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CilamrnUafc AaMdkttM BHatU
faftil iiml af Xaaldfal J,
SaattMlai fw Bif Wwfc.
t Kn. Carolina JnU, raMrtntond
rt of tha Municipal TuWeolotii
mS2tatbm. mi named by tha as
, aesOTa board of tba Lower Rock
Island County Tabercaloala mm-
caoa to mam the iinrey ol eon
Colons la Bock lalaad end the
rani dlatrlcU to the tooth and
The matting waa held yeatarday
anemoon at the office ot Mayor
Barry M. Bchrtrer at the city hall.
Mayor Schrlver la nreildent ot the
a to elation, and Alice M. ThompJ
on. Tuning nnrae, la aecretary
Other mambera ot the ezecotlrc
board were Mri. Kate V. Collier,!
W. A. Smith, Dr. A. N. Mueller,
city health commissioner, and Mra.
The board waa addraieed by Dr.
B. Adklns, director ot the
leal field service (or the niinoia
ibefculosls ueociailon, who wi
ed that the survey work be taken
np here aa toon aa poialble.
Dr. Adklnt offered to make an
effort to obtain a nnrae from the
Chicago achool of cirlca or the 8t
Louie achool of economy to aid in
the work. He said that other conn
tie of the state hare been able to
'get one nurse each for one month
without payment of salary, and
only baring to pay traveling ex
pentee and board and room.
i The executive board signed a
contract to turnlth such expenses
'for a nurae from either school to
laid Mrs. Juhl In taking the sur-
vey here.
Plan Wort May 1. -It
was planned to start the itir
1 Te7 about May 1. - It was estimated
i that it would take two or three
months to finish the work, which
' Includes listing persons Buffering
( from tuberculosis, those taking
. down with the disease and those
'who come in contact with tuber
. cular patients. About $700 is at
the command of the association to
complete the eumy. This money
comes faom the sales ot Red Cross
seals ifl 1917 and in 1919. Dr.
.Mueller is in charge of the fund
far ltlT. aad has provided for tart
tag his portion of the fond over to
the aaaoriatfcm. Dr. Joseph De-
81) va has control over the 119
amies, aad told the committee yea
tarday that bo woald tarn over the
lands at his command.
Seek Heu-a-s.
The board is seeking aa office In
the downtown section for Mrs.
Juhl, where she can bo seta by
say person who dosfrat Informa
tion or who naa uxormattoa to
give the association. However, the
mala reason tor desiring a central
location is to encourage parsons
suffering from the disease to call
and make their case known, as a
clinic IS to bo formed later oa,jaad
it Is desired to bring aid to all
tubercular patients while there is
yet tuns for medical treatment to
bo of sons avail. It was stated by
Dr. Adklns that than are only a
few cases that could not be cured
If treatment is begun In time. One
ot the main objects ot the board
la to break down the spirit of
aloofness shown by tuberculosis
patients and to get them to come
forward for such aid as can be of
fered to them. i
(Contiaced from Page One.)
to indulge in a championship of
the treaty before the American peo
ple. What the outside world may
think ol Mr. wnson s aecune in
health aa affecting his availability
for ih Democratic nomination is
one thing, and what the individual
himself who looks iorwara nope
fully to early recovery may think
of getting baek with zest into the
fight tor the biggest tmng in nis
whole career is quite another.
hmih hmi svananie.
Bit wMla tlia mwnirlpnt rlnp Tint
osject to anyDoay eise s canuuuu:
and probably would not lift a finger
a a-fva iha ImnrMRinn that he
wanted the nomination himself; he
has in my judgment simply oecinea
tit Iraan ttimxMf fiVflllahln in the
event that the Democratic party in
convention assemoiea snaii aecme
Colonel Harry B. Jordan, com
manner of the Rock Island arsenal.
will address the tri-dty chapter of
the American Association of Engi
neers. Tuesday evening, at a ban
quet given by the association at the
Y. W. C. A. It will be the first
social meeting that the association
has held since its organization In
The association has a member
ship ot 75 and is a live and grow-
ins: organization. It includes as
members engineers in every line
of work. The association has
membership goal of 400 and the
officers are confident ot attaining
this number soon.
Aro imitated. Beware of the cheap
substitutes offered for ABRA
the white box with our trade mark
.We repair and hang screens,
Carter Bros., Second Hand store,
8730 Fifth avenue.
There Was Nothing So Good
for Congestion and Colds
as Mustard
1 But the old-fashioned mustard
's plaster burned and blistered while it
' acted Get the relief and help that
; mustard plasters gave, without the
: plaster and without the blister.
MusteroJe does it It is a dean,
white ointment, made with oil of mua
' tard. It is scientifically prepared, so
' that it works wonders, and yet docs
not blister the tendercst skin.
!- Gently ir.assr.ge Mustcrola in with the
i finger-tips. See bow quickly it brings re
lief how speedily the pain disappears,
Use Mnsterole for sore throat, bron
chitis, tonsilitis, croup, stiff neck,
asthma, neuralgia, headache, conges
tkm, pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago,
pains and aches of the back or joint?,
Sj ,1 Sprains, sore inascieF, uruises, cmi-
1 Wains, frosted feet, colds of ths chest
(it often prevents pneumonia).
30c and 60c jars; hospital size (5250,
Is Out Middle Name
! AND ,
Telephone 341 Moline
to draft him. That is why the
ideat doesn't aay he will not ac
cept the Democratic nomination for
a third term under any circum
stances. A crisis may arise which
in Mr. Wilson's opinion would
brush away precedents and customs
about a third term and call for
heroic steps. The country may in
two months be in the throes of a
domestic industrial disturbance or
Europe, Judging by the signs of dis
solution in the Ruhr Valley
troubles, may be on the verge of
bloodshed. . To a man who reasons
that tha. fia-nii of Nation ia the
corrective force and revisionary In-!
fluence needed to stabilise econ
omic and political conditions
throughout the world, the prospect
of serving the people once mors is
not looked upon as merely the
gratification of a personal ambi
tion. Mini on World Affairs.
The president has kept his mind
focussed on the world situation, not
on the things which have tended to
bring sharp criticism on his do
mestic policies. There are many
of his intimate friends who are
confident that the president has no
Idea that his own stock has fallen
or that his prestige has declined
and that Democratic leaders who
come to Washington insist that the
r" r a ---a-- its
lie Original
esa Seftrtitotos.
Fw Infants, Inralld endQrowtnrChndren I Klch atfllr. Mah4 Grain Extract !n PowdeX
The Original Food-Drink Fot AU Ages horeofckig Niwiiiiliiiia-leatihU
Clean It Yourself
Dingy wall paper presents no
problem when once you see how;
easily Absorene will clean it. Ab
sorene absorbs dirt like a sponge
-and a 15-cent can cleans a big
room. . j .
Get a can from yow neifhboT
hood decorator, or from any dealer.
See how Absorene makes your wall
paper as fresh and bright as when
it was put on. ,
fi h StUmis t
Tho Gooli's LFriond
It never fails. You save when
you use it Jus mere than the
ordinary leavening strength
Ntoref ore you use less.
GefMUstfens of cood cooks
have used Calmaet Baking
Powder because it positively
proves its superiority and
economy, v.-..y
' anOfeaMag
Try it! wrho away bake-day
failures. Reduce baking ex-.
Cxll foi CitDsMasPowder.
Wilson lead is soing to be a heavy
one for any candidate to bear In
ths neat campaign. Mr. Wilson's
seclusion has been complete. It
has been due to his illness and the
cordon which has been drawn aborft
him' shutting out news and infor
mation about the state of affairs in
the Democratic 'party. Mr. Wilson
may want to remain available for
the Democratic nomination. But it
is altogether doubtful whether the
delegates now being chosen to at
tend that Democratic convention
would nominate- Mr. Wilson for a
third term. The president kept his
hands off too long to insure a re
nomination through the spontan
eous action of the convention,
though the White house influence
has always been a last minute tact
in turning the scales heretofore in
both Republican and Democratic
conventions. -
No More Holes
need be rubbed in your clothes
by the rubbing board nor eaten
into them by strong soaps and
chemicals, f .
Wash them by simply rinsing.
Wash them in a preparation that
gently dissolves ALL the dirt
from the clothes. Yet it cannot
injure even a child's mouth.,.
. 'S; Yoa Can Chtio Thmm .
Dissolve Dirt
By dissolving dirt, Dell Bars
solve the problem of washing
easily, efficiently and economi
cally. They save, clothes, soap,
hands and strength.
Satisfaction and purity guar
anteed. Dell Bars mre tmtqutleJ tr
Thing to heavy t rub
Things torn dainty to rub
Thine rubbing won't c.can
For Your
Get them at
Baas' jomorrow
That Naughty Mz
Double face record.
By Smith's Orchestra.
No- 85c
18650 0Ji
Double face record.
By All Star Trio.
No. QCr
18651 0J
Harem Life
Double face record.
By Biese's Orchestra.
18654 OeJC
The Store That Sells Only
Victrolas and Records
Gives Yoa Better Service.
Music Shop
313 Eighteenth St.
Between 3rd and 4th Are.
Phone R. I. 3360
Rock Island, III.
Style Permanency Enhances
Hudson's Famed Endurance
Lasting Design is the'Natural Complement
to the Durability of the Super-Six Motor
--it. A&ft
However mechanically good, a vast satis-"
faction is lost to the owner, if design changes in
gucceeding models mark bis car out of date.
Thus style pennaneaey must be a major
ractor in a car tibat serves for years. "
Its value is exampted by the earliest Super
aW . m at. .
i&xes, Duur nearry nve years ago. in all
TC7HKH ifvar cretonne
ww an soilsd vAtli duat tntl sqoJl
t sma4 too cwtciaaa
taUsL hold It tWt tdHt
hstodt and vUh a fcnop of CUsmbk
otftSserSrt. Workabogt
e foot of
trips In die
boot thejaaao as yo mm&l ornrd
PipbT. rMV CUfMfM wO fssw
neto ostaf hmkmnd hang as
tiab tbey are inodern cars today. They are
modem m appearance. They have lost none
of their coeratine smoothiacstu lleadbOity or
power. Tlieirperfonrmceiscbara
all Hudson. Few would see m their looks or
noriiiance asOg bot a car of recent
ThncxZl Mas 1otL tan. the tartnr--.
datVM of IiadsMwslaBdsGl eadaanceflnd
r. voa ta3 fiol 'tkemooSsiffitm -vvr
fiat In Budaopv Bet Oey must earn &eir
place by n-JThey j-jfa-m ng
chose it pAxmQj for its beauty of design, its
luxury and dktinction-of aqiearance.
But let notlainiE Wind tbe real hmr
Kxi and endurance ia ionmamt.
Speed and power have their place. But they
are secondary. Hudson has no cause to under
rate them. For it holds the stock car speed
and power records. And the Super-Six motor
has beaten the world's fastest racing cars, not
once, but many times.
Why the Super-Six Principle
Gives the Mastery
The records prove it is open champion. It
draws no distinction of type, size, cylinders or
price. It has won against the field. : c...
"But Kudson could not hold each supremacy
without some base advantage that others
cannot use. , :KZ.mL
Its dominance lies in the Sxt-Sixmotor
which controls vibration. Perfection would
mean a vibratbotess motor, free of friction.
No machinery is that. But the Super-Six
motor comes within 10 of itcloser to the
ideal than any other type. Nearer anoraaeh
osswie. v - .
In the exchisive Super-Six motorT power is
increased 72, and motor eQdency 80.
Endurance is practically doubled.
Naturally such a car is in demaarl '" Since
it was brought out five years ago, it has been
the largest selling fine car in the world. This
year, as in all years previous, many who want
Hudsons will have to wait for delivery.
ft Kieth ft Co, WheaUand. Ia. CL Ekstrom, Reynolds, III
r --a-a-aa-a---aaaaaa---aa-aa-J..M,a..J. ' " " ' "'
Purchase your spring frock where a dollar
will buy One Hundred Cents' worth. The
place is Gately's. W eown and operate 1 06
place is Gately's. We own and operate 1 06
less. We sell for less. Call andlet us dem
onstrate that our prices are less than cash
store prices.
r Open A Charge Account,
' You need not pay all in 30 davs. We ar
range EASY PAYMENT TERMS to suit
you. Gately's renders an intelligent credit
service that appeals to intelligent people.
37809 Tumtieth St.
Book Island, IU.
Doctors Stand Amazed at Power
of Boh-Opto to Make Weak Eyes
Strong According to Dr. Lewis
Guarantee to Strengthen Eyesight 50 ?
In One Week's Time in Many Instances
A Free rmcriptisn Ton Can Hare rilled
and le at Home.
Philadelphia, Pa. Tictims of eye strain
and other eye weaknesses, and those wno
wear glasses, will be clad to know that
aoeordint to Dr. Lewis there is real hope
and help for them. Many whosfe eyes
were failing aay they have had their eyes
restored by this remarkable preecnption
and many who once wore classes cay
they have thrown them away. One mnn
says, after usinr it: "1 was almost blind.
Could cot see to read at all. Now I can
read every thine without my classes and
my eyes do not hurt any more. At night
they would pain Ureadlully. Jiow they
feel fine all the time. It was like a
miracle to me." A lady who used it says:
The atmosphere eoemea hazy with or
withont classes, but after using this pre
scription for 15 days everythinc t-eemf
clear. I can read even fine print with
out classes. ' Another who used it says:
1 was bothered with eye strain caused
by overworked, tired eyes which induced
fierce headaches. I have worn classes for
several years both ,f or distance and work,
and without them I could not read ray
own name on an envelope or the tyie-
writinc on the machine before mc. I can
do both now and have discarded my long
distance ciae.se. altogether. I can count
the fluttering leaves on the trees across
the atreet now. which for several yeans
have looked like a dim rreen blur to me.
I cannot express my icy at what it has
done lor me."
It ia believed that thousands who wear
zlaases can now discard them in a reason
able time and raltitudra more will be
able to strengthen their eyes so as to be
spared the trouble and expense of ever
setting; classes. Eye trouble of mas;
descriptions may be wonderfully benefited
by the use of this prescription. Go to ia?
active drug etore and get a bottle of Bon- i
Oi-to tablets. Drop one Bon-Oplo Ubioi
in a fourth of a glass of water tod lei
it dissolve. With this liquid batba the
eyes two or four times daily. You shod
notice your eves clear up perceptibly hsot
from the start and inflammation and red
ness will quickly disappear. If your eyei
bother yon even a little it is your dut W
take eteps to save them now before it
is too late. Many hopelessly bluid mipt
have saved their sight if they bad cutd
for their eyes in time.
: Another prominent Physician to
whom tho above article was submitted,
said: "Yes, the Bon-Opto prescription U
truly a wonderful eye remedy, its cos
stituent infrredientf-. are well known to
eminent eye specialists and widely pre
scribed by them. I have used it
successfully in my own practice on patieaU
whose r-yes were etrawed through overwork
or tni&JH flasks. 1 cm highly recommend
it in case of weak, wattery. aching, snurt--inc.
itchinc. burning e,Ye-, red hds. blurrid
vision or for eyes inflamed from erposare
to smoke, sun, dust or wind. It is one
of the very lew preparations I feel should
be kept on hand for regular use in almcrt
every family." Bon-Opto. referred te
above, in. not a patent medicine ot
cret remedy. It is an ethical preparation,
the formula being printed on the paekafe.
The manufacturers guarantee it to
strengthen eyesight SO per cent in on
week 8 time in many instances or reiund
the money. It can be obtained from any
rood druggist and ia sold in this city by
the leading- druggists, including John Benf-etnn.
Be Coal Insured! Buy Coal Now!
You Can
Save on Coal
pi If you have a dry, dark cellar and
can stdre away your winter's coal
gj now, by all means do it.
rKUimiuM uoar wul not deterior
ate if you follow our advice.
Any kind of coal wilfbe higher and
harder to get later on. This is not
"scare news," but positive, provable
We can send you PREMIUM (the
Comfort Coal) right now.
Call our nearest office and ask us
about the coal situation.
Rock island
Fuel Co.
ThW Ittiti-. and Twnt.
fourth Street. Plume JR. L 197

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