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ill ! AW A
New York, Oct. 10 After u day's
layoff the KM V. irk (iiimta cam
buck strc-ager than ever ami evened
up the world aeries contest, when
they trounced the Yanks 4 Hi 2 yes
terday afternoon at the Polo grounds.
Carl Maya, the same old nuin who
won the opening game of the serie-.
for the Yanks, was the losing pitch
er as the result of a two base hit
In the eighth Inning by George Hums.
Olant center tlelder. when two men
scored. In that frame the Nationals
gathered three runs. Their other run
wai made In the final inning of the
game The Yanks scored In the fifth
and ninth innings.
Babe Ruth, star elu-Kger for the
Americans, made his sixtieth home
run in the final inning when he lam
med the pill into the uncovered
stands. Luckily for the Giants there
were no runners on base at the tlBM.
Had there been It Is a good bet that
Douglas never would have pitched
to the famous clouter. Following is
the game and the scores:
First Inning.
GIANTS It started to sprinkle a
little as the players took the field.
The game was delayed for a short
time while the field was being clear
ed. Burns struck out. Ward threw
out Bancroft. Krisch flield out to
Miller. No runs, no hits, no errors.
YANKEES Miller struck out. nan
croft threw out Peckinpaugh. Hath
grounded out to Kelly unassisted. No
runs, no hits, no errors.
Second Inning.
GIANTS Young filed out to Ruth.
Kelly out. McNally to Plpp. Ward
took Meusel's grounder and threw
him out. No runs, no hits, no errors.
YANKEES Krisch threw out Men
sel. Pipp lined out to Bancroft.
Douglas threw out Ward. No runs,
no hits, no errors.
imra innmy. I 0.- 7 -- - ,
GIANTS Peck threw out Raw- of entrants .Mrs. rieoa was prewuwv
nn, sL, Tot to first base when with a handsome silver cup, while
FeckinSh let his grounder get the runner-up was given a beau, 1
STom lum. Ward threw out silver sandwich plate, a -gilt to the
itoSlas. Peck threw out Burns. No club of Mr. K- !
runs, no hits, one error.
YANKEES--McMally draped first base
single iiuto right. McNally went out rors
ftaiine. Snvder to Bancroft. Sehang
fc'V.':0-.-'.'."::-''& : d
' -. '. ;
By defeating Mrs. L. K. Jordan, the
runner up, one stroke on the eight
eeenth hole. Mrs. C. S. Reed Satuiday
won the woman's championship of the
Ottawu Golf club. The finalists work
ed their way down to the ieclding
contest in one of the most inti rotting
tourneys for women ever slaged at
the local links.
Their match was a nip r.nd tick Si
fair throughout the eighteen holes
and was finally decided when .Mrs.
Jordan missed a short putt on th
I home green. For conquering the field
One run, one hit, no er-
Douglas, p
Mavs nnuned to Bancroft.
No runs, one hit, no errors. Burns, cf
Fourth Inning. Bancroft, ss
GIANTS Peck threw out Bancroft. Frisch, 3b
Peok threw out Frisch at first. Young Young, rf..
ut a hleh fly to Meusel. No runs, Kelly, 1b .
no hits no errors. E. Meusel If . 4
YANKEES Frisch threw out Mil-1 Rawlings, 2b 4
ler. Peck out, Kelly unassisteu. mui ; Snyder
. i . I I i . , Intnl . .
lip. runn siusneo a nn .-i,ib-
right. Meusel fanned. No runs, one
hit, no errors.
Fifth Inning.
GIANTS iMeNally threw out Kelly.
MayB took Meusels roller and threw
htm out. Rawltgs went out. Peck to
Pipp. No runs, no hits, no errors.
YANKEES- Prop singled to left.
Ward sacrificed, Douglas to Kelly.
Frisch took MoNally's grounder and
Pipp was run down, play being Frisch
to Rawlinga to Frisch. McNally
wcored on Sehang's three base hit to
left. Rawlings threw out Mays. One
run, two hits, no errors.
Sixth Inning.
GIANTiS Snyder lined to McNally,
who made a leaping catch. Douglas
Ward to PIdd. Burns smacked
a single to center, the first Giant hit
of the game. Ward threw out an
iroft. No runs, no hits, no errors.
YANKEKS Miller up. Miller foul
ed out to Snyder. I'ec.k got a infield
hit. Ruth struck out. Pock went out
stealing, Snyder to Rawlings. No
runs, one hit, no errors.
Seventh Inning.
GIANTS 'Frisch out, Ward to
Plpp. Young singled to center. Kel
ly up. Strike one, Foul strike two.
Kelly hit into a double play, Ward to
Peck to Pipp. No runs, one hit, no
Meusel filed to Young.
txn funnort Ward struck out. No
tvv ....... ..
runs, no hits, no errors.
Eighth Inning.
GIANTS 'M ousel hit a long drive
to left for three bases. Meusel scor
ed on Rawllng's single to right. Sny
der Ibunted safely, Rawlings going to
second. Douglas sacrificed, Mays to
Ward, Rawlings taking third and
Snyder second. Rawlings and Sny
der scored on Burns' two base hit to
loft Bancroft flied to Ruth. Frisch
fouled to Schag. Three runs, four
hits, no errors.
YANKEES 'McNally fanned.
Sehang bunted safely. Mays forced
Sehang at second, Huwllngs to Ban
croft, who threw wildly to the stand.
Mays going to second. Miller struck
out. No runs, one hit, MM error.
Ninth Inning.
Giants Mays threw out Young.
Ullv hit to left for two liases. Kelly
scored on Meusel s hit to left. Meu
sel out stealing. Sclfang to Peck.
Rawlings got a hit to right. .Snyder
popped tc- Wlard. One run, three hits,
ivo errors.
YANKEES Raw-lings threw out
Peckinpaugh. Ruth got a home run
into the uncovered stands. Meusel
fouled to Snyder. Pipp grounded to
Douglas, who ran over and touched
ab r h tb bb sh sb p a
1 1
0 0
0 10
0 1
P; SCORE, 1 2-0
34 4 9 13 0 1 027 12 1
ah r h tb bb sh sb p a
Miller, cl ...4 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Peck, ss ...4 0 1 1 0 0 0 2
Ruth, If ....4 1 2 5 0 0 0 2
R. Meusel, rf 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Plpp, 1b ... 4 0 1 1 0 0 017
Ward, 2b. .20000 1 0 1
McNally, 3b .3 1 1 1 0 0 0 1
Sehang, p.. 3 0240002
Mays, p ...3 0000000
31 2 7 12 0 1 027 19 1
0 0 0 0 0 0 3 14
0 0 0 10 0 0 12
bits Hums. Kelly. Three
base hits Sehang, E. Meusel. Home
run -'Ruth. Struck out Douglas, 8;
Mays, L Double plays -Wtard-Peck-
li.r.n Time IMS Cmidrcs Chill
at plate, Rigler at first, Moriarity at j another scon
second, Quigley at third. lining ui
Mollne HlCh, one of the fastest high
school football elevens 111 tho stale
handed Coach Smith's baud of grid
players their lirst defeat of the sea
son when the) blanked the locals, 58
to o. After handful tho fast Sprint
Valley squad a " to 0 trouncing a Weh
ggO, news of the severe d feat by Mo
line to the Ottawuns was quite mii
prising-' to local followers of the grid
sport. Molina, it is resorted, was far
superior to the locals und Ct no lime
were In danger of defeat, although on
two different occasions the locals
threatened to score.
Mollne scored in i very quartor of
the game. At the end of the hall the
score stood U to 0 in favor of Mollne.
Ad alter watching the local plug
away during that period thooo wat h
lug the game never dream- d that thi
Mollne team would run up such a hlg
score in the remaining half of the
game At the beginning cf the
und half Smith's men roeotved and
need the hall down toward Moline's
goal in a wonderful fashion. Hut
ufter taking the pigskin to within sev
eral yards of the line they lost the ball
on downs, and a - a rosttlt of ( arey unu
Mecenstock. being taken out of the
game because of Injuries that old
lighting spirit roon lost Its hold on
Smith's men. From then on it WSa
nothing but one :;ccre after anothe;
tor th" smashing Moline hc.lf backs.
Farrell and Burns were the star
for the local team and at every mo
meat of the game were fighting their
way to prevent scores !y too oppos
ing eleven. They played an excep
tionally good game, and had every
Other member of tin- team showed the
:;pirit that they did probably the ICOrt
would not have been so gnat for Mo
line. Schoch also stared on the team
and at several different tlmo threat
ened to score for the locals. He made
BiOO gains, but they proved worthless
Following Is a brief report ul the
game and the scores:
First Quarter.
Ottawa won the toss-up and receiv
ed on the kick off. Meekenatock was
tackled on his own li ne yurd line.
Meekenatock, Carey and Farrell car
ried the oval out of danger by magni
ficent line plunging. Ottawu lo.-t the
l-ill in mMflnlri on downs. Moline
failed to make any gams against tnc piro.
local sanad and after a forward pas
had failed was forced to turn over the
ball to Ottawa. They also failed U
make any gains, and Meekenatock
punted to the Moline forty yard lino
Carlson and Tollne. Moline half
backs, succeeded In making first
down, after which Simpson, quarto
back, made the first touchdown of
the game by means of some hard line
plunging. Simpson kicked tho goal
and the score stood 7 to 0 in favor
Of Moline Dougherty received on tin
klckoff at the twenty yard line
Meckenstock had mado lirt down
when the quarter ended with the ball
cn the forty yard line.
Second Quarter.
Ottawa failed to make any gains
and Meek i natOCk punted the ball out
I of danger. At thia point Lawtar went
in for An tram at tackle. Mollne then.
by means of line plunging and several
end runs, succeeded iii carrying the
ball down to the Ottawa five yard line.
Tollne, right half back, took the ball
I over th" cluiiK line lor me seevuu
' score. Simpson kicked goal. Score
U to 0 Is favor of Moline. Ottawa
received on the kickoff, but tailed to
make any gains through the Moline
line. The bull went over to the Mo
IHn flnad. They were headed for
when tho wbtsuo mew
Third Quarter.
Ottawa received on the kickoff
BchtKSh went in for Car, at half buck.
While Farrell took Mekenstock'3
place (1 1 full hark Johnson took Fur-
lir in. vaeuncy at hall Both Carey
land Meckenstock were injured in play
ScbOCh on the first down tore through j
I tho Moline line and carried the bull!
I to the Moline thirty-five yard line. I
VI (t.iu nr. in I I,'., r,-i 1 1 I itf.'lnnted B rlrdie
'kick, but missed by only six Inches
Tolino and Marti ns, by means of hard
line Btonging, raeetl (In ball down the
Held for handsome gains. Tollne
again scored, while Simpson booted
the goal, making the SCOTS 21 to 8 In
their favor Smith's men n C( Ived,
but lost the hall on downs Line
plunging again aided the Moline team
in tearing a tally when Binpeoa car
led Die oval over the Ottawa line
He bunted the goal, making the score
gg to n In their taor Again Ottawa , ,
received and they -opened up with a p- C. suffered their second
rail of forw ard passes. Farn II unu j football defeat of the season Sattir
Fi aier missed several of then and I day afternoon, when the Dwlght squad
the quarter ended with Ottawa in pos- administers them n 12 to 0 beating be
session of the hall In nildfield I ...
lore a lalrlv good sized crowd ul spec
Fourth Quarter. ' .,
Moline took possession of the bstt Uto" ttt gridiron. De
after the local lads had failed to make Spite the fact that at various stages of
if tor making s the game action was lacking the fan-
Miiipson i ,,.....,,,
any uains Tolino
Densatlonal run and after
and Martens had plowed through th
local line, Berried the ball over the
line, while BImpBon booted the goal,
making the score 3o to 0 In favor of
Moline. Ottawa received on the kick
off and lost the ball on their own
twenty yard line. With only that dls
lanes to carry tho ball tle Moline
backs plowed down the Ottawa de
fense and scored again. Slmp-on
again booted the goal kick, making
the score U to 0 In their favor. After
Ottawa had received and ufter they
had lost on downs Mollne took th;
ball and Carlson came Into the lime
light when he scored n touchdown and
Simpson kicked tho goal, bringing tho
score to 4t to II The final score1. WUJ
liinde when Carlson again dashed over
the line after making a ten yard run
through the local defense. Simpson
again booted the goal, making the
final score 56 to 0 in favor of Moline
and administering the Ottawa team
their first defeat of the seaSCSk
The lineup and score:
Moline. Ottawa.
West L E.
dicker .
I'arsons ,
Ardehl. ..
Sundine .
Axene . .
,L. E
-Antrum, Law-
. L.
,. Moss,
' Vonckx
0. Burns
C ICalkins
Crazier. R
T. Johnson.!.. H. B
R. K Carey,
H j Sehoch . R. H.
., ,, 1 arr. oougn-
H U crty Q
M I'-'Meckenntock,
V R Farrell V
Score bv ouurters:
Moline " M 28 06
Ottawa 0 8 0 "
Touchdowns Toline, 4; Simpson.
2; Carlson. 2. Goal kicks Simpson
8. Truitt, referee. Davenport, urn
Wolf and Wesc, linesmen.
Louisville, Ky., Oct. 10. The Louis
ville Baltimore baseball game broke
up In riotous disorder in the ninth
inning yesterday, when several thou
sand spectators swarmed on the field
and pelted the umpires and police
with cushions.
Police were unable to control the
crowd and the game was forfeited to
Baltimore, 9 to 0. Baltimore was lead
ing, a to 4 at the time.
a thirty live yard run On the next
down he tame buck with a twelve yard
run Hughes then went In for Rube.
Berne was tackled in his tracks. Var
loud lost two yards. C. Stelshen then
Intercepted a pass to tlordail Varlaud
Dwight's ball, c sti ishen mads Bvi
yards on firs! down. After railing to
make anything on the next two downs
they punted to Brynstsd'a men. Var
land fumbled on the receiving end.
while Ball recovered. Zlngreb was
tackled for a loss of three yards. A
puss wits attempted which failed Am
her made no gain. Ball went over to
P, v. L c. T, Varlknd made two
yards, McIntyrS made throe yards.
Score, I! to 6 In favor of Dwigbt
Third Quarter.
Dwlght kicked to P, V U C, HSUgO
received and ran the kick back about
live yards Berne mad no gain. Me
Inlyre made twelve yards1. T. Var
land Hade no gain. Btubjkar made
lour yards. 'P. Vnrland innde five
I' V. I.. C five yards penalty for oft
lids, After tailing to make any fur
I her gain the hull went to Dwlght
Amber madi twelve yards, tin the
.econtl attempt he was tackled for a
loss O Stelshen made four yards
and first down. Amber made eight
yards, c. stelshen made first down
Srflgreb made on gain. Amber made
io gain Anieber made fifteen yards
Stelshen made three yards. On the
acM down he was tackled in hit
'racku. Zlngreb was tackled for a
iss iv v. I.. C.'s ball. T Varland
made thirty yards. T. Varland made
live Berne made three- yards. Stubj
ker made no gain. Dwlght took the
ball on downs. A pass was attempt
ed. but failed C. Stelshen made three
Fourth Quarter.
Amber made four yurds, but the
ball went over to the college squad
on downs. T Varland nntde eighteen
yurds. Stubjkar no gain A pass to
G. Varland failed A second pass to
U I .. .... I.I 1. ..I 1... .1 mm. ' -
- . ' ' mm ttus nun k-o uj tin iwiKiii riK'ii
On both occasions he failed md. T. varland made no sain
i Dwight's hull. C. Stelshen made
twelve yards. P, V. L. C. was penal
j ized five yards for off sides. C BtClS
hen made five yards. Amber made
i no gain. Stelshen again took the ball
j lor a thirteen yard gain. Amber madi
no gain. Steishen made two yards
W. Stelshen made twelve yards. Am
ber made ten vards. Amber took th-
ball over the line for three yards and
for the second score of the game. II.
missed the l?oal
Tho lineup:
P. V. L. C. Dwight High.
G. Varland I.. E Jacob:
Dedrich UT Rabe
Hauge L. G Sulk
Johnson C Bergman
Nelson K. ti Hall
the encounter very much
Dwight's first score was made nbout
one minute after the game had start
ed. P, V I.. 0, booted the ball off tc
the visiting eleven. W. Stelshen
playing lull back lor the Dwight team
received and ran the ball back about
fifteen yards'. Cliff Stelshen. his
brother, took the oval on the first
down und, crashing and plunging
through the college defense, raced
down the Held for fifty yards, passing
over the Luther chalk lino for the
first tally of the gamo.
Their sicond score was made in the
last two minutes of play, when CUP'
Stelshen again took the oval over
the line
to make the goal kick
First Quarter.
P. V. L. C. kicked off to Dwlght W.
stelshen received. Cliff steisii m
scored the first tally on a fifty yard
run. He missed the goal kick. Dwight
kicked to P. V. L. C. Mclntyre receiv
ed. Truman Varland broke through
the Dwight line and was off for a
score, but a splendid tackle by W .
St. islirn brought him to tho ground
about twenty-five yards from the
chalk line Dwight was penalized five
yards for off side. Stubjkar made tho
yards. Mclntyre made five and lirst
down. Berne made two yards. Var
land made five yards. Jacobs Inter
cepted a pass to G Varland. C. Step
hen made eight yards. W. Stelshen
made four yards. Amber took tli
oval for one yard. W Btotshen made
first down. Amber made four yards.
W. Steishen made three yards. C.
Steishen made five, irwlght wis
then held in ttv ir tracks und the ball
went over to the college team. Mc
lntyre made five yards. Varland fum
bled and Rearick recovered, Zlngreb
made two yards. Amber made seven
yards. W. Stelshen was tackled for a
loss of two yards. I'. V. L. C. was
penalized five yards for off sides.
Second Quarter.
j Dwlght was penalised hve yards for
off sides. Amber made three yards
('. Steishen no gain. 0. Steishen
made six vards on the second attempt,
but the hall went over to I'. V. L. C.
on downs. Mclntyre made throe
yards, T. Varland no gain. T. Var
land made four yards. Mclntyre no
Lain. Stubikar made four vards. T.
Varland made one yard. Varland then
broke through the Dwight defense for
Kendaltville, Ind., Oct. 10, Chick
Kvans of the Fdgewater Golf club.
Chicago, playing with Bert Myering.
South Bend professional, beat Chester
Nelson, Fort Wayne professional, and
Al Leacoy, local professional. 3 and
1, in a four ball match at the Kendall
rttla r:., If rlnb todav. A gallery of
1 000 watched the pay. Kvans had a
378774. Par for the course Is 38
Kvans and Myering had a best ball of
37 3C 73.
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ling your ELECTRICAL
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Mathre, .
R T .
O. NoIhoii Ri I
Bemle Q. B
Slubjkar L. H. B
Mclntyre F. B W.
T. Varland ft, H, u ('.
P. V. L. 0 0 0
Dwlght ti 0
Touchdowns C. Stelshen
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