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Bereaved by ZR2 Disaster
Mr. anil Mm .1, Iiii m Pickeni and
Idaughjter, MIm Louisa Plofcenfc, of
Van Buren street, I Aft today for an
auto trip to Maw Bedford, Maaa, Ml
I Pickens go Cram Maw Bedford to
jQoucber collage In Baltimore, where
aha has baan anDloyad ii teach cbern
, iMtry for the coming year.
Mm, uartand Daniel and daughter, I
COUNTY SOIL ADVISER GIVES i Louise, have returned to lliclr home
in tlrecnboro, . r, after a vl it wit li
Mra, Qeorge C. Rickley, In the Palmei
Oliver Goldsmith of Btraator wai
an Ottawa visitor yei terday,
Mr. v f, Modes, (if Rochester, N,
Y . who ins bean visiting her aunt,
Mra, Unit in. in, on Superior street, has
gone to Baltimore, where her husband
and corn seed selection ware I sued will undergo an operation at the John
this mornlnit out of the counti soil i 1 m ""Mntm
advise! office. Thai pointers com In
at this Important period of tlx- yeai
should provi beiiofli lul to the fanner
Timely tips on full wheal
II. W. Wilsoy of Onliir f ownHhil)
wu an Ottawa visitor today.
Myron Plckoim left today for IjB-
I-Ih. Information requires boedln : ,"" win enter nir-
that the vi rv host lesniis i,,;,v , la-,,., 1 0QB university lor tin- coming year
Ud Is as follows: 'r "nl M,r"- (' W- If'"" it ixl son
When to Sow Wheat Seed Corn p '""'1"'' lll(,,"n"1 Sandwich toda)
Root Rots. '" UBd the fair
When shall I sou mi wheat" That Mr Alls Hurry ItiiiK r-t ''Hil
ton street, nave gone to Southern Illi
nols for a visit with relatives.
Miss Viola. Ott has aceepted posi
tion In the I.uccy dry kooiIh store
Hi'h Chalet of Marseilles was all
Ottawa visitor hint night,
Mrs. w. ,. Donagh has returned I
to her home In Aurora after a visit i
question is being asked frequently at
the Rami Bureau ofllee this line Sep
tember weather,
The two principal governing factors
are Sow lati enough to avoid the
Hessian fly a?, iiiiku as practicable,
but early enough to p unit the whi a
to get a Rood start h. for.- cold weath
er stops growth, Bent. 2o to 't: has wltb her il Iters, Misses Ifargaral
been found to be the most succeseful I and Mae Moras in this city.
date for Seeding in this county, urn and Qeorge Bhefller of ntreator
The average Of four years' tests Of I were Ottawa visitors hot night
Bf edfog at different dates made by I Misses Henrietta and Louise Gode
in Witomology dopartmcnl on the man have returned to their home m
i arm oi i,. i. unmer. near liraiiil ; South Otla
Ridge, shows tl following results; 1 1 rs ,.,',
sopt 10-27.8 bushels per acre. Mrs. George Bowers and Mrs. ai-
a . S?ia "ls"'s '"' :"" ton r.rumhack of Marseilles wen? Ot
Sept. iO -.,.. husliels per acre. ,.1U:1 ,.sltr ii ntmM
ovyi, ou.u iiuhllt is per ai I I
Oct. I 3 .t; bushel:, per acre.
Ort r,aa i,,ui,..iu
if thn uoii., ,,.i. ..' n. : I heodore l'icker. has returnel to
i. v m i ii . i t t.iuiiiii.-i 1 1 : 1 I 1 1 ,
warm it would la advisable in seed a
It A days late
(lettlmr q tnnd otari hl 1,1 Mr "nil Harry Toth
weath'-r Is fairly imro if ahun.lant
. NeT IF
Mm .
S : jim..sasl5ear-
I Cci H. C. I
lira Margaret n Pettit tit Baai ISth Street New Vnrh city ana
in r young babe are two of thi i e ben a-. -i b thi explosion of the
i.tr huaiisnd a s X'ettll was om of tin- noB-oonuniaaioned ninccr sent
to SnKlam) to help tlv tho dlrlgibli to AoMPtca Mi was ii, the
Con tractors on the Incompleted pav
ed highway in the vicinity of the Dim
Imlck hill are now engaged In cement
I III .villi?, villi tile I'Xiiectatlon that tho
road Will be speedily Mulshed. On
.Monday last men began the spreading
jof cement oast from the tool of the hill
along that two ami three tent lis miles
'Stretch of road, and lietore the end of
i the week others will lie working west
from the summit of the hill to com
plete (In, section through the canyon
1 drive, a distance of one and and elgth
tenihs miles. From that point weal
the road is finished and opened to the
public through to I.;i Salle, across tlr
vermilion river and thence through
1 Hast from Ottawa construction work
(Main Want Ad Section Page Five.)
LOS? Alrdale pup, six months old.
Answers to name of Iluster. Fiml
er kindly notify this oJBee.
Wanted at on.e, ihr..,, experienced
waitresses, $lf,.uo per week Apply
In person to the DOW Andan restaur
ant, HX Made, in St.
Wanted: (Mils for power sewing
machine work. Apply at Carter
factory. 90S Fulton St
WANTKI) ICxperlenoed young mun
tor grocery work. Apply in person.
T. it Godfrey.
WANTKI) A middle aged woman to
keep bouse Apply at It. 2 Bridgo
St., alter " 00 p. m. Qoo. Small.
RteMT On East Side, for hue
ness woman, room in ptiviite fam
H.v: breakfast. If desired Call :i.VX.
FA KM WANTBD- Want to hear from
owner of a farm or good laud for
sale; price reasonable. L. JONK3
Box 5S1, Olnev, in.
after vlsitlui; friends
William ( oyl c! Streator was an
Ottawa visitor last night.
Ills Home m t hicaL'o, after a visit
with Ottawa Iriends.
Mr and Mrs Harrv
of plant food is provided. Win at fi
lows eitlii r so beans or clover wl
masked anecaaa, and Is also s go
fes ler on rock phosphate. No ot
should pxpect a huge wh tat crop
known COttditl ins of Insects and pis
food arc not met.
Seed Corn Root Rots.
Tho best method for the control
tin iif djaeasss that has been devi
oped to date is to select disea-e-fr
seed ears. Diseased cars or even a
pareatly healthy ears from diseased
(l( j( 1 i mil iv i oi i n ami
naugniei-. itarriet, nave returned to
their home on West Main street, af
ter motor trip to Chicago and Auro
ra. Mr and Mrs. Fred L, Jones, Miss
(Catherine Brand henn and Miss Bditb
Palmer have returned from an auto
mobile trip to Sonachwine, III.
Mrs. It. Jordan of Chicago has re
turned to her home in that, city, after
spending the week end at the home of
her sister, Mrs Kd Dwyer. c-n North
i- Columbus street,
Vest has returned to his home;
mojas snouiu not lie selected for seed in blcago after spending (be week I
The proper election of seed corn Island and Labor Day at the home of'
no single operation that can be com Mr .and Mrs Fd Dwyer on Columbus!
pitted within a few days, The differ-1 street.
t steps that arc necessary to oh j Miss Katherine Pillion of Colum-I
tain tho best results must be followed 1 Kna .;tv,.,t i i.iti, ut. i
throughout toe year Mrs. James Oardom, of Ashton, 111. '
,,M , ?''d Selection j Ki, hard UVIte f chi.o, foimerly
. iLiwt, ,,i .-.ii r, in seen t ori
: houlcl be made befbr
ut of thin City, Is spending
lays visiting witb friends and
of this city.
the first kill
in.?; trost. This makes It possible u
,11 tl'l' : It l.n. ....... .. . .1.... l.
... . . ..p, i.iit i ,11 s i i ve ,..i... , , 0 . ..
matured normally and th,e lh. l. .JO"" "J,n 01 was an ,-etary t
rloened .rM.M , ' v' ;t vlsll"r ' "'Kht
" ' I .u i , ' ' I M 1 j i I I ) 1
disease. Alter the first killing ft
the stnlss and esneclailv the shani
and tin ears are Invaded rapidly bj
the B disease organisms. Warn
Weather followiru' tie- lirst l.illi.,.,
frost favors these ear infections' I 0orffo Gutting and Carl Marten of
which greatly ruiueo the vitality of I OUawa motored to La Salle last
the scad. night, -where they visited friends.
Select the Best Normally Matured! IBteve Mclntyre and William Dane "ew
Ears. U1 arsenea spent yesterday visit-
Fully matured ears with goun
shanks from upright, sturdy st ilk
. :
"It is tho boys who are setting the
pace for gayety that the girls think i
they must live up tu," declares Dr !
Valeria L'niiter. li'ded seen !o::'M whe-
Sydney An-'rson, Mlnnosota
rsprasentatlve. is chaimnn of the
Joint Commit lion of Agricultural
Inquiry, He haa I en :iven the Job
of cuttin t 9 ( )St t f living. He
h: I P. Vol W TtlV of vnrlmin cv.
Il being pushed ahead in fine shape, pw.t. ,sjv ,, im.
with the expectation that the road
will be completed between Marseilles
ami Morris by the end of the present
week. Fast of BenSCS there is a
Stretch of I.X00 feet yei to be coin-
Worth While Americans,
Americanism is loyalty to American
leted, but at the rate at which the "lstltuliolis and the only loyalty i
work has i een done that portion will WWCb Is worth while Is a loyally
7, Abatement of be Oiled In within three or four days,' which expresses itself in service and I
fear'l caah rentals Insuring the road being Open to travel j BCrWce. There Is great need to re
ally estate, owned bett re told weather. j member that the quality of our cltt
y of England and The Conway Construction company, I sebshlp is determined by the quality
IS in Illinois. Mis wnien nan tne sonwacl lor the road of the character of citizens. From the
m lirasKa. was an utinwa ami .Marseilles, is us-; Churchman.
Ill ll.tpp .V ro., .,,r'- . wi iii.il, nilltilll
of the properties, doulble shifts and day and night each
t the Scully land v.uy from Parr hill to complete this Definition De Luxe.
lies in logaii County alone, and in section. A good citizen Is one who would rath-
tenanted by L'L'm fanners When these contracts are complete ,r bend bis will than break the law. I
The reduction on Illinois' lands and the roads accepted, which will
brings the rental lown to less than uriouostionably be before snow-llles.
.fi per acre, it was said. In addition there will be one continuous paved
a reduction In the lover acreage pro- highway Ir
vided in the leases was mad" Morris, Ottawa and Oglesby to La
The Scully lands are owned by Salle.
Thomas a. Scull) and Fred Scully.! to Begin south Highway.
brothers. The estate has been In the' Contractor Finest Herns of Indian
family for generations Thomas owns apolis. is expected to arrive in OUa
tln Illinois and Nebraska land-, whin I wa late today of tomorrow to malic
Fred ow
announced H!c onenittq
of 'icj
uano Mtu!u
Olltiiuluij, c?jir:nikjt Slight
fiYionc 890-x
Marriage Licenses.
Frank Verse rtelaahv f".
reage pro- m iuwd irt.m t nicago nirougli .loliet. Francis Martinic. imlesliv 27
FOR RENT PiVjS room flat gas. bath,
electric lights, $1!U per month. Also
: rooms over Megaflln'a store, good
Mat or shop. t. it. Godfrey.
n M i
i u ii
uigenietit for the building ot the
and Kansas.
Following an tipris
tenants against Increas
years ago, legislative
of absentee landlordis:
but resulted in affecting none of tb
Smlly holdings.
; highway between Ottawa and Btrea
Dg of Scully ' tor Mr. Herns was in Chicago yester
id renl several day making arrangements for carry
investigations lug on the work,
wen started, The Cove! creek .bill will in all Ukii-
BODOrt Jar, ibs has returned to bis
' borne in Springfield, after spending
the past number of days visiting with j
his parents, Mr. and Mrs Eld ward Ja
cobs, of Ottawa avenui
tins just been appointed executive ce-
iliterdeparfraontal social
hygiene hoard. 'The hoys are simply
demoralizing the girls," she says
"Tncy tire spending all their money on
Clothag and all they think about is
having good times, SO it is no wonder
the girls have gone to all the extremes
nf dress that they have, It is Just
a case of competition." Dr, Parker's
ill lie Hie pr
bood be graded before the bad weath
er makes it impossible to conclude
I operations.
Neatly Expressed.
l"an wai the sort that whined whffr The "Sensible" Marriage.
Over he couldn't have bis v.ay. His The most sensible women always
brother, Avery, -got out of pntlonie, make the most foolish marriages,
with him one a.y.iud exclaimed to Ills . They are unused to feeling anything,
mother: "Tout am Is the most iiis- ami so the first little 'come hither'
agreeable one of the family, and every- look in any man's eye completely
body J.nows ii but him." j bowls them over. From "Women and
, Children," by Hugh de Sellncourt
Levee Quickly Constructed.
Only seven weeks were required to The BaDtist Women's Societv
ip 240,000 cubic yards pf dirt will meet Friday i. m.. at 2:81). at the
Palmer Camp, R. N. A.
will bold a cooked food Bale Saturday,
September 10, at Western Union office.
The W. C. T. U. will meet on Thurs
day afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the
home of .Mrs. Coo. Hartshorn, at 623
Illinois Avenue. This is the annual
business meeting. Flection ot officers
All members come. SKCliF.TAitY.
and and All-Star Cast
A Colorful Romance of the Tropics
Elaine Hammerstein
"Remorseless Love
Her Latest Picture, First Time in
nave siiown, on tne average, great, ;
vigor iind considerably more resist
ance to these rot dis ages than slmi
lar appearing cars from stalks elthei
slightly or badly diseased. More
over. ear.J from leaning and broke:
Btalks and ears with slightly rotted months' outing. The two expect
cuauiia ut. in erect sialics are like v return Home t is even In
ung soldiers at naval :
ing friends in this city. buses from the gayety of large clili
Sidney Stiefel was B business pass- ! She Is the first woman to hold tb
throw up Uln.ooo
lien of to building an emergency levee on the home ot Mrs. c. B, Merrick at 1919 Ot
military ! Mississippi river. tawa avenue.
oubbi io i nicago mis morning
James F, Farrell and wife
Spending tin- day in Chicago.
Porter Taylor went to Chicago this
morning where he will meet his
inowiei v.no 18 returning from two
to co diseased. Stalks that are wilt
e:i and prematurely dead commonly
bear diseased ears which are fre
quently mistaken for early maturing
ones by th-ise not suspecting their dis
eased condition. Many apparently
desirable seed ears droop because of
weak, rotten or broken shanks. Such
cars are often diseased. Ears Iron,
stalks and shanks showing these
symptoms have given greatly reduc
ed yields when planted in exper -
mental plats.
Select Ears From the Best Normal
As susceptibility to one disease
often means susceptibility to other
diseases, it is well to avoid ears from
smuttid or badly rusted stalks. Pur
thermore, cars from stalks with either
nled, crinkled or spotted leaves, or
from plants with many fired leaves,
also yield loss and should not be se
lected for seed.
In order to have enough seed ears
from which to get the bent seed it is
advisable to gather about five times
as many as will be required far next
year's planting. This will allow for
shrinkage, discarded ears, butt and t'n
shelling, grading, etc.
Curing and Storage.
The seed ears, after being selected
in the Held, should be so handled and
stored that they will dry uniformly
and thoroughly. If the moisture con
tent oi the ears, remains high harm
ful organisms may grow into the ears
and infect them. Because ct this It is
of tho utmost importance that the
ears be kept in a dry, well ventilated
Camp Perry, Sept. 7. Hitting ,1
bulls eyes at 1,000 yards without a
miss and stopped from further shoot
ing because of darkness Seargeant
Adtkins. I". S. Marines, yesterday won
the Remington cup match. This la
said to exceed the previous record
by :t2 bulls eyes.
Miss Mollfe Minnich and John Ad
amcik. both of Streator. were quietly
married in this city yesterday by
Jusice of the Peace L. L. Thompson,
at his home in South Ottawa. The
couple were attended by Anna Pollot
and Andrew MaJick o Streator.
.n. aim ,nrs. uaipn Katn ol Cham
paign are visiting at the home of the
former's mother, Mrs. Eliza Rath. 5I1S
Third avenue, for a few days.
Coroner Donohue came up from La
Salle this morning on business matters.
Detroit, .Mich.. Sept. 7. A tax on
light wines and beers to yield reve
nue to provide adjusted compensation
for former service men was proposed
by Congressman Brennan in address
Ing a meeting here of Charles A.
Lamer Post No, I. American Legion. ?
Without, amending the constitution, fj
Mr. Brennan said, be believed b law
In the could be passed defining light wii
and beer as non-intoxication:, Su
America and England.
My hold of the colonies is
,.1..., .. t I. , . -
mtw .i.iei which grows rrom com
,-s, ,,, enured mooo, rrom legislation, he said would ena
similar privileges and equal protec- government to collect the en
tfon. These are ties which, though revenue now going to bootleggi
light as air, are us strong as links j Brennan said he woultl Introd
oi iron. lidtnund Burke In Parlla legislation it it met thi approval
nient, March -. '"'.
the legion. He said it must
mean the r? turn of the salcon and
lh-.it nnrikodan ha .wl...
Hadn't Adjusted Chains. crnmrntal regulation. '
June was taking her music- lessons.
She was playing the C scalt! She
played so notes faster than nth- The Primro Path.
ers. The teacher asked her why she 1 1 mtotenance Is even a greater
hurried, and Jane answered "Oh m I proWem "'M" r"IHl oonstructlon. The
hnn. i ski.i.ie.1 v" a tnat se
S smooth nnil
inviting without maintenance is the
broad road to perdition, every mile
A Tom Ferris Production from the Story by Gouveneur Morris
This Is one of the strongest and most alluring love stories ever told.
Sensational levels are touched In the unfolding of the story of Trttm-
ot which may be coasted.
-Louisville i
Admission, Adults, 20c, War Tax 2c
Children, 9c, War Tax Id
DEFORE purchasing
your High School
Cadet Uniform, come in
and let us show you our
quality and price.
U U wmm U LZZ3 LZZ3
!ittsa8t)i9tiiflto9ifte8tfeei!nc9s "
. ,Ij
pamiit 1 1
' In this picture you sec vt Is
pjotably the most notable Jaw
"shingle" ever hung up. It's that
of an ox-presfittent and his secretary;
of state. This is at 1316 F Street
NY...Vashinstou. X. C
"Something loThink About"
ii HiinniM mi ii
A woman's onravlshing romance that runs the
oi Love ami Life, staged with the dash and
ment that only DeMille can create yet built
I new note never si rin k before in a moving p
Admission Adults, 30c Children, 10c
Mat. 1:15-2:45 Night, 7:00-8:30
"Jack of All Trades"
YOU can't expect a man to be
a mechanic, a car-washer,
an ignition expert, a battery matt
and a tire man and be rcallv
GOOD at any one of his trades.
'I his is an age of specialization!
hen your tires need attention,
they need K. ! 'KK I' attention,
lake them t the Wore Mileage
Tire Co,
vJepkare wbpteoth&rpiowse
- TIPC- CO. -
& MILL STRC-ETr 854"

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