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fl m K-.MM'HNAL.
Whine Marines Landed to Guard Americans' Lives
ork boat Pel.
Hw York M 1 .iw
Cincinnati st 61 .MS
PHUborgh 85 6!
Bt Louis !) N
Chicago 80 74 .511
Brooklyn M W '''4
l Mlndelnhla G7 M
liot.;n '! "",
H. S.
it L rtrii,
Boa tot, 1
citu innntl
sttrday's Keaults.
7: Chirac,:, I.
9 : , Yo'k. I
5; PKtsli irrh,
i I.
Outplayed and outweighed, i In- Itod
sod White defeated Saturday,
afternoon by batter team by a
Icon of 89 to 8 when fMaet Ralph
Piftciv r's lui-.kios ,.r v.-s( Aurora
high CTO88 Ml the Red and V hit" Real
lino for five touch downs.
Though the boxaoore shows i de
feat for tho local school Coach N"v
hern Stated Imcit niRht. "It In a hie vic
tory for Ottawa as I learned yester-
tiny who eouM paay toot boll, who bod
the materia! to make a player ami
what kind of nerve my men po et!
and I be lefo that WO will win tha
majority of our games."
Captain Parrel I of Ottawa wnn the
ton and ehote to receive and defend
fh west goal. Clgrand kicked off
to Karn 11, who carried the hall ten
yards. Ottawa thm lout the hall on
downs hut Aurora fumbled and Cal
kins recovered. Ottawa punted. Au
rora then marrriert np the field for
their first touchdown, which came
when Nelson broke through Ottawa!
line and ran twelve yards Bcroaa the
goal line and S. PlenaiOlni then kieked
goal, making the score stand 7 to 0
Aurora thpn kh kod off attain and Ot
tawa received and ivas forced to punt
and the hall was In Aurora's posst-s.
sion antl another march up the field
started. Clancy made nine and Rob
0th KB made first down. Aurora was
penalized (wire, once for backfirM in
motion dve yards and the same for
offside. But penalties could not stop
them and they made twenty yards in
two plays. Ottawa called time out
and on the next play after time out
Vonckx was penalized fifteen yards
for holding. This put the hall on the
Ottawa ten yards line and Robothum
took it over in three plays. This end
ed the first quarter with the koi
standing ).'! to u as Kl'mming failed to
FarrelJ kiekwl to Cigrand. who was
downed In his tracks, to iie-in the
second quarter. Cigrnnd ran thirty-1
Vive yard and was tackled by Parrnll
and Went and Clancy made outlier
first down. Aurora then went. over,
hut fumbled and Daniman recovered
and the ball was placed on the twenty
yard line. Ottawa then made first
down but was forced to kick next
down and the kick was Mocked, A
series of plays put the ball within
Coring distance and then Nelson took
it over and Clemming failed to kick
goal making the score il to o which
was the score for the first half as
the half ended soon after the kick
Both conches changed their lineups'
Nee berg sent
, o; . LOWt Pet.
. 'H no .840
U til ,604
7't 7" .518
T,X 7ii .fit HI
77 77 Mb !
M bi -l's
88 Bt
! M .881 !
Philadelphia. 8; Brooklyn, n.
Ne w York
St. LoOfe
I . t rati
Philadelphia ..
Bo don
Ye-.tcrc.iy'3 Results.
st Louis. Chicago, l.
Washington, f lotk,
eh vetand, t; l'etroit. .
No Other game scheduled.
the other two men who played foot
ball. Jobst was yanked early In the
The gills of tie Ottawa high school
should he especially complimented on
the wuv ihey turned out and cheer
ed and backed the team even wh-m
away behind. School spirit aa shown
by the girls is what makes the team
tight and win. If the boys build up
svstem of Cheering like that of the
girls it will be safe to say that Otta
wa high will have one of the best
schools in school spirit in the state
A defeat Saturday will have no ef
fort on tonight's 'practice as nobody
hurt and everybody win oe out
new aspirants
look th,
CilllMI Veh
The I, a Salle Hodgent
low. i national nuind Int.,
icrd.iy by a !l lo a scor,- Oeoru,
I raw ford, former Ottawa blgll HOlWOl
player, was ihe stur of the game,
scoring tip Dodgers' oat) touchdown
in the first quarter when on incce
slve plays be carried tile linll lor
touchdown in the llrsi elghl mlnUtei
of play, t'l .iwford ei foi nioil at iU.ir
lor The Urand RMge star waa knock
cd out in the third anarier and wai
iwrrleil from the field wllh his rlglil
leg hurt. II is thought his kt was
knocked out oi Joint IliihVr. tmdo
ta playef, bmmM the other throe points
Mi llle fourth quarter when lie drOf)
pod kicked font yards lor Hie Una I
tally. The guard on the low.i team
was knocked out and did not come to
for fifteen minutes. Cohen, who play
d with La BAtn high last year, wag
put out of the fame for slugging
(icorge Hoar of La Salle, had the
joh of referee La BaHa has one
( lassy team, but will have to iscure
faster running mates for Cigwford
a; the former Ottawa star iso fast
I he runs away Irotn his IntorferqnCe
landed nrd
w a s
lies ides a few mon
for positions the best looking ot th
new candidates being Art Johnson,
wlio will report tonight. Art has pU)
ed before and is expected to develop
into a likely hacklield man and maybe
a pood fullback.
Only four practices are available '
f.,r the hleh fchool mentor to rebuild
his team in preparation for the Mor
ris game and the boys from (liundy
county are especially strong this year
and are looking upon Friday's gaim
an their big game of tho season. A
practice game is scheduled for Wed
nesday with a team organized by the
coach and composed Of all stars from
about town, ft was announced Sat
urday that th high school second
team will plav l'h asa.nt View Luther
college Saturday on Kins field
The Lineups.
P lKkron. Ie.
Vonckx, If
Stevenson. l.
Koeastg, c.
OrittUits. rg.
Calkins, rt.
Logan, re,
West, qb
Carrel!. Ihb.
A nti am. fb.
II. Dekreon
. 13 6 7
0 0 0
riv fin, i hnrh,-.r tit gmvrna. rith Asia Minor eeanert center, whore I'nlted States marines hiv
nhcre American warshtpa n-e bcins aent to protect ot:r nationals. Turkish forces are within 20 miles of the
Ofty fOOowing the diaaatroni rout of the On k army and thou tan da of refugees aro entering the city daily,
bringing fani tllence. Insert, Rear Adralrnl Mark L, Bristol, United States high commissioner at
fjimaiaatlnTT' tn arg u w a Intaroata a Um .ar bml
Yes, We're Going To Be Dry - - But It
Won't Be Until 1947, Prohibition
Leader Says
Peoria Manual aaafatad sprint; VaT
ley high school hy a big BCOfi in
the contest between the two hlgli
school teama played at the Valley
Ba turd ay it is repailod tkat the
OOre was so big that I'eoria stop
pet counting some reports any the
litisl score w is iii the neighborhood
of inn to ft,
'.-How 1"!:'; di
log it will take
n lent 01
for the second half
Antram to tackle and Vonckx to
guard. Griffiths remained at the oth
er guard and Calkins stayed at tackle.
West wont, to fullback and Logan to
quarter while Daniman and Karnd!
stayed at the half and the Dekreon
brothers were sent, to the ends and
Koenig returned to center. Fletcher
also made several changes. Stayer
kicked off and Antram received. P.
Dekreon punted when no gain could
be made through, the line and Kssig
received, Aurora 'lost ten yards on
backfield in motion penalties. Btafg
broke away for twenty yards and sev
eral passes were completed and Palm
er went over and Hunter kicked goal,
making the score stand 26 to 0. Both
teams opened up and Hontz Dekreon
made the longest run of the day when
he ran fifty yards but failed to score.
1" the fourth quarter West Aurora
made their final score when PlemmiBg
ran a pass to the ten yard line and
Clancy took it over and kicked the
"oal, making the score stand to
0 as the final verdict.
One thing that showed up well in
the game was the fitness of the plac
ers as not one man was knocked out
or taken from the field because of in
ability to stand the gaff.
Pour members of the Ottawa squad
played a game that might he called
football. Fanner Antram and Sonny
Calkins were stars and their work was
the outstanding feature of the game
Bed West an.! Fritz Daniman were
L, Flemrainp, H
Cruine. If,
Benbow, lg.
Bonoroepou, c. itoesig, c. i w;n
Eeelis. rg. OrHBUM, rg.
Talmadge. rt.
S. Flemming.
Clancy, qb.
?-Je!snn. ihb
Robotham, fb,
''igrand. rhh.
Score by
Touchdowns, West Aurora. Nelson.
Hobotham, Nelson. Palmer and Clan
tjr. Goals Flemming, Hunter and
Substitutes -West Aurora. Hunter,;
for U Plemmini, Rilhards for Cralne, I
K.-ssig for Cigrand, Stayer for Hobo-!
tham. Palmer for Clancy. Curtin for
Fcelis. Braekett for Nelson. Tarbell temporary
for Talmadge, Beby for Bchroepell
and Clancy for Palmer; Ottawa. Jobst
for Stevenson. Logan for West. An
tram for Vonckx.. West for Antram.
Vonckx for Jobst. H. Dkreon lor Lo
gan, Daniman for H. Dekreon. Smith
tor Farrell, Crowden for Koenig,
iincr for Griffiths.
Referee Snell, Aurora.
I'mpire- McEvoy, Ottawa. The
Headlinesman -Parks, Ottawa. feaf.ed
Timekeepers -Kettlecmp. Ottawa, by the
and Bruce, Aurora. g
Ten mt&fne qnsrteas.
Chicago, Oct 2. The educatoin ofj
Chicago. Oct. 2. The education of I
ed to be the winning factor bj a 8 to
0 football game between the Chicago!
Cardinals and the Milwaukee football
teams at Normal park, yesterday. The
former Northwestern star booted a I
place kick directly over the goal post
in .the first quater and it proved to
be the deciding and only score of the
York. Bapt. -'
prohibition leaders th
ir.ik" America dry .
" 1 wr oty-nvc J ar.-.
H. Anderson, state
th.' A-'tl Slloen la igif-.
Anderson, thc igi. a atat I dor, is
UM me?t militant problbltionig) In the
c nntry and hi admit- hi has the
hardest Job in the wettest state la
what he tails "liquor's 1 lack bolt"
New York. Rhone intend, C an ctlcut,
New J rsey cad i' tit tyiv in la.
in an Intcrvn with NKA SerVl a
he made thoao prediction:':
"Within five or six y are we will
have nrcKcn tat poUtical backbone of
home an l ehoekc all aerie u ffcrta to
change the (iry
'Within another ' or six years
tho bootleggers will bi generally In
Jail or in t rrcr that the Vol toad ai 1
not be broken ah) more than
l"v.-s are.
tcr thii it v.iii take fifteen years
especially th of foreign birth or i
traction, respecting the nature I n i
feet of alcohol t-i th.- point ..'lure p
hibitian will not longer be either an
issue or a problem."
Anderson thinks proMbttion reall
will to here in !M7. V' rhaps earii r
but 1947 la his conservative esti
mate. "Magazine stra votes don't bother
u.s," he said. "Nor does the growing
agitation for beer and light wine.
Th re isn't one chance In 100 of the
Volstead act being changed
Qualifying, be added: "Hut ir it is
rk you, it win only ic
8ja 8ai w
to enfon eineiit and ob-
will be
mged m
Cor.sumpti' n of alcohol has
to 10 or 20 per ,-, ;,t eompai
me'prottfbitton days, Attdenu
ed Wil
BMtea. The niim .r of drinker.-, h"
t'link.. has defroased almost as much.
I haven't any illusions about eon
Kreaamen and legislator.'.," he said.
"I Icnow lots of those who vote dry
are wet pi rsortally, They're honest
i:' they vote according tf tbe senti
ment of their constituents.
"Politician) and the public gener
ally wlH eventually it through
their heads that anarchy Is the only
The Anti Saloon League
larky, Anderton any
mi il f and perhaps all of th"
twenty-five ycaw necessary to make
prohikitl in prohibit.
It irill ' It more-, toe." hi said, "lie
1 ' wi ai w have two joi . wh-re
we formerhf had one. These arc:
Wrst, t , held tho law by elc, tin- dry
a- nmcn and state legislator;
and, II ond, to enforce the law bv or-
ganfeti j the pttklte to get t hind the
il.;'..:;.. conrtitut-nl local enforce
tnenl -at'.oritieK back up good ofB-
lali . J. ck up the others.
"W. r- -b:r a tlWeO-fold plan:
i first, coratnnttKy enrollment for
lorcement thrtaigh the newly fnrnrd
ft-INi I Itixenn Of America. Inc..' forc
ing e-. i ryone to t tft a definite stand
either ;or or against law and order;
ad, i i. eting an enforcement orli
nam in or- ry community; third, ap
atying the 'Yonkon Plan' where en
rrrccmenl is lax, by cooperating with
ilicia! ii they will enforce the law,
or foe ueing publicity upon tv-m if
th' y won't."
Anderson says N w York state al
ready has 260,000 members of the Al
lled Cltizena of America, and the en
rollment campaign la Jtti I baginnlni,
When the lleht is turned on all
decent people will come in," he said.
There arc prominent bankers, law
yers, manufacturers, and even a lev.
preachers, who by opposing prohibi
tion have placed themselves in tni
same category with frovny whiskered
anarchists. When dry Hec that
through Ignoranae or prejudice they
have lined up with the criminals th"y
will come in out of the wet."
The Ottawa Park Wonders defeated
tin- Ctica panthers l to I in a foot
ball game played in I'tlca yesterday
New York. Oct 2 If ftitly Mat-
Ho ws, .in j&ngllah teatharweighii who
m 1 1 1 - arrlfad la tins city, is as per-
alatenl in the ring as lie Is in claiming
titles, he should achieve a fair meas
ure Of success,
Matthawa has been Introduced as
no- featherweight champion of Great
Britain, The announcement waa per
mitted by a deputy boxing eonmhh
loner on Matthawa' assertion that ho
bald the title, However, aattthewa
whs not satisfied with being acclaim
ed tho i haiupion oi Ragland, Re
itoutl) maintained that he was tho
champion of Kurope, despite the fact
thai the International Hoxing Cnfou
whiah ooot roll the spun in Bgropei
h i DlHolaUy declared Kuauie Urfcjul
of Pranoe holds the Buropaan Utlo
of tlie feather Waighii,
Regarding tho Bngllita ienihei
weight class, Metthewi also aagaara
'"' ill error. T,e llrilisli Isiaril
oi boxing control on Aug gg Issued
n DfBi lal Its) of i iiie holders at anal
countr) The featherweight chamVJton
Waa not Hilly glfUhewa, but Joe Fox.
It is high lime thai forolfQ boxers
who come here with championship
1 laiiM should be nude to tarnish
more convincing proof than their um
upper tad word
ftarill". Wis. Oct. 2. ( Special.)
Uuiih Bternaman'a two place kicks
oi twenty live and forty-Ova yardi in
the Ural and third quarter resnoe..
lively gave :he Chicago Hears a
to 8 Ictwj 1 1 er tin- Horllch Raarne
Legion eleven in (he opening gauio
of the American Professional Foot-
ball Lasagne bare yentarday itterneon,
A crowd of .", I attended. Oalni
on two forward oasses mo s-i, i i, ,.
man his position to boot The ,a on
the seeend kick just i hntred after hit
ting the ( tosr hur
Quick oats now
3 to 5 minutes
If you want oats tl .-1 are llmolt
ready, ask for tfjfent Uuakrr (Jats.
That tvlc rook in .1 to ! minute.
It is the quickest cooking oats in the
Just like regular Quaker Oats in
that matchless quality. Flaked trom
queen grains only just the rich,
plump. Savory oats. They have the
flavor which has won the world to
But in iff. in Quaker the oats are
cut before flaking. They are rolled
very thin and partly rooked. So the
flakes are smaller and thinner that
is all. And the small thin llakcs
cook quickly.
Your grocer has both styles. The
lttai style in marked "Instant" on
the label.
Quaker Oats
Cook in 3 to 5 minute
. .-r ,
60 ! Saved! Work Guaranteed!
Double Edae Safety Bladei
Sharpened, per dozen ....
Single Ed'js Safety Blades
Sharpened, per dcren ....
Razors honed and stropped
I Service Stations:
i. S Woolbert 214 Madison 8t
S S. Pearsons Sons
23 W. Madison Stree
Reftor Hdw. Co 117 W. Main St
Jordan Hdw. Co 119 VV. Main St
All Ottawa Drug Store.
C. P. Trowbridge, Drugs.
Blanchaid Pharmacy.
Ellis A Rooney, Hardware.
Ottawa Tool EdQlng Co., Not Inc.
vu i Klncheloe C. Waldenburg
fast Ctica Maroons were de
by a 12 to 0 score yesterday
Ladd Timers ill a game played
fn Ladd. The game was
, fair and Bunny Callahan
last year's track team.
i had his collar bone
I to he canied from
n to a
a rough sf
captain of
it I, a Salle
frai tured anil had
the Mod and tak-
's office for treatment.
itar player by
accident Ctica also lost Roy (foreman,
who suffered a severe gash in his right
leg and had to be removed from the
field. The Uttca OUtfit is schedule!
to play the Ottawa Terriers next Sun
day in Ctica.
After Every Meal
At Godfrey's Cut
Price Grocery
Table Luxuries delivered to your door by electric trucks.
It4) pkits. ltoxane Pancake Hour, 35c size 25c
500 cans Van Camp's Soups, assorted, per doten 60c
Car H. and R. granulated Sugar, 15 lbs. for tl.(BJ
With :' ihs. City Club OafCte tir Jl.oo
Or with a pound or sixty cent Japan, English lireakfast or Gunpowder
H. and B. Cano Granulated gugar, lb. sacks 1J
Bold only with a ?.1 grocery order.
Did Time Maple and Rock Can ly Syiup. Nothing finer at any price.
.No. 10 or so-called gallon $1,25
Gallon or No. 10 tins sliced Pineapple $1.00
iallon or No. 10 tins grated Pineapple H,aa
Gallon or No. 10 tins Tid Bits $1.00
Phono No. 128 for fancy 1c eft tk tyettece. Cauliflower, fcug Plnt,
Lima Baana, Green StriiiR Beans, .ler-sey Bweet Potatoes, Celery, To
matixs. Cucumbers.
K lusive selling agency Chase and Sanborn's Boston Teas and
CofTces One pound efjual to on and a half of any other.
to the Festival of Fun
OCTOBER lO, 11, 12, 13, 14
Six Big Nights! Dancing! Loads of Merriment! j
helps the stomach.
After a hearty meal,
try its friendly relief
and comfort to the
over-hardened stomach.
It is the beneficial and
satisfying sweet for old and
And the cost is very small.
Try the
New P. K
rdr Fi-r v WM mm
Ottawa Armory
Adds a Zest-Helps Digest

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