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Washington, Nov. . President
Harding tonight issued u proi lam
tlon declaring Arniistlno Pay, Nov. 11,
B legal holiday, "us a mark or respacl
to the memory of thoM who fye
their lives In the late world war, us
typljed by the unknown and uniden
tified American soldier who Is to bo
buried in Arlington Nationul MUM
tery on that day."
The president recommended to tho
povernors of the states that they all
upon their people "to pause in their
uauul pursuits an a mark or respect."
Ht further recommended that all
public and church bells be tolled be
tween ll:4f and 12 noon on Nov. 11.
and from noon to two minutes past
that timo "all devout and pat
titUens of the Vnlted States
in a nerlod of silent thauks
tn Cull
. . I , , V. 1 . .
valorous lives
lor mono miuciii", """'"" I
.. - in.. .i,,-,,,,
and or suppiicanou tor nm
mercy and for His blessings upon our
beloved country.
The proclamation follows:
"Whereas, a joint resolution of con
Kress, approved Nov. 4, I!C1. provides
thai t.h oresident Is hereby author
ized to issue a proclamation declaring
Nov. LI, 1921, a holiday, as a mark of
respect to the memory of those who
gave their lives In the late world war,
as typified by the unknown and uni
dentified American soldier who Is to
be buried in Arlington national ceme
terv on that day:
"Now, therefore. 1. Warren 0. Hard
ing, president of the Vnlted States of
America, In pursuance of the said
joint resolution of congress, do here
by declare Nov. 11, 1921, a holiday, as
u mark of respect to the memory of
those who gave their lives in the late
world war, as typifUul by the unknown
and unidentified soldier who i to be
burled In Arlington cemetery on that
day; and do hereby recommend to
the governors of the several states
that proclamation he issued by them
callina unon the people of their re-
snective states to pause In their usual
ii.ii-miitH as a mark or reapeel on iius
solemn occasion.
"And in order that the solemnity
of the occasion may he further em
phasized, I do hereby furthermore
recommend that all public and church
bells thruout the United States be
tolled at Intervals between 11:4)6
o'clock a. m. and 1'3 o'clock noon of
the said day, and that from 2 o'clock
noon to 2 minutes past that hour.
Washington, all devout and patriotic
citizens of the United States indulge
in a period of silent thanks to God
for these valuable, valorous lives and
supplication for His divine mercy and
for HlB blessings upon our beloved
. gad MW, Robert Morrison of
. . .f ,, ; Sunday with vtr. and
M . . ;vi j!c Jim Trcaor.
. . ,1, ,. ifinner with Mr.
'. ,n' , .."it Sunday.
., boosters held tbeli
i;i ,, m Tuesday evening.
Otter Creek Home
r, dav afternoon.
Monroe, home adviser,
Rev. Appleby spent
Bureau me"
Miss Zelma
was present.
Monday even
ing at the R. C. Harher home.
FVank Peterson Sr. and daufhte.
Kate and Mary Best left for their
winter home in Florida on Tuesday.
Monday evening, Oct. 81, the Bver
Re:idy Club gave a hatloween social
to the (dub and their families. The,
ull went nnisked and a jolly time wa
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dupage spent
from Friday until Sunday at the H. A.
Benekendorf home.
Bert West, and daughter Itn I spent
o few days with Irlends In Juliet.
Mr. find Mrs. Nerval Galloway and
:'in spent last Sunday at the homfr
of Mrs. Galloway';; parents, Mr. and
'Mrs. K. B. Kuhn.
The Rustlers held a Carnival al
liooster hall on Thursday evening A
largo crowd was in attedance nd n
neat sum was gained. Miss Heled
llrvant got the most votes for nueen.
Rom to Mr and Mrs. John Woods
a son last Friday. Mother an 1 child
ar" doing fine. I
The now concrete bridge acres,
Otter Creek, north of Kernan, Is no.
complete and ready for traffic.
r A-rdchlv tcok dl'incr nt the
Arthur Harher home Mondav.
John Kuhn shelled cor" Tu-silav
Un Tim llnrtv tq ktavln in Sire-
tor, hoping care for her fattier win
is quite HI at his home on Lincoln
Walter Stopdill and wife, newlv
v. ds. wrre pleasantly surprised by
their fellow workmen and neighbor
one day last week. They were pre
sented with a rocker and other hou '
hold articles, which wi re appreciated
f-Trvin Funk was an Ottawa caller
Friday evening.
Frank Reed and family spent Sun
flay in Streator.
Melvin Smith Is having a new Well
Old Hopewell M. BT church lee
nought the New Hopewell tJ. 1!
church and parsonage, where thay
will conduct their s rv ic. hi the n ar
Mrs. 0. W. Hnrber nf Streator spen
a few days this week with Mr and
Mrs Iw Pearson.
William Houdinot hiH family and ,
Welter Sloe Hll and wife Speari S ir 1
day at the home df Walter llildv if
ev. and Mrs. R; F. Hrotherp dlnd 1
Friday with C. Wolfanuer and fjiniily
Blgy Birtwell and family motorel
to Champaign to visit their son Gai n
ot the university, returning home Sun
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Benekendorf and
I Pattern Dep't i
Please send Pattern to
address, 15 Cts. enclosed.
Pattern !T1I ll here Illustrated.
It is cut in 4 Sizes: 0. B, 1" and 12
years. A 10 year size will require
1 yards of 4-1 Inch material.
Taffeta, velvet serge, poplin,
satin polo Cloth, bolina. velours
and 'broadcloth are good for this
style. I
A pattern of this illustration
mailed to any address on receipt ot
15c In silver or stamps.
The "Voice ot the People" column
belongs to you. It is especially re-
, served for your views on any topic
of interest to tne people of the city
or countywithout regard to any edi
torial policy of the paper. The Free
Trader-Journal welcomes your ideas
on tho timely Issues of the day, and
will print your contributions to the j
"Voice of the People" bo long as they
are properly signed with names and
addresses. Names, It desired, will be
withheld from the column. Use the
"Voice of the People" to tell the
home folks about anything you think
needs telling.
Free Ti : dor Journal .
As thl ; letti r is add real
pubiisin I- ami employes of
ed ti
. tin
Trader-Journal, it would please us to
know that each one is given an oppor
tunity to read It.
As the reorganized f'liiiiibi r of
'onir.tr rce Is now starting on it : sec
ond year of activities, we feel the'
there i; a duty devolving upon us to
write briefly in connection with the
;iurt that baa bead played by you
paper and adcavor to show our ap
preciation of the magnificent support
which we have received from it.
Thi I-rce Trader-Journal has been
one of the greatest supporters of Ot
tawa aid the chamber of Commerce.
Th! dally messages which are drawn
In from all parts of the world, COH
deull ,1, : irted cut. written up, edited,
set up In type, proof read, prepared
for tho presses and eventually distrih
utlng their messages on paper to
thou' amis. Is recognised OS the great
est medium for developing commerce
that has ever been known to man.
The. advertising features are prepared
with efljial care and give th-;ir met
s.'igis to the public mind. If our ef
forts In helping you carry on your
work have been of any assistance, vvi
fi el that we have i:i part, by this
mean!, fulfilled our mission; and we
de appreciate your efforts and gener
ous co-operation in all of our under
Allow the writer, as an individual,
to thank you for your Interest We
trust that thi. spirit of frlendllnesi
i an I - maint iinid. and to that end
we ple lge our BigCl re efforts.
Very cordially yours,
MEp.CE. 1.. ('. ( ARROL!.. Executive Secretary.
Mi sb Marjorie Rickerd entertained
twenty guests at a Halloween party
Saturday night at her home on East
I Washington street
The house was
tastefully decorated with black cats)
and Witches. Tho guests spent a i
verv "teisant evening playing ounco
and Halloween games after which a
delicious supper was served. The
party broke up at I late hour. Voting
Miss Blskerd a royal hostess.
sons spent Suudai
c. Harbi i home,
Mrs. A. 8. Pool
evening ;it the K
visited fricnJs It
streator Monday,
Charles Rlss and family visited Sun
day evening at. the George Long home
Mr. and Mrs Walter StjiH:-.el and
children spent Sunday with friends ii;
Mrs. Pete Pederson and pop Rof
motored to Ottaws Sunday.
A bunch of boys i hativarb 1 Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Stogdill on Wi dm sdflb,
OVWlag. They were treated to cigars
and pcrhips a party at a later date, i
Mrs. NoUn Smith is able to he
homo again from the hospital, but is j
not as well an friends would like her
to be.
Mrs. Herman Steidle attended the;
shower at the J. J. McCormick home
Sunday afternoon in honor of thell
daughter, who soon will be married.
, , Nam
j; No. I
Sli !
j ! ! Poitoffice '
f Stan j
MLJWh I iff
! $22,600,000 IMllrw 1 Q ' n'l
Rum nrnnnT niinuio L 1 -1
IHL.ni L L I it VJ 1I.1IV II
v r i nrr r4 , i.i il-
1 I TILM I 1 Li . II C '
i ....... i ,,i ilio i in ' ti i nnra ni
ill I a,ii mi hi i" i '
1 the Ottawa Woman' club attended
. . . . . . . , l ' , I I
Washington. D. Nov 7. More
than 131,800,000 la c radii bai beep ex-
tenaea to tanners ana suns men uur i
lug the two and one half months since,
congress authorized the War I'lnunc
corporation to make advances tor agri
cultural and live stork purpoMB, ac-
cording to figures made available to j
night by that agency.
Re porU of the corporation's activi
ties since Aug. i showed a total
credit In excess of ISiVMS.OOO esti
mated, with about eighty-two financial
institutions located in nineteen Itatei
to make loans to farmers and stork
The states in which corporation ad
values for these purposes have been
made are: Montana, -Minnesota, Mis
souri, North Dakota, South Dakota,
j Qeorgla, Texas, North Carolina. South
Carolina, Arizona, Kansas, New York.
: Virginia, Indiana, Idaho. Nevada,
' Iow a. Nebraska and Wyoming,
i The eighty-two advances made so
. far range from a few thousand dol
lar! up to one of $15,1)00,000 to a co
operative association in Minnesota.
North and South Dakota, to assist in
grain marketing, Where advances
are made to a cooperative association
officials explained, a rredlt is set up
which it can draw against as the need
I arises, but where the advance is made
I to a bank or financial institution the
! loan is made at once.
Funds for the advances, officials
I said, are obtained from the corpora
tion's balance with the treasury,
which, at the time these operations
began, amounted to about $400,000,000.
There has been some discussion, it
was said, of a bond issue by tike cor-
DO ration to provide funds for its oner
' ations, but it is understood that it
' would be left to Secretary Mellon to
j decide whether tho treasury would
prefer to do the financing Itaeil ami
meet the needs of the corporation as
desired or let that agency go into tin
investment market itself to provide
for its advance!.
A masquerade social was held at the
O. O. F. hall on Saturday evening
I by
tin- Sebekah lodge. After the un
masking a short miscellaneous pro
gram wag given. Pic, doughnuta ami
cottee were served as lunch. The re
ceipts amounted to $22.
The members ot the Christian
church gave a "farewell part y on Frl
day evening at the home of -Charles
Prummct in honor Of Mr. and Mrs.
T. W. Matter, who aspect to leave our
Village within the next few months.
The annual bazaar of Sai ri u I lefl rt
church closed on Friday evening aft. I
a verv BUCCesaful week. The gloss r I
Icelpts wi re ovi r 2,600, from Which
; $2.1- o were netted.
K. E. Sterrett owner of tne Henry
telephone exchange and a string ol
other fxchanges in this state, was had
0 injur. I on Friday when his automo
bile turned over two and a half mile
south of Rutland. He was driving at
about thirty miles an hour when h
struck a rough place in the road. Ii
twisti d the car around at such an
angle that both of the front wheels
were broken. The car then turnt I
upside down. Mr. Sterrett was ac
companied by bis wife and Mr. ami
Mrs. O. II. Davis of Henry, but he
was tin- only one injured. He had
several ribs fractured and was bad);
braised up. and he i:. still at tin home
of Karl Sullivan, opposite whose farm
home the accident occurred. The
car was considerably damaged.
Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Briscoe and son
Merle spent Sunday with relatives at
Holden. Ihr father, W. A. Moss, re
turned home with them that evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Jacobseu air'
daughter Ruth pad Miss Audrey Coop
er drove to Royal Center, Ind., on Fri
jay and visited until Tuesday with
John Willoughby and family.
Miss Edna Boyd left on Thursday
for a week s vacation to be spent at
Washburn and Peoria.
Miss Mayme Aaron of Straw... who
1 attending Brown's Business co.lege
at Streator, visited over Sunday in
T. i. Mateer was a business caller
I:- Peoria on Mcnday.
Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Staley entei
tained Hie voung people of the ( hrlfl
I tlon church at a hallo-.veeu party a.
, uu. parsonage on Monday evening
j The entertainment was all in keeping
with the season, and a very enjoyable
i time was spent by all
John Lawless of Wenona is now
working at Green's restaurant.
Marsnall Due. in wa., h-ime Iron
Peoria over Sunday.
Miss Payette Anthenst spent the
week nd at her home in El Paso.
Mr. ami Mrs. U II Willoughby are
home from Royal Center, Ind.. where
they had In en for several wevks while
he assisted his broth, r John In doing
some building
Kev. and Mrs J. Wayne Staley at
ti -idi d the stewardship convention Qj
tho Christian church at Streator on
Mrs, Florence Kellej returned on
Sunday to her work at Ottawa, hav
ing receOVered from her recent illness
Mrs. Cart! Itowe of Mlnonk enter
faint I the Tuesday Afternoon club of
Rutland at her home in Mlnonk. Mrs
liowr is now ;i member.
-7 I.adK-al Safe your l-i...l M
iTi iiiniiTrn raui i It. .1 Oold nictiiiit
WT-JtJ ' J 1 . .-'ill Bl"-. Ri!J-i.
I ; TbIim ,.fh.-r Hf or.owr
!' ."if Vi-ncsii.' -. lfrs.1
1 w
jf kiAMuna m-.M imi
M mntin. Pll ii !.-.. S?fet, AN
r i es
t lie joint tneetll
i id,. mini' an.
onsorva ma , i.ii ' iiumh
ganizatlon whhh v-.i-t held ill - I'
in. today In the domestic science
rooms of the Ottawa township high
school, Mrs. Charles v.. Wooowaru, ,
the chairman of the home department
presided over the lit I out of tho
meeting. Miss Jean Klrsch, a pro-
m t . .... t i . Wtffc W I I
" " 'i...!, ....
iniei esi no. i.tn. i n "
iicious ejikes to ih.it the members
nraaant could earn the methods she
employed In her oullnar)
w rk. At
the close -ot' the bom
meeting, Mrs t leoi e
the ehalnna. : of th em
Dartment, tool, char e
Cn wden,
i inrvatlon do
of the mtel
iug and a very Interesting program
jiiong the lines of conservation work
whs given. Mrs ,i ,i. Hornung read
a verv interest ing Daner 'n "The 111;
noia state Preserves."
the clo
John S.
if the al'terneou d
mentS v.'i re s.t
Kdgcomb acied as
The members t
ture Club will he
i't the home of Ml
HIS Post street M
wa will entertain
reading, after wl
evening will he e
has instituted a n
I J.
irn l-iti
id ton!
ilia Hat
its witl
The i
a u
! I S
ot having a soi
second Monda
evening on the
ii evening, ot
night, and ;
tin r Monday
Sunday night
tin- Turn Hall
in Peru
There were hooks written before
the last war which propbeslsed things
very much as they were. 'The
I Next War" by Will Irw in is merely
a statement oi uo- uuniuio iubbw"
ties of future military warfare.
a re
same brief
"At the lmS of the
were manufacturing to
of 191U our Lewlalte g:
search out refugee! i
cellars; if breathed, it
the c
s, whi.
f dug
and it killed not only thru
the Innns
Wherever it settled on tin
nrodiiced a DOtson which l
the system ami brought almost cer
tain death. It, was inimical to ail cell
life, aglmal or vegetable. Masks a
lone were nf no use against it. Fur
ther, it had fifty-five times the
"spread" of any poison gas hitherto
used in the war. An expert has said
that a dozen Lewisite air bombs ot
the greatest sise in use during mis
might with favorable wind have
eliminated the population of Berlin
Mow we have a hint of 8
gas beyond Lewisite. A mere
capsule of this gas in ii small grenade
can generate square rods and even
acres of death in the absolute "
"The bombs dropped in Paris In
191-! wire not much bigger than a
grape fruit; the bombs prepared for
Berlin in 1919 were eight feet high olid
carried a ton of explosive or gas gen
crating chemicals.
"(An American I proved that aero
planes flying without idiots, could
be steered accurately by wireless.
This meant that the aeroplane had be
come a super-gun. An aeroplane
could carry explosive charges up to
its whole lifting capacity of many
"I cannot find that gas bombard
ment as ever used on tho Cities behind
the lines. Yet the Hermans were pre
paring in If 18 a step toward
method. A nrst plane ot aerop
would have dropped on the city
(Paris) roofs tons of small bonibK
which released burning phosphorous,
that flame cannot extinguished by
water. It would have started a con
flagration against which the Fire De
partment would have been powerless
in a hundred Quarters of the city.
"We have X-rays, we have light
rays, we have heat rays We
may not be so far from the develop
ment of some kinds of lethal ray
which will shrival up or paralyze or
poison human beings.
"Estimated loss of soldier lives in
call for on H? Tablet, (a Vegetable
Q peristal) I tone cr.d c;renct!i?r
t?i OVgpqf of dfutton fi::J elni
rnticn. Improves Aprctilr, HcHcvcs
j?t a
25c. Box
Locited at Interurban Station.
'PHONES 518 and 126
I niuht. win. h win be continued
thruout the aeason. ()rchentru music
la furnished thruout the evcnlftj tW
danolnf, and the Bame nrrangeuwnti
thai worn used at tho mnuseuienl
parks around Ottaw i during 'lie sum
mor are carried out A lame numhei
of young people from Ottawa won
ainoui the guests In attendance),
Miss Marylene
mtly sin pi laeel on
Ripley was pie. i I
Saturday afternoon
at the ."' of i.e.
parents. Mr. aim
Mis Wallace Riplej on Qulon street,
in honor of her tend birthday Tj a
little girls were in attendance The
afternoon was spent play tun games,
jinii rei ret nment i wen i
close of the nartr, Th
I Jit the
i hosteai
received many beautiful gifts
: :
The annual donaoon party ' the
philanthropic departmsnt of the ot
tawa Woman's club will be held to
morrow at tue home of Miss Kather
yn Btnnotl on Poal street. The meet-
in ill start iirompily at L':.'.'i in in .
aftei noon.
heeu plan
i the ladh s
I vited to
'lllletcd t(
rj tine jirogram has
r the occasion. All
I club have been la
Baoh guest re
one article ti r th"
use in her work.
i . t'(
iVumfrus are plan
tor ;iii members
and their ladies,
Wednesd y nigh' .
Di. jit the Kniuhts of Columbus
bouse. The amusement commit-
Ire planning to make this the big
affair of the kind ever given by
, the
Reddick 's
recent wars! American Civil War.
700,000; Franco-Prussian War. 184,
D00; Spanteh-American War, 10,000;
World War. B.W0.000.
"Practically there is no limit to the
size of tanks.
"Certain optimistic soldiers have
registered tin- belief that th" dense
masses of infantry, which have been
the backbone of all previous modern
wars, will disappear from the new
warfare ; 1 We shall come down
to comparatively small professional
armies of experts.
"Certain navjil architects hold that
virtually all warships of the future
will he capable of diving and travel-
conceaiea unaer water, tne sun
file dreadm ught.
fvorman Angell, writing from th.
economic viewpoint, predicted ni
that war could not be. hut that it
vould nol pav; the victos would lose
as well as the vanquished. Event:
have so far tended to vindicate Nor
man Angell's view.
"And Jordan maintained that a gen
tral war. fought by conscript armies
Calumet Bstking
Powder is
First in Quality
received highest !
awards at tho!
World's Pure Food
Exposition, Chica- j
KO, Illinois; Paric j
Exposition, Paris, !
First in Results '
- never fails to pro
duce pure, sweet, j
wholesome foods. I
First in Purity
-containsonlysuch i
ingredients as have been I
officially approved by i
Food Antherities.
First i v
moderate in
price you save
when you buy it.
Contains more thnn
theordinnry leave n
ing strength nine
fore you Use less.
First in mil
lions of homes
where "nothing
6:se" will do.
SI noe i- i rnvf
V COirrtMTJ I J. '
. uound can l aiumet contitio".
1 iiin. Sonic lialiiniz pnwilf-r. .
i ti nr. .in. in ti ail ' to can ..
sure i.u net pouiul when you war
,,,c:-' v j ssaSr
under modern conditions, would set
Bfjok the qualify ot rgoes for eeaturiM
that it would he a gigantic accom'
pllshinent m revsrse breading
"in Qarmany are itaarl) three
million cotton operatives, as experi
as any in tin. or)d, Standing readj
to their hands Is a lull eulpnil nt of
the most modern machlnerj Hall of
cot ton oper.it i es of ( lerman are
living in Idleness ami seinl-starvatlup
lor lack of I'jiw material. Wo rah i
the raw material in tho South of tl.''
niled States :iud our outhi i a fai n
ers are iii finanolal dlfflcultles tbli
,v ihli r lieean e th,.. tune no iiiarie'l
for Iheir rotton
And in the years ih.it it i France)
was paying more thai, two hundred
nil I lions for the nexl war, one hun
dred and fifty millions for old war. i.
the national government spent on edu
cation forty-six millions.
"Her i France) total wealth farms,
mini . factoring, building:, railroads,
canals, everything ske owns was ti
st .a IM0 at ninety two and a half
billion dollars Her debt, jis I have
slid. Is forty-Six billion dollars Hll
most OXactl) half her total wealth
"The motley the Win hi War cost
for a single hoar during the last year
would build tell high schools costing
.me minion dollars each, The money
it eost for a single day would DUtld
in each 18 states two hospitals cost
ing 1500.000 each : two $1,000,000 blgq.
schools in each state; iloil recreation
i enters with ffyraOBsIm ami swim
niing pool i, costing 1300X00 iash:
and thern ,ould he lefl 18,0 Q.OttO to
I i ci.a te industrial CdUl at ion.
"In 1980 v. w n spending 98' . of
.'I- national revenues old and new
"Seventjr-flve per cent of our federal
revenue! would nave every country
road In the United S'ates.
"Expenditures of the United States
for the Rical year 1919-1920: Pen
sloss, inter .'t and other expenses a
Iglng from the past wars 2,80 mill
ions; army and navy, preparation, tor
future wars 1,948 millions; arimarj
governni ct functions 220 millions;
public work! 8? millions: research,
public health, education, development
"Europe cannot recover if she goes
on with the old race tor armaments.
She will collapse under the double
"Only lately our two most eminent
soldiers, iiliss and Psrghlng, hae
come out flatly for a disarmament
"We ;ire now learning thai it die
not pay. The victor may, relatively,
lose less than the vanquished. Hut
victor and vanquished both lose m
'he absolute."
New York, Wot; f, rulide B
nremtar of Pranei and head c
French -b !i -Jition. land, d h re
from tin steamship i afaetti .
was accompanied by former Pi
Re a- Vi- iahl, si companion of
thai Jeff re during bis visit he
117, and Albert Barraut, Fn ncl
ator and minister of the colools
Ceremou) was dlspt ns
that the del gatlott might t
Ington as early as po Ibl
up tie- work of becoming
. itii
el t o.
rCaVaasvmwm t'..-u.
Fifty cents worth of Seal Brand Coffee Iree to every person pur
ehSSing a two pound can of Seal Brand Coffee,
Eveiy pound of Seal Brand Cofee is equsi to a pound and a half
of any other.
20 lbs Fine Granulated Sugar for ..$1.00
With 3 tbs City Club Coffee for , 100
Or with a pound of sixty cent Ja;5an, Gunpowder or English Break
fast Tea.
Big Car Pla-Safe Flour, old wheat, 49 Pi sacks 1.95
49 lb sacks King Quality Flour ' 2.28
ask your neighbor about this
uui d oiSe DtKing ana return the
you are now using. .
Put in your winter stock Car
Everyone a real potatoe 5 bushel
Bushel Carrots or Beets ....$ .75
5C0 jars Curtice Bros Jam, 50c
values, on sale at 29!
500 lbs Lowney's Chocolate,
cake 13
Sliced Hawaiian Pineapple, 2'2
tins, heavy syrup, siices tri
fle broken 29 j
Heavy syrup, slicos trifle brok
en, 29c, 4 cans for 1.00 I
Extra Special 10 Bbls. Jonathan Apples,
Fancy Thin Skinned Florida Grape Fruit,
Phone No. 128 for Fancy Spinach. Cauliflower, Head Lettuce,
Radiches, Celery, i omates, Cucumbers, Celery, Cabbage, Green Peppers.
Never give that "artificial look." So
firm and clear in color that, you can
shape your lips in the clear cut lines
of nature. Select the shade that suits
your type. Irresistibly 'Different!
Stead v Advertisers Get
Results. Ask Those Wh
before the
i ojitereuce
oil Vri-
1 1
toasted to seal
in the deliqous
Burley flavor
You'll find this the "Llva
Wire" concern for hand
ling your ELECTRICAL
WORK. Close estimates
W. Main St.
Phone 302-W.
.-, -
" 1 m
flour. She
is i
bi ig it. Or
bettet than
balance It
Red River
Early Ohio Potatoes.
Cask Sweet Mixed Pickles and
si iced Sweet Pickles, qt 30
Cask Sour Pickles, dozen 15
Bushel Parsnips 1.00
Lowney's Cocoa, can . .19
Just tapped Bbl. fresh Cocoa
nut, per tb 29
Blue Ribbon Peeled Peaches,
1 tb Orange Peel
1 tb Bulk Raisins
: . . .30
3 tbs for
4 for
established, then'
oi t be tnnam. ...
0 Know B

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