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Free trader-journal and Ottawa fair dealer. (Ottawa, Ill.) 1920-1927, May 26, 1920, Image 3

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WEDNESDAY, MAY 26, 1920.
ARE 'Will W1
DACKER3 Or iV) V F K N 0 f! IN PFtrS
Mil '1
.'.prinsTlieM, May -!'''. I.ov-dnit'
casiliaif'.n lull ln'is r.i l. iii: H-i''(l l.i i
lipid tli;l! I'V.-iT m:hIhI;I" l'"' Uii'
pre : 1 1 1 '"!(" y l)i eon: in ! li'il (, "(".mh1
clean" on i ; 1 1 ;i : f, i :-. p-Hi ii -in-In
eli'oet. tl.io l.uwil'T) eaaip ;-',: l i tttt
lii-ciitlMi- Dim Idiiiol., Kovcni-r ! I
whole Irufh !ill his own war ( t.
ho ( i i 1 11 IK 1 lie iiiade Dim "coal" (.!'
Dim iiMnal-,,s piaidim: iminiry.
Tka .'star "i- iil im:m.. by lamia D.
Kuimcf.-Uin. elisirme a of Dim lea.v.h i
a!iimif;n ' oaiaiitl"". ' ho relai'ued
yi -.,t i'ta:i y ;irir-un;i, after h.iviiie. .
Dded in WasbimDmi, i ; liia! !li-r
ciinilii1'!lM rhonld mil I,.. i.T-!i$iDl
to (Id.U'm in-hind "! iil-idiary i i:i'::n;;!i j ,,,,,1 .
or;':i'ii:;ul iarm." or "In ad va Ii I aye j in- j,.-,,. ;,,!
df yiiv technical mbi'Tfii;'"'. ii top iiriiui-
Dal" ill 1 mi amen report i from W;
ini'l,.;. li-mline; lii siiui' :.t Slin ill-' in old rn
vi at i;;:iti' .n is mat In he pi ya-d I i Dm
liaiil , eatl. Mil ve riom; I vp f i - i"
Dun a lunar tireBldeiiiia' rove. T' !,o.v- J'ljp
iImii niaiinKMrs, havhm, plae.-l Dm -ir
Mania on the klMc, : was ia i. t it.
v. i'iv roleatlass; ia (1 ! . . din's' lint Di
: ( ii;! t . iriul pr-vlie lm plume 1 info v
ety activity of m In r c:.n;H:itcw.
Tin; V,'iiO I i .nap. w'.ii. a h:t ' ) '"
r.' .DMMa ever ) Di. Do'eyD rai i i
: ! ; i r 1 1 ! . v. .is in-., riy aaani:;" ,a ia ,;
it's Dial, I lu invest :: ti ;..i v.iil .. i '.
the reiud li. an early. aa.i Dm! i:a
s nod ia b.'dme ,, ,P,a -.; m, ai H,, , , D 'Ma' a
in it. V. Jiihii-'iil lieadny., j.-, i a. a a !
y.u'.r of t lai. laiai' , ;, i., a I ' ' " i
jiarl it uhiaiv ai ! ! - a ri. I (.-. a-a , a
j ai".H. 1 1' r a a. I ! lanlaia 1 i
tl ii. I r! i ph ia aia ina.l ulH- ia 1 1'.' : i!m iD
a'Mi t'Mlai y hi .Mai" K:i.,mT !!,
fruin V!i..iiii!Hiii. V- i ail aaa
win da it hti-.DiiK i i ' vi- a a i.f c!:m . in
alinii. a- follows;
'( lilt'. I.Mi 'la'a caiM aa i. iiiaaaja
lia ll! aaa a I v. a; s in a 1 Dial Da a
lias hi'Mii imiliii:;: i.i i miimi .i!, ii'fr a
In Dim v.-caaf i": Dm' i vjii-raana a ; j
Cull ! t Di a l a, a h ! : ,v--a ! . - ' i
luiien. WiDi llii-.i . o!-y if -JmiI. ..
Ji.lVM la a. I l';!lDl. 'I'M i' v aa i.i,r ;a
1U:-M i'l J .I't ;; f, t ; -.)IHi 1 li
( ipii Vdfal alal --lai lii m;' oar a.
linama a !) I lia ! lia la (a aaaii ; ;
"vm ruii.v m !. v ' ',;',
Dn.it W" li.iv ' l! (- liilaal i i'.js
insist. Dial Main m m.,, ,.(.;.., ..an
ilaloi aiiali iiM i a 1 1 . D la a aa. a : :"a
laasiait .a I ian of Di -ir l a :,;!( a
ia-ndilH.'.- , a a -,vm laiv liiai . V.' f '
Di-i! Dim !:ai,i,a ia' Da- a D at ,:r- m
taillly caDD.-il tQ r: ; aa - a:
fiaau (if r ip! ' aasl i-:-. a ' D'"a- ;
lias lifaa ma ;m in ia-aa i.f ! a'iv. I a ,
(!m!1. ..' lia vi! mm (iiia a! Di.ai
at ii cohiiiii! im'M -, ill pin "(., apai Di.
"M iaiVM ra: Mi'D-'i la aM naii.iaa
in pi'i'i'lui-iiiR' Dn fa I a :mt li.ava - .
;iDcr,ilit- il to iiiila h lal aav aa:j ;
i.iry orpaai'iixaliaii1'. in any :.. a -.
hnvo !so laaisMii ta lia,!!; i ia.l 1 a- s a
lit ii Cain tm) iia will ) ras i. aaa : i
(aimiiila'M 1,0 (;;!; aivaaPaa i,f ai
to: lmif.il auijlMi fuaa'."
'i llM Joliiaioll a! Ka af: II r:. r v.";
r out aim"! i ii Diis m a i ,aii"a f - D '!i ia
'by Mpj'fT Di; ':ar l;f ia; .- y -i .-.
chniVM of .iiaMMi ai i iiitin.:! ;.-r-;
Dim AaiiliMi'iani iiatal:
"Tl'M KMiialorial iav-a DaaDaa; ar
Waaiia.aiMn, May -''t - I'a'i.iiiil'iy in
' ! i D v i 1 1 : 1 ( ' ,. i lalaai'i-a, i .-il.K Don nl
ai,!. r,a ,:Dal 1 a. a ; by Ii: lii. in
a'aa .a 1 ,ru;!ili lit II ali'l i.apl'avi-il
I raa. p al aa inn ai a iimmiImiI In rail IK m
ii ' i'i).'! i , 1 1 ; i a a a ail ih 'ia ! m i ra a -,p
i. I a i a: ii a.' Dm P i!. ral I'm . ai
in ; a ', , p, , , , t,,.p, y p,;in my In
! : aal -i . ia'1'ii a -a' iM.-'ry.
'1 j.,. lal. , . laa , , ...ll a la .1' Ml"
, 1 1 , I a ''. i a ,M , l i a i i'i ana iv: ."a!
; ,.. a i ri - ii- I ai I'll in" 1 I "Ii 1 Tlii;
. i, , .; i , , i a i a'aiiii a lm' in al ban ia.
r,a.Piai' vvi.ii !"i al II". '! :.
( liM. al'lall' i lal. liliy'.'. 1 I f ' f pl'i-if lllail
(n ii"' -t. i ( aaa- in i . pnli ... In Dim
I-.. .ill1 iili ('.' i '. ' I i.-s I I- 'aal 'or.ilii'k ll.'-
lailai. a a, iPini i ,
!n;.!ill r.'iallll).
ia ( , i i a iaa ia1 "1 an ! a i i.-'l v.'Di I ()',' J I'd
I, y, aal ' I' a , D;.. laiai .1 ia.i.1 nipial "S
' -i p . i a l .a y ia1 ia", ia il a i inn a lal a. li 1 1
,.ii-::-.iiraa v. )'" pi . . J . -i i in li'inliiiia
, .' ,P ; I ur inn alia ill of Di" I'ai" i r.a,
i p. , jia. .ay Da' l.i.u i'd'a v. am in." i m
p .p., . ! ; . - aia i' laan :l iiimMi ia ".'.
:.y.:i;a. I i ,1'iMhaa rr. -! i ; ! iis ;n-
(i a'.iliiil. raha,. ( . i i v .) 1 1 1 I
, ..I ,',a' i. ..an !a Da' his i i
p. i,a '! D: a a v n. a aall la'
, 1: , . d I v Hi.' ii'adii I inn a:a!
,. a1 n,' ja aa! ."
a i d caai i 1 1 1 . a D " DnvMraia'
a. a1 iiaa.il, ' : Pal li Dim ill!
naa ia' la a yi-;,r' . raps can
,i a. 'aal a . f i,. ,'ai'!l Dm' iimv.
ia,,' I icil -ip in i arrs ilia,
v. I . . ia p I. im i; i ft
( ia
la la .
rnp nl'
mm ms..,m!'-
A iaara , l.aa : 1 la i'.I in ", aaid
a in yi t f a ip diia'd ayaia.a D : ai I ia
, 'aha' all' a, :il ad . i.a'd la ; a. U
a. i i ..... i ; i' ii .-i a aal 1 i a 'aa' laan -aaa'.ii
aa i am in! pi', .a a.'t i all .
ai ...,(
Buffalo Saved from Extinction
Flourish in Government Parks
I 1 'Jf 1 A I. Ml IN
I V. Alt I'.-'P' lOW T
' .i V
titUi HUlSlbJ
I II r n r W . ff
lii ili,; to laaif
in I'. lydai ini;
hi- dua.and.
'. ia' raii a. a
If ad.iai.aa
i .a ia- p
flm'fitxnt'd with extinction, tho buf
falo is coining Lack. Only SiJl wore
ieft in Nortli America in 1&'J. To
juy, accorili::;r to last yc.-ir'ts census
if tiie American. Bison Society,
:hero are 7,iJV0 ia Canada and Umj
United Siati L!.
Can;ii:i took tho lead in the
sri'servaution of tho buffalo when in
101)7 it purcbaianl tho herd of
Michael Pablo in Montana, number
ing 700 bead. These were shipped
;o"Wair.wr;p:lit, Aita., where they
s-ero ret free ia a government
3:ifk, tho lares-t pamo predcrve
liiiler fence in the world, contuin
r,i? 100,000 aero a surrounded by
teventy-Hix miles of jnesh wire,
he buifalo, now numberin; o,520,
lave made the park on tho Grand
Trunk 1'acific railway, one of the
Jiovv places of western Canada.
Thousand:! of tourisds slop there on
their way to the scenic wonderland
of Jasper Park in the Uocky Moun
tains. A wild herd in the Atha
basca region, estimated at 500 head,
and several small herds in cap
tivity, swell tho total number of
buffalo in Canada to 4,2o0.
Tho United States, which also took'
steps to safeguard the buifalo, now
lias eight parks in which they are
bred. The largest povernment
herd:! are in Yellowstone Park and
on biton ranges at Ravalli, Mont.,
and Cache, )kla. There are now
y.l'JO buffalo in tho United States. I
When the white man came, it is
estimated there were 15,000,000
buffalo in America. The elauehtci;
of these immense herd, which haa
been called the greatest crime ever
perpetrated against a race of wild
animals, did nut cease until tin
early eighties.
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wmtz TP I T3f K
Crirr.i-.ara Trr.cks sa GDOti as His
is Kj iiD.
til.! wrccb I r il J.ii.'i.j i us;.
Much 'id;
of ..:i,
ti tut ;rest'..to t3 SD.denU
:! Kcvcnlcd Ly iaccnie
V.ix DcLuins.
: r a:iaiv of naadDia'!
Methods to Be Kolloved If One Would
Keep Them Always Locking
Their B;st.
nil Tea Kettle and
Trading Stamps
x v'.i.-y.
Iatfr.-.ctina Etcry cf Hew Han Ar.t
Viio Atttmptrd to Blow Up Mu
nition Plant Was Spxcddy
Breuaht ta Juracci.
I'lari'r.' Dm' la!.' war, wl.iia lal nf D-mi-
! :.!,.tiit I -y en aiy :a,al;', v. ;d-!i hii.T
; I' ,'..iS aDi the pi' "laa';, a of an' iaa
i lia'PiP ii da Dim." an. pi' a. as ia:'.!" a.
I l.iai.ii p i a a ' ai lieaer ;l j, r la,,.s ,
! tin' f:i.'!..r.v D.ia d .i t-piaaa, aa; s lite
! Do- Pill Cii. ha.
Dan.SM :
li'.ipi... -.'
M,,r by
!' ar. .'i
I.m ;;aa
W'.ila I
'liai iii.U'-awii'i' ma
a.;... liviay t.iaaV inf. i-n :i li a'aMa.ii a a la
Da i;.a aP,! liai.'i of in .iiiar .-:;',
uI.miv ia.a.aiM a;K r-- T!i I.r-n p'au to faiai.,' in !;i.Titl
ai., it-a.aD.a Dim Dal- j a pPai; is In i ail until Da' sur;a' is : ifl
j day In liia da;. Di hi laili' ail ira'li. 'I'ln n S
Da' VMiau: a. a; pie, J :V ex- ! I . v. a P. r mri' ii. laa a ,i ran, a us ihm m
I ai lap wati-r
M. M no niore : p
a!... will I'X-lj
mi' judgment ; $
t i in
.U ft 5l!i:-,l ?a" ;(,;." vJ,
f-J b.ta-'.DvD ':' -P ?, '!'. "D - a
I raa.'ln s im
aiii until tin
'i'S.c ei iiaiiail I'ara.
T ulndoiv lav D.a i,
a in.
ll 1'
sIimiD.m If
In aa;- a.a
I, wlD.!
i paiiiP'd
MM'!' diiariilla
lia laid V. urn aaa. .,
liS, ;r,'S i,s iy, a!...;.'
! cmh find ilia I
. P
ad v, iial a. ' ' ilia: ?.s
s ai, .1 Da' pi'liils u'e
o" Di
ais paadau: In
ward D.m fai lia-y v. ! round -n Da
aia ''i".d i sari'Maaaiia: Da' jdaiil. The '
i ," Iracial In tin. v,-li,.l.v where tlu
i lit ;ai mmm laid li a n fonvd.
Tl.M deep footprint: indicated that ,
tlnj one In uaid" theiii had la"ai i (
niitte i) doiip; a prout pai.ii" aavv- ' f M ;-;-y i ! a laaivy rlDcct. and as i.m and ;
lea, l;::t taa t.-.-tr-U'iny mat j a air; . , .,;.,, ,,Ua ;aaps, it -(niwvil he wsh a
Kiveil iiliistiMlea D:' di'i'ifuiiv i'l ''-n,iin. A eliii'Mpndiiit ataDiaad lit
titiK ar Dim 1, hk " if !!' aa-ia Ji.-i,," .,,.,!V )v ,.,', yV;1s eallid into
and ha mad.' s-veral ea a : or
i Illal .
i ti" ;;
he la
a uiDaait a !a.ia. Tlay i isnrfaei. i day.
im in li, real "i latM t'n.il 1 'I'm kepi fen, a f.-rsl
, ......1 i-,," Pa iPmiii I lia- t.aa, d -'ii in a aaa in' vu'i-r cniii
!,. - : and aide In J i'a: ai.oii! Jiulf an im-h a'.'.." l!v top
y, til-;.' 1 the alDi. The plai,:.( should h"
:p. pm; .,. :,e;l moved Into I la pi hi Da' waua' f.ir u'miii D.ei.ly
, iae -il te'i'V. Tli: y then i Hi" f.a .a. . pca'i
il. .-' h, ,!.- and sold It i :;lal di'ai i Dmr a
.-a ; imi'. d'aoy rlld tint live i A aaa p. aa-
,,u - liiMi',' Diati six VMei;s, D a : al . pi :. : :
lh iia: in it. Dim hualaiiiil .( ni.-nti
repair, d, vdiiie the wif.) i ,' iv,:l. r. a p, :
id vaPa.,a,aii.,l. It w:,s are d .anaid ! .
p i , p s a y. Pa! lit Dim end in 'ta.:. a snap
ar Da"' laa! 'S'-yOi-l prolir. , Da- ia i ;'M..,(siy s. a!.',
, . ,. yo"ii..: ei-mdn.-tor, iaan. mp-Ii miihhIIi U'a.rd
... a,n la ye.,r was f-D.'i75. ivy i""l i'Da. i.
. s 1,. : aaiiaiip: Di" fact Da.C ' ---
! I- i! 1, ''VnU'l'M ill Iiu-a." !
..aa' tav ei.-a. "H v...uid D
;e !,y aa.; i ied in Dims..' days ,'!':
.ii Mia t of Dvia;; i n an iiieoiilt; eia
f - . ar t ""rj. u .-
it ''..ft'-.,.3 .. ... ,w -.i'i 7,.' in: ..-siyi m j:. 1: y"- ",'..
, y "dii JWjr OS '
! $
i ' :-.-..r a !.-.:C".l.-J.. c-.taw::?'.'..:- -: .w ?Wi
' n .1
,,;;' "''" Tii" li; I ia adi
d filter !,.,.,;, ,;, ,;;;( ;,V
j v, ., . priiiiiuiia : d a
aa' ;,ud ppio, ! a:-a Dim nr
adaaal fa' 1ia' ID: ii
;Dv..l ;
Idy. i v... : priiiiiuiia : d a a ian-at' a 1 all
Da plant laa"'
a lal P -.1.01 a al of j i.y Di I., laud hilDi la lioi;!
, inaP d In a uanlon 1 nd" ,a ar- a i ra lit on 1 aa h i
: . . !.! na aid' I . I i ar itoa.-uera. H v..". liiroii'Ul I
,. ',,.. II, i. l',,a,..y. 1 I'I
ads. P'irlie.
d Di
i "an;
led he
iilia' !;
Iter Da
i ; i
1'Pe '-;,:.'. Defaeed, red-Mieckod f""
yoiuar caaiiaaor i!;d not s,y. it that ru
ia:;,'. Wla a i," i.ad liaislusl la' waliaal I a
,aV Daaiaa:', In p!:.:ti!.ve tiftlion, -
W idi I Dad a Cirl." ; ;
foiaal laaasiy, too, in p-J-p!i
,1 'S eaU'.l. 1 peril r
otntpment is ia:.V Im aiaa" v Dl ' . . . , ' was Dm I'll am; m; In !i.f, V-r ("nun- V
fact that il may l.e MaindlanDa -aal -d j 1 InplNh h;-t sIimm, v. 1:1. ti hroa-i neei, . p ,., ,.is $
that Hoover expended over ylaippua in , Dim si,,,,, ,;,i tteen rcecni... n,,.,-,......, , j p.. ',!.,:.: .a, Dm !,..; ,-s. 11
one eiiy alone. I ref.-r In Da' ii'; a;' ; mid D;at D,ere were Heel l't-i'a., oi a j . ,.v,, h
Ton Aaol.-; 1 Pa, ny ai a'Mni lain. ;; foi'Mian main' on Urn la- is. ihmim was
The "Du-;Dnrj Stona.'
s : Dm aiaai ill. .'.---a riau
s rea'anP'd it as Da, piaaeip'.i
aaaii.y'i "a ai'imni o;' i;- uwn
.. ami iial 1 I. "iiilai-
aie.; lii, ..-ally i.iii'atu
p i: , ana e niiuln pa'adl'ii'
iyla .,,' la-land.
,- ; d .' I I. al'.: . - I ,il ;!'( liil' l a
is: a'l ii' p. ey.-aiia.; ta a ii
-mi- .,; la r !,. ail! li a! maai,! ry
1 I I wall. 'i 'in.:-" W- im "a i'-D-,,,
D.ni'aM'a lai-pii,,iiiy
1 T.
S . v-v'VVy". ,V(rfW V
- J.
an !-.. .Mi . a-; Nell:,, NldilMiMa Ad.Df (
Dana. Xi.i-.i SDakliiM', .Mary Dpinm r. !
Ati... V T
af 'Miaa..ta a, a,
Die iloiiia i'(,l.. -..
ai and i nn D.a. 1 1 ft
v. ir!, Mit.i aim .lip.
$ JL VJL W e k s u i.'
'' i . ,:6y
J.tieC.y. 1(11' M,y;i,Mj.m. in. II , . , ,
.Hoover. i;iv. a naa app-aai m my fll()..;,lts :pll;; m Dm fa.'tory.
$. tr My:-ryta,:;y Ian mnaail .,.,, ,r ,, .a. ,.-,, , n.-t
xceiit-CaliDirnia. Dow ri- ad-.s Di;si J,' ,'', , ' , ' " ' .. ,,, ..,, j in vDimn it v. as
"( il'l
ii 1 "4 I
l. he best in tires and tubes
. ' if
1 made D
in this nrdier, ia-mia i" -I y.v-t ia ! ;, mari-a d jiroiiat iea ot Dim Internal tat
cliarp:" of Die Jolii)4(:i eaaeadyi: ia j ,., :! ,r !,.r and also a iiiiirl.ed nlaiuc
that city. don of Die riy'at i'Mnt, which proved a
"What ia, ii'.veh'Md l,y wav of ' :- VM rijlt f,,,,;.
pcasu in an int.-iitdvo ca'tipai-.tu aie li j ,V,M) v... . "John I"imm" with a
as was H.aile f-r U,.ov.-r ia Dna Am i t fnfi W(,ir!f,. p((!,:,o,l
K.dMS and or inul. Dnwd.'.i j ,,. Krlidi las! sIiomP reeiiiliy half
other cam id.'ites m many ia :mr pla-aa . ",''1' '. ,,,,. ,, a,.,
mnv be yiiDlyi'Md frnin Dm,-' fa a, :, : ! m!,.,I. wa ; n . ana a,, mala' ,i,,d , .1 .
On Die dav after the elecDoa : ilnov- j h.-ls t S,::.t " ' "' 1
eDri iM.adumirD.ra in Das An ad.-s ;; ! e,l iieel Ji'a las nd lai.Ma : e;y altaDied i
.l,,,l,, r,..;m.'iil of liiiai! woricars iaa di fair to a newly Pa 1 1 -son n, poumu
liahl d'T. The cheeks ran as hieh a;
"fn elecDon day liund rada of au'a
nioliilMs were hire! at ':', y each, limit
toed. Drndi'dl Inst sIimmV
j a weal; and la
; out I he r. : a;
nim-nia;: he w .
"t Diitac I'm
y. I .. . .
j liiii 11, I .'
' laivi. di la- i!
! i he :v ia. .
! which !d-i
i ni''a.:l,;.aD .
tla.. i a;
he laid m
year, ami
i vv : s y .
i:c clerk Idled '
Get our prices before yon hwy
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b. Fncnara I ire oo.
f, t
It von v'i anone us
tomorrow we vili
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ad hav
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i ii-aa!:."' in my fc'?
eve I aimutil f-' ti
" lie sheaved d j
Dm Darl;, l.y
im v, :h in the J
w ,.::. ;y iVicrs iuiiaing
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lh" . l : . 1 1 i . 1 - 1 s r.i
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pjxtrej DcX'.'
ail ready i
0pos3te Clifton Hotel p'a
li ':J i
...J"1 .,1 i p -v
i? A" 'El av", n !j V T"7 f Jv
ty I v'. t' m', , V ,
v a
w aa
Ml 111
Tiie la st was easy. John 1'oe wa
I'pprcii-nded within I'i hours ami is (
now iH'h pi i'i laaseii oars.
his li'iaiii.
I weiaini
.. P
or paid nut over :::,mn.l for mnaa'ta i;a; f, " prju:s tlm same ridaa forma-
ill (SUM 1.0S .ayema n--". ap ami .r...:r
and his tain rati in i.'vmal hundred
lif-Wf paper.-) Dirunuf Due i-Dhm.
Ifonver sent lilm.-alurM to ever;
one of more Dam yP'l.iiu I n ;;i at. -red
voters in Doe, Angelas, under a. la-mil
rtamp and this was done thruniit. Die
rtule wiierc Dimpm are iimr" Dmn om;
niillion feyi-ai-rMil vnD-ra. am! h-aa
Diati $a",i.ii'l was Di" : ili-ipril.-ed for
eireMhiriaDoii in f'.iiil'oraia."
At W'lind lieaal'iiiart. is no foraml
Kle.t.tiietit. was i ':-i!ad torn inny i.-mu
fin' Waaiiim, pm i'lem DaaDi.a. !' v. a i
laid that Did. V'.'ii'iaai Conper 1'ioe.
tor, I'iiniri'iaii of Dm V.'nnd eaiiraaiaii
(.in-mii.iiDiiii, is in N. w York ami i s
pevts to f'o to Wasliiiu;!oa from I here,
p'i'itred to testify hel'oro Dim ia ikiD;
commit tee.
a i a. id HI ' "dy-,il'"-:!Sell
Mi ma ' l:ai 6dn 11:0
. : :i i . of f t.DSO far
Viet! I, allaaaal! wla It
lai ssi-d far dmaiis i- -ardia;: Die tr, in
tern will he found as in lameriiiants, s.,(,,.lr, ... ,, ;ai;,,a ,, a : -oh. Dial's
hut footprint-! taken fr-au Dm hare foot I ' :. ,-y. I put it. hi last wa,'
are only folir.O oeea-dalialD'. Iieeali-M : y,-;!-;'
most peopile wear aim.--. Sla e and j ' .
boot prin! may at Dams play an im- j
Try a Went - aa in itio Freo Tiatlor
.ifiur.-ftl for Qu'clK T!am,
Dan-irufi'y I lea. 1 15 1
Ccccsno Ila.ir3.csa
Two Car Service Day and Night
Stand, College Inn.
Phone 1035.
i,i,.ii,l n.ii-t- ill Hie (lelMetiMtl df ci'llll
t "' 1
because they reproduce the charm-ier-isl'cs
of the wcare!'.
I'i dialrisls cii. im that d.-PaaaimiDmi
is Indicated by Dim feet kept in a par
allel position ; a ciib-uiat i vm and em'i
iiiis person toes out com idera'dy : : .i.ll-ley-aiMss
and hesitancy is indica!'-! in
a swayina: walk; while pmd h.-alDi is i f-7-you w.-,n) rvniy f tliirl:, Lcraititis!,
shown by a brisk fait. Sal; pc:;ac ; flossy, nlay hair, do by all incatts pyt
drm; their feet nloipu' tie' craund. rid ;"f I' liidruii", for it will starve your
Tn Die examination of slme or bant- 1 linir and man it ii yt don't,
priufs we will be able to deieisi;im It dec-n't do ir.udi :o.l to try t."
,,e exiiMt tM-e of the slme worn. It ! n. dl or wrr-h it .out 1 ae on ystira
iwiil aha. show heed plates, 1 ;' n ; ;t. th n Vo-.i de:-troV it cntirelv. Tn d.
I . sliti-lies, extra nails, ami wlmre m f:it-.l,...t f,,ur oiima-s cf cr.Knar
the slme is worn more or less. j Pnuid arvon ; apply it at nie.ht when re-
All these marks prevent v-ry s!rmi:.t t,iino; u e !;;:;. it to inoiU-n the scab.
ovidi'iice llmt mnv '"'ad to the appro- . mid rub il in painiy v.ath the finger ties-.
i,,;Doii of a criminal ; as each imli- I'y lamuiuy, me t il not all, of vour
vidual bv Dm reason of his own pe- i ndrt.f. wall he yaue ami three or l,,ur
" ., , , ,,,,, .more ap; luala m; will c.niphtcly ths-
,:.,;t, niiiuncr of wali.e ... . .. ; solvu u,,;,cly :toy cvcry
Weill's out every pair of shoes in lea- ;,,,, ,,.., tI.a,.., 0r ;t-
very same areas. j 'Yc-tt will i'm!, too, that all ttchinrr anl
. J flipeiii" of liu scalp wail rtop, and your
- liair v.a'i l,-.i,k ;md i'c 1 a. hundred lime!
Piflmy Race. lndDr. Vcu can a . I. b aii'l arvon at any
The natives of Die Andaman Is- ; Crtpa ilorc. it is ir.ct.pensivc and four
lami a l av of I'.Mim'al, avenmc llin-e ounces is all you wdl u c;l, no ninlh r
feel chwaii liieh".s iii hei';!:t and j how miicii oandi uti y.,u lavc., llus
..-..l.rt, M.nilor seven! v Hounds. simiiiv ..myj, iim, .
. 1- -D--r' -rrrrr T"''ZZIIjl:Zi.'SlZ
In lcK3 ulrn joliraaan was rrcsident of im"
IJoiD ;' Si )!'.:! this iiisUDilimi w as ( l.-.trtrefl as t
Niilinnnl Bank. 'I cntr.lvy liar! joat pursed thill
the Civil War and was in the tr; in ; reronr-truction
1 lie original liuainess was eyDiblisi-od to m-et
' -i" roMils rt ( ' l.-.y i'-. eii:;'"im in piav,nr tip,?.
"1 he histitlUh.tt has l.ept pnae viih Dm d--' vcl-jpnu-'it
of t!in cointtni.u'.y. Today ir. is lietter nhle to .serva'
its (leposiiors than ever ixtlore.
Ycm vili tni.ihe no tuistnke !y es.D; i.-Ii.shin:,; your
l)itnl:i." : rni.iiia li'iii with an ii.siit.iti-.n v.liiah na.s a
siKi essfa! record exteudin:; over mote than hah' a
c.f nUiry.
sa:a-.7..-'? l .
5i vr.t'?f"?.'r'
i-a tuwa "i- i4u .rj- j.
. ' I
Ei f l
1 -n
; m
Bank will he open
from 7 until 8 p. tn
on Saturday evenings
The Nat ional City B
y Ottawa
Ccpiial and Surplus 350.000.00
f. , ' I " . s (
t ioTlx
f p
'.T' AA'iatJt
a t:'.-ae.
I d Ji ;
iw -li tJ j
r,'-i' 7 ic -'
. 1 i.. v. I
" i "
... .. ,,i 7 P'cxea.
r.-aaj i a::U eve a-
i "... . , ,- - -.r j
... ii'!. v.- v i .- -' s'
M 1 W iJ.4
eaiann'": -
T ;
1 i
aaay c
tr.'; . '' !
siiarLua: af 6 p.
ra. rer P,
fi iarther wh
a call a'e...:;t acaeo, jus-
va i''eoi'3 ' i
v- '" -I- 1lw,.T".fli
!. -m- DVtl -j K 'r.t- -w
K. - V. Mi. '.IH. J
X "
v '' - . ' 1 -

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