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Washington. I -. ML-Negotiation!
have begun lu te for settlement of all
deputes between the t'lilted States
sun! Mexico.
Hope is expressed in oMirial qu tr
iers that MeX'eo may even he Induced
hi abandon her neiilraHty and Join
tin 1'iiited Slates ami the allies.
The American end of Hie ncgolii-
I (tins will he handled hy Secretary I-
l.unsing himself
assisted liv Ambits-1
Kidor Henry
1. Kletcher, who
rived here today from Mexico t'i'v
for that purpose. Mevico will be rep
lOMeittcd by Ygnaejo Itonillas, its am
bassador to the I'nitcd Slates.
Conet. tely the I'nitcd States' and
Mexico an to discus permanent ar
rangements concerning th
bonb r'
Fit uat it'll and the exchange of needed
products between the two countries.
flitted Slates has an embargo on j
gom ami on loousiuus. .Mexico Has
an embargo ou copper and other met
ills needed In th'' American war in
dustries. Oil Question Bin Issue.
The I niled States will offer gold
ii id nun for metals.
liehilld these speclllc matters,
however, lire larger uuest inns. The
I 'nited Stale and the allies need
Mexican oil. There is trouble in the
Tatnpico oil ngious. This i rouble.
Ambassador Fletcher has informed
. I'm shield Wilson and Secretary Ums-
iii'i, has been made worse by thf- cir-
cula'ion of reports cinan.itiim troti.
mysterious sources in Washington
that the I'nitcd States and tlri-it
ISrilniii are about to intervene at
: Tauiplco.
A cabinet member, on the assurance
4 of the President himself, said that
:'. fiich reports are utterly without fuuu
Uat ion.
German Agentr, Spiead Lies.
( .i ltiui a agents In Mexico it was ex
plained, have reined tinon thee re
port to stir new uiHagouisui against
the fiiitcd Stiiies. I 'eons have b-eii
told the I'nitcd Stales Is trying to
inane out Mexico.
WiiHhin;;toii, IV'c. I'K The House
rules1 eoiiiiiiiifee agreed to set Thurs
day, January- IV, for a vote In tin
House on the ' suffrage amendment.
This virtually assures action on that
Teuod Bttr tlun Impotted Kind hy
: Ola Workers
American 'glass manufacturer.-? who
have felt, the necessity of dependinw
upon foreign clays will bo uhle here
i fter to assert their independence oi
foreign material s r result of expeit
netit that have been conducted b
the United States bureau of standards
The Pittsbrrg laboratory of that tu
reau, which is located near one of
the chief centers for the industry in
ijjd United States, working in cooper
.'tlon with the clay put iihlitstiici,
has learned that glass teiiactorie
(pots In which glaus is melted) can be
prepared from American clays, wit it
resulting better quality than I hat of
itio article mautifiM turnj villi ih- ad
lit ion of German plastic clays.
The mixture prepared from Amrrl
i an clays proved superior in 'lie jilas ;
corrosion tests, bolb to the mixture-"
u'enared with German clays
a Ion",
and to those prcpaied from American
and German clays combined.
The director of the bureau of man
t.'ards states that the value of the re
sults of this single investigation H
American Industry far surpasses th-.
ntire amount the government has
nvpended in the clay prodttcls wor
.since the time of Its orgauititioti
The opinion of those in charge of th"
rxperinientB in Histt from now on ne
foreign clays will hn needed in th;--branch
of manufacture. The work in
Aitztt rated, by these eyperiments c
now ready to he tried out on a Inr.?,
scale.-Commerce, Itepotis,
Foil QUICK RKSCuTf HtV Till.
"WANT" At. IN Till-. KUliU
HAI.KS?IKN - For liiisiness and !'
'5 l.uxe Ail Caleiii.lars. clo-ek ni ies,
leather, wood, cloth mid metal spe
cialties, mIciis, All or part t ime. Lib -
ct'iil i-ommlssloii. Ki.oiiomy Advert Is
i'lR Co., Jow i City, In.
FOIl 8A1.K - t'aiia ry hlrdu, tlerniaii
warblers, good singers, $i each or ifo
" piilr. Cull Utlca '.to.'.7:il.
LOSSTt-A pocket-book containing a
number of bills. The person finding
i'i' Inking same Is known to the owner.
If nockoMiook Is scut In Hits olUci.- no
UUi-HlluiiH will bo asked.
LOST ring with grci-ti sotting.
toluud us n Ui-cpsti'ti1. Kinder re
luru to this ofllce uuil rccolve $1 it-
Hilar and Louis Graham will arrive
home tonight from Prairie tin Chiene
Win., where thcyiirc attending school,
to spend their 1'hrlstinns (titration
with their parents, .Mr. and Mrs. Win.
J. ('.rahain..
I l rT Tliarne left this lliornilli: I
... i... li- f... ...... inimii
L I II .IUIII L l.J ilianu 111 iitiuiu ifi'.iiv. r
Miss Dorothy Crahani will arrive!
home tomorrow, from St. Mary's In
the Woods, Indiana, where she 1h at- j
tending school, to upend her Christ-1
mas vacation with her parents, Mr. j
and Mrs. James K. Crahum,
Mist Cecelia She.-han has reitirn
ed to her homo in Strcator. arter it i
visit with Ottawa friends.
. . !
William Mulliolland lias accepted u
clerical position with the Arnold Hand
i Co., west of the city.
Miss Hazel I less went to La Salle
this ufteinoon for a short visit
relatives there.
wita j
Mr. and Mrs
William Knoll
and j
daughter Uena "will return home to
night after a seven weeks visit with
datives at lCstherville Iowa.
J- O. .lorsted of Sheridan was un
! Ottawa business visitor today.
. Miss Gertrude Ned win. of Sulphui
Springs Is the guest Of Miss Margaret
, Sanders In this city.
County Treasurer W. C. Kli-.'k went
to Klreator yesterday afternoon.
I I. .... 1 1 , e t.v.i. .....
1 ual" " imioii oi ran mver
township, who has been confined to
her bed for three weeks with pneij-
mo,llil ls ul,lt' 10 "I aroiiwl
Owen Fox, 12 year old sun of Street
Commissioner Owen ( . Fox. under
went, tin operation for itppendiciiit
this afternoon at Itylnirn hospital.
Washington, Dec. t'.i.-- The tuos'
d.imaj;'ir; evidence vet ja! wit of liov
'the war ib pari tueiit deliberately
iiorcl the duiker of war -ind Hall;
refused to tal c heed of the imperc
, tive tiuess'ty of machine c,uus, vva
laid before the Senate Military At
fairs committee today by ,ouis h.
: Stoddard, vice prcHident. of the Mar
, lin Arms t oiupany.
Stoddard openly charged the oni
, tiattce depiirtmeiit with reject hiK li f .
'offer to In-Kin the manufacture of tua
chine f;un.i immediately- after tin
' break with Oertiisny, without waltiio
to- Congress to approoriate money.
If the war department h id told bin
j to f:o ahead, he It-stilled, the art!"
'could have been more than adeuuale
ly supplied Instead of beim; withou'
n slnsly machine gun.
Iiepuly sheriffs are on the trail o
Frank Smiih, alleged wife and chili
alitindoner, who is said to have lef
his family at l.a Salle, In' deslltutf
Informal ion has been tiled in th'
county clerk's office by Slate's At
toincy Wiley, against Snii'b, and 1
is not believed I he authorities wil
meet w ith any I rouble tracing bin
down mid bringing li i m into court.
.Mrs. Anna (lay I.ee while on a vis
to her old home in Ibis city recently
told some of
In r experiences whil
Montreal military ho?
" soldiers are returne
nfler being hopclesulj
l.ee litis been doiui
work ninong 1 lice,
iittil has been an cy
working in ili
pital, w here tl
for tfeilltliet.lt
wounded. Mrs
soldiers' relic!
wounded men,
to some very pathetic caset
iiieti come in so liopelessl;
I crippled l ha I tiny must
that Ik
to HIOVl
Into the hospital In baskets.
i.lng the only eonil'nrlabh- way
them. There have been over
; casus l!:indlcd in this hospital of met
j who htive been seriou dy injured du;
I lug the war.
j Hundreds of men are hnr.inht I'
there with both legs shot of, or will
belli tirniH missing, but I he most pi'
tliotic of ail the cases that come t
the hospital tire lift men who havi
had their memories bnt thru a 'shell
t-hock." These men tn-iy be perfect
lj well olherwise, lull the horrors 0
the war has caused Hum to lose al
recoiled hill of Hie past. Mother;
come to see their sons who are suffer
he' from this malady, but. do not re
ceive tin- slightest recognition, Sis
, tern and sweethearts are also passed
by without the faintest sp-irk of rec
ollection. Anollier horror of the war is nn
i oilier form of Ibis "shell shock" Ilia
i affects the men ill much the same fa
j shioii as palsy. This form of thr
; shock causes I he men to lose all inus
uiilar control and become, as helptes:
. nH siitiill babies vvMhoiil suffering any
j )hvlcal pain, or disabiliile;
Notice to Contractors,
Sealed hid;! will be received by the
iinikTsignod until Sulurdtiy, Ueeein
her 22, I"I7. at !t o'cloeli a. m., for
the construct Ion of n. v H rilled pipe
sower thru Washington park as pr
suuclUcal Ions ou lib- ii- city ollico.
W. W. Cl ltTIH,
City Clerk.
; .Miss St. Isabella Zanders hits re
tiiriicd to her home In houth Ollnvvt
utter a visit of Huvonil weeks vvltl
friends lu Mltiuciipolls.
Society Notes j
The llercmbcr meeting of the .Men's
Lrotherhood Clnli of the First Hap
tist church was held last night In tli'
parlors of the church. A supper was
at 0::w to thirty men. Col-
low inn the Mipper a short buninoss
session was held when the resignation
of the secretary. A. T. Kisbman. who
moved to Iowa last wek, was read
and accepted. (!. K. Waite was elect
fHt to till Mr. Irishman's place. Ki.-ht
new members were voted into the
brotherhood. All the men present
Jolnd in singing a program of patrl-
otie songs under the direction of John
Huff. Mr. I loft' also saw; several
I solos and the men present joined in
singing the choruses. Uev. !. W.
I Chessman then introduced the speak
ter if the cveniiiL'. W. 11. Ilindeiu.uh.
who inndi) a stirring talk on "The
Man's Job in the Church of Today."
This talk was atom; the i-itb.i.u's duty
towards law ent'ofeemcnt, and hi
cial and civic duties in the cln
mri li.j
rln Ml '
The next mectine of the broth
will lie held the third Tuesda
I inu.iry.
The annual Christmas party at the
Ottawa Heat Club w'U be jriven Thurs-
day evtninj;, Pecember 27th. Hen j
"rich's orchestra lias been cni;ai;od to
furnish music for dancing ftuni ! un
'11 1 o'clock.
There was a larso attendiiiice last
night at t special ineetlni; of the
Kastern Siar lodge, held in the Ma--souic
Ti'iuide. Two new ineinbers, i
Miss Anna Jacks and W. C Ui Van
were initiated al this lneetini;. Fol
lowing the business meeting a social
hour was held and u lunch was serv
ed by the ollicers.
t Mrs. John lb-rry, &0."i Juliet strcel,
! wan plcasautly surprised by about
I'wcnty of iicr friends, last night at
! her home, in honor of her birthday.
i . ..
VII arrangements tor the party were j
kept a secret from Mrs. Horry until
tie rruests arrived in a body. Tho ev
ning was spent In playing games
uid music, and refreshments were
crved til a luto hour.
The members of tho Drama club
ivllt give, their annual Christmas party
.o the children on Saturday after
loon at 2::t0 at Armory C. 170 invl
'at Ions have been sent out to little
ots in this city bet ween the ages of
i and 10 years Inviting them to attend
his party. The members of tin; club
will give an entertainment for the
hildren, and Santa Clans will visit
he parly, and distribute, candy and
oys to the children. A large Christ
naa treo will lie one of tho prettiest,
features of the party: llefreshnients
.vill be served to tho children.
The (it taw a
an Ited Vrot
eh; pier of Hie Allien- j
has received quite a;
'.umber of cash
last few days
don itiotis during the j
for Christmas dona-!
ions. It is probable, that by Christ-!
lay day enough money will have bcenj
eoe-hi'd from these donations to boj
if n greit. linuiiehi! help to the or-i
Titib.iition. S'tieo the public appeal
vas made thru the columns of this
a per last, week, a large number of
votiien have responded 'ind every day
he lic!ulii!arters are now lilled with
Aotuett busily engaged in lied Cross
vork. Yi .-terdtiy n large t;hiiment of
nil I'd goods was received from the
ted Cross branch chapter at Setieci.
nd a number of i-uiis of pajamas
vere sent in trom the Sheridan
ranch. A large sliiiuiieni was nvule
o I he Chi-'itgo division headiiiarter,i
'rom the OHawa chapter ve-;terd.iy
'.ftcrimon. This shii'iuent contained
if- sweaters, Id pairs of hm-Us. 20
airs wristlets and I," helmets. The
Marseilles branch expects to fend a
tliipmi'iil of articles to the Ottawa
leaibiuarlers tomorrow.
The We
I Siili. Hi til i l'A..K ill meet
villi Mrs. labvard McCill.
Mad -
sen street, Thursday afternoon at 2
('clock. Mrs. (f. W. Kirby will sing
Irs. Ill van will give a bible reading
n Hie subject. "Seven liupossii-le :
riiiii'iH." All west sidu ladies nrr? ill-!
Ited in all- ml.
Tho annual meeting of the Otlavva,
Lodge N't). 175, Myslb; Workers of'
the World was held hist evening in j
J'he lodge rooms. The aiinuai re-1
jpoi'is went given and the iinnual i
i-li.-cljon or ollicers was held. The fol
lowing ollicers for the ensuing yetm
were elected : I
i'crfecl --John Wasliam. I
MuiiiUir - N. K. Crowe. j
Secretary ami bunker- K, A. Kelly, j
Marshal Louis Watriug.
Warden K. Dvvyer.
SetitiiK'l -Win. Kerrigan.
Supervisor, for
years--Jos. J.
.Supervisor, for - years-C. J. lug
li.'iin. It. was voled lo hold u card cirly
'.ll'ter Ihe Installation of the new
iflicers nl the K. of I. hull on Tuesday
jveiihig, .Ittnuary X;h, nnd all nuuiir
bers will have tho privilege, of bring
'iig iltclr friends.
,.. 1( .
A tnlscellancotis shower will he
jivc-ti In the Indies' hall ut Pleustint
View Luther collegn tonight for Miss
my Hull, of this cily whose iiinr--lagii
to John llapuorson of I'lilcngo
will lake place (in New Year's day In
this city.
Prize Walt and One Step.
Tuesday ulfjiit. Dee. Is, ut W'iUlu'
n uauey o
i - .
"After lb circus pursuit had passed
jesterday," wearily said the landlord
of the Polkvitle, Ark., tavern, 'them
I wo young ladies, Maxinr nd Lucil
that wait table here, got into sort of
dispute over which of Vm ii was
that the clown Vtiuked at. eaeh claim
in' the credit, or discredit. I don't
know which. One illustrated her views
,y heating the other head with the
dinner-bell, while tho other voiced bf-r
opinion with a ketchup bottle. Of
course, I understand how, heinR work
inv, ladies, they Tesent all insinuatiott
tbst they nre in fny way inferiors:
but still, after the ketchup-hoi il had
spread most of it contents over lh
scene, and the clapper had flown out
of the hell and b.-oken a window. I
sorter felt called upon to interfere ntiil
stop the fincns.
"No, It ain't worth while to lire cm.
Ladies will be ladut), and there ain't
no help for it."
The belt in k is 13 to .". at, present
that. the. Duke of JJedbrooke will not
get out of goal in time to atlend the
roronation festivities or King Ed
ward's successor. The imiie is "in"
for 11 years. i
The lUironos? Bilk-Biff announces
the coming-out party of her acconi
flished ni(H-e, the Hon. Muriel Sponge
to take place at an early date at the
tine old country placo of the l!arons,
"Qneensbury Hall." Odtis of :t to 1 are
offered that th" Harmless has to
niece: and t to 2 Hint ir she has, she
von't have the nerve to bring her out.
Lady Lackdouzh will signage the
inncnlns of the Fall season with an
1 immense ping-poug dinner to over 200
;guu1s. Tietling is brisk at. 12 to 7
jtm 'he bailiffs will be the first, guests
I to arrive. ,
i Society is at a complete loss to un
'derstand w-hy Mr. William Waldorf
! A at or should have presented a hand-
iiome hunting case walcb to old Sir
Michael Misspent. At any rate, it is
universally predicted that Sir Michael
tcill have the ttrker up the spout by
ThursdHy week: and. so far as the bel
ting goes, it's a case of write your own
One of the real events of the s
pen, the garden party of the popular
Marchioness le Lush, is on for nct
month. Odds of inn to ft against, pro
vail that ihe Marijuis will not be sober
enough to appear.
Young Led Loose-omits ciinu- in for
bis inheritance late last week, the es
tate consic-ting mainly of the title nnd
n kennel of -bounds. At, the Platypu-s
( lub I hey are making up a. pool as to
v helher he marries an American heir
c:s or a i:'i-ty Girl.
No doubt Sir Trsnb.y Croft is a for
fenale canl plav er. but - ou can obtain
i i nn money in any May foil' drawing
room that be pnsc(ses more skill
; t 'antes of I'hnnce Hum he doeq at
f;.-nieH of If ill.
They are noibing if not original at.
the Trepanned Club. One of its mem
b"l'S reeentl.v Iniil another Cl.unfi even
thai, a horsefly could fly further I htm
a fly horse could llee. So fur as is
known I bo stakeholder has nol vet
1 "
his decision,
r.'.ihlnug is a game old
sportsman, and one who can not see
tiiat. a friendly wager interfnres w'Ph
viih bis s'anding as a dignitary of
the cloth. The ni-ihip lately offered
to bet the lion. Willoiigbby WildniKe
I bpf Ihe bit let would go to Mailes
v hen be died: ImjI I he Hon. Willouah
b.' (leclinet'i the wager, even nt. liberal
The eiiwigcmenl h officially an
nouncmj cf Lady Audrey Aiartar to
Lirutenait Henny-Mcnny, of Ihe Lire
guards flrrr-n. The odds on 'Change
are "' h S that the old fiown-er
lU'.cltesF Axtartar bulldor.ed Tlenny
Henn.v IrJo it: and 17 lo ." is nlro of
leied th3t he will eventually leave ihe
country rather than conic tip to ihe
sera i eh.
"Kvcry student of history 1mo
tbiit, our c'lirbtnins ctislotns tiro a ile
M'topmeiit of Ihe Itoman Saturnalia."
"('), surely not nil!"
r think so."
'N"o, no' 1 here's no reason to sup,
pose, lot instance, that the lionum
vrorr nil 'he tinic being hunched lo
(b their SatnriinliHn shopping esriv."
Aunt f!ii re h (a spiuslrr) Now, dear,
if y cm would only vvnlch me closely,
you might lentil how to crochci.
little Ilessio-Oh! I'm goin to Rnt
ticntil v.hcn I grow up!
Homemade Floor Polisher.
When iioll-hlt-'i peoffi tniiUe u thick
i!ie) of felt or velvet mid I'tisten It over
nn old worn-out broom. This malic;
un excellent polisher natl nuvua tho
trouble of kticehug ou the floor.
VValliigforri Lite Mn Is Arrested in
Fort Worth and Many C'tir
Ask for Hun.
Fort Wurtli, T-x. -Tho "esg Mil
tittitc" man, fur whom iiguucy de
tectives and the polioi of many citie-i
havo looked for nin- years, after be
ing aiTcstcil here, on a charge of for
gery and swindling said, with all the
iissutance of a J. liufu-s Wallin'.-ford,
"They can't heat me," and smilingly
lidded: "They call it torgery, but i
have the right to sign my partner's
name and ct the money."
This man with n Walliugfoid liku
farcer is W. J. Williams, lie has been
taken to i'hiladelphia for trial. St.
Paul, Berkeley, Minneapolis, l.Htbttli
smd I'.rooklyn also tried to get, Will
iams when liny heard ho had been
arrt-strd. When the detective looked
over Williams, be had that Wallin-,-ford-like
appearance he looked nni
acted like a prosperous business man.
Detect iv o Chief Jackson I bought, he
had a lough job on hand, but Will
iams, looking him in the eye, said:
"Let's get down to brass tacks. .No
use asking a long string of qm :-tiuii,-.
1 am the man you want, and 1 am
willing to go without reiiuisiliou pa
pers to any city. That is tho be.-t
way; it saves argument, time ami
trouble. 1 Would like to leave rigbl
now and get it over with. I am i
gentleman and 1 ask that you treat,
mo as such.''
lie declined to sleep with the other
prisoners, and paid for the privilege,
of .sleeping in a detective's room and
for the guard who watched while bo
Williams, according to the i barges,
is a one-game man. This snipe, is
.aid by the detectives to have Iceii
about as follows: Williams would
adveitire in a newspaper for a part
ner with ?Tuu capital, lie would re
ceive many replies, and upon landing
a "partner," would propose, starting a
lood product plant. He claimed in
have the formula for a substitutu foi
Ihe white of an egg. According to
Williams, he all but started ega
tat lories in about 2U cities. The de
tectives say that, after forming a
partnership, Williams would draw all
the partner's money from tho bank
ami disappear. Williams seemed to
! think thia a perfectly safe operation.
Williams was caught when an old
fienison citizen "tell" for ihe egg food
proposition and arranged to come
hero and put up fijuii. The cltizeu
vent to his banker to get the money.
Hot the banker had read in a bankers'
journal of a similar egg proposition.
There were the initials "W. J."
Williams had preserved the initials,
which he says are his own, in ever,
case. The banker wanted his cus
tomer, Matthew Sehwuliu.
A trap vvns prepared. ScUvvalm
liolilied Williams to meet him here
Hiie ufu-rnooii. Instead of Suhwalm,
however, four detucUvca inert Will
iaius, ami arrested him.
Williams is I", but would pass lor
40. Allien laken to Chief Jackson :
office he was faultlessly dressed, J II.-
trousers were creased and he was
clean shaven. '
Specific charges against hint in
volve alleged swindling lo the amount
of several thousand dollars. In Berk
eley he Is chatged with having raised
a ?l check to ?fm) and with having
cached a iu check at. a, bank there
on a lumber company that had never
existed. Uut detectives fay Iho "eg,,
plant" was his favorite "game," and
in his suit case was a lot of letter'-,
from "partners." The police here say
it. Is an egg deal for which he iitu-:.
it and tilal In Phib'ih'lpiiia, where he
is said lo have pit $7mi from a bank
by signing his "partner's" name and
left with the money. In Philadelphia,
the detectives say, be used the name
of W. J. i.ouglas.
For Real Boys
Suits with extra Trousers. Large
Christmassy stocks ol new advanced wint
er style suits, novelty and regulation Nor
folks, .new "Trench" suits with huckled
loose belts, ?port models, plain, patch or
slashed pockets, numberless other new
"tyle features in wear-resisting fancy mix
ture fabrics. Extra trousers.
S6.SO to S125
Overcoats and Mackinavvs
A boy likes
Mtncr anil has to be
to be
y tr-rr
i ' 1 1 ', i
I r n ry
I TV 'iU0
.. . T .
Civr. few Vital Point, m Gt-
t-iiji Came Down .ii... in what are cslb-d elegit
While many books on jolf have j learning, as Isnstiaues. grntmiiHr, phi-'(-in
written, nobody who is tniui; lo j losuphy and poetry, including the rn
play the game hu-s any lime to read jtl' itt t !.i--b-, an educator siijs. The
'ni, The following
low ever will bo found
to CO'.
ci tho
ziiain points uf golf.
Keep jour lett eye firmly fixed up
.'li Hie ball, while your right eve is
aliowed to roam fearlessly over thu
tear nd of the circumambient jitmu.
pliere. if both eyes are kept on He
bait, one of them invariably fPos up
with it to the green. Uy following our
rule however, tin? eyes pull awav
'rom each other, thus proven' tng you
rom satisfying your curiosity about
the ultimate destination of the. ball.
This curiosity hy tho wav, is v. b;-1
ruins the game of a large majority.
Always play with a worsu pmyer
than j ourself--if you can find one.
I lie rule of playing w ith a better one
is all wrong. Coif is the only game
"here one never feds any resentment
towards oue's opponent, and onlv svin
pat by or anger for one's self. I;y play
ing with a worse player, therefore,
ono is excited to sympathize vvt'L hi:,i
Yo sympathize is to emulate a poor
r player than yourself, you necessar
ily take more strokes, which means
more practice, and in the long run,
tho more practice you get the heller
; our game will be.
When you are learning, bow to play
hc game that is to say, in the fir. t
ten years or so always be accom
panied by two caddies instead of one.
One. of these should be employed to
loam the distant fields nnd penetrate
tho deep jungles on your right aud
left, searching (in vain) for lost ball.-.
The other should remain lonstnntly
al. your side, soothing you by bis
gentle presence, handing you the
v rom: clubs and holding himself as a
target for whatever terms of eudcat
n cnt you vvit-h to bestow upon bun
during moments of religious exalta
tion. The expense, of course, you will
i.ut mind. Nobody who wishes to think
be may in time play a good jjame of
gclf cares to hang about th expense.
- Life.
Drive Turkeys to Market.
In -nine sections of Texas turkeys
nre driven to market. In one instance
n thick of H.tMH.i turkeys was driven 13
miles In two days. Twice -u year a
train called the "turkey special"
leaves Jlornstovv it, Tenn. Carloads of
turkeys are sent to Morristown from
tint surro'jr. ling country, nnd these
are made f p into one train and rushed
to New York, Kneh cur contains about.
l.'Jtm birds ninl a man is will, to care
for bem It spile of all ioslbb- speed
Hiiu cure, however, lb- birds tire said
to lose about 1- per cent of their
weight in sliipiuetii.
TtT tho 1'reo 'iriuler .louruul Wuut Ada
; . for result.'.
: Gayety Theatre :
Tonight and Tomorrow
Thos. H. Ince Presents
Special Mr.tincc Prices Ec 10c Night 5c-25c
Tliis a Real Xmas
out in all
kinds of
days. Overcoats
wear $6 to
or inure dressy
$15. For play
and si I I. be li Is the
protect Ion of a u aim eoai
lllld lie prefer.; a ,'liichi
II, ', Hull he I 111 )llll Up
to bit- ear.- ; u it It inici.et .
deeji ctioti: h to uv -r bh
fi Mini.- to th" elliow ". Pig
! roll ' nihil, Is lied, and
' pitich-l ai'k nioileli-; i-hi-ui
'! peel.cl-; . ollle lllleil li
n il Ii ; . I m i t ' s U i 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 iloit'.le
luaierlal I run I. and back.
ilTwi sio.oo
" 7ix c Clu cdiry Stow "
The HuTwnltlci.
I'''" htttoMiitli-i are those hriinrhe
- r M ..,, Jrf.
( liriine implies that the -.lory of the
train-lies ha- a teiideney to liimtalii
man. to cultivate particularly thus
laeutiies wl i.'- distinguish him us a
lir'ii in all Ifs relations, social nI
moral ; that Is, which make him a tmly
cultured man.
STnnne;t Wood.
Ltmeevv.xiii js r:iid to be the nrronf
ct wood kno'vn: Its teaslle siri-neth
per sfii,,ie inch is L'?..t" pounds that
Is to say, thai vi-i-.-lit M required to
tear Hs'iu-h r n piece of It on'i' inch
Ch: ago. I'd.. Dec. 19. P'17.
Chicago uiarkoi report rurnlght-d i
tho Kr:-e Trader Journal by W. I
i;tnyre, men, her C'aicaso Hoard oi
Trade, Moloney Ltuilding. I'hone 101.
Corre?pondent Lamson Uroi L to,
t Corn
I Pec
j May ....
I Jan
I Pec . . .
May . . .
1.2 1 Ti
1.2;. 4
At a ii-i'i t :nr; of the P.usinesa Men's
Assoc'ation il was decided to open
the stores evenings, beginning mt
We.lueJilay, December P. P. 17.
The buying public is urged lo make
I heir pun ba. ( s ici early In Hie nwn
a,- )ios.-'li.le; they will receive belter
MTvico, belter select ions' and escape
,;n- it;-,mil holiday rttsii.
Authentic Pictures of the
Halifax Disaster
William S. Hart In
Children 5c Adults 15e
Earle Williams In
Children 5c Adults 10c
gloves leather
: wEATrnr.

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