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Mat f jht.
115 West
Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday.
Member of the
Dally, one year In advance, by carrier 15 00
Dally, one year In advance, by mall, outside La Salle County 4.50
Dally, one year In advance, by mall, In I-a Salle County 4.00
Dally lor week, by carrier 1
The Associated Press Is exclusively
of all news dispatches credited to it or
and also local news published herein.
Entered as second class matter
Ottawa. 111., under the Act of October
W hat pit mises ti be the lasl lit,r drive for funds thai will be
sprung on the people of Ottawa the present season is now underwaj
that of the Salvation Army, In spite of the fact that subscriptions
in the past have lieen liberal, it is to be hoped that something has
Iktu held in reserve for tin cause.
The Salvation Army doe a work peculiar to itself It goes
out into the highways and byways seeking whom it may help phys
ically, mentally and morally. It has been the last h pe and resort
of many a man and wothfen who was "down and out". Except in
the instance of hbMrhg its religious meetings on the streets, its work
is (piiet and unostentatious, hut it charities from day t" lay would
surprise the uninitated. Charity is bestowed only after personal in
vestigation and so secretly that many an impoverished mother with
children will accept aid from the Salvation Army when pride would
compel her tn reiuse it from any other source. The close personal
investigation and the methods employed enable the Army to give
true aid without pauperizing. ine f the tenets of the organization
being that a man or women must work and earn if ossihle, and
as soon as he nr she is able, must help in aiding some other unfor
tunate. During the World W ar the Salvation Army came into its own.
It's workings were never so well comprehended before nor was the
complete unselfishness of the organization so well understood or
appreciated. During' and after this great Struggle complaints came
alKiiil this or that organization to whom a generous public contrib
uted, hut never a word of criticism that the Salvation Army had
fallen down on any part of its work or in any section. It was found
at training camps, in the trenches and in the hospitals, doing its best
to relieve suffering and to cheer up the sick, wounded and disheart
ened. Many phases of that great tragedy are drifting into the past
and may well he forgj tten, so far as possible, but the work of the;
Salvation Army "over there" will never depart from the memory of
many a "buddy" who found one of its memlttrs or one of its stations
when he needed it most.
The present drive has for one of its objects assistance in erect-
inga home on a piece of property the Armv has acquired on La Salle
slreet, the building of which wU enable it to enlarge its field of Use-
fulness and do more for Ottawa and this vicinity.
T, f. ... t I ,i u. i.... !a
ii uuimiu umi man) nave
hut it is to lie hoped that all will dig mice more for the upkeep of
what is probably the world's greatest organization for charity and j
the moral rescue of fallen humanity.
October weather which would do credit to an average UfrUStl New York- 0cL- "1 Karly gain
has been the means of making optimists of thousands of coal COn-
sumers. Either the mild weather or some favorable condition ff of studebakf r. which dropped more
trade has brought the general production of coal in the country to 2 Points, a reflection of specula
, , f lU i ,,- "ttwiwimrj lu disappointment that the directors
equal the needs ot the general public, according to the month v re- had failed to declare another extra
view Ot the federal Keserve bank Oi
tion of coal, hnth hUuminmis anA
'Z. , -7 i a e II
: uuj uciii.iiiu oi me miiKiie western states, it has not leen in
such quantities as to permit of meeting the full requirements of the
northwest, not to replenish the depleted stocks of industrial and
domestic consumers. In Hindis production has increased but slightly,
and the car supply is still insufficient to covet the demands on the
mines. Government authorities are exerting their influence to have
railroads arrange their service So that they may be able to meet the
requirement! which are sure to arise, sooner or later, when cold
weather sets in and the householders increase their orders for fuel.
The increased production and distribution of coal has had but
little, if any, effect on retail prices, the consumer paying about the
same as was demanded of hint- months ago when the strike was in
effect. The material advantage that has been gained lies in the
banishment of the fear that an early winter would find the country
actually suffering from cold. P.ut
made impossible by the resumption
bank is to the effect that the amount
of repenishing the great Iv reduced
tuiMka f :.n.... 4 l
months of idleness at the mines.
inquiry into the mining situation
a course tnat will Help future emergencies, but it is scarcely probable
that any report it may make will help to keep the fires burning in
the sti ves and furnaces of the American homes during the severely
coin w earner nt the coming winter.
action and less talk.
Knapp and Miss Hazelle Mac
Kenaa of Chicago were at the Robert
ivitaup iiuiue over me weeK end.
Rev. and Mrs. L. V. Sitler motored
to Naperville Sunday afteronon to
see his brother, who is in the hosnit-
Entertains Floradoras.
The Floradora. club was entertain
ed at the home of Miss Minnie W'el
ler. north of town. Several auto loads
went out to the farm and enjoyed a
pleasant evening.
Mrs. L. Dondanville went over to
D. S. KnighU- r-l-JncoFrW., after
noon to care for the new baby and
Mr. and Mrs. H,. Koux and their ,
fueut, Joseph Roux, went to Ottawa
I Sheridan
Main Street
Editor and General Manager
Managing Editor
Associated Pre.
entitled to the use for republication 1
not otherwise credited to this paper
March to,
I, 1917.
19-'0. at the Post Office at
aiicauj jivcii iiiiui n nuns ,
ChtCaSO. But while the undue-
antUrarha aiA k ;...tn
even that condition has not leen
of mining, for the report of the
produced is insufficient to admit
stocks which resulted from five
ti . .
Ihe government's committee of
mav be m a position to advise
That which
is required is more
Sunday to attend a movie.
of work done on his home. Knocking
down and building up. It is work for
some on- alright
Mrs. Ida Thompson took Mrs. Mary
Wemple out riding in her automobile
rriday alternoon. for which she feels
very grateful
L. H. Callagan was a Jollet caller
over the -week end.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Wauslaud of An-
rora spent the week end visiting at
the home of the batter's parents. Dr.
and Mrs. H. W. Connaway.
Mrs. Lyell Rowen and Russell were
. 0 ., F 'r M angelical ctmrcfc Sunday mornlm.- and
Mrs. mitn in La balle a few day a
audience greeted him. He at-
a' tends Northewentf rn college at Na
Henry Thompson, wife and mother pervllle
of Leland were callers at the home
nt SSm P.", L- n ..a-,ir. Oitrwi..., .. . 1 . - , jt . -. .. . . . . . .. .1
High School Party.
The Blrll schiml nnniU arc. nmrur
ing a program at Hie ioaool hoasi on
Halloween night, Oct 31, lor Uijm-t
B 1 ' '
"n !lvv: ,,V1-
I'Vcago, Oct. 31. Scattered com
inLs.don house buying, together with
lack, of demand, proved sufficient to
hold down values in the wheat market
today during the early U allusrs. Ap
parent stoppage Of export buying
counted in particular as s bearish i
Huence. The fact that th Liverpool
c.uotrtions dispiayod no m
was also a sabject of com 1:11 1
prices here, whieh r&Sged from ",e to
sc lower. December $i.u4 to $1.1 1
and May $1.12 to $1.1:',, was tolkrwed
'by a slight rally and then a fresh de
cline. Expectance of enlarged receipts of
corn acted as a weight both on com
and oats price.!. After opening c to
' sC otT' lumber '"'" ,:,; V. the
lcorn markct continued to sag.
Oats started iinchanK'd to '.c low-
er - December 4l3,e to 41"., . a
"gSgi figS
and later
drift in
response tc lower hog values.
Wall Street.
dividend today, and market weakness
i:i domestic oi'.s. turned price dowj-
ward again just before neon
May De
partment StTc.-. however, had ex
tended its ga'n to 10 points, before
acute weakness BSt M throughout the
entire list, llarnsjall A, 1'roductrs'
and Reflnefa', Tidewater, Associated,
Pacific and Philip.-, Petroleum all
dropped 1 to 2 points. Weakness alao
cropped o';t in a number u; special is
sttea, fjaneral American Tank Car de
clining 4i. Dcluvcre ano Hudson, 3;
National Bi-cuit. end Americi.n Steel
Foundry preferred, 2V4 each, and
Anacriccn Snuff. I!. Call mar.ey opened
at 3 per cent.
Chicago, Oct. 31. Poultry Alive
lower; fowl.", 13-19c; turkeys. 3ic;
Bpriose, 17
7c; roosters. 14.; gecee, 19c.
Live Stock.
.J''5i f " , , --"'Rcceipts,
.19,0110 head: he d over, ,,63b; vorV
iiow; practically no trading; $8.30
i''1 for choice 200 pound average;
quality fairly good; average cost yes
terday. $8 35.
iTr.ttle Receipts. I.'.OOO head.
Sheep iTleceipts, 21,000 head.
Chicago. Oct. 3. Mutter high,
creamery extras 47c; firsts 36-39c;
extra finds 42'4-4TjVic; seconds 34'4-
Jac; standards 4viC.
rZ' , '1' "7",
Vl ; Z T''' r ? , '; T.r'"
e- uslOe; refrigerator extra 25-
- ; refrigerator firsts 24-244c
mItm ,nlv Chicken will be served.
Install Front,
The workmen from Ottawa are gef.
tln th" Htor" rr"nl (,f ,h' "('w huihl
ln r"a,ly U,T V,l'tin lh" n'w Pass
fnnt np
soutn American Kreacnes.
A South American at the
, , , ,1, v- m.i,
; -JJ J
I V S,II,, ,.. ll,.n,! kl In
AuroTa, int Sunday lsRlng his
f olka.
30ME OT Hfl '
TO "bURM v
. .IT-
Fsjrnlshec by u W. Ktrh. manager
(Gardiner B. Van Nexs & Co.. m embers
Chicago Board Of Trade, third fljoi
Moloney Building.
open. High. Low Clow
Dec 1.144 UH L1SH 1.14
May 1.12'k 1 V, 1 . 1 2 U, 1.12i
J'llv .... 1.04h IM o3' 1.04
Dec 664 .66T M .66 '-4
May 67 .67 Vs .6614
Julv 66V .J6 .ti."7ii .66
Iec 414 .41 .41 1.4 .41 1:,
May 41 1 .41 .41Vfc .41
July 3li .3H .3iti4 .3!04
Cash Markets.
No. 2 mixed 67 V&- .694
No. 3 mixed 66 - .69
No. 4 mixed 64 - .6SU
No. 2 yellow 6SV4- .70 "
No. 3 yellow 6G .69 'i
No. 4 yellow .64
NO. 2 white 664- -69
No. 3 white 66 - .68
No. 4 white 64 - .65
No. 2 white 434- .44
No. S white 42Vi- .43
No. 4 white 42 - .42v
Receipts Estimated.
Wheat. BO cars.
Corn, l"o cars.
Oats, .so cuts.
Ruckrigel s Elevator.
Wheat 11.03
No. 2 white 3S
No. 3 white 37
No. 4 white 36
No. 2 white 61
No. t yellow 61
No. 3 white 60
No. 3 yellow 60
No. 4 white 59
No. 4 yellow 59
Wallace Grain Market.
Wheat fl.02
No. 2 white . : 37 4
No. :', white 364
No. 4 white 354
No, 2 white 60
No. 2 yellow 60
Na. 3 white 59
No. 8 yellow 59
No, 4 white 58
No. 4 yellow 58
An interesting talk cm the trip the
members of the art extension commu
te., of QlinOU recently made down the
Illinois river was given by Miss
Sidonia Bronacr of Peru vesterdny
st the ayenlng meeting ot the year of
the Monday club. Th" 1 ession "was
held at the homo of Mrs. Horace Hull
on SfadisOO street.
Miss Brenner told ot the trip, which
was mr.de during the first week !n
October and started v.jth a day it
Starved Rock sad Deer Park. One
hundred SMlgrtms In uuost of the nat
nr..l hr.riil4lnc III,.. ... : . - . . -
The guests went from La Salle to
. ,
Grand Ridge
Bishop Visits St. Andrew's.
The visitation Bishop tadtrton
I St Andrew's. Kami llldge, was, as
Is ulways the cue lOOktd forward i
to Dot nni by parishioners but the
I people Of the community as well
Bishop Anderson umk for his text
"Hrlng up a ohfld Ifl the wa be should
K " At the OOBCllMlOD Ol the services
a recess of ten minute vsas held, giv
ing all an opportunity 1,1 ptfSOWUIj
govt the bishop The latter during
lib address paid a MT tilting tribute
to Hv ft, i Quid foi the ureal work
he wus doing in and for the commun
ity, especially among the children, and
urged that the parents and adults co
nptrata with htm After the recess
a parish meeting M held, at which
reports of the church re given.
hieh arara exceptionally good, A
dots u on foot for the srection of u j
parish house or community center.
This as also pros toted to the bishop, j
who express, d hlmelt as especially
Interested In thl talked of bUildlDI
St. Andrew's has always been one of
the bishop's loved parishM it being
the o; ly rural church In the diocese
of Chicago. Ho encouraged the pao j
pie of the oouunnnity to carry on and
SP prods te the work that those who '
hud left btHinests had so hojied to see
come to pas-. Then nai a good con-
km nation preaent
Cet Tocjfther Club Will Mert.
The Gut Torther club Will meet on
Thursday afternoon al the home of
Mrs. x. it. Lanfley, seal of the ii
La e. The fggoiar routine vs 111 be
Will Serve Supper.
The Woman's OuUd are arranging 1
to hidd a hiipper en Tues.lay evening.
N'ov 7. at the home of Mrs. Jonn I
Masquerade Party.
The standard Bearers of the Moth
odlst chun h held a haUowoon pariv i
last nicht at the B I.
Milton nome n
H'.irllnKton avenue.
Sunday Visitors.
.Mr. cud Mrs rth:i- Thomas, the
I tter'.'i parents. Mr. ard Mr" Schn
Blacker, and their daughter, Miss .vi
I Mo Lawrence, all of Ottawa, spent
I Sundav after noou at the YOCUXD home.
west of town.
Overnight Vieitor.
Miss KIhb Antrum v;is an over-
nigrit visitor at t tic- home or .Miss
Ikjrothy Yocuni on Saturday.
Dinner Guest.
Rev N R. (Juiet of Btroator was a
dinner guest on Saturday at the home
Of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Weher. south
west of the village.
Week End Guest.
Miss Vera Klncr of ncpr Marseilles
was a week end guest at the home of
Mr. And Mrs. Ottdy Rowe, southwest
of the village. They all attended the
confirmation services at Christ church,
Btroator, Sunday morning.
Hostess at Halloween Party.
Miss Katherine Lehr was hostess
last night at her home east of town
to members of the sophomore and
Junior classes of the Grand Hidge High
Home Over Sunday.
Karl Geiger, who Is attending St.
Viator's College, near Kankakee, was
an over Sunday guest at the home of
his father. Krank Geiger, Just east of
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ross. Mrs.
T. J. Weher, Mrs. M. H. Crawford. Z.
O. Jackson. Vv. H. Rockwood. J. E.
ROOSO and Kogle brothers were among
those from this locality in Ottawa on
Mrs. M. H. Yoctim and daughter
were callers at tho Henry Liehtner
home Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Johnson and lit
te son of Ottawa visited home folks
here the first of the week.
Miss Anna Ourdan was a recent vis
itor with relatives in Grand Rapids
Miss I'hoebe Gallup spent a day this
week at the home of her brother Ray
on West Main street.
O A. Williams and family called
on Tonics relatives Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs .1 W. Wakey were din
ner guests on Sunday at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Kngland.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lehr and fam
ily of Ransom visited the former's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Lehr, of
South Bloomlngton street.
Mr. and Mrs. N. K. Moss of near
Marseilles attended services at the
Presbyterian church in the village
Sunday evening.
Ralph Mar;on of Streator was a
caller at the W. W. Ixick home, south
w,est of town, on Sunday.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. C, J.
Lock, who has been' quite sick, is no'..'
reported as improving.
Peoria by train, and took a beat ride
from Peoria to St. LouiO. She told
of the places of Interest flatted, the
side trips made and of the program'
given on, the boat. Thr Journey waj'
one of the most, delightful trips
Imaginable, and MISS KnunerV, de
scriptions were vivid and interesting.
Proceeding Mi Brenner's talk.Mn.
K. W. Weir, of La Salle, a former Ot
tawa resident, read a paper on birds,
which was followed by r dlocUSSion,
At the close of tie program licht re
freshment; wer, served by the host
The club will meet every Monday
afternoon throughout the winter and
spring. For the present the meetings
will be held at th Hull residence. The
memberc, ere making an exhaustive
study of the ten givat religions of the
world. 1'ntil the first of the year
they will study ancient Rome and the
religion of that p rkd. after which
they will take up the study of Arabia
end Mohammedanism,
Mrs. David C ok, Clah president,
presided at the meeth . ri t rdr.y.
Commencing Wednesday, Nov. I,
the local home terries office of the
American Red Cross will be open
from 3 to 0 p. m. daily.
Office 475 Main Street
Mr. and Mrs. Kred K.au ol Stoa
tor iBOiored over to spemi the even
ing Witt Mr. and Mrs t barb s Siniln
Md family al their bom a i
llluft' street
Miss Btubett Massro of Coal t'lty
Is vlsltlnx Joe Massro und family.
ClnroBM Tetslnff, iVWMina Perklm,
BVnnk Perkins unci Kev Tledole me
to red to Chicago this morning
Lester I'rancoiiih and arifu fnotored
to storing this nonlng
Miss Grace Partridge returned Horn
fetoagn last evening,
Dr. Howard Tragi r sient the WOSk
end with his parents at their In, in, on
Ka-t Union street.
Mr and Mrs It T White and Mr-
John o'Nejii hove motored to spend
the day with j, it. white and family.
UIm Margaret imx returned last
evening from her week end visit In
Miss Keicter of Btroator was visit-
"'K in Marseilles over Sunday
'lr Biiirloy Lane and family ami Mr
and Mrs jay Lane motorod over from
Kankakee Bund ay, mailing short calls
upon th follow Itik relative. M
(tdy Pi Idlcord, Mrs. Deltg prumbach,
Mr Walter Long and Mi, () A.bbOti,
Vtjither Lejguc CelebraUs.
The Wtiither f QS1US held h&l
loween party at the Trinity l.uther.i'i
,)u.ivt, last evenly, ami the voung a mopt successful ad snjoyabl mast-
I eop e had a mi. st njoyable ttai-. ' n
The party win well BttSOded ar.d the
rsfreshnants were novel and lampt- j
lug. To yield t sued temptation, us Wilbur BntOUSS sponl the week end
It was not sinful, was a d, light. and'w,,n Ms tnotnar,
few young pisvpie present nwlsted. I -Mr. Yoiimans and cblidtM spent
Sunday at the home of I. Q. Drackley,
Inspects Chlmneye. " M Seneca.
o w Phi Him ore Is Inspecting chim-
Days this morning Many sortooa Attsntlon, Ladies.
i v it n.,ci5 iti
'nroporty would have their ehfmneis
thapoctod once u year, Much loss of
life and pro pi rty COUld tx avoided and
itpense to the city for tire fighting
lighten. id,
MABEL SMITH, Correspondent.
Phone 156-R.
Variety Snowcr,
The home ot I). J. Kinzer north of
Ltica was the scene of a very pretty
affair last Saturday evening, the oc
casion being a variety shower in
honor of the approaching nuirrlage
of Miss Versa Kinzer, of t'ttca, and
Philip Hutchinson, f Joiiet About
thirty guests were present and the
evening was enjoyed in music, games
and a social good time. The bride to
be was presented with many beauti
ful and useful gifts. The wedding
will take place In the near future.
The home was beautifully decorated
In Halloween colors, of orange and
black. A dinner was served to the
guests consisting of roast chicken,
mashed potatoes and gray, fruit
salad, pumpkin pie, scalloped corn,
bread, coffee and pickles. Miss Kin
der is one of L'tlca's niot estimable
and popular young ladies and Mr.
Hutchinson was a former t'tica boy,
but now a resident of Joiiet.
Mr. and Mrs Frank O'Brien of
('hicugo are here on a visit at the
home of the letter's sister, Mrs.
Henry Sabo on Church street.
The residence of Win. Johnson on
Church street is under quarantine
for scarlet fever. Martha having con
tracted the disease.
Mrs. lsiah Clark, who has been vis
iting with her daughter. Mrs. Nellie
McCormaOk, returned to dier home
in Custer Park Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Chlldera and
son Roy, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred 81 Of
fer! and son George were Ottawa vis
itors on Sunday.
Miss Hendletta Zimmerman who
has been very 111, is quit!- improved
at this writing, being able to sit up
A large elm tree, on the Anna
Murtha residence, on Canal street,
was cut down yesterday. The work1
was done by Joe Decker and helpers, j
E. E. Chlldera and son Loo, and j
Fred Bleffert and son Oeorge, attend
ed a football game in Peru Sunday.
Rublic Sale
Of Household Goods
As I am going to move to Florida I will sell at public auction
all of my household goods at my residence at 708 Clinton street,
first house north of Morey Roberts' Music store, known as the
Gladfelter home, on Friday, November 3, 1922, commencing at
1 2 :30 sharp.
This property consists of eight new beds and springs and
mattresses; four new 9x12 rugs; one new rug, 16 x 28 feet; four
20-foot running rugs; a lot of small rugs; two linoleum rugs, 9x12
feet; stair carpet; two large brussel carpets; four new dressera; three
new chiffoniers; 12 new rocking chairs; new leather davenport;
library table; eight small stands; new piano; new Silvertone victrola;
two new mattings, 14 x 18 feet; new Singer sewing machine; two
large mirrors; fernery; lot of flowers; electric table lamps; large
dome, new dining room, set: combination china closet and buffet;
two new large cupboards; 24 new comforters; fifteen new pillows;
new kitchen cabinet; gas stove; cook stove; new set of bird eye
dishes; a lot of odd dishes; kitchen utensils: six kitchen chairs;
Dorch set: 200 quarts of fruit; fifty glasses of jelly; washing machine
wringer: lawn mower, garden tools; girl's and boy's bicycles; pic
tures and many other articles too numerous to mention.
Col. Dan Fitzgerald, Auctioneer.
This is the best and the largest line of household goods that
we ever sold at auction, so don't miss this sale, rain or shine, every
thing must be sold to the highest bidder without reserve and rmut
be sold trnt day and above all things this sale must start at 12:30
without fail. 2 a.'-.' ii
Buys Stebbins Property.
Chrlsl Munson has pmrohaaod the
Portet Btabbtns property on Bkul
Union street, The Baal Bad has
uaiiuni another xood resident rVllh
Home little Improvement this propei'tv
lll maim a coy home.
Vandals Destroy Cabbage
I'hailis Watteiiik was In a very
angry mood this mornmc, ami won
ho might be. for u group of vandals
raided ami wiituiiy dtstroyod htaoher;
lahon red eabhago, He is loath tti
pronocuta but will report it to thi
parents of the boys, as he knows
SVer) lad In the party. Clean fun Is
enjoyable by all. but sheer destrue
ns en, should be dealt with by the
200 at I. O. O. F. Meeting.
Tin- district meeting Of the 1. O. O.
P, wa.s attended bv about 100 Odd Fal
lows last evening, The third degree
srs.i Kiveu two candidate by the i .1
Belli dogree team at HaHtgan's hall,
I Aftc the business nutting of the
lOCal lOCUjS and the district bUSinSSg
1 masting the dogroo teams initiuted
Hie cmulidaAaS for the ililrd dexree,
and th"ti In a body tho inembeis
inarched to tholi own hail on Main
straet, where Med cakes, sandwiches
and Coffee wore s.rvid. lu all il was
iin ail- tin , , . ..11. ulTlMJy 10 ai-
t.-i 1 the c ird party l'e. bv the ath
olio Ladles on Thursday, Nov. 2, from
2:3') to 5 p. m , at HallKan Hail, Ma:-
st'tlles. III. Admission. 3' cents. Re
freahments will be served.
D. of I's Masquerade Party.
A very large crowd attended the
1). of I's. masquerade party, which
nas held last SVOning, some very
line characters, being present. The
hall was jirertUy tfecoratod In
autumn i olors of gold and black.
Aith the pretty trimings of cuts and
Witches, Prises were awarded the
masquers, the following winning:
Mrs .1. Williams and Miss Marie
Waters won the best couple prlie,
Mrs J. Cahlll won the best charac
ter prlie, and Miss Angela Cosgrnve
won the prise for being the best
dressed character Many interesting
games added to the evening's pleas
ure, prizes being awarded for each
game A tine lunch of chicken sand
wich, s. pickles, olives, assorted cake
and coffee was served and all enjoy
ed the HalloWeen affair very much.
The committee In charge were as
follows: Miss Mildred Morrissay.
Margaret Walsh, Janet Neary, Loret
ta Ulancy, Frances Condron. Jose
phine Neary, Nettle and Frances
Sykes, Mabel Hickey, Ann and May
me Burke, May Cosgrove, Mrs. L. C.
Pearson and Miss Charolotte Gard
ner Miss Stella Warron of Ottawa
at, .ruled.
A feature of the gospel team meet
ings which open here next Monday,
which will appeal to young and old
saint and sinner, will be found to be
the singing of the chorus choir, to
gether with solos by Fus Scott "Big
Mr. Scott is leader of the chorus,
and in addition his fine, strong bari
tone voice sings many solos during
the meeting, while his duets with Oth
ers are worth coming miles to hear.
A veterans of the Spanish-American
war, Mr. Scott, although born In
Sweden is a true blue American, and
his dramatic rendition o ihe patriot
ic song "The Old Flag That Never
Touched the Ground" is thrilling and
long to be rumenvbered.
Among the solos which are great
favorites with the audiences may be
mentioned "The Old Rugged Cross,"
"Since I Found My Savior," "Love
Lifted Me," "It's the Grandest Thing
I Know." Particularly effective a
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