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wtJiwa vuvk tn.wmx - journal.
pAoe TWO
MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 1921.
l 1 " ' 1
iiiai i inr ii irnni (irn
HflSH AKt MrUKMtl)
I t M t-.-;--"r-ryt"v -l"H"M".
I Pattern Dep't.
Pleaae lend Pattern to my
aUdreu, 16 Cti. enclosed.
No. ..
Stat s
London. Auk. l.v
oaring chaw revealed
ciitKn tonight
Uoyd (jnorge's
Dapita ill"
by tho nubli-
by tho foranwnenl of
correspondence witn
it is learned thai
Irish peace ImvtM
l re-1
Th-J I
an I
Tt 3690
Comprising w
SS80 and Skirt
. The Wallt i." eal
!6. ;l.S. 40. 4: am
niHayure. The SUirt
in 7
'i, SO, 'iz
un?(l voile
and 31
Si.'.i-s :
In ( hot
Kainonn le Vuli'ia.
ur-got hit Ions for an
not broken down.
Much still depends upon the
Kireann meeting next i ucsiibj. "-
(including paragraph or mora
lieorges letter suy-
"Ve are reudy to continue the dil
Oeupled wit the aUtemenl this
week in the house of lords by Lord
Tlirkenhead that the last word i.- not
vet pokes, the letters t (might lead
well informed circle to believe the
door ia still open.
The premier's offer still stands,
guaranteeing full dominion status ami
the fullest control of internal affairs,
the territorial army and the nation's
own polke, with the reservation
ganllog the navy and taxation,
premier'! offer bars interstate
tectivo duties by either party,
lu-ovUles that Ulster must be
The publication of the conference
correspondence allowing Gen, Smuts'
letter of advice is somewhat resent. I
in Dublin.
Ulster la Reticent.
Ulster ia still standing aloo.f. Craig
wrote to Lloyd George that Ulster It
standing aside in the interests of
peace and will not interfere between
the aouth of Ireland and Great Brit
ain. Ulster's position is understood to
be that it is againwt the interests or
l ister to settle of the basis proposed
to the Sinn Fein, but that l ister i
prepared to co-operate on equal terms
with the south when the south has
settled with England.
in the Baa! letter. Lloyd George de
QWl Ireland's right to secession, re
fused foreign arbitration for Irls'.i
questions and expressed the hope that
.Ireland would accept the Itritisli
terms, which, he said, were the best
that could be offered.
British Proporals.
The British proposals, which were
dated July SO, said:
"The British government is actual-'
ed by an earnest desire to end the
unhappy divisions between Groat
Britain and Ireland which 1iave pro
duced so many conflicts, We long j
with bis majesty, the king, iu the
words of bis gracious speech in Ire-!
land las; month, for a satisfactory so
ration ot those age-long problems
vliicb lor generation:! embarrassed
our forefathers as they now weigh
heavily upon us. Every man of Irish
birth should work in loyal co-opera
tlon wilh the free communities on,
which the British empire is baaed. I
"We are Convinced that the Irish;
people may II ml as worthy and com
plete an expression of their political ;
and spiritual ideals wjtbin the em
pire as any of the numerous and var
ried nations united in allegiance to
his majesty's throne, and they desire
such consummation not only for the'
welfare of the empire as a whole, hut
also for the cause of peace and har
mony throughout tile world.
Whole World Suffers.
"There is not, a. pan of the world
where Irishmen have made their
homes but suffers from our ancient
"The free nation which compose
the British empire are drawn from , sis the huif-crazed man is the
many races with different histories. ' i, jcaeht mllMonair.; and he is pre
traditions and Ideals. In the Doinin- owed to turn him over in the Cana
ha men
a l l li
Itnen, or
til,- skir;
cards. f
cards fo '1'
required if matte of o
If nuule as Illustrated
figured material and
pidln material will
or a
organdli are
could have
ginghanj and
The width of
I is about 2
medium size 7 '
Inch material will be
yards of
yaiils of
equlred, The
Width o the skirt
about l yards.
1 1 iiAlliin:ntlwi
.ii the font is
alls for PYO
.lep.uMi pattTiis which will be
nailed to any iMresa on rict ipt
lac FGK I5ACH paiiern In silver
-t. i fuim
man he b
oi v.
'J I e
, inofij
letective .lulu) I
if the Doi .Moi l
partnent says he baa
under surveillance two
his mem-
3rophy, for-
.'. police de
iad the man
months, and
ion of Canada the British and French
have long forgotten the bitter con
flicts which divided their ancestors.
In South Africa the Transvaal repub
lic and the, Oratge Free State have
joined with two British colonies to!
make a great self-governing union
under his majesty's sway. The Brit
ish people cannot believe that where,
Canada and South Africa succeeded
Ireland will fail.
Invite New Free Nation.
''Moved by these considerations, the
British government invites Ireland to
ttjke her place in the great associa
tion of tree nations over which his
majesty reigns.
"As au earnest of their desire to
obliterate old quarrels and to enable
Ireland to face the future with her
own si l ength and hope, we propose
that Ireland shall assume forthwith
Hie status of a dominion."
Conditions of Peace.
JThen , follow six stipulations :
i 'Tii!' common concern of both
eoiintrifiriij tlfcb defense of their Inter
ajfti on land and sea shall be rerun
The Icjsh territorial force shall
within leasotpable limits conform in
limbeis to the militarv est.abllsh-
'iiti in othefarts of the Islands.
Great Britain shall have all the
celery tcihtos for the levelon
lent'' of air defense and comniunicn-
4 Hone ia expressed that I rebuilt
111 HofttrHtiute in proportion to her
Wealth to the naval and military
forces of the empire.
:' Complete autonomy in finances
ami Illation is provided with Hi
dlraaiuaut that there shall lie no t a r
iffs and other restrictions between the
tjfo islands.
w). neiuno is lo assume resiion
Wllty for a share of the Cnited King
turn's present debt ami pensions
"The form in which the settlement
i to take effect," it adds, "will de
pend upon Ireland herself. It mast
tow for full recognition of the exi-t
g powersud privilege ot th pa
ltomen: and , government of northern
ffrland "
iitan B'ttnonttes when
to ay him the. $.-,11,0(1.
for his discovery.
Was Br-jaght by
Tin finding of the
two iionths ago WM:
proat bed
1 y are readv
vard offered
wounded man
1 . uoned with
An unidentified man ap
house in W", 1. Dea Moines
. motor
v minded
laying be
with him
had a had
and asked
he !r. taken in for medical attention.
Pile half-living body the victim
wiii citried into the in use and the
Old 1 1 man suddenly dioi.peared on
the ;r, text he was goln; .or medical
aid .ailing to return, tlie house-
owner cnltod Detective 1 rophy and a
He diseeiered a gunshot wound in
the man's neck and coi.titsions on th.-
h.ol All rxtwer of apench had been
lost Tho ifiis had M1B severed at
the knees.
Now the man has bBttiij rapeat Ing:
"My anno is John Dottfjlty. I came
berc Hd&i u.nalia Tna 's all 1 rej
t iembi.r." John Doughty was Small's
se ivtar.v and i.s in Canada.
V'i'ei, shown a picture of Small to
day the legless man midt'ed.
"1 hilt's hie," he said.
.1. Huckrlgel
Forty guests untherert at the .home
of Mr and .Mr D K l.ee. route
l.a Salle Saiutda' uicht The BVenl
marked a celobratb'ti of three birth-day--
lli.it of Mrs. I) F l.ee. of Mlai
Ada Stewart of UUoa and ot WlUiam
lladb-y, alto of I'ticu. Jt fng Mr.
Had ley's 70to unniveis.iryj
The evening aiaa. spent in. Indoor
and putdoof games An old (a-h: 10
ed square dance was Indulged in. and
a neufclDUS repast was s'rved by Mrs
l.ee Several lovely gifts were gtved
the three gneals of honor Dnvlight.
saw tha last of the bunch going home.
Miss Mien (tackrigel jMribrUtlaod
s little girls this aftarnpon at her
bom on IVist St . in honor of hei
tenth birthday 'A Vtnk and white
COlOjT scheme was Used thruout the
house The chlidrw sM'Ut a very
pleasant afternoon playluK gatin s
.liter which delicious refreshments
were served by Mrs. I
the mother of the hub
Ig T
Mr and Mrs. Albert BcfcomM and
daughter Julia. Mrs LottJaa Pillion
and children of W. -t Madison street
and Mr and Mrs h'rank Benenhart
and children of Walt bam township
went to Peru yei-'terday to attend a
birthday dinner given in honor of Mr
Besenhart at the home of his lt. r.
Mrs. Henry Klrzeder.
Richmond, Ind., Aug 16 -The l60tb
anniversary of the foundation of In
diana yearly meeting of Friends, the
largest body of Quakers' in the world,
will be commenced here today.
The Indiana meeting was organized
in Richmond in a log church on Oct.
S, LS21. .
Only five sectional associations of
Quakers In N'orth America are older
All of the present 16 will take part
in the Indiana centennial.
Yearly meetings organized before
Indiana's wert New England Ditil.
Baltimore 172. Philadelphia UiM.
Maw York MM, N'orth Carolina IMS
and Ohio LSI 2.
Quaker bodies orpani.ed since are
Western Indiana 186S, Iowa I8M, Can
ada 1'SflT. Kansas 1S72. Wilmington
in Ohio 1892. Oregon l.S9... Colorado
1M6 and Nebraska 1907.
The historical background of Indi
ana yearly meeting, its contribution
to the Quaker church, and its efforts
for society refirni will be presented
tomorrow at a session iu the old East
.Main street Friends' church
Timothy Nicholson, at 92. the "the
grand old man" of Uie Quaker church,
is. the outstanding ligutii of the celebration
'1 I.
I h
an tnbi is of the Young I'eopb
of 1 hi Harding church a ill ho
.1 lawn party at Hie home of Willie
Stocklej in Freerom tonight in hon
of Mr. and Mrs Louis Qojiignn, wl
were mat rjed In 1 ii lata spring
allalr prrim .1 h to be otic
I st lOClal 1 vents Kin 11
lllH Mtmillt,!'.
f .y. .f
1 be ,ir jllqthari will tmld a meet
log tomorrow afternoon at I o'clock
in lb" American Lofton hall 011 l.a
Salle strict .Ml lumbers of tile 01
ganltatlaa are urged to att ml.
In Doua' s Film
' '
Marauerite Da LaMotto plays tho
part of Constance In "The Three
Musketeers." That la one of threa
leading feminine parts , in , Douglaa
Fairbanks' big picture.
1 a
' - a?
"v SomtW G'-'STS tVLR WHI RE
Vllln . 1 t,..i.i S?
I i -I .t 1 111 m-uiu .-'
( 1 1 a c li-r. 'In r o."
:r ii ni - . if. ur;
Try Lhnf'iea Trailer Jqurnal want ads
r I
lies Moines, la., An:, l"i Solution j
cf tne disappearance in Toronto two
ye ns ago of Ambrose i. S nail, multi-1
Dlilllonulre theater owner, was claim
ed today by a detective who recent !;
found :i legless and sevei v wound.' !
rVian, 1 ow said to be tli missing mag
Bbtf .
will be a meeting of the Rol
H You'll find this the "Live H
H Wire" concern for hand- Cjj
H ling your ELECTRICAL El
U WORK. Close estimates H
the Finger
TH E proved oil producing area in the United
States is estimated as only 4500 square
miles. When you contrast this with the area
of the United States 3,026,789 square miles
the proved area is but a finger print on the map.
Yet from this 4500 square miles must come
the raw material to drive all of our motor driven
machines, and practically all of the oil to lubri
cate the machinery which makes possible the
happiness and prosperity of the nation.
To magnify this finger print is the task in which
the Standard Oil Company (Indiana) is engaged.
By reason of the Burton Process, which largely
increases the amount of gasoline recoverable
from a given quantity of crude oil,' and dozens
of other methods developed in its laboratories
and refineries, the Standard Oil Company
(Indiana) has multiplied the quantity of finished
petroleum products available for the use of men
wherever they may live.
The development of the Burton Process has
done more to promote the manufacture of auto
motive machinery than any other single dis
covery since the usefulness of gasoline as a fuel
was made known. Because of it there is a plen
tiful supply of crude oil available today, and
gasoline is selling for a low price. Without it
the price of this fuel would be beyond the reach
of the average man.
The use of this process is not confined to the
refiners of the Standard Oil Company (Indiana)
alone, but is being made available to others under
conditions which are just and equitable to all.
The Standard Oil Company (Indians) has a
just pride in the work it has done, and ik doing,
to to increase the quantity and quality of its
products as to make possible the use of labor
saving machinery throughout the world.
Thus is the Standard Oil Company (Indiana)
doing a big work in conserving the natural
resources of the nation, and in helping others
to do likewise.
Standard Oil Company
910 So. Michigan Ave., Chicago
Feels it is its duty to its many depositors
and stockholders to publish a summarized
report of the examination of that institu
tion's affairs made July 12, 1921, by Mr.
Karl D. Falk, Auditor of the National Bank
of the Republic of the city of Chicago.
I o the Board ol Directors
Peoples I rust & Savings Rank
Ottawa. Illinois.
Gentlemen: 1
For your information 1 submit herewith a report of
my examination of the Peoples Trust & Savings Bank of
Ottawa, Illinois, as of July I 2th. 1921.
The cash was counted; items on other banks check
ed; the liability ledger balances; the bills receivable;
bonds held by the bank; individual ledger balances;
savings ledger balances; demand certificates of de
posits; time certificates of deposit; all were listed and
found correct.
1 he expense account- the items of which are sala
ries, advertising, fidelity bonds, taxes and insurance,
rent, light and heat, stationery and supplies postage, tele
phone and telegraph, freight and expressage, donations
-was examined covering a period from July 1st, 1920
to June 30th. 1921, and found that all expenses had
been kept at a minimum. Total amount received during
the year from interest, exchange, box rent. $36.859. 1 3.
Total amount paid out in savings interest and ex
penses of management, $27.84().,95.
Net profit for 1 2 months (July 1 st, I 920 - June 30th,
1921) $9,018.18.
The examination disclosed that the greater part of
the assets of the bank are exceptionally liquid, about
50 being in well diversified short term comnu-rcial
paper; 10 in cash and due from banks and 10 in
readily marketable bonds.
The books were found to be admirably kept and
there was every evidence of the most efficient manage
ment of the bank s affairs.
It was genuine pleasure to be afforded an opportunity
to examine such an institution and to have, as the result
of such examination, only commendation to offer as to
the way in which the bank is handled. The directors
are to be most heartily congratulated upon the splendid
institution in their charge and the credit it reflects upon
them and all those connected with the management of
the bank.
Auditor of the
National Bank of the Republic.
Chicago, Illinois.
The Peoples Trust & Savings Bank
calls attention to the fact that $62,500.00
realized from the sale of increased capital
stock, has been available for less than
three months of the period embraced in
above audit. Deducting $1,000 earned
during this short period by this increased
capital the balance of the year's net profit is
$8,018, a net profit of 16 per cent, on a
capitalization of $50,000 after paying 4
per cent, interest to our savings depositors.
is extended to you to open an account with us.
We are seeking your banking business on our record.
Capital stock 100,000.00
Surplus and undivided profits 30,000.00
The Peoples Trust & Savings Bank
John Garland, Pres. T. 8. Kendrick, Cashier
W D. Duncan, Vice Pres. 1
I - ' ijock at Si
T108 W. Main St. Phone 302 W.
Ottawa, III.

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