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11 11
Mr ami Mra, Charb Phi it
ii Kin in their hone, born B pt
Miss Badla v Newton from dranl
1h pttttlni in tin' Underbill bono.
Mr. and Mri Dan Pletch ol Chicago
hive been kium In the Nlch Millar
I), C, Millar and wife bava left Call
for ilia ami are now living in Kan II
Mr. Miller1! Bgfaata, Mr and Mi
J loldren, cane back a Ith them
William Wnlfi' of blelgO Is visit In
in tin' bona of ii J, Quad, weal ot
Mount Palatini'. Mr Wolf" Inn I i
position In tin Continental anl 'cm
meretal National aBnh in thai clly,
M Keller and wMe of Chleago
bavg ipanl tin' paal week with Mra
Keller's slater, i r. glenna Kurd.
Gaargo Dixon ami w i r ot 1 v 11
I .like, V I. arc mnNltiK their Itml
annuAl visit In Timlin, neMs of hil
i Inter. Mis B, a Hetrlok.
Mls Arvliia N eardaloi baa 1 -t
Minneapolis. Minn . ami in now lo
litis! at VTeaton, Ontario Tin tl tin
kIic has beah with baa baa opened up
a branch office in anada ami Mini
Beards lay has hen sent there to lake
charge of the pen departnent
Miss Irene Bo ft, who hns been
vlalfjjii her brother, Ira i Daaaetl
th' past few w,ik-, hit Friday for
Ames. Iowa She his 11 cepti',1 Hi
poKttlon for the coning yeai ai lo ad
ot the wonan'a hail in the oolb
Osier J. Kelb r died at his bona in
Clhson city Tuesday and was broaglw
to Loatant for burial Fr' ay Th
Masons were In charge, ir Keii. ,
lived In Tonieii for several . -,r tn 1 ;
marnea nnn narienuower, pre
cpiIimI lim In death "hviti: , r
Albert J9Mr'f'nraVeiitr. Ot
tartjj li nt thn Tm, linn- u rop of tie
, f)i 1 iit-h '1 .s 111 ieb ,1.11 ii
devuteu to the uffaird of thn po'. nrieKT.
grand lodge Odd KUa, .. ...I tho
grand lodge of Odd Fellows of Ou
tarlo. Both of those Bodies are p.
gfeaalon at Toronto ami about 50,001
members from tho United States una
Canada are in attendance.
The second cli Rree stall of Tonka
lodge of Odd t'elloUS We!. I to Saml
wich Tuesday evening to put on the
second degree. The meeting wai also
a fan well reception to Iter. Hal Nor
ton, whom many of OUT people are
privileged to know, and 0 r quest
1 nine for as many as possible to a'
tend. Nearly titty of the Tonlca lodgo
nenbara attended.
Announcement; have been recelvail
in Tonlca of the nnrrfaga of MissJenn
Fainter to Colonel Harry Eugene
.wiiklns of the United States army on
Thursday, Sept liT. at Kvanston, III,
They will he at home alter Dec, 1 at
:u;i2 InRersnll aVentte, Dea Moines
Iowa. The hrlde is a fornn r Tunica
Klrl, horn and raised in this com
munity. Sha entered the aervlce ot
the government as a nurse during the
war and spent much lime in the hos
pitals In Prance, Her strenuous work
there caused a breakdown In h t
health, from which she has not jrel
entirely recovered,
High School Notes.
A track meet between Hopkins and
Tonlca was held Friday afternoon on
the new school minimis. Hopkins
''copped" nearly all the honors.
School Started off last Monday witti
the new assembly scats all in position,
BhadOti up and Miss McRlll on the his
tory job. The stoves for the dome.
tic science tables arrived Monday and
will b put up so thai th I food course
can start in earnest scon. The tables
for the agricultural room came Tues
day, and tho agricultural hoys will oc
cupy their own quarters from now on.
The animal husbandry class weir
out Monday Inspecting Qeorga Ebner's
excellent Poland China herd. The boys
aro becoming amateur experts at pick
iriR out good pure bmls. The cla w
are making plane to spend Tuesduj
and Wednesday at Peoria tit the na
tional swino show This is the big
gest hog show of America. All the
prize winners from the various state
fairs will he there to compete for the
highest honors of hogdom.
The class culled a tlocic of about
100 hens lor Mrs. George Morris on
Tuesday afternoon, They got about
thirty three culls. A lew of these
were still laying, hut were taken out
CO ai count of age. The rest of the
lloek bowed excellent egg laying abl!
ity. dost of them were still laying,
not having stopped t: molt yet. The
late molters are the good lay, is.
The crop class picked seed corn fo
Hub IRIyan Monday afternoon.
Somo steps had been taken toward
a lecture course on tho part of the
school for this winter, ltut on ne
count of the financial stress it saens
better to keep the 22n necessary to
secure tho course at home, therefore
Committees will be appointed in the
near future to arange for a cantata,
operetta, etc., by home talent. Ar
rangi ments are being made w ith near
by high schools to exchange pro
grams. All door receipts taken at our
building will be retained by our
tchool. The above compilation, It is
hoped, will bring out the beSI there
is in our home talent, it is hoped,
farther, that this will meet with the;
approval of the community.
Miss Hazel ifoRill of Kinlay, Ohio,
has been employed as the lifth teach j
or. She Is a normal school and col-!
lege graduate and has had setl :i '
yearn" experience. She began her
work here Monday.
Friends have recently received let-1
ters from Miss Helen Clarke, who!
taught in our Community High school j
last year, from Oblong. 111. Mis
Clarke is teaching Knglish in the
township high school at that place at
a salary of IMOft The srheol has
about IN pupils and fourteen t each
Mr. Williams his bion appointed
poatnaater in the place of H. i Uald-
win, who resigned the postmastership
over a year ago.
1 V U ffl
(Lata Qrand Ridge Newi on parte 7 i
The annual barren mom supper
servi i in the baaemenl of tho Proa
byterlan church Saturday evening,
) t I. under th.- anaploaa of the Mil
sioniiry Soel' ty or the church, Was
well pah alii d A number from Ol
law, i and
fried ch
lion, for
good est'
event, a
treotor were presi nt The
tippi si i vi ii on tin
if comnencla
iar with th"
this annual
i realised by
e devilled to
place in th'
ill, ut 11)80
. (Saraonagie
the ladies, v
tho missions
A 'tub t w
village Thai
a. m. ai Ho
!l I
Iding took
day. Sipt.
I ii l M
wll"li Miss
Qrand Ridge and VValtV V igllb ,
Karma were united iv I t
the paator, Ikev, J. ' j I n.
Were no attendants, J ' Claim
and Miss Frances i' ing th
inlv v.ilnese the
ed will
re, one hi r i iiikii ,. ,';,,oin
till employe at li e , nuM station
tr and Mrsjy K..Mn und h,
d.i'i.:lil. ,- 1 t" flaiumoml. Ind
are vls-l' ne aun s parents, Mr
and Mrs ,: ,n . r.rtli of Sylvan'
Mrs F',11 , ;,, ,,, ,. 1,11,1,., ,
of otta.,a , nvornlahl L-uei
I 'i iris's with her brother. John
' ad north : town.
8fTer.il mbers of the freshman
aasj .,,(. ure classes ot Hie (irandl
MSgs h school enjoyed a welnle
R , tha home of uUford und
Edna Antram, northwest of town. Fri
day evening. Then I'riday evenite.
Social events participated in by the
itUdent have bei n very popular liace
the opeing of school VVIIford and hit
sim r lias I'.dna. proved themselves
deHghtfu entertainers.
r. frank Rutan was a dinner
gurst Thursday at the M. Itutaii home,
ith of town.
Mrt. Margaret Hov,l hit returncl
from a week's visit with Btreator rela
tive i und frit nds.
Mr and Mrs. J. A. Yocum were Ot
tawa shoppers Saturday.
Mr ami Mra. Frank Duttllnger wen
i ai at La Salle callers.
A card received by Mrs. y. k. Reese
from Mrs F. K. Hook, who, with her
husband, is vtstlng relatives in Penn
glyvania stated she was having a fine
time, enjoying the beautiful scenery,
and had also met ('. H. Pountlstone ol
the village, who Is al.so visltln in the
Keystone state.
Mrs. Lottie Blood and little daugh
ter Vivian ceturned the latter part of
the week from Joltet, where they had
gout to attend Hie funeral of the for
mers niece. Nocma Louise Sniffer,
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Payne and chil
dren spent Sunday with Mr.- Payne's
pari tils. .Mr. and Mrs. Havid Hunter
of Sylvan avenue
opal Williams was an Ottawa busi
Bess caller on Friday.
Airs. Harriet Shields was a 8 o'clock
i r guest on Friday at the home
Mrs John Heath, on th" South
Mrs. Harns of Fairburv Is
her daughter, Mr-. Waiter
north of town.
v isltlng
Mrs. N'orth ha
returned fo her
home in Ottawa after several days'
visit with her daughter, Mrs. l
Newman, on the Last Side.
Mrs. Duble of Chicago is a louse
guest at Hie home of Mr. and Mr.
Thomas Ofcborn of the Kast Side.
Tile Grand Ridge baseball team from
the public and high schools went to
Ransom Saturday noon, where a rami
of ball was played,
Mrs m. c. Baker, wire of Rev.
Baker nf Streator, spent a few hour!
with village friend.' last week.
Mr and Mrs. Kverett Hodgson and
daughter Arlen and Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Shaver of Ottawa motored to
Qranville Sunday, whore they visited
at the Marl Uoblson home.
Robert and Albert RhoadS of ( ham
paign, who motored to Ottawa tor
a visit with their mother, Mra Cathe
rine Rhoada of West Madison street,
spent a ft w hours witii their sister
and husband, Mr, and Mrs. John W
Fogle, Saturday morning as they wore
nroute home.
'Jiii' reception held Friday eveninf,
at the Methodist church in honor ol
Rev. and Mrs. .1. C. ( raine, Rev.
Grains having been returned to tin
charge, was one of the largest held for
several years. The i veiling was a de
cidedly pleasant one for both pastor
and people. A line spirit prevailed
which made manifest the high appre
ciation in which Rev. Craine and his
Located at interurban Station.
'PHONES 518 and 126
H ywffliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiu
First Congregational
First Presbyterian
Trinity Lutheran
Zion Evangelical
(Mitt) hih iit-iii iy iiif uongrsistlou.
a musical pracrun wu a feature of
Lhfl avanlni'a Dlaasurs One number
I nil ot wbion wore etoeptlonally well
1 i . ml' i I'll, wan u Hull' MM lv DftVors
ralftf, mi artlal ol no little sbllll)
c io. Hiiiiix will repreie&l the Victor
lodge or l o (i. I
India in Uprlngfleld
uelegata Mrs, Oil
in in- thr Megate i
ol Kebekttbi, which
capital ity a) tka a
It tin- KI'iHiil
Oct is at .i
the loeal imiK'
tnveno al tE
i' time
Mr. and Mr
, Port Dodfa. i
Arthm Woodward ol
iwa, "tin bare been
petiilitut their vacation in the Uaat,
are now visiting Mr. Won Iw nrd's
father, w . woodward, and Mra,
Woodward's, mother irs. m Hibba,
.Mrt. vTaltar Pogle was boataaa on
PVfduty alternoon, Bept JO, to men.
hers of the Oat Together club, prac
tlcally all ol whom Were In attend
anca together with two visitors Mrs.
Burns of Kalrburj ami Mn L Lucky
of Hi village, The ladles spenl thi
afternoon tying a comforter und pie,
tug on ipiiit blocks Mra, Pogle iarv
ed her gueats a delicious luncheon.
Miaa Evelyn Fugle delighted the com
oany witii a number or vocal aoloi
The DOXl meeting of the dub Will be
with Mrs ( lark Fogle It Oct 1 1,
II W Watts, .1 A Y.icum, William
Tautl and .1 I! Williams. OXSCUtlVli
COnfhlttee Of the La Salle County
Duroc Association, accompanied by
Walter j. McLaughlin, county live
-.tin ! expert, were out on an Inapec
ion tour for DttKH I for lii l sale to
iii id by the association at Ottawa
mi Oct If
Mra. Durgett of Kelthaburg, ill , m-
lived Friday for u Vlalt with In r
at the store everybody is talking about
A big range of hats just received -the season's $5.00
newest styles, especially priced, each
Good weight Sateen Petticoats, black and $1,25
colors, your choice
Regular $2.25 values in good quality Gingham well
made, sizes 7 to I 4 years, $1.89
especially priced
APRONS, $1.00
Percale Aprons, in lights, darks and checks $ QQ
and tie backs, your choice
Made of good weight cotton taffeta, black $1 25
mission handles, with cords attached, each ....
Just the garment for these cool fall mornings 59c
buy your supply at this price. Each
LOOK An all-silk shirting, good range of $1 .50
patterns, price per yard
CORSETS, $1.00
Two new numbers in corsets, sizes from 2 1 to QQ
30, pink and white
An exceptional value in ladies' black 25c
ribbed top hose, per pair
The silk hose they all marvel at the value of $ QQ
black or brown, per pair '
The most wanted shade for the new light tan $ 25
shoes just received, per pair
Nice fine ribbed hose, in black, white or 25c
brown, all sizes, per pair
Many new lines just received - look them over. Come in
and look around whether you wish to buy or not.
The Store That's Bigger than it Looks
Gayety Bldg. Phone 573-R
r"ai; II " IIIIflfl!tlliliiEiliiiiiiiitsiiiiiaitiaiitttiit;'iaiititisiiiitiiiaiitsifiiii-t:::itisiiiiiatfaiiistiiSjissi(tsfiiaasisssis si tss ta ass 1 as itistiiitiiitiiiiiiitttiiiiiiisiiitisTtiiiiiiiiiiiifiitirilllllllllllfllf I II i ltrF:
daughter, Mra. W, lv Smith, uu West
Main street
Oi H Poundstona, h im bean
vlelthtg in Pennexltnnla, ttoppad off
at i.nnu, Ohio, tiir a v i -lit with Mr.
and Mra, ituiph Canter and otlw r
Grand Ridge people bow raaidaata of
thai vicinity,
Mlaaaa Anna
'.III Olive ' .Ill-llll III'
itta w a !" m
a day recently with
h Surah Kadi on East
their aunt, Mi
Main street
Mr. and Mrs
O laix
on of
vllb go and Mr
and Mn Aitlmr EC
ami the latter'
sister, Miss Bertha
Hoffman, all of Btreator, motored to
Onarga and Kankakee, win re tin
iis'ieii frienda,
Mrs VVinian Anderson Is spending
a few days with Mrs. Belle Anderson
In the country
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wollenbaapl
Ir. left for Chicago Sunday, when
they win spend a fen days
Misses p.irdio Riskedal
Anderson and M, a. VVhltt
atlated Into the Mystic Or
Eastern Star, oa Saturday t
O. J Ktrkhus made a bu
were int
er of the
Ineai trip
, to Chicago Tuesday
Mrs. I.ella I mhl of Chicago and Mrs.
A, M Klow of Rock Island were call
ed to see their mother Mrs. T. T.
Mosey Who is critically 111.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C, Pelsha, Mr. and
Mrs Fred Larson und son spent last
, wi-k with relatives at Qrand Rapids,
The Epiphany Qulld was pleasantly
ontortuind ou Wednesday by Hie
Maa4aaaaa a. Lewis adtdavaoa and c.
A. Severy.
Mr. and Mrs p C Knight enter
tained about tWiBty 'if their friends
Saturday evening In honor of their
wedding miniver airy.
K. c Brifhon and son Rvaaell wart
Chicago paaaangera Tuaaitay
Mrs. I i Hillings of Chicago is
pending a feW days among relatival
Miss Ncida Anderson was n member
of the bridal party of another ol bar
college friends In F.vanston lust Satur
day. nr. w H Chapman made a profei
lonal call to Aurora Tuesduy
c. F. Robin VOn of Fountain Clly.
Wisconsin. st' nt Sunday with hi.
Jink Julian made a business trip
to Chicago Saturday.
Miss Anna Plettre bad for bar guesl
t!, iiast week Mrs. Strom ot Chicago
Tho Mission Society was pleas. ml Iv
ent i tallied on Sut unlay by the Mes
dam 01 S. A Johnson and K. H. Farley
Mr, and Mrs Jess Kipp left Titos
day for Port Orange, Fla.. to spend
th, winter
Claude Hazeman w.is tin Aurora
visitor Monday.
John Wormland was a Chicago
pa longer Tuesday.
Miss Gladys, the It year old daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph JaCODSOn,
WM taken to St. Charles hospital In
Aurora Tuesday where she underwent
an operation for appendicitis,
M A White was called to Rochelle
the fore part of the week on account
Of the death of his sister.
Mrs. Henry Sanderson and Mrs.
The Episcopal
First Baptist
Trinity United
First Methodist
Newton linker were Sandwich shop
eel Taeadag,
Miss Ida Hill spoilt the weekend
witii relative! In Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs A. A. DBBtolson of Ot
tawa spent Thursday among relettvoi
a daughter was born recently to
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Qoorge
Miss Mildred KIosh r is touching
school in district BOS, northwest of
Tha Laand indoor B, it. team da
footed the Bhabbona team on Friday
A Dangerous Period Through Which Every Woman Must Pass
Practical Suggestions (iiv-si by the Women Whose
Letters Follow
to carry women safely through the Change of Life. .Sin- says:
"It is with pleasure th:,t I writ to w.u thanking yen for what your
wonderful medicine has done for m 1, 1 v sj 1 .-sin-; through the Change of
Life and had a displacement and weakness so that I could not stand on my
feet and other annoying aj mpt'it:'.-. A friend told me about I.ydia ft l'ink
ham's Vegetable Compound and the fn it ' ottle helped me, so I got more.
It cured ma and I am now doing my housework. Your medicine is certainly
woman's friend and you may use this testimonial as you choose." .Mrs. MauV
LtSTBBi Curt Frank Street, Adrian, Mich.
It is said that middle aje is the most try'np; period in a woman's life, and
owing to modern methodsof living not one woman in a thousand passes through
this perfectly natural change without experiencing very annoying symptoms.
Those smothering spells, the dreadful hot (Irishes that send the blood rushine
to the head Until It seems as though it would hurst, and the faint feeling that
follows, as if the heart Were going to atop, those sinking or dizzy spdlsare all
symptoms of B nervous condition, and indicate the need for a special medicine.
I.ydia E. Pinkhum's vegetable Compound is a root and herb medicine espe
cially adapted to act upon the feminine system. It acts in such a manner
as to build up tho weakened nervous system and enables a woman to pass
this trying period with the least possible annoying symptoms.
Women everywhere should remember that most of the commoner ailments
of women are hot the rargieal one ; they are nut caused by serious displace
ments or growths, although tha Bymptoms :nay be the same, and that is why
so many apparently serious ailments readily yield to Lydla ft Pinkham'a
Vegetable Compound, as it acts as a natural restorative and often prevents
serious troubles.
Lydla E. Pinkbom's Private Text-Book upon "Ailments Pecu
liar to Women" will be vent to you free upon request. AVrito
to The Lydla K. I'inkliain Medicine Co., Lynn, Massachusetts.
't'!ii book contains valuable information.
These New
at 25 to 33 1-3 discount provide a way for
clean, cozy interior this
erate price.
you arr in (( of otty luatcrials for decorating,
wallpaper, flat finishes, stains, etc., now is the titne
ami this stare is the place.
Get our cash price on lead and oil - save some
La Salle St. OTTAWA
You Save
When you have your carpenter and mill-work
done by us.
We Do Carpenter, Mason and Stucco Work
General Contractors
Of fice and Mill Telephones
1 608 Columbus
evening hy a -core og to it.
The Dorcas Society will be enter
lamed mi Tlliirstlay by (lie MesdailleS
Roi Andersen and j. Stats,
Eggs and Nutrition.
Oeesa lay (he b I eggs (ran Ai
imint of view nf nourishment Then
Come du kl and guinea fowl. Heno
nre fniirih mi ihe Mali with torkeya
and plovers following, but 'i Ii fha
hen on which the World depends for
lt egg supply.
Afton, Tenn. "I wont
eti.'-r raftering woman to
know whrt Lvala ft Pink
ham Vegetabla lompound
has dona f "r ma, I urinK the
( hanj(e of Life I wns in bad
for sight mouth and had
two good doctors treating
me hut tin y (iid me no K00J
A frienil advised nie to lake
I.ydia K. l'inkham's Vegi
tabls Compound, which I did,
iiinl in a short time 1 felt
better, 1 had all kinds of hud
ipella, hut they all left me.
Now when 1 feel freak ami
nsrroUl I take the Vpi!tal,le
Compound anditalways does
ma Rood. 1 wish all women
would try it during tho
Change of Life fur I know it
will do them ond. If yrnj
think it will induce some one
to try the Vegetable Com
pound you may publish thin
letter. Mrs. A. KELLER)
Afton, Tenn.
!r. Mary Lister of
Ads-Ian, Mioh.,addsher
testimony to the value
of i.ydia B, Pinkham'a
WuotaMo Coftinonnd
r r
winter at a very mod
463K-512W m

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