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Free trader-journal and Ottawa fair dealer. (Ottawa, Ill.) 1920-1927, April 05, 1921, Image 2

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TlJESDVY, APRIL 5, 1821.
l ... h
Tin' home iiml conservation depart
nenta of ill" Ottawa Wonuin'i dui
held :t meeting yeaterday at tjps boui
of Mrs. P, .1 Wend el on Pearl atreel
rORGOTTON MEASURE Aboul twenty-five (vi e iii at
tendance, ine annual election 01 01
fleers of the two departments were
BROUGHT TO LIGHT FOR NEW held at which time Mrs George
Crowden was re-elected chairman of
tin- conservation department, and
where ill
V '
Evangelical church will isrve supper
in 201) guests tonight ,ii Die odd Pel
Iowa' lull on account of the small
uese of the qruartera the aale pi tick
eta has been restricted to the mem
Pattern for
Home Sowing
A pattern of this Illustration
will bo tent your addresa. Kin
"!it the attached blank ami
mall to the Free Trader-Journal,
enclosing 12c In money or
tamps, Please allow ten day'
time in which to bate pattern
il'livered you.
nut prevent
in front i"
and provided tl
rl Hudd
. Din
v or, iliil
nti rrtsd
i in an
i.i i rental
i ddlng
Washington. Api it -Alan a rnus
ty oddity of forgotten tarlfl statutes
has turned up by a search 01 the
cnpHol archives. Thm huh disposed
that tl... Hot c?ngresi hssstcblod tin
der the Constitution faced the same
pr. lUn. a.- will the sixty-seventh
WlltC It llitt'tS U .V.M'it h'"l' i ft of
imutt'ut; a ti'iiff law
Th' first taritT wt wat pas I on
July 4, 1 7 i . Its formal title atate
meat of purpose "for laying .1 duty
mi roods, wares and merchandise im
ported into the United States -" car
ricii !. bhintneatj which i ii
t'ie next hundred years
avt i.l.
Mrs. Charles K Woodward was chos-l bers and frlenda uf tin' church- Al B
en chairman of tin- none department 1 o'cloi k a delightful program will be
Tin- complete li t of
Home department
Chairman! Mrs. C k Woodward,
vice chairman, Mrs, Pred Claus
Secretary, Mrs. Alfred Rabenateln
Treasurer, Mrs John Hanna.
Con ..ervn tit in ile pat tn i. til.
Chairman, Mrs, Qeorg A. Crowden
vice chairman, Mn W, E Howard
Secretary, Airs Alfred Etabensteln
Treasurer. .Mrs. John Hanna
Ht aide the elet . Ion of officers a
lery Interesting program waa given.
riie afternoon wai devoted i" a study
in n for ! uf small fruits " 'I b
re to I the departments gave
letted ! . I en
rothei in.
Umtrt), lallf Api II
suppet and reception tonight In the
dining rooiu of the church, In honor
of the new pastor. Rev William Whit
sin. Supper will be served at Si
o'clock, after which an Informal pro
gram 'f talks win he made b) sm v- ral
pi the mi ii of ihe church, n.t Rev
u hltsltl will deliver a short addres
I tin employe.- ol the I'ulillc SerV
. ami ih. ir amities will be enter'
members ofltained at an Informal ball tonight al
number of Commercial hall Aibout i guest
today . h .
oldei I
the flrsl ju be me mm y of
Records Exchanged
i ins iecorn nxctiange service r
members ol our Record Exchange Cli
come .1 member ol our I ml.
A I Certificate ol Members!
bei on rect ipts ot $ 1. 01).
nilv extended to
Vnj one .m bo
I ij pa) mil.' a fee ol $ 1 .00 a
no will be given each mem
.1 k
'l records thai you nevei play why not
liiinue i'ii in i i some ih.it vou will eniov) 'inn hava
yom inonej tied iii in those old records and you are get-
uii", iini.'. nit; in return. Ii will pay you to
exert tinge at oin
'it id necensary for the sup, nut oi
ni.nie a ve
tn- fc0vernmnt7 this first congress on 0,8 planting and t it
I t.tii
Ii nils.
stat. fot the discharge i
tin L'nited States and fo" '.he one in
aguncnt and protection of mauufac- About 800 guests attended the tenth
firing tliiit a duty be lad upon soo Is annual lull given by the Brotherh I
wans and tnergfeaadise !n:i vied." I of Interurban Trainmen last nlghl ..t
ii v,-,- Just M9 year.:. .Ii complla
tlnii shows, before such .1 straight
f.;i"A..i 1 statement of pnrpo iUkui
' itfCiAiraglog and protecting Pianufac-tarm.-'
would bo mode again in en
Important lax statute, though tl"' 1 a'
pose v.as most evidently ben i, 1 uin.'t
i'f t.'.e .'Cores of foUbWlOit acts,
t-ivplc was the first bill 'bar it iv-
1 Annul v 1 'I h,. ;iM.tn' w;is one of
'the largesl ever given by the mmn-M
lbera uf the organization The musicl
arm excellent and the guests spent! f
I a delightful time from the time the
party opened until 1 o'clock when It
closed Many guests from towns
around Ottawa were in attendance.
:'i.i.ial interurban cars were run to
ti a mn Ic will be furnished tor danc
lug from 8 until 11. alter which al
upper will be served.
f- 'Y'
Twelve tables o bridge were play
ed at the regular Monday night In
formal card party of the Ottawa Boat
club last nlghl Al 10 30 a aupper
The regular Wednesday afternoon
card party will be held tomorrow' at
the ottaua Boat club, Mrs George
Weiss ami Mrs Gui May .sill act as
the towns around Ottawa to carry! ho i
Showing the Dangers of Gray
outied only two pages of :l
tee print against mere thdii 100 fur
tLe 1 cyne Aldrich act of Mtf.
TOO simple, it probably u, f..r t
yo.r later, in August, lT'm. congress
passed An act making further pro.
v'-S n for the payment Of debts of
tbo Lnited States."
Morp deftly, the purpose of the next
tariff bill as it passed on March 2,1
1792, was stated to be "for the rais 1
inr,' of farther sums of money for the
protection of frontiers," evading any
roti. arks abou p ".ection of Indus-
ties Its Juties w?re Increase a, :irdi
one duty imposed was on coal. per
bnshel, four and one-half cents."
Two years later the. famous Trip
oli troubles arose and congress, on j
March JC. 1794, passed An act to pro
text the commerce and seamen of the
United States sgal&at the Barbaryl
powers." This act slapped oil a g'-n-'
eral increase of 2V and 10 per cent
ad valorem duties The statute stat-1
ed itself to be temporary, for one
year, but the title proved to be too 1
good to be wasted. Year by year, af-i
ter, clear up to D13. congress reiter
ated its laudable purposes, re-enacted I
its increased schedules and announc
ed it was going after the Uarbary pi- j
rates with a continuation of the tar-,
iff for another twelve months.
In 1813, however, the nation went
to war with Great llritain and in 8
hasty and brief paragraph of statute i
oongress announced "an additional
duty of per cent on all perman
ent duties to be collected for the du
ration of hostilities. The tax on im
ported silt, Incidentally, got up to
20 cents a pound. I
This was about tho end of the ear
ly tariff era, according to the compil
ation, for the next forty years moat
of the at ts w ere labelled "to reduce
duties." This they plainly did, for
the salt tax was placed at 10 cents j
a bushel. Congress was fruitful of
enactments to release from duty
iron prepared for railways," and the
Presidential proclamations reduced
schedules even further. One dated
February 25. isr8. notPd that "ves
pi-Ik and subjects of His Holiness the
Pope" were no longer to he charged j
hi her customs rate?, because red
prOCity With the Holy See had been
arranged L
But the tariff cane back with the.
"act to provide for payment of out
Standing treasury miles." It wa
uipo.-id of 20 pages of tariff sched 1
ules. This length foreshadowed the I Columbus, 0 April 6 Paoll Oalll
modern era. CO, New York artist pianist and teach
With misplaced optimism, on Julyjer, la ononunced as this year's win
14, 1863, congress asserted it hadjner ol the $fi,ooo grand prise offered
paaaed "an act. increasing temporarily i by the National federation ol Musical
the duties on imports" The succeed- clubs tor the oratorio "The Apocaly
lag war enactments look the word ! P8'"-" earliei anonuncement from
f - I "
" J$r W !
MfMJ )
'Vi ;7 1
Pattern 3606 la here lllus
Jt la cut in 4 Sizes: ; month
year, 2, and 4 years, A
stse win require 1 yard E
petticoat and yard for drav
36 Im Ii nun rial,
MusUn, cambric, naincooh and
lawn are good for ail thi d Igua
here portrayed. The dress may ah?o
be of silk, henrletta, albatro
piqu.-, gingham or cbambrey, ai.i
in.- drawers of domet flannel.
A pattern 01 this lltuiftratlnn
mailed to any address ou receipt of
12c iu silver or stamps.
Pattern Dep't. i
la I w e
ol da
I l.arabi
Oavenporl ol Palrbury. 111.,
atlvea ami frli nds in this
Alula Kngt
Mrs. Ida Powell returned to
rank Ournej
v. illiam Mi Cullough of near
Plesjf sfiii! Pattern to niv
address, eta. enclosed.
her parents. Mr. and Mrs Ed Rifi
Mr;. Art Yenerich, who Is a
tient at til" Ottawa hnstuttnl In
! I
1 1 o 1 1 n ei hangc th
in! a "i .coon
records sun h ceive Irom n; o er
you are nol compelled to ke themi II
hi tit iii-- ihem back and exchange for
le i ii o keen vou auntilied
nomcining ainerent c.n n month,
not 1 ompi lied to -x. hangc a certain number ol
records .1 an exchange one 01 a hundred- you :an
hange often aa .., like once . week, once a month
0111 a 0 liHi till MORE RECORDS YOU EX
We Sel! Records
Standard Makesj Atiy Size, for (.r Cents
1 given to mem I iera ol our I
s.u e ilie
it t
osl ul 1 mi meinbershiD on
ils vmi buy.
I Ii on h o i lot nl 1 ue . , re, i.i.U j i.lt
are cancelled oi cul outs and cannot he supplied I y any
other dealer,
ll ou arc making up .1 collection ol rare records inch
aa ( irand )pi ra 01 any kind, you .o. likely to find just what
you wanl in one ..I oui al ree, we can serve you in bo many
v! my ol the leading (amiiiea who arc careful in select
ing choice records belong to our Club lor the purpose) ol
picking up rare records. You are invited to join; the
membership lee is only r 1.00 a year, Write your name
and address on the reverse side oi this paper.
Wade Furniture Company
222 Madison St., Ottawa.
if HUNT "8 Slv fail in thu
trn'Tnrnt rf ITCH, KCZBMA.
atbcf UchlnS okin dlMaM
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TlltS av to tti.'ar
,r 'ss of the one br
lain arav
spring, one must be gray j very lovely
Ol 1 It has ttin power to uge one jilllably,
one's beauty. Above an- the right and the
y Notice how the splashes ot color In tbo
en the Satire, lmI how drab Is tbe Kin iu
I i orK. 8. c , April li "Uncle Bill
i Hopkins, a negro who died hen' n
cently, left a 115,000 estate Hurn
clave and unable to read and writt
the uiil negro made practically all hi
lntie fortune chopping wood for bl
tetnporar) completely out of in.
i niiiiiiiiti
greeslooal tax laying vocabulary. j v,'a'1 tnade only of the liberettlsi
With tbe end of the Civil War, 1 ''""'i'"' AmobJi WcArthur and Hen
acts reducing import duties went intu l il'rr'' oche, Ne 1'ork,
effect, but on uarcb 3, L883, when tbe Performaaee of il
modern political controversy overtK,'tlen win in
tariff was well lioder way, the title I bl-ennial convei
was almost as politely evasive us the Jttoe 6-14 at tl
The United Telephone Company
Is about to i. i ne its new directory
Any change In lisiiu, desired by any
subscriber should ue reported to the
yen at the twelfth ,nnaw m writing,
i ot tbe federation !
ri-cities of Daven- Notice to Public.
Version aihi.ut the Eanbarv nfrn it i li't. la Rock I si;, ml ami Moline. 111. I We take tin: aDDortunitw tn nntiitf
was called 'an act to reduce Internal Tbe award was made In the seventh thepubiic that the wage scale of
taxation." j biennial prise competition held Painter Union No. 165 will remain the
One Or two measures designed as re-' encouragement of American as ma for the year, April i, 192 1 to t
auctions Intervened and then con- ,''P,''-rs. I April I. 1922. as it has been for the
Kreau ea ne back, after a century, to j Pst year. Scale $1.00 per hour when I
Jmeal as straightforwardly under, Peed the oaby'a natural love of mu- w'rl,,,i or contractor; 1.25 per hour
President McKlnley, m 19?, as it sic by singing lullabyi to him, ctap- wheM workina for individual-;.
Had under President Washington. The! plug and marching to musk; playing 1
larifl label officially was "an act to (soothing, rhythmic melodies on the
encourage the industriea of the Unit- phonograph, Uetter olni oui Clhi:f1vpn Hytt
T"- ".... Al.in. i, law. chauge Club nad get roconls that will : LVr. '
"'' ' "; rear later, uaed al- help rou entertain the children rc'R FLEiLHER S
most exactly tbe same words, while! WALK I U; CO tf A T D R I A
preliminary dTafts of majority propo 1 w 1 1
nai,s 10 1 mne before the new con
Kress arhlch meets a week hence la-j
dicate that the MrRtaley-Waahlngtofl
pieciieia win be reepected aaain. I
Through iuusi.c me cfcltd Mtera latol
a world of beauty, expresses his in
most self, lastes th" joy of creating, I
wldena his ayaaaMitaiee, develops his
mind, aoothasj and ratine bis spirit 1
aitdr grace .to bis body a phono '
graph in the home, with the riuht
kind of n i-ords, will help you to mold
love in the Child. V s,. phono
graphs and records at restate pin es
the increas
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