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7 ) nRoniTrt
Chicago, April l.X-Cora took
' Melded Upward tvng tn price to
' dfcy. autnljr U mult of bullish
Uaalet regarding winter wheel
, A . leading xpertt had figured the
wlnjer wheat crop condition as the
lowest (or thi date In more .than
tten years, barring a single excep
tion. Beeldea, his report suggest
ed that the consequent abandon
ment of winter- wheat would
amount to jhe huge total, of 5,000,
008 acres. ,,; .".; 1
Opening corn prices, which rang
ed from He to 114 c higher, with
Mar at 7.68 to 1.69V and July at
I.6214 to 1.62ft. were followed by
1 a slight reaction and then by ma
. terial fresh upturns. -
Oats sympathized with corn. Aft
er opening c off to c advance,
including July at 79 He to 79 He,
the market scored moderate gains
all around.
. Continuance of the strike of Chi
cago stockyards employes tended
to lift the provision market. Bus
- Iness, however, lacked volume. ,
On the advance, July and Sep
. tember deliveries went to the high
' est prices yet on the crop. Heavy
buying for houses with eastern con
nections was a feature. The close
was strong, 2c to 3c net higher,
with May 1.61 to 1.61ft, and July
'. 1.64 ft to 1.54.
' Peoria Gram.
Peoria, 111., April 1. Corn: ft
3c higher; No. 3 white, 1.6G; No. 3
yellow, 1.64ft1.65; No. 4 yellow,
' 1.6201.63; No. 5 yellow, 1.60
1.61; No. 3 mixed, 1.641.64ft; No.
4 mixed, 1.62.
Oats, lUc higher: No. 2 white,
8ftc; NoV3 white, 9814c.
The Day in
t Council Adopts riatonn Plan.r
The double platoon system plan for
'the Davenport fire department be
comes effective April 10, by virtue
of the new ordinance passed at the
special session of the council yes
terday afternoon, called for the
purpose. This means the auauion
of a dozen new men to the Davcn-
, port department, and the creation
of eight vacancies for lieutenancies
and the establishment of a day and
. night shift for the men. Accord
ing to the ordinance, the day shift
will come on at 8 a. m. and work
until 6 p. m., when they will be re
lieved by the night force. The
shifts will alternate every three
days, it is provided.
Ask Re-Booting of Cars. The
petition of Third street merchants
asking that Bridge line cars be re
routed so that they will run west
bound on Third street instead of
Second street, has been presented
to General Manager J. G. Huntoon
of the Tri-City Railway company
by John Hynes. Over one hundred
Third street merchants have sign-
' ed the petition. xThe company has
been informed that a like petition
has been circulated by Second
.street merchants, but this plea has
not yet been received at the com
pany's offices. The officials of the
-railway company will take no ac
tion other than referring the peti
tions to the city council.
Light Company Elects Officer
At the annual meeting of the Iowa
City Light & Power company, held
in the offices of the People's Light
company here yesterday, the fol
lowing officers were elected for the
ensuing year: President, B. J. Den
man; vice president, C. H. Myers;
secretary and assistant treasurer,
H. E. Littig; treasurer, H. E.
'Weeks ; directors, above officers and
C. N. Chubb, J. G. Huntoon and L.
H. Hetnke. ' .
Cash Worthless' Checks Three
more worthless checks made out
to Otis Price and signed by S. V.
Nugent have shown up at the Dav
enport banks. ' ,.".' "
One was passed tA Sadler's drug
store in the sum of $12, another at
Bengston's drug store for $14 and
m minimum
Order them early. Phone:
Rock Island 1207
Rock Island 1730 '
. Rock Island 443
J. F. Block, Mgr.
CTQAoo fotuto
April 1. H20.
' Cora-. Open. High. Low. Close
May ..... .1.68 1.61ft 1.68 1.61
July .....1.52ft li4 1.62 1.54
h9ept.;.....1.48 1.50 148 1.49
cat : -
May J7 .89 .87 -8
July- .....7ft Jlft -7ft .81
'Porfcr-" v. -
May ...... ..... 36.76 36.40 36.60
July ...... 36.40 86.70 30.30 36.60
May ...... 20.35 26.65 20.35 20.37
July ..... 21.10 21.45 21.10 21.15
Mar ...... 18.70 18.60 18.62
Julr V.. 19.35 19.12 19.15
Weather Forecast
Illinois: Showers and thunder
storms tonight r probably clearins
Friday- morning; cooler; strong
shifting winds.
Missouri: Tlaln this afternoon
and nrobably tonight; thunder
storms in east portion; colder;
temperature near freezing in west
portion; Friday partly cloudy
colder In east portion; strong
northwest winds.
Wisconsin: Unsettled weather
with rain in east and south por
tions tonight and rain or snow in
extreme east portion Friday; cold
er Friday in east portion; strong
shitting winds.
Iowa: Unsettled with rain In east
and south portions this afternoon
and in east portion tonight; colder
tonight; Friday, fair; colder in
east portion; strong northwest
Indiana: Showers and severe lo
cal thunderstorms this afternoon
and tonight; colder tonight; Fri
day clearing and much colder.
Ntw York Sugar.
Ne-r York, April 1. Raw sugar,
strong; centrifugal, 13.79; fine
granulated, 14.00 16.00.
a third at Fred Bar's automobile
establishment for $6.05.
Two checks by the same party
were also passed at the Schlegel
drug stores. Their aggregate was
No clue has as yet been obtained
as to the forger.
Patent Snlt Dismissed The suit
of Frank A. Bone vs. The Walsh
Construction company, of Daven
port, an action to recover $5,000
uumages auegea aue on an in
fringement of patent, was dis
missed In federal court on motion
of Arthur H. Ewald and Gilbrech
and Erwin, attorneys for Bone.
The suit was filed on Oct. 17,
in me petition, none ac
cused the construction company
or using a devise for building re
taining walls upon which he held a
government patent.
Escapes Death When Car Is
Wrecked Wilbur Huss, son of C.
H. Huss, 513 Vine street, narrowly
escaped death yesterday noon when
his speeding car blew a tire and
overturned at the intersection of
Third and Gaines streets.
Huss was driving west on Third
street at a medium rate of speed.
As he neared Gaines street, the left
front tire blew out and his car
hurtled over.
The young driver crawled from
the debris of the car and walked
to his home. The car was wrecked,
the windshitld and top being
crushed and the fenders twisted
from the body.
Toledo fJeed.
Toledo, Ohio, April 1. Clover
seed: prime, cash, 34.00; April,
32.50; October, 22.25; December,
Alsike: prime, cash and April
. Timothy: prime, cash (1917) and
cash (1918), 5.90; cash (1919), 6.00;
April,- 6.00; May, 5.95; September,
6.20; October, 6.10; December, 6.00.
' New York, April 1. Bar silver,
1.26 ;, Mexican dollars, .96.
New York, April L Trading
was light in volume during the
morning session of the stock mar
ket Crucible steel led the reaction
of the first hour, declining nine
points to 254 and - other steels,
equipments, motors and oils fell
one to three points. "On Crucible's
partial rally and a four-point gain
for General Motors the market im
proved. Shippings, sugar shares and Ex-j
press company issues also were in
clined to strengthen, but steel3 and
oils led another reversal before
noon. Call money opened at 8 per
cent, that rate also applying i . re
newals into the coming week.
American Beet Sugar 90
Ameiican Can 48 ft
American Car & Foundry ...142
American Locomotive 103ft
American Smelting &. Refin.. . 68ft
American Sumatra Tobacco"! 99ft
American T. & T 96
Anaconda Copper 63ft
Atchison 82
Baldwin Locomotive 135 ft
Baltimore & Ohio 34
Bethlehem Steel "B'f 95
Central Leather 86
Chesapeake & Ohio 56ft
Chicago, Mil. & St. Paul 36
Corn Products 97
Crucible Steel 201
General Motors .- 3S6ft
Great Northern Ore Crtfa as
Goodrich Co 68
int. Mer. Marine prrd 94
International Paper 82
Kennecott Copper 31
Mexican Petroleum 197
New York Central 73
Norfolk & Western 94
Northern Pacific 80
Ohio Cities Gas 43
Pennsylvania 42
Reading 83
Kepuniic iron & Steel 107ft
Sinclair Consol. Oil 43
Southern Pacific 99
Southern Railway 23
Studebaker Corporation 1064
Texas Co ..... 22iyithe ordinance committee to draft
vuu r iouuuj - ix',is
Union Pacific 119
United States Rubber 111
United States Steel 103
Utah Copper 77
Westinghouse Electric 52
Willys-Overland 24
Illinois Central 90
C, H. I. & P 35
Standard Oil prfd 112
Chicago Proauce.
April 1, 1920.
Creamery extras 62
Standards 62
Firsts 58
Seconds 49
Ordinaries 38
Firsts 40
Twins 29
Young Americas 31
Fowls 36
Ducks 38
Geese 22
Springs ...3C
Turkeys 40
Receipts 19 cars
Wisconsin-Minnesota 5.806.00
Si;. Louis Livestock;
East St. Louis, III., April 1.
Hogs, receipts 4,200; higher; top
price 16.50; bulk 15.7516.40;
heavy 14.0015.55; medium 15.75
16.40; light 16.2016.50; light light
15.60 16.40; packing sows, smooth
12.2512.50; packing sows, rough
12.0012.25; pigs 11.00lt.40.
Cattle, receipts 14,000; steady;
beef steers, medium and heavy,
choice and prime 14.25 14.75; me
dium and good 11.2514.00; com
mon 9.7511.00; light, good and
choice 12.2514.50; common and
medium 9.5012.00; heifers 7.75
13.50; cows 7.5011.00; veal calves,
light and handy 12.0016.50; feeder
steers 8.5011.50; stocker steers
Sheep, receipts 1,450; steady;
lambs, 84 pounds down 18.00
20.25;. yearling wethers 15.00
17.75; ewes, medium and choice
St. Louis Cash Grain.
St. Louis, Mo., April 1. Wheat,
No. 2, 2.642.66; No. 3 white, 2.62
Corn, No. 3 1.69; No. 3 white,
Oats, No. 2, 1.01; No. 3 white, 1.00
Kansas City Cash Grain
Kansas City, April 1. Cash
wheat, unchanged to 5c higher; No.
1 hard, 2.622.73; No. 2, 2.57
2.72; No. 1 red, 2.622.63; No. 2,
Corn, lc to 2c higher; No. 2
mixed, 1.62; No. 2 white, 1.61
1.63; No. 2 yellow, 1.641.66.
Oats, steady; No. 2 white, 971Ac:
i No. 2 mixed, 95c.
Moline and
Auto Speed Recording Company
Brings Action Against Motors
Appliance Company.
A $5,000 suit filed in Moline city
court yesterday afternoon by the
Auto Speed Recorder company,
names the Motors Appliance com
pany of East Moline as defendant.
Basis of the suit is alleged failure
of the East Moline company to ob
serve terms of a contract involv
ing royalties on patents controlled
by the Auto Speed Recorder com
pany. .
The plaintiff declares the Motor
Appliance company has failed to
pay royalties on thousands of speed
recorders which it is alleged to
ihave guaranteed to manufacture in
the last two years. The contract
is said to have been made June 10,
1918, and it is claimed that no roy
alties have been paid and that
money loaned on notes is also due.
Officials of the Motors Appliance
company state the patent devices
mentioned in the contract did not
come up to qualifications ana tor
reason were not manufactured
s further alleged by the Motors
Appliance company that the patents
were turned back to the Auto Speed
Recorder company shortly after the
contract was made.
A special meeting of the Moline
council was held last night pro
marilv for the nurnose of ratifvine
cue V2 luiio in ui uci tuai in-
city employes might obtain
salaries before Easter.
The Moline aldermen instructed
an ordinance licensing minor veui-
Cltra. lu ail pi uua uunjr an yxjiajuo
or companies operating motor vehi
cles may be assessed a city wheel
tax. This plan has been consid-
i ered for several years.
Chicago Cash Grain.
Chicago, April 1. Corn: No.
mixed, 1.69; No. 3 mixed, 1.651.66;
No. 4 mixed, 1.631.64; No. 5 mixed,
1.611.62; No. 2 yellow, 1.71; No.
3 yellow, 1.661.68; No. 4 yellow,
1.631.64; No. 5 yellow, 1.62
1.65; No. 3 white, 1.661.67; No. 4
white, 1.64; sample grade, 1.52.
Oats: No. 2 white, 979S;
No. 3 white, 969Sc; No. 4 white,
Chicago, April 1. Wheat, No. 2
red, 2.63ffi No. 4 Northern spring,
2.41; No. 4' Northern spring, dark,
Rye, No. 2, not quoted; No. 3,
Barley, 1.351.6S.
Timothy sed. 9.0012.50.
Clover seed, 45.0059.00.
Pork, nominal.
Lard, 19.77.
Ribs, 17.8718.62.
Kansas City Livestock.
Kansas City, Mo., April 1. Hogs,
receipts 3,000; lower. Packers top
price $15.50; bulk, 13.7515.35;
heavies, 13.5015.00; mediums,
14.5015.35; light, 15.2515.75;
packing sows, 11.5012.25; pigs,
Cattle, receipts 5,000; weak;
beef steers: choice and prime, 13.10
14.50; medium and good, 7.40
13.00; common, 10.0011.25; light,
good and choice, 11.7513.50; com
mon and medium, 9.6011.75; heif
ers, 7.2513.25; cows, 6.9012.00;
veal, calves, 14.2516.00; feeder
steers, 8.6012.65; stocker steers,
6.75 11.50.
Sheep, receipts 11,000; higher;
lambs, 17.5020.50;- yearling
wethers, 15.5017.75; ewes, 12.00
14.75; breeding ewes, 9.0016.50;
feeder lambs, 14.75 17.50.
Peoria Livestock.
Peoria. 111., April 1. Hog re
ceipts, 2,500; active; steady to
strong on butcher hogs; 2550c
lower on packing hogs; top price,
16.00; bulk, 15.4016.00; lights,
15.7516.00; mediums, 15.25
15.90; heavies, 14.0015.50. .
Cattle receipts, 150; steady; ac
tive. Potatoes.
Chicago, April 1. Potatoes,
steady; receipts, 44 cars; Northern
Round White, sacked, 5.85 5.95 per
hundredweight; ditto, bulk, 6J
Chicago Livestock.
Chicago, April 1. On account of
the stockyard employes' strike,
there were no receipts of livestock
here today, and no quotations.
j , ii i ii i ii -s "-' ' 1 I I
East Moline
C, 17, BECK
Takes Place at Moline Postoffice
Vacated by George Y. Gould's
Carl W. Heimbeck will succeed
George V. Gould as cashier of the
Moline postoffice. Mr. Gould yes
terday assumed his duties as post
master. Mr. Heimbeck, under for
mer Postmaster Ed Coryn was su
perintendent of mails. He will be
succeeded in that position by Nes
tor L. Anderson, who was lately
foreman of the mails. Orlando
Metz was advanced from special
clerk to foreman of the mails, the
shift leaving a vacancy in the cler
ical force of the office, which will
be filled by appointment from ap
plicants who Saturday took exam
ination for postal positions.
Mr. Heimbeck's position ranks
him senior employe of the office
and Mr. Anderson is junior rank.
Paul Marcel, 12 years old, 1923
Seventh avenue, Moline, narrowly
escaped serious injuries when he
was struck by an automobile at
Sixth avenue and Twenty-second
street, yesterday afternoon. Paul
was on roller skates. He incurred i
a few cuts on his headland was
slightly bruised. C. W. Case of
East Moline, driver of the car, took
the boy to the office of Dr. A. T.
Leipold and later to the Marcel
Members of the Moline senior
class who will appear in the an
nual class play, "Stop Thief;" have
been busy for the last three weeks
in rehearsals of the play and those
who were privileged to attend the
I dresg rehearsal yesterday afternoon
,,,t.H that tVlo ,rtr.t;n
would be equal to that of last year,
said to be the finest amateur dra
matic undertaking in the history o
Moline high. Sirs. Uno Bradley is
directing this season's play.
Cruelty, non-support and deser
tion are charged in a divorce bill
filed in Moline city court by Eula
Samuelson against Martin Samuel
son. The Samuelsons were mar
ried April 9, 1912. .
Smith Fnneral.
The funeral of Mrs. Mary Smith
was held yesterday afternoon from
the residence of Mrs. George Ben
son, 1921 Sixth avenue. Rev. R. S.
Kariey officiating. Burial was in
Riverside cemetery. Pallbearers
were W. A. Golden, John Dewrose,
J. C. Reddington, John G. Gault,
E. B. McKeever, R. W. Wilson.
Walter Uobert Rennolet.
Walter Robert Rennolet, son
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Rennolet,
Railroad avenue.
died at the home
ui uia m ( ;tu uus morning 1
after an illness of one day.
one day. He
was born in Moline, Feb. 14, 1914,
and was a pupil at the Erickson
school. He is sruvived by his par
euts and five brothers and three
ssiters. Funeral service will be
held at the residence Friday morn
ing at 9:30. Interment will be in
Riverside cemetery.
Elizabeth Young, the 13-year old
girl who was arrested Tuesday on
a charge of shoplifting, has disap
peared. The garments which the
girl took from the Fisk & Loosley
and Lundt stores were returned to
their owners today. Elizabeth's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Young, 1421 Sixth avenue, claim
they do not know where the girl is.
Mrs. Young also claims she is suf
fering with nervous prostration as
result of the disappearance. The
parents today denied all knowledge
of the girl's shoplifing activities.
They intimated that Elizabeth's love
for finery caused her to turn shop
lifter. The girl ran out of police station
a few minutes after she was ar
rested Tuesday afternoon. The po
lice thought she went home. The
police are not so sure that Mrs.
Young does not know where her
daughter is or did not know what
Elizabeth was doing before she was
Andrew E. Anderson, Former Best
dent, Married to Miss Flor.
ence M. Boy Yesterday.
Miss Florence M. Bay and An
drew E. Anderson were united in
marriage at 11 o'clock yesterday
morning at the Swedish Lutheran
church in Aledo. Rev. J. C. Matt
son officiated. Following the cere
mony they left for Chicago, from
where they will go to Holyoke,
Colo.,' to make their future home.
The groom is the son of A. J. An
derson, residing north of Aledo.
The bride is the daughter of James
H. Bay, a wealthy farmer of this
The ceremony was a simple one.
The couple was attended by Glenn
Anderson, a brother of the groom,
and Mrs.. George Beck, a sister of
the bride. The bride was attired in
a bine traveling suit, with blouse
of georgette.
The opening tournament of the
senior-intermediate Sunday school
track series will take place in the
Y. M. C. A. gymnasium April 13,
Physical Director Willis Wood an
nounced today. Only intermediate
teams will enter this contest. A
similar indoor track meet will be
held for the senior teams April 20.
A tournament for junior grade stu
dents will be held April 23 and for
senior grade students April 26.
Each school or class may enter
nm fm.r t ivt0n m6 4
from four to sixteen men in the
tournament and two men in each
event A team member may enter
four of the eight events in each
A large crowd attended the bene
fit ball given last night under the
auspices of the Fallerans post, No.
121, American Legion, at the opera
house. The Johnson jazzbo band
furnished the music for the occa
Springfield, II!., April 1. Sov.
ernor Frank O. Lowden today an
nounced the appointment of E. W.
Woodcock of Moline- as a member
of an Illinois committee to repre
sent the state at the eighth annual
convention of the United States
Good Roads association to be held
at Hot Springs, Ark., April 12
to 17.
S 5
The American Auto Rental and
Service Company
1708 Third Avenue, Rock Island
The American Auto Rental & Service Co.
Have 25 Ford cars at your disposal and is a distinct
departure in
Automobile Service and Livery
You Rent the Car and Run it Yourself
We will furnish drivers if you wish but if you can run
the car we RENT IT TO YOU by the HOUR, DAY
or WEEK as desired. No need to buy a car.
Rent It From
The American Auto Rental & Service Co.
1708 Third Ave., Rock Island. Phone R. I. 1 91
. aidw omci
118 North OoiWn ATBoon.
leteiiDora. Old and Kjw. It.
William Kicbolf BeprewaUUr
P. S. Richey, county fcrm advis
or, went to Galesburg last evening
where he will attend the Farm Ad
visor's conference of the military
tract The conference will last
both today and tomorrow.
The Standard Bearers of the M.
E. church will hold their regular
meeting Friday evening, ' in the
basement of the church. The meet
ing will take place immediately aft
er the evening exercises.
The dance given last evening by
the Fallerons post of the American
Legion was very well attended,
about one hundred couples being
present. Music for the occasion
was furnished by Mohnsen's jazzbo
band of Muscatine.
Vladivostok, March 22 Propos
als for peace between soviet Rus
sia and Japan, China and the
United States are announced here
by M. Vilenski, bolshevik envoy
who recently arrived here from
The soviet government gives a
pledge not to carry on propaganda
in America, recognizes Japan's
"special interest" in the far east,
and renounces all claims to con
cessions in China.
Marriage licenses issued yester
day by County Clerk F. A. Gibson
; ,,.' t, , . , ,
Andrew E. Anderson Aledo
Florence M. Day Aledo
Money and Exchange.
New York, April 1. Mercantile
paper 66; exchange, strong;
sterling demand 3.93, cables 3.93;
francs demand 14.57, cables 14.55;
Belgian francs demand 13.72, cables
13.70; guilders demand 37'i, cables
37; lire demand 20.47. cables
20.45; marks demand 1.43, cables
1.45; government bonds irregular,
railroad bonds irregular; time
loans strong; 60 days, 90 days and
6 months 8 to S per cent
Liberty Bonds.
New York, April 1 Finay prices
today were. 3s, 96.70; first 4s,
90.70; second 4s, 83.60; first 4Vs,
91.10; second 4'4s, 89.90; third
4s, 92.9S; fourth 4',4s, 89.9G;
Victory 3s, 97.96; Victory 4s,
read our adv. shown elsewhere in
these columns. Bert's.
RecelTe Instructions at Meetln
Yesterday in County Treas
urer's Office.
The assessors of Mercer county
met in the county treasurer's offieJ
yesterday morning at 10:30 and rJ
celved their instructions to begi
thei work in the county. Thi
books nd instructions were giv
by Assistant Treasurer W. N. Dot
field. County Treasurer C. A. Freiw
having been called to Eliza town,
ship to attend the funeral of his
sister, Mrs. John Keating. Follow
ing is a list of the Mercer count;
assessors: ;orm nenuerson, James
Slade; RivoK, M. I. Robb; Sua,
r.awin Hi.
well; Ohio
(.. Hams; Abingdon, J. E. Greer
Millersburg, Charles Jackson; Dti
can, A. J. Boney; Keithsburg,
L. Lliarnonneau: New Boston.
M." Kellogg; Eliza. H. C. Ziei
horn; Richland Grove, I. A.
In the United States disbfe
court For the southern disiig
of Illinois.
United States of America
ton bottles, more or less, or "Tos
Wonder." No. 12S8, in admiral
In obedience to a warranty
seizure to ma directed, in a
above-entitled cause, I have seisj
and taken into my possession &
following described property, b.
wit: Ten bottles, more or leps,t!
"Texas Wonder," for the caass
set forth in the libel now pendlsi
in the U. S. District Court for til
southern district of Illinois,
Peoria, Illinois. I hereby give notin
to all persons claiming the Baidie.
scribed ten bottles, more or les
of "Texas Wonder," or knowing 01
having anything to say why tit
same should not be condemned
and forfeited, and the proce
tnereof distributed according to
prayer of the libel, that thev
and appear before the said cou
be held in and for the sout
district of Illinois, at the Unit
States court room, in the city
Peoria, on the 3rd day of May,
at 10 o'clock on the forenoon of
that day, if the same shall be a cay
of jurisdiction, otherwise on the
next day of jurisdiction thereafter,
then and there to interpose a claim
for the same, and to make their al
legations in that behalf.
U. S. marshal, southern district of
By L. R. MOORE, Depatj.
seawicn; ureene, J. 1. II
rreemption. John Fu-1 1
Grove, W. L. Casiarl
J. M. Nesbitt; Perrylon.W. L
M . I
v 1
1 I

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