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MONDAY, MAY 9, 1921.
wit. 4.;
w.i lilhxtpn, May ' -Acceptani b
l) (In1 Uiiiii-i Btatflfl ii tli invltu
iii. a in liuvi' Representation 1111 the
couikIIh J.'h 1 in wilii wui il economic
Hi iili iiii'iiIk i rofhrdod I some dtp
lomatt lure no itreogtbimliiK .he
liuml hi' tli allies in their di'ulltijjij
with Gm ninny. They atto look apon
ii uh liuvlnt; eleared piwii) much il
liny doubt Hint rtioy liave existed ;i i to
the ,itiitud' ' the United State .
l'i ' Hldent Hur ling in bin me i p
tn l.iiivd Giol'K' 0( (ire;, I Urltaln nc
cepting tint Invitation lias made. II
clear these diplomats say, thai thn
Administration while re tating Its di
termination to ab tain from participa-j
linn in purely European affairs, pro
ijio't . thai ill" United Btattw lend Its
counaal ami aid In effeotliiK the rend-J
In uuentH growing oui ol the cotimioti
victory ovor Hi former central im,v'
Tii,. pre lenco ol Amn lean repre :
tentative! mi the sprsroe council, the
conference of ambassadors, and the
reparations eommlaHldnj they believe,
will facilitate the ayttJetnontH, ami. ui
tin1 game time, ai.l In clearing away
ant mtaunderdtandingfl whUh have ARftPTMUA IQ MAI
arisen between the United State, and "ur. I !IIA i0 IV U I
lb,' alii,'- v. itii regard in lonie f Hi'
settlements such as mandates,
Ab these diplomats view it. the sll
ii i r llian it Ii.
m wm
-f If
1 ' i M
JECT opposition 10 UNITE ;
dominions would mil tolerate an Ai
glo lapam .-, treaty having a ii - ol
. Mm 4
1 'viit! i
i a iit n ni iyr
i ii lie a ail ur
u it n r i
illii I ill II
targesl air
United Btaii
notice of publcation. i Ch cej vide thereof, on Ue 1Mb
I In I I "PF'ii t, mat inawipon
I L il I Li ' "'"""i '"' PHW VVBBIJ BH a DUIUIUOnB IBBUWI QW U Billll OlHI,
" 1 in in t nail, in juui! wiii'ri'in nam :-im i niw penuinK. n-
Term, A. u. 1021 . ' turnnhle mi Hi coud Monday P
fames B, Nlckei on, wiiiiiiin Nicker- nu li""l,M ,,f J111"' "'x' !lM ' o law
son, Leila Vandervoort and Myra retiulred. Now, unless ui, ibe sunl .
Wilkinson vs, Isaac Qoodwin ,WU non-resident df mlunj bovt immed,
Ham Ooodwln, Robert Ootid win, Koliert Qoodwin, u,nd IS, K rtnualct,
Chnrles Ooodwln, and B 12, Bene- aM K'cutor of the Last Will unit
diet, a Kxecutor of the Last win Testamopt of Freeman N'lcker.son,
and Testamenl of KVeeman Nicker ;" " an V. C, Nlrkerson, davl
son, al o known an r c Nlckerson I cecuted, and the Unknown Owners of
deceased, nd the unknown owner ''''' '' Hull IK, ) o( the South
of the Kast Hair (E, u) r lb... east Quarter is. B, of Section
Houtheael Quarter (.8, E '(i of 'r"'een To nahlp Thirty-two
Section Fifteen (15).' Township (38), North, Rangi One (I), Kst of
Thirty-two (38) North Range Ono ',0 Third Principal Meridian, situated
(1), Easl of the Third Principal ln "'" County of I lie and state
Meridian, situated in the c, v n! "' Illinois, shall i c-.,. Ily be ami gp,
I .a Salle and State of Illinois i pear beforo ald Cln Uourt, on the
Chancery, Bill for I'artltli . Den i;' ' ''"v ll" "' 1 lU6r'ot (,)
UfWd W.i v 2f22tj ' '"' holil"ii al uitav. and for tin
Alndavli of non-n Idence of Robert ,:" 1 unt.v on tne sac u uonaay in
. Qoodwin, and B, B Benedict as Kx- '""'' next, and plead, tinswar or d
I ecutor pit the Last Will and Testa- ranr t0 tid oomplalnoat's bill of . com-
. . I piHini, im in uie ma 1 1 !-: ami
, .' ihings therein charged b i s tated win
be taken as i mfessed, and a doereo
B :" i"iterid against you according tp the
. yer of i-aid bill.
ne Hi' Luxe, Hi
'carrier in tii
i rei li'',l Sunda
i rnent of I "n m
Ir. Lawson i known as V. C. .
wd thn thers fn the ship escaped I Ami further afndivat that there ai
tninjured. I or may be persons Interested in tin-
'I lie Inn',, alrnlfliin. ennnhla nf flStr.J above described nronertt whn e
and cited v"i. : : , , ni i ,.;. , .... .....i . xnuta r. witet'm v
I '.".'I. ui fai,nilRni o, nun lan- , .'.i-.ii -
am-.. ,. . ttMfek in,. .... .. i. , a;,, i., ,,. v v.... I. ..I.. r.!lit'.' .ll',' mail,, i,,H!i.j ,!., I,.i,,l , , , . I'li-ik
J Chlcaiio. Unfacorable wind directton to this suit under the till" of Un" KDLl.V & KICLLV,
ll While the roOBtar wn KOlt)iine up I made thi siii i slow In leavins the known Owners, Impleaded with the Compt'i Sol.
oorn to appease his live-hour hunger, ground and tlm oilot was forced to above defendants, Isaac Qoodwin, ,'i Ottawa, Illinois, April ISth, l'.i21.
., . , ... , . . . . ... .
il,,. ' Mrs. Lelah L. Klein of Cimarron,
levon ilia in, i w i
liiiy Imperialistic
rltoii'j do iii.i con
Ha imiii .:
the 328 , o.
.mill il into llic air before nro
't I
loeted w, in to tno women's auxiliary
nf tlw l!iiiii,h rfriiu:ri iiitn sniiilii'i--!
of i he la v.i jfiei ' ran '.
Miss Myrtle Kim:, gradual)
(Jonah, r i iolloge, Baltimore, 1 .
ban started to Ijlke' anpund the
World She expects tu rnai.,' the
trip in live or aix years, earning hej
Way lis fthf tjoaii.
i. Dot to BUIWOrl ' dim" ri; lilii of our
"having been filed in i it,. Clerk'
office of the I Ircult Court of sai.i i
Pounty, notfee Is therefore herebv
losl ii climbing capuclty and In splti 8 1 ,'" nouresiuen ueieno-
of the urge of thi three Liberty mr 1 1U";' ""' "'i'l''aiiiauts filed the;r
tor started to lettle Wutchers aw uplalnt Ih gald Court, in the 1
1 NK KN Ui iL'S
the plane's left wing brushi I i
toi). The lranch s entangh i i
united ui with our do- llciontly dropping botribs on dummy) "nip ,':': helpless. II began to b1&s-I
... Icsi ie bonie of .luliii
ri I, ! ISIake avenue '
i ,, i i,a which side! Roads, Va., whc'i this week two Qer- phono polo cattghl the right wing,
. ,., i. ir, , i... man battleshlna are lo be madi tar- however, Hhatterexl ii and hrouehl ilia
Are You Looking
av a 1 1
e ail prejudice for
in trip with nm
it ite a !oci nd. The would
te time In r lading dinlonlatic
plam . mail,' III
tin n
had been cut Just In-
anv tinie Bince the sobate failed to "ll production Bay that, i i i resull ol I blood, it the poor, old mother -
ratify the treaty of Versaiaea. "V ,',,Ul I'"' er,5' 11 "" ' un ' d we cannot help An Importaul merchant of cent
tnrdaj afternoon and news of theU fore th. hnal crash, , thai Bre wi
lare to, lay
Early-Day Peddler
The allied governments are known !h
to have taken the position thai an ,,
attitude oi extreme aloofness by the rsme i
rhe Well No, 128 which luctantly take the ieiuiershlp of her no mail-order hotjses ma
in n February 28 with an Inl- ,.n..r daughter, rather than herself, such a thing ai
into low ii In i
number ,,i ships similar u tho mi"
i.i'ti.iu ,-: i .a nay. inene were to
i i 1 1 carry mail and passengers. La.''t night
were : '"' 6a,1 '"' would continue his pro-
un. tie aa ai ii,' in nev i'. i ii" mrgiii
a " some material In the wreckage.
Ili'lii the Jan,:
now at ap- . ,. , ,.
would run from one end
lo tho other with similar
nielli to Germany In resisting the de- an hour 1 continulni
mandf made upon her. They also prox tel; the e mi amount.
are understood to have hold that the The ('omodoro llivadavla oil pro
mere refusal of the Pnlted States to duclng area is located In tho terrl-
transmit Cerni.my's counter proposal ,'"'v' of Chubut. in tl glon called
on ii pu rations did not mule meet the Patagonia, and Is more than 600 miles
situation that bad arisen. Tig . i il V, - i a . nl-ire for Canada In ill" finish
Intimation ()f leaders in the house wag being made In an effort to locate fight beU ten .la,, an and America
of representatives that action on th ,. water supply, 'the gov nment by the side of America, white south
Knox peace resolution probably will exercising Its ownership ol mineral Africans would have the same, au
la delayed until the present situation rights, set aalde 12,300 acres of land swer. Nor would thai be all, The
overseas has clarified is received by In the district and began the work of ntomenl they realize! what had hup
the allied diplomats as furnishing evl- exploftlg the field. Iater, aother 12,- p ,., i ninety-nine per cenl of the
itence ol the soliilarity oi tne i ntieo aori ..- reaerveo pulation here voubi be stoning
l- I do Mllll'
".on, mi a protesgiotiui snopimr wuo Abilene Texas, May . Miss Mar-
made It his business to buj what you parel Pearson and a mechanic named
ne, ,!",!. Ho was known un a paekere, Carson were killed ami Lieut, E. A.
pnkkcrv, or pake man. ami from these Locking was seriously injured yester
words the linden i'ii rost'inlilliiir when an airplane piloted by Car
To OH Virginia
The third richest Btate In the union.
The fourth state In the r. S. for good roads.
Where prosperity abounds on all Bides.
Where com is Belling now In open market tor BOc per
Whete you can bi rrow 60 per cent of the purchaise prlo
ael and Other
'i in
In ! sun e ih, it time i :
tne iptai proauctton was more tn
i'ii.. Spectator asserted one of the
isona for continuing the alliance
States and its former associati
the war
Fcreltfn affairs are expected
4-upy a. ni" of the attention of th
ate this w eek ami thi re are I
tlone that the acceptance of the a.-l , , , , .. . ,, . ,i with Japan had been the keepi
lied invitation may com,' In for fur ! , . .. . . . . . - .'" ...,,.,. ,, . i,, help calm i
tber discussion. Sen. Ilarriaott, dem-1 dugtres in the country. Drilling! Population should II become e
Ocrat, Mississippi, is to call up his j ,i,.p(i. ;.,, between 1 Sua and 1 800 I on a point of honor,
proposed change In senate rules to 1 feet. I The Weekly ISpectator, one
Bbollsh secret session.- on treaties a Until Well No. 128 was brought In oldest estoibll lied flritisb week
well as nominations, and the debateaj) n, wells had Hhown small pro views founded in I82S Is clas
is expected to branch into many ave- j ductlon although se I of them were tn the latesl Drltish newsnaner
' ; s
American relations abroad also are that pas ed tho 1,000 barrel mark. Rn(j supply in-, in original ai
expected to come in for extended sen Practically every well drilled found nv.itiei' and EnlansfbTy conwne
ate debate late this week '.ii the oil m paying tiuantlties, oubllc eventc it is owned and
iiuimi!" oi in,, governmen
naval appropriation mil is
sn up
ved area there i: some production b
iv John S, L Straehey, who had
journalist In London sine 1384
Correspondent Arswered.
The way to nail r, lie, Roger, is to
pin your opponent down to facts.
Boston Transcript.
rai t w Ith
ind have
lampalgn i
I 'U, til
t ?
i I
i v
ere is welcome news for
all tire users. Just when
you ate ready to replace your
old., worn-out tires with
new ones. Diamond answers
the call of the times with a
J BKW." ft" U 'tl l,' - if ll
f sweeping
L f n o I
ft,'? : .
Ottawa has depended on Chicago for
its Ophthalmic Glasses and we were rmti
pelled to Uciii from two days i; a week to gel
glasses after ordering them, and often this
was a hardship n people who needed glass
es batik .
This will not happen again as we have
installed our own lens grinding outfit, and
can grind am len the da ordered.
ll will be possible now for you to come
in and have your eyes tested and gel your
passes the same day. It you break your
glasses wr can duplicate them in one hour.
That's as good service a Chicago gives and
rnakt' ih two days al least ahead of ii! others.
c im ite vnn in to spr nnr r 1 1 ifil us ii V nhsoliiteh !; hps! and 8
latest lens grinding machinery on thema"rkel we will demonstrate
the process a lens goes through to fii the eyes.
c)hcs-- splendid high-mileage fires are
now available ai the following prices:
I l 'i -).
msm n
l. v
m i
14.00 2.75 2.25
j 25.85 16.60 3.20 2.65
j 34.15 21.00 3.40 3.00
44.75 : 23.40 3.85
! 51.55 39.80 5.50 4.90 j
Where fanim are under n high Btate of cultivation, 1th good Iniprove
nents, on which have ibeen raised: (!orn. yieldlna; from R(t to LOO buahaln
I per vear per ai re; Wheat, yielding from 30 to 36 (bushels pi yea' pi gcre,
, and from which Clover and Alfalfa Ha has out from )! to , ton.- p.-, .ia.y
I per acre. These farms are located close to good cities ami market ana
i very acre of the land can be worked with a gaa tractor, Tin y are located
along good roads, close to Churches and Schools, and all are well watered.
ii you are looking for a farm, either for a good investment or to move
onto we would suggest that you investigate some of these farms we are
!! offering for sale. Here are a few of the hundreds of thousands of acres
100 acres, located about -1 miles from a city. One-halt of the property
Is under cultivation, the other half having thereon oak timber. There art
I good improvements on this property. The price la ifiuo per aero,
400 acres of the best quality of land in the state, located ali-tig bard road
II in a valley, has natural drainage and from level to gently rolling. Nearly
I all the land is under cultivation. The ami hn.s good improvenjepW, and Is
, a real bargain at $100.00 pur acre.
135 acres of the best farm land that can be round In Virginia, located
about i miles from a thriving city of 7,000. There are good buildings on
I this land, and (lie farm is a real producer, Wo will sell ii at $inii. (in per acre.
11? acr
land, about
from Pn ill
ivei 1 1
rm has
d water,
that we
Is ci rtainly u good property.
100 acres of land located " mllei from a city, along a good road, clone
schools ami clwtrchi b, lias on n a first i lass set of Improvements, and
e quality ot the soil is the besl thai can be found anywhere. .Reasonable
'ice a ml i erm to suit.
Cherry Hill In I il I Virginia, containing 416 acres. This farm has on
a first class set of Improvements, la ideally locate tad Is a stock ami
an farm. This Is your opportunity to own of Lhe 'est farms that.
u, be found In the t nited States. H Is fenced and cros ed, and a man
ukl pay for it In a lew years, raising stock and grain. price of this
rm Is $16,000.00, with .. cash paymenl of J0,W)0.oo, th, llance of the
We furnish an athstract of title to each farm sold, showing a good
erchantable title, and convey by d of gent i arrnnty, and Burnish
with a plat, nt aurve: showing tin- exact crcage purcaased,
Encumberanet, $16,300 at
int interest. ice, $260
!i00 acres, 1 mile from Piiigrcc, i tiv.ite
North Dakota, level black loam, clay I g , n
lUbSOll, large grove anil fruit tree;,, !
never failing water, all fenced, one
half section ling tujlit. $18,000 worth
of Improvements, electric light, plant, 1fQ Acre Farm In Bureau County, 4
litter carrier for barn, over $18000 1 miles from a good market, splendid
equipment Including 28 heads of I set of improvements, sandy loam soil
horses, one Registered Sue stallion, and very productive. Practically all
75 head cattle, 2 Registered Short-! ,.
horn bulls, 23 hogs, full set farm Im- ttnder 'atlon, well rerfed. En
plements, feed, seed and lot of pota- cumbranee, $20,000 at per cent
toes. Pi .3, including land, stock an. Intere Price, $285 l icre.
everything. $94,000, $25,000 cash, ba
; cli u pel Liaii, ui iiiujiii .11.1 pi oo A, p ,r ;n n -nntv 1
i miles frc a good market, fa . im
provement, good soil a' ' ail under
cultivi .. n, v. rei Encumber-
an, ! . MM int. net
ton county, good wheat, cat-, and Additional Ivan fOi , small amount
prairie hay belt. 7 miles from Lamar, Mn be arr,nfled pplce $?85 prr
iO acres bearinq apple orchard, 1 acre I -
small farm where san
as owner is unable to fan
1C0 acres in S. W. Ml
be rente
i t
Haw is the tunc to mvest
in Diamonds
O i J ' ' ' OHIO
Ic Henry County,
iplendid market,
nd all land under
brattee, $10,000
est Price. $2J0
I 20 acre:; pasture, r6l in wheat, oats' 7,
j I and corn, new G room house. Price
j J90.00 per acre, $6 a00 incumbrance j
j at 0 per cent. Might accept trade for! Bd Im
j a small place near Ottawa. cuitlvatio
iou acres, miles trom Wa it.
III., level black land, always well j ''er acre'
rented. No improvements except corn j f ,Ty pRn
crib. Price $187.00 ner acre. Eneum- I
brance, $9,000, additional loan can Per Sale: 3 room modern heme,
I be made. half block from Norwegian church ni
' 8 Hi Ottawa. A real bargain at
i-jw w.ic rarm in Lee county, not . i-;,:. A modern b-rocm cottage near
far from market, good set of improve I school in South Cttawa at $5000.
ments, tiled, all fine black land and
under cultivation. This is a splendid A f.ne 8-room home In West Otta
property. Encumberance, $20,C00 at i Wa in good neighborhood, not far
Vz per cent interest and $9.80 at tit
per cent interest. Price, MM per r8B1 post off,cc at " "argam-
82 1 La Salle St
Ojilomt-ln-l and ( mtician.
1 i ments, I
Improves the appearance oi the grave; J
X eliminate! ' -ur tin cans and fruil
18 Acre Farm in D one County,
rom market, fair improve-i reJl honest to goodness bargain. Part
black lane1, and all can be cui-lcash, rest at 5
Several for sal'. O ie I c "er a
jcodness I
per c;nt.
. v
5 i and makes a permanent receptable that wi
t last
. I k - .. - v. a . u a w -w I i-( I i -
MM,M- Hi Phont 875-K. I rd n promptly delivered, i Phone 1058
George A. Crowden
Real Esfate
Ottawa, Illinois

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