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Ottawa rru-r: tkadki: - .toitixai.
FRIDAY, MARCH 1 . 1919.
Representative, Brancn Office Pnillimore Building
v i T.m t";i.-i.
'.; Mr-. t Mr:-
.;.,.! V: .. A
. M.tn-ii II
ids Mi,
til- h .: .
I in ih.- ;i:-n
W.-'i ill.
Lees! Ncffs. ' :. "
Mrs. K:li.'i liurM.r r.-t in.e.i :o ;,. i n..??
home in I'liii-tigo ufu-r li.-ltit.s: In l :n-:n
,uir nts, .!r. and Airs. .Ii!i;i Ki.ll.i
Mrs, Ah in MrCiill.meli uf h'.i-t !
line is visiting li. r .;ireiits. Mr mnl i4l
Mr. Juiiii-s ('iirriwiii. in f Ills t-ii? . , ; , , . j
Mrs .hum's Ti!ii!ii..ns : ;n-iit v. ':
(lay ;i f I i'l mil m in (it:m;t. . : ,
William K..ul.y r-i i rrn-ii tn ' i
home in this city after i-itini; m
fisler in Ohio.
Miss II it (if i.-!I.M-;t i. il -.l ffiel:(i:-
111 this city tinl;i.
Mrs. () I'. thirl. M.-iit io.i.i in : ' "
Mrs. Iliirdcite Jolm.n of oiiww.. ' i,:''M
visit-Id today at the hoi.i of Mr and 1,ll'
Mis. Karl Johnson in lids city. ' 1
r'P'dilie I'itis, I . -5. S I'latishiiii'.
returned to N.-w York today alt-r a
several days' furlough spent ia . i -:' I':
illg Mr, and Mrs Kd IVtcrs Sr.
F i t st Annual Dance. :.
A lar-in crowd attended the 1 1 r - t ,m
Dual dance of the Msir U 'orie: - a '. .r
I.O'h;f of this city las! i c:i in t- in t.v
Hi.nie Pi l li -e League Hal!. A U';u i ' .' 1
her of ont-of-town m oile ii " j.r. - '
' 1 1
-I .
A a r
Wocd-ian Card P.vty.
W.ndniaii I .(..!,. :!.
...i! and d. .::
Awaits Disca'ce.
f J.'.'v
'el ia , .- !
:: -day 1
Jol!y T
'!e. !) C:il
M - .1.
.y And- ,-
I'll' la'.
.-.-rii ;.
r' .'!..
t'.-r -
n.i s
Ktttiin:: ,! ;re . i i .
. ; ca n : a : , u,n
:ae oM-naii; o' ii:e .
!' rnied ia'o a i;',.- !i,,
t he :u (ViuiiH.tiat a is
I' s a 1. ait.-. Tile ,m:-.-'
of t . ..i.-:r,.. ;. :
' ' of .: di ( :. i ii :
'' i a; i ; t o in i aa .aie ,..
: ! " f the S. A T. i
Vi'.-'i'i-r: n n: l,.r..
-r I'l"- oil Iho . . i ,
V .-'".,, .., Ik, Ii,.- I; ,
!.. ,-h 1 ao t.i!'.. i ,s 1 ) 1..
-", :' -in (v:.:ul h.dil.
o... ., .) ; !,o;:ia v, ,k
: Th- l.n: . t-, ,.; -
1 4
is a. o
i Ma.
a :h
. - I a ;
o-iho. Man
ia le. while .
ear'oad has
to 'r-a.-nl-
! ii:
- a'.'l f
i Ki:
SpritiKfi'dd. 111.. .March
tars of Illinois am! there
every township, may he
1 I. A SSi'S- !s'll!u
j ,. f,,r dnetion
X-cte.l to wses of
shortly desreml in large mitnhers on , 1 et's
the tifty-lii-st general nssoiiihly and: 1111,1
demand a citrh on legislation intend- hly.
ed to heavily increase their diii irs 1 ' hesi
hi. III.. March II Intro
f lulls raisin i; fees and sal
1 i i , and aiiiionitue oili-
is I o:iii!l a plea-all' :sti;ui'
niemhi i's n ii!o g.. na val asso'n
An unas!.,i!y Ian:' nirnhT oi
have alreaily made tie ir a-
without a corresiionding increase in
Senator Henry i.M. Dunlap of Savoy
has started a hill thi'uiiKh the .senate I
pear tin e -ml hi (-n referred to com
mittees. And word si that many more
may he expei tor.
A hill hy Uepresent.it ive .1 V. M--
to compel them to collect all man-, 1 v
ner of statistics for the use of the I "j,,-""'c
state department of iiuricnlt tire, and
Uepresenlative Oortte K. Iiooley has
-introduced a hill in the house, now
in the hands of the committee on
agriculture. amenilitiK the law regaid-
ing licensing of dogs hy pravidin
of Lemotn, rovides th.n
of the peace an I police mag
istrates shall he entitled to collect,
a fee of tcj in each case in advance."
and if the defendant appears "shall
he entitled to an additional trial fee
of $"." All other fees are increased
in proportion, indicating that justice
i II .C ': : :.d
,i::t '.
rhris -.!'. an,)
r n' I " ta .v i c:i ,'e
Mr-. .V. w on .J,,:.).
ta-. i' etiins w i'h Mr-. K;s:i. r
( la r.i and St n.n" Mi! h-r ,, .
Kid" s pt ut Krci.i e-. . ; Int
home of dl,. Moo
Mr. Klnier ';:'' is on t::e
hS week.
M - and Mr- t'ar-er Moo
day at I he hota" of ( !e Moe
Willi-- a n i i'otter Kr oatul -a
c k end in i 'idem
Mr. and Mr-. Nc.Wou
Kti'tt" Kit! and Clara Mil!.
Sunday at the Klnsrr St;..v la
Alkali in Soap
Bad For the Hair
Pe.it Ussd in Making Fertilizers.
Itaiiaii peat too low in !';;, 1 ;1!ue to
he !..;ed for ta ating Is h, iog trilied In
the manufacture ,,f nitrogen 1. 1 tilizer.sj.
- a
W JV w r -
V c'
Our lines are complete and we ad
vise early buying. Why wait when
we give "credit"? Pay as you get
paid, the small amount of $1.00 per
Ladies' and
Misses' Sails
Ladies' and Misses' Suits, mannish
serges, poplins and gabardines; navy,
delph, tan and Pekin blue. Some tail
ored, others braided - all latest cuts,
long narrow skirts, $24.50 to $50.00.
Many beautiful numbers. All colors and styles, $19.00 to
;t t.
"Each asses.sur shall kill every dog . will come much higher if the hill
for whom no owner or keeper can he
found." This moans the assessor
must carry an arsenal when making
hi . rounds.
Mr. Dooley would further amend the
Jaw hy making it unlawful "lor any
person, and it shall he the duty of
every city policeman, town canstahle
jind village, marshal" to kill 'all" un
licensed dogs.
IS !
passed. The hill further takes into i
consideration ih,, many constahles!
'the sa
sheriff -i
'f coumio
similar serv-
runner tins comp ehielly from the
Amazon. Today the demand is so
Croat that lirazil supplies only nhout
one-fourth of the product. The Malay
peninsula, Ceylon, Sumatra, and of
late the I'hiUpplne Isiaiids, have l.een
cultivating rtihher nliintntions exten.
Soap should he used very carefullv, if
you want to keep your hatr looking its
lest. Most soaps and prepared sham
poos contain too much alkali. This
dries the scalp, makes the hair brittle,
and ruins it.
The best thing1 for steady use is just
mil liiovoioa (ton M , i n i y""""' niuiaiHvu loiyiuui on pvnicit
ami p!o,des that his fees shall he ,s rmro nnH trr-,e.t.c ,i :. t.
-- t - 6.ujuo3, ttiuj i9 UCttCI
tli" f. es allowed to the than the most ncnivi. mm r .
' limn; tisc juu can use.
Une or two tcaspoonfuls vill cleanse
the hair and scalp thoroughly. Simply
moisten the hair with water and ruh it
in. It makes an abundance of rich,
creamy lather, which rinses out easily,
removing every particle of dut, dirt,
dandrutT and excessive oil. The hair
dries quickly and evenlv, and it leaves
the scalp soft, and the hair fine and
silky, bright, lustrous, fluffy and easy to
You can get mulsified cocoanut oi! at
any pharmacy, it's very cheap, and a few
ounces will supply every member of the
lamny tor months.
Hew Lydia E. Pinkharr.'s Veg
etable Compound Relieves
the Ailments of Changs
of Life.
"Purinfr Change of Life I had hot
flashes, duzy spciis and every month 1
was wialwitn mi.: ery
I had a constant du.l
pam, and would
always feel tired. I
suffered in this way
for five or six years
and was treated hv
a physician and toe
Dresses for all occasions. Georgette
taffeta, messaline and poplin, all late shades.
$13.50 to $35.00.
crepe combinations,
Wonderful selection,
-; r!!H!l!!i!lh I'M !i Mill 1
m , . i
d ou ml.;:ii aou u.vft V
dilTcrent remedies S
without b"netlt. fi
have just received a shipment of Flannel Suits om
Many other good
. ic mch-a, uLiicrs mien moueis; taneta lined
1 fTtr4SSX. b mm
values. $l.UU to 44.5U.
Boys' Suits, special "Fiber Steel" double knee and seat,$10
tc $16.00.
Moroccan Charm.
Moroccan wivs have u ret.pe for
Winning l.ai.'k affection. The uspicious
Wife clrnus a line in Iioih v I'min fore.
. . j Iicad to chin ami collects the drippim..
Rubber Flotations rUt'n sh" ni,,s 1 ''' (lf '"'r toiiKU
In the past (he world's supply of u fl!' I,'"f ''" " hu'' ""'I
Seven crams of suit in (he hlixul. This
she mixes witti the honey and puts the
dose in the erring liiishund'.s food.
Hint for Gardeners.
r.uddy was helping work in the pnr
den, when Krnndiia told him to null
Lvdia E. I'inkhmn'a ii
efretabie torn- : a
pound was recent- . H
men led to me and I II
took it. and I believe 1 would never U
have been well if it lul net been for li
the Vegetable Compound and I.ydia. E. I J
t'mkhatn a s-anative asfi. latit rocotti
niendinK your medicine lo ail women ail- :
ii? aa 1 was, for I think it will carry
them safely throuph the Change of Life,
pn l relieve the ailments that com;; at
that period. "-Mrs. ALEXIEC. NaN'GLE, :
Galatia. I'd.
Women whosuffer from nervouaness, i
"heat flashes," backache, headaches,
and " the blues," should try this famous
root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound, and if com
plications exist write the Lydia E. Pink-
Our lines of Lace Curtains,
Fortiers, are very complete.
Rugs, Silverware, Wringers,
malkiiSierger & Co.
229 West Madison Street
Sash Serves as Ring.
Lovers in .Japan, instead of an en
casement ririL'. often irive their future
lam Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. The hrides u Piece of beautiful silk tn h
result ot their 4' years experience in worn us a sash. In.UanopoIIn News.
Bucn cases is ui juur service.
Bively, and it has heen discovered that ! Some radishes for .supper: the irround
rtihher trees will irrmr almost nnv- ' was hard, and Ihiddv had L'rcitt difll-
where along the equator v-hcre there ' ''ulty in tryinc to pull them; linally he
is sunicient rainfall. Rave it up, and jjoiiii; to f;rumlpii said :
. . j "1 wist you'd planted Ym upsidu
TRY TflK KRKK TRAIHvK-JOl'ItNAI. ! f,ow"' 'Irnnpa; then they wouldn't bs
WANT-ADS FOR QUICK RESULTS i " ,lur,i t0 I'u11-"
EngeFs Cloak and Suit Store
The Store of Up-to-Date Goods at Right Prices
i n a fa
a rrnn in n
Fancy Early Ohios, per peck
. 10c
All flavors Mint, Raspberry, Logan Berry, Lime, Etc
Beans, fancy Navy, per tb
Soap Clean Easy, 5 bars for
Chocolate, 1 .-fb. cake
No Rub Soap Chips, per pkg
Toilet Paper, 6 rolls
Red Beans, per tb
Tomatoes per can
Sun Maid Raisins, 15 oz. pkg
Jelly, 2 glasses
Evsporated Apples, per tb
nensn -rand Corn, per can -l5c
Peas, psr can 15
Head and Leaf Lettuce. Spinach, Celery, Green Onions, Cauli
flower, Radishes, Green Peppers, Grape Fruit. Oranges Eating Apples
'Phone 1033
. 10c
Our assortment of Coats, Suits, Capes, Dolmans and Chil
dren's wear is better now than it will be at any time this season,
and while our assortment is large, our prices are moderate.
Why pay fancy prices for your Spring Garments? You can
gt an up-to-date Suit at $25.00 to $40.00.
You can buy of us at $10.90 to $35.00.
We have about everything that is new in Dresses at $8.90 to
We are now showing a complete assortment of Children's
Coats, Dresses, Hats and Bonnets.
The Store of Up-to-date Goods at Right Prices.
J 2-bu. sacks, 120 lbs., Potatoes
Early Ohios, good for eating or seed.
I None Such Milk, small, 6c; large tall
Coffee sale Our Golden Santos 29c
J Our Fancy Peaberry Coffee 34c
S All 35c package Coffees .33c
3-rb. cans Monarch, reg. price $1.30 . .$1.19
Corn Starch, 8c or 4 pkgs 25c
Large cans fancy Monarch Pumpkin .... 12c
J Canned Corn, 15c; 2 for 25c
An extra fancy his?h grade Sifted Pea. can 20c
Fancy new Navy Beans, per tb 10c
6 bars Santa Claus soap 25c
Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce, 1 5c can; 2 25c
Small Cans Tomatoes, 1 5c; large cans . . . 19c
3 quarts Onion Sets 25c
3 Grape Fruit, 25c
Apples, Oranges, Bananas, New and Old
Cabbage, Extra Fancy Lettuce, Spinach, etc.
10-lb. sack best N. Y. Buckwheat 65c
Call One Five Five
. ,
t-i i i HEATRE, Saturday March 15, positively one day only
The Moral Uplift League Announces Dr. Haiselden's Sensational Sex Problem Play. Every Woman Is Urged to See It.
a) Cfll
Showing the consequences of unclean living and I
the results ot lack or discretion between the
sexes. Very Unique.
Dealing with the greatest problem of humanity based on the sensational Haiselden-Bollinger baby case.
Revealing tor the first time life's darkest secrets
to all humanity. Very Sensational. Highly
Showing the extreme contrast between the self
ish man and the sacrificing woman. Absolutely
Scenes of realism that Stagger the Imagination never before seen by the human eye.
Entirely different from all other films. Every man and woman who is interested, in the progress of the human race should see it. Women can positively not afford to miss it.
NOTE This film has been arranged in a most refined manner and is positively not offensive, but owing to the delicate subject it will be shown to separate audiences only
and no children admitted.
WOMEN ONLYaf 1:30 and 3:00 p. m. also 7:15 p. m.
DR. H. J. HAISELDEN of Chicago personally appears in the play
supported by an all star cast. Story by Jack Lait.
MEN ONLY al 8:45 p. m.
".vi, t j ubii i g
... - j..

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