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MONDAY. MARCH 29, 1920. 1,
IT'S lu KIT IN a
,- - i vou LOOK "
; Z2'-Zp. Close, DOCy
Today's Markets
! Cliii.ui. March 21'. Higher p f i i es I
I in llii' corn market resulted today to
; a con-idoi.i bl extent I com scnntinc.si. :
of the stock on hand here .unl from
the t'ac' that receipt this moniiim
Kavc no indication o: any important.
Rabbits. 15 20c,
PIkooiis, inc.
KgKs. 4"e.
Putter. fnc.
Lard. 2le.
Cooking butter. ".Me.
Packed oKgs, 'inc.
('renin, tiae.
Hides and Wool.
Horse hides, J7 Till,
No. 1 hides, lo., 1c.
New Orleans, l,u Marrli 2h Mnr
lin isuiko. former national a itialoiir
1 1 ( i v ucir.ht boxing cii :i in 1 ii . Iiiih iui
M illed terms to liiillle I'.nli Martin, A.
K. I''. I in in i i n , lift ecu rounds on July
.". cil In i' nt Akron or ('anion. Ohio.
'I'lii' lionl is exported in be a ro il nun
mill niiinv spectators are expected lo
attend the tight. Mm t 1 1 inkle of
('level. mil is the promoter.
iin reuse of (he ri I1 movement. Crip-' No. 2 hides, lie.
j I lint, of wire sen ice, however, eon
lined demand almost entirely to (hi
! easo trailers. Itesido. ::osi)i was cur
lent that plans were being worked out
iter a hotter il ist ril. ut ion of tailuav
(,ir- Opening prices, which tanked
; i i . . a ' , c lo lc hiulier, w il !i .Ma;.
,,:"', o and .In! lo.H' 12.
' :!. v followed hy a sMchr s'cu Calves il n 12,
i. ml .-ilh.ok. and then ! new up-; Spri.iK lambs, cwt, fill 11.
nun-. Hogs. i t , $1.
),.' -, i iirnii with i cm After
;!:' :' - ! 'V' im-h-r. . fiRAIM MinTATinNS
No. I calf, lb.. X'.c.
Muskrats, alb: (o f in.
Skunks. $2 to fy
Raccoon. Jl.it to V.
Mnih, 2 to in.
Live Stuck.
Hocrx, stock, cwt, f 'i S, fa!, cwt.
I'viiu et.n. N .1. Man h J'i I 'iiu-
Iv.inia Cniver-itv w.n ! naiioiial
collcuiale ( haiiipiiHchip Salurd.iv
e i : ; n i l; w hell I he lUeil ..III 1 1 1 II (e-
fea.eil ( 'nil .040 in t he t h i: d o.d ('
; cIllllinK .lll a! -1- In . !'. I -le .
' market sacucd a little and then haul
ciud acalti
lr. i- ion:- r hou id si relict ' I ithni
hllii 1::; i's a! t'i" sli
1. !.c in some defjiv
Iciditiu iiame on thr Tiuei
a to score, t heroin ei.l.. I., il iin.
1 Ciiicau'ii by one liaskei C:.i. ai;o had
v-on I In" first ha H le ai d ''.an . uc
1 1 ceded in coppin.n off the - i.i.id one
' w hich made it 11.., ossii t- pl.tv t!ie
I Ibii'il one en lieu; ral croiaei-. The
CMcaifo niarxpt report furnished hv place selei ted lor the .ame was
(i. V Kirhy, mnnaeor Simons. Day I I'rinceion. .M'foiiiMtel m'cc-
k. 1 fd - appeared K" 1 0 ''itu 312 Moioiiey Uuild'ng. tutors w
it Hissed t he em .ill::!
his loitnai i barges all. ml liaschall and 1
KUliibiiKK. "I have sent I 'resident
lleyler" -aid Alcorn yeslenlav "slat ,
niens naming tour Xalionnl League
plavers in l he baseball namhlinn stor
ies of which so taiich has been inmor
ed. a I'd it is up la At r. I Icydler now. :
"At pic.-eiii." Alcorn said. "I do not '
wish lo reeal the names of the play- j
irt bv ' .i.ii men . i iii in it ii u ii i in i
' a i . ;i 1 1 1 1 1 ei .
j Hi ydler in a i ci cut sta! incut said
:H:.i' no ill, lie had been niade either
I !v or K.ii;;st .Maf'.ee. who recently :
tu:. i:iv.n Ik.- unconditional release1 j
; hy t i: e cal -, j
'Will a word lo i . iv". rciuarked Ma- j
nee ' I'm em ind v in the hands of
'.iy id.ii'tii'.v. and v, ill no' make any
r.none 15
Live Stock.
.'I... ..co. Mar, h II-.k K.- ' "rn
e. ii 2. head; .:,e to " huhsi ; ;,'l
1 v
I oilik $ II 'in .... ; to i. $ !; he.i v ', 1 - '
'..1...;T.; medeim I v l'e li-:ht.
;f,l"-!.; Ii-h! Huh!; .r..ji'-i:..;.-.; .
h , ,i .- packinc o'', smoota. ''''
I ; paekinc -owe rotiuh. !.' '!" I.u'
pi.. r. :vn .
Cattlo- Keceipts, l.nnn hi ad. beef
i steers and fat she stock higher; hulls ! , 1 ")'"
lli;h. l.O'A
i ;.'i', i.ii',
I . " I I V'
l.lT'i l.l.-s
T'.e' 7 s i .
Cash Markets.
and some stm kcrs and feeder
lower to killers
shippir.K dh i-loti '
i closed; trade too erratic lo warrant
'. dc ailed uitotai ions,
Sheep Kecei; ts. s.eiio head; most
I ly direii lo packer-, one load of l resit
' : hurt laiuhs Jis.i; not enmn;. sale:;
; to ijuote market.
. . ' tin
. . i di .. i.i;::
. . I i .. -1 ,ti:i i .. 1
. . i.,"i "-1
ini lapluied the twenty live pair race
in tc. lo lord race irotn sixteen
Representative, Branch Office Phillimore Bulldino
i.-prinet s, ..,e.
Knoster. Hi.'.
Hens, :,-,(;,
Stags. I'Sc.
Turkeys, IW-lllc.
I hicks, '2,.c.
Today in the Court House
Saturday e. cnin trout a few da;
;-it in Chicago.
Mi.-s I'earl S'e-ph''iis of Hattb
Creek. .Mich., is viMtinir her parent
Itov. and .Mrs, t a irles Ste; hens. :.
t'lis (it.
Mat Ihihinsuu of Otuiwa. Kan., i-,,
visitins iore at the liome of Mr. and! Mildred C i I'dwood H Cilman to
Mrs. ii. A Uuath. .(una ' Kempfer Pt al mid itit
Mi.-s Kthel Kcnlun spent the week ' w nw1, w V- ne'i nw ', 2'1 l!a 1;
Record of Real Estate Transactions and Business of the Circuit,
County and Probate Tribunals.
It wa- isl : iee,-e m.-.lle- l s mk : ' " ' ' ""' '"' I'CMlllls me
I'.'ev. that Ii e t . ! I'hieai;.! treni eildsi.R tne '" '"'
I'lose. I'lose. ;a me in a lie score. .Inst a-, the lime
keener-, whi li, .-ouml.,1. e u; l!re GRAHAM SHOOTS WELL
! ... name, with I'eimsv ivain i tw.i point.. nroniTr iirmiw o i r-
' -"'u ' "" in ti. i...-..!. (:.,, is., a,.,,,-.,. M,b,ti-1 DESPITE HEAVY GALE
1 to 1 s I I'e's lut" an he,! a his lonj: held basket
from midt'oor .m-t ,, e.u.d too late. i br.-.iKo. 111 . March Shooting in
V"1 I' wa.s a brilliant and ilitii'.itut end- ,, ,., ,.. ... -eh , au-ed the turrets to
s '.''" itiB to what wa- pcr'nap tlie mo-l ev o.o.p ,ery . oneeivable direc tion
"' i imm i'iiieKe :m.. , vor sta;;eii m itn ,,.,, nu.tiaer Jay Cralium.
'east. When the final whi-ile sounded , f, .-.-.iotia! tiom lnuleside. Ill , carri
for the end of the u.utie. i.i- IVi.ti ' ,M ,,! ii,,. hunors in the hi nionthlv
' ''1 'J : footers let H::l Olle vi)i Ulllloll O, 111. '-1)111,1 iv ,.,, vl,, ,,f It,., k!,,ll, 1, .".,
which was .piiiklv huhed up, w hmi ' i ,,im , iy cU. here esterdav. Cni
Curtiss made in n i,jK lorn; '.oil-i-.u- . ham (o.-U il.e iwr'tlvdtve tai'itet event
nate liasket whicliilid not i.innt The ..- i ...i.i. .. .....i ...
. -v. , ii. ,i. .1 sim.i iiii a loiai oi
' - '' 'i wtiole liiiililititc vt us :.tle:t!. net a
i ,;..s ,ii. i:. ,.,,,! tll, tl,,;ll,, -I'),,.,, ,,, ,,
i stat ed that t he hasfe-! did lea
" u- ,n;it ""' W'l Ikers i-ele vie' US. , ..; ..!! i,,is. . ( . Smi'll
"',i.;.-;i' - . riiei-c was a great -tamped" I'ean v.,: the homu- in , lass A with ,y.
- i rootois to the floor of the irvuiu.e-ium. t la,.el! was hudi in Class I!
""! ' T wiiiie i . Itraitain led in Class
,wffi i i i i wir-iiiiw
No, ( yellow torn 1 1 "
Nil. 1 w hitt torn 1 t
No 1 white corn .'.'.V. . .V.'. .'.Y Ntw York. March 2 Hou;,. . ,, ROADS FOR OLYMPIAD
Oats PiM . : pentier. Krencli idol an I heavy ,
i weinht champion of Kurope, i-- aaout
to don his cloak of social nit ract ion.
I no eniet piifioc liei.'i!;, I o cam -ome
lot the wealth for which he cam. t,
l Cnrpeiithr the popular -on of
il'd'ame. will start as a silent drama
j actor Tuesday i:i the studio of the
Cohcrl son-Cole Him Company, l-'ort
il.ee, N. ,J. Accordiiii; to a .schedule
arranRed rni- m-h, he will be evtrenie-
y e 1 1 o w
w hite
j No. I mixed
! No I el low
i No. I w hite
I Oats
i No. ? whi'e
: No. il whi'e
i No. I white
nw rant Him rttt iohoist mi
mwii or ITS HiMTI
Stop JVIlfng Hair. Tha oldsstfpnfr.
vmuonoi uiti Kinu in um, ntiiaw
Um test for over 35 Tears maim
to-qay more popular tnan ersr.
drutl Kemedy. It removes tbadaiy-
draff germ. For shampooing, it has)
no equal.
Send 10 cents for trial slca of aMtar
Tonic or Scalp Cleaner to
Seven Sutherland Sisters
242 bradliurst Ave.
New York City
fep'i Cn on Sale it all Good 0ritsti
Warranty Deeds
end i-iliiiH relatives i.'. cttawa
.'lr.- Henry Mattiotte and baby o;
,otrawa spent Sunday here at tin
i home of Mr. and Mrs. Bart l ane.
! .S. 11. Ktiersol
Chas A & Miiy U Frank to 11 Kj
Meloy pt ltd it; tC... :u; ;:;$!. i
Andrew T - Knima A I 'arson to
P"ist today in 'hi- j Timothy O'Brien u1- Us :! ij 7 In hi
Crotty's add Crofy; t ;.',"
apptrt adj June term Est Jarob Mas
sixk to Anton Massock bond $16000
adj June term Est Jacob Horovitz
to Uen, Helmon bond $12000 appsr.-i
apptd adj Juno term Est Wm H
Parker to Abby Stone with -will an
nexed on filing bond $:iC0m &o Let
ters) of admrstn heretofore issued re
voked. ' '
Antwerp, March .'i Kim.; Albeit of
lleh' iuin. u ho is takiitK a keen inter-e.-t
in the I ill mpic sanies to lie lield
here ' h w summer, has called upon
. aphonies between this city and the
slaiiioiii tu r. pair all toads to nocom-otnilat-'
the heavy I mi flic- expected.
This, di- trii I still shows the effect of
lb" Cermaa bom ha id men I . and con
siderable .-. ork w ill he necessary to
put the hkhwavs iu Kood condition.
Til,, k in.. ...... ,., i...
ovided in the conli act that , ,", , . V' . " . '"'"- -m
"'. net-ii um iii me anie:,
soon to he stmed. and intends to tm-
I plov
seven week-.
ly busy for t he net
i 1 1 u s
ileoi-Rcs work from early in tin- morn
lK until late in the evening, and fin
Two Car Service Day and Night
Stand, College Inn.
Phone 1035.
tber. that he : pend some of hi:, nUhts i , '' V", " "p,OM
hi I'tii imi iii ii i jiinui l' ill l,IVIMi'. i
m SLUM UHUOtMY, WMtKfcj ,-k.;.,.. spent runday in this city
THEY WAITED UNTIL PRO-: v hU w ife and lamily.
; i hiirb's Sorenson ot
PRIETOR LOCKED UP BEFORE,,.,,, , Sunday iu this city.
LOOTING CASH BOX. '"'il Mi' - -- i Ham
tieorw Cooper, who is eiuploj ed in I Arthur H & Helen H Shay to John j tcr'
The purpose hack of all this activity
Is to Kef tii,, picture rumple toil as
I soon as possible.
I f'itmnnrtnr tii., I,,.t ,.l ,1...
I Acct & rcpt app-Est BenJ Wicks. niov, kVln; ,,, . as' , ,,,;
i luv apu-Kst Beatrice M Goodnet .,..- ,... , ,,', ,,.
iii Barn-
Cdnship Kst Burdell (T'arter et al
A Kthel Marilcrov
har.'s add Streator; $l.J.Vi. I o First Trust Co feond $280) a pp.
(ieorce it .Mary Kerukstis to Frank I
& Saphiana Veri-ch ICU Murphys sub! CirCUlt Coiirt
reiiirned U-c oirlesby: $105i. ,
jirom a fw ilays Usit al the home) jos Kansarewiez Acw to Win k Pa
ul' Alt. and Mr-. Fred Haney in Kock- j huiic Madzaw.-ki ltj!j .Murphys sub
a;;ei It and I ' , I &c Ogleshy; $lt-'T3.
ooy oorn 10 rren nsners. , T, Hnmner Machimrv (o 'o (ieo
M I . Ulld MIS, I- red 1- I slier ot AiUZUll
l'i i inerly ro.siden; s of I hi.- cil v
result. Carpentioi- js scheduled to
comiuencc a boxitiK exhibition tour,
under the direction of ,l,ok
I -t I'h iday a f I ernoon at
o'i lock
! Curley.
Two baby bam
-,r'Ml':e a :'e 'iri.'onirs in 'lie e:ai'itv i,
v . , ' ' , ., ' !,'"' ,"u "s, ,'1'-11''1' ot .nazon, j yv Mundie pt se'4 18 r, 1; $140K.
1 I :"" re.-.ueu,.- o, in..- cnv. are; ,);ivill t; & Klv;l j -afrns to Kverett
.tore in .Marseille;-, las. Hi, lay on: h'' I ':"!"" . -.v bov horn Marco u- V(,HV(.r ,U2 Idl Greens add Otta
ini? and seciirin,,; alnnii $1'im in ca 01 : " ( (,, ; jm . j va ; lll".".0.
ami cheeks, i'h. :i hbi ry was om " i , r ' i,',,,,', 'j',, s-'ii.-ea" alter ' a' "vveek"'-' i ,Ul'llar,i I- Hperher to Julia Sperbur
i h f- rims, li no in,. a i i : - ; o :,,, ,.a..,o.. i i it i !.') western auu reru; i
In what was an exciiinn and hair rai
ii'K K'l"'' of liaschall Ihe 'asbiin:ton
ehool lifth Ki'ade 1 1 iinmed I he Lin
coln tilth urade by a tinal score of la
'" II The lenne wa. praeiically a lie
"II Hie way Uii'ouuh to the ninth in-
I'elino pen! today in '
Mr: Charli
uiiawa. J Fly mi Sr Its in 11 1 bJ; Uutland;
Ml-- -Ian,:. Baith ; pen. a lev hour I -s"-5"-
!a (O'aivi today
All Waller Scot t , i nt lod.n j.
'llllllllled ill !.
Halle coiintj In moiiln.... and ;e pull
ed off with nil the I, in -U oi prole
inonals. 'Ihe lads are llis.-ell Hill,
l-'-ycar-old son of .Mr and .Mrs l.i.ni
llill. and Hubert Johnson. ' I ear do
sen of Mr. and Mrs. Rouen John. -on
well known resilient-; ot lihifi stivei.
Marseilles. Meeting of Church.
The o,iim;teri were taken oi : To ' I w il 1 !) a hu -ine. , m ; i im to
charge hue Saturday by Depu'y F. r nii'lii a I the ( 'on v. r,.i;,i tiotml church.
oi mnuumi on. rue,,- du not hat an I .M !.- I. oin-e Iliudle returned to her j
eve or she I a tear at the n-ceiei i home iu Jj.. afler a lew ila .-' visit I
i lieir llllll ot i,-oi inolie,. :',n t ... :
checks nt ;f..'2 and $ln w ith-iui a ,n ! o
l!u,sei and lb bei t w eni -,, tie V
II. Slur irrii:"r.v .-tore Fiida-, loenion
a .'id him tlii .eh e: . remaiui ;: t !i r :-,
utitii .Mr. .'lor clo-.ed t h,. - -,
'b'parled ', , h.,.,,.. 'i': ,
he.: i ill. il the ca, h r ci .lo, I ik;: ;
;,H Hie : il.e,'. mil- .Old check.-. .,:!,
made tiudr kcI.iw a, I a r, ei).o, ; ie- 1,
m. or, leaving it aiiluei ed.
i'ios -inn the aile ,, ,, , ,.,
' nil i ,e their leoi. la, no; ;jd 'or
hill. withoiii any t hi In ,,j in,, ih
I'eUlill.'ilioll of !e ;reeh,"ek 0 T!'o v
li'd t he money in t w o ; ,n io,,;e , a inu
pieces el' chilli lor the on: sale wrap
'i i'!h The Iwo checks were hid iu l'i
'"'I'ler -hop. Makilii: their ....... -,,
Hi'' ham mi tile John- .,n ! , ::, ,.;
hid their precious loot.
Si.t unlay aftonioon the roh'.,, r- .
eM'to, tu Ihe s Il-M III. who oooc
dbilely i i u: r, 1 1-aiurnl. on em , '"'
'. t lews led Ihe ollicer to .' -'
!i,'w' ' ' ' a Ihe hois were implicate ! , nn
i" the Ihel'i. He visited their home . -
'Old Ihe .M.ansun l,,e, Mjwei.l he was : a:,
innocent. sahl thai ii,,, I i ... .o i ...
numr v he hd was a .inarler which I ,.,. .' ,,." Heat' a
ia, a, i nan unen Him. .Mr. ( i
mumison rencheil
Heirs of Michael Fallon to James
Probate Court
I'i'lti I'roh of Will - Kst. Mary B-r-niiu:er
hrii April L'Sf at 10.
Admrstn Kst Jnflrey O't'oumdl to
i Frank F Folletf. bond ?Mu0, appsrs
2V.U ,,awa R & T Co vs Michael j OF BASEBALL GAMBLERS ! r,"!!T j u''.-ei'; i a : a 'i''' , TullTw"
Fennessey uiIko by confn fur $71'.- I 'them H,e ,-,,. in ,.,. ,..n..
--v- eosis-r. issued. iinciuniiii, u. .March 'a l.ee Ma- j Victory over (!, Lincoln lad, wasj
-oei'i oainu vs obiiiu Bituiu Mi.tra bo', iiiiiii' i nieauo auu i iiicirMi iti , i (iii-ioered unite an honor by the kid
t costs-Kx issued. i National League player. throui;h hi i ! Iroiii the l-' ist :-i,le school The (-am
t -" 1 1 1 Same vs same .Same for j attorney. Hubert S, Alcorn, his mad" was phis d iu iaist Ottawa
$:J".H.r.l & costs Fx issued, J
Law Orders ' - -
Smith vs 'Ibdro'ie l.v ninn !
to relile dem as to 'd od and 4th I
nriK pleas allwd A.-c.
Chancery Orders
-1 Cm Schultz is Cushtnan - -order of j
detlt -order appts; G A I.. i
-TH'.! Champion vs Champion rule j
on dett to show cause why he
should not be punished for con
temp., of court - hit; Monday at 10
ii: that citation issue.
Toledo Scales
No Springs
I Ionest Weight
Toledo Scale Co.
629 Second St.
La Salic, III.
n In jail, ii.rl -on render, 'd ul iii" heme if .Miss Louise .llollif. : ,
lonn Ilia, hard and I'hil Kohl -j, e,it i AS JO ORIGIN OF WOMAN' Brain Is Inflexible.
Saio lav lisitiuc friends in Chi'-apo. Thf siz.e of n tini-ie tuny he In-
.. !'',''', lY'r''n 'ill" SU"";,: :- : After the B.'jlical Story, Belief Held I rrP' ex-emm , ev..n'l,y ten,-,
' ' by Persians Is Easily the Mcst i P"''y The bony truc.ur of'
Poetical. mnllH s insnie ami e,i)ii-oi tiieir;
sizo only to n cerinin extent. P.ut In I
the chso nf the beini. the boil'- strue- I
lure is outside ami encloses the soft,
H-sMies like box. There is absolute i
.', ' o
uni ;
1 1 1 : I
of the brain, we are told by tin edl
toriiil w riter in the Journal of Hi
American Medical Assoehition. hnie
Indeed, shown that slight clume 1;
worth thinkim: al t. - Grit.
in his mii iiei ,.,,,i i
I'otltid I'llllr clh.U' .oiarlers T', oa ! ''p'v seme: hi f .' to say. Ami lie.
then weakened and admitted his nodi ! vi,,"s lts !' l"'";v - I rule Hint says
implicit! I.IK the Johieou how The'; "l'eo'!" vim nlinijs h:..e ihoir .ihmiiIi-
money was loiind in two pai-h.-e.',,- iii ! "peii seiihoii hae their minds full."
Hie hunt ami (no checks in the i-,h That may ist be sirieil.v irue, but It's
HUT S Mlojl.
The rubbery was d i: i oi ereU -o -
I'Hday ni-ht hy Mr Slor, win, r,.
turned to h;i; More .... I l. o u. R,na Holds Child in Air.
::;!nd';;; .r1 r- .. ..-Nie-yea,o.d
, I'.'hel .o-iie. daughter of an oil
worker Umiiu here, is sulTerim; from
Local Notes. ' a broken tinner ami nearly lost her
Mr. and Mrs. F,-ank !luhhi,r speu; ,ifl' 11 peeiilinr iminner. She iind
Minday in Ottawa nt the hiune of Mr. "iber little KirU had I n locked iu 11
and Mrs. 1!. .1. Held. , shed at the schoi uise bv bovs. All
Sii ubi' v I'mtlMM S'"mr? "''i '"' 'f "ie wimloiv. 'Kthel',
Mimtiii vlsttin,' triei ds m h u , iv 1 ,. , , , .. ....
Has HLskedael, who Is em ,1,, ed ' e. 1 ' ' !"" "" " """
Itockdale. ,ent Sinidav visitinu liis i y broke Ihe tin-
parent. , .Mr. and Mrs. ill... KlHkeda'd. i L',''' ""' ,l,',,l,,-v 111,0
Verner Carlson of Kasi Mulii.p. 'h'sh. She had turned black in
spent the week end visiting friends iu 'I ""' f:l"' ami her heart bad nearly
e.tv. ,,ase,i heiuin before physicians ur-
..Miss .Millicenl Kritciilkdil retunicU HM'd.
Leaves for lwfl to Live '
1 1' '"ail ,i ul va lo , w ho f c ml '.
i . ; i inia an .riio k el pio i; A nmn.'i.ino writer eunxuineji cnti
i iii p.itle i Saluiday lor low; , i slderable space in tr.iitif; to prose that
' i'" '.'.ill reside with his narenl i i It is mi-oiii; to leach that woman was
:.: I.e., ;i:, j.- onproied. made from Adam's rib. He ;,h the! opportunity for imuease of si7.
prnpiiHitio,, s ridic, is, nndwl it , permanent or temporary, after t h ;
Bewar, nf Tallr.-.-i Too Much. I mnv have , well emumli to teach : Kr,V" ot ,ne ...iy. ueeent ti.iif
"'' '! ' .ol-.aiii.ue li't ! it iii ihe iilui and distant past, ive
1 '' I "' Hi" "hi t'"i!tii. that "si 1 ought to be asmrned of oursolics for ,
1- -"hb ii " I: d,.e-n i pay I" re : sticking in the "sniporstition."
'" e," . m; ;-!o c. Ike fellow i If ,,iir own idea or helief nf the ori-
, :oi "e. o and I, -as" is v,, ,,.:. KjM (if lvn.(l , j,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,.. "s l'"lk may be l.rousl.t about, bit'
he li,.- re , Son,., folks are al- I t Is tpiite us -ood a superstition as ""'' 1-v ""-rlnt: the volume . pre.
s tar.it,.- ncMM- have any fob i other people have, savs the Columbus ( M,r" "f ,h ""'' "''oipnnt- of t
-'- " " "! "r- A' A r t I'"'' l.ispntch. For ours 'is no. Ho- only '''"'"I '"'" eerchrospinal
'""""- ' i'1'". "f 'h'' id",l inieili- I 1 1 ,.y ,,f , ort-ln of woman. Many '
''uei.'ed oc the address nt ; other people have tunny other theories ' " "
h. r by savins "Tha! man rati I or supiTrti.lim. Merely Old-Fishiond Id's.
' '" "'"'I- am! -hi less thin: i '',e Australinti natives believe that ' it l Impossible to heov that bein;
1 Ki"u. I, ii"! minis j wottiati was om e a toad and that, i brig'tl in school counts for 'uueh aft
nie mulil -o. Jlir I sn-t V(M.y m,.p if j, iH ,rm however, j you learn that .weir lint,. ,,, j yet
lolim; person can I i. shewn uleit a w oml, M'tnl i'leiilni' 1 1 11 IT liooref L.-I'.'lil"s tleili ii i.,,,w'i, .
I'on'i talk unless ion have j (le ,a, was transformed into audi Kansas City Star. '
we can rejoice thereat. Then the I
Laplanders believe that woman was j '
once a rabbit, and since a rabbit Is j FOR Qt'ICK RfiSIJf.TS TRY THE
more likable than a toad, we prefer; "WANT-A TjS" IN TI!K FItKK
Hie Lapland superstition to the Am- ' THAnER-JOURN'AL.
tralian. L
Tin? Japanese believe that woman "
grew upon a tree and Hint is net t im;
along still better. The feathery l.lo.
sums of the trees, with their color
and their lierfuine. seem more murlv
nimronibln- ibe realm f w.me, r,l,.,!l I Announcement is hereby made that
than do rnbblls or toads. ''"' r"l"r "s primary ballots to
lint If ever we are compelled to 5iv "" "l elee.jon to ,be
. ,. , held in La Salle county. I no s, on
i our Idea that mmint, was made , ,,,,, ()f A
fl n1' ,,f n,!,n' "' -'"'" the respective parties will be as fed-
accpit the Persian theory. That l inwn:
liy nil odds Ihe pretliet one, ami the
of Color of Party Ballots.
one we eoubl more easily believe than
any oilier. The Persians nser; ihat
woman fell from heaven.
Try the Free Trader-Journal Want Ad i
Republi; in. party white.
- -
Democratic party green.
Hated the JVtli day of Marrli. A. 1).
1020 .
What "Youth (rail" Means
There is a new line of toilet
goods preservatives and beau
tificrs made for milady with
an eye single to serving her
wants in a manner not hereto
fore thought possible.. IN FACT
TION, that, and nothing else.
So, if your hair and scalp are
ailing there's YOUTH CRAFT
for the hair and scalp ($1.00);
if your age is ''showing," there's
Youth Craft for the complexion
which smooths out surface
wrinkles and does away with
black heads, etc. ($1.00); and
if your teeth are not so white
as they once were, there is
Youth Craft Tooth Paste (35c),
which will preserve and beau
tifully whiten the most unat
tractive of teeth.
Corbus Drug Co.
are agents for this line of goods
and recommend it.
Adorable Emmy With U3 Once Again.
Miss Wohlen. "dainty and delight fully ilistraclinK." aceordini; to lieatrice
Rlair. author, has been supplied with Ihe most powerful medium to show
her dramati" talent in "Liltin; Shadows." a characteristic. Lonmie Perret
production, rleased by Put he. It Is rich in dramal.ii: suspense and emotional
values and Emmy wears some, of the most entrancing gowns ever shown on
the screen or stage. And how Ffuiny can glorify clothes. It was Keijonne
de Mairsac. poet and erilie. who styled her "the adorable." He certainly Is
Ftire fire of classification and class,
This Truck
2 Resting
2 on its
uu not trying
Gl to live up
I to one
j "Enough said"

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