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115 West Main Street
p ublished Every Afternoon Except Sunday
W. H, 08MAN Editor ami Qeneral Manager
0. H. WOOLBERT Managing Editor
Marseilles News
(7uHe-iv t T33uaHT
THAT TMi'Vi; tow
kJSXVtkJsVsVtkkiJik gCIc.'.'.',.'W,s,sv
Office over Star Theater.
t KAO T 0 DO vv.S
Offne Phone, Black 1V6.
House Phone, Black 35.
Member of the Associated Press
Pally, one year In advance, by carrlei
Dully, one year in advance, by mall outi
Daily, ono year in advance, by mall, In La
Daily, per week, by carrier
The Associated Press h v l
of all aeWf dlapatcbea credited to it
and also local news published In li
Entered as second class matter March
wn, 111., umler the Act 0( Octobi r II, 1917.
Office at OtU
un. label?
I iii ' recent ch lice f a man f r a big oh has
ughout the country than the -lelectioti oi
stmaster genera, to head the moti n picti
States. I'he salary named, $150,000 a
mm j
il! in the
u when i
Pn babl;
comment thn
the present p
of tlif United
enough in itself to excite c mment, ami w
postmaster general and the fact that h
Republican political organization arc take
is ample room for all sorts of guesses as
earn the money. For he i expected "to d
in excess of $150,000 annual! or he wot
Hays in the shun time ho has been post
g n k SO t ar as a man o
oartment, particularly
f disorganizatii n bequeathed him by 1
movie magnets found they were getting
that it would take a big man to straighten
man they believed could do tin- jnli and tl
from the government by the salary route.
The main work laid out for Mr, Hays
ers, is to trv to co-ordinate the operatu its and activitie
companies that aggregate $250,000, in their invested capital
well as to resrulate the distributing aeencies which serve some 20,01
exhibitors. What he may accomplish in nuninuztng
1 . MnMa ,, HntAmal i,ir.,r.., hH9tlu ill
for the mistakes of producing compani
month i lost throt
systems of various
ding motion-picture
he is exected
nerai has made
i headed that de
1 -
led ti steal him :
-Y-... 1 , LI .nL t , . . , .
chili held a
m in 1 ,eKion hall. 1 da) aft
id of the commit' i ol Fas
veal Igate 1 he mat-1 n ere p
11 amusement iai k the eh
.1 - 1 lOQg'a drove. I groups
rove jusl a eat ol 1 year,
owned by Henry Sehrin
itupiisi Ladlei Aid met
ernoon a lib M rs. Fred Sehring
t Blufl street About (Ifteen
resent in Uti bualness session
nun women were divided into
to entertain during the coming
Kach month he- a group Mrs
1 served doughnuts and coffee,
. an
1111 I
I noilip
son tin
and the women arranged ail the de
tails or the coming year's won. during
the afternoon.
commltt 1 . reported that alter
up iu ' matti 1 a Ith Mr Thomp
had arrlvi A .11 a proposition
to organise .1 tock company with al
( anltaJ sto k ol 1.10.000. Mr. Thome I
will take .11 pel cent of the stock.1 Alu" "" wnJ
uhlM, r.!,r I lh . InnH nanri montlttg With a load
by the stock company for five years,
with a proviso oi option for renewal
for an additional Ave years on aspira-l
tion of the Brsi ho years,
The remaining Ml per cent of the
stock i- to be sold and the money put
Into the Improt i iv. nt ot the park, A j
pa 11 Ion .v i Id be built for dancing
1 1 i, ..... . . ............
he In i -1 o::t for concessions.
which would be s.m for revenue pur
poaci Also room would he provided
for the parking 1 1 cars ol those who
i .
The mait. r was referred to the pies
Idem, E A Collins, with power to ap
point u committee to sell the stock
ami raise ine minis ut i ssai in mi- (
prove the par.; 1 06 SIOCK win he ..i
ana ot
wc old
What's the Reason P
Akin llepner went to Chicago this
of baled straw.
And people are buying haled straw
and hay frelghtened her. from Oil-
CagO Seems like It WOUld he more
thrifty for people to buy straw be
fore it is sent to Chicago. It would
cheaper without the
lit rate, and the railroads
ly can do with absolutel)
rk. so why overload with
tuff to Chicago and then
is before it is handled so
auble ir
Organise Helping Sisters.
meeting was held lust evening at
home of Mrs, Augutt O'Dllle of
n street oi the organisation known
me Helping sisters . r Lucllli
iiiiiiiiii BivHUBHi ami tio.it n insiii
About slxtv now belong, and the
oharter will be open for several
weeks, allowing those who wish to
become charter members to have that
The Officers as now elected are as
President Lucille Bolatto,
ice president Lucille Andi
Secretary Agnes .Marchione
Treasurer Leonore Dogllo,
Cnehh i Mamie Musatto.
Trustee-, -Angellne Bogglo.
Aanni and tiuarna Basone
Notice will be given ol the time
and place of the next meeting, as thu
society is outgrowing the limits of
any private residence to that it will
be necessary to rent a ball.
at. i
; fr
Pvthi.in Sisters Initiate.
The Pythian Sisters met last even
Ing and the following candidates were
initiated W .1 Waniner, .1 Berth,
in. I .Mrs Ted LettSOlM Aliout a
hundred were out to the meeting. The
-isti r- are growing so rapidly that
aco rding t i his employ
pn iducin
three group
harmi my.
the fact
nave i"
me i d
rv system
exiuitable rentals and Hie
that $1,000,00
the distrihtitin
( iiinn cites a
.statement that
the sacrifice of
still clinging t
exhibitors fighting for
the selective principle in booking
made up of individual pnxlucers,
product directly to the exhibitors.
paper, "w ill be 1 ke
.1 it
sol ne oi tIK
great business.
.ti ither h ilely
is that he will w irk i
censorship of films, v
claim that the di i n
grading or deinoralizi
nient of censor- will I
the conflicting views
According to the movie people he is expect
point the educational and moral value ol
Hays himself construes his job to lie "ti
to to
hrin order
is a highly
waste in the
e puuiic must pav
expert estimated
n and conflict in
I he Manchester
i the industry to
"mass producers
1 group includes
right to exercise
Then there i- a third group
irectcrs or -tar offering their
-a'. - the Manchester
of disorder in what
al Deri' d f' r a & ery
Today's Markets
The electru MrIu company has sin
nifted Its willingness to provide a hun
dred lamps at once to lulu th, park
n a- it is ready, and additional
lamps as thej are needed.
The club then took up the matter
ot the pi Intlng bill for the toldei s,
which was allowed ami paid, amount
itip to 1371.10.
The club also contributed $"''i to
ward th. paving of the bard road from the Ruby Palace. Sandwiches, pick
Marseilles south of the river. lee, cake and coffee were served by
Aftir the close of the meeting of I the hospitable hostess, a pleasant
th--(lit .iter Marseilles club, there ivaa I social afternoon was t-njoved by an
trip the KuiK'ib
rshlp, Alter lh.
sti r supper WW
Mrs. Ten Eyck Entertains.
Mrs Kay T o Byck entertained
about twenty-ftve yesterday afternoon
at her home In the Milium Hat over
n iu ref
no eting of the buslm ss
rt nee to the organization
anrtng tni
India, und t
ot nin? h' r
Chicago, Jan, .'7 Hogs, 35,000:
'. Id over, 16,386; opening steady to
Btrong with yesterday's average;
mostly to yard traders and cliippers;
S90 paid for Is" to 190 tt). hogs; hulk
good; 200 to 280 lb. butchers 880
S80; quality mostly jjuud; average
i ost yesterday S65.
and the
Bid era tii
less men s association,
th. Greater .Marseilles
is di in1 h-'i suae of tin
iliuit that the tin ater
ih was really a merct
among the citizens.
WS taken, however,
as laid over for con
ture meeting.
prest nt
Batch jASky's
Offer Some Good Bargains
ra's hi avy hlui work shirts
m's h avy tii et ed union suit
omen's rubbi rs. t pair,
ble i ii cloth, 26c yard.
n's hi avy woolen BOX, 2
0. E. 3. School of Instruction.
Etamona Chapter, O. B, B . held a
school of Instruction yesterdsy after
noon and evening, with Mrs. Jeannie
R. Kiln
A pot
the otfh
( pu d idea
head off th
rhy, manager
Co, members
third floor
i aye as instructor.
3 per served to refre th
er th ir afternoon's
an opportunity for
sociabiltty for those
come in the evening.
Trimmer ot the west
Mi a Heiberg, certified public ac
jcountiint. will be at the First National
1 Bank for one week, commencing Mon
iday, Feb. 20, for the puriiose of mak
1 Ing out income tax reports for resi
dents of this community. His serv
ices will be free to all.
Local Notes.
Miss Clara Hinckley of Kalrview re
turned from a visit in Boone, Iowa,
with her sister, Mrs i i; Osgood, of
that oity, Miss Lenore Osgood
daughter ol Mr and Mrs I (; Osgood,
came back hen with her aunt to visit
relatives for a few weeks.
The it v p r. of the Baptlal church
will hold their monthly business and
social meeting at the church tonlchl
atti ndanci Is urged ol all the
ning people of the church.
Mrs. Oscar Kroehnke is confined to
ise w ith an attack ol the (til
Mrs. 8. Fisher came from Chicago
sterday morning to spend a few
nirs with her parents. Mr. and Mrs
ig I ol 'lark strei t. and return
th' et ening, accomi anted by her
mother. There is culy a short time
n w before the Fishers return t.: Km.
h'o fo ran Indeflnlti i tay.
Mr-- William Daly spent yesterday
in Jollet visiting I. -r daughter-in-law,
Mis Stella Italy, of that city
Herman Kinn.imier nt tpiMtMM
I lowa, is visiting friends and relatives
i here, having arrived this morning,
lie Is working a farm belonging to Ar
Ithur Trumbo m ir Armstrong,
j Edward McMab in returned from the
i hospital yesterday, where he had been
ti undergo an operation on his t'iroat.
City Commissioner Kohrta went to
toaay on . usiness.
;e Ilendriok of Chicago, broth
er-in-law of George Holle, la visiting
the Holle family at their home on
, l nion street.
Don't Forget
Our hig shoe .sale. One dollar for
J )ur Old pair of Shoes on B new pair.
I'm can save money by trading at
and at
Prices Reduced.
iiiiect to
but that ai
eep them eternally in
as to what constitut
oi motn
;sible degi
highest possible standart
develop to the highest pi
value of the industry."
A Washingtoi
is expected of Mr.
"He is t
the public, Thi
their production
the filming of '
will have power
world. If the postmaster general is
offense from the films and establishii
productions, he will probablj be fount
an effort to brini; about the repeal of
idiscnmtnate app mt
s ater i ffl aCCi unit I
a legitimate picture.
. raise ti i the highest
great industry," and
tin and maintain the
production and to
oral and educational
Low, Close.
rr -v.
Of Ka:
tc Merchants Bank.
South Side Coal.
16.60 per ion in two ton lots or
moro. $C .75 per ton .'or single tons
and on the bill. For prompt del'very
'phono Black No. 6.
Manufacturers' Coal Co.
15 IM l 1 7s '
Oi 1.02 1.02 f
- mm - 1 !
.-:. r.r.ii .66
::,9 .384
3 .40 .:!!-, L.
Grand Ridge Neivs
C?ih Markets.
does not mean so "
but the establishment
Tensive subjects. It
resembling those i f
t will prevent j
Mr. 1 laves
the baseball
emoving all
le to govern;
r engaged in
laws as ni w I
.47 1 1
: .ITi
l- MM
.86 Va
i' .36
.11 -1
And then there
expected to earn
iiical influence he
n to the extent oi
f films
is am ither p int
his enormous s
Q 1
The indyor ganu piavod here on
Wednesday evening by the local Odd
Fellows' team and Harding team re
sulted in favor of Grand Ruse, 12 to
6, The game w a: a good one and was1
attended by a fair crowd, considering
the many othor events which have
been taking place. The Marseilles
team and the American Legion team
ol Ottawa both will possibly play re
turn games here, but no special date
7 has yet hi en decided upon.
Sheriff Hre for Deputies.
Sheriff Avers paid a visit to the
lllage Wednesday, hie object being to
cure men as depnti;-. to take charge
I' the trouble expected by a strike in
treator We did not learn as to how
lanv Qualified.
.their h
here, al
them th
It of
goods today. The
his community for
Detroit came as a
their many friends
m join in wishing
luccess In their new-
out the kind 1
people upon tl
f r as long a
be continued.
"The pn
n mance ant
this program paying at the
ous reo rd as the screen-
which brought down the wra
r heads. If such h the ollject he v
i ti ims are corrupting the demand tor
As the Chicago Tribune said recentlj
sducers who are getting by big are gi
the emotii lis of virtue, simnlicity. and
In ;x office. I
-and probablj
all decent
a failure,
rship will
e stage has no such virtu
never will he required t
nimg IBS'
ressure ;
ning of
I day's stock market. Postponem
i of dividend action on consolida
'gas caused a further reaction or
points. Railroad equipments and j
shipper:, also became heavy. Amerl-
motive !
a one
way moderately. Qalf states 1
made an initial gain of one i
snipper:, aiso oocame neavy. a:
ing the people I n Locomotive, Bldwin Locom
,, ,l,w -i,l, i Hd United Fruit sustained a
gt 11 dness, w itti ,. , , , ,, -,
o 1 point loss. Kails, coppers and si
church net
surprise In
odist chun
ESpworth 1
evening bi
being presi
h. where hf
Aagne and
rvice. His
have. The movie
is a great purifier.'
! I I Bays has heen
pictures produced and to
the industry he will be a
legitimate censorship or
he will be a failure.
learned that it
employed to
straighten ou
a v
"i 11 K
1. and that it
4 wl
the charactt
mercial tang
ould be mroh
Probate Court
. .31
. .2S'-;
. .41
Rev. Sears Here on Sunday.
Rev. Sears, who years ago was pan
ir of the Cumberland Presbyterian
rru aas a nappy
ent at the Ml th-
addreesed the
conducted the
subject was
'Tin- Doubting Thomas, and was or
a very helpful and inter, sting char
acter." Rev. Sears was tl)-- guest of
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wakey while in
Roy Esmcrd Leading Goods.
Roy Esmond and family, who are
moving to Id troit. Mich., are moving
Local Notes.
Miss Lucas and Miss Irene Farley
of Harding were overnight guest.-,
Wednesday evening at the F. V. New
man home on Porter avenue, visiting
Miss Edith.
Jay N'aughton and H. Mullln were
called to Strentor Wednesday by the
death of Mrs. William Wheatland of
that city.
Mies Edna An tram was nbsent from
her studies at the high school on
account of indisposition.
.lames V llson of East Liberty street,
was an Ottawa business called oil
the village, Is a victim of mumps.
Mr Hays and family, who have
been working for Mr Oebhardt for
some time, will move to the Roy Es
mond home, northeast of town. The
Esmond family are, it is reported.
going to Michigan. Mr.. Hays will
take charge of their farm during their
al sence.
H. i) ( rosby. member of the Mer
cantile company, is confined to h's
home by illness.
Miss Florence Otl was an Ottawa
visitor on Tuesday.
Mrs. William Wheatland of Strea
tor. sister-in-law of Mrs. H. Mullin
and Mrs. Jay Naughton, passed away
at St. Mary's hospital. Streator, Wed
nesday morning after a short, illness
due to pneumonia. Her husband was
buried but a sh ut time ago. he hav
ing been fatally Injured when his
auto was hit by a Santa Fc train.
Wednesday. I Then on Saturday her mother, Mis.
H. M. Glazier, manager of the local ' Dooley of Hansom, was burled, and
nhlnnlnz association, shinned stock to I then, as beioie stated, she herself on
Chicago this week.
Mrs. Lewis Antram and little Jaugb
ter Marjorie spent Tui (day With Mr
Antram's parents, Mr. und Mrs. It. M.
Antram, on West Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. David Hunter spent
Wednesday witli their daughter, Mrs.
Kelly Payne.
Mrs. Tole of Streator as a recen!
visitor with Mrs. Karls on Fast Main
Boy Atwood, who resides west of
Wednesdaj morning,
"Mi.-s Gertrude Lock Is spending a
few days this week at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Kalph Sutton of South
Ottawa township.
Tin quarantine has been lifted from
the Methodist parsonage. Miss Janet,
daughter Of llev. and Mrs. J, C.
t'raine, being (piite herself again after
an attack ot diphtheria.
Winifred Yocum, Correspondent.
-Est Helen Ra
'der as tO Helen l
k Brenneman to
tiling bond 1209
Arctic Days and Nights.
The Arctic is n region ol -now nn
Ice; for months fn the winter the sun
is in-low the horiton, and though for
other months in the summer ii never
sets, its bent is not Strong enough In
most i) Barters to reduce the quantity
of snow und he which form in the
cold season. The longest da) und
longest night at latitude To degrees
are about two months each ; 10 de
grees farther north thej are about
three Months each; nt the pole they
divide :lie year almost penally.
It wa i
Hon t" t
In con cei
was to k
till the
asking o
"Who." 1
whs aln
the rest
The Leader.
the custom nt tin
pent the Twenty-I
1 Psalm
Irs. Anns! rong 9 habit
iboiit a doRen wolds ahead
through, A si ranger Was
ay abwul Mrs. Armstrong,
quired. "Was the lady who
tu the still waters while
Arc. ! Hen
Petn for Appmt or Conservator Est ', Bprlngers,
Joseph E Hougas hrg cont to Feb 0 Stags. 12c
at 10.
Rept r,f
Est Wn T
Lard, 10c
Per Ppty App lOld Roosters 8c.
fieeso, 12c
Turkeys, 30c
i-'resh Kggs, '.
Ducks, ICc
Putter, 'i-ic
Circuit Court
stle and later on proved
of a serious nature, the
coming out of the fray,
mil th
lrienilly wr
to be mon
one with a black eyt
With M veral scratches to remind him
Of the encounter, This caused some
hard feeling, which, we hope, will soon
he forgotten.
is wei
Met 1
e lying dow n In
1 ei-U
; Ltd
n afft ot
Unlike Humars.
Kind words never die they don't
have lo. to BS appreciated. Posum
The Rainiest Hour.
Four p. ro. is said to be the rainiest
hear of the whole -4.
A Nut Like Daddy.
The little daughter had endured
evening sHer evening her daddy's n--inpation
of srrltlng and his twsnosjnV
table leili -s to reiiiaiks ftom inem
bers of ih, family. KiiinlJy. when she
v:i asked What She intended to do
when she urew up, the little 'iiuuh
ter said: "Oh, write papers und be a
nut like duddy."
partition ami
121369 Nertney
i rompt.
I2."7ur Ammarcil
. 2.".6T2 Sanderson vs Sanderson or
I der of (Pit ami reference.
ISM Jurkas va Jurkas-hrg & de-
Chat ii Bukety vs Wm F
j Herrniaiin appeal.
II6C22 Then 1a Weber vs Edw Web
sr divorce, j.v to prus as ii.
I Penman & Massleoa :-oir.
order of
to Km
flier T
forts ti
Confers Immunity.
lehi. who was assistant
iews in the BeitHchrift
(Leipzig) nil the cf
been made to produce
m tunercalosjis, and as
re is no method of vac-
cable I" Man. The only
Inabte is that from mild
, ,,n Wasaennaafl
tutlar eooclustoo.
Powerful Remedy.
Professor t'nue ttilBis thsl many
itii --1 run . tared by suggestion.
The men ... ..ion of the doctor'
fee mVn ha lh inuce effect. Vwuk
K. of C. Meeting.
The Knights of Columbus held their:
regular business meeting in the K. C.
rooms Tuesday evening. A tourna-
nt eoiiHisitng of pool, forty-five and ;
euchre was started, to he continued
throughout the next three meetings j
Lunch was served, and all spent a I
pleasant evening.
To Move Into Town.
Mrs. Utile Pearson, residing east!
Of I'tiea, expects to move 11110 iowi;
around the first part of February and
will reside on CMWCB sre, wnere
she formerly resided. The occupants, I
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur KllnepeteT, I
will move into the Prentice house. 1
formerly occupied hy Mr. and Mrs.,
Kenneth Hntchtnsoo.
Baptists Banquet.
A banquet was hi id In the east
rooms of the Baptist church Wednes
day evening ut 8:80, given by the
Ladles' Aid society 1 1 the young peo
pie of the church. Supper was served
for 35 cent-, and a large crowd was
present to partake of the tine spread.
Friendly but Fierce.
A couple of our young hi Is. no
name., mentioned, were engaged in an
rginnent on Wednesday BIK rnoon.
kick, on being piolongea, no to Bli
Local Nctes.
Miss Helen Reynolds, daughter of
( OUnty Treasurer Keynolds, who has
been very sick with tonsilitis at her
home in I'tiea. is- better.
Mrs Harmon Fowlie left Thursday
for a few days' visit ut the hOBH of
Mrs. Karl Hebolt in Pontiac. Harnion
Fowlie. who is traveling in that vicin
ity, will spend the week end in Pon
tiac. Mrs. Strlla Forbes attended a Re
in kah installation in La Salle last
Thursday evening
K Chllders wa
Mrs. Alice Wheeler was a shopper
in Ottawa on Wednesday.
George Ki ynolds was a business
other I caller in Chicago on Wednesday and
T hursday.
The titles unit of the Home Bureau
held their monthly business meeting
at the home of Mrs. George Reynolds
on Thursday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Scott have re
turned from their honeymoon trip in
the south and are residing in Peoria
for the present. Mrs. Scott was for
merly Mrs. Bessie Huffstodt of this
Mios Mildred Smith Is attending
night school at Hrown's Business col
lege in La Salle.
Peculiar Currency.
Cow dry Shells ate still used as
money in the East Indies. Slam, and
on the west const of Africa, ut the
rate of one-two hundredth of a penny
each. The teeth of the sperm whales
an- used 11s money in Fin. Hie white
one being of greater value I ban the
colored variety; while among the
South Sea islands red feathers and Ht-
K. K Chllders was a I. a Salle caller j tractive kinds of stones puss muster
on Wednesday evening. las currency.

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