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111 Waat Main Street
Published Every Afternoon Except Hunday.
W. H. OSMAN Wltor end General Manager
. H WOOLBBRT Managing Bailor
Member of the Associated Press.
Daily, oae year la advance ay carrier IMi
Dally, one year in advance, by mall, outside La rtalle County 0
Dally, one year In advance, by mall, la La Balle County t.OO
Dally, per woek. by carrier W
The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use tor republication j
at aJi newa dispatches credited to It or not otherwise crodlted to this paper
Mid also local news published herein
Entered as secoid clash matter Mar. 16, 19X0. at the Post Office at Otta
wa. 111., uader the Act of Oct. 3. 1917.
It is often claimed thai the American coplc are the mosi
fallible on earth. The late I'. T. Barnuni worked on tin- theorj
and demonstrated the soundness o( his theory until the day "i his
death, Tin' gullibility of the populace is evidenced bj the
necessity of i;tiiiK the blue sky laws in tlii- ami otherstatcs to
prevent, as tar as possible, their inhabitants from separating them
selves from their hard earned dollars to invest in all kinds of wildcat
ichemes that arc exploited by -nine smooth-tongued promoter.
Every day sound financial advisers arc urging people t- hold onto
their liberty bonds rather than part with them to invest in indtis
trial or other promotion scheme that a j;li! advertisement or -leek
advance man will assure them will pay fabulous rate- of interest.
Ami the same line of illustration mighl be continued almost indefi
nitely. It is had enough to tall for the other fellow's -tuft, but why
kid ourselves ?
. i. . i . i " L. ... li
I he I'kl'.l. L R ADER-J OV R N AL was taKen l" ta-K iKxauac u
hail the temerity t call attention t" the tact a lew days ago that
the fixed level of the pool to he created bj the proposed dam at
Starved ffock was higher than many people knew Of imagined and
t the additional fact that it would he a good idea to get rid of
the notion so frequently advanced and held by many that Ottawa
was ,roiiig to he handed the deep waterway w ith' tit any cost what
ever, direct of indirect. We were even accu-ed of "knocking the
project because attention was called t" the above. Nothing could
be further from the fact. This paper has boosted as far a- possible
in its feeble way the project for year;, and will continue to do so.
Not that its attitude would "cut much ice" in any event The deep
waterway w ill ultimately go through and no new -paper -r other talk
can slop it. W e may not share the popular idea that it is only a
matter of a year or two. or. that the $20,000,000 bond issue will
. t ... .. .1. . 1 11 .....,,:.,.,
pay tor it. nut, it is not KnocKing
to the truth regarding It. With
.,l;,i, ii. mMmnMii t. ,
t t i I I IUVU:i- i I v ' 11 ...... .
hmwr tin- fund- will ! fnimrl to complete the i b alter the
$20,xx,ooo now in sight are used
Why kid i urselves with the idea that
for nothing ?
It would he about a- reasonable to say one was knocking the
riiditcNith amendment because attention was called to the
the law is being violated in Ottawa and soft drink proprietors are
known to l.e "cheating" almost openly. We might assure the
people that we had a bonedry town. That w uld tickle some, hut
it would not make it a fact, nor better conditions. We might claim
we have the best police force on earth, bul that wouldn't round Up
Ottawa's firebug nor -top the too frequent burglaries or act- ot
vandalism which are so much in evidence.
Years ago a hunch of kidders persuaded the people ot the Illinois
Valley that the drainage ditch the Chicago drainage canal in those
(lavs was going to he of inestimable value to the inhabitants along
the river, that all damaged laud- would lie quickly and gladly paid
for. etc. At a meeting in the old opera house the hait was held out
that (he increase in How of water in the river would bring
Mississippi steamer- to our door. The few who prophesied the
pollution of the river, the killing of the fish and general insanitary
conditions were almost ostracised from decent society because
they refused to kid themselves or he kidded by the exploiters of
the cheme. And man) suits for damages are still pending or have
been settled for a mere pittance because the claimants were worn out
by delays.
Il can do no harm to tell the truth and look at matter- as they
can I
r inevitably must tie. it is
ie met w ith any intelligence
he -i
test thing on earth i- for us to kid
because they are unpleasant. It ma)
smiic circumstances to ki'l fh
deliberately k i ts himself needs
Looking I'M' the return of normal conditions in business is
hutch like looking fur the proverbial needle in the hay-stack the
needle wis there, all riln, but where? Normal conditions will re
turn only when the relation
with all intermediaries, -hall
thai obtained in those other daj
highing, Undoubtedly the procc
slow, for there are many disturbing influences abroad
to check any advance movement which would lead n
for end. There is an increasing number of those
factories and mines, although in
ing off in the number; hut on the
received by labor headquarters,
earlier in the year. Then, too. the reduction in wholesale price- of
commodities shows sonic advantages gained in that direction. Hut
it i- not the United States alone that is affected by unsettled con
ditions of husiness and the cost of living. Were it this or anv other
one nation that was thus unsettled there might he expected a more
gpeedy adjustment of affairs. Hut practically all Christendom is
in the chaldron. Some conception mav he had of the return I -f
"normalcy" hy a look backward to the after-effects of other wars
through which thi- country has passed. ). A. .Mather, in a late
issue of the Chicago Tribune, calls attention to the fact that follow
ing each of the WITS this country passed through in the oast
hundred and ten vears, it lias taken many years to arrive at a state
of tranquility. Following the war of 1S1 there was a period of
thirty years ot irregularly declining prices from the i
and htty per cent, to which they had risen. The civil war caused
an advance of about a hundred and thirty-live per cent, in price-,
and another period of approximately thirty vears of instability in
prices followed, in 1896, he claim-', they were at the lowest point
of the century. The little -kirnmh with Spain did not call for anv
special considerati.m and prices were scarcely affected: hut die
World'- war was quite another proposition. Prices again !ecame
inflated in much about the same proportion, as on the previous oc
tmskms, but after three years have passed since its close they are
hack t alxmt fifty per cent, above what prevailed in 1913
Jud ging, then, from what ha- gone before otic mav not look (ot
6, 1921.
me prupusuiun iw tn ticmiuii
the present attitude oi tlie people,
:ml inlanrl u atirw a v- and water I
up, am
It will
ie limit. But)
ret Knmethino1 1
we arc
going ti
e 1
f;ict that '
tiic oniv way in wmcn conditions
and provision made for the future.
iur-ci es
Ik excti
and disre
table under
man who
flier tell
w. nit! a man W no I
producer am! consumer,
11 lili ns
1 1 "
accepted the term
for which the world seems to lt
toward- the desired end will he
, I
some trades there has been a fall
whole, as gathered from the report
there 1- less idleness now
ne hundred
Hope Lnrvci W
r" W lst Peopce UArr iw yoor X '
ahx tkm Your fmch Mica just
Wall Street.
New York. Dec, 'i. -flhlpplnga and
j oils and motor sneeialth I were eon
j jrlcuoualy strong at the opening of to-
1 (iay's iitoek market Mercantlti
rme preferred, standard 041 of New
Jorsey, United States Uubber and
Qoodrfch made galna ranging from
lai-Ke fractious to 1 '-. mints.' Stctls
and equipment! showed no deflnitt
tread, hut Lima Locomotive fell -i
....i.,,.. m ..i...... .. . i . . t.f I.. ua
gain, Norfolk and vVeeteni, Ameri
can Linseed pn fi rred, Central Leatb-
nr - Tobacco Product, and Bears-Roe
Doca reavlWttO ninner pie-suie. m iv
ish exchange made io visible response
to the reporti d settlement-of tie- Irish
question, but German marks strenth
ened decidedly and Swiss francs roee
to par. their highest quotation in al
most two years.
Live Stool-
Chicago, DflD, U. Hogs- Receipts.
IT. OJ head; held over, 3,679; opened
m to 5c higher than yesterday's
average, mostly to shippers and yard
trailers; $7.20 paid lor 160 to 1T0
pound average; hull good ;ind choice
hogs, 6.S5-7.10 ; quality en. tly ood;
average est yesterday. $6.60,
if attle -Receipts. 13,000 In ad.
Sheep Receipts. 19,000 head.
A big street parade, headed by the
Morris drum corps, will pass thru
the downtown thorofares on the night
of Wednesday night. December II.
The parade will proceed a lug bi-eoun-
ty class adoption of the Modern Wood-
men of America, which will he held in
(his city. Members of the organiza
tion from all sections of both La Salle
and Qnilidy counties, will he in at-
Arrangements are being completed
to brim; B noted speaker here for the
occasion. At ,the close of the busi
ness session a social hour will he
held, and retreshtnents will he served.
A very large (lass of new members
will he Initiated at this session.
Al a meeting of Camp No. :'. M. W,
A., which was held here last night,
olllcera for the coming year were elect-
d. Those who were chosen to head
Ufc nMinhiMM for 1091.1039 HUM n
Venerable Consul. William Pleael;
which teiidlA(lv ' 1 rallK waynara; Manner,
r n u (1. i.ong; v icik, . n. nveis,
UUuuirl I! -l lcllemiott: Watchman.
lien Jonea; Sentry, Jacob Svohoda;
Trustee, Frank Morrison.
The above officers will be Installed
at a joint public installation of the
Woodmen and the Royal Neighbors on
January 25.
Citizens of l,a Salle county are get
ting in their applications tor Vrl'l auto
lieenwis much sooner than the resi
dents of many of the other countries
throughout the state. County Clerk
Thomas A. Ferguson has been forced
to send for hi leoond block of appli
cation blinks ti accommodate thie
early birds who wish to obtain their
next year's auto licenses.
County clerks in many districts re-
,,lfll "lf llav'' u ,y lw il,v
piicaoons lor nceiu uiauhs .11111 ougn
from present indications l a Salle
county will not he left in tie- lurch by
a late application for licenses.
low levels to le reached for a number of years to come some say
ten. others fifteen. It may lie. t that the ebb-tide in affairs is
not the most desirable condition for general husiness: that normal
conditions will have been attained when a greater equality lietween
the extreme elements shall have been arrived at: when laboring
men and women will he willing to work at reasonable wages and
their employers likewise willing to pay those reasonatHE wages.
Furnished by w, KIrby, manager
Gardtner B, Van Ncso k Co, memberi
Chicago Hoard of Trad', third floor
Moloney Building,
Low. Close. clos).
May ....
July ....
Corn -
.luly ....
Dee Hay ....
July ....
1 e:e.N
l.oi '-i
I ts
1 .03 M
.4S .ln .464 .48
' .W J .54
..",5 .54 .r44 Vi
.:',2 .152 .32 .22V
.38 .3? .;;8V4
.38 .:ts .39
C?sh Markets.
I oni
on No. " mist l .
Old No. 2 yellow .
Old No. 2 white . .
New No. :i mixed .
New No. 4 mixed .
New No. Ij yellow.
'i w No. 1 yellow
Si x No. It white .
New No. 4 white. .
No. 2 while
No. 3 white
No. 1 white
.49 -.17'-
.47 -
.47 -
.::4-y4- .86
.:!! .22
Whe-Jt $ .94
Oats -
No. 'I white 29
No. ;i white 27
No. -1 white .25
No. 2 white ;!9Vj
No. 2 yellow :i9Vj
No. ;! white :i8Vi
No. :', yellow :8
No. 4 white
No. 4 yellow , .ffTH
Wheat $1.00
No .'! white 28
No. 1 white 26
No. 2 white 41
No. 2 yellow 41
No. :', white 39
No. I! yellow 39
Wheat .94
! Oats
! No. 2 white 29
No. 3 white
No. 4 white
No. 2 white
.39 V2
2 yellow
3 white
3 yellow
4 white
4 yellow
.37 '4
Lard. 10e
Cream, 3oc.
Eggs, 53c.
Butter, 40c.
Springers. 17c.
Hens. 17c.
Ducks, 16c.
Old Toms, 20c.
Pigeons, 5.
Old Roosters, 8c.
Stags, 8c
Geese. 12c.
South S.de Prayer Meeting.
A prayer meeting service will be
Conducted on Wednesday evening at
the Bpworth Methodist church in
South Ottawa Regular weekly pray
er meetings have not been conducted
at th Bpworth church for several
Saturday night two tine Rama wars
played her a, one hundred or mow
spectator watched the conteata. The
Ural lama was the Grand Ridge Mali
Kchool glrla with thi MldgeU from
the Y. W. c. a. or Btreator, the icon
heirs 16 to i,r in favor of Grand
Ridge, The leoond game wu the
Qrand Ridge hoys agalnal the Ransom
town team. This also was a victory
for Grand Ridge, SI to 8. The next
game scheduled to take place will ha
BVkta) evening, when the Ottawa
Hull school team will coma here to
play Protestor IteLeod'a high ichoo)
Mr, iimi Mrs. Albert oit and chU
dren n Leeavlle, Ind., have dtapoaed
hi their Deraonal nrom rtv anri pentml
ilu ii farm wiiit; to the faiiiiiK health
ot Mr. Oott and will rrtiirn to Grand
Rldce, peaaibl) ihi- week, ami will
reside "iili Mr- ott's parents, Mr
ami Mi- David Poundatono, on lliu-
Huston avenue
At tli
nint; of
O. O. F. Elect Officers.
a regular meeting Krldav ovi
Victor IihIkc I. O. O. R. the
of oflieers took place, as fol-
Noble Brand Charles (Viri-linati.
Vice Brand Noble I'isher.
(Recording secretary C, K. Illhhs.
Kinaneinl secretary Frank I.ehr
Treasurer Frank Fr.inzcns.
Trustees ( harles Petersen, (iconic
Walkllng, David Hunter, Baa Heth
mil Prank Llrhtner
t; F. smith was elected delegate to
the Brand lodge convention, tvn Mon
day. Dee 19, the local lodge will at
tend a district niMtiiiB In Ottawa,
which Will be of B strictly husiness
character, at which time the husiness
of the cloatag year will be transacted
and plans formulat il for the new
year's work. The meeting will he
one of much Importance to all lodges
of the district.
Home Bureau Meets.
The Grand Rapids Home Bureau
unit nut Wednesday afternoon at the
home of Henry Ott. with a very good
attendance, considering the condition
of the country roads at that time.
Twenty members w re present, to
gether with a few visitors. Th aft
ernoon's program consisted or read
ing.s by Mrs. Marry Hag! and Miss
Ora Harris ami an lute;-, sting talk hy
Miss Z Ima Monroe. A bhort husi-:;e..-,s
session was a'so held. At the
i lose of the meeting a luncheon was
served hy the hostess. Miss Florence
Ott. which consisted Of sandwiches,
pickles, coffee and pie a la mode. The
next meeting of the unit will he Dee.
28 at lie- home of Mrs. Klvin Wakey.
Operation Proves Fatal.
Relatives learned on Saturday of
the death of Mrs. Joseph Woodward
at Springfield Friday, where on Tues
day she had Submitted to a serious op
eration. Mrs. Woodward waa a wom
an ef tine Character, modest and re
tiring in disposition, a devoted wife
and mother. Many years ago. prior
to gotntg to Thayer, III., which has
heen their home for many years, thoy
resided in the village. Her husband
has been overseer for a mining com
pany since residing in Thayer. She
is survived hy her husband, one son
and two daughters.
Two Games This
The local Indoor ball ti
two games this week.
Streator team will come
am will play
Tonight the
here to com-
pete for honors. On Thursday even
ing the Grand Ridge team will go to
Ottawa for a game with the American
Legion team of that city.
Mr. and Mrs. Lehr Entertain.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank lohr. who re
side two miles cast of the village, en
tertaincd the following at dinner on
Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. W. V. I.ehr
and family. Mr. and Mrs, Ernest Hodg
son and little daughter, and Miss La
ci ne Ilibbs.
Local Notes.
Mlaa Dan tig, a trained nurse from
Chicago, is a house guest at the home
of Mr. an Mrs. George Haas.
Mrs. BSrneel King and little son re
turned to their home at Kernan on
Sunday after a several days' visit with
village relatives.
Arthur Glaizer returned to Mar
seilles Sunday evening after spending
a week with bis brother, H. M. Gla
zier, and family in the village.
Irene Pala&Chake has been absent
from school several days, due to ill
ness. Mr. and Mrs. William Keller and
family spent Sunday at the William
Armstrong home.
The serviic Sunday at both the local
churches, held in behalf of the re
lief for the Near Kast, was attended
by good congregations, both morning
and evening, and there is no doubt
but the district which is composed of
Grand Rapids and Farm Ridge will
do Its hit in this cause, as is has on
all other charitable reipieats.
Antone Schmlde and daughter. Mrs.
I.. C. Kinker. and little son spent
Friday afternoon with the former';,
daughter, Mrs. George Schobert.
Mrs. R. M. Antram, one cf the vil
lage's aged ladies. Is on the sick list.
Mrs. H. Wakey. Mrs. T. Oaboro and
Mrs V. Maker were callers Friday
evening at the Read home on Fast
Liberty street
Mrs. F. Parmalee is reported ill at
her home on Burlington avenue, her
condition being such as to necessitate
the care of a doctor.
A. M. Ellsworth spent an afternoon
the first of the week with his dauah
tcr. Mrs. Walter Kami, and family In
Mrs. George Provanee spent an aft
ernoon recently with her sister, Mrs.
William Shute Jr.. southw-est of the
Louis Scherer III at U. of I.
Mr. and Mrs L A Scherer. West
Madison street, received word this
morning that their son. Umis, who is
attending school at Champaign, has
been seriously ill but is now improv
ing H is ep,ted that he will be
able to return home in time for the
Marseilles News
Office Phone, Black 176. Houao Phone, Black 35.
Office over Star Theater.
Present New Numbering Map.
The city council met last evening
in the city hall. Ro call showed all
the commUaionere and the mayor
j pre cut The council has the new
map ot the city strci ta iho Ing th i
house numbers. This will be Ii tl nt
the pOBtOflllCe so the people ujll have
an opportunity to learn the number
Of their houses in reference to lots
and blocks, Thi numbering Is done
on B scale of tweiily tlve feet to the
lot The council thinks there will be
no trouble In locating the house upon
each division of twenty-live feet,
The council order i sonic cinders
placed on the end of the hard road on
IMulT street, hoth east and west.
City Attorney Van Hoorchcke will
1 lo to Springfield on Friday at meet
Engineer Miller of tin department of
roads of the state in reference to the
construction of the hard road along
i Bluff street This will he the connect
Ua link between the two enda of the
I Ivy Way on the ast and west sides
cf the city.
The council ordered the repair of
the h.m.i rails on the bridge on Uln-
coin street.
After passing thi
i ll adjourned,
payroll the conn-
Rev. Huntley Pays Visit.
itev George Huntley, on his way
from Peoria to Chicago, stopped yes
terday in Marseilles. It was shorl
notice, iiii t several members of the
Universalis! Sunday school were no
ticed ami quite a number of the order
members of the church took their
luncheon to the church and bad a pie
ntc dinner Mr Huntley addressed
the children lir-t and gave them a
good many new ideas In hix necessar
ily brief talk. Then a short address
well worth listening to was given by
this Sunday sJiool worker. He is a
pleasant, forceful speaker, and It Is
too bad that there was not time to
gather a larger audience to enjoy the
pleasure Md benefit of his address.
M. E. Church Notes.
The Ladiea' Aid sale of the Mi th
odist church opens at noon Saturday
Instead of 2 o'clock In the afternoon.
Th" chtckeS suppr will be served at
p. m. The Kpworth League has de
cided to have a homemade candy
booth at the sale
One of the results of the joint meet
ing (,f Sunday school board an I hoard
of stewards last night at the Method'
i-t parsonage was the plan made for a
Christmas pageant to take place in
the church on Sunday night, Dec. 2.".
at 7:10 o'clock. Another result wa.s
the unanimous pledge to siipisirt one
Armenian orphan for the year.
Biff! Bang! $400 a Wallop.
Frank Dors of Spring Valley, driv
ing a Stu lobaker special, h id a head
on collision with Klmer Johnson of
Jolleti who was driving a Cadillac
eight The accident happened on the
hard reads between Marseille!' and
Seneca. Each car received damages
amounting to $10. They were taken
to Si DOCa for repairs.
Executive Board Meeting.
The executive committee cf the la
Salle County W. C. T. V. will meet In
Ottawa on Dec. 13, at. 1:30 in the aft
ernoon, at th" Methodist parsonage
Those entitled to attend are the
county officers, county superintend
ents of departments and local presl
dent. Sylvia Thompson of Marseilles
is the president and Virtue Maker of
Grand Ridge the recording secretary.
W, C. T. U. at Library.
The w. c. t c. win meet tomorrow
at the library at 2:30 p. m. All mem
bers anil friends of the union are
urged to lie present.
'Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hanson returned !
home to Chicago Saturday and Mr.;
and Mrs. George Lewia and children j
went with them for a week's visit. I
Mrs. Nellie Murray was an Otta
wa visitor yesterday.
Mr. an! Mrs. Joe Rriggs from' Wa
terloo. ia are visiting their daughter,
Mrs. James Linden.
Mrs. Phelps died Monday morning
at 10 o'clock, after a lingering illness
at her home on Canal street
leaves to mourn her loss one son,
Raymond, who lived with her, and
one son in California, and also a
grandson and granddaughter. The
funeral arrangements have not heen
made yet.
Mrs. Ruth Nelson and two children
transacted busisness in Ottawa yes-j
terday. I
Miss Helen Donovan is attending!
Rrown's business college in La Salle.
Herb Isham from Oglesby was call
ing on Ftica. friends yesterday.
Mrs. McCabe and nephew, Jock
Dana, were La Salle shoppers yester
day. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Woodbury
were La Salle visitors yesterday.
Mrs. Ed Lewis was a La Salle shop
per yesterday.
Mrs. George Reynolds was an Ot
tawa visitor yesterday.
D. J. Cahill is home from Kansas.
Mrs. W. E. Crosiar was an Ottawa
shopper yesterday.
iM. Palmer transacted business in
Utica yesterday.
The annual memorial day exercises
of the Mendota lodge of Elks were
held at the Princess theater on Sun
day afternoon and a good sized au
dience was present. Franz Mueller
sang two solos. "Beautiful Isle of
Somewhere" and "The Cure's Gar-
den." and Judge A. .1. Clarity of Free
port delivered the memorial address.
The following are the names of the
decease 1 Btl mhers of the Mendota
lodge: Fred W". FlorsehueU. Morgan
Achaen Circle Meeting.
The Achaen Circle will have an all
day meeting tomorrow ut the home of
Mrs. Bruce Harrington at the corner
of Union and Pearl streets. There
will be, as auaual, a pot luck dinner,
and also as usual the women will have
a delightful time visiting and working.
Shows Rapid Improvement.
'Mr. and Mis Henry Thompson'a
daughter, who has boon under the care
of a trained nurse, Miss JoHsie Trim
mer of Morris, for some time, Is re
covering from her severe Illness and
w ill soon be able to be around again.
Trouble With Eye.
Burr l offeen stin has considerable
trouble w ith his eye. and Is going In a
lew days to a hospital for treatment
necessary before there can be full re
covery of siwht and health.
Shipping by Truck.
A large truck loaded with automo
bile tires for La Salle passed through
ihis city this morning
Local Notes.
Grace Klner. teaching at Des
Moines, Iowa, spent the week end via
Iting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. K.
Kiner of the south prairie. Their
daughti r Irma. who was forced to
leave school at Grand llldge on ac
count of an attack of pneumonia. Is
recovering, hut will not likely he able
to resume her school duties for some
Jerome Coffees arrived from Devon
port lew i, and will visit here for a
short time In fore continuing to Chi
cago to visit hla brother Jesse,
H A. Davis, wile, two children and
son 111 law of Severance. Kan., arrived
today ti rlsll M. K. Davis of Fair
view. Frank Taylor of the ( ommonwealth
Kdison company was a visitor lore
this morning.
Russell Hunter of Chillleothe, a
member of the lumber firm of Hunter,
Allen & Co. of this 'city, Is here today
to look over the Interests of the firm
and vial! the family of A. ,(,'. Allen of
Bluff street.
City Commissioner Kohrts went to
Ottawa this morning on a business
William Sheedy, representative of
the Standard Oil company In this city,
look a lead of gas to Seneca for
Snook's garage this morning.
Jack Johnson has purchased a new
Ford coupe and took a trip In it this
morning to Morris. Jack is very
proud of his new- ear, and Is taking all
his friends a ride to show Its good
James Mitchell was an Ottawa vis
itor last evening.
O S Hogue of i'nion street, has
been on the sick list for several days.
Mr and Mrs. R. T. Wrhite of Broad
way went to La Salle to visit relatives
this morning.
Mrs. Phoebe Smith returned today
to her home in Chicago.
Mrs. liannon of Ottawa was here
yesterday to look after busineos In
terests. Ehnmett o'Neil motored to Streator
George Holle went to Morris this
morning on business.
M. H. Snooks of Snooks' garage,
Seneca, was a Marseilles visitor last
Parncdl Vattghey went to Ottawa
last evening to attend a K. of C. meet
ing. South Side Coal.
$6.50 per ton In two ton Iota or
moro. $6.75 per ton for single tons
and on the hill. For prompt delivery
'phone Black No. 6.
Manufacturers' Coal Co.
A. Yule. Peter J. Conrad. James A.
Dubbs, John W. ( avanaugh, James H.
Hamlll, Robert I. Fischer, E. G. Davis
son and Amos L. Rutt.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Denting spent
; Sunday In l.add visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Laney Nelles.
Tie- regular meeting of the Mendota
Woman's club was held in the Elks'
club rooms on Monday afternoon,
Mrs.j. y. McKindley of Morris, 111.,
one of the directors of the twelfth
district and formerly civic chairman,
addreesed the club on "Parliamentary
Another number In the course of
lectures given under the auspices cf
the Young People's Society of St.
John's Lutheran church was given at
the church on Sunday evening. The
l lecture was given by Professor G.
.eilinau, A. ivi., 01 'nwwiHI collide,
Clinton. Iowa, his subject being
"Higher Education in the Service of
the Church." A special offering was
taken for church benevolences.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed L. Phalen and fam
I ily have moved to Galesbnrg, where
they will make their future home,
Leon Faber spent several days in
Chicago, where he attended an elec-
trie storage battery convention. Mr.
Faber is in charge of the Bxide bat
tery station at Fred Hueter's garage.
.Mrs. Elmer Folk and Mrs. Carl
Erbes entertained the Woman's Mis
sionary Society of the Zion Evangel
ical church on Thursday afternoon at
the home of the former.
Miss Elizabrth Hoettcher entertain
ed the members of her Sunday scr.ol
class of the Zion Evangelical church
on Saturday afternoon at the home
of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. E.
Otto J. Ellingen spent Friday and
Saturday In Chicago on business for
H. D. Conkey & Co.
Shirley Hanson has resigned his po
sition as janitor of Blackftone school
and John Sauer hns been hired as his
successor. Mr. Sauer began his new
outies on Thursday.
Mission Estate of $1,500.
Orville Phillips, of Mission Town
ship, w ho died at his home on Novem-
ber 17, left an estate valued at $1,500
! according to a petition for letters of
administration which were filed In
the probate court today. Mr. Phillips'
widow, Mrs. Mena Phillips, and his
two children. Howard and Eleanor,
will inherit his estate.

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