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Coach Smith's Ottawa -ieh school
football eleven, undor the leadership
of Captain Tom Carey, sensational
right hall back, biased the wat to the
Illinois Valley grid stocmpioushlp
this season, wren they administer.-. 1
the strong Spring Valley sqiU I p I
to 2 defeat Saturday afternoon a I
King field, baton more than l.jui' in
terested fans. Tho gaate WtM 00
loubt the hurdost fought and most.
Interesting gam' that will eter ba
staged in the conference ring ibis
year. Both ten'rs were Aenl
matched. A fighting spirit wh.cn km
aroused among ihe local il r after
a fluke play netted the Valla? eleven
their two lxilnts. paved th .vay to
victory Tor : mlth's mer.. Th Stare
in there and PRhting fro .1 tm n 0 1
and on two occasions '.13 1 :hc Hall
township rqskri on tho oas vanl line,
Had at oitber time the ball lwn tak
en over by the visiting clui ad had
the locals v. .kencd it linn tiiue,
Spring VaH.'y would ha I won iho
battle. (". n veral oth.r nc'lltiooi
they (tore 'saltod on the Ottawa ten
yard Hfe an I htte .oe i;anwi ended
the Va'.'t ''in: ban p'.tei6loi '.
the ball at local live yard line.
Nestl, sensational riglit ball back
tor the Valley eleven, proved the star
for the visitors and at on" time gave
local fans and members of the Otta-e
wa team n horrible scare when he!
raced through the Ottawa defense to
sixty yards. He had carried the ball
within eight yards of the Ottawa goal,
and there his team lost, the pigskin,
being unable to make that distance
through the local line for a touch, I
To Philip Bcfcaeb goes the honor of;
winning the game for the Ottawa
team. Schocb intercepted a b.rwatd;
pass, meant for .Right Knd Mills, if
the Valley team, and dashed lhroug.1 ,
a clear field for the first and rnly
touchdown or the game. A fifteen
yard run by 1 him netted the svoio
and the win for the locals. Screen j
went in shortly after the game start
ed and proved a valuable man for the
Smith machine. At various intervals
be wa good for nice gains of from
five to twenty-five yards.
Captain Carey, also played a very,
clever game, but as the result of a j
squabble with Nesti, Valley right half, j
he was ordered to leave the game dur-
ing tho last ten minutes of play, at
was His opponent.
Besides those two men, every mem
ber of the team played an exception
ally good game. Nevertheless they
showed many weak points which, it
not corrected by the school mentor
Immediately, will probably lose future
games for them. For Instance,
Smith's men are In need of hard and
gruelling tackle practice. Saturday's
game evidenced the fact that they
tackle too high. As a result of this
fault, the Spring Valley backfield men
made good gains, after being touched
or almost tackled by the locals.
Smith's men would have made a bet
ter showing had they made their
tackles a little lower and not so
lunch ground would have been cov
ered by the visiting eleven. It was
an easy matter for the Valley backs
to squirm out of the hold of the lo
cal tackier and line man and make
an additional five or ten ya.rds.
Then again, a stronger defense
against forward passing by the oppos
ing team should be developed. Smith's
ends especially, despite the fact that
they did muss up one or two of the
aerial moves, showed poor afbility at
that point, and allowed several nice
ones to get away from them.
Previous to the game a large string
of Ottawa rooters carrying high
school banners, ribbons, etc., marched
through the loop district of the city.
The Third Field artillery military
band, made up of some of the officers
and soldiers who are making the long
bike from Camp Grant, 111., to Camp
Knox, Ky . were present at the field
and played various musical numbers.
Following is a report of the entire
First Half First Quarter.
Spring Valley opened the game by
kicking off to the Ottawa team. Fur
rell. Ottawa right half back, received
the oval and fumbled, but recovered
it. Carey carried the ball for five
yards. Carey was stopped for a loss
of two yards. Meckenstock punted to
the Valley team. Steele made three
yards. Steele skirted right end for
a gain of twenty yards Orloff made
no gain Wixon was tackled for a
two vard loss Steele mis held for no
gain. Valley's last down and Orloff
didn't make the gain. Ottawa's ball,
first down. Farrell was tackled for a
five yard loss. Sehooh sent In for
Farrell. Meckenstock made six yards.
Meckenstock punted to Hall. Steele
carried the ball back four yards.
Steele gained five yards. Orloff made
two yards. Steele made eignt yarns
and first down. A forward pass to
right was blocked ny t arey. .Nesu
then went In for Wixon st right half.
Neatl made two yards. Nestl ma le
eight yards and first down. Steele
made tbre yards. Fehr mad- fifteen
yards. 8teel made four yards. Mc
Donald was then sent in for Walker
at left end, and Lawler sent In for
Jobet on the Ottawa side. Fehr made
two yards. Steele mado five yards
Steele fumbled the ball but recovered
West Point
Cooler days are tiiinging en; Ihe c.:ieu-rn leHitluSl
Flint's eaptain and center, i-' If. Qrgecie. tw f the
pfcqrcra atuune the colkges. i ;...wn lu re working out.
it. Nestl made three ards. Knd of
Second Quarter.
Swnnson went in tor aezaria at
right guard, and Decker went In for
Mills at right end. With the ball on
the Ottawa three yard line. Hall tried
three consecutive times to carry the
oval over the line. On the final down
Quarterback Fehr took the ball but
fumbled. Ottawa's ball, first down.
Meckenstock punted to the Vslley.
A forward pass to Orloff on the first
down netted 2." yards. Orloff made
no gain. Neetl was tackled for a loss.
Steele made four yards. A pass to
McDonald nettad two yards. With the
ball to Meckonsti.ck. who fumbled
the ball went over to the locals.
Donghertv called punt, formation. Th"
IbackS lined up and tho line crouched
down, while tho center passed the
ball to Meckonstocy. who fumbled
The ball rolled back of the Ottawa
goal line. But 'Meckenstock recover
ed the pill. Nevertheless he was
tackled there, recording a safety for
the visiting eleven ami thereby giv
ing them two points. The ball was
then taken out to the twenty yard
line. Bchoch made two yards. Bchoch
broke looae and dashed around right
end for twenty-five yards. Carey
made four yards. Carey again took
the pill for a gain of five yards
j Be hook made no gain. Meckenstock
I punted to the Valley team. Fehr
received and carried the pigskin
I back five yards. Steele made no gain.
Sehoch Intercepted a pass to right
end, and Hashed 11 1 toon varus tor tne
first tOUChdOWB of the game. Meck
enstock missed tho goal. Score C
to 2 In favor or Ottawa. Meokanstock
kicked to Hall. Orloff received. Nes
tl on the first down crashed through
the Ottawa defense for a run of six
ty yards and was finally halted on the
Ottawa eight yard line. Steele made
three yards. Steele made no gain.
Nestl made no gain. Spring Valley
was penalized twenty five yards for
unnecessary roughness. A pass fol
lowed hut was blocked. Ottawa's
hall, first down. Carey made no gain
Carey made three yards. BchoCh
made no gain. Ottawa punted to tho
Valley tecum. Steel
Nesti made two ya
two yards. Ottawa'f
Knd of halt' with the
seven vard line. So
I no gain.
Nestl lost
on downs,
on Ottawa
to 2 in fa
re fi
vor of Ottawa.
Second Half, Third Quarter.
Ottawa kicked off to Spring Valley.
Steele carried the ball back for thirty
yards. Nestl was Stopped in his
tracks, losing live yards. Steele
made six yards. Decker made four
yards Nesti made no gain. Otta
wa's ball. Meckenstock made five
yards. Spring Valley was again pen
alised fifteen yards for unnecessary
roughness. Meckenstock made four
yards. Mackenstock made two yards.
Meckenstock made two yards. Scheie li
made no gain. Hall wont over to
Spring Valley. Dec ker punted on first
down Dougherty received, He cat
ried the hall back for ten yards.
Sehoch made two yards. Meckenstcs-k
made no gain. Carey lost two yards
Meckenstock punted to Valley The
bull alighted behind the Valley goal
line and was taken out to the twenty
yard line. Oarr went in for Dougher
ty at quarter bae-k. Steele made four
yards. Decker punted to Ottawa, but
roiled OUt OH the local forty-five yard
line. Carey made no gain. Mecken
stock made no gain. Meckenstock
made six yards. Ottawa was penal
ised six yards for holding. Hall went
over to Hall Steele made four yard:-,.
Nesti lost two yards. A pass was
Mocked by Can- Hall punted to Ot
tawa Carr rec eived and was heckled
on his own ken yard line. Carey made
four yards. Meckenstock mSde two!
yards. Schbch made no gain. Knd ,
of epiarter.
Fourth Quarter.
Mills went in for Orloff at rb-.M
half while- Dougherty went in for.
rjarr at quarter
j to s,,nMK Valley
back. Ottawa punted
Kehr made twenty-'-.
five yards. Nestl made three yards.
Dateker made fifteen yards. Fehr
made no gain. Nesti made three
yards. Mills made two yards. Ofta
wa's ball on de-wns. but Meckenstock
punted liae k to the visitors. Fehr re
ceived and carried tlie ball back for
fifteen yards. Walker then went In
for Steele at left bait. Decker made
fiftoon yards. Hooker made six yards
Neetl and captain Carey of the local
Warms Up
;fftrt -aft
KciiadK. We.it
ltd si u(T usive
team were suspended from the
for lighting. Wixon went in for
while Johnson went In for Carev
Decker made no gain. Decker tried
.1 drop kick from the Ottawa thirty-
vard line but it was blocked.
recovered the oval. Meckenstock
made five yards. Schooh made four
teen yards Meckenstock made two
yards. Merkenstock made three yards.
Johnson was tackled for a six yard
los Meckenstock then punted to
Hal!. Decker ran the punt hack about
twenty yards. Decker made two
yards. A pass to right end netted
forty yards. Decker made no gain.
Another pas failed. Wixon made
five vards. Decker made four yards.
At this interval of the game a dis
pute arose as to whether the ball was;
over the line or not. Decker carried j
the ball on Hi" fourth clown to the Ot
tawa ten yard line. The referee call
ad for the linesmen to measure thai
COUAt The oval just bandy touched
the end of the stock. The officials
bald that the ball was to go over to
the Ottawa side. Spring Valley play
ers objected and their coaches. Dun
can and Krug ran onto the field and
also were opposed to the ruling of
the officials. The dispute halted the
game tat about fivo minutes when
Coach Dale of the Streator squad was
oalled to decide the argument. He
held that if any portion or the ball
touched the stick it was over. Spring
Valley was given the ball and first
down with only ten yards to go and
about a minute to play. Steele took
thc( ball to the Ottawa live yard
line. Mills made no gain. On the
whistle blew, ending the battle, with
second attempt he also failed and the
the oval on the Ottawa five yard
Following is the way they lined
up for the opening of the game:
West le
Jobst It
Vonckx Ig
Burns c
I. eland rg
. . Zavzaria
Dougherty ...
Carey (Capt.)
Spring Valley.
. rt
. re
lb b
rh h
0 6
(.1 2
4 Tl.
ToUchdOWUS - -Sc hocb, 1.
Taste is a matter of
tobacco quality
Two Score on Bunt.
A ino-bnse bunt. (8 feel frOW
the plate, that tallied base run
ners fnun first Mini Sfcood, WB
,i feiiture of a recent New VrK
St. Louis National cries at it
Cardinal! were on Ural and
second when Shortstop Lavan
hunt ad along the drat baas Una,
Tat. her CnMon stopped the bull
on the chalk imirk. Umpire
Quigtey ruled it hih fair, but
Gaston argued Hint the bit was
While this fane was being
staged home plate was left un
pin tiled and the two runners
wared, the batter reaching sac
New fork, Oct. II TB nation
again awaits its great Sporting thrill
One Individual Satic tm nt such as th
Deinpsc'v ..'arpotitler tight or the Yale
Harvard football ".une may ,-tir tip
more commotion than a world's base
ball game, hut no oth r sport known
could hold the protracted Interest,
which is continued from a week to
ten clays, while th" supremacy of th.'
anarald diamond la being dactded.
Tho fact that the coming series will
be an all Manhattan affair has tanned
the local Interest to a flame never
known heretofore on the eve of a New
Vork world's series. There Is sotii"
I thing about New York whic h givi-s a
1 sporting event. BO anything else, a
magic touch. New ork has neve.
oped the best two clubs in the major
I b amies, and the e ntire nation now
awaits the verdict as to whethoi
Giants or Yanks are the greater.
Kver since tag Yanks became nvl
factors in the American League- m
I L91S there have ben arguments b"
twt n local funs as to which team I-1
I the stronger. I'p to the war New
.York was a strong National l.eagu
' town, but the- coining of Ituth won
I thousands of converts for the Yankee
cause. -' . '-
The Yankee following today Is fullv
on a par with that of the' (Hants, and
I though the local National have play
ted to more b'jsim ;s thin ever before
In tho last two yrsn the Yankees
I actually outdrow thm.
Many believe it Is the fact that
' Until will play in the series which is
repotiMide tor th" remarKalile out 01
town bite rest in a strictly New York
baseball feud. Outside of c ir presi
dents and Billy Sunday, no American
has receive! the publicity that hac
ben aceorded Butli. He is known in
every hamlet from coast to coast,
through the prajxtea of Canada to the
mining towns ot Alaskn, while his
name Is more familiar to the Oban
school boy than that of the president
of the Maud republic.
Ruth has been in world's scries be
fore, and carried oft his share of
world's series glory. Boating Math
ewson's world series pitching recor'1
shows what a bear. Uuth was as 'l
pitcher, held his National league
opponents without a run for twenty
nine: innings in l!lti ami 1918,
In the Doming series Ruth Is ex
pected to star just as much on of
fense1 as he diel on the defense when
one of baseball's leading pitchers. All
he asks is that Oiant pitchers giro
him half a chance.
The- liabe has been no great ehue ks
as a world's series hitter, as he has
made only one world's series hit, a
triple which won a game for the Red
Sox In 1918. However, those series
were played before- Ruth discovered
his remarkable power as a slugger.
Eggs Are Good Imitations.
A remarkable anil Inexplicable fact
about the cuckoo's eg-s is that they
very commonly resemble the eggs of
the bird in whose nest they are laid.
Of 7"." cuckoo eggs in the Berlin Nat
ural History museum, 5715 strikingly re
emble 'he eges .if the foster parent
color and marking.
Wc state it as our honest belief
that the tobaccos used in Chester
field are of finer quality (and
hence of better taste) than in any
other cigarette at the price.
Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co.
of lurkiih and Domestic tobaccos blended
Hit 'Em
u Barney Tinynor, sliir Colgate
Colgate eaachaa, to develop better
Ne w York, Oct. :: A I ch dule of
post sea --on tennis matchc Including
exhibition contests In which William
T. Tllden, world's champion; Vine :it
Richards. Junior United B tat OS chain
idem, and Mra. Media Bjurst -tit Mai
lory, woman champion
of tile I tilted
Bttvtea, will nlny. has
been announced
bl the I'nlted States
Law 1: Tennis A;
sc e lation.
The rest of the 9Ties of matches
will be- played at the- Orange Lawn
Tennis Club. West Orange. N. J.. next
Saturday, when Tll.len and Richards
Will meal In a singles match for the
first time since Rich lids defeated Til
den at Providence, R. I.
The match will bt followed by 1
mixeel doubles contest in Schick Tll
deo and Richards are erpectod to pair
off with Mrs. II K. Cob" and Miss Le -lie
Bancroft of Boston.
Tin. uieiiip eilievers will aunin com
pe-tc 111 t'Xllli-liioil uiaccocs ai Diuni
Hills. N. J oil Oc t. '..
At Harrison. N. Y.. 011 Oct. 12. Tll
den and EUcbards, paired with Mr.'
Mallory ami Mis Beanor Ooss. wi.l
play a mixed doubles match at the
(ire e n Meadow c lub.
On ot i" Miss Bancroft and Hum
Ooss will play with Tilde n and Rich
ards in a mixed doubles contest at
Hartford, Conn. Additional match -ot
the schedule will lie- announce I
All the play -rs volunteered to piny
for the be lu-fil of the- Anu ric 111 coin
mtttaa for devastated France.
Sporting Squibs
of AI Kinds
In the realm
These little
iii occasion!
grand and gl
this is not
of spi.rt.
b'ranca's year
football IteuM
give- the COlle
ortona fealln'.
that Slip
;e cbep a
Is him!
to imagine cricket us a
popular sport.
bawncy u tooter neaV"
Ing a teacup
it tin umpire :
Qeorgea Carpentier proposes to
Qgbt an English heavyweight, hut
where- is he- going to find Onel
s e
Hope- Springs eternal in the human
breaSt and Sir Thomas Upton bus de
cided to try again next year to "lift"
that yachting c up.
chic Barley ami Pete Btlnchcomb,
all-American pin vers of Ohio State
University, have signed to piny with
the Staleya of Decatur, in.
Art Kltlaw, of St. Louis, is setting a
fust pme for the trapshooters f this
country. In l.tHiti targets he has
broken 084, an average ed' ,0840.
Tommy Murphy, light harness driv
er, bus he-en iii active competition for
twenty-five years and has wop a mil
lion dollars In stakes find pursea
A new season's pacing record for
one mile Waa established when Single
t;., the veteran horse, equaled his mark
of 1 made at Atlanta last fall.
center, using new Uai ucsa dovlseU by
imc Lucking.
New York. Oct. Belling on the
result of the world so; les Is OXPOCtod
to take an active trend today In tie
Wall 'treet district, and it Is esti
mated that before tonight close to
ISQOeMO vM have been watered on
Ihe outcome of the struggle- starting
on Wednesday. Bo far Iho letting
has slightly favored the American
League ohamptona
Freak bits are certain to (Law forth
inueh money. The po-sibiilly ed Babe
Ruth making a home- run in the open
lug gam,- his already attract'-I olio
speculator, He has ottered to bet
IGOO to fl.ci II that Uuth will get u
circuit sniuidi In the opening contest
unci is wllllm to WSger that the honi'
run king gets H many a.- four during
1 ho -.e l ie s
According ti I're-d Sehumin. who
baa anted as l tttng commiaalonar Cor
many yean in tin- financial district
bets made yepterelay gave the- QiaAtl
an edjga at 11 to io. but bo predicted
th it by today nothing but ev.-n mom y
w 1 old i i available,
DIVIDE $245,430
New York, Oct. .".. If the (Hants
and Yanks play to capacity crowds on
the players' pay days of the World
Series -the first fiVO dayn the play
ers will divide a iool of about $24"-.
t.'.o. till pe r cent to the winning club
,.nd i'i per cent to the lesc-r.
The estimate is base-cl on a se ll-out
of 1,100 boxes at ft, 16,000 reserved
Keats at $5. 1000 unreserved at $:i.
and 12.II0U hleaohe rs at $1.
Ai each club has twenty-five eligi
ble, Including coach ea, the winners
WOUld rci'ciw about $."..Mi'i each and
the losers about 13,990.
The greatest individual winners'
share to date was that recoived by
th-- Reds for the phoney world srrles
of W10 5,20Tai. The White Sox
that year received th" greater-! Indi
iduui losers' share. i- '$.1,254.36 each.
Dance For Charily
Under Auspices of ,,
Catholic Daughters of America j
-,m at
Thursday Evening, October 6
Hentrich's 10-Piece Orchestra
Everybody Come and have a Good
Per cent
Interest Paid on Saving Deposits
All deposits are protected by safe investments.
We ask for your banking business on our
record for service and safety.
Capital Stock $100,000.00
.Surplus and Undivided Profits . . 30,000.00
The People's Trust
& Savings Bank
W. D. Duncan, Vice
Final Standings
Won. LOSt
New York &&
Olaarlad !' N
st Louia i W
I Washington HO 73
I Bostoa 1 7V
D troll 71 h2
U'hleago 2 92
Philadelphia W i"u
Yesterday's Results.
Chicago. 7. Cle veland. 4.
Washington, 11: Philadelphia, t
Ni.w York. 7, Boston, ti.
St Louis. 12; Detroit, I,
Won. l.o-.i
New York 4 If
nttebenjah .'i
St. Loula Hi H
lloston 7'J 7
Brooklyn T7 75
Cinc innati 70 Si
Chicago H4 K8
Philadelphia 51 103
Yesterday's Results.
Brooklyn, 7; New York, 4.
Pittsburgh, 4; Bt. LoUlB. 3.
Chicago. 7 7; 'inclnnatl, 5-5.
Games Today.
Philadelphia at Now York.
St. Louis at Dotrolt.
Washington at Hostoii.
'.'love-land at Chicago.
Cleveland. :t; Chicago. 2.
Washington. : Boston, 4.
othc rs not echednled,
.51 fi
Caterpillars Watch for Ensmise.
The- Caterpillar knows that there Is
ftifcty in numjiers, end whole com-piinie-s
may be Found feedUlg side by
Ida while keeping a sharp lookout
for their bird enemies : but when a
caterpillar is by htmaetf be sctwlf
dare- io move for fear of attracting
attention. ,
We- have arranged to take the en
tire output ot a manufacturer of a
high grade line ot Sporting gcods
our prions are rock bottom, no middle
men or retail profit.
' Foot Balls Bugby regulntlon size,
with guaranteed hand matlo blad-
I der, $2.
Soccer Balls and Punchinge Baa with
guaranteed hand made bladder, $2
224 Akron Savings & Loan Bide
AGENTS WANTED Theso balls will
retail for $10 each, sell your friends.
T. B.
Kcndrick, Cashier.

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