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Economical Value Even When Rela
tive Coit of Potatoes and
J. Flour Is Same.
Washington. In localities where
thtre Is a surplus of potatoes, or they
are very cheap, potato broad costs
leas to make than aii-nour bread, say
the baking specialists of the United
States Department ui Agriculture , in
h bulletin Just issued, winch tens how
to make potato bread and ml la. 1;
suggests that an excellent way to
utilize cull potatoes is to make them
into bread, and states that even
where the relative market prices of
potatoes and Hour are such that there
Is no economy in substituting potato
ior flour, the individual flavor and
keeping quality of potato bread make
it. desirable as a variant in (be family
Potato and flour bread compounded
according to the department's recipes
is said to have a rich brown crust, a
tender and elastic crumb, an appetis
ing odor, and a very agreeable taste,
which is said to be preferred by many
to that of bread made wholly from
flour. When made according to the
directions given by the department,
potato bread is said to contain more
mineral matter, liber and moisture,
but otherwise, in composition an.l
nutritive value, to be practically the
tame as ordinary bread. Its Jtighti
moisture content is declared to keey
it fresh several days longer than or
dinary bread.
The following methods for making
potato bread arc recommended:
Potato bread straight dough
method for four one-pound loaves;
Three pounds of boiled and -peeled
Two and one-quarter pounds ot
jtood bread Hour.
Three level tablespoonluls of eugar.
One and one half level tablespoon
iul of salt. -
Two cakes of completed yeast.
Four tablespoonftils ot lukewarm
Wash thoroughly aud boil in their
i-kins about 12 potatoes of medium
jtize. Cook them until they are very
lender. Drain, peel and mash them
while hot being careful to leave no
lumps. Allow the mashed potato to
cool to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, or tin
ii'. hike warm. To three pounds (five
willdly packed half-pint eupfnls) of
the mashed potato add the yeast,
which has been rubbed smooth in a
cup with. three tablespoonfuls of luke
warm water. To get all the yeast,
r.nse the cup with the remaining
tahlespoonful ot water and add thit
uiso to the potato. Next add the salt,
the sugar and about four ounces of
'he flour (one scant half-pint of silted
Hour). Mix thoroughly with the
hand, but do not add any more water
at this stage.
Cover the mixing bowl to avoid the
formation of a crust, on top and place
out of the way of drafts to rise,
whero the temperature can not fall
below 80 degrees Farenhelt or much
uglier than 88 degrees. Where tin:
housewife has no thermometer, she
should see that the dough in all the
risings is kept moderately warm, but
not up to blood heat. Any water
used in mixing the dough should he
moderately warm, but by no means
hot. This sponge, it kept at the
proper temperature, should, after
A Gift
New Claw Building
Tyler, Fillmore, Johnson, Arthur and
Roosevelt Succeeded on Death
of the President.
Five vice presidents f the United
States have on the death of the presl
deut succeeded to the higher nfiice.
The flr?t president to die while lu office
was William Henry Harrison, grand
lather of licnjamln Harrison of In
diana. Ills death occurred April 4.
1S11. Just one month oftvr his Inaugur
ation. The vice president, John Tyler,
then at his country home in Virginia,
wan officially notified of the event and
on reaching Washington, at once took
the ou tli of ottice a president.
As this was the first case of the kind
theiv was tnueh discussion lor a time
in and out of congress as to Tyler's
proper title that Is, whether he was
"vice president of the Uulted States
acting as president" or president. It
was finally conceded on all sides that
the language of the Constitution Is
clear that on the ilenth of the prcsi
dent In ollke the vice president be
comes, In name as in fart, president.
The trainers of the Constitution did
not leave the dor open for trouble
that might arise regarding the legality
of nets done by an "acting president."
On the death of President Znehiiry
Taylor. July !, is."(). Vice President
Millard Fillmore succeeded to the pres
idency and wits at n later date an un
successful candidate for election to the
office. Andrew Johnson, the third vice
president to succeed to the higher of
fice, too'.: the oath April 1., ISO,", the
day after the assassination of Presi
dent Lincoln. President Garfield was
shot July 2. 1SS1, died 'the following
September 1I, and was Immediately
succeeded by Vice President Chester A,
Arthur. Vice President Roosevelt suc
ceeded President McKlnley. who died
. September-1 1, 1!.f01. and was the only
one of five vice presidents tints suc
ceeding to the ofiico who was subse
quently elected to It.
Protein In White of Eoqs.
The purest example of protein Is the
albumen in the white of egg. Protein
is found not ouly In eggs, but all U-hu '
meats. Also in vegetables and cereals I
In much smaller proportions, some veg
etables having ouly u trace, while oth-;
ers, such as peanuts, having more than :
the best beefsteak.
two bouts, become quite liht.
To this well-risen sponge, which
now will be found to be quite soft,
iidd the remainder vf the flour, knead
ing thoroughly until a smooth and
elastic dough has been formed. The
dough must be very stiff, since the
boiled potato contains a large amount
of water which causes the dough to
Mitten as It rises. Do not add water
to the dough ttnlesB Jt is absolutely
necessary to work in the flour. Set
the dough bark to rise again tem
perature at. about 86 degrees Fahren
heit, until it has trebled in volume,
which will re-mnro another hour or
two. Then divide the dough into
lour approximately equal parts, re
serving a tiny lump weighing two or
ihree ounces for an "indicator."
Snaps the sample into a ball and
press it into the ..ottom of a small
tumbler with straight sides. The
glass should be slightly warmed.
Mold Iho four portions into loavos
and place in gretsed pans which have
been slightly warmed. riaee tho
tlass containing the "indicator" be
side the pans and let all rise, under
proper temperature, until the "indi
cator" shows that it has doubled In
volume. Then placo the loaves in
the ovhii and bake in a good, steady
heat (400 to 42" degrees Fahrenheit)
for 45 minutes.
To test the oven: Whero iio oven
thermometer is at hand, a convenient
test will be to put a teaspoonful of
Hour in an earthen dish in the oven.
If this flour 'incomes light brown
evenly throughout in 5 minutes' time,
the even is right for breadbakliur.
If the flour scorches in that time, tho
oven is too hot.
of Usefulness
ww w-i - t
vii i ilv inr men,
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Ohio Woman says She Gave Colorado
Man Several Hundred Dollars
Before He Left
Columbus, 0. Mra. Charles J. Rich
ards, who befero her marriage two
months ago was Mr3. Charles Smith
a well to do widow of this city, has an
idea that her husband is in New York
City, but is without information as to
his address there. She has not seen
him since they went to the train to
proceed to Chicago on their wedding
It was a matrimonial adventure.
Richards, who lived In Colorado, ad
vertised himself bo forcefully that the
widow Smith was impressed and an
swered. Then there was correspond
enee for several weeks, and finally
Cleveland was riainpd as their meet
!ng placo. Each was seemingly satis
fied and they came on to thin city and
were married.
The bride gave her hnsbarid several
hundred dollars, sho says, obtained
through the sale of sonic of her prop
erty. When they had purchased tick
ets sho stood on the observation plat
form where tho group of friends
gathered, to congratulate bot'i of them.
They wanted the bridegroom to appe.r
for his share of the good wishes anil
wero told by the bride that he was in
iho car. In they crowded to pull him
out to tho platform. He had disappear
ed. The bride says that occasionally
a letter comes from him, but. with no
mora definite information ns to his
whereabout than Now York City.
Zoo Attendant Attacked by Big Bull
Wichita, Kans. K. M. .Svans, a
Riverside Park zoo attendant, was
forced to tun th tines of a pitchfork
into Teddy, the big bull buffalo, when
it charged him. The animal threaten
ed his life.
The pain stopped the bull, but made
him so ferocious he wouldn't let any
keeper get close enough to withdraw
the fork. From a treetop he was las
soed and the tines taken out after au
bour. . . .
n -1 "Ul
women, hoys ami uins
from 65c to $2.50.
South of Court House
For Sake of His Wife and Daughter
He Did Not Explain Josle
Gray's Death.
L'vansviilo, lnd. Unable longer to
bear u. secret kept for eight, years,
Benjamin Morris, Justice of the Peace
of Pigeon Township, Vanderburg
County, has declared, in a statement,
to newspaper men, that lie bad know
ledge that his son-in-law, Guy Pres
cott, caused the death of Miss Josie
dray, bexikkeeper for a furniture com
pany, in this city, March 16, 19nT.
Miss Gray, the daughter ef a super
annuated Methodist minister, and the
support of her aged parents, was at
tacked as she was putting $250, tho
uay's receipts, into the company'
safe, after working late at night on
her books. Sho was beaten and
locked In the vault to suffocate, but
was rescued two hours later. She
died of her wounds a month after
ward, having been unable to speak
coherently. Prescott, a packer, who
had been alone in the plant with the
woman, was arrested, released tem
porarily, and fled from the city. He
has not been found since.
Morris was a Constable at the time
of the crime. After Prescott disap
peared, his father-in-law was credit
ed with shielding him.
In his statement Morris said thaf
the crime had preyed on his mind and
he could stand it no longer. He said
he had no knowledge of Present I'm
guilt until eight or ten weeks alter
the man's disappearance, and then
the thought of his wife and family
healed his lips.
Soon after tho crime, Morris de
clared, his wife came to him and lold
him her daughter had thrown some
thing into a closet at the Prescott
home. The father said he questioned
Mrs. Prescott aud she answered, "It's
the money Guy committed murder
"The money is still 'in the closet.
Wo have never touched it." Morris
His wife aud daughter now being
(lead. Morris said he felt free to de
nounce his son-in-law from the day
he disappeared. "If I knew where ne
was I would personally pay the ex
pense of bringing him back to stand
trial for killing Josle Gray," he said.
The crime stirred popular sentiment
to a high pitch. Prescott had been in
a Sunday school class taught by Miss
Gray aud was well known to her. lie
hud remained In the furniture, plaut on
Hie. night, ot the crime lo put. out the
lifjhts and lock the doors, but de
clared Miss Gray had dismissed him,
saying she would lock the place.
The police later declared that rres
cott returned lo (ho plant wllliln a
few minutes after departing. They
asserted he did not reach home unnl
2 o'clock.
Prescott had been repotted In
various parts of the world. At one
lime he was said to have enlisted in
the American navy on the t'acilie
'Coast and deserted when his hhlu
i reached an Indian porU
-.Williams in Indianapolis Newt.
Alabaman's Wife and Child Dis
appeared; Expert Unable to j
Identify Bones Found. I
Birmingham, Ala. Having been
convicted of murdering hia wife and
child and given a prison term of 25
years largely upon evidence of a col
lection of bones, William Wilson of
lliount County is relying upon those
same bones to obtain lor him a par
don. The vital question involved 's
identity ot tho ooues, whether ot a
white woman and child or of Indians.
When domestic relations in the
Wilson home were Jarred to tliv
breaking point, the wife left, taking
ihe child with her. Montha .later.-a
pile of bones was found under a bluK
near his home and Wilson was ar
rested. He Insisted that he was in
ignorance of the where-abouts of.whe
and child, but it was testified at the
trial that he had threatened the wlfa
with violence if she returned. Ho
was convicted.
Perf-oiis interested in Wilson for
warded the bones to the Department
of Archives and History of Alabama,
with the view of having them idenU
lled. Director Thomas M. Owen or
i be department, exhibited the relics in
ihe capitol where thousands of per
sons viewed them, and ntlally, when
the information desired was beyond
him, sent the bones to the curator of
the Smithsonian Institute at Wash
i. ton.
Now (he bones have been returned
by Dr. A. Hartlickc, Smithsonian ex
perl, with the report that they came
from four or five children and adults,
but that there is to possibility ot
identifying them as to race. He ad
ded, however, that they evidently
cnnio from a very old burial, and this
opinion is regarded us highly favor
able for Wilson in his petition to the
Hoard of Pardons.
Human Brain Tests.
Thai, the human brain can with
stand tho strain of persistant work
better than the muscles ot the body
has been proved by recent experiments.
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Air Guns
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Eskimos Have Peculiar Manner of
Adjusting Their Grievances En
emy Must Listen.
The Eskimo, who live in the ice-
hound, barren Northland, have a way
of settling quarrels which seems very
strange anil amusing to those who live
in a land of policemen and courts of
Justice. There, when quarrels arise,
the man who has a grievance writes a
song in which he tells the wrongs that
have been done him. When this has
been composed to his satisfaction, he
Invites his enemy to cenne and hear
him sing It. This the enemy must do,
und he brings with him all his rela
tives and many of his friends, while
the singer also has gathered his friends
and relatives for the occasion, which
U considered something of a general
entertainment by the people of the Til
lage In which the men llv.
Then, while other men of the village
pound madly on huge drums, the song
of wrongs Is begun. When It Is fin
ished. If the audience expresses ap
proval, the singer Is considered to have
won and to have a Just cause of com
plaint. But If dissatisfaction Is ex
pressed, that Is considered sufficient
punishment. After the song everyone
dances and the party breuks up In
great good humor.
Do Big Jobs First.
The more you ponder difficulties the
harder they seem. So the thing Is to
get them off the slate ns soon ns possi
ble. You get them off by going after
thm. Just cast up the work of the
day. Estimate the toll In each prob
lem. Tackle the hardest one before
you are tired. That may not be ac
cording to precedent, but it's according
to good generalship. As soon as yon
get that off the list tackle the next
thing In Importance. Keep the work
going and you're bound to win vie
tories over self and the Job you face.
Soon there won't be any renl problems
to annoy you. It will jnt be n rrnttor
ef attacking things In the best order.
You have gone a long way toward
mastery w hen you have learned lo do
big things first. firit.
Icelanders as Emigrants.
It Is claimed for the Icelandic set
tlers that they have plnyeel no small
part in the progress and prosperity of
the province of Manitoba, Canada, and
It Is asserted that the Btory of the for
eign population ef Winnipeg must nec
essarily begin with tho Icelander, lie
has set the pace for all the Incoming
races. He Is the illustration par excel
lence of ow a people of ambition and
industry can master diflicultles. tri
umph over prejudice, and attain their
desired place In the commercial, the
politlenl, the intellectual and social
life of a hustling and growing city In
a strange land. Outside the city it Is
not unusual to find Icelanders with
farms eif 1,000 acres.
Puts Woman to Flight, Then Devours
Swee. Stuff.
Raker, Ore. An impolite rattle
make almost spilled the dainty cako
Mis. W. J, Williams of Homestead,
was making. The snake took some
Migar out. of a jar as Mrs. Williams
reached for it. Mrs. Williams almost
upset the cako when she saw the rat
tler, und then started double-quick to
find some one to kill it. When she re
turned with aid the snake had eaten
all the sugar and left.
One of tho most pitiful things In
the world is to sco an old woman
wearing worn-out. finery,
Giving and Receiving.
You cannot give anything to anyone,
you cannot give to any cause. From
all this seeming giving you only take
from experience the blessing of self
expression. You give only to your
si If ami In ministering you minister
only to yourself. The man who takes
from you must in turn give before he
actually receives. Krehange.
Carving Sets
Family Scales
Electric Toasters
Power Washing
Majestic Range
Food Choppers
Aluminum Ware
Oil Stoves
Kitchen Utensils
Pyrex Glass Ware
Flower Bulbs
'3,. m'
But One-Third of Them Never Com
to Trial and Are Not Later
Heard From.
Topeka, Kan. During the year
there wero 17,829 weddings in Kan
sas, 1329 divorce petitions filed and
'JS7 divorce decrees granted, accord
ing to the Slate Vital Statistics Da
partnient records. This would rough
ly indicate ono marriage ia 13 a
failure at the point of filing suit, but
that only one in 18 went to a divorce.
It Is not thought that, under pres
ent, laws governing divorce, the mini
ber of outsiders marrying in Kansas
and then leaving the State or the
number ot outsiders making Kaosaa
a residence only for the time neces
sary to obtain divorce would raako
much change in these figures.
For comparison, it Is stated that
the general average of marriage
failure for the entire country Is one in
eight marriages, according to censufl
returns. Credit for this favorable
showing in Kansas Is generally given
to the divorce proctor law.
Until two years ago divorces ran
about one to 10 marriages. During
that time divorce seekers could coma
to the State, establish residence and
then bring Kult.secure service by pub
lication and obtain divorce by de
fault. Thin was atopped by the Legis
lature, which provided for a divorce
proctor in every county, who was
required to investigate every appll
cation for a separation.
Figures obtainable, however, do not
show just how much the proctor law
improved the purely Kansas rate of
marriage failure nor to what extent
the outBide cases affected the per
centage either before or after tho
law's passage. But the operation of
tho law has tended to clear the sit
uation by eliminating many outside)
cases and bring the figures down to
real Kansas divorces. The result 1st
generally considered as showing that
the marriage failure rate in Kansas
always has been considerably lower
than the general average for the coun
The proctor law has practically
1 stopped default divorce In the State,
particularly of women whose homes
were in other states and who used
Kansas as a convenience and moved
as soon as decrees were granted.
Divorce proctors are given authori
ty lo requiro any evidence thoy may
wish relating to any divorce proceed
ing, aud are often able to bring about
a reconciliation. In a year the dl
orco proctor of Wyandotte County
ordered 12S cases dismissed out of
411) applications tiled. Some of theao
128 were reconciliations, but the ma
jority are declared to have been
fraudulent in some respect.
Cross Children.
Don't be cross with children when
they are cross. If they arc irritable
mid pouty leave them alone to their
blues or try to divert their attention
to some Intereslng book or :tne or
toy. Get them outdoors to piny or to
walk. Tu!:e them for a side. The com
mon retort to cross children Is In being
cross yourself, but this only hurts the
children and makes them moody and
later despondent. Exchange.
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