or u half crown.
i If you u.e lot1, auytnir.j: you can:
rind it by advertising In the Free Trad- j
; ir Journal I
Won a Wife by Billiards.
"Three years ago," writes V. X.. "a
friend and myself were equally .iiil'ni ti
nted by a certain young lady, and
i.eetii''d to have about equal chalices of
winning her. In order to 'play fair,'
we decided to play 100 up tit billiards,
the winner to have tile first chance of
proposing. After a iieck-ainl-necl; strug
gle I Just won by a lluke. All I need
mid is that I wish I hadn't I" Ex-
chaii j.
By buying your Christmas Gifts of us,
you will not only save from 10 to 25 per
cent., but you will also get new up-to-date
and useful goods.
We have a Good Assortment of
Coats at 1-3 off from original price, why
wait until after holidays?
Furs at $1.50, $2.50, $5, $10, $15 and up.
Dresses for women and misses at $6.90, $10,
$12.50, $15 and up.
Dresses for children at 75c, $1, $2.50, $3.50
and up. v
Sweaters for women and children at $1.50
to $6.50.
Fancy Aprons at 25c and 50c.
Knitted Sets at $1, $1.50 and $2.50.
Boudoir Caps at 35c, 50c and $1.
Blouses at$l to $8.90.
Petticoats at 89c to $6.50.
Kimonas at $1 to $2.50.
Purses 50c to $2.50.
Hats and Bonnets at 50c, 75c, $1 and $1.50.
And Many Other Articles
Opposite Gayely
820-822 La Salle St.
For Quick Results Try a Want Ad.
' H Christmas Acrostic
(Compiled from th Yuletlde Utterances ,
of Great Minds by Harvey Peake tn i
the Baltimore Sun.)
AMTTLE child, thou art our guest,
That weary ones In ttiee may rest,
f Martin Luther.
HI8TLETOE hting In the castle hall. 1
The holly bouuh shown on the oM oak
wall. Thomas Haynea Uuyly.
ENGLAND wns Merrie England when
Old Christmas brought sports
again. Walter ScoU.
RTNQ out ye crystal gpheres,
Otiee bless our human ear:
John Milton.
RAINY clouds porscsjed the earth
And sa'lly fell our Christtii.-iF Eve.
Alfred Tennyson.
YE 'h0 iangr Creation's glory, j
Now proclaim Messiah's birth.
James Montgomery. 1
CHRIST Is horn, the (Treat anointed,
Heaven and earth his praises slnrr! 1
J. Caword. j
HARK, the herald ansels tslnt::
"Glory to the new born Kins!" !
, . Charles Wesley, j
RING the bells and raise the strain.
Ajid hang up garlands everywhere,
s . Susan Coolldge.
I HEAR alonif our streets pass the tnln- !
strel thronss."
-Hark! Thpy play so sweet on their hunt- j
jbqys Christmas Hongs. Longfellow, j
, K iimj ine snnif oi great joy uiac me
fj HtlROlH hean,
Sing of glory to God, and of stood will
to man! -John O. Whlttler.
THIS -day hath Cod fulfilled his prom
ised word, '
This day la born a Savior, Christ the
Lord.' J. Byron.
HAY .you have aa many happy months
Al you tastelnlrtre' p1f s nt Chrlstmns.
Old English Suylnff.
AT Christmas play, and make good
For .Christmas comes but once a year.
' 'li' i .1 -Tus.er.
SOMfeTIME3 with oysters we combine,
Sometimes assist the savory chine;
From the low peasant to the lord,
The. turkey smokes on every bonrd.
: Walter Gay.
KDlwa toidii & Tiros. (G
Convincing the Boys
. Katlipr sat in lils study otio nftor
lioon wrilinsr out a Hpeech, when his
Eon called shrilly front the gardrn.
"Dad! Look out. of the window!"
"What a nuisance children are at
timesT' grumbled the parent as be
imt down his pen and advanced to
the window. With a halt stnlle he rais
ed tlie "sash and slink forth his head.
"Well, Harry, what. Is it?" h asked.
The liov from the group of youns
a'ers, tailed out, "Had, Tommy Per
lens didn't believe that, you had no
hair in! the top of your head."
Vv,; .
Tonprevent shoe laces from beronv
fug untie 1 a New York inventor ha
patented small metnl rlasps to bp far.
tened to the tope ot shoes to bold
With the passing of one year and the opening of an
other, the officers and employes of this Institution convey
to all patrons and friends, the Old, yet ever New Wish:
Savings Deposits and Time Certificates
As the years pass we would have this Institution
known for its spirit of service and in the interest of thrift
we invite your attention to the Savings Department of this
Institution, where the child is as welcome and receives as
courteous treatment as the grown up and largest depositor.
War Savings Stamps
We also invite your attention to the sale of Government
War Savings Stamps and War Savings Certificates. We
are cheerfully lendingtur free services to the Government
in the sale and handling of these securities. Let us explain
them to you.
We are united in our determination to cause the ensuing
year to hecome more fruitful and to more closely approach
the ideals to which we have pledged our name, our time
and our cause.
Again we wish you Christmas Cheer and New Year
Ottawa Banking & Trust Co.
Xmas Suggestions
Essential Articles
Make the Ideal Xmas Gifts -You Will Find
Here Articles For Gifts That Combine
Beauty and Usefulness
For the ladies nothing so beautiful, nothing more useful. Fur
Sets in all the fashionable furs, price per set
$15, $20, $25, $30 and up to $75
A fine selection here at, per muff
$5, $7.50, $10, $12.50 and up to $45
Neck Ties
. Extra fine quality Silks and
Satins, brocades and Persian
effects, in the newest shapes
and colors. Put up in very hand
some gift boxes without extra
50c, 75c, $1
Here are many different kinds
of mufflers, Silk, Poplin and
Crochet mufflers and reefers,
the muffler will be among the
most popular gift article this
year, priced
50c, 75c, $1, $1.25,
$1.50 and up
For street wear and every oc
casion, in chamos, suede, mocha,
kid, unlined, Silk lined and
warm wool lined, in all popular
$2, $2.50, $3
And Night Robes, beautiful
patterns in Silkaleen, tennis
flannel and cambric.
$1.25, $1.50, $2
$1, $1.25, $1.50
Seal Caps
Men's Genuine Sealskin Caps
$5 to $8
These are $7.50 to $12 values.
Silk Hose
Special, the Monite Pure Silk
Hose, wear guaranteed, in all
popular colors, 60c.
Monite Silk Lisle, lined hose,
also guaranteed, 35c.
Cashmere Hose, medium and
heavy weight, 40c.
Lisle Hose, 25c.
Special, the Celebrated Chica
go Hose, guaranteed in every
20c, 3 pair for 50c
Bath Robes
In beautiful new patterns,
handsomely trimmed with Silk
Cords and Tassels. Many of
these have bath slippers to
match, priced
$3.50, $4.50, $5,
$7.50, $10
Silk Shirts '
Very handsome patterns, very
exceptional values at
$3.50, $4, $4.50, $5
A very unusual value in per
cale and madras shirts, a $1.25
value at 89c,
selection here of these very
scarce articles, priced
$2, $2.50, $3
In Silk, Linen, Cambric. Lin
en handkerchiefs with and with
out initials
25c and 50c
Silk Handkerchiefs with ini
tials, 50c.
Cambric Handkerchiefs with
initials 15c
Cambric Handkerchiefs with
hemstitched border at
10c, 3 for 25c
15c, 2 for 25c
Christmas Apples
Surely you want apples for Christmas time, JONATHAN Ap
ples, finest eating. Buy a box a bushel basket full for your Christ
mas needs. A box of these apples makes a fine Christmas gift
useful and will be appreciated.
Jonathan Apples $1.85 Per Box
rope, red
before your
For those who wish less, per peck
Christmas Decorations
A good assortment of Chrismas Wreaths, evergreen
and green Jap rope, and Christmas Trees. Buy early
uelection is limited.
A Full Line of High Grade Holiday Groceries
Ace High in Quality
'New Nuts
Best grades of walnuts.
Almonds, Pecans, Filberts
Brazils, Hickory Nuts.
An excellent mixture of
grade mixed nuts.
Fresh Nut Meats.
Heinz Mincemeat.
Heinz Plum or Fig Puddings.
Green and Ripe Olives.
Christmas Cookies.
Candy Citron Orange and Lem
on Peel.
Raisms seeded, seedless, Im
ported and Domestic Out
er Table Raisins.
A Complete Line of Fresh Vegetables
Order Early In the Day and Early In the Week Patriotic Christmas
Chas. Geiger M Grocer
Ovir Telephone Call Is Double Ten
-r-zr-r : . w
Bubicrlbe for the Free Trader-Journal.!

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