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The official.- Iiniinl
ist church of Barlrllle
proud of tho nea f6.000.00 pipe or-1
gan they hare In (sited in the church,
it lias bad the approval o( boti ml
organists, wIiiihu il, 'ministrations have ,
tested the Inventive skill of the mak
ers, tho perfection of the Mechanism
and the can; with which it has bi en
Dedicatory exercises win be h Id
Nov. 6, 7 anil s with e lertea of Lb
liniKt progranu ever rendered befoi
an Karl viiii audience. Among th
ilfiguring In the program will bi men
hiKh in the council of the church.
The board has not iti pped with the
purchaae of t in- organ. They went a
stop farther. They Men red, through
lhfir pastor. (Jon. W. Welch, the beat
poaafbia talent for the display (, the
iuaiities ot' the otian: Orators, vo
calists and organists who an compe
tent to show how it may It- a da
lure in our local education, how it
should elevate lh standing of Karl-
viiie in comparison with towns and
Cities several times its (tie and how
it will add its strength in" uplifting
the purpose of the church,
Rev. John Thompson who will oc
cupy the pulpit of the M, K church
Bvnday morning, Nov. o. is the pas
tor of thi' First M. K. Church, Chlca-
go. lie was given this charge be
cause of his peculiarly adaptable,
i-trong personality. First church i
afeOUt to build a new 'ilown town"
church, which will cater to the e
mopolitan congregations of tin- hoi..;
district. Hi- is considered one of the
really big men of Chicago :...d holds
h prominent place on the committees
having as their objeet moral und re
ligions uplift. His subject will be
""Civic improvement."
Mrs. irma Bhumsker of WyaneL j
HI., who will ho the organist on Sun
day and .Monday, is tin- granddaugh
ter of a former highly esteemed Karl
ville merchant, o. I. Howe, whose
store stood, before the Wallace hMUM
tire, just weal of the corner now- oc
cupied by the BarlviUe national bank.
In developing a natural aptitude for
music, she studied pipe organ at
Knox college conservatory of music
CtleshurK. III., 1 r 1 "J- J S under John
Winter Thompson, who Is a grail:;
ate of Oberlln conservatory of Mu.-ie.
oberiin, O.j the Royal conservatory
of music, Ueipgtg, Germany. Mrs.
Hhtiinacker has been the organist
for the Greeley, Cote., First M. K.
church for the past live years.
Miss Virginia limves of Dixon, III .
who is one ,f the soloists for Sunday
and Monday evening, is at present
engaged in evangelistic and chautait
qua stork, in the brief itory of her 1
life that she told while here in April
of this year, she nid, "1 gave many
years to the study of grand Opera.
Hut the call for Christian evangelistic
work became so strong that I gave
up grand opera work entirely for re
ligious work." Her voice i; grand!
strong, even, smooth, flexible and
The M. h church ch( 'r w ho provide ;
the music .Sunday morning, Nov. 6,1
and who share the evening service
with fiov. t. EC dale in chorus, quar
tets, dueta and solos, has been drilled
for some time by Miss Esther Davis.
She graduated from our local big!:
School In 1!U7, studied piano under
Miss M. Karrer and later voice for
three years under Mrs. I'. J. Cruise.
She is now doing second year at the
Chicago Musical college.
The Chicago Colored Male quartet,
who will sing during the afternoon j
on Bttndty, Nov. C, have made a
name for themselves in Chicago and
vicinity, as a group of singers who
can be depended on to give the ut
most (f song harmony. Since tnel
ody is a colored man's second nature
and as these four men have bum in
Chicago churches for several
Or. s. l. Archer, district superhv
teudent, pondncted the Ural quurterly
conference at the If, B. chun h on
Sunday . afternoon,
Vr. and Mrs. Roy Chlckldeni and
in i- lather, Thomas Boyd of Chenoa,
were Saturday visitors in Rutlund
mil Mr- llogei called
chooi Tuesday
in Orand Hi Igo trans
; in Stroutor Saturday
Arthur .1 i "cum en
I of his itUdenl life at the North West
ern conservatory of music, Cranston, j
IU. He has performed and pleased
I Earlvllle people several times at the
M. B, church on both the piano and
the small Organ which was used in
the services lor several y. ars.
Mr. Herold Sampson, "Sammy,"
the popular yell leader of .M'.llikm
university. Decatur, III., the read
vim will appear at Tuesday even
ing's organ recital, has and is spi
Clallslng in dramatic reading and or
atorical work. For the past four
years he has accompanied the Milli
kin giee club on their annual concert
tour. At Mllllkln, they say, "Sam
my" with a cfanckle and a hearty
laugh, lie has red hair.
i'uther details of the program of
these three days. Nov. T and 8,
which hid fair to he the most pleas-
rable Beriville has had, win appear
Mrs. W. J. Tit
on Monday sften
Charles Robrer
a new Ford sedat
Bugene K ens
home of his .-ist
The marriage
Davis of Peoria
s in Ifinonk
tho owner of
siting at the
Thomas Cat-
MUs Fbgle
at the p'Mars
acted bttslnofM
Mr. end Mm
li rtalned r IStives at dinni r recently.
Mrs. Hanimore snd Mix Kennedy
I Streator atti ndi d phun h servu
at St. Andrew'.-. Ejptscopa) church, Ihla
parli h, Bundst morning.
M;-. t,. orgs Fogb i utertalned tbi
Mlsalonar) Society of the Presbyte
rian church at her home Tuesday aft-
I emoon, A good ntl ndanei ivas pros
! ent, The hoi tess :-. rv, d refre h'
I Mrs. Rattle (Hodgson ha : r lui m d
i home from an exti mied trip through
I the " st, having been uliseut lor
a year.
Miss Honiung of Deer Park town
shin was a recent caller in Ottawa.
! Mrs. X; il Locke and daughter, Miss
Bib a, were n 1 1 'it tailors at tn
William Locke home.
Mr. aid Mrs. Ah in Dot) and chil
dren dined Sunday 1 - and Mrs
lv .- in Grand RJdgi The di ctor and
wife leave this week tor Claremont.
the purents of a bahv girl, bOTB lti
w. ek,
Mr. hawaon of Xew York Btate w
a il' st a the Dull II Mara Itome the
l neck.
Mr. and Mrs. Jo.- Wheatland had
as their guests last week Mr, and
VI I U'Connell of Aurora
Wins Genevieve Casey from near
lie- Ridge was a caller In thi-; lielgll
hot hood tin' Ural of the m k,
Miss Mercy Snell attended thn
meeting at La Halle lasl
ti a
Mr and Mrs. Thomas and daugb
n from South Ottawa visited al tin
u' w i.oeke homo last Friday.
h Siaugbton was a roc an I visitor
ai the Mullen home.
ii Gladys (Helm visited at tie
C.eor H I'ogle kottte til'' latter pur'
, 1 1)0 week.
Mr - ad Mrs. khley and soil WttO
Witri (tuests at the home oi Mrs. Mill
h a :.i tin Ridge the Mrst of the week
Mr Huss and his daughter, Mrs
hills w irtli, have moved into Mr. Ap-
Mrs. lsjsfg TendaU of hickwrns
Okla . la visiting lo r father, Mrs N
S Nelson, at lleliiuu. This I her
(Irsl visit t ber old borne In elfhl
J earn.
a. N. Thorsen attended the automo-
hlti deulers' convention In Chicago
!aM week.
Mrs. GUbfri Gllbertson, who has
len very ill, iM lowl) improving,
Mr, and Mrs. Henrj Anderson, Mr
Rnsmus Tweet ami daughter Roeln.t
were shopping in Aurora Thursday.
The Newark Lutherun church choir
lUljoysd a pot luck' supper at the
lio of Mr. and Mrs J. It Hill Ftl
, da evi oing Alter the , ata" wore
' disposed of tim romalndi r or ti,,
Ing was spent in rehearsal and social
Mi and Mrs II, 10. Olsen enter-
i lined COmptUI) from Morris one My
last week. They enjoyed a picnic din
ner ai i in- i i v i r ,
Clori nee ()m i la ml of SI. Paul,
Mom. Is Spending noma time hert)
with his parent-., Mr. and Mrs, GUOder
i n , 'i land.
The rrlfinds of Mrs, M. (!. Hull ve
In r a, post curd rthnwer on her hirlll
lluy, I'd M She received sijfty-tlvo
cards and letters.
Mi N. Thorsen and son John
pi nl rrom Thursday until Sunday
.. It h hi i i tor, Mrs. Locke, at Jo) let.
(Continued on following page.)
bans of George w.
and Miss Mary K.
Barclay of Rutland were announced at
Sacred Heart church on Sunday morn
ing. Miss Elisabeth Patten, accompanied
by Miss Sevcrns of Peoria, was home
from Bureka for the week-end.
The annual bazaar of Sacred Heart
church is now in
Opera House. It, v
Mr. and Mrs. L. I
and Mrs. K. W.
Peoria the orst of
1 '.. Ames and
Clinton, Iowa, oi- S
regress at the
l i lose Friday
Ingram and -Mr.
Rohrer were in
the week.
family drovo to
tturday to sec bis
i rldaj v hi re the) i
definite time.
Miss Mullen was i
Ml-es Mildred and (
one day the past week
Air. and Mrs. Arthur
daughter Dorothy and
. re str- ator shoppers th
(if the week.
I odgie Waki y QtOtC
Sunday afternoon.
Mr. 'and Mrs. K. I',
the village, had as th.
ly Mrs. Wake;.' list
i Ine Schroi di r.
Miss Smith was ai
last week.
Mildred l-ock
homo from Wodron, w
former Farm Ridge f
Mrs. Henry Hess ,
K a - a n cent shopper
.Mi . K. K. Hodgson
od an in
w eek,
tain, ,1
llli as
w ,
St:, . inr
One o
Wi il" n shelled colli
,; a! - . oral othi r farmen
Dlllej transacted busini p
Ridge the
nil Mis.
a numbe:
at dinn
tir -t of the week.
A alter Foglt ent, i
of relatives an i
r the Drat of tin
il a recent riling1
Yi . inn and
sen Martin
latter pan
d to Streator
Miss Xi
i ently.
. a : , i i Iran, I Ridge was ,
ualnees caller Saturday,
he Jollies! of halloween par
lai I at t'ne Kogle home Sat
ling. With pumpkins, bind
and all the wood things i,
the beat ever,
i mans of the Ridge was ai
guest ot Miss Ada FOgie re
Wakey, east ol
ir guest recent
r. Mr:, Cathi
Ottawa call, r
has returned
, re she visited
if Grand Ridg
in Ottawa,
was a caller p.:
Robert Samuelson motored out from
Chicago last Wedenaday and brought
iii. grandparents, Mr. and Mrs He: r
Samuelson, with him. Thej upon!
several weeks in th" city visiting their
i pie
, t ,
A daughter
Mr--. Oscar w
on moay.
The Rutland puhli
tom d on Friday wh
attended the meeting
Valley I ivisiou at La Salle.
Mrs. s. ii. Peterson returned home
on Saturday from Indiana polls. She
Stopped olf a few days at Sen ecu to
visit with her daughter, Mrs. M. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Jaeobsen and
daughter, Rntb, Mrs. Mabel Mktllin,
Misses Audrey Cooper and Lura Boyd
drOVS to Peoria on Saturday.
Miss Jeanne tte Baidersten, who is
teaching at Dana, speni the week end
wilh Miss Mae Boyd.
K. H. Satier is home from Streator
this week.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Frank S.nranskl of Downer's drove
on Saturday. The mother and babe
are at. the homo of her parents, Mr.
and Mr Vincent Fablsh.
t-'r; nl; Thorp narrowly escaped los
ing tile sight of his left eye on Satur
day when (he fan belt on his tractor
broke a. id struck him in the face, a
gash was cut over and below his left
eye. and also on the eyelid. For a
time it was feared that the eyeball
was also injured, but the
not impaired, however,
seems to be having more
share of bad luck, as just a few
weeks ago his car accidentally struck
Mrs. St. Clair Biillman at Lacon, and
she died from tho injuries.
The boys' basket ball team of the
Rutland Township high school went
" lturuv evening and won
their first game of (he season from
daughter, Miss Kdnn, who is teach
ing there.
Miss It'll, a returned
from Africa, gave a very
Ridge w. dm iday,
c,. M Duder and daughter. Miss
Mora, -nid granddaughter, Miss Doro
thy Duder, attended church services
at St. Andrew's Ltd -copal church, thi:
Interesting Prik, WMW morning.
talk on her work at
on Sunday morning.
Mrs. Florence Ko
Ottawa this week i
Miss Mildred Pat
funeral services of
Tracey Drake, at
the M. K. i huroh
ley is borne from
in account of ill-
attended the
former pdpil,
Lacon on Sunday
afternoon. The young boy had an
arm marly shot off while out. hunting
and died after the amputation.
Allie heatland motoi"d to Stf.it r
the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Naughton and fam
ily entertained relatives (rom Ottawa
Mr. Alberts of near Leonora was a
caller on relatives In Grand Ridge r
e ' lv.
Mrs. Dverett Hodgson visited
sisur, .Mrs. Robinson of QranvUle
cently, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson
With organic Item 'NaSStod Iron-lt'i ir
th- Ins i" your ll,xl ami (!, lo:i la pinn-li, ,
lentils tad tpples will not blacksn sr Iniui
tlie teeth mr iii'M-t UM ton, W U. Entirety dif
frrcnt fruia meUllic iron. It quickly !ii't,:mt
trenxth. into j our Dili !,' uad color Into your
checks. Get your doctor t, BMks yor r.-d
blood count today, tlu'n tak- Nasatsd Iron f.r
i f, w weeks and watch your red blood or
puKlci InTlSlf T how ruin t pBftrsad rklu'r
your blood ImmilllOI. how Baach stronger and
tx'tter VOS fi.fl; what a dMSlCSCS It maki-s in
our ncrvt-s. Ov.-r i.ooo.KH) paeptl nanuslly am
usinif Nuxatrdln.il. V,-ur ui,ney will be re
funded if foe do not obt.'.in eatisfirtorr
testis. In tablet fina only. At ull druggist.
lit was !
. Thorp'
uin his
Incoming Man
Your boy needs an I
abundance of nourish- g
ing food to build up j
the body and sustain 3
it in fullest vigor. I
ty a
score ot 2-1
to 19..
played in the gym
On the Rutland team
Blandin, Mere! Briscoe,
Robert Cinnanion and ('
On Dana's lineup were h
Antons, Marquis Hattenl
Nelson and Raymond M
'Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
habe are viailing with
I team
The game
laslutp of
I dldiru;.
l-'l- I lakes,
should be given to your
boy every day during
the trying school-term.
Your boy will thank fUv
you for Scott's ?'jn
Emulsion when he TVJ
becomes a man. i'
Scott &Bowne. Bloomfield. N. J.
(Tablets or Granules)
Mat. 3.00 Nite7-15 & g45
" 8' m. a",
M 5-
1 1
H II Frank
(A Whiff of the Follies)
Gene & Mignon
Florence Anderson
Stanford Glore & Connie Bemis
"Sister Susie"
Folly Comedy and Selznick News
relatives in' I 20-Mtk I j .
they promise
great vocal
nt The
District Superintend'
Gale, of Me Kalh, ill., wb
Sunday evening. Nov. II
.Ul . , I i
onii-e ior ine gecontl year.
His hearers never become wearii
because he holds their attention t
til he has finished and he units wli
they hope he will continue.
Dr. William Kind Weddi rsrjoon
M. 10. church, Chicago,
to he the Rttlmr Slice
There is an obligation you owe to your Community
You Sh ould Be
St. James'
sor of Dr
s. Qnayle,
and Dr. It
tors of thi
became blshopa
Episcopal church
Kobei t Mi Intyre, Dr.
Dr. Thos K. Hendei
('. Mitchell, previous
name church, all of wl
the Ifethc
Previous to
uk Builder of American Ideals'
call to St. James' in WW, Or, Wed
derspoon was the pastor of the Conn
dry church, the leading Mehtodlt
church in Washington, D. C. Hi
present charge. St. James', lias ove
14"0 members ami 1ik in her Sunday
Bchtoi. Dr. Wedderspoon is a bom
Scot.'hman and will he especially a:
home with his luhJOct, "The Bonn!
I3riar Bush," by Ian McCtaren, on
Monday evening.
Mr. Fred Und, ,,f DetatW, 111., uh ,
is the soloist on Monday evening, Is
the assistant pastor of the Kirs! M .
E. chueh. Decatur, III. lie is no,
engaged in solo, evangelistic and eom
munity tinging. His voice is a pleas
ing si Jo tenor ot good rango and
Chester F. Morscli, of Kvanston,
III., who gives the organ recital on
Tateday evening, In ii grandson I
our H. J. Mcfacb. He etodled ti
organ at the Denver college of musi !
and has been orgiinist at sev, r. il
north side church during the perio I
Life, Love and the Pursuits of Happiness. Are you doing this? Your local Chamber of
Commerce believes in this doctrine and has been trying to practice it for the past year. Did
you help or hinder the work?
YOU Can Help By Attending the Chamber of Commerce
Annual Banquet, Entertainment and Dance
Monday Evening - Armory - October 31
Banquet and Entertainment from 6:30 p. m. until 9:00 p. m. Hallowe'en Carnival and
Dance, 9:00 p.m., until 12:00.
Hentrich's Orchestra, Local Musical Talent.
Decorations and Novelties. No Dress Affair
Banquet Tickets $1.50 each
(Includes Entertainment and Dance)
Dance Tickets $1.50 per couple
Tickets on sale at banks or Secretary's Office.
Ms and
Mr. A. P. Jc'inson. Publisher of tlw S'cus,
Michigan, in ins HUSH vf Oct. 13, (nuts (As
Grand Rap.Js,
Thcrr nn- li
prunrr s r rv-r, . lit
nipirtn m : i
ttli'V ( ah) I. (mi
vr knnv. vt' liar tlwy mean to
eMWy, They fe, "ivnrc ol rii
fiMi if v rr of Ayiof unyttiinf
k- " : 1 1 : ' tn en :u u ioiu; w .iff
of lliM I ltT. :. 1 . i i liMTh LXCVpt
when tli- pay tot it" Reftdofi i
liillQirVtpAper)tnoif whert ;i t;i
on r rlifrloo Md corpomttooh. Vtrt
hit then u Ii ii tin' tin more food
l'in hanii. Wf ODpOM ttwa wlitn
UmI oppow hu Ma projrotl &Ad
rrt'trd hum n U ini;;u--o
I tin h b'it botli i cetporatioQ
nthi Jtn tdortUti !- - ulvtftiMri
UM SUii'l u (J Oil Co ;i;..uu . A yfOtj
CtlJUW lUM 0 .i OVr Slrtiul-iHt
Oil rowDftAi in r eat 9M It u uo
llMUfor t fni. I (il Its) own kiuijnw. It
Uaoloii . i (tii.ii to tell A rltootM it,
II it ; U OIUflMtM tuelii'tj :it i', W hut
it.t pTU tii tn iff ;t ; i ' f Wtftftl it hopM tn
tin. I lii itof) Is bcinfl tohl iii tin-mi
ly ami anfrini)h pftpera wMMul
oi favor, embarraMfoal oi coaa
punction la pa. ii advertising npaca
Ofcourae nawyni r would tut
ui tJielju iu Hu: wo in not think ia of
rtai and 1 tha dolton jut now, VVa in itunk
. Win ip imr of Imw mucli further wc iulii
riuii i know inu ', hutc uroy rennet m th lot U lion of
in ill) "i ''in n iinOBliu it in I imi iitt mil
diiTu'ultJfa II mora hifht IihiI tcu
thrown tipon the Inner worktafi f
Dm- otlemivei and aaftBwttt in
uli tlinpulei u tQVulvc the puhlio
.It III)!
Iltiterii lofHtlTerlin rnentf ai turn
' lira 'icii ,wi.' .ire rein: piihtikhed
b tha ftianuaidOll CoaapMl hive
be omu i ' ouotoic uiunuientn w hit'h
!.. i h nasftafa. wa pre no so
i'uh I a ih them bal wrsal a v renl
ixe M mi .hey put ttieconptny'i beat
t forward fa a extent they
haa void raiolina n n iu.tttr for
iltpartmeMI to de
i d( . but it iic rlaiu that they have
-' ..I t.. tha pubtii h larjrt incHkureof
rood miii whkh ti e Standard oi
C pany did net ptaatai uot so
vt ry Ifihir axo.
Haviny (ouimitted thm braseh of
m yini somathiUM load a boa I an ad
vertiser, we will noa khut oaf eves
iMi'l t it.r il,- i ut as i roAlM that Is
iHiiimi to otcur 04 1 i.iiliiitc to tlit low
SfTM to tli. iu,-IIi.hJ of plil I ol bllluevul n. Ill
HE alnve editorial is refreshing to those
who are responsible for the policies oi the
StarJurd Oil Company (Indiana). I
n in O -tober, 1918, the present mr.nagement of
the Standard Oil Company (Indiana) took charge of
the business, one of the first things it decided was
that the public should bt given intimate informa
tion regarding the Company and its artairs. Those
responsible for the management knew that the
policies that had animated this oiganization for
many y.?jrs w re policies which benefitted stock
holders, employes, and the public, and that these
policies could not but meet the approval of the
people generally, for they were based on fair
dealing, justice and equity.
The result of this decision was the authorization of
a widespread publicity campaign, which lias been
carried on f or about three years, ur.d the proof of its
effectiveness is to be seen not only in the not in
frequent mention being made by the newspapers of
the country in editorals such as the one written by
Mr. Johnson, quoted above, but in the better under
standing on the part of the public of what the
Company is trying to do.
Thn basic principle upon which the business of the
Standard Oil Company (Indiana) is built is to pro
vide the individual, wherever he may live in the 11
states served by this Company, with such products
of petroleuru as he may need, and to get them to him
when he wants them and at a price which is fair alike
to the stockholders, the public, and the competitor.
Standard Oil Company
910 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago
My Best Reference
I Have Vls'ted Your Town and Adjs.
cent Towns for Twenty Years.
Will be at Ottawa, III., at Hotel Otta
wa Wednesday, Nov. 9, 1921.
One day only ana reiuru every U
days. Office Hours: 8 a. in. to S:00
p. n
Treat the Following Conditions
Chronic DlBeaaes of the Nose, and
Throat, Bronchial Tubes and Lungs,
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Constipation,
Liver Diseases and Stomach
and Bowels, Bladder and Urinal
Troubles, Neuralgia, Rheumatism,
Hkin Disorders, Headache, Dropsy,
Old Sores, Dicers, Nervous Diseases,
Blood l'olson, Female Diseases.
Fistula, Fissure and Beclal diseases treated without cntting or
pain. Without surgical operaiion or detention from business.
If v6u have some trouble which Is due to excessoa, dissipation.
bad habits, etc , etc., you should In Justice to yourself, your family and
your future children, take the proper steps to place yourselt In the best
possible physical condition. No man should be too modest, nor should
he be ashamed to seek medical advice on these private ailments. "Rie
duty of the physician is to relieve suffering humanity and the treatment
of these troubles la Juat as legitimate as the treatment of diseases ol
the stomach, kidney, etc
Seek proper medical advice at once; for neglect may be fatal to yonr
whole future happiness.
Are you in need ot treatment for any or those upeciaj diseases
and weaknesses thai rob men of the pleasure and happiness
of l!fe? Aro you weak, nervous, despondent? Do you feel
yourself slipping, not Kick but slowly going back? Do you lack the vim
and vigor of former days? Do vou have headaches and dizziness T Hare
you some private disease or weakness, some urinary trouble with bant
ing, scalding frequent urination, discharges? Is your blood diseased?
Have you Blood Poison, syphilis the "Dread of Blood Diseases." skin
eruptions, copper colored spots, falling hair, sores, uclers, pains In th
bone, enlarged glands, prostrate gland, sor? mouth, gore throat?
Of both men and women which are not named here are treated with
success, and health, hope and happiness restored. I do not treat acute
diseases, chronic cases being my specialty. Remarkable results perfect
ed In skin and heart diseases. Appendlctis, dropsy, enlarged veins tad
glands and rupture often cured without the knife.
Special Attention Given to Surgical Cases.
Examination, Consultation and Advice Free. Rsfernce, South Wds
State Bank, Chicago, III. Vi
4133 MICHIGAN AVE., CHICAGO, ILL. Telephone Boulevard 421.

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