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MONDAY, MARCH 8, 1920.
ottawa rm:n tradkr - .ioljhnal.
mm PKbAUHtKi
The Judiciary, men li arued In state
emit mid liiiicrs ol' linaiii c were
4Miki'ii nf in hinhly laudatory linii'r
during lust ni.uhi's Million a! Hit' Il.ii'
fist church liy Kov. (1, W. 1 licsiiiuaii.
n ioui'hiiiK it i 1 1 1 iIm1 judhiarv llev.
Chessman praised .Indue KhlrrdL',e fur
Ills lirm stand I'm- higher nigral", uhov.
lip refused In dismiss a case in l',e
Circuit court lliadi' famous liy the
iliai liinalinns (fa certain unman uilh
a certain liuiise ul' disrepute. His ref
erence lo a "big miniled, clean mind
hard vvnrkinn man" in reference
hi) Hit t'oiisl tl lit ioriii I convention Is a
l.r Hm! o to President Charles K. Wood
ward of the basic law bod;. .
i Taking his sermon from the toie,
"Thy Kingdom Come," Itev. Phossimin
: ill In pari :
, "Our subject is a prayer on Hie lips
Of millions of people every day.
hat does il mean? Thanks lor (lie
new eni basis on (lie social gospel. Ii
means Ihe pronressivr ruining of tl"
Mnudoin of God lo (his world. II Is
liot coming as a donation from heav
mi. 1ml as an achievement of man in
hi-operatiuii with Cod. As I'anl says,
We are laborers toni'llier with Cod,
ami the task is selling up ihe rule o'
(lod ill Ihe hearts of people mid all
Ihe insliliillons of men. Il Is Ihe hi:',
test business on ear ii and Coil in
vites every person In have a part,
lleinp a I iiristinn is working with
Cod to set up righteousness in (his
Avorld ami to promote the good of all
In all aspecls of life, hysioaliy. men
'ally, industrially, economically, po
litically, morally.
' "'llepent. tor the kingdom id' Cod
1 a' hand,' said John and .lesus. It
Is still Cod's message I() lllt.u
jneans chaime your miiid.' turn aholii
Hiid Instead of blockini; (lie kingdom
y your manner of life, consecrate ii
to Christ by surrender to Him. aim
then get into the kingdom lo won; for
lis more complete n aliza ion.
"1 ran see the kingdom c:omiiig in
(lie achievement id' a dry' America.
It means fuller, richer life for many.
Jt means removal of a corrui tor of
morals, business mid polilics. Il
'means a better day for women and
children. It means more business ant
huppietf- families'. Il means empty
nails, deserted almshouses, ahanlonen
Keeley cure institutions. I' means a
belter day for former saloon keeper
anil their families.
( "I can see the kingdom coming in
actions like ilia! in our court house
the other day when a judge refused
to lift an injunction against a house
fit lircslilu: ion. The govoniiiU'in
Joins hands with the church lo edit
rale lor (he elimination of v ice from
American life.
"I can see Ihe kingdom coming' in
Hie new conscience regarliiiL' inone..
Money getting Is becoming ( hristian
itfed nnd so is money using .Men art
.jceepting tho divine standard of stew
ardship, which means (he use of
; money as a tins' lor the promotion
of the common good.
"I can ser' Hie kingdom coming
from lilting in on ihe notary supper
Hie other evening and hearing a hi';-
minded, clean -minded, hard woKing
man (uirnisily setting fonh win I he
ijelieves to be the principles of a bel
ter state cons' Hut Ion. He stressed
inalienable null's righls of indivhl
iial-i as sacred and' niiisl ho guarded.
He stressed the idea of a com t il iitiou
which would promote Ihe highest wel
lure of the state. And then, talking
ttboif, taxation, he wanted the co-op
eration of follow cilien:;' minds in
forming what would he Jusi distribu
tion of revenue raising prlnriples. To
vfoi'k for belter laws, 1 1 principles of
juMicp in government, to my mind,
Is decidedly a kingdom of Cod task.
' "-Some people have ha.y ideas about
(he kingdom. Some .dune it forward
,to some remote golden iiiilleniiim.
'Hut il's here! And Cod calls men to
cnler il ! II menus living not on the
principles of egoism bul of nusellish
service, 'lie that doeth righteousness
in righteous' and no other is. Chris
Viahily is not a Iheolegirnl intellecl
nalism. it Is the living of a Christ
controlled life. It is idealism Ciirist
urlgluated and harnessed lo Ihe ugly
l-ivillllnu i.l' lil',, t.i L.-.....-jti..., I.... 11......
transformatiou. Cod lias a place for
every life in bringing ihe Kingdom,
Jiecoining a Christian means accept
ing the .place Cod has for us and giv
ing il our full heart's devotion in un
cgIMk.Ii service."
First Clockmaker Unknown.
It Is iiiii'erlain vvl'ien the first
lock I
was C'otistructeil. lis inventinn la
t'ltiitueil by many nations. There is a
tradition that the lirst clock was In
Voted by Ihe Chinese In the year IJOOO
IS. C, nnd tiiioilier thai il was Invented
lit Cormnny In the eb-venth iPiilury.
'J'.lle lirst clock of which wo have any
desi'l-iplion Is Ihe one which was set
ttv the tower of the pnhioe of Charles
V. of I'' ration In 1 : VI by a iiian mimed
Henry DeVlrk.
'The Iptlers in tin1 alphabets i,f tha
world vary fi 1J to l'o.' in numher.
fln Mnvvnllnn alphnhet has ihe small.
Mt iiumbi'r, the Tiirini'i.in ihe largest.
Thi; Hoard of Supervisors
will meet
tomorrow atternoon at !:(
As' the Weekly Pair Dealer Is now
ijierscd with thu Free Trader-Journal,
II blllH clue the rrlr Dealer are now
tie and should h paid at once. An'.
iinu liavliig an account against in?
ifuir Dealer or myself should mail
K 10 IJUi JK'W.
.Miss H ut It I l.i ii na of Gary, Ind .
spent the week end with her parent1-,
Mr. anil Mrs. Fred llaiina. '.i.'.'i Ollava
Mr. and Mis. li. W. Shradcr of U'esl
Main sired spent Sunday in .Momlo'.a.
Water I'eMlion ol Gary. Ind., re
turned lo !, is home in thai cily after
a visit with i il.it i is and friend:,
Phalli1,; I'ctillon speiil Silt;. lay in .lo
liet. Mrs. George Goodwin returned lo
her hi :ne in i hicago afier a visit with
her pirents, Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. Cobb
of Wes' .Mail! slreel.
.Miss Sarah OK of
,-, ending a few da;, s
Claud Ki'lge is
with her grand
llagie of West
iiiolhi r,
Mrs. II
Madison slreel.
Albert Kimey
few hours today
ina spent a
Ottawa on bit: i
.lrt:. I .aac hivau of Illinois ave
nue Is spending a ii w days with her
i daugh ' er at I' ol res! ,ni, 111.
Aliss Hose Hermes !' West O'.la.va
was a Strealnr isiloi; .. esterd iy.
Miss Margarel ,-licpal'd of Kariville
visited friends iu OKawa yeslerdav.
.lames I'racklelou lett. jcstei.lay fo"
his home in Cleveland. Ohio, afler
s ending several nion h;i with his is
ter. Mrs. Vernon Kickerd. in Wi-.l Ot
iawa. .
Ir. Millard V. Hall of Wiehlta. K.it. ,
who is to marry Miss Sadie Hall in
this city later in the week, ai rive 1 in
Oltawa this morning.
Chrslrr Hums of Chicago speni Hi:'
wer!( end visiling at (lie home of hi-',
mo'her. Mrs. John liiirns. on I'oliim
bus street.
Ralph Payne mid Isaac Van l.oon of
St real or were Ottawa visitors l.i, t
Mrs. Jacob I.ucky ! Grand Uidg i
was a n Ottaw a v isitor toda , .
Mis; l.aunia Aiissein visilnl frien.lj
ill Peoria yesterday.
William Tydeman. Ha.. Ki.iuhe..
hauser mid Willi;'in I'laus alU'tuled
Ihe baskU'tball touniiMiien! in La Sail.:
Saturday night.
Itihn l.nuiw nf Stiiiii'rint' slri'i'l vi.-
ll"il irienus in i.a Mane vesieruay.
Mrs. William MclOlrov o. Websler
slrect is visiting friends in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. l-Mwin Reed have re
turned home from a three wrekv hon
eymoon and are visiting at the home
of Ihe la irr's parents, .Mr. mid Mi'i.
John Dougherty, on Poplar street be
fore going to Grand Ridge to make
their tultiri: home.
Mis. Charles Currie has reiurned
hoine iifii r n triii lo Virginia.
I.en Downs of St real or was an O.ta
wi'. vi-ilor last evening.
Dennis I-'anell of Poplar street ha,
(ji:ne to Cleveliind, Ohio, to make hi
liomc. Miss lues! .lohuson of Sheridan spi'i.i
Sunday visiting her sister. Mis lre:i"
Johnson, on Last Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. Prank llansherg o.
I'eni vi.-iiled :it the home of Hie ha
ter's pareuK Air. and i.Mrs. William
Hossack, on West JacKson street yes-
I Miss Irene I.eipold has reiurned lo
her home on Ottawa avenue alnr
spending (he past several days visil
ing friends in Chicago.
Cecil McKvov was a I.a Salle viailor
Saluida..' nigh'.
Herman Muck left this morning; tor
Warren. Ohio, after a visit wi'.h hi-"
wife's iarents. Mr. and Mrs. C, C.
Wilson, on Douglas street.
.Messrs. and .Mesdamrs I-;. I'. Hr.id
lord. II. . .lohuson iin I S. II. ILaU
fcrd were cnlertaiuod ai dinner b
.Mr. and Mrs. Charles .N'adler, Peru,
111., on Sunday.
Meit Carroll, Boyd Tiinmons. h'ver
rtt Welch and Donald Dieholt of .Mar
seilles, were Ollawn vi,,ilors last even
ing'. Harold Hummer of I.a Salle, was an
Oltawa visitors yesterday.
Miss Georgia lluger of De Sola
id reel, spent Ihe week end visiting her
mother. Mrs. I.ydia linger, in La Salle.
lien P.lake and Robert Chalot of
Marseilles v-ere Ottawa visitors last
John Piercy of La Salle was an Ol
lawn vi.dlir lost evening.
Mr;;. William Sindell of .Marseilles
arrived in Ollawa last evening from
California where she has been spend
ing the winter, called home by the ill
ness of her sister. Mrs. Jennie Kvaus
of La Salle slreel. who is a patient al
Ryhiilii hospital.
Karl Locke ami Fred Siurgiu of
Ihis city, spent la;d evening ai La
Salle calling on friends.
Waller N'crliiey and William Dwyer
of Ibis city called on lriends in Strea-
tor last evening.
Percy Tress of (his cily spent hist
eveniag in Marseilles.
William Milligan of Kast Oltawa
l ""
lriends in Marseilles list
Anri'W Hard of I.a Salle called on
friends in this city last evening.
K. P. Cnrdncr of Mendola spent to
day in Ott'vn on business.
Virdrii llourty of Slrcator siicnt
yi'storilav in f)t(avv;i 0:1 business.
",)!'th llatheway anil Ii liner Hitler
siieni nisi, evening 111 nui'mui.
I0I1 11 Hanifen. local architect, is in
I.a Salle today on business.
Clarence. Criggs of this idly, spent
(his afternoon in La Salle on business.
Andrew Deix and Kenneth Sapp of
Ibis city spent Saturday evening i.l
I.a Salle railing on friends.
Cecil Mcl'.'voy spent Saturday in Da
Salle on business. v
Freeman. Itradford reiurned to his
home ;i this city after spending the
week end in Chicago.
Dr. and Mrs. C. A. Karr are the par
ents of a son, who arrived this mov
ing at 11 :l!u o'clock. y
Mrs. William Dleboll of Screi)"" vlf5'
lied her son who Is a patieu' at liy
burn Memorial hospital. loiUy.
Miss Hose M.trio returned to her
home on W. .feu"IYerso street today
inter spending Ihe vi'k end with her
parenls In Serena.
Mr. anil' Mrs. (Vorge drover of Sec
ond avenue, sp"nt 'ho v eek end visit
Ins friends tyl-eltlnd.
'Miss Manila Ness of Serena was un
Ottawa yisltor today.
fieii'tfe Ilnpp of Sheridan transact
ed Ausiuess In Oltawa today.
jlJetinls Dti:in of this city spent the
week end visiting relatives iu Sonion-1111K.
Nairn c mean uolhing at all in tin- :
job of counting noses in (lie 1'iiiled ,
States for the P20 census. 1
You have a name when you come .
into Ihe' big, barn-like building at
WashiiiEton where 4 .out clerks are;
tubulating you and about no.ouii.imu
like you. I
Very soon, llio, you 'become nothing
but a card will) a lot of boles punched 1
in il. You have sex, age, nationalily
and a lot of other things, bill no!
I Your card is just as iniporlaul . yel
'as anonymous as the president's. In
i Ihe census bureau the President isli'l
Woodrow Wilson.
lie is merely a
t white man, born of a family, living in
Washington, head of a family, Kng
: llsh-spcakiug and able to read and
j write.
j Neiilier king's horses nor king's;
i men could drag your name out of the
census Ibureau. Draft, ollii-ials in P17
tried it nnd failed. Tho census bureau'
(gave General Cri vvder lots of inl'or- r""' r:
! malion about the number of nion'iiin i rr- i -rr- iro
i between certain ages living in ceilain I WILL UP LA I L MKb.
!w;;::io ;:;;!. vz:-
j the whole war dejiarlmeiit hack of,
; him. tried lo get names to check un
! Multilist enlistments unit druflees Ihe!..... .1,. ., 1... ... 1. .. ,,V. .1 i
census hureuu called his attention to
; . .
It's not only against the law to give
loill such itiforination. bul enumeration
sheeis carrying names are de-M roved
after the Information has been trans
; ' i'i '! I" Ciirds.
Illy the AssiH'int.-d I're-:i.)
London. .March s, Russian
lorces have launched allaeks against
Ihe Pnlnii 'in, I il,,. .-,.. ,,,, il,,, ... ...
iern and northerii fron;s. ac. oniil'g w'wUU lilr VM ""' Ih'
iiidvices received. In both inMu nee,.. ! I'l"'''! hrst nuirl';,ie. and l,.-M in
i i. .... 1 .1.... 1 1 t .. .1
and Ihe Finns are reported lo have
l.'iuiH-lieil :i miming miii, !.- u-l.teh I . .1 w
I l iereccd the red lines.
Polish 11 nit s holi.hi'j Hie li.. .-ii...
nil;" 'liroio'li Die I'rim.i ii.sir.'li.w
I south i.f ISt.iiruisk. are ;;.iid in liitvej11'"1 C'taw.i r.i)l.in:,' and Trust
! been under at t ark al two points, tin !('"- "-""-'d as cvcrntor.
; soviet armies adviincing on the north
1 and south si les ol the marshes. Heav
i red detachments were reretilly n
i l.or; eil to ha v e boon as'-eiiihleil a
I Cornel, jus' east of the I'lipet 0011:1 j
ii. aim 11 is iro:in.iii' niese nuvi
been hurled westward : j 11 -1 tin
t'olish line. Jt m recalled the I'uli'-
Inst week rejecled overtures fur ai
armistice pending peace negotiation-
holding the bolshevik! would urengili i
en their lines during Ihe time thev
iire prolecled by the provisions of the
truce. In the meantime delegate',
iroin the Haltic states are exported
'o meet al Warsaw next week to rou-1 d. -.rover"!! by Hie ;'a ;:; :n ,.: ;'; I , ;
; sider the soviet peace terms. l':iete si reel ere: si'ng.
Ceneral SKobidstein K in eomiuaiiu He ; e::t in an nlarm. and one leal
! of Finnish and Russian anti bolshov h; of liosr was used by tii" tirenu-n ii
tones which have broken tliri:tib llu . -V I iiiguishiiiii the hl:i7.e. , ; - u!iiirt
toviet lines.
il'.y the ASSOelat.'lt I'I'CSS I
j Chicago. March V - Spri :ig li eld was
I chosen as the convention cily lor the
sad- Democratic gat horning on May
Me by the state Democratic rentral
i coiiiniitteu here today.
What's Art to This Senator?
; Art rei'eied n terrible walloping nt
the national cnpltol when a senator
! derided be wanted a private door into
! Ills office so that fo
.'oilhl not break
in mi bim uniinnoiiiifed, Summonlns : Ih e pi-olii :!.,! photograplirr:- fi-'u-Mnrkmi'ii,
he caused to bo torn out laking i.iituies of the ITe-idrni, A
(sotiie of the finest art work on the ! bright sun was shining. The it.-i
wii'h of the sennle side nml then had I dent was i.u: j:;.-! an hour. ; wa ; In
a door insliillpd. ! i.ecuiid pu..!ir am.ean.lire lin e b-
lOOK t'l 111-- bed his! ( let liber.
Emerson Amended.
If a tiinn does nn.viliing vvell, thi
world will bent a paili to his duor
miles hi' happens to be export in
rnising'skunks. P.oston TranciipL I
iMiilu wnr.t flfld sol tion n;iro spven.l
j ........... .,
IFOU SAM'.- A high top rnnge and
j hard i oal stove, in good condition. In
:iU'i'e at l.'lul W. Jackson street, phono
i 1122-Y.
; ,,
IFOR SACK Neat li-rooin cottage: all
1 ! ,
niodi'in; wisl side. Also modern
j T-rooin house north side; also a il room ,
I bouse for rent. W. It. PCSICV, Heap
! Kslale and lnsur;ince. Clans Hhlg.. (fi-p
iNOTICK John W. Cb'gg &. Kim.
I Plumbing and Healing, ntn( the!
Clegg-PerkhiM F fpiipinoni Co.ie two
j separate concerns ( onilucl''.' in the
I same building, so that be best of
i service In both the eluiub.'ug and eh e
'trie v iring can he given the public
i Phone lint for anything needed in our
line and v e will have tin1 besl of ma-
iterliil trad work.
j KM I ?'I.K My house and extra Ux
I ill Ml Third. Ave.. Soulh Ot'awa.
' .mu'S.xjiai:i.ks n. ppckktt.
POIl ytKNT - Seven room house 0.1
Kist Pearl St.; iu excellent con ii
j Ho. Willi lias, eleclrii' lights and ! '.1C1
I '.-.1 V
;"IUIM- .1,1 I -.
KOIt SLKI'MN Reo live-iiasseiiger
auto in splendid condition. New Sil
verton cord l ires. Cheap If taken at
once. Phone HTil-X
I W'ANTKD Sales representative in
his territory to sell oils, greases,
etc. Hig opportunity for right party.
Kmpire Oil Co., Cleveliind. Ohio.
POIt SACK A very good 1M7 pord
touring 1'iir. Also one each :;2x:i'j.
.'iil.xl and 'ilxt new casi.igs. Prices
right. Otto Zorn. Troy Crove. Ill
KOIt SACK --"Jn iieri's. If you wan!
a good farm for dairy or beef rattle
and grain, ansv ei Ihis ad. Kilgiiiglmi
Pros.. Ileebe. So link. (Near Aberdeen.!
, a tftt
r, .
. ... . . . ... !i ...
Vld tL canin2 of th "rent
v ii'i rtiitiinii it luminii 1 him.i
waters is probated
ti. oi ,.r v,.,.. i-,.,. 'ii... i
who died lasl wirk. w.i.s tiled for 10
; ,..,,, liv n,.r ,. ,,-,(,. n,d,is ol';,u''" ''"! " ,' , ,'
'ai nm.,. 101 .i.iii lo.si.as 01 ,,llt !,,,-1, iok idiic . la -I
1 real eslnle and peismial propel ly , , v.-,,,v o 1, ,1,,, 1,,,,,,,.
; nl about ll.-no. She left J I e ! ,,,,. , rmi';. ;, 'te! 'I
; t . ,e,l in tru.-i bv the Ottawa j hjl , Mr vV ne'is r. rei'd!
I in nking mid Tru.-t C ... Hie interest (1 : ,w,n , ,r ,- ' t';,.(1,.go Witters. I
he used i;i caring for Ihe family burial ! ,'jrl j',', )u ;,',,. 's' .,,1,1 iM thi, I
: lot iii Spring Lak ntetery. Aurora. ,,,,, .' ;.,. 1,, .,, ,.u, Hie Hiui i a'. ;
A second provision is made that it 1 I'nbli, ;i n m 1 11 m-t'iii 'Mi t na ; nol nii.C
suitable innrker be erected over the ,y ,- W'aters that Hi" rei-n'mmy ha l!
graves ot hersidf and her husband. t : ' i-. -11 place until today. His briib 1
Five hundred dollar-; ii left lo li' i'ldid m l iiei'oni pa ny him on !u.; sad I
only son, Roy K Waters, who is, nl; -o 'jnurnev in llltavva.
to receive all of !n'i' li' ir ehold good:;. : Til-1 l.'i iih is a popular S i 1 ) 1 s . f'.i'Ii,
dishes and wearing app-ird reouest ; gjrl. 'I'iie grcom r.' i.led ia d la'.a
i,- made 1 hiil ihe 1 n
1 of her I. us-
'Oiiiio. 1 in' laic 1 ,.,).:-! :nr-., pa III
11 ;l v le s v;i ii.ni. .iii:; am
'1'ni -t Co. for ln r
on i'-iy for hvi
! V en is. In 1 a 0 ot ma rn 1 .e hef,;i
ai u"d
'"' '' "" 11
.over to him at 1.1:1-.
Tlie will was diii'v.i mi De-. ;, 1! 1 ,1
FiRE; LOSS IS $100;
I.l di' ar 'eil box c.i
of I iif.av if;.' mid
ill the
i1 '' ni
si reels v. llil ll v; ': ! s '' I ;
1 1 U: ks and set i.a ' h" ;,::;. I ; i
' In Ci: icago. Hui'iiug; mi ;.; I ,:
j rail ay trae '.;. i" a i na', no.;
I ; -c-t ion liniHls i," I!:- r. i'w.r. !
I m.- steru usly iiiu;;.o I
I about '.':l'n ;,. '! i;- . w
a hall' hunt's fighting the blay.e wa -
; gotten under coil nil. Th- in : erii,"
ld the hunk homes j as smohed 1: a
and . iDicieaL A belli ;i hunii'd do! -
l.:rs is eslimated as the lo-s io I he
l:- lb" Afw..-!:.!-.! !'i".-'i.i
j Wa: biu. :i;:i. Man !i s I'm si b :;
, Wilson vwnt riiiing l. da; iu an i p. n
auio. lie w a ; iioeeu; p:-u:ie'( by l ,"
Wilson, his ii-ii ians and Mr:. v ii
son's bro h'-i: Tlie Prr:lein v. or.
ii L'dlt' e:i li ,ili.l ,i hem r e i.r, 1 It..
; 11)k , ,,, .,:,(,,, ,,,,,,,,, Thl. .,,
Air Power.
An Italian inventor hn-? piodueed a
Scheme by which vehicles of wheels
nnd carriages nml springs are. to be
pi iiie;ieii ny air. ,ci 'oril 1 ig lo inn
I aeeouiils, the scheme is ti" hdvo bnge
, tanks by the wayside holling vnt
'(lunuiiib's of compressed dir. l.oro-
tin. lives and nuliunohiles find traelors
nnd iiiiilorev i les cm run tibing-dde nnd
connect their tanks to the inoilii-r
. tank, get a lot of roiiipVesril air 011
I board and run in H i' next sloo.
; .
Seekinff Information.
Arthur, dire' vein's old. was wnl.'h.
(ng his rom-m milking :i cow. Thin
,v.w 1P flrr tinu' h - ever saw rinvbody
tnilki.ng. H" i.esiteteil a uhiie mid
said: ".Ire .v.. 11 milking Ihe side that
' r,
rives tri'atu now .
The best bargain in a modern
dwelling offered in Ottawa today is
the two-story, frame house, Kellastone
exterior, known as 320 Congress St.,
first door west of Mrs. George Beat-
ty's. Large lot. Eight rooms, two
baths. new furnace, cement cellar
flcor, laundry, fine porch.. All spe
cial assessments paid. Best of loca
tions. Possession May 1st, possibly
Price, $7,000.00
Tel. 648-W. College Bldg.
Eastern Star
for Masons aJid their
Tuesday, March 9
War on Profiteering
ivn..c-,n.l I'-im -e lwr. ;;ivn reieeu ii i
il : cie r" ...... ,., !.,-
1 .1 I U I '.. r: TKiM .If.. .iTV('UV i
iti i .it . ii'im' " -
" '.. tere ' v:, hoar.:-
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! ''' 'ba-k p. m. The fVvnl Arch will be
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I mipiiim' will be sei'ved. At 7;: i tin'
I Final .i i'li will ,1m roni'rrri'il on a
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Sign of the Big Watch
5 Minutes Late
But the train didn't wait. His watch
was slow. A good watch but it need
ed adjusting. The cost of our watch
cleaning is small, the work is re I i-
Sanders, The Jeweler
Za Su Pitts
an d
Florence Vidor
'The Other Half"
Harry Morey
'The Darkest Hour"
Harold Lloyd
Adults. 11c. Children, Ec.
War Tax Included.
III nr WHr-i jt. rvnrr tti
l,;iv i-efeced t ,- ,,ay advancn's in rent wliicli
,.ir.-.nF,h or
,-lrenFth of the Jersey .it
f revenue ;md flnanee. ad-
rompl.unt against it bmaiora. - y
. , ,
In which the stakes are Love, Wealth and Honor.
' f
I ti.
ANY boy in this community who
- has a .22 caliber Winchester Rifle
can try for a Win-Chester Junior Rifle
Corps Marksman medal and diploma.
Fathers and mothers like their boys
to get the training, under the direction
of National Headquarters. No joining
expense no dues.
We invite you to send your boy to
us to equip him with a Winchester
Rifle and arrange for him to receive
this valuable training.
Originators of
- 7 1
Elgin Nut Butter, Ih 30c
Native Steer Chuck Steak, lb 15c
Native Steer Pot Roast, lb 14c
Fresh Eggs, doz 52c
Hebe Milk, tall cans 11c
Boneless Codfish, lb 20c
!j Roxane Pancake Flour, pkg 11c
Fresh Fish
United States Food Administration License No. G-13654
Gejmldine Farrar
e Stronger Vow"
st time in Ottawa. By spe-
I arrangement we are ena
d to show this production at
regular prices. Also the
World's Latest News
Adults, 15c. Children. 6.
Cut Rate Markets
and Oysters
lliirdware Co.

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