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W'EDNZC 3 AY, CC"C1BBa 14, It
niK OTTAWA FttLiC T K A U I2K-J 0 L) 11 N AL
Washington, D. C, Dec. 14 Que
Hens bearing on prohibition figured
in tho tariff hearing before the senate
lltmnco comniittee today. Proposed
increases in duty on distilled spirts
and champagne Were, opposed on the
ground of an undue .burden upon the
snick. Opposition to an increased
duty on bops expressed oubehalf of
manufacturers of ner.r beer. Import
ers of Italian tpmons oppospd in
cfcased duties on the ground that cm
gress owes it to the public to provide
cffeap lemonade as a substitute for
bfi I" and wine.
Thfi only witness appearing In con
nection with the liquor schedule of
the tariff bill, on which hearings were
announced for today, was Levi Cooke,
opposed the Increase in thp Fordney
trfriff bill from $2.60 to $5 per proof
gallon on brandy and other distilled
sflrts and from $li to $6 per gallon on
jAIr. Cooke said that the rate should
be left at such a point that liquor
which is brought in for medicinal pur
poses, will not be so high priced as to
be an undue burden upon those who
are 111. When one of the senators
questioned the value of champagne
for medicinal purposes Mr. Cooke
sffld that it had high medicinal value
and that a well known public official
wo died recently in a Washington
hospital had been kept alive a week
df nothing but champagne.
TUr. Cooke on behalf of Anhetiser
Busch of St. Louis, objected to the in
CfBase In the ordney bill from 16
tents to 24 cents a pound on hops.
b: Cooke said that the Anheuser
Bj&sch company in manufacturing ce
real beverages 1 sobllged to use one
hlf imported hops, and one half do
mystic hops, In order to get the proper
He said that the manufacturers of
rareal beverages are having a difficult
time and that to impose this addition
nl'.duty would be intolerable. He said
tlfet the domestic growers of hops on
th Pacific coast do not need the ad
ditional protection.
The proposed increase In duties on
lemons sought bv California growers
wire objected to by L, I. Scrarameli.
president of the Italian chamber of
cernrnorce of New York.
'Congress has taken away our beer
and wine," said Mr. ScuriUs!i. "anil
ttatreiore should give ua cheap lemon
Springfield. 111., Dec. 13. The state
department of public health is hold
inp the school of inatructiou for
health officers in Springfield this
week. All of the newly appointed
riitrict health nuperintcmlents in the
employ of the state have gath-red
atj; the capitol in response to a re
nuest. from Dr. I. D. Pawllngs, dire. -far
ot public health, for the Instit'iie.
wfiieh will covpr a period of se''.ri
days, Dec. 12-18.
(The school has been arranged for
thje nrimary purpose of Riving; to trie
health officers clear and definite in
formation relative to the scope and
character of the various activities Of
tlfe state along public health Ioum
pnd to give them firs; hand instfttG
lien as to their duties and reaping
bljilles. It Is believed that in t:ii(
way the men will be equipped to per
form their work in the best possible
why and that the people of Illinois
wU consequently ret i ive the most
'iSclent public hen th admlnlstratiou
possible under thr- "xlsting laws.
n'he program for the institute has
ben divided Into two sections, one
dealing with theoretical matters and
oite with the practical operation ef
tffse theories. The theoretical
I Fortify the system
against Colds. Grip
and Influenza by
which destroy germs, act as a
tonic laxative, and keep the sys
tem hi condition to throw off
attacks of Colds, Grip and la-
Be sure you get
The genuine bean this signature
One hundred members of the
Blares oe Rebekah lodge attended the
annua! meeting and election of 61
fleers of the organization which was
held lest nlphl in "dd Fellows hall.
Mrs. Brnai Hunt of Morris, the dis
trict president of the organization
was present, and delivered a short ad
dress. The following officers were
efioMD to serve during th? coni iR
Noble Grind Mrs. Anna Stewart
Vice Grand -Mrs. Irene Griffith
Recording Secretary - Mrs. Kllra
belli Todd.
Financial Secretary Mrs. Pearl
Treasurer Mrs. Addle Faupel.
Pianist -Mrs. Edith Hottrlck.
Lodge Deputy Mrs. Bertha Christ
Staff Captain Mrs. Myrtle
Trustees Hrf
master, Mrs otto
Fugle l.egner. Mr
George Bower
BcMdtetaki, Mrs.
. Carrie Parsons
and Miss Klsle Fisher.
At the close of the business meet
Ing a social hour w:i held, and re
freshments were sen i d.
A large number of students assem
bled at the American Legion hail this
fterttOM to attend the party given in
connection with the pre-Chrlstina4
sale and bazaar which the girls of St
Xavhr's AcndPiny are giving. The
h ill is a very attractive place, prettily
decorated with Christmas greene. and
the three booths are decorated la
keeping with the same color acheme.
The sale will come to a close tonight
Yesterday afternoon a large num
ber of ladies attended the curd party
hell as the opening feature of thp
sele. The girls cleared a large sum
of money from the sale of COO i
foods. Last night the ball was filled
for the danrlne part. The sale e
conducted early in the evening, after
which orchestra music was furnished
for dancing.
The Ottawa Boav eixttf, which has
been extensively ri decorated, will be
opened to the members with a big
ball on the night of .Ian. 29. This
ball will be in the nature of an open
ing for the new club and the Christ
ina ball. It Is expwted that the
ball will be one of th" largest and
moft delightful social functions ever
held by the club. The organization
was recently reorganized.
The annual children'?, party of the
Ottawa Boat club will be held on Sat
urday afternoon. Dec. SI, from 4 to 7
o'clock at the club house The party
will be informal ami will be conduced
along th same line-; of entertainment
that have been used at tho children's
Christmas party for ma.uy yoars. The
children of all members of the c!ub
will be Invited to attend.
course will cover a three day period,
Dec. 12-14, and will be conducted in
Springfield while the practical de-
monstration will eatend over four !
days. Dec. IS-lg, and will be con-1
ducted in Chicago.
In Springfield the session will be
featured by an address from Gover
nor Small and a lecture from Dr.
John Dill Robertson, commissioner!
of health In Chicago. It will ulso
embrace lectures by the director of
public health and the chiefs of the :
various division of the department of
The Chicago session will consist
almost wholly of observation of and
participation In actual public health
functions. Visits will be made thru 1
One hundred ladies gathered at the
Knights of Columbus home l.o.t night
to attend the annual business meet
Ing and election of officers of the
Catholic Daughters Of America Miss
Katharine Sinnott, who has served as
regent of the organization for three
trems, retired, and Miss Angela
Downey was chosen to lake her place
The complete list Of officers chosen
to serve during the coming year were
as follows;
Oread Urgent - Miss Angela
Do Hey,
Vice Grand Regent- Mrs. John
Prophetess -Mrs. Margaret Feehan.
Historian Miss M.irv Hrown.
financial secretary-Miss Margery
McG ruth.
Treasurer Miss Lillie deary
Monitor Miss Agnes Mullen.
Sentinel -Miss Murgaret 0. O'Don
nell. Organist Mrs. M. J. Sheeban
Trustees Miss Nora O'Donnell and
Mrs Joseph Jaeger
Mrs W H Hull, a prominent resi
dent of this city celebrated her eighty
sixth birthday yesterday at her home
on Columbus street. The day was
spent informally and only a dinner
in 'he evening for the members of
the immediate family Of Mrs Hull
marked the occasion Mrs Hull came
to Ottawa as a- bride in 1854.
The philanthropic department of
tho Ottawa Woman's club held na
day nmeting today at the home of
Mrs. Otto Hetzner on State street
A large number of ladles were in at
tendance The day was spent work
ing on articles for various charitable
purpoeee, and at noon a picnic lunch
eon was served.
The fraternal Order of Eagles No.
7M will hold a card party and danci
on Friday evening. Dec. 16, at Schae
fer's hall ,'ards will be played from
8 to 10 o'clock, and a five-piece or
chestra will furnish muMc for danc
ing from M o'clock until midnight
St. Francis' Dramatic club will be
entertalr.ed at a Christmas dancing
party tonight in Commercial hall. Or
chestra music will be furnished for
dancing from 10 o'clock until mid
night. All members of the club have
been Invited to attend.
The regular meeting of lllini Camp
No 461. Royal Neighbors of America,
will be helil this evening in Maceabe
hall There will bp an election of
officers. All members of the camp
arc requested to be present.
the courtesy of Chicago's health com
missioner, to various public clinic?
such as child welfare, venereal dis
ease and tuberculosis. Trips to pub
lic schools, hospitals and other insti
tutions and to municipal water puri
fication and milk pasteurization plans
for the purpose of seeing the wide
and varied scope of public health ac
tivities In operation are also on the
All classes and demonstrations
throughout the course will be con
ducted by men of special training
and broad experience in their particu
lar line. Nothing will be left undone
in the efforts of the state department
of public health to prepare the dis
trict health superintendents for the
fullest discharge of their duties to
the end that the public may receive
a service that will minimize the dan
ger of epidemics and promote health.!
4$Z' ' ' i
Mis IWhaol QpJ and Mrs, Bessie
Smith spent Sunday John Qa
home near Blsckstom
Misses Ida Klar, Florence Benckap
dorf. Maria Wolfanr. i ami Irmylc
Ml On attended C part) Mis;
Nora King's home, west of Streator,
r'ven In Hmor of Mi n Vera Mackey,
who Is to wort How.nl Smith on
CbrletmM dny. Mr Smith Is son
ot Mrs. BUiabeth Smith The pari,
was given Wedaeada) afternoon,
Mrs. Amlel Stehar spent Thursday
afternoon at the Malcolm Trenor
The Uustlprs have been very busy
for the past few week; and Ihe Boost
ers are indebted to them for many
entertaining programs Their la
wrs nn old fashion-1 prhool given at
imu imwiimw) nieeillJp 01 Mi1 l. UIUIIIU
nfty Boosters in their hall last I rlda..
evening it was evidently Friday aft
rnoon at the country school, the
time when everyone speaks pteOM
and when the mothers come to visit.
Th" teacher. Miss Know It All (Mrt.
K (Use); the superintendent, Mr. Not
Got Much (Klgy Birtwell); tin Bur
tell i Mrs Prank Btrtwell), and Mrs
Wartell (Mrs. P. Poderson) were the
visitors and took great Interest ill
the following program
Song. School De.ys." by pupils.
Composition ca a pig. 1 Willie Tell
i it Pedefson )
Song, "See Saw." by Ima Fllit
i Gertrude- Mleael),
General informatliui by Delia Ware
1 1. aura Pederson)
Duet, "Jungle Hells." by Vera Good
and Dll Phant (Evejyn Lucas and
Dorothy Benckendurf).
Solo. They Go Wild. Simply Wild
Ovor Mr," by Percy Veranec (Karl
"Estmy for Bald Heine," by loiu
Ford (Marie Wolfanger).
Duet. "Huckleberry Finn," !;
I tickle Berry Finn and Hesa N'utt
(Elmer Thnrson and Arnold Wolfau
ger). Song. "Every Little Bit," by pupils
Closing song. Games of Our Child
hood Gays." by pupils.
C:h'T scholars in the school we.e
Klla Vater (Nettie Morrison l; Iirey
Straight iKIvin Ritisj. Alll Gatot
f Florence Benckendorf) and H. Tlier
mometer (Clarence Riss).
Fancy Groceries Everything Worth While
Imported French Peas, very '500 cans Hawaiian Pineapples
sweet and tender, per can No. 2'2 cans 29c, or 3 for. $1.00
35c, or 3 for $1.00 200 small cans Armour's grat-
I ed Pineapples per can 15c
'Gal. or No. 10 can sliced $1.25
20 rbs fine Granulated Sugar for $1.00
With 3 tbs. Delicious City Club Coffee for $1.00
Or 1 fb 60c Gun Powder, Japan or English tea.
Pla-Safe Flour is made from old wheat and warantsd better than what
you are using or money back.
49 tb sack $1.95
Melba Peaches, halves. You
will say this is the best
peach you ever tasted, extra
syrup, per can 49c
Gallon or No. 10 tins Grated Pineapples, Apricotes. Peaches 95c
100 Winner Cigars $275. Smoke ten, return and get your money back in
full if not pleased.
50 Imported Cigars $2.50. Tax paid on these cigars. Was up to 1 5c. We
bought the stock at auction.
1000 packages 1Cc Smoking Tobacco, 4 packages for 25c
1 tb good long cut Smoking Tobacca , 49c
Phone 128 for fresh Cucumbers, Tomatoes. Spinach, also Sweet
Potatoes, Green Onions, Cauliflowe-. Hubbard Squash, Lettuce.
Please Call Only
Since the consolidation of the Blackley and
Gould cleaning and dyeing plants, we have dis
continued taking orders at the Gould shop at
I Ol 5 La Salle St.
Our only office for receiving and delivering is
the Blackley shop at 622 Court street. Orders
left there, or phoned will receive the prompt and
careful attention always prominent in Blackley
Orders given us after FRIDAY at noon,
cannot be delivered until the following
Heading, "Nun'e Soliloquy," by
Sarah Toga (IUh Ru I
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Harber spool
Bunda with Mr. and Mi Fred Oleim
of near Oread Ridge,
Mrs B5, B. Stevenson wa a Sundaj
night gnest with her daughter, Mr
Elmer Standee,
Miss Winifred Barrickmati spent
Sunday at the R. c. Harbi r home end
attended dedlcstloe c' New Hope
w ell Sun lay.
v- te'iafrofi mid Wllllsm Bodle
sVtelled and (Mtvirnd corn to Rlchorde
Th'trsday hiui Friday.
v est pfeeny and Ben
six it Moqda) ev mlng at th
Jones home.
William Poole has purchs
Ford sedan,
Mr and Mrs.
daughter iliu-el s
AlfiOS Smith honii
Arthur Harbi r
pent Situ,:. i .'t
nd '
Floyd IrletreoB
evening with his
Mr. and Mrs. R
la t M mday
. Mrs. Floy.'
c Harber and i Ml
(lien viefted Sunday nt th A. S.
Poole h IBM
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kucvlnky vis
I ted with relatives rear Grnnd Rid ;
Mr. and Mrs c V Harber were
cullers .it the Lewis Pearson home on
Tuesday. Mrs, IN arson's mother. Mrs
Lynch, had the misfortune to fall and
brook some ribs
Mr and Mrs Karl Morris.itl visited
in Streator Sundry
Ulei Hotel Harber Is able to go
back to her scho'd duties after being
Confined to her home with the mump.
Carrie lours is ponding the we I
in Streator with her grandpa ret I
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Joins. Mr.
Jones I - doing nicely.
Mr?' C. V. Harber spent a fi w days
last week with Mrs. A. C Poole.
Walter Berickendorf Is baling strov
for H. I. Baker this week.
Charles Barton movt .1 to his home
In streator Monday,
Mrs. Coushind assisted her sister.
Mrs Berk, to cook for sIteUeN lon
Rev Appleby and Hev. Archer Ol I
dinner with Mr. and Mr. K.'.vin
Benckendurf Sunday
Th More the Merrier.
!'; Inn and Tumble Inn art
fjotciv in h fpr I
Lowney's Chocolate, 30c cakes
now 18c
uat tapped, barrel fresh Isng
cut coccanut, per tb 39c
- Gould
Light Lost by Dirt.
Hie value of clean lamps ami lamp
fixtures N not generally gpprrcloted
iiiui so the dust anil soil is often al
lowed t" real upon them undisturbed
for a bug time. Attention lo this
omtter was recently iiown by lest
to result iii an Increase of one-third
in the amount of IHutninatloi in a
BMttory, After Ihe gsjOMNWl nil loll It
was decked by the owners in employ
n man io ive his attention to eleui Inn
the lamps nnii renewing them when
th) gel to the Inefficient slage.
' ;: ' ' Illlillllllllllllallllllllllll 1
Pleasant View Luther College
South End Guthrie St.
Friday Evening, December 16, 1921
5:30 to 7:30 P. M.
Under Auspices of Girl's Mission Club
Tickets 50 cents Proceeds go to Missions
Do your Christmas shopping at the Bazaar.
M Enjoy a good home-cooked meal. Public is
j cordially invited. If you haven't eaten lefse,
J fattigman and lutefisk, come and try them.
Suggestions to the
Xmas Shoppers
Who Desires to Procure the Greatest Value
For Their Money.
There is no doubt whatever that the most ap
preciated article to give a man or a boy is an
article which he can use personally.
Note the reasonableness of prices quoted
Neck Ties
Beautiful holiday rOUT
in Hands, 7"c to
Silk Knitted Ties.
75c to
ESaeh In a fine holiday box. ready
for presentation on Christmas,
A fine shewing of suk Knitted and
Brushed Wool Mufflers, attractive
ly priced, 11.90, $1.50
A highly appreciated gift Is such
shirts as these.
Satin Striped Broadcloth. Jersey
and Crepe de ChbU
Special in Silk Striped
Madras and Fiber .
Plain Madras and
Percales, $1.2."). $1.50.
Extra special fine Percale Shirts,
neck (hand or collar at- QQ
tached eTOv
Highly appreciated are such
Handkerchiefs as theae.
Men's Genuine Linen Handker
chiefs at 33e and 50 C
Women's real Madeiia Handker
chiefs, handsomely boxed, at per
box. $1.00, 1.60
Men's i"ine Initial Hand
are practical gifts.
tJnllned Kid and Btiededhn C
Gloves. $2.00 and . ip.c
at I1.S9) $2.00 and
Suede Gloves. $t0 ami
Warmlv lined Gloves and Mittens
at $1.50. $2.00. and 2 gQ
Resi Plutocrat.
Plutocrat - a mini wealthy enough
lo poj blith In I hue and his lawvcr.
- N'nshx (Me TehncstfMan,
I " I ,k )unr lra..l. , , .
i liC'lt,.-!, r' IUm id TlrndV
I'lll. hi ll,d an,l I. 1,1 . , W
bn, mM ltli Blu SiMhui.
I luko , ulhrr liny mt vnur
II, a il,l.
i in i i(
IIMI IllltSlI I'll. I.N, (.if V..
. i .i l!r I.SJkil Al-lvi KclUM
Pajamas and Night
of tsnnia flannel, also of light
weight solid colored materials, all
trimmed with silk frogs.
Pyjamas, 11.60 to 2 50
Night Robes. $1.00 to 2 QQ
Men's Silk Hosiery
alwavs an acceptable gift.
Th read SUfc Hose, 7Er
guaranteed, pair JC
Paraailk Hose, guaranteed ("rt
for wear, pair : JVC
2 pairs of same put up in QO
attractive box i2OC
Heather Wool Hose
for men. boys and children.
Men l fancy Pullovers. d PA
all Wool, $5.00 and .. PO.OU
Men's ('oat Sweaters, Cl
$3.50. $4.50 and pO. OU
Boys' All Wool Pull- d0 f"
overs ipO.OU
Children's All Wool do f"
Coats i.OU
Bath Robes
Don't decide on a Bath Rlhe until
you have examined the wonderful
assortment here; priced reason
able at $6.00, $6.50 an,1g CJQ
Leather Novelties
Collar Bags. H'dkerchief and Neck
tie Holders: these articles are
adapted for holiday gifts, priced
at $1.50, $2.00 and 2 CJQ
EjXtra Special
Men's Overcoats, reduced 20 per
ce'nt to 33 per cent. See the bar
gains in Suits here, at a reduc
tion of 20 per cent to 30 per cent.
Boys' Fine All-Wool
with two pairs of pants, formerly
sold at $1 '.ro. $12.50, HIM; re
duced to $8.98. HA QO
tOa . aJIU.iJO
Price 90c

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