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Hi live.
Author of 'To iht Victor."
The Frank A. Munsey Company
i i
""Twice Hurtly calk'd on the otheifl
to help him move the uuconsciou
lisure on which he worked, and each
tlm after they had given their as
iHtHHce he ordered them away with
n unequivocal Kharpness which, be
ides sending them promptly into the
shadows and out of his way, made
them understand that this chap was
In some way beyoud their experience,
quite different from any they had ever
encountered and secretly each of the
three wondered about him.
The lak progressed; the night
aged. The mun in whose cabin the
bandits had sought refuge stood be
hind the stove smoking a pipe, re
moving the stem from his lips, and
holding it in his hands for long inter
Tals while he watched the soft fin-
geis of Ellis Hardy manipulate the
r wound. . r
Sam te v oil "leaned against the
J rough wall of the log house, motion
' less, as though hypnotized by the
physician's nimble movements. The
? Other, who was, addressed as Texas,
tt on a backless chair, elbows on his
t knees, opening and closing a knife
with one thin hand.
On him Ellis Hardy turned, straight
ening slowly to ease tho muscles of
his bad;; then, squaring.his shoulders
I as thou;.!) in i lief at gaining a tlesir-
d poln;, he f id:
g " x nai s an i can t.o n r me ume j
Deing. i ll Rtay nere an nour more
I and watch him. But 1 have something
h to say to you."
He fairly snapped out (lie words
end walked toward Texas with men
. ' acing deliberation.
The outlaw looked up as though
astounded, for the manner of speech
was unmistakably aggressive.
"You lied to me! You lied!" stern
ly, as though he tried to keep passion
from his voice.
"You told me that you wanted me
to come here and care for your wile,
Instead of that you bring mo here to
care for Bart Sears a man wanted
for murder and highway robbery, a
man who Is being hunted by this
whole reservation."
He had stopped with Inleiiseness. As
, lie finished speaking he atraighteued
and every line of his figure bristled
. "It was my place to come," he went
on. "I wouldu't refuse help to a io
a yellow dog! But you tricked mc
more than that, you lied!"
His voice fell again as though the
accusation were the worst he could
make against a fellow men.
. "Why couldn't you be honest with
me? You. were going to give me your
confidence anyhow by bringing me
here; why couldn't you be open and
frank with me in my office?
"No man likes to be tricked. You
know what every honest man thinks
of you fellows anyhow," with a sweep
ing gesture. "Why make it worse by
lying when you could tell the truth?"
He stopped, hand still extended;
then let it slowly fall to h!s side. His
$aze still bored Into Texas.
"Well," the man mutterVd, "what's
the difference?"
"Difference! Why
"Oh, you can't understand!"
And with the contemptuous declar-
Jtlon he wheeled and walked to the
edside to sit on the blankets his
back to them, choosing to Ignore rath
er than to condemn further or to ar
gue! None moved. They remained there
the one behind the stove holding his
pipe; another against the wall, stolid
hi a statute; the third on a backless
chair, eyes glittering, no longer open
ing and shutting the knife.
Outlaws they were of that clan
which terrorized the border; one of
them crafty and expert in the In
Irlcacles of deception, the other t,wo
' bold almost to a point of mania ; men
who had Instilled the dread which
Hardy had come to understand.
Their names were things' to be con
jured with throughout the country,
like the names of grown up goblins;
and to them attached heinous crimes
in. appalling numbers.
They were as bad, as ruthless, as
; men become, with prices on their
heads, a short life before them, and
stirred to that point of ferocity where
they would go their aggressive way
. kjtla)wVUt4t UJite end.
But when thatdcaiuejtfeejL woujd
J oh Tt c stlt., mka.
f. f.ft Intratt
go without a whimper,' asking only
that society buy its riddance of them
dearly oh, so dearly!
Ytt they held their positions and
waiied and remained silent and
watched a lone man who had defied
them minister to their infamous lead
er. They were docile almost meek.
Ellis Hardy was not even of their
country. He was of a weakened breed
in their estimate of men's strenglh.
And yet he dominated!
There on the threshold they had be
held in him a difference; through the
long process of cleansing and dressing
the wound they had sensed a growth
of that impression; and now he had
stood among them and accused Texas
of a lie, hurling the accusation into
their faces with a heedlessness of con
sequences that was disarming, strip
ping the outlaw of four words of re
ply. Then, as though it were nothing a
mere incident he had turned his
back to them and gone to the bedside,
holding aloof as though even conver
sational contact were disgusting.
And all the time he had been in the
house he had thought that thing; he
had repressed expression of that con
tempt until the pressing portion of his
mission had passed.
He had forgotten their consequence
had presumed upon them; then
when he had time when he had time
he turned to call them liars!
So they sat and watched and won
dered. Without even so much as an
exchange of glances they knew what
the others were thinking. They bad
picked this man with the idea that he
would be putty in their hands; and
here they were, actually cowed by
The rain had ceased popping on the
roof, but the wind blew stronger and
tint ted stove in the coiner roared and
bellowed with the blustering draft.
The smoke from the rancher's pipe
rose swiftty, for he stood where
ascending heat-waves would catch it.
Sam Davort scarcely blinked, so
closely did he watch Hardy's actions.
And Texas slumped forward on the
hard chair, toying with his knife
again, wonder in his hard eyes.
Minutes dragged into hours with
that tensity; eons of time when by
without a spoken word. And not once
did this Easterner, by look or sound or
gesture, betray a symptom of ill-ease;
from his manner he. might have been
watching a case in a dead white hos
pital ward surrounded by attentive as
sistants, with the roar of controlled
traffic coining through the walls, in
stead of in a log-cabin, watched by
bandits at night, alone, knowing not
where, with only the sob of a pralrio
wind outside.
The end came .the doctor held tho
outlaw's wrist between his fingers and
eyed the watch in his other hand.
Then he drew the blanket close to
Sear's chin and turned to look at the
other three, gazing from one to the
other searchingly, granting them at
tention as individuals for the second
l,.ie since he began work.
"That is all I can do now," he said
hruskly, and rolled down his sleeves.
None spoke in answer none moved.
The rancher finally opened the stove
door and threw in more wood.
"Reckon he'll pull through, doc?"
he asked.
Hardy shook his head and pursed
his lips grimly.
"I can't tell no one can. He was
in bad shape when I got to him, with
a lot of splintered bone In there. He
wants care and quiet which he may
not get. if certain people learn where
he I!" with a significant nod.
Texas looked up at him malevo
lently. "How are they going to find out?"
he asked, insinuation In the tone that
clearly meant to intimidate.
"A hundred ways are possible," the
doctor answered, glaring defiance and
contempt straight at the fellow and
Texas looked almost shocked.
This man would not be frightened.
He would not grant that those three
who were In the room with him had
any qualities that might warrant hesi
tation in opposing them.
And they were accustomed to awe,
to a fevered willingness to do their
bidding, to a readiness to agree in
their voiced opinions. But this man
would none of It. He was himself un
afraidand yet only a soft-handed
young chap from an Eastern city.
Then followed his detailed direc
tions for caring for Sears, caution
lngs. once or twice a gentle plea; and:
"Well, that's all for tonight.
Who's lo show me the way home?"
Texas shut his knife and rose
!Tut on your slicker, doc, an we'll
he goin'," he said, without looking at
Hour after hour it seemed, they
rode without a word. The night was
a trifle less black, but objects were tin
distinguishable even beside the track
they followed.
Hardy was worn out, but sleep did
ell CMTiie steps
Ill Tifti CLP PM-HT i
Tmm new "CRai
HOT f t CfiAN I
. if NO HER. To P
V.'ticf l in tMU i )
M tw fvi it1.
.-k . - ... tu -r
P-r'iwi Pi. !.
no! mate "His eyes lieavy, for his mind
sped furiously.
He went over the work he had done
step by step, questioning himself to he
sure that he had made no slip, that he
had Irft nothing undone that might
prove n handicap for his patient; and
all the while he was trying to realize
the situation in which that nijrht's
evento twd placed him. With all his
efforts he could summon no fear, no
It was well toward dawn when they
rode 'mo the Indian camp at the edge
of the town, and Texas pulled his
tangy horse to a stop.
"I'll leave wou here, doc; you can
find your way in now. You want
your money?"
"Who's mentioned money?" the
doctor asked sharply.
"I'll go out again tonight. You'll
come in after me?"
The man hesitated.
"I'd rather not come Into town,
doe. I'll meet you here eight
For a bare instant Hardy pondered
before answering:
"Eight o'clock good."
He turned his horse toward town
and rode on, suddenly tired and irri
table, and Texas sat fon his big horse
watching him go, forearms crossed on
his saddle horn.
After the sounds of Hardy's travel
had died out the outlaw muttered:
"Well, if he ain't a beaut that, or
else close to a fool!"
He pressed a spur to his horse's
side and the animal, whirling about,
set off up the road.
Hardy walked down the street to
ward his office next morning with a
strange mingling of emotions.
A week before he had come to this
community and wondered at its in
nermost secrets; now, this bright,
mellow winter day, he was involved la
the heart of its moat' knotty enigma!
A posse was searching for the
wounded Sears and his followers, and
he, Hardy, was one of the handful
who knew their hiding place!
Another brand of man would have
been fearful of possible results, for he
sensed keenly the retribution which
might be wreaked upon him should
he disclose Information to those who
hunted; but, though realizing, the
ybung doctor wasted no thought on
such relote consequences,
such remote consequences,
np more, no less.
So long as he needed aid. Hardy
would give it, and, in giving it, his
Hps were sealed. Low as were the
men or the bandit, trio, he held their
confidence sacred; great as was their
menace in the community his hands
were tied until his relationship with
them became less binding.
He lonihed Soars and hi:; ilk, yet
he would have held himself even be
low them had he considered the pos
sibility of violating the trust that they
had reposed in him, cloaked at lrtst
though it. was with a ruse, backed by
a lie. lie had accepted the situatiou
now he would see it through.
"But there's a time coming to you,
Mr. Sears," he said, speaking half
aloud under the strength of his con
viction, "when you'll do well to let
most anybody else know where you
skulk!". . ... ..
Robert Carr, Solicitor.
State of Illinois, County of La Hallo.
88. l.a Salic County Circuit
In the matter of S. 11. Lewis, trustee,
vs. Margaret Woodward. In Chan
cery, No. 22104. On Bill for Fore
closure. Public notice Is hereby given that
In pursuance of a decretal order en
tered in the ahovo entitled cuu.se, In
said court, on the 2Drd day of Febru
ary. A. 1). ISIS. I Harry O. Cook.
Master in Chancery of said court,
shall on Friday, the l!Hh day of April
A. U. 1918, at the hour of eleven
o'clock In the forenoon of said day,
sell at public auction, to the highest
and best bidder, at the north door of
the county court house, In the city of
Ottawa, in said county, the following
described ' real estate, situate in
the County of La Salle and Statu of
Illinois, tn-wit:
Lot Six (ti) and the West Half (W
ty) of Lot Five (S) In Block Four (4)
In Gum's Addition to Marseilles, to
gether with all and singular the tene
ments and hereditaments thereunto
Terms of sale: Cash In bund on
day of sale.
Master In Chancery.
I'tolMl. Ottaw.i, III.. March 19. A. I).
IK 1 8.
"IhaT UNf tl I
in rc ueitt; J
Notice to Contractors. j
Sealed proposals will be received on j
Wednesday, April 17, at 2 o'clock p.)
in., for certain work including gate-:
way at county home; brick cistern at!
county home ami fencing at detentfcxi 1
home. All acco.ding to information
and plans wh. h may be procured H
tho office of Jason F. Kiclnrdson, ti .
architect. 508 Central Life B'dg., Ot
tawa, Illinois. .
The right is reserved to reject any
and all bids.
Chair. Bldg. Com.
Ottawa, Illinois. April 6, 191S.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed bids will be received by the
undersigned until Saturtmy. April 2'
1918, 10 o'clock a. m., for general
cleaning up as per specifications on
file In city office.
W. W. Curtis.
City Clerk.
WANTED Local man wants experi-j
enced automobile salesman or a
good live wire. Address "P" this ot
WANTKIJ An experienced saleslady
at Engel's Clonk Store.
WANTED want to buy a houso on
north side for $1800. Cash. Please
send in, bring, or phone your offer.
T. B. Farrcll. Tel. C4S-W.
WANTED Girl for general house
work for Mrs. E. W. Weiss. Apply
to Mrs. C. Griggs, 1033 Ottawa ave.
Tel. 60.
WANTED Man to drive auto truck.
Good wages to right party. Do not
telephone. Gelger the Grocer.
WANTED Oirl for general house
work. Mrs. 11. F. Lincoln, 824 Ot
tawa avenue.
FOR SALE We have several lct3 for
sale that will average abouc one
acre of land; can be had now fori
$600.00. Easy payments: would he
especially desirable for poultry or mar
ket garden. Tel. 957-W. j
J. O. Harris &. Son. ;
129 W. Main Sr..
FOR SALE Four building lots in i
East Ottawa. Two single and two1
adjoining. Also two lots West Ot
tawa, to be sold as one lot. Frank 15.
Graham, 402 Moloney bldg. Tele
phone 385-W.
FOR SALE Old papers, clean and
folded. Tied up in Hie packages. Call
at Free Trader-Journal office.
FOR SALE An oak sideboard; good
as new; cheap If taken at once.
Phone 933-X or inquire 809 Clinton St.
FOR SALE A Titan 10-20 kerosene'
tractor; run over year; as good as !
now. Write or call J. F. Trumbo. I
FOR SALE lied springs ar.d mat-'
tress, loo E. Washington street.
FOR SALE Good driving horse, city j
broke. StrpiiR enough for farm'
.,. -, ,, rr...i An i .am '
wora. ian lei. iiu-w. at iwst si a ill
FOR SALE 12 to 15 bushels of good
homo grown rod river early Ohio
soed potatoes. Mike Monahun, W. Ot
1125 Columbus St. Phune 225 Y.
Silver fills "ia to $1. Porcl. crowns,
$5 Gold crowns $5 to $8. Plates $5 to
$10. All work guaranteed first class.
Office hours i a. m. to 7'Sll p. m.
Don't matter if broken. 1 pay $2.00
to $15.00 per set, also cash for old
gold, silver, platinum, dental gold and
old gold Jewelry. Will send cash by
return mail and will hold goods in
days for sender's approval of my price.
Mall lo L. Mazer 2'OT s. 5th Nt.( I'hiln.
Pa. . I
1 ;-v n
Classified! Advertising
Advertisements will be inserted In
this column not exceeding five lines,
three times, 25c; one week SOc. Each
line over five, 10c per week addition
al. All advertisements in this- col
umn must be tpaid in advance.. No
advertisement will be Inserted in this
column for less than 25c.
FOR RENT Modern home, t acres
of ground, chicken yards, barn and
garage. West Ottawa. $35. J. O.
Harris & Son.
FOR RENT Modern houses ia South
East and West Ottawa. Prices
right. J. O. Harris & Son.
FOR RENT Flat at 217 Main street;
modern conveniences. Enquire at
Kneussl Bros.
FOR RENT The west halt of the
double house on Congress street, No.
422. Will be available in short time.
Eight rooms; furnace; bath; largo
airy rooms; a fine home; $27.30. T. B.
Farrell, 100 W. Madison street. Phone
FOR RENT Eight room fiat. Steam
heated; all modern conveniences.
Apply T. W. Burrows.
TO LET Modern house, all new dec
orations. Fine garage. Also mod
ern cottage. Choice location. East
Ottawa. T. R. Godfrey.
FOR RENT Two offices In the Claus
building; one two rooms and one
three rooms. Modern building; fine
equipment, heat and janitor, low ren
tals; fine opportunity for some one
Just starting or dissatisfied with their
present quarters. T. B. Farrell, Tel.
j K48-W.
FOR RENT 2 or 3 furnistied rooms
for light housekeeping. Modern
conveniences. 623 Illinois avenue.
FOR RENT 7 room house. All mod
ern. Located in East Ottawa. Pos
session ut once. $35.00. F. fi. Graham,
Moloney IJklg. Phono 385-W.
FDR KENT 3 rurnlshed rooms for!
light housekeeping. Electric lights!
hath,- furnace heat, gas range for cook-j
in,','. Center Oitawa. $15 per month.!
Also want 3 or 4 boarders. Inquire
at. this olliec.
MCST SELL 410 ACRES -Slock,!
tools and furniture, new buildings,
level land, black prairie soil, some
limber, good fence, good roads; price
$38.50; each terms. John Zeman, Ma
ton, Noxubee Co., Miss.
FOR SALE arm, jco A. weil improv.
ed, central Minnesota ut $55 per A.
2030 A. same locality, not improve;!,'
at $30 per A. One tract 1 lo A. at. $20 j
P"r A. W. R. Pusey, Claus I'.ldg., ;
Phone C23-R.
FOR SALE-Seven farms La Salle Co
from $I'.I2 to $30o per acre. Threi
of these farms are very near Ottawa.
W. 11. Pusey, Real Estate & Ins., Claus
1 i
If taken at once, 150 acres of good j
torn land, well Improved, located onci
mile from Ltica, 111. I recent ! 'radedj
for this (arm and wish to sell i ih-j
In the next. tn days. I also have .at
a'-res 12 miles east of Ottawa for sale,
or rent, and 160 acres in Redwood i
county, Minn. For further particulars!
call on or address Wm. Jamison, iiOJ1'
Armory I!lk., Ottawa. Ill
acre farm; good buildings, sandy
loam soil. Near market. Stock, ma
chinery, crops. Price $8,000. Easy
terms. Have hotel for sale, Edward
Poniainville, Grand Rapids, Wis.
LOST On U Salle street, between
Gayety theater, and Main street, a
ladles' green leather purse. Finder
plca'to brln:: to the timely theatre or
call 340 V.
FOR SALE Seven room house with
four lots and barn. Also five other
lots. Inquire at 419 Marcy street.
FOR SALE 7-room Bouse; all con
veniences; street paved; 3 blocks
railroad and electric to Chicago; near
school, college. Lot 88x!S0. Price
14,000. Terms. Owner, Leila Moss
Martin, YVheaton, 111.
FOR SALE Three houses in East
Ottawa; all modern Improvements;
garages. Prices reasonable Miss
Gertrude Harris.
FOR SALE One of the most conven
ient and complete residences In
central Ottawa; large grounds; $10,
000. Fine old residence on east side,
$4,300, and two other quite desirable
places. Also a six room house and
barn, $2,300. W. E. Pusey, Claus
Bldg., phono 633-R. ,
FOR SALE New 8-room hou.se In
West Ottawa; hot water heat, bath
room, laundry, hot and cold soft water
on three floors; $5,000. Misji Gertrude
Harris. '
FOR SALE 8-room bouso in Center
Ottawa; modern Improvements;
hardwood floors In all rooms and
closets; new garage. Miss Gertrude
FOR SALE Desirable residence pro
perty in all parts of Ottawa. Three
North, two South, . four East, four
west, four Center. Prices from
$3,600 to $8,500. Terms reasonable.
Call Frank B. Graham, telephone 385
W, 402 Moloney Bldg.
FOR SALE In first ciass condition, a
coltape, I'i blocks from city prk.
Toilet, gas, city and cbtern water and
barn. Enquire at 1012 Clinton street.
FOR SALE A country home, about
six acres nicely improved with new
bungalow, barn, garage, chicken
house, etc; well, cistern and concrete
cellar. Fruit trees, bushes and gar
den; near Ottawa. See W. 11. Pusey
real estate, and insurance; office in
Claul) JSklg. .
FOR SALE 7 room house with 3
lots, cistern, well and cellar, Gl iver
street. South Ottawa. Also new 5
room bungalow, Christie street, and
house on Campbell street. Also sev
eral vacant lots. W. R. Pusev, Claus
FOR SALE-Dwelling where I live;!
also one next door Webster and I
Clay streets. Finest building lot on j
west side. Can make good loan on I
eiuier. several oi lier places. I . A
Hathcway. Central Life Bldg.
FOR SALE--The Flynn home at La
fayette and Mulberry Sts. 6 rooms,!
furnace, electric lights, bath, tine corn
er; newer assessment puiti in full;
pavement not yet due is unpaid and
price herewith Is subject to unpaid
paving; ?2.6.i0; a real bargain,!
Call for further details or to arrange
an Inspection. T. B. Farrell. Tel. j
FOR SALE I have a customer who
would sell the residence, 415 Lelaud
street ut something less than its full
value. One story frame cottage, five
rooms, line location. Call for particu-
j ,-s ut above address or at oflice ofi
1. ;;. Farrell. Tel. 648-W. i
FOR SALE I havu for salo a tine!
large home on a swell corner, j
east of Clay street. I want a buyer
who Is able to appreciate its value j
and will simply answer yes or no to,
the otter which will he made. My
customer is not willing to publish
more than this. If anyone Is seeking
a fine large home on a swel corner,
I invite him to call mid get the facts.
T. B. Farrell. Tel 64S-W.
FOR SALE Desirable 8 room modern
residence, with garage. Center Ot
tawa. Owner leaving city. To make
quick transfer property is offered at
low price of $.1000. For further in
formation call Tel. 3S5-W.
Flank 11, Graham, Moloney Bldg.
f r.j rin CfL -7!7rfI
liOHE ?
- I'll 6COH
UP ee uxt
1.C HTt
Professional Card:
Attorney at law, 210211 Uoionai
Bldg., Ottawa, Illinois. Telephones:
Cfflce, 375-W. Residence, S12-Y.
Attorney and counsellor at law aid
solicitor in chancery. Will practice
law in the several courts and In
the federal courts. Special, atten
tion given to all real estate casei
of La Salle and adjoining countlea
Including drainage questions.
Physician and Surgeon: 'phone office,
322-W., residence, Main MS. ' Of
fice In Armory block. Professional
calls In city or country will receive
faithful attention. Ottawa, 111.
Physician and -Surgeon, office, at resi
dence, 810 Columbus street. Office
hours, 1 to 3 p. m.
Osteopathic physician, 402-3-4 Molon
ey Bldg., Ottawa, III. 'Phone: Of
flee, 385-R.; residence, 367-K.
Osteopathic Physician
Phones: Office, 215-R; Res., 675-X
Moloney Building Ottawa, III
(Effective Sept? 9. 1917.)
Eastbound cars leave Ottawa sta
tion for Marseilles, Seneca, Morris,
Minooka, Rockdale and Joliet, 111. in
A. M.-5:4S,-6:10a, 7:50, 9:50, 11:50.
P. M.-l:50, 3:50, 4:50b, 5:0, 9:00,
Cars arrive from the west, at 1:00
a. m., 8:45 a. in., 12:50 p. m., 6:60 p.
in., 11:35 p. in.
Westbound cars leave Ottawa sta
tion for Chautauqua Park, Starved
Rock, Utica, La Salle, Peru, Spring
Valley, Ladd, Le Pue, Bureau, Prince
Ion, In
A. M. 5:10d, 5:50c, 6:50d, 8:20c,
II :50c. 10:50d, 11:60c.
P. M.-l:50e. 3:60c. 4:50d, 5:50c,
7:50c, 9:f,0e, 1l:00f.
Cars arrive from east at 6:50g p
m., 12: 12 a. m.
Southbound cars leave Oltnwa sta
tion for Mclnley Park, Grand Ridge
and Streator. in
A. M. 5:50, fi:50h, 7:50, 9:50, 11:50
P. M. 1:50, 3:50, 5:50, 9:00, 11:35.
a Marseilles and intermediate points.
h Marseilles, Morris, Seneca and In
termediate points.
c Princeton and Intermediate points
d Ladd and intermediate points.
o Princeton Ladd and intermediate
f La Salle and Intermediate points
g Sundays and holidays only,
h Daily except Sunday.
Fares to Chicago, III., 'i Joliet, li! ,
and Chicago & Joliet Electric Rail
Every Saturday and Sunday. 1
C1 Kfi roul,(1 '"'l1' Tickets limited
vbliUU until Monday, K:oO noon,
following date of sale (or return trip.
$175 round trip, $1.00 ono wa. Re
turn trip limited to ten days.
Phone '(tots for full information
"WANT? ADS. I Tllfc
... .1 ,1 I I

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