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111 Wilt Main gtrtet
Published Every Afternoon Except 8unday.
W. H. OSMAN Editor and General Massger
0. H, WOOLBBRT Manaclng BdttOT
Member of the Aaaoclated Press.
Dally, oae year la advance by carrier IMJ
Dally, one year In advance, by mall, outside La rfulle Coiur.y 6U
Dally, one year In advance, by mall, in La balle County MJ
Hailr, per week, by carrier M
The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for republication
J ah news dlspatchea credited to It or not otherwise credited to this paper
and also local news published herein
Entered as second class matter Mar. 26, 1920. at the Post Office at Otta
wa, III., under the Act ot Oct. 3, 1017.
All Ottawa, Protestants ami Catholics alike. wre profoundly
.shocked and pained yesterday afternoon t" learn of tin- sudden death
Of Very Rev. fohn I'. Quinn, 'lean of Ottawa and rector of St.
Columba parish, which had occurred earlier in the afternoon, while
he was si 1 1 in.tr m his l'ia,r 1,1 lr"m "' his deska busy man t" the
very last. Death had evidently come calmly and peacefully, as there
was no evidence of pain or struggle, simply the quiel calling h his
Maker of a hitf man in the prune of lite. For Mean Quinn was a
big man in every sene of the word. Large of stature, of fine
physique, he was mentally big and accustomed to do big things in a
hij,r way.
As the successor of the Very Rev. I n an Keating, his coming
m Ottawa to take charge of St. Columba parish, with all that implies,
was in itself a big undertaking and one which only a big man could
do successfully. Following a man who had endeared him-eli to all
members of society and had accomplished .urcat things. Dean uninn
soon proved himself a worthy successor of his illustrious predecessor,
lie took up his work without intermission and completed the under
takings which had been started, and immediately undertook new en
terprises for the benefit "f the parish. These lie pushed through
with his characteristic enterprise and vim, until now St. Columba
parish with all its adjuncts is a model and a ,reat institution.
An intense Catholic, Dean Quinn was never bigoted. He was
too big a man for that. He was a priest in every sense, one whom
both Catholics and Protestants naturally called "father." as a right
and mark of respect; but he was also a man among men. He never
"worked the cloth." but ranked high as a model citizen and a nun
interested in and working tor civic betterment in every way. In
every public undertaking his advice and assistance was always in
ici puum uiniviiun.iS . - ;
was lor m;
He was to he counted
ig a bigger and better
ills time ailll llloliey.
By the members ul his parish
elite anil esteem, rrom the greatest to the least among litem tie
was the father, one to whom any could go, sure of the greatest sym-
pathy assistance and help.
" '' , , , ... ,. . t , i r i it
In the death w very Rev. Dean Quinn the catholic cnurcn has
lust one of its cuniniaiuliiiLr figures,
zen and many, many people one
The world is the better for John I'. (Jinnn having lived, and ins de
liarture will leave a void in the church and in the community hard
to fill.
The parcel post, which has proved popular with the
during the pa-d ten years, is to he investigated. It i
being the cause of large deficits in the postal system
, a. f .i. c, l ..' LVa I
may reacn (,uuo,uuu ten uk
unless something' shall be d"iie to
outlook Postmaster General
of the subject, and it" it is f
i- responsible for the large
then parcel post rates must
prior to 190, it is stated, postal revenues exceeded expenditures,
and then came the large increases in salaries to postal employes
and atlded compensation to railways for transportation, ordered by
acts of congress, followed about the same time that these increases
became effective with a slump in business. Commenting on the
pared post system, the Postmaster General is quoted as having said:
"It is a commercial venture, pure and simple. There is every reason,
therefore, why it should be made at least self-supporting." He ex
plained the department's plans for reducing operating costs $i5;ooo,
000. but that w ould be a small sum compared with the total amount
that will be required to bring the expenditures within the receipts.
"For the fiscal year ending June 30, igiO, the deficit was S17.000.
(XX)," he said, "for the year ending June ,V. lo-'i. the deficit will
lie found lo annroximate $84,000,000. when the reports are al! avail-
n ' , - 1
able. (If this," he is reported to have said. "$75,0OO,O0O was 1
increase in compensation ordered by congress to employes and $11,
000,000 was additional pay to railroads under interstate commerce
The parcel post has proven of great advantage to the public,
both in the matter of convenience and in expense for transportation.
Sonic small inconveniences have been encountered, such as the neces
sity of taking the packages to the
but the disad antaLres are more
patrons on rural routes
tional cos. To the credit of the
found necessary to advance rates
1 .1 I
advancing salaries, tne tees nenig substantially me same i..s o.....
those charged when the service was first inaugurated. No one can
reasonable expect any common carrier to transport and deliver a
1 1 .
seventy-pound package from Ottawa to Chicago tor seventy-lour
cents, which is the rate by parcel post j hence if the postal authorities
shall bnd it necessary to increase the fee- there w ill be small ground
for complaint unless erntgress takes matters in hand and readjusts
salaries of Teat and small to meet existing conditions.
Or ttUWAT nUorl I AL
Chicago, Aug. . The new Speedway
hospital, tne 110,000,000 gift to the gov-
eminent by Edward Hines, who built it
as a memorial to his son. Lieutenant
Edward Hines Jr . who died in Prance,
is occupied today by five ex-soldiers,
the first pateients to enter the instltu-
Tbe five disabled war Veteran were
movwl to the great institution with its
s(t miles of (orrid'trs fkJttefiay and
ae fat as rooms and waula. ariiuum-
upon at all tunes ior anytning mat
IVe freely Of both
he was held in the greatest rever
tlie commun
l most Valued Clti-1
of their best ami dearest irien.ls.
charged with
which deficit
hsc.u ycui timing jiu ,,
o. I i J i ,
stop the drain
ecause ot tins
H'ays is having a careful study made
Hind that branch of the postal service
sse sustained by the postal department
he advanced. For a number of vears
hie tO
postomcc or
tation for mailing,
than overcome, e
leCiailV tO IMC
. I
.. ... . , , ,-
where deliveries are elfected without adcii-
postoffice department, it was not
during the era of high prices and
1 A? ft ,1. . Irt.-,.
Dieted other disabled soldiers will he
moved here from government hospitals.
ll is expected twenty new patients will
lie moved into the institution dully.
Dr. Mark J. White, surgeon of the
United States public health service
since 1898, is in charge. The building
ot tin' hospital began Several years
ago andttaa been delayed several times
by investigations. It is said Mr Hines.
a wealthy lumber man, paid $200,000 in
attorneys' fees in gaining the govern-
inent acceptance of his gift.
Try theFree Trarter-Jonrnnl want ads.
Marriage Ucensev
1 T 1X' l (' Mr.'-:. T, i.-- 7Hev.' ! ,.-
- SoMCi G C I U It'cc rr a TT?eAT
pZl v ' ' ' UT' 10 tN'OCO
jp -tmc CsRit3 cm thc fAiire J
Let's Hoi it IS
Tf-s'Y" TO RCA'D f
Marseilles News
Office over Star Theatre.
Office Phone, Black 176
Abandon Car Stealing Job. Orrin COVell le
a hnM iiiimni ivaa marto iat ntsrht'mence work on th
to steal an automobile from the garage
.. Uanmj ThAinfUAIi nrhn t-esiil.-s on
tho fgnn. recently pun based from s.
It Lewis but were unable to start it.
and couW not push it made Be-
coming alarmed, at something, they
left it just wn,.r(. ,)1Py had moved it
and fled. It Is supposed to be the
same iranir that ransacked tile house
of Mr. Thompson's sons.
,lf TVnn,n..'. .....u t,ihv Hmk.
there have been some suspicious
. : r A&mnififf in the wnoils in
the neishborhood ot the Thompson
farm and it is suspected that they are
the parties making these raids The
mttter ahmM investigated ami if
11 Ik an unlawful bunch, the camp
jl be broken up
The Ilaptlst Sunday school picnic
will 'be held Thursday afternoon in
Mclntyre'B grove south of the river,
conveyances will be at the church
and at the post office at 2 p. m.
Friends ai ordially invited to ronie
with baskets anil enjoy a delightful
outitiK with the children.
A letter from Mrs. Koath at Grand
Ridge speaks of her own health as
being fairly good, and says that Mr.
Roath is so much better than he was
a few months ago that he contem
plates a visit lo Marseilles before
David Burt ot' Cornell was here
today on business and visit friends.
Attends Auto Victim's Funeral.
Prank Kirschbaiuni, foreman on
work at the power plant, has returned
from his trip to Chicago, where he
has been attending the funeral of a
young niece, who was killed by an
auto truck running without sounding
a horn or having a headlight at :.)
In the evening. The little girl with
her still younger brother was cross
ing the street, when the truck caught
her. completely crushing the child,
breaking every bone, and causing in
stant death. The driver of the truck
has been arrested.
Grape Juice et al.
Ed, Limn Of Ottawa was arrested
yesterday on Main street for being
drunk . He was arraigned this morn
ing before Magistrate Nicholson, and
fined ten dollars and costs. Limp
claimed that he had been working for
the Certain-teed products corporation,
but found another man on his job
when he came up from Ottawa. He
told attorney Vanllooreheke that he
rot drunk hv drlnklna crane luice at
Bolatto'a place, but it Is thought he
vtucmitlR n.u. n r J '
1 . ..... .....: 1 ... ,..
anu uw 1 1 was am uummou ,11 no-
latto.s t)vr
John Covell Injurtd.
Covell writes from Kansas
(,i(y Mismiri w;)s ,m(llv hort
in an auto accident last week. Two-
were broken and many bruises
were receiveu. He is able to get . 1
round wiln gpme paln tl) jnjjelt, but
is In no danger now. '
Local Notes.
Mr and Mrs Morris Lewis of Fall
River township were transacting
business this morning in Marseilles
and visiting their son. S. R. Lewis
and family
I have taken the agency of
the Allen Nursery of Roches
ter. N. Y. Order now for fall
delivery. Stock guaranteed'
first class) quality,
Phone Red 56. Marseilles.
vAim't you see I'M
"Box '.I!
House Phone, Black IB.
today to coin
'ox river academy
near Sheridan
V fteef .if ftiv nuit,,r li.v:its wenf thru
the canal yesterday morning about
9:30 o'clock. This is the last fleet ot
boats from Peorte that were attending
the motor races belont'ing in ( hicago
a tine boy was born to Mr. and Mrs
Lewis Nelson of Rutland yesterday
mol'liini:. Both mother and babe iWi
rannrtlil t,. ArAna Hne
I The city council met last evening
as usual, but owing to the absence ot
the mn vnr -...r u:.u n.i business :ii'
importance transacted.
Mr. and Mrs. George McCormick of
Rutland low US hip are the provd par-
cms of a new- hoy hich arrived at
the'rd home on Satuday. The latest
arrival Is reported to be doing finely!
a5 well as is the mother.
William Peddlcord of Ottawa a
trusted employee of the Ottawa Fuck
ing company was np from Ottawa to
day. Hill is an old time resident of
Klmer Sparks returned home last
Clyde Ten Fyck of Wakefield, Kas..
la visiting his brother. Ray, and other
Jack and Elinor Linberg of Rock
ford are being entertained at the
home of Mrs John Wornian of West
Bluff street.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Naretty have
just moved into their new bungtlow
on Clark street, and gone to house
keeping. Ai hoitsewarnling will he
given soon as the young couple are
.Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Collins and chil
dren are home from their auto trip
to various parts of Michigan.
Miss Bertha Hines of East Bluff
street went to Chicago this morning
to see the Pageant of Progress and
what other places of interest can lie
crowded into a week's visit.
Lawrence Cnrrigan went to the
hospital yesterday and underwent an
operation for the removal of his ton
sils. He is recovering well as can
be hoped.
Frank McDermott is in the Ryburn
hospital recovering from an operation
for appendicitis which was performed
last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. New of Rantoul, Mr.
and Mrs. Irwin of Ashkum and Frank
M C'rangle of Watseka motored to
Starved Rock last Sunday and called
on their old friends, Mr. and Mrs. N.
LangloK of Bluff street, yesterday.
Mrs. Nettie J. Lee and son Frank
returned Sunday from a two weeks'
visit with her daughter, Dora, In Kan
sas City. Mo.
Florence, H. Marsh started for a
visit to friends in Wisconsin this
W. It. C. hold their regular meeting
tomorrow afternoon.
R. N. A. meet tonight in the Odd
Fellows' hall on Main street.
On or About August 15th
Singer & Rickerd will display a full
line of premiums Issued by the t'nited
Cigars company In return for cou
pons issued at iheir place of business,
404 Main Su
FOR SALE Pure Kohenbred winter
whi at, an improved variety of Tur
key red; made 36 bushels to the acre
this year; $1.50 per bu. LEWIS &
HARI.ivw. Kail River township. Mar
elites, III. Telephone 9025-1. Ottawa
Bryant Wrote "Thanatopsit" at 19.
wiiiiam Cullen Bryant's "Thanatop-
Bis" was first published in the North
American Review In 1816. The title,
from the (Jreek. signifies "n view of
death." The poem, written when
Bryant win but nineteen. Is in blank
verse, and bi coeVhlered by many the
uost impressive bf bis worts.
Chicago, Auk B Wheat prices,
showed RrowMi today in connection
with signs di' further export buylnl
and wiiii belief thai thej government
report this afternnpn would confirm
private bullish crop estimates, More
over, country offerings were only
moderate Houses with northwestern
connections led Hie buying, initial
Quotations, which varied tram un
changed figures to La higher, ith
September 1 3& to IM and D
comber l 26 Vi to 144, were followed
by gains all around ami then some
thing ot a reaction.
Corn sympathlied with wheat
strength. After opening unchanged
to )4 c higher, Including September al
57)4 t the market continued
to harden
(tats were governed by the action
ot other cereals, starting unchanged
scoring additional upturns,
to ' higher, September 37. and then
Higher quotations of hogs helped
to litt provisions.
Wall Street.
New Vor, Ann. !. Prices started
off today with a continuation of vest, r-
day's late upward tendency. Qsins, I
however, were slight in most Instaa-1
ces and business small, traders hold
ing oil' for further developments In
general conditions before taking al
deflnited stand in the market. Amer-1
lean Car gained 1'4. famous players
and Kelly Springfield one and North
ern Pacific, Canadian Pacific and Pen j
pie's (las point. Mexican Petro
leum was heavy, losing three quarters
while Colorado and Southern and
Westinghouse Electric sagged u
point. Completition o fyesterday's
covering In demand sterling and a
more liberal supply of comm erica!
bills, carried it down to 368 compar
ed with 376, yesterday's highest
Trans-Continental rates also were
live Sfod)
Chicago, Aug f . Hogs, receipts 17,
000; held over 17.S71; opening active,
15 to 2"c higher the.:; yesterday's aver
age to yard traders, shippers and
small packers; '3 1.7." paid several
times; quality fairly good; average
cost yesterday 10,26.
cattle receipts, 9.000.
Sheep receipts, 19,000.
Chiiago. Aug S. Potatoes, st
receipts S3 care: Kansas early OhiOfl
sacked $2.25 Si $2.40 c.wt: Irish cob
blers $:i.2i cwt.: Nebraska $.1.35
$3 "0 cwt.; Colorado arfd L'tah $3.25
cwt.; Idaho and California $3.25 ft
$3.60 cwt; Kentucky Irish cobblers
$1.05 cwt.; Virginia No. 2. $3.00 a
$3.25 bbi.
Chicago, Aug. 9. Butter, lower.
Creamery extras 4i'c. standards 38 4
Eggs unchanged; 15,543 cat
lower: fowla!9 9 2
invited ti
attend the
Sunday at
Epworth League n
7:30 at Old Hopew
Mr. and Airs. )'.. 1
t r Nellie called at
Kuhn and daugb
the Norval Gallo-
way home Sunday.
Rw. Appli by was entertained at
the Arthur Harber home Sunday.
Mi and Mrs. Herman Benrfteadort
and children spent Thursday evening
at tlie Edward Jones home.
Margaret Darm spent a collide of
days last week with her friend, Carrie
Jon e.
Maria Wolf anger spent Saturday at
the Herman Horn home.
Miss Florence Benckedorf assisted
her sinter. Mrs. Earl Morrison, cooil
for the threshers Saturday.
Mrs. Fishburn and children of Ot
I tawa were callers at the M. A. Treno,
j home a week ago Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Seville and
I baby cajed at the Walter Henckendorf
I home Sunday morning.
Ethel Hlooin has been visiting a few
days with Mrs. Earl Morrison.
: Mr and Mrs. R. C. Harbor and chil
dren were callers at the Edward Jones
home Sunday afternoon.
Mildred Derr of Pocahontas. Iowa. 1
; visiting at tho Herman Stidle home
i a few days.
-Mr. and .Mrs. A. s. I'oole and son
Warren and Mrs. Stcnecipher of Cedar
Rapids, Iowa, and Mildred Leslie
spent Sunday afternoon at Sulphur
Mr. and Mr.;. Earl Morrison and
daughter Miixine spent Tuesday of
last week at the Reuben Missel home
Waltt r Bteindle, who was ordained
;ii priest at I'eoria last Tuesday, was
entertained by his friend:: at the
home ef his brother Sunday afternoon.
Evelyn Oorvigan returned to her
home at Racine. Wis.. Monday after
several works' visit with her aunt.
Mr Hi rman Steidle.
Mrs. W alter Hi nekendorf enter
tained. Company from Streator last
Wednesday afternoon.
Frank Hirtwell is s rioiuly 111 at St.
Mary's hospital in Streator.
Mrs. Rush. Mrs. Ihlie and Qst
Henckendorf were visitors Monday cf
last Week with Hi rman Henckendorf
and family
Mr and Mrs Tim Harty and dangh
ter Elizabeth of Wenona spent Satur
day and Sundry at th" Edward Jones
Mrs. Floyd Harber spent last Wed
nesday with hue mother, -Mr.-. Er&kv
Chicago market report rurauhed by
R. W, Klrby, manager Simons, Day
.t Co, Koom 312 Moloney Building ,
Phone y..
High. l.ow. Close, close.
Sepl . . .
Dec. ..
Sepl .
Sept. . .
Dec. . . .
l Uk 1.28 l ,33 Vs 1.22
i n ijsm im 1.2.-.
57H r,7
01 -H
Wheat fl.OO
Oats 30H
No. 2 white 50 Mi
No. yellow fiOVi
No. : white -IS 'a
No. 4 while
No. 4 yellow 4li'v
Wheat $1.09
No. 1 old 81
No. 3 new l'7
No. 2 white 50
No. 3 yellow "e'"
No. i white B0
No. 3 yellow 50
Wheat -1.08
Oats -
No. 2 old HO
No. 3 new 2"'i
No. 2 white BOMl
No 2 yellow BOH
No. :! while 4s '2
No. yellow 4s',.j
No. ". yellow 4si
No. 4 white KPo
No. 4 yellow 16
Hrd, Hie.
Ream, 33c.
Kggs, 36c.
Hutter. 25c.
Hens, 15c.
Springers, 25c.
Ducks, 15c.
Old Toms, 20c.
Pigeons, 6.
Old Roosters, 8c.
Stags, 8c.
Geese, 8c.
son of Mar
tini thr shin
and assisted
Mr. and Mrs Amos Smith and Chil- j
dreo and Mr and Mrs. It. C. Harb. r
Ud children spent Sunday In the
Florence Henckendorf spent last j
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. Smith '
and family.
The Sunshin ! Class of Old Hopewell j
camped in tie- Poole timber with Mrs.
A. S. Poole the past week. Those j
v rniioyed the outing were Arlene
BirtWell and brother Vernon, Wilma
,tooie, ion a Baare, Kazel ami MIMred 1
Leslie. Warren Poole and Albert Ji.i-'
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Steidle mo
tored to Peoria 'I'm iday.
A large Dumber from there went to
help stop the f i r . at the R. Missel
larm last week, A great deal of dam
age was done.
Mrs. m. A. Trenor assisted Mrs. a
Stebar cook for the threshers Thurs- 1
I I.udington, Mich., Aug. 9, Mrs. Allie
I Quayle Burch, the daughter of Bishop
William A. Quayle and estranged wife
j of Arthur ('. Burch, in a statement to
! day said she believed her husband in
1 nocent of eny connection with the mur I
dor of .1. Helton Kennedy in Los An
i geles last Friday.
Burch is held in connection with the
killing of Kennedy, who was shot in
the presence of Mrs. Madalyuno Oben
: chain, divorced wife of Ralph Oben
i chain of Evanslon, III. Mrs. Oben
, chain is also held.
Mrs. Burch is spending the summer
I at the summer cottage of her parents
I here. She seemed sure that there had
'been no love affair between Burch and
Mrs. Obenchain.
j According to Mrs. Burch. she filed
i suit for divorce in Lawrence county,
S Kansas, against her husband over a
I year ago, charging desertion, extreme
cruelty and neglect. She expects the
decree to be signed soon. Mrs. Burch
asserted Burch has recently made over
tures at a reconciliation.
She said she. did not know Mr. and
Mrs. Obenchain or Kennedy and had
never heard Burch mention them. She
; was married to Burch in St. Paul in
! 1115, she said.
Bishop Quayle explained that, the
' marriage of Burch and his daughter
had consummated a romance of child
hood and that the couple had met as
: children at Ludington, where their par
cuts were wont to Spend the summer.
Warranty Deeds
Aug 1;. 1911, Fred A. Koehler and J
wife to John D, Thompson, It. 10. b. I
2c.-,. Brewster's add. to Nini wa. Peru;
Aug. 1. 1921. Robert F. Arbuckle
and wlf( to Oecrge R. and Edward Bil-j
lard. It. !. b. 4, Hoschcit's add. Peru;
. July 25. 1981, John A. and Lilly E
Jones to Tony Cook. It. I. b. 10, Villi
Park a hi. Streator; K.000.
Master No", COOK, Just look here I1
Look at thai piece of bacon I've Just I
given your mistress: It's' the worst!
cut I ever saw in my life and this
piece I'm just going to take myself is
only a Pttle better. Edinburgh Scots-1
Daily Thought.
The tilings 'blcJt ,., must be must j
he for the best. Oweii Meredith. j
lljf ailr'
Greece seems more interested In
its little war for Greece than it did
in the big war for democracy.
1 1
If, as Washington statisticians now
estimate, MM cents oui ot every dol
lar of national revenue goei to pay
for wars, past, present ami future, the
nation is making progress, The last
previous estimate wna thai cents
OUI i -i every dollar was so expend
Gom' Out to McKlnley?
That new dance, the "conversation
Walk." should be a welcome variation
on those standstill toddles that af
ford the dancers the sprightly move
ment of calves' foot jelly.
Negotiations with Mexico have been
reopened by the state department at
Washington ami there is a pros) t.
thai in the relationship between the
two countries politics may yel catch
up with business.
Tom Marshall wants to "can" the
bolslievist press agent. In the en
forced isolation of his vice-presidency
he achieved many a deep, useful
Some 'lay men who run the Amer
loan people s uniitim Unoui govern
ments will lie crisply noUfled by the
longgnffering public thai paying taxes
not the people's favorite Indoor
Only the landlords and the domes
tic bolshevists are now aggressively
blocking the road to normalcy, not
forgetting the owners of concessions
at the parks.
lay fn your supply ot
vims. The) w ill not las,
Fox I
On what far desert now rides Wil
I Ham J. Bryan, astride his mountain
humped camel t
o 1
Lenin is said to be planning a vuea-
: tlon. Russia needs to have him take
, Cleveland got its building industry
; going again. Cleveland has a public
i spirit that is worth studying.
Remember, Away
Back, When-
The railroad bridge over th
noli river vas ompleted in the
and in the evening of t he day
completion a big banquet was
f its
in tne city,
Judging by the looks of the bottom
side of some of the restaurant bread,
somebody'a bread pans need their
annual cleaning.
He's Cool
Sere's Brig. Gen. Charles E. Saw.
yer, President Harding's physician,
photographed for the first time in
his cool summer uniform. He was
smuiped on tho president's yacht
Clear' water
O tbats tbe drinh

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