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Ottawa nu:i: TUAii:n-.iom:NAL
1 1
PULSED. With Hit AiiuM ii ans iti I'ii iU'K.
.May I! Fitrtf !.ml;mltiitiit nt' :-r-jiiuu
i.-ititnis iiy tht- Auit-iii ;ui anil
Wy has lit'iii'ilished tin- tliiinh at
taiitigny uml several mljao n' t . i'i
ins Mmwi up niai-hnif i:in t-iti sUn -aullt
and m' couiinaiiil iiu.-iw.ms
at Koiitjilit- Sous Miiiitiiiiliff ami
rourtriiiaiit Iip ami started a tii? at
MeSllil-St. it'll! L'tS.
The thiiii li at t'an'isnv v..i Immiiu
U-t'il tor ubsonation by tin' t'tu-my.
Tllf bolll'-iu rdiiuMJt lasvil all n.-'ll'
Tlie cnnciissiim of ilu l'n'toy u;iii
locked thf nitiit' Irmit. The T's
jjouifil In a liurrifiine liiv.
" No Americans Taken
TIip inaiis atf mukitiu .-from:
efforts ta capture Aineri" alii. Imt
vitliout results. N't .-.nuU' Mix'ii
t an has been :i t ur it tm this fr.tnt.
Forty of tht1 enemy atu-miiei !
int-h a section tit our ti fin ln's. throw
in?' lifi'ilailt's us they al ail'
T'nt'.v worn rt.'i'iilsftl liefote they pen
t-t rated our niaiiuieiueii's. leaving
two dt'ad on thf wire.
.Later anutlier atti'iiuu was inarto f
capture on- of our ailoiinetl jiosis.
li was rrpul.-eil.
An American sentry who shot a
tiemiiin dos found a Ho! in a mes
fa;t box on its collar Irom an ciieniy
ofluer akin permission to change
Ji:s iost of conniianij.
Two Companies Honored
Two infantry companies have re
ceived the Kr"iu h w ar cross. The)
beat off a Herman attack April H
north of Si. Mihiel, When enemy
hoops entered the American trenches
tinder a harrrase. "L'esped in frencli
uniforms and yelling . 'Gas alarm" in
French and KnIih. The ruse failed
and the attackers were driven off.
leaving a number of prisoners and,
sixty -one dead.
Camp I'pion. N'. V.. May 11.
Governor Kraiih O. Lowden. of Uli-.
nois. addressed 10,nU soltliers Wed
nesday formed in a Rreat square in
I, front of the Liberty theater. Cov.i
".iOwden came here to sec liis sou,
, Sergt. t'lilliiuui Lowden.
-, "You are to fight for the most sae-i
j. red cause Americii has ever defend-.
ed," said the governor. "The battles ,
you wage, like those of your fore-1
, fathers, will be in the name of hu-t
; - tiianitv for liberty and civilization..
, Our enemy has mad it ilain that all
the' possessions we have cherished as
, .sacred ate threatened by the brutal '
military powers id' the centra! em-,
, pites.
"Sometimes we get impatient when
... ,'.' we hear thai p(uiyment is not eoniing.
fast enough and movements In some
places are slow. Of three things we
need have no doubt the loyalty, con .
M ancy, and courage of you boys. We
will be proud of your deeds while we
' keep ihe home tiff s burning for you."
' Washington. May 11. Food Admin
istrator Hoover iitiiiiiuneed today corn;
nieiil and oal meal should sell Jo
per cent, below wheat (lour and corn'
' (lour and barley Hour l'l per cent, he
" : low. Wholesalers will be tiolltied to
.: Mop supplying retailers who over
r - charge.
'it. i
' ll lakes iiti epeliem t'd elevator.
M Wty, lo W.l a man down easy.
An egg. is b'': I. when fresh, but il a '.
y llltcltlil Willi im olfice boy,
t rf .No docior .an cure what ails uu '
if juu lone a imuu tluuo.-n iou,
.sotlie I'eoplc iile lull of Iril'll ',
i. A u.stj ihev never let any 01 il mil.
ilaii) iuiiii is tkh ill exjieneme
' ttlio titll't taise the piic el meal.
ll'h a waste v'. nine 10 lepeat hair
k Ifci mug Uiiie to baid heuileu men.
J)l)U't (OUIll i UUl' chilkfllH 11 1 1 1 1 1
ijt n-ti u, i ciioii;-li tu bluil ii .al.
Good-natured criticism it, lim kinU '
man aiwa;. ilishci out lo hiui.-a-ll,
, i
Theje is uuiliing hu iipl to make a
! , wajl noiioni.e as the lack oi luont-j. ,
Graft thai doesn't tome mil a UJ !
' i w Mliing may huw up iu thu houing, '
' What luu.it a u isniall hoj U how
ti inn juullni tan wear sutli a hoi .sliu-
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Alwuys beura ,
SignAtur of
f -
The Maker of Bandages
Red Cross Workers Solve in One Minute the
Mystery of the Stony Hearted
Mrs. Britt.
A rtltittV'iid In not the hardest thing
In the world. A diamond will cut.
glass mid lime thromh case hardened,
leiupi ivd ihiooie steel, but -tn and
steel the diamond ilself loo are soft
(oliipaieil In -nine thills. The li.U'le-t
thing In the world is a bard woman.
Mrs. l'.riit ,!, h :i womtiu.
1 have seen hard v,,uii, n in m Mine,
btlt never one who was harder. She
smiled seldom, :ihd when she -miled It
was like the tlilli-r of ,e. She spoke
Itifreipieiii I y, and when she spul.e lu-r
speech was the llld,le of hail 011 slale
rmilin.'. S ho did Imt look lis if she had
ever wept In her life.
livery morning I',, lit appeared
Ht the Led Cio-s auxiliary in upper
I',r,,ii,Kvay. She was (he lir-t to arrive
III the inoniin, (lie h,si p, leave lit
flight. No one knew tun, h about her.
though. She ias not the mum 1 1 iti 1
I'ltlke eolilidoiic s. Pan ihal she was
worker a hard worker no one would
dispute. Lile ion, , us you'd suppose,
was 11 trull of Mrs. Prill's,
Are Efficient Women Hard?
Efficiency dreadful word that ! How
td'ieii haul women are cilielenf! How
oflen elllch lit woman are hard! She
was both, Mrs, priii. The moment she
tiime in at the door she had her hai
tind J:o kel off. The next instant she
was at. lo-r place, her mouth set, grim,
austere ami hard - bard at w ork. Prob
ably she did her work onh from n sense
of duly. I bu d wot
icn always jirofoss
that trait. Duty, duty! Put, then,
few women are ii s bald ii k Mrs. P.ritt.
In conira-i to her was Mrs. Fa flow.
She was soft and womanly mid gentle
ihe exact opposite. She was md
very ellii icnt, of course, though she
uieil, Day nfier day Mrs, I'urlovv sut
ut 'he work table, her mouth quiver
ing, smiling wist fully, ihe tears slnrtlng
In her ejos. The bandages that cume
front lief were oflen soiled and rum
pled, poorly sewn, too, by her poor lit
tie trembling lingers. It. was u won
der she could even see lo sew III all.
Again and again what she turned In
had to be thrown nvvay.
I'ut tm one I'cprlmnmlcil tier. No ,,ne
even let fall a hint Ihal she was more
nfa burden limn n help. The hcurix
of nil those women, ached with vv tin -
ly pity for (lie poor, slrh kcn mother.
Once In nwhlle, though, In her corner
nt the hack of the room Mrs, P.rit t
would turn itround iind throw a glance
at her. The glunci' was as hard as
rocks bin der, in fact. .
Mrs, I'urlovv had a son In the lialu
bow division, The son w as w oldest
tif her four children, ami until he went
Nwtiy the little luolher had been the
bM'plest woman in the world,. Now any
flay la- mltfht be otdei'nl off to t lame.
"A Great Net of Mercy drawn through,
an Ocean of Unspeakable Pain"
Of the Vigilantes.
Ills pk'lure was in the lo. ket she ;
wore. Tlwry half hour she would s.ion
lo-r work 10 look at ii. Someiinie-, lu-r
face- wistful, she would show ll to Mo
uther workers, voicing the anguish Moit
wi:b euuy Waking breath she drew
twanged hollowly in her mother's heart.
One M'enioon Mrs. I'ailow s oal--si
daughter came hurrying in. Ib-r f,o-o
was whin-. She had jusl bailed liiat
the Jlalnbow division bad been orden-l
ov erseas,
Mrs. Fallow rose, her l.ee tia-ie.
One g Lin, i- she gave about her, M.en
she collapsed, sinking to ihe tloor. In
her fall si veri uriieil a huge pile of
antiseptic gUIIXc torn ihlo .squares
for Trkiicjiilnrs No. l:'.
The room iusiatiMy was In confu-si-m.
Instantly evet v one sprang 1,1
the mother's ah! Ihal Is, every one
I"il Mrs. Fo'lit. She
the han'higes under
face hiird as nails,
rose and rescued j
foot. Then, lo-r ;
rimly Mrs. p.rit t j
went hack to her work. When Mrs.
Farlovv, still stricken, wax led tiway to
her car outside the drab llgure In the
corner was plugging away as niechnti
I cully and methodically us ever. Tht
one glance she threw over her sbotil
der at Ihe weeping woman wn almost
eoiiteitiptuous. ,
A hard woman, Mrs, P.ritt; n heart
less one, too. It was ngreed.
For days nothing was seen at th
auxiliary of Mrs. I'arlovv. It was im-
! 'lersloml that hi her grief and appre
hension she was III In bed. Then one
nfternoon, pallid and tpiiverlng, she
came in at the door. She siniled'vvlst-
fully when the others gathcr,fl about
her. "Let
to think."
me work," she appealed
'Work tuny help mo not
Her Bandageg Worthiest.
She look a blindage ami tried to
sew. She made poor work of It, how
ever. Then her heild Mink on her
breast, and the bandage slipped from
her bunds. "I cau l oh, I can't 1" she
Once more she was led nvvay.
The stunt' thing happened three or
four days biter, A week llller the
: mother wandered In again. I'.y now
j the first of the troops were In the
trenches, uml her pule, transparent
i faro was like a wrnlib's. She look n
i bandage ; she tried to sew, and for il
third time Mrs. Farlovv gave In,
"Oh, my boy, my boy t" she walled.
The next liisiaiit n face was ihrmt
Into hers. Tim face wu Mrs, Itrltt'n,
tind the hard, bony visage was tptlver
Init with III concealed anger anil eon.
"Sit- down! stop Id" mild Mr,
llrllt. Willi one huud h thruai Urn
' 4
bv t'batles enia Cibsoil.
Farlovv back mi her chair; witfa the j
.oilier she Ihru-l at her Ihe half liu- ;
ishcl bandage. Her lone us grim as 1
her laee, j.,e spol.e, and aain Ihe j
sound of it was like hail pattering on j
slale. "You're not thinking of voiir I
son," she stud. "You're Just thinking
of .vour.-'-it !" i
There was a unii'mur of remote j
sirance. Mrs. P.ritt heard it, and slm j
; II, e bed a lool, aboul !ier. p.ut w hen I
Mie spoke again il was lo Mrs. I'arloW
i -he spoke. '
i Think of Your Son,
1 "You're led ihe only mother In Mil
: war," she said. "If yon thought a III- i
lie mote aboul Ilielu uml il little U'SH j
! a html yourself t,Mt't be doing some-'
' thing. You'd e htdiiiug your son, for I
uiie thing !" j
j "Why, what do joil ineaii':" gastied 1
Mrs. P.ritt smll.-d another adamant, '
Icy hlllile.
"Your son wouldn't die for want of1
'fire. Any one of those linudages I've !
seen you ruin might save his life. Any
one of them might save the life of
.some other mother' 8 son I"
Mrs. Fa flow shrunk as If she hud
1 a si ruck, she'd never thought of It
Ihal way before. v
The silence, t he grim reserve, which
had cloaked Mrs. p.ritt sti-nied for a
moment to iuit her. "I have no Ron,"
she said, her llinty voice biting out the
words. -J hd one, but lie diet) ut
Muaiilannmo. It was in the Spanish
war," snapped Mrs. P.ritt, "and there
were no bandages nothing. That'
why ,e dbd. That's why I'm here
now. It's to keep other women moth
ersfrom becoming the sort of woman
1 miii." A harsh. htUlle laugh esenned
j her. "oh. J knnvy what. you think of:
me. I ve heard what yotimthl. Well,"
said Mri P.ritt, "ruy boii wouldn't have
died like that maybe If I hadn't wit
ii round sniffling iinri stutfltlng, never
doing a tbing,"
Then, her Hps drawn Into a bony
smile, she glanced tibout her once
more tind stalked hacU to her place In
the corner.
That night Mrs. Farlow roue from
tier place nt the linniluge tnlde tind
nought the table at the back. For the
first, time that tiny Mrs. Farlovv bail
iniituigod to create half a dozen haiwt- :
ages, none of which ha,il to he thrown
ll w ay. Timidly she held out a liliml to i
the drab, dingy flgurn In Ibo corner. j
"I I've done better today," nil Hbl i
Mrs. P.ritt looked up at her. Out of
tllCl r,,l-ll.,H I....1U Mt'A ...llttttllllllt ',
, iwio, i .,i niie fcllini.j' r-.o,, h
welleil, then fell, runnlnK slowly tlovvn
her cheek.
"Me tvi yjtly twu'iity. , U M U 1
hud," auld Mrs, JJria
r..nii-ibi i
Mr, i:.-f Hartley and sister, .Mrs.
J A t"ise'-u t' and dansbter. tut"
I. a S.i!' sH"i;ers Thursday.
.!. II H.iunoti went to l'bua:;o
Thursday to a tend to business mat
ters for a c eipie of days.
Mrs. Catherine Shinski wa a La
Salle .-hopper Thursday,
.Mrs. .McKay, of Peru, visited with
fnends in I'tica Thursday.
.Mr and Mrs Ceoige .M.trsh. of Ot
tawa, visited with relatives in I'tica
Thursday eveiiini;
Mrs. T. K Wheeler was ;i La Sail.'
caller Thursday
The annual exhibition will be held
tonight at the I'tica public school.
Curds were received b ythe numer
ous friends ei Thomas Harrison, well
known in I'tica. lie will be ordained
a prie-t in Chicago Monday.
Mrs Mary Taylor, of La Salle, vis
ited at the home of Mrs. P. N'eary. in
I'tica. Thursday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ittsktmi are
the parents of a baby girl. The moth
er was formerly Miss F.ilen Folrod.
Deputy Sherift Fred Steelnan. of
(litawa was a business caller in I'tica
Thursday. ,
Miss .lean Wixom has gone to
Camp Pike, Ark., as a trained nur-t
Relatives received the news Thurs
day announcing the death of John
liaker. in Chicago He was formerly
a I'tica resident. He was born in"
I'tica thirty-three years u;;o. He was
employed as u barber. He was found
dead in his shop in Chicago, his neck
was broken. He is survived by three
sisters. Mrs. Julia H.11111011. Mrs Celia
Skyes. of I'tica. and Mrs Crace Marsh
of Ottawa, and two brothers. Charles
and Matthew, of I'tica, No arrange
ment hae been made for the -tun era I.
lie is well known in I'tica, and has
inanv friends here.
Strange Contradiction.
"I'e mull ilal doti'l ee do LeJ-tit side
o,'life." S.ii.l I'n.de Illicit, "i . generally
de Mine feller ,1: I's ulrabl of Ids
Cut This Out It Is Worth Money.
DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out this
slip, enclose with :,c and mail it to
I'oloy jc- Co . L'S;',r. Sheffield Ave.. Clii-.
cato, 111., writing your napje and ad- j
dre.-.- ( learly. Yovi will receive in re
turn a trial package containing
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound, for
t'ouah.-t, colds, and croup; Foley Kid
i siey Pills, for pain in side and hack;
rheun.aiisin. backache, kidney ami
bladder ailments; and Foley Cathartic
Tablet-, a wieiie-c mo and thoroughly
cleansing cathartic, for constipation,
biliousness, headache ami sluggish
bowels. For sale by W. D. Duncan.
quickly help to strengthen
tno digestion, stimulate the
liver, regulate the boweh
and improve the health
by working with nature.
l.argFit SftU of Any M- l in in lite Wor!tl
SolJ ry where, lit Bote. 10c , 25c.
If toltnii in time tM fiilcliim 'ompmitut
iHixnns the risk of rhrnnic throat or lunv
trouble, Atl ihe remeiliiil rxl tonic qual
ities to' contli'i f-,i ia thin I'uh iiint l um
jiuunU. No harmful rlrugs. Try teem t,,
50 cent a box, including war tax
I'er cult- tir till ilruKKmtn
Kckuiuu f,ubi)rt(ir.v, i'lnlatK-lplii
T.ntik over your stock arid
see if any of them are lousy.
Now is the time to jn'ct after
them. W'c carry a full hue
(if iliscnlVetants, elc.
Lee's l.ice Killer
Wolfs l.ice Killer
Wolf's l.ice Powder
Koherl's l.ice Pow
der and Krcso Dip
Also Other Kinds
Don't Wait Too Long, Un
til Your Stock
(iels Thin.
New and Pretty Lingerie Waists
at Prices that Save, You Money
Rather a peculiar heading tor an advertisement, but nevertheless an
actual statement of fact. Cotton fabrics have rap.dly increased in
price since these models were purchased, which mens that this
wonderful lot of waists represent values imposs.ble to duplicate
later in the season. The Styles are many and of nt vari.
rty. particular emphasis being placed on dainty French and
Domestic Voile models attractively trimmed w.th Venice
and Filet lace with the addition of embroidered Or
oanme insertion in some of the better models.-
Al $1.25 jil:eral assortment of popular
J priced models in attractive styles
of Voile. Batiste and Barred Dimities with a
few colored novelties for those who wifh a
waist out of the ordinary in design. An excep
tionally good line at the price ol $1.25:
Al $1.98 At IeaSt 25 l,itfere"t styles in a
L wonderfully selected line of me
dium priced Blouses, a line that offers vou an
other proof of "Irion's" ability to sell an extra
good looking and endurable waist at a fair
At $2 48 inC a numer excel-
lent Voile and Batiste models in
both Dress and Sport designs for the most part
being distinguished from the lesser priced
waists in the hemstitching and the more elabo
rate trimming. Particularly noticeable is
the new touch given bythe new roll collar.
I At $2 98 Are nundreds Waists of fine
Voiles and other sheer materials
QnrS 4ft in dozens of styles, made beauti-
miu yt.njfi1 by dainty tucks anc Ct?refun
hemstitching with that minute attention to
each small detail of collar and cufTs that is so
essential to the perfectly designed waist. You
cannot but be pleased with these Blouses.
At And up to $5.00, we have a limit-
rtl V0'0 ed number of strictly high quali
ty Blouses in the design of which simplicity is
the strong feature, the beauty of the Blouses
being largely due to the clever tailoring and
stitching of the excellent French Voile used.
Each Waist in this line of French Voiles will
make a strong appeal to the discriminating
Phoenix Silk Hose
At, per pair
Black, White, Battleship Gray, Havana
Brown, Tuxedo and Mouse
! iBBiBiicgaH"" t
1 (?&&-& ssv .
Money Buys Service
Someon e'ssavings now command
your labor someone who is old
and' unable to labor in their own
Your Savings now will bring
life's necessities to your door in old
The First National Bank asks you
to bring your money here and let
the interest be of further assistance
for future needs.
III mn nrci . T T . . . . in . I
t ill rlRSF MTOJAL BANK i '
1 ''i&iw'"' f
Orrjt I. (trrr
MS I l
Colorless r Pile Fices rtTAW Cdcr'i Iru Ki
As Age Advances the Liver Requires
occasional alight timulation. BARTER'S LITTLE

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