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fAOt 1Mtt
SATURDAY, MAY 11, 131.
Tli folIuwiuR i Lh-iir. Howard Mor
Iry's secoud letter to hi parents, in
which he Rives further details of
an American flier cuiniuest over Ger
man arimeii:
I will continue the story about my
Inn to T . I bcitcve I U-f ,
uT where the poimhn-e were jiiithcrcd i
the town sort of i-U-lnat ini? the
fact that two of our aviators brou-.li!
down twi ;crm.ins that moriiiim.
After that I walked around the city
a bit in oidir to tel uiv bearings ami
" Mlf dolnx so I run Into a collide of
Liuteiiatits I knew and tiny directed
me lo the Otlicers Club at the V. M
C A., so I -nt there and rcais-1
trred. It was n dandy da , too.
and I certainly enjoyed it. After
'.!;nt I went down town to u !Mau
rant mid bail dinner It w'a tood but
1 viMi't become ju t iisionii'd to tin' i
Frtut li method of .st'i vim; evt r tltin ',
'liarati' i
T Mn-ut the evening a: the ilub. It'
was raitiltii! and linhtnini; imtside '
There was u youni; fellow there troin
Sycamore mill we bad unite a koih! :
lime playing the Vic.
The next tnorniiiK I put al eijtht
o'clock aud had a most wonderful i
hreakt'aci of ckks. toast, baron, waf
fle and chocolate. I almost thought
I was in heaven It was still rainina :
tmd I had to do a bit of sho)'iiim so
lirst tbiiiK I did was to purchase a:
very tine raincoat. It has a nood tlea'l ;
of style to It and I like to wear it.;
I also bought a dandy cane to carry.'
I left there about one o'clock. Undo'
back in a Ford truck ;tn,l it was'nt :
miv time until I was back here. j
What are you doinj;? I noticed in:
the pit cr I AM. News section) where'
a Republican politician by the name,
of Stctul committed suicide. Thai
wns'ut Stead I ruin Ottawa, was It?
This evcniiu we had a most won
ileriiil little entet tainiuent at the Y '
M. ('. A. and I must say there is iiiilici
a little talent tituotiK the men. This i
is un Irish regiment from Huston and ,
that counts for it. j
I hope you are all well and that my!
Idlers come regularly. With heaps I
of love. j
Your affectionate sun,
Although whout doubt Germain
knows AmiM-ie,. thn.uL-h its .,iicv ,,r
Intrigue aud spyltiK it knows little of
Americans as is proven by the etitirt
mistaken policy of Germany with a
nation that strove to kern its neutral
It y until its patience was finitely ex
When you .see in the feature photo-1
play' production of Amhas ador der j
ard'a "My Kour Years in (reriiuny."j
the representative of Kultur In the
person of the Kaiser as he shook hh
tiuscr under She nose of our Ambas
sador with Ihe expressed warning that
"lie would si and no nonsense from
America after the war," you will bet i
ler understand the reasons for Am !
erica's present position In the world!
conflict. j
The Insolent treatment of our Am-i
hassador by the Kaiser, theoretically ! IWKsenBisrs ror 1 nica:o.
Liiitainoiint 10 the latter's shaking his i Misses Susanne and Helen SwTi
liuscr in the face of our president and !xvr 111 u ChicaKo this morniuK for a
of our nation w ith w hich he w as nut i s'u,rt visit-
even then ot war, is only one of thci I'orter Taylor went to CI1i1a.uo this
long series of Incideiiis which a r,. moriiinn to spend the week en;l vis-
only appreciated at their true value
when seen in seijiience as they have
been seen by the Ambassador him
"My l-'our Years in Ormuhy" is a
ig dramatic production that w ill give
Americans a better understanding of
the must important page in world his
tory. It will be shown at the (layely May
10, 17. lx. almost direct from a
long Chicago run at the Colonial.
A special "Mother's Hay" service
will be held tomorrow uiorniin: nl
I'JlIIO o'clock at the Illinois Ave.
Ktangelical Church. The lollowitiy
program will be given:
Sung iScliool.
Scripture Uev. Divan.
HeeltaUon ---"Maliy's Creed" - .Vm
Song-"What 1 Do . for father and
.Afother"-(J-lndys Colwell, Mildred
Marsh, Solum Clark.
Ilocitation "Tribute lo Mo'lter."
Claylon lianiber.
Song Stewart Hall.
Ilecitaiion "Mother" '-- Ih-rri.-iSmall.
Duett Helen (iniubei, Pearl Mot
Liz "I'll Meet My Mother There."
(tecltation -"Mother ot a Soldier."
- -Miriam I'aluipr.
Song "Xever Korget your Mother"
- Max Meckenstock.
Uecltaiiou "A I ! nt i till Life" -
Haze) Meckenstock.
Address Mrs. Divan.
Song C liolr.
Distribution, Carnation
Song "Aiui'fica". 'Congi'eg'iitl(.)n.
Unci Eben.
"1 cnn'l help ttikln' noiiee,' said L'u
c!e Khcn, "tint dis tluylighi savin' nln'
prevetiliti' n lot tV people film (min
D I'in' lime ,es' . mhiiic us dev uxeil
hen aho had L'liildreu she gaui them
Wliuu Uuby was sick we eVu bet'
Wliuu slm was a Child sho criuil for
.... . .' , 1
lien she hmtUio MiHa, sho cluti toi
City and Vicinity
t Fled Moody spent y
crt-o on business.
Mrs. Alma Olcson.
tctday in -Ir
vjsi'ed her father I.
Smith Ottawa yesterday.
Mrs. .Mary I tin ks. State Hi: i
IMes'css, of the White Shrine and
Clyde h'vaus. Slate Watchman of 111-'
Shrine tire visit In .Miss Louise Mali m
in this city.
I'eter Itiauchi went to Chicago .yes
terday on a short busiicss trip.
Chas. I . Unftner or the Clirton hotel
has :one to Louisville. Ky., for a sev
eral days business trip.
Lawrence l.vuey went to Chicago
yesterday on a business trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Kos-'er Clark have re
'urned home alter scndinn several
day in Chiraco.
Norman Suite rer
Iowa is spending a
ol Caui iHidj-'c.
short furlough in
Kd. KcaliiiK of Camp Sberuiaii.
rhlllicothe, Ohio, is spendim: a .-hurt
furlough with Ottawa relatives.
Harry Tornovv. of Camp Undue, la.
in spending: a short furlough with '
lawa relatives.
Mr. and, Mrs. I.ouis Cail and Mrs.
Anna Hanley went to l.a Salle last
evening to visit Mr. and Mrs. Mar
tin Wilberts ot the Hawaiian Islands,
who are spemliiiK a short time visit
tnii relatives in l.a Salle,
Miss Falith Willis, who is lakiui! a
course in Nurse tiainini; at Dunind
Hospital is in Ottawa to attend the
funeral service of her uncle C. Kinney
Lincoln Ibimly, of S'.rcator visiter,
Yionds in this city last evcninn.
Miss Anna Hatheway went to Stiea
..or last evening to attend the May
Daiicinn party al the Streator Kiks
Mr. and Mrs. C. Ilocrt of Dayton
,ere O'tuwu vlsitois yesterday.
Marvin Locked of Streator visited
friends in Ottawa last eveninc.
i':.ut Albert llahn of Moulder. Colo,
is visitint? his father Charles
Habll in !
j ' his city.
I Fred SpueiKin lift last evpninn fur
! '"t. I.eavonworth. Kas., for the Siiinal
! rrainlnL' Camp.
Vr and (hi,,,,s KlIls of l,;,v
.on were Ottawa visitors today.
Snx. of Streator. visited with
friends in this city last evenniK.
i .Indue H. W. Johnson, president of
j the Central Life Insurance Co.. left
today for a business trip Lo Oklahoma
U'i'y, Okla., Port Worth. Texas and
j tlier southern points In the interest
! of the Central Life Insurance Co.
! John InKiiess of Hock Island, a for
mer Ottawa reisdetit. is e visit 'nit
j 'i lends in this city.
! Mrs. Cus Mav went to Chicago this
morning for a few- days.
K II. Menallln, who is ftirmiim in
Iowa, arrived in Ottawa today to vis
it relatives for a tew days.
Attorney V. J. Duncan a id wife are
-pemlliiK the day in Chicago.
Miss Alice Hidden, principal of the
West Side school aud her sister. Mrs.
Flizaboth Kinclu'loe, wero morning
ting relatives.
; Titled Ldy as Shemker.
i It is 1111 iniereniuj: fact ibul, nl
though ihc women of Ihe L'uiled King
dom have invaded most emplo.viue.ii.s
' 'Jint formerly were followed chiefly by
i men, the si making irnde bus ijot ex-
1 periinced much change iii ibis respi'd.
1 Vel, SMineibing over n biiiidled years
I 11 k sbuemakiiig was one of ihe "cu-
i plovmelH s of high sociel y" in Loml'ill.
', Lady Surah Spencer, in 11 letter to her
I broi her, written uboiu ihe year l.v.is.
j says: "In the evening we divide our
i lime between music mid shoeiuaking.
which is now t ho Maple inide of the
family. 1 tun today in a simp of great,
vnnity, for I have tmnlp a pair of shoes
there is news for you. So if
other trndes fail J shall cerfninly
iablish myself, cross-legged, at the cor- ,
tier of mi alley lo earn 11 livelihood in i
the midst of leather, awls and. ham-1
mers." I
Don't Have Double Chin. j
Au iiicsiignior declares Hint the !
d'uilile chin can be coulrolled and very
liirgely miligaietl. ll depends largely
tipoii I lie e.'in iage and iosetif Hie bend.
'Ihe person who has n repented chin,
or Is ibfeulened wiih one, should re
call nnd practice Dr. Jalward Kvorm
Hale's famous advice: "Look up, tml
down." The pei'son who sits, or
stiiliils, or walks, wiih lin creel pml.T
iinrt fceops ihe chin up-illied, chii defy
UiO Oreiise nnd the fall.v ridges.
Lemmt Thiis- Cream lopt lirr n
cupful of but ier and two cups of
! sijRflr, stir in tli beaten yolks of six
I eggs, ihe grated vind of one and Hm
I juice of two lemons, a dash of inntiieg,
; a wineglass of brandy nnd the siiun
i d whiles of Ihe eggs, l.im psily
) pans with puff pasie and fill w iih ill
: rnlxitire and bake. Smc cold,
j Casserole Oysier I'ie.-- brown a
I jnineed onion in two tHhlespootts of
! Hour, stir till blended, then add half
j pint ut waicr; cook un'il ihlekeued;
; Hdd oiip pint of oysi..ts with their
I liquor ami season with .mprikn, sslt
and one leaspoon of kitchen bouquet,
ronmve st. oncv from the flip; line in
'tiividiial tssserolen iih plsiii pastry
anu tiakn; cool slishilv : nil wiih
oysipf tilling nnd cover with Isliiee
Cover of ihe. puste.; brown lu t quick
ovcn ,lld P,., bol,
. .
O- O
Miss Ida Clemous iit.'itaini i tin
members of the I'tophm Club of the
j First .Methodist t bnrcli. on Thursday
evening at Iter home M. Sycamot.'
street. Kleven ladie.; attended and
spent a very pleasant evening sewiut;
f'jr the Kid Cross, hainty refresh
eients were set veil by the hostess.
I Tho ineiubers of the Westminster
jtluild of the First Presbyterian chuich
will hold a meeting on .Monday rven
itlK. May Lith. at the home of Miss
Marion Tillman, 7 K. Join t htreet.
.Ml inemiiers of the tiuild are invited
! attend.
The Yount; Woman's Missionary
tiuild of the First Couureisational
church will hold a meciiuir on .Mon
day veiling, in the parlors of Un
church. A picnic supper will be
served at '.'. o'clock under the direr
t.on of Mrs. Waller Mers. usslsted bl
the South Side committee. In the
ivcninu a chapter of
(took" will be studied.
the "'Mission!
ti j
Cb nn Shuler entertained last even ,
intf at the Clifton Hotel, w ith a rour
eourse dinner in honor ot Miss Kiva I
A. liane, and John I. llolf. whose
n.irriaiie will take place jiext week
covers were laid for sixteen Kuests
ut a Ioiik table in the Rrill. which wat
leautit'ully decorated with hearts
r lipids, American Hcauty roses, white
lilacs, ami white sweet peas. The
VticKts were presented with cupid
hais for favors, aud were siven (puin
uiies of coul'ctti and rilibon stream-
is, w ith which lo shower 'he vucs's
I i'i iiimor. v. liner ioiisis were mane
by Miss Isabel CleKg. Fred I'richard
and Itev. (J. W. Chessman. Following
'p dinner the quests went upstairs
to the private living room of Mr. ami
Mrs. L. M. Harvey where a very
pleasant evciiiiiK was spent, listening
to music furnished by Miss Vera Ham
H. KitiKiuaii and Mr. itolT.
The Wonian's Auxiliary of the First
uiiKrcsiniiuiKii cnurcn w in noiu u
meetius on Friday alternoon, May IT,
n the parlors of the church. The af
I'l'iioon will lie spent in new-ins tut'
:he Red Cross. Mrs. W. L, Ktnyre
nnd Mrs.
Will I'carson will be host
The May meeting of the W. C. T. U.
was held Wednesday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Klizabeth KariisworLh.
11 Slate street. A short memorial
service was held for Mrs. Jesse
trrove. one of the meinlers of the or-1
nanization. who died recently. Mrs. j
1). if. Snow had charge of the pro '
Brain of ihe al'teruoou. The next i
nii'etfns of the organization will be I
held In June at the home of Mrs. H.i
C. Telford. 72L! West Madison si reel. I
I The wedding of Miss Hi va A Dane
oldest daughter of Mr. aud Mrs. J. L
, H me and John I.. Iloff. son of M'
'and Mrs. Homer Hoff will take lilac
on next Saturday afternoon. May jxth
at -Hod o'clock, at the home of the
bride's parents. In tlrldley Place. Only
the relatives iiiiifthe close friends 11!
the young couple have been JiivI' mI
lo attend the w edding. Kev. (!. W
hessman, pastor of the Kirs) liavi.d
1 lmrch will perform the ceretnoi.y'
.The couple will be unat;ei'd"d. I'i"
"eding the ceremony' Mis Vera Hani
'will sing Iwo solos, and Miss .ieieii.
Holt a sister of Ihe groom will ;.uy
.1 short prelude. Mi.-s Hoff will also
I sii.iv ihe wedding march, as : le brida'
1 1 y en'crs ihe living 'O'liu ;.inl
! h'M their places in Ihe la w ii
it.)'.',, 11' one end ol' the room, liir1,
1 lie ceremony will lie perl' iiiiied
C'dlow-ing the ceremony . widilii::
,1'iniitKl' will he served lo the ,,uest,,
: and Mr. H.ifl and his bride .v.'.l b. av-
i fill' a wedding trip through the south
M't" .Menu Krug "!' 1 0 1"' '. i 11 e 1 tin-!
: Dayton Hoiueniakers Circle at her1
j home Thursday afternoon. Ow.im to)
tin1 storm only a few were preo'iit..
I Interest in g papers on "'I'm llisii.rjl
lot Illinois were read by Mr, lails,
I Mrs. Masters and Miss Krun, He-!
t'reshments of
were served.
next to
the lit'-.'
and cake,
'i ling ' ill j
'I'll irsday
tie with Mrs
.n June.
members or the Philanthropic
Departinent of the Ottawa Woman's
'('Jul) will be entertained on Wednes-i
day, May 15, at an all day sewliiHj
i parly at the home of .Mrs. K. .1. Kelly,1
12$ Kast Superior street. The day ,
W'll he spcnl III si'vvliiK for the Red j
Cross. i
j The regular May meotliiK of the,
Daughters of the American llevolu-,
J Unit will be helil next Thursday after-;
noon, May 111, at the Home of Mrs. A.
IO. Mutters, on Congress street. The j
ft ports of Hie delegates to the Slate
and National conventions will le
Kivi'ti. '
A larne ninnhef of youni; people nl
feuded the duiieint; parly i?lvcn by the
itiemhcrs of the llesper club hist ev
ouliin at Commercial hall. Orchestra '
music lor the damitiK vvas furnished,
from !' o'clock uiiill inldnlRlii. Every
one littemliHK spent a lllosl enjoyable
evenliih'. !
Kind. Not Critical.
Think ns well its y(ln can of every
one who Is frying in these ,urd timet
to do Ills ffn ( y 1 o be brave, cheerful
Hlnl Useful. Let H pot be unions
Uion- "who wel ttulr tongue like it
Mviii'd ami bend I heir Iiovv.h to shoot
their, arrows, even bhier vvonls."
rtlndnevis help, where eriiicum can-
Aviater Long for Sound of Human
Vaicet When Ht It Soariia Far
Above th Carth.
1 lieeam' corisci.t! i.f h fci lini: i.f
!i(ielines. w rir.-s .In'- s N. II ill. In the
tt:illtle. I rein- irln rcl wliyt J. :.
Iia'l sah! thnt iiiornii!. There vv.?s,
siitetbinu' uiiple:(!!i-it In tbni s.l:iti n.
Soinetblll to n'f'.c elic t. i.k liillinuty
: down t earth: nu te one wi.uer
vvbetber mii sbn'l ever fi-nl r :il'y at
borne In th" liir. 1. I'M.. Ihium iI fur the
sound of human i ices, ami lit! tlwt I '
; ln'Hrd vvs the roar .f the im.tur nii'l ,
' tbe KvvNh of ihf "IihI through wires;
' nnd rllt onri'i vvhbh have im bn-'
mtiii ipnility In Ihem. and are n.. inmr 1
! ceiropnnlonable tlmn the lapping .f the
vvnvcs vvonbl be to n jiimii :mi i ft n a'
i nift In rubloretin." rii'lo-iyiiii' tliis feel-1
ItiC nuil. no tlmtl t. in part respmisiblc
j fur it. WHS the Un iwbiL-e of the fal-;
j Uhllit.v of tliat eiiniicly perfect
i lueeiintiiMu vhien rode n Meadilv1
' through the nlr: of ibe ipib-k r- v
i vhtch that ingenious tirranetuetit of,
j ilt ill mute matter wmild make o nil
1 eternal ml Inexorable law, if a fcxv'
! frpil wires hb'oibl prirt : of the eipially
MUiek, bill less phli'nuitie respi.usc of
iitmtbcr filllible mechanism, tapitble ?
ri"Kisterlnjt boiror, capable. It i r.-ild,
I'wxlns "s I'i,sl ,i,v -evipw in the
M: ' 'f "'"n. and tb.-n
"I't'Me of beeomin euu.lly Inanimate
Determining Age of Planets.
.A novel Idea in esiimiiiiu the physi
cal eomlilion of jilaneis was ptit forth
by M. Veronnet before the Academic
ties Sciences ni a receni nieeiin in
l'n lis. lie bused it tipuu si calculaiion
of ihc (piantity of water that rocks
sudi tis jtranilc nnd porphyry tibsorli
bt fore becuiiiint.' perfecily dry.
He said Unit on the uiunii all water
Vms been roiupleicly nhsorbed by slow
iit(Tiisini,as the reeks tailually cooled.
Venus is still Hiirrounded by a t'dck
layer of vapor, while no water has yet
bfcii cuiiileused on the surface of Mer
cury, Ibis plane! iuiiic still in a 'me
illi.ioii In which lis Keuluieal life lias
not bcKuu, and roiiseipicutl.v no clrnds
Iibvp jet formed on its surface.
M. Veronnet. calculates that, the
rocks of our onnh now coinain nb-
sorbed water which would cover Ihe
j ,n,rtli lo an it venire ilepih of ainiit
JOi) metres.
Most Desirable Utility,
ff I were asked in name whst, In
my opinion, i iie must dtoirnhle t f it- !
iy in modern I i . . I would not name '
th rsllrii.'id, the telrphnne, ll le !ec- i
trie liirlit, ihe it ill oumhil. ihe bit lists '
with thflr flnr festlieT. mu- ihe wimi
eti's drcsse. I would iniint runnlnt; j
wsir In the lion', i in ernnr Craijc, 1
North CsroliiiM.
j "There Are Worse Thing Girls Can
j Do," She Tells Him.
j i'enver, Colo. A masked gill here
j held up Harry Williams, drug "lerk,
I a' I lie point of a revolver, and iciiev
co nun 01 111 1.1.-11, a waicii 11111I a
diamond slick piti.
Williams, who was goiti;: home ftmu
work, was accosted by ihe young wom
an about Ihl re blocks 1 1 ' 1 1 1 his home.
Siie pok''i a gun in his luce wiih lite
stern command; "Throw up your
Williams did so, ami as the pil
bandit vus goin ilinuuh In- pockeis,
she said ;
"J hale lo do this, lull there are lois
worse lliiu:;s a gill call do In gel
Woman Suffeied Eight Years Before
Ascertaining Cause.
Cleardjtdd, l'a Mrs. Kose Sallai k j
ot Johnsonhuig for eibi years jj.ist
litis taken all kinds of medicines to re
lieve ihc "neuralgia" which caused 1
her so much pa iii during i hat time.
Then she went lo a dentist, who ilis 1
cm i-red and impact, looib I;. tug ho' i
.ontally in ihc hard pulnle and who h i
was I'espon.-ihl'' for her pains. Tie
leoih was teiuoed.
Liquid Is Being Analyzed to Deter
mine Its Origin.
Wilmington. Del. A spi'iny of
bright, purple waier has been dciov
ered issuing forih on Soldieis ( up I . i ! I
ll''a!' New ClMle, l.iel, T'iie waur ;s
o.lotlcss and tiistidess. I' is be.ui: an
alyKed to (leipnuiiie its origin.
Wants $10,000 For Ruined Hjir.
Cle.vehuid. 1 1 ui . A bushy ciop "f
thick brow it hair for vents was ihe
p'lile ol Andrew I'. Wood, ol ibis c:';,
bill novv wliat lin.le is le fl i-? pi'enn
tui' ly Kiay, and be has tiled a suit, for
$i0.0t" iijtainsl a siore. alleging that
k buttle of shampoo which lm i'U i"
cliAhiiu theip had luitievl bis hair.
(Mali) want add section pugo Are.)
POU SALK -flood huildiiig that can
iie made in i o dwelliuK, ami level lot
TiiU'o ri. In Kiist Ol in va. l,vw. V,
II. Cuscy, Chins libit'.
WANTKIi ITi;h Krade man.' One
, thorouejily fainlllar with' the min
ion of sand ami clay. A man who
wauls to holler his cundliloii mid have
liei'inanent connection. Musi know
Mm business from A to X. Address
I'. O. Ibix L':!."'. Ottawa, 111. ,
WANiiOlt Two biiitou maker., on
I'ur's uarlers. for steady work. Ap
ply Monday mnrniiiK Fisher Garter
IIAYNK Til K tlAUNI''S"M.Nii'j
' Main street, Of'awa, 111, will .sharii-
oii your lawn mowets, cvrbs. A ti '
exiierl. at the busiueiin, Also Howl
riderless horse wins
bace. and drops dead.
Kpt Lead Throughout, Though Jock.
ty i Lo&t in Stumble.
linslol, Teuu, ILe ftoiy of hovr
Rv M , the flee; rami.; mate of liat
u t lJixitiet. or Abiutoti,. Va , wou 1 he
li.uuipli of a day's tiai k vents ai the
Wise lounij, Virginia, bur rne.-My. is
one a.i lia'hi uc a., it is Hue. Tile r l it
ot 1, mm uiaic snatched wi ?oi Hum
Ueftal, and a moment la'M, wiui" In
iiln eitibiaieil as the idol 01 i:' ow U
1.1. te Jjuip in ilea lb .it ins hi,
Lva M was emend with two' uihcr
burst s for a 111 1 le dash. il r rid"i,
eoufideti' of winuint;, was off a' lli:
drop of thi bat, with the two oifc.-r
lldt-ls liei k and ncek br.ndi! Ins .-pu.
11 cd uiuiint.
The lace slatO'd Ij-:iu 11 till , Willi
Fva M. -auuiu s'' ;n!;: 011 bt r upp
1 1 1 1 1 s uiiiii .-i 1 ' had distanced llu ni at
the half way point, and seemed ilr.-iiu-to
Win easily.
Thai moment, wlu n uin- a', In i
ti. sin stumbled fill leil, put!. in
lief lider a distance, of many fefi.
S'uuiied, the rider lay 111 a lump at the
.side ol the track, while the marc light
ed herself, and wph a sprint, ol te
iicwed Min plunged sttuilil ahead lid-t-rless,
di'tetmined to win the race at
any rust.
Although in the t;me lost by her
tall her opponn'it gained daum rously
upon her, she held her lead as down
'be Hack liny came, on the last lap,
ibiee. spirited racers under lull si cam,
and all closely bunched, but with the
riderless botse pointing her im.se
ahead of the next closest.
Steadily .s!i. gained, wiih nobody 10
uit'e her on save the shunting specia
:ors. She kepi (be lead to the last and
t 111 i.i the strains of baud music and
il.c veils and sbouls of the Ihlon;; Fva
r. dashed aimss the line a lull In ail
rtiid slioubleis in advance and was tie.
laicj tlm winner before he cuuld
1 erne, lo a siop.
lief proud owner mhauctd to 1 111
race his idol. Here can e the climax
of h lia;;edy in iriuniphaiii achieve-m-'iit.
' That moment the racer, t ho
plide of all hearts, uttered a yroaii ol
pain and In r limp body I' ll crumpled
10 the ground. Heath had claimed ihe
I hi roine ot the das events.
$139, U. S. BANK NOTES.
Ruined Bills Are Recovered and
deemed by Treasjty.
Syraeiise, N. V. - A lew days ago Al
beit S. Keiiyon id litis city with a
fii"tid went lo ihe Fisher Snyder
farm a I. Marccllus near here to spend
i be day .
Mr. Keiivou left his coal wiih $l',u
in one of ihe pockets in Ihe barnyaid
while he weni. wiih his couipauion lur
n walk iiboul. the I'srm. I'pon his ie
tuin ihe money was gone. Ken vim
.oni miters made a si -at eh which re
stilted in ihe rce n i r id 1 1, bin ihe
balance id the batik roll could nut be
. According lo Iseiuoli. a cat ling
bull, i In; Mile M ii.i nl of the barnyaid.
looked guiily and acted us if ii Ind
Midigestiea. He suiiimomd pneuir
Stack of Ibis cuy ami Doclor Sullivan
of Macillus, veterinary singeons, who
came In lite farm and perl'ot med an
operalii'll upon the bull, 'l'li'ey fiHimi
a partly masiicaied mass, w 1 1 i 1 1 huie
iJtHt- si'inblanee lu legal currency. The
mass was loi w arded lo Wasliinmon
a n.1 Mr. Kelly oir lias now received I n
c!e Sam's persunal 'check for jilL'l.
The hi, II show no iii elfci is from
the opeialioll.
Masoivc Funeral.
Tiie Masons of Oi'awa are reitnesL
i d to ineei at Masonic Temple at ''
o'clock Sunday al'teruoou lo join ihe
funeral cortat'e here of our late bro
t'ler. ('. K. Sini'h. ami repair lo the
cemetery, and assist in consigning his
remains to mother earth with the cer
emonies of our Institution. Street
cars will be taken at the Hurlingtun
t racks it' West Ottawa.
Cojiv-rlit I 'lis lUrl S.U.i.'birr k Mm
The Store
With a
J v . ' V ' ' i
M vS..' IVM". I B ,ri
Crret Ohnerver.
A rumnf mjt itKr ssys tnt
Jonr.f iuntii b.'illilie Iiii.vi uk,i- rt
M'y ttiari tb utitcr ei,e, 511, , i i,mt
.l-'Hi.' 11 f. r iiii.iiieiiT. I (, miioimr
r ttmht-y Pint em, ,a ttll'ullll ill"
timeU tf n i.iih- ...in:m b.ts, fn
Viemty pj!r:t(e. ,,iiin hnobaml
nhii i),..utbt to- iis s..in.inn- .if n
F....iiin Trio-
Special Jllou.-.i
Hie uliscrx an. e 1
!. I.". ses.-inn el
Kehool. Mll'llCI
souk and story
service. Win n .1
a'lll'es will in II'.,
I tier's I lay al the
n.i,'l;:t Sunday
! boniired in
i:ii; I lie ( -!. i ti i-
ii of ciiairs v. ill
els of tiie scln.l-
'iic!s III the eitv
be I'csem i
ais and all
who will a
Chicago lea; kci h
the Free Trade ,
putt furnished to
urnal by W. L.
Ktnyre, nu iiibi-r ot 1 'hi
Trade. Mohiio y l.tniiliu
(tl ret.pomii-itt .aiu.-.iii
ao Hoard of
. pIlllIM1
Itll..,. .
.V I o ,
I "h
.May ..
July ..
.May ..
.'ul.v ..
( iell
I 1 1
1 L.'T'
2 Full Quarts
Peaches, a basket.
No. 490
If You Have Trouble With Your
Electric Starter, Generator
or Ignition System
Don't have it tinkered with, but bring it to us and we will fix
it, and guarantee our work.
No Long Delays, as we Carry a Large Stock of Parts for All Systems
We Also Repair and Rewind
Fan Motors, Power Motors, Generators,
And Farm Lighting Outfits Tractor Ignition Systems,
Ottawa Electric Co. .
Phone 415
South End of Clinton St.
TO -
Pauline Starke in "Innocent's Progress"
Keystone Comedy "The Lady Killer's Doom"
Douglas Fairbanks in 'Reaching for the Moon'
House of
Hart, ScSiaftaerS Marx
Home Defense Values
Men and voiuil? nicn of Ottawa should
. consider the buying ol
clothes in accordance with the spirit of the
times. Tor patriotic reasons you must con
serve and be economical. Stiefel clothes were
bought becaus they give longest possible
wear. That is why we call them "1 Iome De
fense Clothes." Among this large group of
$30. CO suits arc models far all types nnd ages of men including new
est smart styles and attractive fabrics. No excessive profits here
just full values, top notch quality r.tyl'sh bints.
Other makes
Mjrti wanted.
We have an order for a bud f
drsitt mares to et'.'h from telvi to
tfinu, hundred pounds each. Af
i:n-e to ;eti y.afi obi. MarcS Wltu
.-i llie blemiifies can be u.td. I't'ces
11 ii t !.e reasonabbv Call us up and
fill in . it:it yon have. .
Body Ironers.
Hand Ironers.
Markers and Sort
ers. Starch Girls.
At Once for Steady Work
Watermelons, each
Service Co.
Mart, Schalfner & Marx
at $15 and up
Or Money
riol. - l'!xeitlllje,

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