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r.'ONirw JANUARY 31, 1031.
Tim Amateur Musical chili will hold 1 roam very clever talent and the ir
n meethttf tomorrow afternoon at the gram for the evening promises to be
home of Mrs. A. R Oilman, 514 Con- a very Intere ting affair The enter
great street. The afternoon will be talnment will be given under tin'
given over to n study of "Muslo of iiv. an picea of the Zion Evangelical Lu
Day." The program planned for the tlieran church, and the general public
afternoon will be aa follows: is cordially Invited to attend,
(a) Sweet .Mary Asplnall -V- -V-
(to) Lassie wllth Thy i,ipa So Hon The Tuesdaj Study circle of the 01
Franz luwa VVbm&tt's club will hold a meet
Mrs. W'm. Johnson. Ing tomorrow afternoon at the home
Ln Caprlcleuse Blgar-Sebakl 01 Mra George Qlelm on Illinois ave-
Mrs, Lppter Materhofer title Ma C. r. Knapp win have the
(a) Hark, Hark, the Lark , Schubert ipor of the afternoon which will he
fl 1 Bongs My Mother Taught Me I rfkereh of the life and works of
Dvorak poets, "Carlton and Field."
Mw, Moray Roberts
Preludes Nob, t and 15 . . Heller nobby Hanifen entpttaindd twelve
.Miss Grace Mllllgan of the children who live in his neia
(a) Song of the Blackbird . Qullter borhood this afternoon at .... tutor
Pattcrnt for
Home Sewing
A pattern of this illustration
will be sent your address. Fill
out the attached blank and
mail to the Free Trader-Journal,
enclosing 12c in money or
tamps. Please allow ten days'
time in which to have pattern
delivered you.
0b) Th
.Mrs. (Jus May
Albrado del Qrasioso .
Mrs. 10 H. Pot
() The Nightingale
A I ci
0 duel; Saint
Mrs. i!. 0. Berge
mal party to celebrate his seventh
birthday anniversary. The little folks
I spent a very pleasant time playing
aea and at E o'clock refreshments
were served.
Mrs. Elisabeth Farnsworth will en
tertain the nfemlbers of the Summit
View cemetery association Tuesday
afternoon, Feb, 1, at her home on
State street. All mi tnbers of the or
ganlzatlon are urged to attend thit
J The organization of war mothers.
The June Elliott concert company will hold meeting tomorrow after-
will give .1 program on Wednesday noon at ! o'clock In the Odd
night, Feb, L'. in Zlon Memorial hail. hall. All members of the
The concert company is composed of lion are urged to 1"' present
t i f
0 B 1
U 1 3l
1 1" '
..1 . ' 1
jits dollars
to doughnuts-
no man ever smoked a better
cij e at any price!
pvP K '. " '4 -AMKLS quality, and their export blend '
r i ' :Yi ;iUi .t 1 i unci choice Domestic
yx 1 y I i' 'H"Mfii l"',;kVUS hami it 1 a cigarette that will tat
J ' -'-"''' 1 ' suioi.e dt ,itv you ever expressed.
. ' 'vi- You will prefer tins Camel blend to either
llow-mildness will certainly
The "body" is all there, ami
ness It's a delightl
.,Pj !!
1 limn with Camels! They will not
tire your taste. And, they leave no unpleas
ant cigaretty aft i taste nor unpleasant ciga
retty odor!
Just compare Camels with any ciga
rette in the u or
murely a to skirt,
Comprising Ladies Waist attcrn
I '
:, 159 and 1
The Waist
a4. a",, 38,
12, 4 1 a
46 inches
bui measure. The Skirt in 7 Sizes:
ml II
lotto WSHi
' ' if6 ' r
A :ul 1
1 rmiPism
I tume for a medium oze win require Nelson.
3 yards of plain material anil 4 Of I Mr. and Ml
Combinations ot material are at- were i:i Ottawa Frldaj
tractive for this design. Velvet and I Mrs. 7. M. Hayer ai
satin, or serge and checked or plaid .! J ,
woolen or dnvetyn and crepe. The I , H. Chapman of Odi
width of thn skirt at the foot ta lr greatly Improved after
yard. I bn akdown. Mrs, Chape
'hl!" lllustTntion calls for TWO j ir an(j ri Thoma
separate pan which win be ilctli In poor health
mailed to any address on rjrelpt of
lL'c FOR BACH pattern In silver or
- XV," S'P,
1 .Lk. -
3 Take
Hsh expi
Thoma- Thorson was married
Itertha Anderson of south ol Sene
on Wodensday. Mr, and Mrs, The
sin will farm the Oscar Thorson nlai
Pattern Deo't. f
T l''rje set).! Pattern to ray
t address. 12 Cts. eiioloatd.
i-v i.',".'' Vi.'"- S Cir Schmlnke's Best Flour
J-A W'.v..v.vv--:.
d lii
Size ,
I Postoflice
1 1 1 tt 1 1 1 t t ti 1 1 iiiti? 1 tin 1
f v j n all Rnjr nfxnur v P!
' .".1 i . I v! L .riMi; !,r J
I Going Down-Slump! Slump!
K j! o'j E
2.79 6
ity C!o
d warranted to please
Fashioned Hominy
5 rtDS. tracked Hcniny
5 Tos. Hominy Grits .
25 TA
June Elliot
Concert Co. i
n sale. 30c cakes at
t-i,:ped barrel Ccconnut, rb.
cars Job Lc
Dov;n Frtotr
Grand Ridge and Vicinity
; Classen's.
-Mr. and Ml
10c um nc-me west or town. - uonaiii ppeni sunaay at J. r, no
Hoy A (wood is a visitor in Cham-; "r- O. T Hayer made a protest
paiL'ti this week His daughter. Mlat ca" n":ir LJsbon Sunday afterni
Ekia is a student at the Unhreratty of1 Mrfl Blecta Hoie and Bernlce
order on Tuesday av&u-1 abort business
our Riebe'ahs and Odi Build's work i
eaalon was held. Thi
si wine for 1
in the VillSgl
Dine Dranins at this time:
''"'linanv aro lieitiK etit down B
ml or
al 10
Mrs. K. II Knutaon returned
totalled nn.)
"" lor me gOOO ot either
Ada rogle L thn 1.1-KO hanoath it,,,,,,
iiUaion of the ami Mrs. Miss hura Reese, who were ,,
.1 ,i,,. nma ,11., 1 1 ,1 Mrs. Margaret Boyd dw
rj pi
sys this week with Mt
am. north of town.
Mr, and Mr- UTn.
nt a few
Wood An
nul and
Presents 0
P Choice Peti Pitted Cherries
A splendid program oi p i
artistic merit and most $
pleasing variety. S
Zion Memorial Hall I
622 Jefferson St., Ottawa i ' R. GOOF
,25 rA
any price, now W
A . 8 W
35 4
15 d
1b A
10 Zk
Pineapple, niedi.im tins 29 R
) tins Grated cr Sliced Pineapple 1.25 4
0 t;ns Apricots . 98 4)
s. Iceberg or Florida Hesd Lettuce, Fresh Tomatoes, m
Parsley, Green Onions, Radishes. Cauliflower, Spin- 3
s Sprouts, Gceen Peppers, Sweet Potatoes, Fresh Dug 9
Bikinrj Po.vder
nd Jims
&. Apple Jam .75
s. P. shuil and hoc- H 1
C, I!. & Q . Is at Ottk
much to him. Bar- her
tun ot pa
One limb
did and Barney
considerable will
I n lighter to hear. It
ws to the lad's friends
.hen they learned that
i the taken by the local
the ivttit ho li ital in
where the Injured mem
e amputated and when
i completely healed an
wo ill! be secured to
ill he is Kitting older
appealed to him motn
8. ' HUt .-, fell
liineolu Tuesda
Miss Arlem
io uer Dome in
is improving
family. Mr Hep
George Boeemanl
of l! r. Helster
Ml I V 1 1 1' Pfl nn
to learn that he j
th. which is good I
Inesday, Feb. 2.
8 p. m.
Adults, 75c Children, 25c
a Exclusive selling agency Chase & Sanborn's Doiton Te
. . 'A
and Coffees p
it lliui ' ' II ll!ln':: M;iii!ii!ii!:ii;i;iiiiii!,Hi!!
ire pi
andard bean
baskethaM team played
Hi was hostess on high aqhool juniors h-T,. Wednesday
to the members of ; ewning,
tendance, At the conclusion of the
study ho ir all enjoyed a delightful
social time Refreshments of wand
wlchi s, whip; ed Jeffo with fruit and
nuts, na.hi and ccco were served.
The diss will meet Tuesday, Feb. 1,
About f
r ? ftp m ar m
C. Raymond Long presents
Oliver Morosco's Greatest Success
vOuCRS of Ottawa is vi
Hoy At woo l home, w
ol it's Grandmother's Recipe to
keep her Locks Dark,
Glossy, Beautiful.
nd si ntioti offered hint. I t out again alter being" confined to
ir the best of results to I their h aae for the past four weeks .
, .,, . , ., . The old-time mixture of sace Tea
'" ,, nd Sulphur for darkening ri;iv,
1 hoebe Gallup left I uesday jtre&ked and faded hair is grand
ram is looking after bus! I i:' 1 '" ' '" Chicago, where she will mother's recipe, and folks are again
lU the ! ceye state at !;'! uslne it to keep their hair a good.
Mi and Mrs i;. irge Wollenhaunt even color, which la .ulte sensible, as
... i A v! , ,i i , we aro living ln an age when a youth-
01 ,.. mu, ., wAa f ':' ': ' rUlted N''-""'"'" re!.,. fu, appcarance 0t th greatest ad-
r business interests here nJ?L. , . . .... J
ui tu (v- ouyyij nowiwn inoapn, we urn i nne
p s ill hold theit lal banauel in the troublesome task of gathering the
hag, nenl of the Presbyterian 'aR nd the rausay mixing at home.
drug siom'm ; ru trie rrnuy-ui-us''
product. Improved by the addition of
week. ,n an over
program will
Grand Ridge opera gthtr ingrwmnte. called "Wyetht flfece
Which will be a and Sulphur Compound.' It Is very
by the co-operative popular because nobody can discover
Sllod n-ovram wi I 11 "na oeen lyiwva. ,mp,ir mmsu-n
me ton
id fa tin I
your comb or a sort hi . ih w ith it and
m.nA .r .i. J J. ' , .. ,, , draw thts throuch your hair, taking
WW "i the Mr and Mrs C H Hammond of one small strand at a time, by mornmq
1 "n Pueadaj East Liberty street, Who have been the gray hair disappears, but what de-
Ada rigl west j spending tn winter with their dangh- lights the ladies with wyeth's Sage
. ... twelve present r, M s Srnitb ol Iowa have been an.d sulphur Compound, la that, be-
!tnri u .... mi . .i o , , sides b iiiltnilly darkening the hair
tli" Smith home f f applications. t also pro-
' owing to tUtdraa ot M. .and Mrs juVeS7hat soft lustre and appearance
' ag ill of SCarlel fever All of abundance which is so attractive.
i Keese i the d lorovlnt at tbw time This ready-to-use preparation tonne-
B v. Hodgson and liRhtful toilet re,jul.it,. f..r those who
, . desireamoreyo11thf11lnp51earance.su
little daughter. Harrkfl Anne, wen) , not intended roe the cure, rnitiga-
i guests ruesdaj at the J. A tlon or prevention of disease.
Q Is there really any dif-
forence in 1, itterics?
A. Ves, but there or? really
only two kmda of batteries.
Those with wood separators and
those with Threaded Rubber
Q- Is Thi aded Rubber In
sulation the only feature that
put- th Will ird Threaded R-b-bcr
Battery ahead of the or
dinary aut .mobile battery?
A. -By ro means. The Wil
lard Ti e . i Rubber Battery
has s tl - impvovernents that
l-..i- iv . ,t of Willard's
v ars ; - ci.tli.-tation in build
lag starting, lighting and igni-
' tl batt Ar,k US fiboilt it.
217 W. Main St.
votionals. while Mish Am.-tta Madi
on had charge of the lesson. A num
ber of the young Indies gave short
Dr. H, Fleddermao
PILES. I remove l.y s I " ,
I method thai removes them forever
j No knife, no chloroform, no delay
j from work.
goiter, i reduce by a dependable
, absorbent method that ch .s com
plete and permanent results. Don't
. wall until your heart eves and nerves
I collapse conserve your health,
At Hotel Ottawa. Ottawa, n; . every
j Thursday (ran 10 a. m. to t p. to
! Office over Askln's store.
205 E. Main St.
Streator. 111.
A Delightful Comedy Drama in three acts
with Mr. Frank O, Ireson and
a Capable Cast.
Benefit Performance for Ottawa Post No. 33
American Legion.
Tickets on sale at Corbus Orug Store; Weiss Drug Store; Dun-
cp.i Drue Dtare. Pe crvstions .it Oayety office tomorrow.
NOTE:- Seats must be reserved by Thursday noon.
rices: $1.50, $1.00, 75c
BMW . a - SYI I - t - WW w
contains no harmful inre-'CBa
Women tell as that ft .SfarJ
' r r U Ul 1 lU III I S wi a mm MnidmM Mb. . , wv .
,r f mji r.v-, ph.. .T'T..J-8a d . JSf

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