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London, May 2G-Sir Nevil Mac
ready, the new British commander in
Ireland, has moved a flying column of
the Seventh I.aneers into County
West Meath to protect the cattle
ranches, where extensive cattle drives
have been going on for montha.
The Sinn Keiners, according to
word from Dublin have announced
their intention of takliiK "counter ac
tion," though they do not define its
Strikers Aid Irish.
British labor leaders are supporting
the railway workers in their stand
that they will strike rather than car
ry munitions to Ireland to be used
against the Sinn Feincrs.
They declare that, having ended the
export of munitions to Poland, they
do not intend to do anything to sac
rifice Irish lives. The workers in the
munitions plants take the same stand
80 the government will be forced to
employ soldiers to make munitions for
use in Ireland.
Union Is Planned.
London. .May 21!. A dispatch to the
Star from iHiblin today reports the
holding of a meeting there by the
Irish Farmers' Cnion which consid
ered the draft of a plan for the for
mation of a countrywide body known
ts the "Farmers' Freedom Force."
This proposed force, says the mes
gagovwyilil seek to protect ugricul
turaHpursttits;, "by force, if. neces
saryf Kirtst labor, Socialism or Bol
shevism?' irrespective of whatever po
licial, developments inay occur in the
country." The dispatch continues:
"The organization owes its incep
tion to the embargo recently imposed
by the Socialistic laborites against
the export of pigs, bacon and butter
to Great Britain, which the farmers
claim threatens the ruin of the agri
culturalists. "The draft of the scheme sots forth
that the new force is 'to 'provide a
permanent organized body in every
branch of the union and in every
country area in Ireland, ready for im
mediate action ami capable of nieo'in.r
force by force where action by the
existing government is undesirable,
unavoidable, or unexercised."
Florida's Old Sugar Mill.
The old sugar mill ut Xew Smyrna,
Fla., about 12 miles down the coast
from Daytonn, stands amid moss bung
trees, as a picturesque and legend
haunted reliowf tho Ill-fated colonizing
enterprise that In 1700 brought 1,'iUU
Jlinorcan?, Greeks nnd Italians to that
region, and for n few brief years
thereafter transformed seven miles of
Vine., iangled ,fyanip land, jilong the
coast Jpto. orderly little plantations
vherergrew Indian corn, cotton, rice,
Indigo plants nnd sugar ear.e. And It
was probably for the crushing of this
cane, a plant no longer grown In the
vicinity, that the colonists built the
old mill. The walls and machinery
beds they made of coiiinii, a soft,
whitish stone formed of l.roke.i shells
and corals, cemented together by na
ture. The iron crushing machinery it
self probably erected nt it later period
to replace the colonists' cruder nppu
ratus, is nevertheless remarkable for
its century long resistance to the lierce
corrosion of the tropic damp, which
.Quickly consumes nupnintprl ironwork.
1 The word raisin Is generally nsert
to refer to the dried grape. Raisin
grapes are usually the product of
warm climates and contain from 20
to SO per cent of sugar. The prin
cipal and most valuable class of
raisin grapes Is the muscatel. The
seedless raisins of commerce uru
largely Sultana grapes. The smallest
ones' come from the currant grape.
ft SAN FRANCISCO Jack Dcrop.
ley stna ms uiuuusei.
Reams, will face a woman pro,
eutor when they appear for trial
tn a California Federal Court on
in Indictment charging draft law
rvaBion. Mr. Annette Abbott
A4ams ts the only woman U. R.
IfWlct attorney. She has held tt.M
fflco for more than a year, in ths
jortkorn district t California.
Jrf L m
Washington, May 2'"..-Decrease in
agricultural prodiution may result in i
th'i.s country becoming dependent on ;
overseas for food supplies, i In-net t ;
Hoover declared today in a btt.r t
l;epreseii(;.iiv.' Kiddick. ltrp'ihliea'i :
Molilalia, selling for his views "as to
practical measures to insure belt' r re-j
uiras ti the fanner for his labor and
Air. Hoover wiggested the creation
of a coniiuiss.-on of farmers, ei-onum- ;
lsts and t'.nancial experts who on-
f.ldcr tho cai;se.-; u.il rem -lie ; for ,
the sit ii.it ion. '
. Ar.-ert.ng (hat the present hU'h ,
prices of commodities will sooner or ,
later decrease, Mr. Hoover .said: "This
deflation iutit not begin on tie- .'.iiui-j
When the collapse occ tires he piv
diited intermeiimte dealers vill I"1,
able to uiss the greatest pi.rtKm back ,
to the farmer, no matter how cateiuliy ;
handled." k
"UY.r il(.tirior:;t cm In ' rail: 'i O ta- ; ,
ti'tu faciliths has created p.-riodie
i-trii'tii .n.s in the free flow of food from
the farms to the consumer" (lie letter,
stated. This has compelled th'' con-1
sumer to buy during a local shortage
and the farmer to sell his product
during a local glut."
"The burden of taxation is
wrongly distributed. Mr. Hoover de
clared, pointing out that the eco-s ;
t roths tax" is an appointment t to
food manufacturers and di.-tributors
to collect taxes for the government 'g
by adding them to the margin 'etueen'1
the farmer and the market." j
ine wnoie marKn ,K sw-.e ,, , ,
many ot our commodates is in.iinvi.
exneiisive. wasteful. obsol-te and ill-
creases the margin unduly," he
tor continued. "Oour mauufactur.ng ; nor ot uiiMi;tao:y ma 1 ;"'
industries have developed out of pace : M-inetiines makes o ioubt !!.
with our agriculture, and labor is be-j It is an ideal with li Is im.tv ea-..:-ing
drawn from the farm to the town htiained by the well to-do than in t ne
at wages -with whb-h the farmer can j 'or aitlmi-h the impr.neniei.r
not couiend"
Investigation Shows Their Good
, , .....
t ana oaa yuaiitius.
Portland (Ore.) College Professor Pub
lishes the Result of Exhaustive
Inquiry He Has Recently Made
Into the Subject.
rnmnnrl.f, nr , . I.f did voll I
.now that Seattle, NVash.. Is the best ;
large city in the United States ml i
f'.irmingnani, Ala., tlie worst: nshs u
writer lu the Xew York Independent.
Such Is Indeed the case, for no less ;
ttu authority than the professor of so
ciology ut Heed college, Portland, ore.,
has Just directed a statistical Inquiry I
I..., ft... ')il i .a.:.... ..t- ,1... I',,it..,l !
111 I'J IIIU J llll f;VS?L Ulll:3 UL IIITJ viiiivv. ;
States und tinds this to be the case.
lie divides the subjects by which tlie i
Cities are to be judged Into IS cute-;
gories nnd finds that nil the western Mow. f..r il I- n um .nni.ioii t!i!a;: t .
,.i.iD i,, ih. ti.oifiml a .iil.l with five or six po'tn-'M-s ,
southern cities in the lust quarter and
the east betwixt and between.
as to setiarate cateL'ones
Seattle iiays the' liighest wuges per
hour, Charleston, S. C, the lowest.
The cost of living is lowest in Min
neapolis, highest in IJirminitham.
The denth rate is lowest in .Seattle,
highest in Charleston.
'ihe i.roportlon of population mar -
fled Is highest in Cleveland, lowest in
San Francisco.
I.otilsvillo bends the list In church j
membership, Portland, Ore., foots it.
Minneapolis has the lowest percent
age of child labor, Atlanta the high
est. Providence has the largest park area
per Inhabitant, Atlanta the smallest.
P.ultimore is the best-paved city.
Salt Lake City the worst.
The destruction bv lire is less in P.al-
timore nnd more in I.!iruiingham than I
Mew York city owns tho most valua
ble public properties per inhabitant,
lilrminghnm the least.
More people draw boi:s out of the
public library in Cincinnati and fewer
lu lilrmlngham than elsewhere.
As might be expected, lioston has
the best school attendance, Charles
ton has the worst.
Kansas City bus the most school
property per child attendance, Jack
sonville the least.
jS'ew York pays the public school
teachers the most, Jacksonville the
In the lowest number of pupils per
teacher Los Angeles leads, Atlanta
brings tip the rear.
Seattle Is the most literate city,
Charleston the most Illiterate.
Jacksonville has the fewest foreign
born people unable to,. speak Knglish,
Milwaukee the most.
Here they all ure In their proper or
der: Seattle, Salt Luke City, Den
ver, Los Angeles, Washington, Port
land, dre.; Minneapolis, Cincinnati,
San Francisco, St. Paul, Omaha, Cleve
land, P.oston, lluffalo, St. Louis, Kan
sas City, Milwaukee, Newark, .New
York, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Indianap
olis, Louisville, Detroit, Springfield,
Xew Haven, Philadelphia, linlllmoiv,
Memphis, Providence, New Orleans,
Scrauton, Jacksonville, Atlanta,
Charleston, P.irinliijjinm.
If yon nrpzc, nnfSe or feel
chill oorainir on. Carry t bo ntuali
bottli at all time. Fries 30
Cents at oil dealers.
wv?? if w $v Jf p- , & - it j
- MARIA STEIN, o. A unique wedding ceremony, probably tho only quadruplo marrlapo cut
performed in Ohio, was recently celebrated in St. John's Church, when threo broMiers aa.l :. sister
vcre married on tho came day, at tho same hour, In tho Fame church, with tho same :,eri. ?, Iy :
of their uncles. Left to right the brides and grooms are: Ottilia Cottas ar..KAloh-, C.-.t:r;.;i; y
Carman and Theodore Lochtefeld; Frances Voskuhl and Auguat Carman, and Uiriiarillno B'-'.'e.-er
uud Edward'Garman.
Practical Chats i
; Mothers
T i- a! n....r a trui.-tn to -ay ih-it the
.,im , .pt j in dr.-.t:U
;,.,.,, s ami ,hi!divii sh-.ii il I..- to
, ,vit!W.ut w-'iulit.
pro ii, warmth w itiion
Kt'-y edueated woaiaa miows
let-';his. pre-niiial'ly. nlih-twli th"
lumoiig roe mn.-i - : , 1 .
, . , inf.f ..o.uimtions have .
ipve'ld tins valuable knouied.e ill the !
siiaiiy way which makes it acceptable I
a very important polnlb is very n-'tlee- j
!ble. ' - , , i
The maintenance of warnnh !e-
.l.cloiislv to a great ucL-ree
'.'m Hie dirr.iivnee botween the t. m-
iperature of the body and that ;d the
li ,B ,,.t-.. I lit former
?UI rouiiunii; iiii.i".-r.. . ' , ,
nlwavs the same in health, and toe
first en'ergles of the system p to the
iiiaintt-iiance of that temperature;
o,..,-..tv the crcater the difference
!.tween the normal temperature
tieir of the em iroiimeut the htrtrer the
,rop.rtion of ital energy that gees ;
... ,.,,il... on thi.: diffefelKe. :
it follows, therefore, that ehfldre-l '
;- ii, weli
!,,, tilt.m than those w hoe lives are ;
i i,.ss comfortable cotiiiitio-.is. .
,,, if is a oerversion of e;ri "iintaii'-es
that tliev are also those for whom I
warm and suitable clotliing are iik.st j
ni-ilv provided. j
rr'obably It Is this condition which ;
tit the foot, of the feartUl n el'- ,
I.rthil.ir "f the babies ot the I !, ;
i iiroihietix e of so linieh ill
at - alt h: so bad is it that the only won-
ri,.r js'that v,a.re effe t-' do ii"t f :
p hlle babies are stid sewn u,. in u, a, ;
f;. tul .
uutely su.'h thin.-s are lieeoming rarer
. ., i nn-.-r
every day.
Such overclnthlnj; by :io means :tl-
iV 11 co ni, in-. i io un- .
,., ...l. for in order that ihe i
." ,. I
rony oiay in.uiin... ..... -
b' - "ti;1 f'utt r,T1'.t:."',,.".lM i
's'-pl ihoU d li"! be (.bstrU'aeil , Itieie- i
i ' ' . (;,.,.....,.thtin ...pi, ,,;ies. !
,r tin- iiM' iif materials whl.-h prevent j
ice eva noraiioii nuiu me .- .o.. o h'i-
.i . i . . .a. ,, , . ., a
to chilliness rather than to wan.it h.
'Phis brinus one to another po.nt in
idea! cloiiihig. that in relation to
warmth and lightness; it must permit.
. I
if free evaponitiou. J " tins a roiirta j
esM'iitial mu.-t be added, the very i:n- j
nortaiit one of freedom from c..ii-l:s-
tion of pi-e..ure and the permiiti-l- cf j
free and imimpiHled move nt an- j
otli?r pinaicuhir in which the
overdtvs-sed I'hiidreu of the poor.
ui'V truscu up i.i uieu i.aut
jlieii. sui rer snui. .
Comlicg to practical considerations
She much abused binder immisliatcly
invests itself. It is Mill chuig to by
jiiiMs as an indispensable adjunct of
i baby's wardrobe far too late In life.
Of cot'.r-o, wi the early days it is an
ImlKpeiiMiblo affair, its proper ad
justment liclng a matter of real im
portance. Put this applies only to tlie
early days, and once these are pa-t a
little knitted belt, shaped sufficiently
to keep it well in place, will be far
belter than any binder, for it will give
the neees-ary warmth without ntiy
The idea which probably lies at the
bottom of the cult of the binder Is
that the abdominal musclis are so
weak that they heed actual sit;. part,
and that wiilem! it the navel wPi saf
fer harm, iii the early iLavsv as has
I-. i'
n ii t;. V, ' i? H 5)
Motut Truck
Your Doctor
2 Advises
2 You on your
i$ But for
You'd Letter
Three Brothers and a Sister Have
: t : '
' , ay c :,es ta
. ' - 1 : . i e us '!"
' !' , it- l., II ,
- .-n ,'" eioii aisl
.;' d ;. , by . o,
' laat o i- free s
a n : A !i v l'i Is, i
.',!' . ua.s:-.
!!,!. nuU:--.
d -:: :: ilisiead .
,s '. owe e! i
. il l I'CCII ;! a
I ";,' : e.i by a
1 iia ,i :t,.f:i;ttive is
i!' y ftiit' flaru..
e ' ss it ; .-lf -MS
! "is . a.:asi.
" . ..m in, -s. aaa
or to he fine-l
t .1, I eean-e ,.f
a it (.!.i I'.-. t" fri
ri '
! '
v a ' "
t !,..,.
Tests ,.f a !e rnt:,y n.-r .1
ii'ieni-.i eoinbu.-i i .11 fi.g.i.o. '
ui u:u,,,1 '!
ii.L-n mis ,; . if'ti-iit" taat it i
ix.wer man gasolene.
lty tlie it, "ft:; ioli of a 'hviae f..r the
Hiir il l h-;. f., - im- ia"ii i
1 ... , .
monma. l ni -nig tl.i-.nvti oil iii n. i, -
I lug pi:: ir-n. t" i ro.lu. e the .-!-;tn. to:'
j re.-ure tnrlni
- -'- -
I A lo-vv !i'i.! -1 1 1 1 i-t t in
nasi, a i
: i i
I ,,:o'-j
UH-taU U;i- an ' peniii-'
that i'
las ural
ililelits enn I .,
.li.d !l! tile :i:
tl." Uf.
!i-e;d.-l timt jtiHi,.fr w 1
uMuiaoif mukiuih.. i..r me
red i-elliir f"l' le.ld i'CIl' i.-.
spnnu and cups tor the ..uts..n' m
shoe- hohl them U-e;ehed j nasa.iy o.,
a in-w ra. k witn.iut the u-,e of la.- t
ailpeU tleej.
T!i" lii'i'tii eauinu .u"iii'a'eiie ha-' 1 1 1 a :
ci:eovere.i I..,- two .sa:-,e,.t,s in l-ri-.j
wic i.ai e pivi sired a m rum to sounte:-I
act it
I renm, -k, , ; r-nl
' "' "
" "
A fork carried above an aeroplane
I',.,.,, a.
has ! n ih eh.ed oy a i u .n ,i a .
... ...,,i,n. ii macLiuo to
i.iiiht by
, .. t..lbu.
rie.-fh-allv operated camera
carried by Vnitvd Stales war ships to
.. ..... i t ,.. i or - : . , ir Kin; 'L i .1' -
i m -
ti e with the large guns.
water power method for breaking
.'..un rock in masses Instead of
.,- . ;t i.... i I I,- -i
-iuuuiii:s il i -
German i-uyiuevr.
. 7"" . . .
A new cab. net for raising bread
d mgh is provided with the de.n il
teiii: r.iture by heat Ins a htone and
p.iteiii,,' it in the bottom.
K-ypeiimetits in Franco have sh.uu
taiitl ordinary .sod is uu efficient iiiUr
lul' nv'WaoO.
!s Your Mm Starving
for Want cite?
bon u?.cd.Slooa Food -Hex V. 4 b-.nllitut
I'ui ji it In-.u t! Cher '.i n: Women er.d
C.vea Sa-f.r.lh :.-iu I;:i --.: to
Jf yn T.'-c i fro H'.V-":t -':- ':r."l rrl
tea :: c v..' ll.iil n:al m:,i i.t... !, y.s: .' '.'J
l;:.t ti' a rc s- ri.aei i; i;;r. t i v .-:'a il i.'S".
vl,-::i '. 'i ii t V'Sir i i'-.'.-l i.' :.!: r'; isr
v:ut: -1 ir- a ir. ll t!i i'. f.i s'- '-k;i!i 11 1
ra'.vsr t cisa.ro a I m-. i r. ' nr.
i..ii'-cij s- ! ;.'r..ia. t'.'iila.u ot ir-.l
a ii.: Vn.s'J, '. ' r.uffr !, ay iae h cr hit
JTC.il i.."it, sur fail fir: ; ly a (hf'tirH Tt
V iUa. :.: U' in. U a:. '. s vul (fai'l jfl
iu trr.tvii i.i t of it fcisd i:! ' . ! - 1 U-'i
t.I!.id witit '!:;!, fa! re. "!;.t, c-."r,-v jsn
Lre wci!:, ;i; as tin I .- i! tm:s 1 ".ai. It-.""'.
r"t f.r -.:g ' ' v; '1 y ... it ,a va.i."-'c
I o l i? i ,:!..,.. . 1' : ;? I. '.' !. re;
j i'j cr. vaa': er le . f i - j-i en i jl'c
I iiith'. -it t s a...;r !. .: xt t: Vxi liv'j
i 't:in u!. ; K.i cr-hi.ai Y W it'-d lrn It.rcs
t'tniT ir ih MIT :s'.-.!-, 1 ,r I w -!;.,
tl.fa t-'t v .'s.r r'r''r:i.:.:i rt".-an rn-l re hov
rau-h ya' ii.e.-f r -ut I. i iaidnr-i ' f re rr- i-.
xan-a'-vli i-'".a' -'a v a ro .:sia .." ,r;
V. Ir!r !.'..' i dm .-.'i-:e .l:i:.cU' in i-'Tica t'.c'r
rari-f.ft!i 'I :il:i:as e ?i":,l' -,- t i-in ;
ir- n in iia- ; a- f "i. 1' :; .Isn't (.':. ' ihj
M kiri'li i f irn.) j: a t i ' a f"'" c ".t-i.
Ystt rrai'. ts' i. ir..M i:i ,- (n-.i ti.it ..: t.J
ri-ilv ,-i''""i,'in ,! ,i Sniilrai'il Ia- .'.''.lit
! fi-aa if :-ssl '.vast it I.i i. i V"l ani s: '-"'!,
i'l'-rit 'it , h I'-MV,. nun? flta-i -r'-Ir-.i.
Y-i m:i firjf ':. site ! lun fto-i v.-tr
:'-'Mr:U ti. M j!jusli,'-ft uiiaranli.1.' ia G-.tia
...tiuii v uf iiiviii. wi.l Iti iciur.Ji. j.
W. E. Prichard & Sons
Ottawa, Illinois
If you want to nell your Illinois farm, confer with its. If you
wnnt to buy a fiirm in Iilinoin, lowu, Indinna or Texas r.ill on ua. We
nro jirartieul fiirincrM; htivo nlwnys hin;n Uli.-ntilU'd with farma and
farm life. Wo uro Judgos of laud und judges ot valuus. Tlieso
Iletnn nro Ininortnnt.
Wo cannot all own Illinois farms, thoro nro other good states
where land Is dumper in price, nnd tho owners ure prosperous and
happy. In tlieso f-tutes a ruin of moderate means can own a farm.
Wo have wnno great farms In tho rom belt at very low prlc3. If
you wnnt to ralno 11 vo BtocU, coin, wheat or cotton wo can fit you out.
Come and neo ua.
one Wedding
i Choose t'to Geautiful Way.
; Tin e is. I sse lin y v. ho are
s ' ,'e .sin t.i v. ah. I "-.- a
1 I !,. i,, i;!st Ives !o liie-a with
w iiosi they i.i.', nii'l !o tlie w ..!. I at
: . la:- e .',Asi- bno a I l.oii-i,! fid
I ' writer I as -sa! na'-i irulv : "Tliere
:-, a 1 ea;;',,ai and n'l ll::; .ay in
" , h ! . .' : sss'-t ever; thing, ilti'l
ha i.j'iis -s '. ': a : .ei wli;.-!i way we
i ' ;,i!,e. .. : a '. ; r :i per, on for a
, wh. :,. day le- Ma- LarMi v ay in which
y.ai may c.i.l :.i:a in tU- no rial:.", r
II Jim may Liie ism a I'einiM.ui -lan nv
Ms' I heel ! In---, ef J "lir tf reel ilig. S"
I ma i.nly iii the woi-K but in till the
1( ii! lie eeniitani i-oet'tt-vies aral Millies of
v I life, think of ;); inauiiful way of lo-
1 i ing each."
Ciice fcr P',itnni',lii-. I
V.. , :m .-hi l - 'A'aaio ail:
one Maiil hoy ;';-oiii ihe .!:(n:.)elit:tf of
two ,,'hol'sl : j
"What a;- .ai I;:r!ntr thl biy '
I'fol';" I
"lleeaia-o ha ie.-e s--i mniiy inlf- ;
tiiia-s in hi- ;i;-i;. iael ie this iaon,iii;."!
"IPlt v, hul .i-';fi-- w;. that of j
t us
... , - ..
: from hw.
.-f; :;?s.v
Face Yqu Daily
bet ,-c-r 1
i.oi'.. a si
th-rtif fcir. I
,. .1
-1 is r.iil nf HV.Ia fnfl.
..ai a.M ca-i flh- away
:;-.;a.' ,-r'o.i.t. V' hen ya
:i I. .s.::. .;s vrirj.-. a tlitU
i! : o:: a ; - a: ca.a t :ra n
..i.l i'.i'.;.i. in your i.i otal
f ... ,,r
"ml th
la'- cn-
, :.. ,,!Ka..
' "-..u v..wtnu
;;o;;at:d .ovcr.T!3i.,':G clues.
; jjy: o.u,
v.su : :r:
utl I. i i' .i
.- bur::.', 'a m- ri 1 v.nin
- nt
i .dv..-.
Ta r-, -.- a"
I ;::(; ", ':,' ,-
I :..'.:.Ui2
, ViV., rf ,.
r( r;,
vr. ai
'. ...id
i-.-.ir." 3
.J i:i thij
r-i-1 ' a .io
r. b.ir
Lav,, ij '
r.ri uoTn
a rr.i.n.'jcr
lu aU:-.'J.
Toil r,c-..l 1o hfap b". ftrn with 0:9
iuct .-sh.ar -rir.y of lioUer advertisers.
Write r r v.'ir" for further
!nfcr!i.at'oa cr laj'.-l ru.-ier-
iit.oi;a to,
'to Vc:i tCth S.r;e
Kcw York City.
Motor Ambulance
E. E. Giadfelter
Funeral Director
Phone 97
218 Madison Street
ij. . 'i".'.ai.-
!-:tiut S.nep: I'll soout bc-l w.'.-k
wilti his si-l.r, Mrs. IterMia Anders. hi.
Mr. and Mr: . Ward I., frisly of I'i.i-
i. i I'' ; '-us da will bo nhs. r.ei! ;,i
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Ml- . ('. . '!..' son.
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!-' II lida y :'l:i oil.
.Ms V.'ioL.iusou an.l il.n:
t. r l-.iio ! :.ad K. S. S .!,;:. s"i .
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the A
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lor a , il w :
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Vi.-b.-l i.oi ; l'i i t
il'.ii!' ! i'.e ea-e: :'
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r A I. s i ...i I
up '"iircJ r.s a i..;''."
.-.r.J f-!ecr Is fui c'
rlycii'camsyoLt need
3 ff3
a am 3s tiiiC
ratiuc is the result
f poisons produced
U digest Food proper
iy, mid eliminate it
promptly with tho a!i.l
d liver anil kidneys.
: fe'.rs.Vt ...
i-HI II ' ,.i f..ir 1 .-rt!l
ei th
tias much to do with a tamii '
monument. A marble utter exooute
but doesn't design.
WE EXECUTt Utiiiun IU r . . j
You don't have to be an artist to i
get what you waLt. Tell us we do
ar re: f. j
Cli.Hwa, IllRoU.
r3T m w b c r; f
MW Everybody is better sat
in lMf$$i f( . isfied vviiea they get our
Q-.'.iU- ru,-I'-r prorl." lusit-ito
.-uiotil mikiiut a irnaii ;r-)o.n!, o.-o!iv-vinp
t. v.-.iit titdi! t!;:y li-ivo a larger
sin,: lull lliis iii not a!w.ys wise.
A ffW flollars ilepor.iioc! promptly
wilh us c.-.ch week, aided ly tlie
t. rcot wc add thereto, soon t;row to a
fjod ris.r. fi;i;d.
tret I'latioital
Large enough to
1 .as?
WEDNESDAY, MAY 26, 1920.
fjn-.ily, Mr. and Airs. William Daniel,
so l : :e! ill ; f i f- i -- 1 1 Huiid..y at
Mr... I i. . I.i ll'se's.
Punfy of Mind.
Vo-I CMI I O ll.'.l ' OI'T Jelir lulml
I lulu p!i":- t ! . ; 1 1 1 ."U tan coin;. less it
m mli' iis:n; ym, r u-1 l;ee, it ia.ro,
I ,., ,. ,. .......w ioi,, ii. ir
.f'f ..'-v.. ''-.Via
c. . .
v, vy,,-' lira;;';:
?;(',...'..."..; .,-' ..'.o.nsl '
U..fc't, - " '
vU"?1 Sutherland
,y.,li a
1 '
! I
l n .: in 1 . ' w,i,iLL) Llvir.O
i i i' n:i vi fin s
; Pair. The oldest prep-
hi;, I in use. lias stood
in r h . years und is
!,. ah. v lisire "a..:!ar than ever.
Sy'Al.l' i. 1 ! i d H. Ihe lirent Dan-rt.-i.M
iietii 'I", .t r. moves the dan
dii.i: I'siii, -or shamp.iomj, it has
no oi'i'ii.
,i ;.i rents trial sie of either
1 .an.- or ai';. i 'leaner to
SeVta MitUu'A Sisters
212 -Uradluirst Ave.
c.v York City
.h'i 3l a',! CccJ Druggists
or the sake
mot eiiiciency
and better eye
sight, vear
i know you will too.
Corne in and let us test
: your eyes and fit them to
i glasses that will make
I them glad.
ipai ;l
I r"B3
i I zi! n - "
824 La Salle St.
Open Evenings
protoct you
..Small enough lo tnow you

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