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One hundred members of C !) Pliil
athea Sunday school class and the
men's rlnss." dithered at I ho First
Methodist church last evening to at lunch. 'on a nitic.il T"'"r r.Mii will he
tend a 'banquet, which tho former ; K en. In tho afs-r,-....-. tli- atnir...i
organization held in honor of I ho men ; ''lo t ion ,.f olliivr. will ! h. M. !
who were victors in a nu-mbi rdi ip j 1 '"' annual 'i.i-an. ec.-sion will I.
campaign rerentlv eondnetcl by thc'Mvcn. Tho oilier, or ho club wi.l
two classes. The dinner war; served : ''e.'td M"ir animal r .is. All ladle
at 6 o'clock at. Ions tables whit
for -
rrn In Uhi intiinir -riTron.
pretlily deeoratt
TO. .,.-l., ...r,.s...,tia
Illinois. I IK' J,Ul-.,ir, ... r. .,i .......
with attractive favors.
consisted of:
Kriensort chicken, rieod potatoes
Esonllopod corn
Hot biscuits and butter
Pickles Olives Jelly
rerfe'tion Mal.ni
Following the dinner a pro'.: ram
tthioll was greatly otijoy.il was given.
Stokes orchestra played several .o
lections. Mrs. O.eorgo i llickloy
road a poem. .Mrs. Mary Cost, low
gave an interesting reading. K. A.
Lynch extended the thanks of tho
men's class for the -banquet 'by road
inn an original poem written for tho
occasion, and a number of the ladies
staged a very clover farce en'itled.
"An Old MaM's Tea Tarty." Alter
tho program the guests all joined in
playing games until a late hour.
Vivian Kedlicli enter' aim-d a num
ber of liule friends yesterday at io
home, 4 IS Mai'cy street, at a pleasant
children's party in honor of her
eighth birthday. The children . r-:"M
a very pleasant afternoon playing;
games, after which refreshments i'm- j
n-lsting of ice cream, cake, cookie., and
candy were served. Vivian received
many very nice birthday sifts. Ht r
mother. Mrs. D. A. Redlich. was a--stu-ed
in entertaining the guests t.;.
Airs. K. U. Higgafon and Aiiss Mil lr. d
Snyder. Those who attended wer"
Rowena Pyle, Helen I evvis, Alicia
and Violet "Hill. Pobl'ie Ohaie, Lucile
Diimmott. Jeanette' Yost. .letitii?
Moore, Ihirothy Wiley, laui'.e. Made
line ami Eleanor Smith, Arlir.t? I'u.ile)
and Vivian Redlith.
J- V
The annual lutuheo-i of the Ottawa
Woman's club wiH be held on Tues
day, April 27, at 1 o'clock at the Fit-;
Cnnxi'Miuiional t buret. This utlair i.
alwav? the largest social e i',t of til-'
A-IC E 1 Af.
s ,n ;.HO!'t: ACttC
Acres" was the First
Night Hit.
"Shote Acres," a pietnrizat ion tif
Janit's A. llerne's immortal drama of
New Kllglatld life, will, Alice I
heading a distingtiisiied en l. was oto !
of the first plays in the liba ,rv r!
lite American theater Io a.-liieve ih,.i
run or "a PHI nights." In i s : i ; . u h. a j
"tifiore Acres," :-k:im first im..,i. :
three months in the .sain,, phiv h'.us,. !
was a long period of time for anv i
one proltictlon to last, and the record!
made 1iy the Heme nlav at the it.. s. !
ton .Museum wtw considered a; noth ''
ing short of .phenomenal. j
71 M it
.... ,-i
This record of "Shore ores" is' reinoileling f one time icn,-
espetdally reninrkahlo in view ,,r th,. : ""'"l': ,non' prolitable business
great dimculty its author. James ' ,s "" ' "n" i,lv 'o'h'.y a. tiiall,
Jierne, had in getting his no.v fam- ;,la,,'''"i:i in Hie citv than t!i
oils play produced. Air. Hen,,. WI1S l"''1, , ,! ,! ' a vr:l! P'- On Jan.
the American th.-tater's lirst apostle of '; , . ' .' UN,.V !,v; iim; apart-
realism, and his methods of simpMeltv " ', " w mwU ap-
aiul naturalism in attaiiiing dTuniat i'c ' , ','.!",';." ,' '' '".I .To 1 persons. (;,.
elfwtK were bitterly opposed bv the1 , . ' V- '""' '"' ,"'""i;'l"''''''l.
producing managers of the day. who i 'to, , "'v '' a huihlin-; on
catered to the tastes of a public no,,,-- ,V.;. 'm' '!riVP i: :!
lshed on a drainalic fare tif cheap ' , -'-"i. 1 , t he cit y
artificial clap-trap and -mock heroics. ' .'' V'.": ' "'T . , " V'' V I -It
w.-Ks iherefore tncreiiKinglv dilll- ! ,' . , ' ' ' T , b'" l'",lding coio
cini tor the author of "Shot
,...r,t... :
.v ,-! hik 1 1 om mi. men who
11- n,,ll,lnr, U I .,
i. rn s 111 ins precept 01 "irutu
tor art s sake. . .. ,
The screen production of Sh..resN.,,rir..VW'i!,,:.!!,.'.V,,,,r "v'"'
Acres" hist ,..i 1,,, u!
... ' ev ..I.-.IW, nun.,,,!,, I,,,,,, H.1( ,
Alice Lake- as the featured player.'
ouiiHiiiuies a notalile achievement on
the silver shew. .
New York Thousands of New Vont
XamilUM, some of the 7.'!, 114 re!ste-ei
as hotnoless by the Tenement Home
iHn.ui. Hie expectoil to live Ml
In. -1
! " n moo not res;., in io i,-ier it,-
i vn anon .lie riquo,!e. to no so ,-o
: V"" ' ' "' """"'" ", . ...i.f
. ' "" " '". is .0111,.. -''I "i
V i
...... . .. M. l I.- II
: aril Mr-, ti. or;:.- C. liickl-y.
l-'ol'V 1 1 1 1 T l f "' pi 0 ,!'' ;, ' ended i '
I Minsoripi ion itancing party given ny
' the MiHtnbcr.s of the f. K. chili, an
j organization of young la. lies, last
evening at the Ottawa i'.oal club. The
event was- greatly enjoyed by all who
iw ei e present 1 1. -lit rich V orchestra
i furnished muse- for dan 'ing during
the evetiinu.
; Mr. and Mr-. I. Vianis oio
j pleasantly silt prised eti Wednesil:
; e etiing at I heir home on ; llnlo.i
street in honor of their !:'V, we'ddiiv
: anniv. rsarv. Twelve ,if their friend
; arrived at their heme at tl o'cloi '.
I. : I ii with a di lieioas sui-p.-r. Ti' '
j meal va served eafeieri.i stjlo, alter
which a cry enjoy, iMe Foeiul cveriiiv:
was erjo-nl.
Til" i-.;:.e;f i.-nai dopa n incut ot (h
i ', t iv, a (.man's ei n - i will hold a ;
met tin: on Monday afternoon w it .
.Mrs. V. I. i'ii'ie.itt at her h que on
Illinois . n1:.'. Alts. Is. .1 Morris vv ; 1
ootidin- a iiarii:,m. nt.irv drill and
.,.K- Catherine liradish ".ill read :i
Minor on ' ('tint tit Kve:.ls.'' This Is
the la-t meetinu o; the year, and ail i
in. mlu rs are urged to he present.
Miss Keth Knapn rntertained the
rat-ii'b.rs o:' the Christian Kmieavor
o the ;st Pre.--b l-rian cliurc!: I.i.-t
e rring at .o r home i;a Prospec. i.ve
' . A !at,o nutit'aor of yuung p'"e
5)e V.e;-r. jn ;; I r n, ,. !o,::u - -
M-.sion was hi H. folbiv. oii ny a:i i"
fttrmal s..ei.-: hour. ' lo-n dainty n
trot hmeat ' v, re serve !.
Th" ! r:i !.:; -ranire (lu' will
hold a. i;!i.. ;irg on Mnntiay evening
the ht-ttio of M ' .-. II. .1. it'.til-.rise! on
I'o.-t rtret. Ti.e tttmual e'tlh olei iio'i
will be li- Id a:ni the i-roram
.. i a r'.. '. ' .1 ; ii! he .Its u -!
or next
j tents rarr.ihoil ty t.te e'ni S1 o s
I army i:nt:i si.e ) e-eni h..u,e; ; OMna
j is retii(di t!. accor.i;r.: ! ire-;; iir -estid
in t.te tnr;i,!:iu: tr;id hi-.'e. .ia--t
where th. v v. i,! io-at.- ti;. ir new dom
iciles iia -iiii et in". it decided al-
iiiongn : rtnv ot r.-a; est.iie tieen
ght .iii
"mobili ' ::s it were, overnig
t.ieaie; . . lork, has vast acreages;
of vaet' ' ' ml to lease in four of tin1
live In oi, 's.
"Fro n 1 on to J.iimt families will
live in to ! in Pelliiiin liay ',u;v
ah'tie," d- lared Waller c. Martin,
i-uper: en. enl of I he Tei)i-nie:l iliao e
)ep;irtmen . "and I have no doubt hit
hill .nry other section will have
wholi e lies of l"llt dwellers alter
M.'.v 1 i v'ew of the anticipated in
i rear
I dematid for l.-ntace. erpcoial-
Iv by .
the 1
van t i
I'.rox. "
Or, '
ac- 1
ho rib
;t i niti,
I li J oil
Sotlie ,
and, "
li:i ,.;
I" tl'-l '.
vi' el families. 1 shall write
r department for sufficient fan-
I loot ;: jio' .-il le need in
I! fif the pre.:e;t holis.tm .,hn f
" is the prospect of the n.-aial
of jd":o'iire seeker.:, many oi
villi ati'indan war prelii -i
--'. who are coming Io (he i,,..
'r t'."ir Stiaiiner iiinur
' 111.
w ill oh' i' lamllord : a I
s for I ..leper,-, ry ipi i rte
tenant : ,-, oceiinvi'ii'
Horn nioiiih to tiionlh i.iid t
'"ihnant i-eto ; -,. nit j - ;
I to he an ini lea:,- r-ii it, 1 1, i- .a ,
ev i' I ioti-: nil M,,y I ami .lane . !
I.'-:r i' m of I'.' ami. rent prolit e.rhi i; 1
I. m.- recently ,,..,;,, , il;,,,y j;, .. '
l onini iti eh.:::;.- in m;i;..y ,.;) ,,. ; j n ; t
iaudFn!., tip for ( tin in n. M iinb'ipal :
louil.:. Thousand.; of i .e:,. i,,,,,,i i
rr-" ! 'ii' mevoi'! the h.-.v vhi.-h ci :n
I" ' "f '.'ni'llonls t.i prove their rtelr
'''''" i'en-; more than ::.") ;h i , eai ;,
w " I i lied letiants ., ,;,
h'"!1"'11' ' Sep . 1 Th',,
i': '"1 '' '" iit.arttneni.i to the
": '.' ,,!,,',,'r:!.
, ifhtv'toii of the compel it ion W
'.' "'''' i!' -v"' Vork is afford". I bv 'he
li"ioe ttepartiiicr.l !ii.:it-s K
which show that, due i,, ij-i,, ,j(;n.. f
, . 1 ' !' 'ion
. I ;.I
suiiicicni t v liou.-e otilv
.p;;, 41,,, ,,,.,.,,,
' I
tet or litoi in the (..a;
.,tati. liinrd
"."" " 1 "' :'""' "'"m' ami
of el her pro.-'-
If yoa neea;, innfflo or feel h
chill comiuff on. Carry the mnall
bottla at s 11 time. Price 30
Cnt3 ot all dealers.
I 9
ji'iir in club circle", :! it
; I" clod Unit more than i;u i.itl
! bo in ettondant o. I'oll.iw i?
Patterns for
Home Sewing
A pattern of this Illustration
will be sent your address. FIN
out the attached blank and mall
to the Free Trader-Journal, en
closing 11c In money or stamps.
Please allow ten days' time In
which to hav pattern delivered
V ?
i rt-yr
j MU-a-.S
i Comprl.-ing Waist Pattern ;!17t,
; rat in ti Size--' :M. :'.t, :!,, 4u, iZ
j aioi 4 4 inches bunt measure and
Skirt Pattern 3170. cut in 7 Sues:
A. JO. JS,
and :I4 inches
wair-t im-.isure.
This design will be nice in blue or
gray seri:e with pipings of a bright
eiiiir. or bindings of black braid. It
is good also for shantung, taffeta,
linen and gingham. The width of
the skirt t its lower edge with
pl: its extended is J yards.
To make this model for a .Medium
size will require ii 1 ( yards of 44
inch material.
ibis illustiation tails for TWO
separute patt-jrus which will be
mailed to any addre.-s na receipt of
lie FOR KAClt patt.ru in silver ur j
I Pattern Dep't.
t i
i please send l'jttern to
nddress, 1J Cts. enclosed.
Mo. ..
Z j
$ :
J j
$ PostofTice
State ...
.... . !
Awera aits
are sa il to no tiroi-
nine; io invade the Croat White V,'a
Tr:i!"!'iads t.lready have arrived. Fur
mst oi' ih'Mii it will be no stunt vaca
tion. Many are bringing their fami
lies an-'i tbov are p;e.;ire. Io Jiiiv
fancy nice;, for accommodations. All
of which ui'.i s joy to th" landlord and
real estate dealer who , . .. vi.-ioti:; of a
bi tint ifnl harvest.
So while tired mothers with babies
in a rnis. leave baby carriages outside
our) room doors, and with worried
hiishands (dead in-'itinst eviction from
their liruiie (he m a n i.;t r:i I :! .uteri
g iv' n 1 1 ti g 1'iein temporary stays, po-a i
pone the hearings to "read up" on the i
new bu i, di! t ii in put tiirtmgh at Mbary.
And while Mayer Itvlan's eommi't"" 1
;' rugg)e for a sobiliotl of the com pit-
ea'e'l i n 'iloin. cil . m.iri h:iis ... .. .'
ea'o'l n dem. oil , mar
cim ii other of proli'ocrir.t
in eviction ;
tases 1 tiindri'ds of men, said to he
( wiiho.il iinthorily, were also reported
. posint' as marshals" and serving dis
i tin "-session notices some id thein 'ea.n
: ing" a . iiii-h as J-.tlou a intintii.
5 Lxsra special r
4 A liiiiik-il iiimibcT o.f Matul- J
5 ard ln'oh ; ra lo tires ranino'
R in si;a's from ,v,? Vi P ,.x S
j 4 i'o (d't'crcil I'm- a few ( lays 2
5 tuily at :rii'cs far beldw the 4
6 1 i i list, 4
4 I hc-e arc ret! tire liaroains J
4 -iii 1 oii will io the luscr if
K )'.'ti ilmi't avail vnurself of 5
mis i.ii. 1 1 1 iin n - to ptirclia.-e J
in cs ,1; uncos c v 1 mn .to
, -
y "I. Alt J III lie . IP) MTOWK
All lii'si class tires. - al
so solicit 11ur (nlic and cas
rvpair work. W'e are
t' t 1 i 1 n-f 1 to take care of all
y ur lire troubles.
j ;vuiciieii lire anop
')i 1 I. a Salle Street 4
8 Opposite Washington Park 9
Columbus. Ohio, April
Ohin is to roniair- loya!
ili Min" tradit jon i;: i
tor presidoiiial candidal,
tided at the state w ide p
:l. V'.'h, 'io
i llii' ' '.a'...
', '!''. I 'll
v. li! bo do-
i Ni far ;is the di'tiii .
, ooneerneil, iho "fin , ; it
j tion w ill be maintained
j solid delegiit ion of -(., n,
Sis ii Ft ancisco convent a
' Co ,-nioi' .lam.. t ce-
ii'lai;'. a
to t '.e
I o
e :.'.i .
it ... lor
nor hii ; no oppe.su ion i
ential bidlot, iind all
dole-ates are pledged
Ceiioral l.o.mard '."
ins in It Ohio':; "I'a.o-;
Warren C. I la rdi'iu. i
or. !i ivi'i'(., iili-D. for t .,
I he I ' 1 1 i t it ;. i coin cut
I he lic.li: between V.
inu lias dovelotied me. ,.
lost contests waged v '
:;:,!!.. ,i-i i
I mi io i
( i.
I t v
' n
rank-' for ye:irs, suppoi i . ..
Harditiit claim (lie re -nil t t
mary will bo ovorw holmim;
Setiiitor. while (ionei::! 'i
por ers put f.. wind . . ; i i ;
pi .
I !o
i :
va-.'.int i laims.
Ciiiiilnlates for i!. le::.it e .. ),'.,.:.
ietieral Soo(1, have been entered oi
all throe of the tw.-utv ,'. tie:
ail'1 two candidates for ! : . '
l.irge a!. ..l are in the te l.i ' . eso-l
li- ! ol candidates, lor his. m d- t -: "
sod delegates at lart:-. pl.-,!: . d .,
Seiiatni- t liirdin:;, are t t'. no . I -j
I lire,, districts w her. '. . .! !. .'.: :
j are not entered aio th ho ! and
i "nil 1 1 'ineiuitat i ) ami il.c "t : ti'h
I land di d rict.s.
j Wood candidates for d-de:.Tate- at
j large are forinor Atturuev ti.-ner.il I hi
ward C. I timer of Sohifbie. ;inil At
toriiev Wiliiiiui II. Hoyd. f.ol.ir: '
The Harding candidates io. delef:.j...
;it largo are former governors l-'r.ii.l;
j 15. Willis iind Mvron T. lior;-;-U. M:o. -r
; John Fah iii of Fincitiita' i. and itie--j
ne.v II. M. Oiim-'lit riv. t'oiuir.bu,.
Senator iliirding's c.it.iii.o.-ii manag- r
i-our are to tie t-h-cied.
In ponenil. the Wood
is headed by men who w.-ro pnunn
in rlie Progressive part y m FUJ. Mo
of the Wood caiidida'e ; tor tloiei;at'-
;ne men who were affiliated with tie
Progressive party. This, however, i
inn always the case.
Senator Harding's campaign for tin
most part, is ia the band-- of men anil
iated with the local party organi.:a
tions. but in most instances the organ
i zn tion as an organization, has ndop
ed a hands-off policy. (. M ! )au.;hert v
the Senator's manasrer. w as stale ex-1
eciitive chairman in the 1!HJ oitmpaibn i
Then, lie pursued an uncompromisinc t
policy with the Progressives. The op- i
position to Senator Harding in 'he
present: campaign is directed chieflv j
iigitinst Mr. liaughei'ty. !
While there are no district set re' I
Wood candidates for deb irates in tl:.-
two Cincinnati district:-, the cnmMtla'-
es in '.ho-e districts, while pbt'poii to
Senator hiirding ;is first choice are j
pledged to Ceneral Wood as second
choice. In the three Cleveland ips. j
tricts, Harding cniulif ales are pledo d !
i to Senator Hiram Juhnsnn as ' second i
! Though all cat:
t noiee. All Wood Cilltdldiitos for de'...
d to James f. tjar-
ndidaters for delesrates
on the d-mocra' ticket, are pl.-dge-i
to Governor Cox. local conditions have
resulted in contests in a few districts.
In the sixteenth lii-trict (Canton ( th"
"vet" and "dry" euo.oion tesniieil ,n
a number of candidates hoiiu- wii.,i
!ule the .same tpi-stion and inetio-.l j
'inn rencos are saul to be l esponsthl.
for contests in other;-.
By reason of a few contests on ;
democratic ticket, he partv eab-r
expect a Mtrht vote to be polled. I;,.
publican state lieadqnarters, c illing at
fention to the fact that
v . ner
,r,'m " "lo ''''PUblicati streueth in HFC I
vas represented :a tin. tu-i..
. i ' ......
ing county organizations to make ;.'lj
possible efforts i( t;f,t the vot'-r.-: out.
The contest bo; ween Ceto rat Wood
and Senator Hiirding, however, i ; eX.
pecfed to bring a much great. -r per
centage of republican voter ; to t lie
J-a Blackley Says:
"you'd be surprised" to see what shape
we can put your old suit in by our
modern methods of cleaning and re
pairing. The other day a banker in this city
brought in an old suit, saying that he
wanted it cleaned and pressed so he
would look respectable while working
around the house and yard: The next
day after we delivered it he brought in
two more and stated that he was going
to save the first suit he brought in for
Sunday wear and would use the last
two for business.
Look up the suits in the closet and
phone us.
2 .
J it r? v
C tf S-
, i. of I a ft eta w it h Iho new
French sleeves and hands of
-I in!, la as its one I rial in in :,.
p. !!, than will he rcprcseiilotl by do
i .
tups of Metidoln i ; spend
oo; I-1- week ! 1 1 1 relative.-, her...
Albeit s-el:,nh shipped a car load of
si.ei, i, i i 'iiicuco Monday .
I'.o: i Mr and Mrs. Ciaude Cull.-:
on T,:e 'lav ii baby hoy.
Mi - I la Ketitzer spent Sunday with
h.-r ti,:reo -.
M:s , ! .rie Kentor has accept o
a ; ' ion ill Peru.
.'' I'ai'tetibtirg was a Sutn'.ay call
er al the Aibert Schvv indanuin ii.ui.e.
The I. cap 'i eiir diiiico which was :: o. -in
ie. the yttitng holies at Troy Clove
w :: iostpoto d on ai count .f , id
' wootb. r. Tl-.ev will give another one
! 'I'm oay April -Tih at the 'ill,i,-o hali
ii j ,n i ft y 1 rove
t .M,.-s li.ieii Keir.:er j, -.pending th:
s ,' '.' '-k at l!n- Claud" Cutler home n ..irl
i i lorry. -
Mrs Murp'.iv and sou Fnunett spent
TT7 Commonwealth Edison
Chicago, Illinois
Electric Cleaner
spin's avvny the drudgery of
housc-cL-atv.ng. Thousands of
" otiuti the country over attest
th;' wonderful merits of this
t-tuvnor yicancr. The i t'DERAL
ha.-, tli-
Revolving Brush
a nor.iHe achicvcm-.'tit that makes
cvery-day n.lo
execpti o n
hfcULtvAL vvci
10 pound -. ii
tacc tint should
he over-looke
Call or write tar
leaning the -sS K
r,.,r ... V U m-
The" M A
h only H 4
idvan- Vil 5
r li t
C.-. ill ,V.
1 II I '
r--s .,--.: ii ir
.... Le :' fwA 31 ii 3
several ilaya al t. Murphy I o in
Tiny lirove last wool,. Mr. .Murphy
is working in Kowanee and Mis. Mur
phy anil son are staitu; at the Maltar
home during hj a), ;entf.
James lla.Mau
ill South Kiiloilii.
( hot,
a itusitti
of the l
" " e-l Ol llle p.llf,iis
1 euil'iil Ciiiiiti Tele plum,.
ni:od Iho ilanco wn,.;i . iho ,',.,
girls at the llluii h,,ll at .:, ,s . s ,i
unlay night.
M i's. Hi it n and si de;. M:ili,. .,,
ouhuig llroihors. !-, , M ,.;.,
iouk nun sister. Viola and hw
.111 Tet'.
pie aiieiidcil tlu .show i.ir
a to,-
Wo li.no in1;! loctivti .v tJiipnutit of llir very I vtcst
in Sv. oiitors. W'e on- sliowinr; all the newest shades in
Slipovers, tuxedo and Poire styles.. Solid and two-toned
colorings, priced front $7."0 up.
I:t this shipment we tviao received a lxvuitiful as
sortment ot brushed Am.'ora Scarfs in plain ;r mixed co.,
ttinos belted or straight mudels, priced from $7.50 up.
Dress Voiles
Every few days we receive new shipments of voiles
in plain colors or beaulitul Moral and conventional pat
terns, in a wide rane of colorings, 40 to 38 inches wide,
priced from b) cents a yard to SI.73 a yard.
Collar Tabs
hem in
at cents a yard
Veniso, l iiei, Oriental
ittiiu 5l) cents a yard up.
Silk Moire Bags---
v'e have Silk
in idfo k, navy
I 5
wiiffi mi
' fi iii i
and Mrs. A I hoi I Crowe at Arlington
Tuesday night.
Mis: on Kliuor Flaherty, .Vlolliii
lllitck and Fleauof l''ui)ff;iii apoat Jim
week cud with llioir teacher a I. Mar
se.llo.A. '
H.II..I ...I. t 't Itr.iliiil.ll.r
"-'!S I'm,.,, i.l i.,1 I1..H m-MuSS?
j1 .Vvi( 'I'
uUn ti ttih'T- liny of ynwp V
I L ' IJ !'"'"". A n rCHl.t IH.TI 1H
Si if el.tenvri I.IUMI I'H.I i. :j,7
VV" I.) y,,u,m,,, S..ole..AIwi.hM,.t
and Scarfs
1 tr labs "the latest creation."
pink, blue, lavender and while
and Gcoi;;ettc Tnl?s, priced
I5.u;s v.iih beat'tiful mounlinrs
r,nt:;ite; m price lrotn 5 ).ZJ
No Tire Troubles
1 hink what that means
to you no annoying
blowouts no worrying
over whether or not your
tire will outlast the trip.
. .And when you figure the price of a
Hood I'.'xlra i!y Tiro on the basis of
ti.iles guaranteed you'll Iind if costs
you less than any so-called "standard"
lire of the same size.
W'e shall welcome an oppor
tunity it) prove to you that
these farts are true.
Put on a Hood today;
Forget it for a year.
Quality is Economy
Hardware Co.
Ottawa, 111.
. Children Cry

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