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Free trader-journal and Ottawa fair dealer. (Ottawa, Ill.) 1920-1927, October 02, 1922, 4 O'CLOCK EDITION, Image 5

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troyed; in the encounter Tonty wm drew a check tot $r on the other
wounded, bttt lit' wax tliutlly permit lunil: tuoh hte.iie i mi .Hi ,i.,i.. IMd
led in return to Bt, Ignsct in the phoned the shartifa oflioii laying
lull id' iiis'J. I n Balls end Tonty. while that n un bed no license Humbert
at Mackinac, heard rumors of t com on f ear, Bherlfl ij irs told iii Main
ProvtmiH Ui his death ami nlckneei
he wan emidiiyed m the rneui market
of the Chicago Bntcfhers mi W ent
rlMeeiwilalinli and I 'll 789 8
li'i'in Main ntreel and vv 1 1 i 1
ploye made roany friend
t lift i em
lie had
Ini attach n the Illinois tv thd lro- garagoman in rcmovo the key
quota, hastened at nine in the Illinois the ear. white he Inoknu up the set
i .....i i.. it i i. ..in mid elieel, I'liilU liin Hie ki-V and
I e I n i M j 1 1 1 1 I ill i f i nun i i ,i.- , I r 1 1 1 - a., i .1 ....
u e iiied wenl down to tne nana, wnen ne re nu iuu irwuu
upon tile 1 1 I of Hie l llll ni
Starved Uneli, a Iml naming it. in
honor oi iheir aoveretgni 'Fort it.
Louts.' i' or nearly thirty years Port
si Lout exi led as the westernmost
stronghold o( New France, ami in
and around lis Stockade was main
taineii a great feudal establishment
patterned arter tnoee oi me ui i,ilS !ir.,i Vlolor'ycl Pollooii
World, ami undergoing the violent-ji uckworth stopped the auto wh
tudea of political Intrigue to an extant was s new Dor) The man w ho
greater even than can be round jn driving said he was Harry Arnold
lin ni d the man and the ear u -re w lierever he Weill
both gone The dec Baaed was born in Ottawa
Vcoordlng to the Information re Dee, u, mot, on the Peyton rout,
eelved hem g suit oaae and rifle where be made hfl home with his
wore round in the bach of the auto, parents,
The Morris authorities were notified I Bealdea leaving a w ide circle of
ami stopped the machine as It pasted friends to i m his death he leaves
alone the bard road near their city, ; i,iu in,.,, ,i ui,,,..,i ji.
teiH. Mrl gulden Bates and Theresa
I'lirns, ami one brother, ifimmett',
The funeral win he held at n a. m
Seventy live members ol the Art
Blxtenaion committee tram all parts
ol' the stale visited I In Starve, nek
slate park and Deer Park, to Inspect
the natural bMttjttOa of the place yes
terday, The number included resi
dents from Ottawa, l.u Salle and
Btraatar, The expedition was beaded
by Lo ratio Tuft, sculptor, who li
head of the committee, and the ar
ranaaments were in charge of Mrs.
A. J Wilson ol Li Salle, chairman i "i
Of the local committee
Th party met at the afCakaakla ho
tel in La Salle in the late morning
A late train caused a Blight delay In
Wln u the expedition stalled a ride
around the city of La Salle was the
Ural feature of the entertainment,
from La Balie the patty went t
Deer Park, and walked through the!
Deer Park glen, alter which they
were entertained at a very delightful
buffet luncheon at the home of Mr. I
and Mrs, George P. Blow, In the park.
At the clo.e of the luncheon Horace
Hull ol' this city, was asked to speak
on the state park, telling the his-1
tory of the beautiful spot, state Qe
ologial Prank w. Dewold also gave
a very Interesting talk on the state!
Prom the Blow residence the party
went to starved Rook, where they
visited some points of Interest, red
turning to the Kaikaskla hotel for el
Dr R B, Heironymous, of the state!
university, acted as tonstinaster, at
the prQgrattl at the ( lose of the ban
quet. Mayor Peter K. Coleman, of
Lf Salle, delivered a very cordial ad !
di"ss of welcome, which was respond
ad to by Senator Thurlow Beslngton,
of Btreator,
The party h it on the Rock Island
last ninht for Peoria, w here they will I
hoard a boat and proceed down the
river to St Louis, stopping along tin
way to visit historic sites.
The talk which was delivered by
Mr. Hull at the Blow residence, was
one of the lines I On Starved Rock
ever heard in this part of the state.
Mr. Hull said in part:
"i have been asked by the commit
tee in charge of your entertainment1
to make a brief statement of facts
concerning the history of this beauti
ful spot as well as a sultl' ient descrip
tion 'if its surroundings as will enable
you the better to enjoy the trip we
are aiiout to make and perhaps enlisl
tyottr personal influence in persuading
the legislature to protect, conserve,!
and develop h beauties In a manner
coinniensurate with it.; historic and
scenic Importance.
"In the latter part of the seven
teenth century, rumors had reached
the court pf Prance of a grand and 1
noble river, lying beyond iheir most
western outposts, comparable in size
to the Bt. Lawrence and flowing thru;
a countrj of remarkable fertility; Hh,
bank peopled, in general, with sav
age tndian tribes, but, among whom,!
the Illinois, were described as affable
and humane, ready to receive instruc
tion and desirous of visits from the
"Believing that this river emptied
itto the Dnif or California, and would '
tlvis provide s passage to China and
lb far east and realising that Its
'enrol Jtho rivers beinir the only
htghwnj8 would hold the country
for franco against every other na
tion, Talon the fntendont, forestall
tag the missionaries, In 1H72. ordered
the matter to be made one of official
Inquiry and selected Louis Jollet,
who had been educated as a priest,
as leader, and Father James Mar
quote, a Jesuit friar, as missionary
chaplain, to make the exploration. By
way of the Fox and Wisconsin rivers,
these pioneers entered the Mississip
pi, explored its wters to the mouth
of the Arkansas and on their return
-having been told by friendly Indians
that there was a more direct route to
the Hie Lake left its swift currents,
and entered the Illinois, visiting on
their way the chief city of the Illinois
Indians, eUled 'Kaakaskta,' located
on the opposite side of the river and a
little below what is now known as
'Starved Floes.' This ended toilet's
connection wlttj the early history of
the Illinois valley, but a year later
the good Father Marquette, in ac
cordance with promises made to the
Indians, revisited the village and with
impressive ceremonies held on the
plain, opposite Starveil Rock, estab
lishes the lirst misison In the Mis
sissippi valley, naming it the Mis
sion of the Immaculate Conception
Of the Blessed Virgin.
"In liiSh. Robert Cavalier. Sleur de
La Saiie. a French bourgeois, holding
letters patent from Louis xiv. author
ising hint '"to make discoveries and
build forts In the western parts of
New France,' accompanied by Henry
de Tonty, a soldier of France, and
Father Louis Hennepin, a recollect
friar, after Innumerable hardships, re
visited the Village of Kaskaskia, but
finding the Indians absent on 8 hunt
itiK trip, proceeded to a spot near the
present city of Peoria, where they es
tablished temporary winter quarters,
giving it the name Of Fort ( rove
Couer (broken heart i. Leaving the
fort In Charge Of Tonty. La Salle re
traced his steps and in passing no
ticed th"' commanding position of this
rock and sent word hack to Tonty that
in ease of need to fortify it, as a bund
ful of resolute whites could hold it
aeainst a host of savages.
"A short time later Tonty visited
the village of Kaskaskia, for the pur
pose of looking over the ground,
preparatory to fortifying the rock.
While there, the Illinois Indians were
attacked hv the Iroquois, practically
exterminated and their village da
lle most advanced chapters of mod
rn politics,"
i To be continued.)
Marseilles, He was placed under ar
rent for driving without license
plates, but was allowed to go on bis
own recognisance, alter be had pro
dm cd s :iii of sale for the car. He
was to have had a hearing at 1 o'clock
he car. be claimed, was purchased
from Howard IF Bvtterfleld laal
A man claiming to be George Neb Ml' Butterfleld claims the man
son, who was driving s new auto pur paid only i small amount on the pur
.based last week by Harrv Arnold of chase when he took it, and agreed
Marseilles, was arrested In Morris to- '" retUIH and pay the remainder this
day alter he had attempted to pay week,
some gim and oil he had pun has
from the Alfred Clark garage, In TUflMAC QMQRJC AflPfl
Wodnoadaj from si Columba's church
and burial will be made in ,st. ColUUt
ha s cemetery.
A Six-Day Sale of this famous floor covering
Note These Low Prices-
6 x y it.
v ( iNGOi
7 ' i : 9 f
". 1 , A 111 I f '
'ivi im v j only
illy Advertised Price- $8.10
Genuine t.OI D SEAi . CON
HUG .ml
$7 K
$H. Ill
Nationally Advertised Price .$ 1 0. 1 0
nera uilh an illeeeil ,,-il,l,-.
ieek Tl mn fled from H 1Q PASSFS AWAY
lib Mr CI
i cluck
lb ran into the garage tills morn
;. and had his tank tilled with gaa.
tendered a check for 76, which
s drawn on the Seneca State Bank,
'lark pboiieil the hank, and learn
woahlngton, Oct, 2. d rial
ns med ii jiii lanta lives of tbe
in: ni of Jut t ice" 1 1 , declaj ed ii
I era! grand jury report made
today to have withliawn quant
I seised Intoxicating liquor froti
I aige during 1920 without due?
of law, and to have lilsponed of
of it h unroDrialina it for tin
nineteen year old , and by giving it to frlen
9 ft, Genuine GOI D-SEAI
.'I KUlVl KUG- only
rtiaed I'rii e I
lUTl -
nintionajiy .
io faclciry l"fl ov!Mi or "seconds," bu! fresh
mr in perfect condition, juat received from tl
u4 I
rice 7:
Thomas Burns, nineteen year old M,,. ami by giving It to friend and
son of Thomas llurna. passed uway relative-. The jury further held that
at 2:86 Sunday morning. the lbpior. most of which had bedU
The young man had been ill for isUed at the Washington Union st.i-
ahotit a vear. but appeared to be get tlon, was "disposed of by such Officers
tine along nicely until Ii 1 week ami employes with the sanction and
d that the man had no funds on wbei
leposit there. The Ulan I ll e II 1
lapse ami death I approval of those in higher authority
f bis sufferings, at the time."
I jLj -SLs IB. fijr si J..
R13-15-17 ILa 9alle Street
III' Ul rMllHTL' 11 1 '
in ii mi mi un iii mini mini iiiiiiiiiisisggggsj issmn ibhuhiis
jw iwiiawiisssssMBBsssasasgg " 1 ill ssjtsssjsajaassssssjiiiisiisji imipimai willliiWillsgis.il iiWIII III UlllilsjisjsssjMsgpsaa-r
rsassssar .
i V II m ar na in Ml -vrak
11 m mio
Jir-!? Ifiuikd llll
Del " h!T-!(" 11
SraafeS? H58S
S" 90 TH, -V: -so- ". x -('
iop sr- .-twy f-, . Sx n'T1
V t-Mf . 'Ctfr. -i -.--A.
Wf 9t4r: rt&i
y -At, .
Its Wearing Qualities, Designs, and Coloring ICC per cent Waterproof.
"Neponset" is not merely waterproof on top and bottom, hut guaranteed 100 per cent perfect waterproof Xff'"-
nil th wav through. Water cannot fade the handsome "Neponset colors it will not dim lUr artistic v
"Mof" r:iftvii t-V.ni- kntiswivPK ill nvpr thr roimtrv are so enthused about neither will water soak in
and injure it in any way because ''Neponset' is 100 per cent waterproof Once you put this tambus n
covering down, it's bound to please- -and last for years.
. - - - r . . .
-..-.-' -:.' -'TO:S';'.K'WflBJH
! '":' ''I
Wc. 4- -;- ,-' -
mm mm
Beautiful Patt
Will Not Decay
In the immense quantity ( 3000 y . ; r ' I s ) involved in this big demon
stration and sale you will find over twenty ol the newest and most de
sirable patterns you could imagine many oi which fusl came of! the
press. There are Wood, Tile, Matting, Block, Conventional and
All over designs, in striking color combinations, all clear and true
in fact, there is a design for every room in the bouse and patterns
thai you will be proud to have upon your Hour;;.
iubc "Neponset
r of it Kilting or i
it is RUaratitee
is 1 00 per cent waterproof, there need he no
ecaying as most moderate priced floor coverings
and will give better and more satis-
fip.i k mn ii milium u iiiii 11 iiihiuiiOI mil ft 'Hiiiiiiiifj
In,iVn.H.n.7Miii(.i "miB&&MM v--.
!:;';, if service than any other lloor covering you
double its price, It is thick, durable and absolutely sanitary, easily
have ever seen at
k fit clean, and can be mopped as often as you de
i ru!y it is the
one great, modern lloor covering lor
without th
1 "r,ll ll'HOI'U M HIM fl. milium "I Ml-'att'.i
glightflst injur
your home.
Demonstration Prices Only Durint; Time of this Event; Make your
Selections i.arly. Sale 9larls 8:30 A. M.
lit 1 U(M Kj (flttilllf It llttl II lUfjdifH II Uf H I
' ii inn ii "ISHIIV ;;,"tu' i.fTT.41Jl, t-"t'
i ii un ii tiiijimtiir ii 4f.iV nrMitJicti n iirt ti iiiHiiui
1 it ttin ii immtii'i
n n it H
11 tl II a , .T,
fiiMtl',:83 .s .
fj ii 3
Im run iiiKKi.ii mil ii mfiiuin m wh b ;i;:iiii.uE A , a Tl
. ,4 ,1 a, 11 M K -1,1 I, , X . , 1
MVHItlltl V 1
Watch the Famous Sidewalk Test
We are proving Neponset' a wonderful durability by the stillest test imagin
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1 3
I MIW 1 i
9 X
,M mi, M ,1, UMim rt IKil n llli!,"
h Y "
ii A t
J 't
813-15-1T La Salic Afreet
iKviMgi'WMUiiii!.uiiii msmmmmm. rwmvHsm mmammmm mammmmmsi. asemmmm
VsJP q lSZ 1 1 f: 1 r 1 1 SMS 8B 1 ' - j

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