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Anjrestaaa Campaign for IMgMMO
Enthusiastically Opened By
890 Committeemen.
Augustana college was the happy
host last night U over 200 leading
citizens of Rock Island, Moline and
the other quad cities, all assembled
to start the campaign ror tne Au
gustana gymnasium fund. The
pouring rain could not keep these
determined workers away or In any
way dampen the enthusiasm which
has been aroused to fulfill the im
mediate need of the local institu
tion of learning. R. S. Horsford of
Moline was the toastmaster and he
Introduced at once President Gus
tav Andreen of Augustana.
In his usual bappy and energetic
manner. Dr. Andreen responded
that It was utterly impossible for
him to express his complete appre
ciation and gratitude to the men
present because he had never be
fore snoken at such a meeting.
:'God bless you men," was spoken
from the depths of his heart. "Au
gustana Is 60 years old this sum
mer and we are so happy that such
a grand response has come to our
anneal for helo. This building in
which we are now assembled is to be
said for by your efforts. It is not
a dead horse but a live building
already filled during the three
years of Its existence with memor
ies of notable meetings. I want to
express my grateful appreciation to
Mayor Schriver of Rock Island and
Mayor Skinner of Moline for their
cordial response to our appeal ana
die assistance already given," said
Dr. Andreen explaining that Mayor
Skinner is here now but Mayor
Schriver was unable to attend on
account of a previous engagement.
HiB closing words were: "Can we
not wind up this campaign in three
days?" at which the speaker was
cheered to the echo.
Much Enthusiasm,
f Dr. O. A. Brandelle, president of
the Augustana synod, which is the
sponsor of the institution, was next
; called and in a few words he
brought forth the loudest cheering.
"Some of us In the Synod have a
big plan for Augustana involving
sums amounting to three quarters
of a million of dollars for meeting
the needs of this institution. You
men carry over this campaign and
I promise you that I will carry the
message to the synod in June and
big thing any be expected.- said
Dr. Brsadelle. . Is closing he said
that he waa happy over the enthu
siasm shown for Augustana- and
that he was convinced that had the
college additional buildings within
a few yean the student body could
be easily increased to three thou
sand. ,
- Yeraon Speaks.
J, L. Vernon waa called upon by
Toastmaster Hosford and he brief
ly with optimism expreaced the
thought that men so interested
would snrely go forth to reach the
stipulated snm of $8000.
The attitude of the Moline con
tingent was happily expressed by
Mayor , C. P. Skinner. "According
to the census taker we ahonld not
be expected to raise our fall quota
equal with Rock Island." at which
time his words were drowned out
by applause, "But," he continued,
this alight handicap la good tor as
for we work better under n handi
cap and we will come across in
this moat praiseworthy cause. An
gnstana belongs to us as much at
to any one else and we are send
ing more students each year. Mo
line people nse this gymnasium as
much as Rock Island.
The next speaker was a repre
sentative of Davenport, R. H. Har
ned of Davenport "Some of ns in
Davenport have already been en
listed in this proposition for Dav
enport is also a part of this under
taking. Augustana belongs also to
us and we come over to this build
ing for the great gatherings -and
we are gfod that the enthusiasm
here tonight shows that the drive
will be successful."
Success Is Only End,
The closing speech of the even-
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you with this fanout blend
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know-how. Say "VIRGINIA
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With a couth. Doa aaaim
what yea can core safely, earsly
and emcklr with Harare's ewm
remedy for throat iffirtia
EucaJyptol Cosnpa
a iBilil .
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ferale'a. aad I" v
i - AaaWaeAlaa.
Ten can say 'feed-bye to ear
, eoogh if yoewlueas thlii agaarh
able eeeaaeesi of EaealyptoL
Bnevntd ec Eeselypcolt
of Tola, Senilis. :
eeAetahls en
I to be ahaoteetly tVee
i from alcohol, codetno. mi attest
rtsMsa east ell ttterioaa i
tag was made by E. C Fisher of
Rock bland. "Jack" Fisher as he
was introduced by Chairman Hos
ford. "I am not going to give np
this drive until we come over suc
cessfully for Angnstana," said the
popular school man. "I , visited
Cincinnati recently and was shown
their school system leading from
the- kindergarten- through the uni
versity and remarked that it was
wonderful but here in Rock Island
we have the same advantages even
from the kindergarten leading np
to the master's degree at Angus-
is., A community that liberally
supports Its educational system
and its higher institution of learn
inr is bound to grow, that fs the
record of cities that have colleges
in their midst There are many
colleges larger than Augustana
but none better and we should
awake to the appreciation of this
most deserving institution.
Majors. Ore Orders.
Then followed the routine as
signment of work by the majors to
their respective captains, the cards,
subscription blanks and necessary
material and directions being giv
en. Many of the workers were es
corted on an inspection tour all
through the gymnasium and especi
ally were shown the swimming
Angnstana band, under the lead
ership of "Ala" Swan son, former
chief bugler of his regiment in the
A. E. F. and one of the boys who
enlisted with the band at the out
break of the war, is organized to
furnish mnsic. The college team
assigned to the Moline and Rock
Island contingents furnished the
leaders of the yeUs and cheering.
Song leaflets were distributed and
the singing - was enthusiastic at
many intervals. The friendly ri
valry between, the two contingents
from Rock Island and Moline only
added pep to the undertaking. For
the first time in the history of the
community both cities were enlist
ed side by eide with equal contin
gents of workers all ready to go
over the top for Augustana. The
friends of Angnstana last evening
witnessed something new in the
history of our local college, it
marks a new era, for the meeting
showed that from now on the quad
cities are going to give moraj and
financial support to the college that
has won their highest esteem after
establishing an enviable reputation
during its 45 years in this locality.
The next meeting of the Rock Is
land workers will be held Friday
at a noon luncheon and the .Moline
men will not be able to meet until
Saturday owing to the lack of ac
commodations in Moune ror a meet-
inr tomorrow. Reports will be
given out tomorrow about the sue
cess of the drive.
Bids will be received at I p. nu
March 31, 1920, for constructing
cnlverts in Rural' and Bowling
townshins. Certified check for
$1,000 must accompany bids.
Road and Bridge Committee.
properties of American citizens.
especially in tne vexatious ou con
troversy. '
Backed Senate View!
There is some reasonHo believe
that both Secretary Lansing and
Ambassador Fletcher were so ready
to cooperate with the senate com
mittee as to give the impression
that they believed their own hand
In diplomacy would be strengthen
ed thereby In dealing directly with
the Carransa government, uui
Prslrint Wilson unset all elans.
No only did he decline to counte
nance any cooperation oetween sec-
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(Continued from Page One.)
retary Lansing and the Semite com- j
mtttee looking toward a withdrawal
of recognition and incidentally con-!
etdered the Jenkins case aVather
flimsy pretext, for international
atrlf hn he accented Ambassa
dor Fletcher's resignation without
so much, as a worn or appreciation
lor tne many ana trying momus k
had spent in -wrestling with- the
Mexican situation, both, in Mexico
City and Washington. -
President Wilson simply closes
the book on the past, ignores the
talk about withdrawing recogni
tion, and sends to Mexico City a
new ambassador, a .man who has
won distinction in the European
field of diplomacy and a personal
friend besides. So far as the 1920
campaign is concerned Mr. Wilson
is no more disturbed about the
Mexican question as an issue than
he was in 1916 when the Carrkal
affair served to inflame public opin
ion, and develop more acute inter
est than the subject arouses today.
To have withdrawn recognition, on
the other hand, might have been a
confession of wrong in the first
place and laid the Wilson adminis
tration open to another charge of
inconsistency in the Mexican sit
uation. Now the Wilson people i
will continue to insist that the
United States Is merely giving a
struggling republic an opportunity)
to work out the policy or self de
termination and that the five years
that have elapsed since recognition
was extended in 1915 is a brier per
iod in which to work out a recon
struction policy considering the dif
ficulties that Russia is having
after her revolution and that the
United States herself had after the
Civil war. To have made war on
Mexico would have offered a ' ser
ious contradiction to the campaign
arguments which the Democrats
plan to make pn the treaty of peace
and League of Nations. They in
tend to exhibit the league and
treaty as the protecting and stabiU
izing influence whereby the weak
are protected from the aggressions
of the strong.
In the President's Confidence.
Mr. Morgenthan is the kind of a
man whose mind goes along wltn
that of President Wilson. Besides
going to Turkey as ambassador he
was chairman of the finance -
mittee of the Democratic bLS
committee in both ih iai
campaigns and is thoroughly la ,i!
nreairipnt'a mnfl.. "
ally he appears to be on ttbSt
terms with the oil men for ntaul
ago he made a trip to TamaiM?
of the American oil opmtrW
with the Mexican
" uiu tit- II ui
Mr. Doheny has called to hit w
. - - . . -, mmuv ana a h.
would not be surprising. ,
Anyway, Mr. Morgenthaa't
pointment to the Mexican S
means neither intervention
withdrawal of recognition but ft,
expression of a continued faith ,
the part of the Wilson admimtnl
tion that Mexico can best work on
her own salvation without tht in
terference of troops from her m
erful neighbor on the north. Wiii
a Republican administration mitto
do one year hence is a different
thing, but so long as Mr. Wilsonk
in power there will be no war wti
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